Jenny’s Special Night







“Remember Remember the 5th of November…”


“Are you doing the Gunpowder Plot in history again, Sis?”


I looked over at Cassie and shook my head as I said “nope – I was just thinking of the weekend.  Hard to believe it’s November already?”


Cassie nodded as we went back to work on our assignments.  It was Wednesday the 2nd of November, and we were all back at school after the half term break.  Halloween was over for another year - and after the surprise appearance of Gerri Markson on Monday, and the younger girls wearing their costumes for the evening, things had just about returned to normal.


Having said which, Cassie was still jealous as heck for Patty and Rachel – we had found out yesterday the ‘friend’ of theirs who had come over at Halloween, Debbie, was actually Debbie Dee, the actress they had rescued from kidnappers earlier in the summer.


That wasn’t the only thing on our minds however.  This morning, Mum and Dad had told us they were taking David and June to visit Great Uncle Jethro with Grandma – which mean I was in charge of the house for the weekend with Cassie.


Deep, deep joy.


“Hey – can I ask a favour Jenn?”


“Jenn?  Since when did you start calling me Jenn?”


Cassie smiled as she said “sorry – is that only for Colin?”


“No I guess not,” I said with a smile, “what is it?”


“Is it alright if I spend Saturday night at Lisa’s?”


I looked at her, trying not to look too approving, before I said “I guess so – who else will be there?”


“Just the two of us – Why?”


“Just asking,” I said with a smile.  “I’m sure I’ll find some way to keep myself occupied…”




“So you’ve got the place to yourself for the weekend?”


“Yes I have,” I said to Alicia as we sat in the lunch room, “Mum and Dad go off tomorrow night, and won’t be back until late on Sunday night, and Cassie and Lisa will be together from lunchtime Saturday until early Sunday night.”


“Leaving you all alone in that great big house,” Alicia said with a grin.  “Whatever are you going to do?” 


“I can think of a few things,” I said with a smile, “but I think it’s fairly obvious, don’t you?”


“Have you asked him?”


I just nodded and smiled.  I’d spoken to Colin on the phone last night, and he was making sure his dad knew where he was…




“Right,” Cassie said as she picked up her holdall, “think you can stay out of trouble for the weekend?”


“Funny, real funny,” I said as I looked at her, wearing a padded jerkin over her blue Fair Isle sweater, jeans and Ugg boots.  “You know where I am if anything happens?”


“What could possibly happen to us?  Don’t answer that,” Cassie laughed as she looked at me, my head to one side and my eyebrow raised.  “Boy do you look like Mum when you do that.”


“GO!”  I opened the door and watched as she walked down the path, across the road and knocked on the door of the Williamson house.  Lisa opened the door and waved as Cassie went in, and then I closed the door.


I was alone – but hopefully not for very much longer.  I took a deep breath, picked up my mobile phone, and sent a text, before I went and sat in the front room, looking out of the front window.


It seemed like an eternity, but it was just under an hour before Colin’s dad pulled up outside, and Colin jumped out of the car, taking a bag from the back seat before he waved and the car moved off.  Standing up, I smiled as I went to the door and said “hey – thanks for coming over.”


“How could I refuse the invitation,” Colin said as he came in, putting his bag on the floor as I closed the door, and then put my arms round his neck as he put his arms round my waist.


“I’m glad you couldn’t,” I said as I looked into his eyes, and then we kissed, standing there for a few minutes as we enjoyed the feelings that generated.  Eventually, we broke as he looked into my eyes, and said “so, we have the weekend to ourselves?”


“From now until later tomorrow afternoon, yes,” I said with a smile.  Colin was wearing a blue polo shirt, jeans and sneakers, while I had on a long light blue t-shirt and grey leggings.  “So you can start by taking those shoes off.”


“Sounds good,” he said as he slipped off his trainers, and then kissed me again, holding my head as he moved his sock covered foot up and down my leg.  “So what else would you like to do?”


“what have you got in mind,” I said with a smile.  “Although I did wonder if we could have some lunch first?”


“Go on,” he said with a smile, “and then you can ask me to do whatever you want.”


“Oh I think I know what you want to do,” I said with a smile, “and I want you to do that too.”


“Okay then,” Colin grinned, “what do you have to eat?”


We made our way into the kitchen, talking about nothing in particular as I made us both a sandwich, and we sat at the kitchen table.  Eventually, however, as Colin stood up and walked towards me, I said “so, why don’t we play a game?”


“Do you have one in mind?”


“What do you think,” I said as Colin leaned over and gently kissed me.  I returned the favour, before he took my hand and said “why don’t we go to your room?”


I nodded as we walked up the stairs, and Colin lifted the box of supplies from the wardrobe.  “I think you’re going to enjoy this,” he said with a smile, as he took out two sponges, and handed them to me.  “but first, let’s make sure your hands are protected.”


I nodded as I held the sponges and made fists with my hands, Colin kissing me again before he took the roll of silver tape, and turned my hands into grey boxing gloves.  He then pulled a pair of sports socks up over them, and taped the tops of the socks to my arms, before he took a length of rope and walked behind where I was sitting on the bed.


“Be gentle with me, you naughty man,” I whispered as he crossed my wrists behind my back, and then used the rope to secure them tightly together, the rope going around and between my arms as I looked over my shoulder.  Colin then took a longer length of rope, and passed it round my waist, forcing my wrists against my back and cinching it there – but then he took the rope round again, and as he walked in front of me he knotted it under my belly button, and let the long loose ends fall to the floor in front of me.


“You read my mind,” I said with a smile before he kissed me again, and said “of course – ready for the next set of ropes?”


I nodded as he took another long length of rope, and then walked behind me, passing it round my body below my chest.  I let out a gasp as he pulled it tight, forcing my arms into my sides, and then wrapped it round me several times, above and below my chest, making sure it was neat and not trapped.  I could feel the bands rubbing on my chest as he pulled them tighter – but I knew he was not done yet.


He then fed the rope between my arm and body on my left hand side, under the lower band, before he pulled it up ad back, tightening the band there as he took the rope around the back of my neck, and then under the ropes on the other side.  I could feel the rope rubbing on the back of my neck, and it felt so nice as I saw the way my chest was forced out…


“Now, before I do anything else,” Colin said quietly, “I need to keep you quiet.  Don’t want you calling out and raising the alarm, now do we?”


“I’ll be quiet, I promise,” I said as I saw him fold one handkerchief, put it in the centre of a second one, and then roll it into a tight band.  He then nodded as he stood in front of me, waiting as I opened my mouth before he put the wad in and left the ends hanging outside.


He then took a knotted strip of towel, and pushed the knot into my mouth – with the hankies – before he tied the towelling strip around my head, and then tied the hankie round as well.  This was new to me, but I nodded as he picked up the duct tape.


“Whhtbbtmher,” I mumbled, but I relaxed as he tore strips from the roll, and pressed them firmly over my mouth and chin, so that the cleave gag was covered.  He then took the white medical tape, and wrapped that tightly round my head.  As he did this, I moved a little, loving the way the ropes felt – and wondering what else he was going to do.


After the band of white tape, which pressed my cheeks in, came the silver tape over the top of that, and then he folded a blue silk square into a wide band, and tied that tightly over the whole arrangement.  “I wonder how quiet that is going to make you,” Colin said as he tickled my sides – and as I squirmed round, not only did the ropes start to work their magic on me, I could barely make more than a mumbling sound.


“All right then,” Colin said as he folded a black scarf into a wide band, “ready?”


I nodded, and then my world was plunged into darkness as he tied the blindfold tightly round my head.  I felt his hands on my arms as he helped me to stand up – and I knew what was going to be coming next.  Something I really wanted to feel, but could only trust Colin to do to me.


I heard him kneeling down in front of me, and then a slight tug on my waist as he pulled on the loose ropes.  That made me feel funny as well, but I braced myself and was ready for the feeling I was about to experience.


I heard him stand up and walked behind me, and then his arm between my legs, so I centred myself, calmed myself, prepared…


I felt the rope moving up between my legs, and pressing on my leggings, but there was something different – it seemed as if one bit was thicker, and as Colin pulled the rope up it pressed right on my…


OH…  MY… GOD!!!


I felt the rope tighten even more, and whatever it was press on me where it felt the most different, the most unusual.  I tried to squirm and push it away, but Colin secured the ropes, and there was no way I could move it by myself.  I wriggled and squirmed, but it rubbed me there, and I began to feel very strange indeed.  Strange in a nice way, I hasten to add, but I wondered just what it was there.


Colin then took my arms, and as I sat down that rubbed even more on me, so I sat as still as I could, feeling Colin use more ropes to secure my ankles together, and then to force my legs together below my knees.  As he did this, his hands stroked down the back of my thighs, which I loved him doing – but as I moved, I groaned in response to everything…


“Are you all right,” I heard Colin say, so I nodded, sitting as still as I could as he tied the ropes off, and then helped me to lie on my side on the bed.  Again, that pressure was making me feel strange and tingly, as I felt him slip my shoes off.


“now you just stay there,” I heard him say, “I’ll be back in a little while.”  I nodded, and then I heard him walk off, the footsteps receding into the distance.  Once I was sure he was out of earshot – as in I heard him walking down the stairs – I rolled onto my back and let out the longest, most welcome moan I could under the gag.


I tried to stay as still as I could, but even then, lying on my back, I could feel whatever it was pressing down, as well as the rope between my legs, and every slight shift…


I really cannot describe in words how it felt.  I mean, looking back on the time when the Tornado Twins tricked me and Alicia, that was frightening and nice and strange and different – but this just seemed even more so.


And that was what was frightening me – that it really felt so good.  Every little movement made it rub even more – and I could feel already a small damp patch there.  I knew form what had happened before what that meant – and I admit it, I was scared and excited at the same time.  Whatever it was Colin had done, it felt so good there, but I knew what was likely to happen if I moved too much – and I didn’t want that to happen.


Not yet anyway.


I then heard footsteps coming back up the stairs, and wondered what Colin was going to do now.  They came close, and into the room, but nothing happened.  I pictured Colin standing there, looking at me, and wondered what must be going through his mind.


He then turned and walked away again, and I relaxed a little – for a moment, I thought her was going to tickle me, and I had no idea how I would have reacted to that.  As it was, however, I had a more pressing problem to deal with.


Namely, that my nose was itchy.  I tried to move my face round – very difficult given the layers of tape and cloth – but the itch just grew stronger, and as I squirmed I felt the pressure working on me as well, and I could also feel I was getting damper underneath, and that made it feel so much better.


And so much more arousing…


But I needed to try and scratch that itch, and I knew Colin had gone downstairs, and therefore was out of earshot.  I feared what would happen if I did this – u it felt I had no choice.  In the past I would simply roll over onto my stomach and rub my nose until it stopped itching – surely that would work now…


Slowly, groaning as the pressure continued just where it was the most exciting, I rolled onto my stomach and lay for a few minutes, panting as I felt the pressure increase now I was lying like this.  Whatever it was, moving was making it press even more on there, and it felt so goooodddd…


Eventually, however, the itch was too much, and I started to move my head to scratch it.  As I did this, however, not only were the ropes rubbing on my chest, which felt nice as well, but as I squirmed round the pressure between my legs as the rope moved increased, and I felt myself suddenly get much wetter.


There was more to it than that however – it felt so good as I wriggled round, and I could feel a warmth there as well as all the strange shocks running through me.  I knew what was coming, I knew I wanted it not to happen – but as I moved round, it was so nice, so pleasurable, it felt so good to be doing this that I moved more and more, rubbing myself on the duvet.


I just had to keep going, moving the rope between my legs as well as I started to grunt and moan into the gag.  This was so different, the way I felt damp, felt aroused, felt as if I wanted this more than anything as I felt the fire burning inside me.


I also wished Colin was there as well – not just to watch, but to see how I felt, to make it even more…


Even more….



I suddenly lifted my head and screamed into my gag as my whole body shook, and I felt something flowing between my legs, but I didn’t care, it felt so right, so natural, so much what I wanted to happen.  In fact, only Colin been there would have made it perfect, because right now I wanted him to do something to me…



“Oh my.”


I turned my head as I felt Colin at the back of my head, untying and removing the blindfold and then looking at me.  I was exhausted, sweaty, and damp – not just from the sweat, as I looked down and saw the double knot of rope, sitting between my legs in the crotch rope, and I knew what he had done.


“How are you feeling,” Colin said.


“Hwwdufnkkk,” I mumbled as I rolled over, and then closed my eyes as I moaned again.


“Here – let me help you to sit up,” he said as he moved me on the bed, my legs hanging over the side as he sat next to me, and put his arm round my shoulders.  “Comfy?”


Just the act of moving me seemed to have tightened the crotch rope, and the knot was now pressing very firmly on my sex as I nodded slowly.  Did he have any idea at all of what I was thinking, of how much I wanted him to…


He then kissed me on the cheek, as his hands stroked over my chest – and I groaned again, looking at him, wondering if he knew just what I really wanted him to do.  I had heard Angela speak about this sometimes, but now I was beginning to understand what she meant…


Looking down, I could see the fact Colin was excited as well, but he just smiled and said “hungry?”


I stared at him wondering if he knew just how much I wanted him to take me, and then nodded, before gasping once again as he picked me up and carried me down the stairs.  As he did so, he kissed my forehead, and I moaned even more – because in his arms, that rope kept rubbing…


He walked me into the kitchen and sat me down on the chair, which made that knot dig even more into me – but he made me sit up, and then went to the oven, taking out a freshly cooked pizza and slicing it up before he put the plate in front of me.


God that smelt so good…


I could see the bulge in his pants now, and looked into his eyes, wanting to say “forget this Colin – I want you now!”  Then he untied the overgag and removed it, and I watched as he slowly, slowly removed the bands of tape, and then untied the triple gag, easing it out of my mouth and then kissing me.


“Have you…” I gasped as I wriggled round, “have you any idea how…”


“Hungry you are?  I can imagine,” Colin said as he held a glass of juice with a straw in it.  I nodded and took a drink – and that made the knot move again – and then allowed him to let me start to eat a slice of the meat pizza.


Thing is, every time I moved, that knot…


Oh sweet lord, that knot…


“I know – it tastes heavenly, doesn’t it,” Colin said with a grin as he let me take another bite, and then take another drink, while he ate and drank as well.  And every time I chewed, every time I sipped…


As I looked at Colin, I glanced down, and I could see the very large bulge in his pants as well.  I know we were still young, but seriously, I wondered if he was going to do anything, and if I wanted to stop him…


“Enjoying the meal?”


“Yeah,” I said quietly, “but…”




“Colin,” I gasped as I wriggled round, “what are you going to do next?”


“Let you have another drink?” 



“Okay,” I whispered as he let me take a long drink through the straw, then stood up as he put the cup down.  I looked at him, desperately trying to find the words to say – and then he kissed me, his tongue working its way into my mouth.


I returned the kiss, and gasped as he pulled away – and then pushed the napkin he had folded into my mouth, followed by the knotted strip of towelling.  I groaned again, as he wrapped the white tape round my head, and then the duct tape, before he stood behind me and started to massage my shoulders.


“You seem a little tense,” he whispered into my ear, “let me ease that tension.”


“Heewsshuwld,” I mumbled as he kissed my neck – and then his hands came down and started to massage and stroke my chest.  I love it when he does this, but tonight?   Did Colin really have no idea just how moving made this rope make me feel?


I gasped into the gag again and again as my breasts firmed, my nipples visible under the tightly stretched top, the sweat stains getting bigger -a s was the dampness between my legs as I wriggled and twisted and…


I shook violently again as Colin held me, and then he gently kissed my cheek as he said “did you enjoy that?”  I nodded as he untied me from the chair, and carried me in his arms up the stairs.


I wanted him – I wanted him to take me, to make me his, to do anything he wanted to me – and as he sat me on my bed, and sat next to me, I saw the same sort of look in his eyes, as I wondered what he was going to do next…


“I think,” he said as he looked into my eyes, “that you should get washed and changed before I do anything else.”  And with that, he started to untie me, my upper body first, then my legs, and finally, FINALLY, the rope between my legs as his fingers stroked over the damp patch…


He then removed the gag – and as soon as I could, I wrapped my arms round him and kissed him, wondering how he would feel inside me…


“Okay – I guess you did enjoy that,” he said with a smile.


“You have no idea,” I said as I went to a drawer, and took out some fresh underwear, a white t-shirt and a pair of pink leggings, before I walked with Colin to the bathroom.  He stood outside as I went in, and eased down my leggings and knickers.  I picked them up, and looked at the damp stains, feeling them, remembering them…


“You okay in there, Jenny?”


“Yeah – yeah, I’m fine,” I said as I put them into the dirty laundry basket, wondering just how wet the chair was in the dining room as I stepped into the shower.


“So – what do you think they’re doing across the road,” Colin said as I washed myself down.


“Don’t know,” I said with a sigh as the water washed over me, “don’t really care, if you want the honest truth.”  Stepping out of the shower, I towelled myself off, put on a clean bra and panties, and then wrapped a robe round myself before I brushed my teeth.


“Look – I’m going down to get something.  Call when you’re dressed?”


I heard him go downstairs, so I walked to my room, and changed, before calling out “ready…”


As Colin came in, he smiled as he said “well, I see you are ready for bed – but I need to make sure you are comfortable.”  Taking a black scarf, he folded it into a wide band, and then tied it over my eyes, blindfolding me as he said “I promise, this is not going to hurt you – allow me to take care of you.”


I nodded as I felt him press something into the palms of my hands, and I let my fingers press into the sponges as he wrapped what I presumed was the silver tape round them.  I then felt him pull something up them and over my arms, before he taped what I realised were the tops of a pair of socks to my arms.


I stood, shaking slightly as he walked behind me, and crossed my wrists behind my back, before I felt the rope as it was pulled tightly round my wrists, holding them firmly together as it went around and between my arms, then around my waist as it held them firmly in place.  I giggled then as I felt Colin take more rope around my arms and stomach, tying them firmly in place there, and then around my chest, the bands pressing on and framing my breasts as he made sure they were very, nicely tight indeed.


“hmm – that does feel nice,” I said as he tied the ropes off behind me, “I’m helpless now, you could do anything…”


“I just might,” he whispered into my ear before I felt him pull the chest bands together on my left hand side, and then take more rope around the back of my neck, before he tied the bands together on the opposite side.  My chest felt like it was really being pushed out now, as he went behind me, and I felt him typing more rope between my wrists, and feeding it up my back, under all the other ropes before he secured the other end to the back of my neck.


As I squirmed round, the ropes rubbed on my chest, and I giggled as I said “I guess I’m really going to be sfffddhmmmsnnsss…”


Colin had put a damp cloth in my mouth – it tasted a little sweet and strange, but then he tied a strip of towel between my lips, and I felt the medical tape as it was wrapped round my head.


“Now then,” I heard Colin say as he was in front of me, “I want to do something I have never, ever done before – but only if you want me to Jenny.  What do you say?”   I was taken back for a moment – was he saying he wanted to do what I thought he was saying?  If so, and after the way I felt this afternoon…


“Hllrhttthn,” I mumbled as I nodded, and then I felt him gently easing my leggings and panties down.  Then I closed my eyes under the blindfold and moaned as I felt him kiss me there.




I wriggled and loved the way it felt, before I felt his fingers gently stroking over me…  He was really going to do it; he was going to…


Put something inside me?  I felt him slip something into my passage, before he pulled up my panties and leggings – and then I felt the rope between my legs again, and that knot pressing so firmly on me…  I was a little disappointed he had not down something – only he had done something – and that knot, that sweet, wonderful, great pleasure and pressure giving knot…


As the blindfold came off, I saw he had tied a wrap round skirt on m, covering my crotch, and the rope which was making me so damp already…


“I know you wanted me to do something else,” Colin said “and I have to be honest – I wish I could as well, I really want to do it.  But I want it to be special, and I’m going to wait.  And I suspect you would prefer it if I waited as well Jenny.”


I loved him and wanted to scream at him at the same time, I really wanted him to give me everything, and those wonderful manners of his…


I felt him fasten something round my waist, and then her walked me to the bed – I think – and helped me to sit down, before he secured my ankles and my legs together.  As I wriggled round, that knot…


Oh sweet lord…


“There now,” he said as he helped me to lie on my side, pulled my ankles back, and then tied them to the rope between my legs, “I hope you have a pleasant evening.”


“Whtddummnnn,” I mumbled as he kissed me on the forehead, put the duvet over me, and turned the light off, while I heard him going into the bathroom…

As he went down the stairs, I tried to get comfortable – but every time I moved, the ropes on my chest…  the rope between my legs…  Every little titch made me feel so giddy and wonderful and…  It was as if it was meant to be, as I moved round, felt the little shocks running through me, and then screamed into the gag as my whole body shook.


I gasped as I lay on my side, moving again as my eyes slowly, slowly closed…




I could hear the birds signing outside, but there was something else, like an alarm clock that would not switch off.  What was worse, it seemed to be coming from…


Coming from…


I could not work out where the buzzing was coming from, but I knew it was somehow making me feel even more giddy, almost as if it was coming from…  Inside me?


What had happened?  I lay as still as I could as I tried to gather my thought.  I could still feel my fingers on the sponge, and that knot as it pressed on me, in that very sensitive spot.  And yet it was making me feel so...  I tried to move, as the knot rubbed on me, and a shiver ran through me – which made that buzzing even more exciting!


Where the…  With a start, I opened my eyes and saw my legs stretched out down the bed, loose, untied – but that rope was still between my legs.


And that buzzing…


I somehow managed to sit up, as that knot rubbed on me, the ropes rubbed on my chest, making me feel so…



OHSWEETLORDWHATTHEHELLISHAPPENINGTOME!  I suddenly felt even damper as my whole body shook and I screamed into my gag once more.  But this was even more intense than the previous night, because that buzzing just seemed to amplify the sensations…


Eventually, I raised my head and looked round.  I could hear noise from downstairs, but it wasn’t very clear – so I started to stand up.  And stopped as the ropes dug even more into me.  The buzzing also seemed to be increasing somehow, which was just adding to…


Adding to…  I sunk my teeth into the cloth as another wave of euphoria washed over me and my whole body shook.   When I eventually opened my eyes, I could see my bedside clock.  It was just after eight – and someone was watching something on the television.


I slowly stood up and stopped as I felt the double knot tighten and press on me – and that made the buzzing seem to increase as well.  I panted into the damp gag, fighting to keep control, and then walked slowly out of my room, stopping and leaning on the hallway wall as I did so. 


So I was free – and then fell against the wall, screaming into the gag as another wave of pleasure washed over me.  It was so hot, I felt so giddy, so much out of control…


I took a moment to try and collect myself, as I heard the television downstairs.  The knot was pressed so hard against me nothing except being untied was going to shift it, and whatever that was buzzing away was staying exactly where it was as well.  I couldn’t untie my arms – not with my hands covered, never mind anything else – so my only option was to go down the stairs.


But what if it was Cassie, come home early?  As I listened, I realised it was a current affairs program – so not Cassie.  It had to be Colin – and I had to get down there…


I took one step – and the knot pressed on me, the buzzing making me shiver.  Another step – and that warmth started to get warmer, the shivers more pronounced.  Another step…  Another…


I made it to the top of the stairs, and then had to stop, slowly sinking to the floor and groaning as that mixture of euphoria and joy rushed through me again, and I started groaning.  I was more exhausted than ever, and sat still as I calmed down once more, the wet stain even more pronounced as the buzzing continued…


Eventually, I started to make my way down, one step at a tie, stopping as that knot rubbed again and again, the buzzing almost sending me round the bend…  At least I managed to get to the bottom of the stairs before I groaned out loud and had another – well, you can guess…


What was unexpected was, just before, that buzzing suddenly increased.  I had no idea at all how that had happened – but as I panted and looked up, I saw Colin standing there and looking at me, smiling as he said “hey Jenny – how are you?”


I looked at him, wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt, blue tie, black shoes – wondering why he was dressed like that as the buzzing and knot worked on me more and more.  He was smiling, a wicked smile, and right now I really had only one thought.


I wanted him to take me, and make love to me…


Instead, he helped me to my feet, the knot and buzzing driving me insane as I looked at him.  I squirmed, the knot rubbing more and more as the buzzing…


The buzzing…


The buzzing – stopped?  I looked at him as he put his hands on my shoulders, and said quietly “Well, now that I have your reasonably undivided attention…  Jenny, we’ve been going out for a couple of years now, but I still remember when we met, and when you showed me how you liked to – relax.  I thought you were beautiful then, and I think you are even more beautiful now.


“We’ve been through a lot – you’ve been kidnapped and rescued by me and Bobby, and Dad, several times.  I was there with you when we helped the older women get over the events of that weekend, and through weddings, christenings, everything.  And I am never prouder than when you are there by my side.”


I looked at Colin, wondering where this was going to lead to.


“So much so, that I don’t want those days to end – and therefore, I have something I want to ask you.”  As I watched, he reached into his inside jacket pocket, and took out a small grey box.


I didn’t know what to do, I could only watch as he got onto one knee, opened the box, and I saw the ring inside with a single diamond…


“Jennifer Alison Craig, will you marry me?”


I stared at him, wondering if he was serious – we were both eighteen, but still?  The next thing I knew, I was nodding, and the act of nodding just made all the ropes rub even more on me…


Colin stood up, closing the box and putting it away before he put his arms round my neck, and said “thank you. Mrs Hammond to be,” he said before he kissed my gagged lips. I wished I could feel his kiss, feel his….











When I opened my eyes, the buzzing had stopped, and I was lying on my side on my bed, Colin sitting on the bed and looking at me.


“Thank you for saying yes,” he said as he stroked my cheek.  I’ve been thinking we should keep this quiet until we have both graduated from wherever we end up.  Once we get settled with jobs, we can have the ceremony then.”


I nodded – very slowly, given that knot was still there – it made sense, but it didn’t change anything.


“Now, I have a small confession to make.  The buzzing?”


I looked at him as he said “I’m going to keep secret how I did it – for now.  But I will tell you how I did it once we’re married.  Promise me you won’t ask, won’t try and find out?”


How was I going to explain to anyone why I was asking?  I nodded again, happy for it remain a mystery.


“Of course,” he then said with a grin, “if the opportunity arose to feel it again?”


I surprised myself by nodding – I wold love to feel this again, even if I did not know how he did it…


“Anyway,” he said as he helped me to sit up, “you must be starving – stand up, and I’ll blindfold you to keep the secret.”


I nodded as I slowly stood up, and he tied a black cloth round my head, blindfolding me very effectively.  I then felt him untying the rope that ran down my back, and then the rope around my waist, before I finally felt that knot move away from me, as I sighed into my gag.


I felt him then ease my pyjama bottoms and my panties down, and stood as still as possible as he touched me there – and then pulled them back up.  I blinked as the blindfold was removed, and watched as he untied the ropes round my chest, and released my wrists.


Holding my hands out, I watched as he uncovered them and flexed my hands while he removed the layers of gag.  It was only as he removed the knotted towelling and handkerchiefs, and he finally removed the mouth stuffing, that I realised he had put my panties from the previous night in there…


“So,” he finally said as I worked my mouth, “how do you feel?”


How did I feel?  HOW DID I FEEL?  I grabbed him, put my arms round his neck and kissed him, our tongues playing with each other as we hugged, and then I looked into his eyes.


“Actually – I’m starving,” I finally said, “but I suppose I could just eat instead.”


“Fair enough – go and clean up, I’ll sort lunch out.”


I kissed him again and then ran to the bathroom, trying to process what had happened…



As I stood under the shower, I began to dream of the day, wearing a long white dress as Colin stands at the front of the church, our friends watching and smiling – and then that night, the secret finally revealed…







“Have you both had a good weekend,” Dad said as we came in – and saw me wearing my black party dress, and Colin sitting with me.


“Yeah – Colin wants to take me out tonight Dad,” I said as we stood up, “Cassie’s in her room.”


“Okay then – where are you going?”


“Chez Maison,” Colin said as he helped me put my coat on, Mum watching as we went out.  I wondered what they would think if they knew...







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