How to Behave in a Robbery







“Well, this is the place Bert?”


“It sure is Ernie – nice, quiet neighbourhood, and the old woman who lives here should not be a problem?”


“Looks as if she had guests though – see the car parked outside?”


“Yeah – well, it just means we have to make sure they all behave themselves, don’t we?  Come on – let’s make the final checks…”




“Gran, that was an amazing tea – thank you,” Steve said as he pushed his plate away.  Agnes smiled as she said “you’re most welcome – can you help clear the plates away for me?”


“Sure,” the eight year old boy said as he got off his seat.  The grey jumper he wore was over a checked shirt, with faded jeans and black sneakers completing his outfit.  He collected the dirty plates up and carefully carried them into the kitchen as his mother watched.


“He’s becoming the man of the house, isn’t her Tammy,” Agnes said as she looked at her daughter.  Agnes was in her later fifties, and the brocade waistcoat she wore was over a white blouse with a lace collar.  She had lightly permed strawberry blonde hair, while Tammy had long hair of the same colour, the hair falling over her brown floral print dress.  She and her mother were wearing black shoes, while Agnes had a knee length dark skirt on.


“Well, he has to be I suppose,” Tammy said with a smile as she looked at her daughters.  Holly was eleven, and she was wearing a denim jacket over a white t-shirt, a purple short skirt over white leggings, and red sneakers.  Sandra, her oldest daughter, was thirteen, and had on a grey top and leggings, with a pale blue tiered skirt, and white shoes.


“Can we be excused, Gran,” Sandra asked, and as Agnes nodded the two girls left the table and walked into the front room.

“So how far along is the divorce settlement,” Agnes asked after the girls had left.


“The decree nisi has been granted – now it’s the wait,” Tammy said as she held her wine glass.  “The kids seem to be taking it very well, but – I don’t know…”


“If they are hurting, I’m sure they’ll let you know,” Agnes said as she put her hand on her daughter’s.  “For now, however, this is a chance for the four of you to unwind – come on, you join the girls, and I’ll see what Steve is up to in the kitchen.”


“Okay then,” Tammy said as they left the dining room, Agnes smiling as she made her way to the kitchen.  She could see Steve carefully loading the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, as she went over and turned the coffee machine on.




“Yes Steve?”


“Why did Dad have to leave?”


Agnes looked at her grandson, and said “well, I guess…”


The knock on the front door took them both by surprise, as she said “let me see who that is first, and then we can talk, all right?”


Steve nodded as he followed his grandmother to the front door, seeing two figures through the frosted glass.  Opening the door, Agnes smiled and said “can I help you?”


“You surely can lady,” one of the two men standing there said as they came in, Steve staring at them as the second closed the door.  Both men were dressed in black clothes, and had stockings pulled down over their heads, one of them looking at him and saying “you look like you’re about to scream kid – don’t.”


“I’m not afraid of you,” Steve said quietly.


“That’s good – because so long as you behave, everyone’s fine.  Move – into the main room.”


“Who was at the door Mu…  OHMYGOD,” Tammy said as she saw the two masked men walk in, holding her daughters as they stared with eyes filled with fear.


“Okay – family night in,” the taller of the two men said, “nobody do anything stupid.  Bert – disconnect the phone and internet, look for any mobile phones out there.”


“Got it Ernie,” the smaller man said as he walked out, Bert looking at Agnes and Steve as he said “sit down, both of you, and we’ll have a little chat.”


As they sat on a smaller couch, Ernie sat down, putting a bag on the floor and opening it to take out a gun, which he held on his lap.  “So, let me explain the rules,” he said quietly, “you behave, do as we say, everyone gets along.  You misbehave, you get punished – understand?”


“You can’t threaten us like that,” Tammy said quietly, then shook as Ernie leaned forward and said “yes, I can, because if you do not behave, it may not be you who gets punished.”


Tammy hugged her daughters as Agnes hugged Steve, looking up as Bert came in.  “Telephone and internet down – but no mobile phones.


“Yet.”  He looked at the three children, and said “you three – phones out and pass them to me please.”  Steve looked at Holly and Sandra, before he reached into his pocket and took out his phone, holding it out as Bert took it.


“Well girls,” he said as he turned round, Sandra handing her phone over as Holly reached into her jacket pocket, and took it out, her finger on a button.


“Ah ah, little one,” Bert said, “just hand it over.”  As Holly did so, he looked at the screen and then stopped the recording, turning all three of and dropping them into the bag as he said “that was naughty – how should she be punished Ernie?”


“Secure her first,” Ernie said as he reached into the bag and handed his partner a roll of black tape.  He smiled as he walked over, Tammy saying “no” as she held her daughter tighter.


“Lady,” Ernie said, “you’re all going to end up the same way, so let me take care of the kid first.”


Tammy looked at her younger daughter, and said “just do as he says” as she let her go.  Ernie pushed gently on her shoulder to make hr lean forward, and then guided her hands behind her back, taping her wrists tightly together before he allowed her to sit back.  He then walked round and knelt down as he taped her ankles together, as Tammy and the others watched.


“Why did you have to do that,” she said as she twisted her legs round, the tape crinkling as it held fast.


“Because you did something naughty,” Bert said quietly, “which reminds me – Ernie, the young man was rather rude outside.  Do him next.”


“I’m still not scared,” Steve said quietly, but Agnes could see the worry in his eyes as the masked man taped his wrists together behind his back, and then taped his ankles together.


“It’s all right,” Agnes said as she hugged him, “we’ll all be all right.”


“So long as you behave,” Bert said with a smile.  “Now, to business – we’re here to take your nice things,” he said as he looked at Agnes, “and perhaps have a little fun.”


“You…  No, you wouldn’t dare…”


“What does she think you are likely to do,” Ernie said as he looked at the young boy twisting round.


“Nothing like that, I assure you – but again, misbehave, and…  Anyway, you may as well tape the other kid and their mother up – we need to keep them down here and out of the way while this lady and I have a chat upstairs.”




Ernie looked at Tammy as she said “I will not let you do that to me!”


“It’s that, lady, or we use rope – your choice, but either way you will have your wrists and ankles secured.”


“It’s all right, Mum,” Sandra said as she leaned forward, and put her hands behind her back, “just let them do it.  Then they might leave us alone.”  She smiled as Ernie taped her wrists behind her back, and then watched as her mother slowly moved her own wrists behind her back.


“That’s better,” Bert said quietly as both of them watched the tape as it was wrapped round their ankles by Ernie, “now just sit there, nice and quietly.  Ernie – you be all right down here?”


“Oh I think they’ll behave,” Ernie said, grinning under the stretched nylon as Bert stood up, and took Agnes by the arm.  “Let’s go lady,” he said as he walked her out of the room, Steve staring at Ernie as they walked up the stairs.


“What?  Want to be like me Kid?”


“No,” Steve said quietly, “I want you to stop threatening my mother and sisters.”


“Well, that’s a very brave thing to say,” Ernie said as he turned the television on, “are you a brave young man?”


Steve nodded as Ernie smiled at him.  “Well, son, one aspect of being so brave is to know when you can do something, and when you cannot – and right here, right now, there is nothing you can do, so I suggest you sit still and relax.”


Steve just stared at him and then looked at his mother and sisters – before he shouted out “SOMEONE HELP US!!!  WE’RE TIED UP AND ARE HSSSSHHSSSSS!!”


The last words were muffled as Ernie walked quickly over and clamped a gloved hand over his mouth, looking at the others as he said “now, none of you were planning on shouting like that, were you?”


“Please, don’t hurt him,” Tammy said as she twisted round, Holly and Sandra leaning against her.




“Kid,” Ernie whispered into his ear, “if you don’t shut up, I will shut you up – and then one of your sisters will be punished.  You decide which one.”


Steve looked at Holly and Sharon, and then shook his head as he said “dhnnhrtththm.”


“Better,” Ernie said as he removed his hand, “but I see we need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm that way again.”  He walked to the bag, and took out a large black silk square, rolling it into a band and tying a knot in it before he said “open that mouth of yours kid.”


“No,” Steve said as he clamped his mouth shut, Ernie shaking his head as he said “I told you kid, if you did not behave one of your sisters get punished.”  He walked behind the three on the couch before he put his hand on Sandra’s shoulder, and said “your choice kid.”


“Steve,” Sandra said as she wriggled round, “I don’t want him to hurt me.   Please…”


“All right,” Steve said as he looked over, Ernie smiling as he walked behind him and pulled the scarf between his lips, the knot going past his teeth and pressing his tongue down as the band was tied round his head.   The girls looked at him as he said “Hmhghdfdd” and twisted round some more.





“What was that about,” Agnes said as she looked at Bert.


“Your grandson tried to misbehave – Ernie taught him a lesson,” the masked man said as he held the sack, “now, keep going – jewellery in there, dear lady.”


“Do you enjoy terrorizing children,” Agnes said angrily as she held some pearls up, and put them into the sack.  She then opened a box and tipped the rings in, as Bert said “we need to show we are in charge.  If your family behaves, there is no problem.  Your grandson obviously did not behave, so there was a problem – and Ernie dealt with it.  Where’s the next box?”


“In this drawer,” Agnes said quietly as she heard more conversation from downstairs…


“I need to go to the toilet,” Holly said as she looked at Ernie, “I really do need to go.”


“Please, let her go – there’s a downstairs toilet, and we won’t call out,” Sandra said as she looked at her mother and brother.


Vhrrefhnneee,” Steve said as he looked over, the dark stain between his lips growing larger.   Ernie nodded as he produced a penknife, and cut the tape from Holly’s wrists and ankles.


“I’m trusting you – don’t make me think I was wrong,” Ernie said as he took Holly by the arm, and walked her into the hallway.


“Mum – where’s your handbag,” Sandra whispered as she shuffled forward.


“On the floor by the other chair – why,” Tammy asked.


“You have the spare phone in there, and they didn’t take it,” she said quietly as she shuffled further forward, and then stood up, taking a moment to get her balance.  “If I can jump over there, I might be able to get it out and call 999.”


Nhhddhnttt,” Steve said as he shook his head, both he and Tammy watching as she took a small jump forward, and then another.


And another.


And another…


She inched closer and closer to the chair, as Steve looked to the door – and then she jumped once more, but overbalanced and fell onto her side, calling out “ouch” as she did so.




“I’m fine, Mum, but…”


“And what do you think you are doing?”


She looked over to see Ernie standing with Holly – her hands behind her back, but that wasn’t the only thing that was different.  She had rope tied round her arms and body, forming two bands as her jacket was forced to her sides, and her eyes were wide as she looked at her sister.


“I asked you a question,” Ernie said as he walked Holly back to the couch, Steve and Tammy seeing that her wrists were now held together with rope, and then made Sandra kneel as she sat next to her mother.


“What did he do to you,” Tammy asked quietly.


“He tied my wrists with rope when I came out of the toilet and then tied my arms,” Holly said quietly as she wriggled round, “it’s not as bad as the tape.”


“Let’s have a look,” Ernie said as he picked up the handbag, and removed the phone.  “Well, well – good idea, but it’s not going to work.  Don’t move.”


“Please, she was just doing what she thought was right,” Tammy said as Ernie walked to the bag, and took out two lengths of rope.


“Don’t care – she didn’t behave,” he said quietly as he doubled the longer length, and then wrapped it around Sandra’s upper body and arms, forcing them into her sides as she gasped.  Tying those ropes off, he cut the tape from her wrists, and then immediately tied rope around them to hold them together, making sure it went around and between her arms.


“That hurts,” she said as she started to cry.


“Well, I told you to behave or you get punished,” Ernie said as he made her stand up and jump back to sit next to her mother.  He then looked at Tammy, and said “I thought you were going to behave.”


“We didn’t shout for help, did we?”


“No – but you tried to call for it,” Ernie said as he took a second scarf from the bag, rolled it into a band and tied a knot in the middle, and then pulled it into Sandra’s mouth, tying the band round as she stared at her mother.


“Just – just stay where you are now,” Tammy said quietly as he took more ropes from the bag, and knelt in front of Holly, wrapping the rope around her ankles and pulling it tight before it went around and between her legs.  Tying the ends off, he took a second length and tied her legs together below her knees, and then shuffled along, wrapping rope around Sandra’s already taped ankles and her legs in the same way.


“Everything under control down here?”


“We’re cool – or we will be in a minute,” Ernie said as he stood up.  “Big sis and bro tried to misbehave.”


“So I see,” Bert said as Ernie suddenly picked Sandra up and threw her over his shoulder.


“HEY!  Where are you taking her?”


“To cool down,” Ernie said as he smacked Sandra’s bottom, making her yelp out as Bert handed him more rope.  “Now stop struggling or I will make sure you cannot move at all.”


Uhwhldldntdhrr,” Sandra said as she tried to kick her legs up and down, making Ernie smack her again as he carried her up the stairs and opened several doors.  Eventually, he found one with two beds, and dropped her on one as he said “you get to be first.”


Fhrstsfhrwht,” Sandra said as she was rolled onto her stomach, and her ankles pulled back, Ernie tying them to her chest ropes before he said “lie still and calm.  If you struggle, you’ll puke – and that can’t come out, which is not good.  Got it?”


Sandra looked at him, and then slowly nodded as he patted her head.  “Better,” he said as he walked out, Sandra trying to move as he walked downstairs.


“Where is she,” Tammy said as he walked back in, the others watching Bert as he tied rope around Agnes’ arms and body, her wrists already secured behind her back as well.


“Complain or ask again, and you go up in the same way as her,” Ernie said as he knelt down, and tied Tammy’s ankles tightly together as well.  She leaned over and kissed holly on her head as the rope went around and between her ankles, and then she said “no” as Ernie folded the skirt of her dress back.


“Lady, if I was going to do that, the kids would be blindfolded,” he said as he took more rope, and secured her legs together below her knees, before he folded the skirt back over her legs.


“Please,” Agnes said as she sat down, “don’t hurt them.”


“Holly has behaved herself – haven’t you little one,” Ernie said as he smiled at the young girl, watching her nod as he started to bind Tammy’s arms to her sides.  She looked over at Steve – and saw a strange look in his eyes as her dress was stretched over her dress.


“Steve?  Are you all right?”


Her son nodded as he twisted round, and Bert looked at him – then looked at Tammy.


“He’s just a normal growing boy,” he said with a smile, “discovering new things.  Ain’t that right kid?”


“Steve?  Are you telling me he…”  Tammy and Agnes both looked at him now as he blushed, and slowly nodded his head.


“What’s Steve done that is wrong,” Holly asked as Bert walked over and picked him up.


“Nothing – he just needs down time,” Bert said as he was handed some ropes by Ernie, and carried him up the stairs.  “This room will do for you,” he said as he walked in and sat Steve on the bed.  “I guess these are feelings you’ve never experienced before, right?”


Steve nodded as Bert knelt down, and started to tie his ankles together.  “Well, a lot of people do get – let’s say, excited at the sight of a woman tied up, there’s nothing wrong with that.”


Bthtthssmmffrrr,” Steve mumbled as he watched Bert securing his ankles and legs.


“Yeah – that’s all right as well,” Bert said as he tied the rope between his legs, and then stood up.  “You feel all funny down there as well, don’t you?”


Steve looked down and nodded slowly as Bert walked behind him, and started to wrap the rope around his arms and upper body.  “Yeah – so here’s what you need to do, and why I brought you into a room on your own.  When I go, let your imagination go wild, and enjoy what happens.”


Bhtwhthshspphnnthmm,” Steve said as he felt the tape bene removed from his wrists, and then the rope round them as he looked down.


“You’re growing up kid,” Bert said as he tied the rope between his wrists, and then helped him to lie on the bed, pulling his ankles back and tying them to the chest ropes.  “Enjoy yourself.”






“Lady, don’t shout,” Bert said as he came back in, “he needed some time to himself, that’s all.”  He looked at Holly and brushed the hair away from her face, before he said “we need to stop you, and your mummy, and your granny, from talking now.  You’re not scared, are you?”


“No,” Holly whispered as she looked at him, “but I want to be with Mummy.”


“Please, let her,” Agnes said as she twisted round in the chair, her waistcoat now to her sides as the ropes rubbed on her chest.


“Take her up first,” Bert said, Ernie nodding as he lifted Agnes onto her shoulder.  “Now just stay still,” he said as he patted her bottom, Bert saying “so, here’s what we are going to do” as he carried her up.


He soon found the master bedroom, Agnes still twisting as he rubbed her bottom – which she stopped twisting round at, before he laid her on her double bed, and rolled her onto her side.


“Now,” he said as he pulled her ankles back, and tied them to her chest ropes, “I want you to close your eyes, and open your mouth.”


“You wouldn’t…”


“Oh for the love of – lady, isn’t it clear now Bert and I are not like that,” Ernie said as they both heard a loud groan from the room Steve was in.


“What’s happened to him?”


“Bert just gave him somewhere to be so he wasn’t embarrassed,” Ernie said as he opened a drawer, and took out a pair of silk panties, folding them as he said “close your eyes, and open your mouth.”


“You mean he…”  Agnes blushed and did as she was told, feeling the silk on her tongue as the panties were pushed in, and she heard Ernie say “close your mouth now.”  As she did so, she heard a strange squelchy sound, and then felt the pressure as something was pressed over her mouth and jaw.  Opening her eyes, she saw herself in the wardrobe mirror, the white tape covering her face, the shape of her lips visible.


“Any other complaints, lady?”


Agnes shook her head as Ernie nodded, and then left her, turning the light off as he walked down the stairs.  “How are we doing in here,” he said as he joined Bert.


“Almost ready – aren’t we little one?”


Hmrhddeemhmmee,” Holly said through the white tape covering her mouth as she looked at Tammy.  Her mother nodded, and pressed her own tape covered lips on Holly’s head, before she said “thkhhsshp.”


“Alley oop,” Bert said as he lifted Holly onto his shoulder, the young girl giggling as she kicked her legs up and down and got a playful smack, while Ernie lifted Tammy onto his shoulder.  She looked at her daughter and nodded as she wriggled round, wondering why it felt so nice as he put her hand on her bottom, and they were taken up to the last bedroom.


Tammy was laid down first, watching as Bert took one last length of rope and tied it round her ankles, then secured it to the edge of the bed while Ernie lay Holly next to her.  The young girl looked up as she rested her head on her mother’s chest, while the masked man tied her ankles to her mother’s knees.  Tammy gag kissed her forehead again, and said “hrrthffhrrshlrht.”


“They should be,” Bert said as he looked into the other rooms.  Sandra was asleep, snoring slightly as she breathed in through her mouth and nose, the damp stain between her teeth getting larger.  Steve was also asleep, although Bert did notice one extra damp stain, and shook his head from side to side.


Hlllfhrrhsss,” Agnes said as he looked in.


“We’ll get word to the authorities – once we have had a chance to get away,” Bert said as he turned the room light off, closed the door and went back into the last room.  Holly was asleep, Tammy looking over as he said “they’re fine – when you are released, remember to talk to each other about what happened – and how you should behave if you’re unfortunate enough for this to happen again.”


Tammy nodded and said “Wwwhhhll,” her lips moving slightly under the tape as the two men looked at each other, and then left.




“Well,” Bert said as he sat in the van, “a profitable and instructive night.”


“Was the kid really getting turned on by his mother and gran been tied up?”


Bert looked at Ernie, and said “well, we both did, didn’t we?”


“Yeah – but we were the ones tying them up!”


“Well, perhaps he’ll move on to that – let’s go.  I want to be a few miles away before we call the police…”







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