How Boring




Kiara stared ahead as the afternoon sun warmed her, and one thought was clear in her mind.  She was bored – more bored than she had ever been in her seventeen years, and fed up to her eyeballs with not being able to do anything.  She had her day all planned out, and because of things totally beyond her control she had achieved precisely zilch.  Bored, bored, bored.


Her reddy brown hair was hanging over her face, and sweat was starting to glisten on her forehead as the warmth of the sun’s rays hit her, but she was getting no enjoyment from them.  She knew her sister Carina was not mentally stimulated either, from the low sigh she could hear, but until her parents returned there really was nothing she could do.


Pity really – the day had started so well, and he had been cute in a strange sort of way...






“Another day by the pool, Kiara?  When are you going to get any revision done for the exams?”


Kiara looked up at her sister as she sat at the breakfast bar.  Carina was in her early twenties, but apart from the fact she was a good four inches taller she and Kiara were virtually identical.  This was a fact that even their parents could not deny, but to them it was a slight source of irritation.


“I’ll do the revising later, sis,” Kiara said as she finished her glass of orange juice, “but I want to relax by the pool for a while.  When’s you hot date with Steve?”


“Later today – I’m going to have a hot bath and then start to get ready.”  Carina stood up, allowing her short dressing gown to drop and cover what it could of the tops of her long legs.  “Don’t stay out there too long – you really need to do the work.”


“BOR-ING!” Kiara called after Carina as she left the kitchen, but there was a smile on her face.  She knew her sister was only concerned that she did well – but she was going to ace that test n Monday.  Today was a day for the pool – so she headed out, adjusting the thin strap on her red bikini top as she did so.  The towel was already on the sun lounger as she placed a pair of dark glasses over her eyes and settled down, determined to do absolutely nothing for the next hour or so and enjoy every second of it.


Neither she, nor Carina who had locked the door to the bathroom, heard the grey van as it pulled into the driveway of the house.  The two men stepped out and walked up to the front door, ringing and getting no response.


“Looks like they are out for the day then,” the taller of the two said as he pulled a pair of leather gloves on his hands and walked towards the garage.


“Good – makes it easier for us,” the smaller man said.  He had close cropped red hair, unlike his companion who had shoulder length brown hair, but both were well built and purposeful as they examined the door.


“No problem,” Brown said as he used a screwdriver to unlock the door, raising it slightly as the two of them slipped in and then allowing it to close noiselessly.  “Quick as we can, and hopefully we’ll be out before they get back.”


The door to the kitchen was no problem for them, and they slipped noiselessly in.  Nodding to Red, the other man made his way to the front of the house as Red started to search through the cupboards in the kitchen.  It was as he closed the last of them that he saw Kiara in the garden, her eyes closed, wearing her red bikini top and short red shorts.  Reaching into his jacket pocket, he opened the door and walked outside.


Kiara sensed rather than saw the new arrival, but as she opened her eyes and raised her glasses she saw this rather good looking man standing in front of her, wearing a black leather jacket and tight jeans.  He was smiling at her, looking her up and down, and Kiara was flattered by the attention, if also irritated by one small thing.


“Who are you?” she said as Red stood there, his hands behind his back.


“Oh, forgive me,” he replied, “We’re insurance evaluators paying a surprise visit to the house.  We honestly thought nobody was home.”


“I beg your pardon?  Insurance evaluators?”


“Yes – we help you to see if your insurance is up to date by robbing you.”  As he said this, Red produced the pistol he had hidden behind his back and pointed it at Kiara.  “Not a word please, just stand up and put your hands on your head.”


Kiara stared at Red, before slowly doing as he had asked.  “Please,” she said in a quivering voice as she looked at the gun, “don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you ask.”


“I know you will, little girl,” Red said with a smile as he took Kiara by the arm and led her back inside, “I know you will.”





Carina towelled her wet hair as she made the short trip from the bathroom to her bedroom, closing the door behind her and turning her radio on.  As a result, she did not hear Kiara as she was brought back in and introduced to the other man.


“Where did you find her?” Brown asked as Red pushed Kiara into the main room.


“Outside – I’ll take care of her while you keep looking.”


Kiara wondered what he meant by that, but she did not have very long to wait as Red made her stand against a wall while he opened a rucksack and took out several lengths of


“Pink rope?”


“Yes – we prefer it to white,” Red said as he looked at Brown searching a display cabinet and selecting several gold plates.  Kiara looked between the two men and sighed.


“Something wrong?”


“No – I’m just glad rape is not on the agenda.”


“Perceptive – turn round, face the wall and put your hands behind your back.”


She offered no resistance as Red pushed the pistol into his pocket, shook out a length of rope and positioned Kiara’s arms behind her back, one on top of the other, and started to wrap the rope around her wrists.  As she felt them being secured, she looked over her shoulder at Red.


“So, do you do this often?”


“Often enough – where are your parents?”


“Away for the weekend – oh god, please, if they’re not back until tomorrow...”


“Relax – we’ll let someone know you’re here in good time.  Is there anyone else in the house?”


As Kiara felt the rope pass between her wrists, she wondered about lying, but decided it might be worse if she did.  “My sister is upstairs, but nobody else.”


“Well, we’ll deal with her in good time.”  Red had taken a very long length of rope, and passing it around Kiara’s chest below her bikini top he quickly bound her upper body, passing the rope around her chest above and below her breasts before taking it over her shoulders and crating essentially a second bra of pink cord over her red one.    It wasn’t uncomfortable, but Kiara knew she could not fight as her wrists were secured to the chest binding.


“Sit down,” Red said, and as she slid down to sit against the wall he took her bare ankles and passed another length of rope around them, tying them tightly together.  She looked down as he passed the rope between her legs, trying to move them apart with no success as he tied the knot off and stood up.


“Now what,” Kiara said as she watched Brown open the safe and Red go back to the rucksack.


“Now, I fetch your sister,” he said as he produced two further items and held them up.  “First, however, I need to make sure you don’t spoil the surprise.”  Kiara’s eyes widened as Red walked back over, a smile on his lips.




Carina was brushing her hair as she looked in the mirror, with not much satisfaction on her part.  “Maybe if I dyed it blonde,” she said to herself as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.


Carina had put on a pale pink camisole top and matching panties with a bow on the side, and had just finished pulling on a pair of pale stockings with white lace tops.  As she continued to look in the mirror, there was a knock on the door.


“Come in, Kiara,” she said as she looked for her lipstick on the table, but when she looked up she was surprised to see a young, red haired man looking at her with a pistol pointing at her back.



“Kiara’s a little tied up at the moment,” Red said as he stood there, “and I advise you to be as good as her when I tell you to do nothing except what I say.  Do you understand?”


As she replaced her lipstick on the dresser, Carina slowly turned round in her seat and looked at the man.  Well built, dressed in black, and cute in a creepy sort of way – but armed and obviously robbing them.  There was only one appropriate response in her book.


“Fuck off.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“Where’s my sister, you little bastard?”


“Oh, she’s downstairs and waiting for you – but don’t try my patience, girl.”


“If you’ve harmed a hair on her head...”


“I haven’t – but keep saying those things and we’ll stay up here.”


The colour blanched from Carina’s red face.  “Oh Christ – you’re not going to...”


“I prefer male company – but right now I need you to shut up.  Where do you keep your underwear?”


Shaking, Carina pointed to the top drawer in a set of five by her bed.  Keeping the gun pointing at her, Red walked over and opened the drawer with his free hand, taking out a pair of white pants.


“Here,” he said as he threw them at Carina, “Face your mirror, stuff them in your mouth and then put your hands on your head.”


Carina looked at Red, before slowly turning back to the mirror and opening her mouth.  As she pushed the panties in, the cotton taste made her want to gag, but she fought the feeling until her lips closed over the material and she placed her hands on her untidy hair.  She watched as Red placed the gun in one pocket of his jacket and removed a roll of silver duct tape from the other.


“Sit quite still,” he said as he ripped the end free and started to wrap it around her lower face and mouth, sealing the cloth gag in place as he lifted her hair out of the way of the encompassing silver band.  “Right then,” he said as he tore the strip free and smoothed it over the side of her face, “keep your hands where they are and come with me – I’ll take you to your sister.”


As they descended the staircase, Carina could see a second man, with long brown hair, coming out of the front room.  They passed at the foot of the staircase, as he said to the redhead “Make sure they’re both comfortable while I check the rooms upstairs.”  Carina wondered what he meant, until Red took her into the room and she saw Kiara sitting against the wall next to the other door to the dining area.


Kiara watched silently as Carina was made to standing front of her and rope wrapped around her chest in the same way as hers was arranged.  Red then made her sit down and crossed her ankles before using another length of pink rope to tie them together.  As Carina winced while the rope was tightened, she looked over at her sister as she sat there.  Kiara nodded in response to the unasked question as Red stood back up.


“Why don’t we make you two closer,” he said as he looked at them.  “Shuffle round until you’re sitting back to back.”


As Carina shuffled round, her hands still on her head, she wondered what the two intruders were planning.  Kiara followed suit, her head eventually resting between Carina’s shoulder blades as she tied to relax.


The surprise was reserved for Carina, however, as Red pulled her arms down and took them so that her wrists were crossed in front of Kiara, just below her bikini.  Kiara watched fascinated as he passed a doubled over length of rope around her sister’s bare wrists and quickly bound them together, one on top of the other, before passing the rope between them and cinching the coils.  He then tied them to the ropes that were across Kiara’s own chest, before taking more lengths and securing their upper bodies together.


As Red tied the last knot off, the brown haired man walked back into the room.  “Are we done here,” he said as she checked the knots on the ropes around the two girls.


“All done, I think,” Red said as he closed the rucksack.  “We’ll let someone know of your predicament in good time.  Have a nice day, girls.”





That had been at two o’clock, but the face of the digital clock on the table was now showing six, and Kiara was fed up with sitting in the same position for four hours without even been able to complain.  The cloth that filled her mouth would have seen to that, even if the band of silver tape was not over it.  As she bowed her head, Carina looked round to see if there was any sign of anyone coming, but at that point it looked unlikely.


Kiara sighed, the groan barely audible as the wooden floor started to cool down.  “How much longer,” she thought as the shadows started to creep across the room, but the only response was a tug from Carina as she tried to move as well.  Swinging her legs up to try and shake the ropes free, she only succeeded in hurting herself as her bare ankles came down hard on the floor.


For Carina, the time had been passed in a mixture of berating herself for allowing this to happen, anger at her own predicament, concern for her younger sister and wondering why she hadn’t got the redhead’s phone number.  Any one of these would have caused her to curse, had she not realised the very real danger of trying to talk with a pair of her panties firmly taped into her mouth.  Although the ropes were tight, they were not stiff or hard and actually felt quite comfortable.  She even started to admire the way they blended with her underwear, but stopped and shook her head at the absurdity of that line of thought.


She had tried for a while to reach the knot for the rope around her own wrists, but the burglar had placed between herself and Kiara, out of reach of even her long fingers.  As her head dropped down again, and her own hair fell over her tear stained eyes, she began to wonder if they were going to keep their promise and tell someone there were two bound and gagged girls in an empty house on the outskirts of town.


She felt Kiara’s wrists against her own back and the soft thump of her head as it rested again between her shoulder blades, and tried to give her a reassuring hug.  The slight rub of her younger sister’s head against her back told her the gesture was appreciated, even if there was no way for her to vocalise it.  Allowing her head to drop down again, Carina sighed inwardly and thought of her date now passed with...


Steve!  Why had he not called – the telephone was visible from where she was sitting.  She was about to try to get her sister to move with her when she caught a glimpse of the loose wire dangling under the table, and the empty socket on the wall that it should have been connected to.  The momentary excitement faded, and she sighed again.


As Kiara felt her sister’s chest rise and fall, she slumped her own head forward and allowed her whole body to relax.  The ropes were starting to irritate the skin on her legs, and she wished she could just bring her arms round and – her eyes opened in astonishment as she realised that there was some give in the ropes around her wrists, and she began to very slowly try to move her wrist around.  She didn’t want to generate false hope if she was wrong, so she pulled her arms slightly away from her sister’s back - as much as she could given the ropes around their chests – and tried to rotate her forearms.  To her own delight, she found she was now able to move them round, as the ropes slackened that held them together.


Whether it was her earlier struggles that had finally made something give, or just the fact she had properly relaxed for the first time in nearly five hours, Kiara wasn’t sure, but as she rotated her arms and started to pull one wrists slowly out of the loops she nudged Carina in the back.  Her older sister turned her head and watched as Kiara managed to very gingerly bring her left wrist out from behind her back and stretch her fingers to bring life back into the muscles.  “YYSSSS!” was the muffled response as the young girl brought her other arm out, shuffled her hands round and managed to rub her wrists, the rope marks clearly visible around them.


“Hld n cra,” Kiara mumbled as she started to pick at the knot that held the rope in pace around her sister’s wrists.  It took some time, as her hands were still numb for being held in that position for so long, but eventually she did succeed in releasing Carina from the first part of her binding.


As her older sister tried to bring her own arms round, Kiara reached up and began to peel away the tape that covered her lower face.  The tape was well applied, and it stung like crazy as she peeled the layers away, but eventually she was able to uncover her mouth and pull out the large cloth Red had pushed in, the tape dangling from one side as the sodden mass landed on the wooden floor.


Gasping for breath, she looked up as the door was pushed open and two armed officers ran in, Steve following close behind.  “Carina!” he shouted as he rushed over and started to remove the gaga from the older girl, as one of the officers knelt next to Kiara.


“Thank God,” she croaked as he started to untie the ropes around the two captives.  “We thought you’d never get here.”  As Carina hugged her boyfriend, the young girl stood gingerly up and was helped to a chair by the policeman, her legs weak from their forced position.


“You must have been terrified,” he said as Carina came over on Steve’s arm.  “We didn’t get the alert until ten minutes ago.  How long have you been like that?”


Looking at the clock, Kiara sighed.  “Too long,” she said, “but at least we’re free now.  Who knew it could have been so ...”


“Boring,” Carina said with a sigh, her jaw white and red from the adhesive tape.  “Boring as hell.”