Nirav’s Assignment









Priya was sorting through the freshly pressed laundry, as she collected Nirav’s clothes into a pile and then carried them through to his room.  He was sitting at his desk, a pencil in his mouth as he stared at a blank piece of paper.


“Homework,” Priya said as she put his clothes away.


“Hmmm,” Nirav said as he stared at the paper.  Priya closed the last drawer and looked at him, sitting there in his shirt and trousers.  She herself was very informally dressed for her, in an old white t-shirt and faded blue jeans.


“So what is this homework for,” she asked again as Nirav shook his head.


“English,” he said quietly, “We’ve been asked to write an essay based on a recent experience – dramatise it a bit, make it exciting and thought provoking.”


“Sounds like it might be fun,” Priya said as she looked over her son’s shoulder, “but why haven’t you started?”


“Because I don’t know if I can write about the experience I’m thinking off,” Nirav said as he turned and looked at his mother.  “I’m thinking of that night – you know the one I mean.”


“Ah,” Priya said as she sat down.  “Yes, I do know the one you mean – and I can understand why you find it difficult to write about.”  Although Priya and Jay had managed to resolve their views on the time they were all held hostage – and Priya’s recent experiences had helped her to understand her feelings about it – she realised that they had never really asked Nirav how he had felt.  He had said nothing, so they assumed he had been able to deal with the fear.


“I’m not sure you do. Mum,” Nirav said as he stood up.  “Those men made you do things to me, and then to Grandpa, that…”


He started crying, sitting next to his mother and putting his face on her shoulder as she held him.  “I know, baby, I know,” she said as she stroked his hair, “they terrified all of us, and I am not proud of what they made me do.”


“It’s not just that, though,” Nirav said as he looked at her, “I want to get this out of me – it’s eating me up inside, but if I’m going to do this exercise then…”




“Then I think I need to re-enact some of it, see if I can work out what it was like for myself.”  He looked at his mother, and said “Mum, I know it would be asking a lot but…”


“You want to tie me up?”


“Yes – not to do what they made you do, but to see if I can resolve it in my mind as well.  I also want you to tie me up, as they did that day, to see if I can conquer that fear as well…”


Priya was torn.  On the one hand, after the day with Antony she knew how much she enjoyed been bound.  On the other, she knew how it made her feel – and Nirav was still only a boy…


“All right,” she said finally, “I think we can do that.  Your school is closed on Monday, yes?”


“It is, Mum,” Nirav said as he looked at her.


“Very well then, your father will leave for work at seven and arrive back at six.  I say from nine to four, we do just that – re-live some of those times, and see if we can help each other out.  Does that sound fair to you?”


“Yes – yes it does, Mum,” Nirav said before he hugged Priya, “and thanks.”



Monday morning found Nirav sitting with his mother and father at the breakfast table, Nirav wearing a t-shirt and shorts while his father was in his usual work attire.  Priya served their food and then sat down, a dressing gown wrapped around her body.


“So what will you two be doing today,” Jay said as he stood up.


“I’m going to help Nirav with his English assignment - we’ll see what happens after that,” Priya said as she stood up and kissed Jay.  “You go and meet with your father, and enjoy the trip you’re both taking into town.”


“Very well then – have fun,” Jay said as he picked up his briefcase and ran off.  “Now then,” Priya said as she heard the front door close, “I think we need to allow you to be bound first, so that you can face that fear.  Go to the toilet, and meet me in the front room.”


“All right, Mum,” Nirav said as he went off, and Priya went to a drawer, taking out some lengths of cord she had cut before as well as a clean tea towel.  As she walked into the front room, she took several deep breaths, hoping the day would go well.


“All right, mum,” he said as he walked back in, “what are you going to do?”


“We’ll do what the two men did when you first walked in,” Priya said with a smile, “so sit down, and when you’re ready put your hands together in prayer.”


Nirav sat on the wooden double seat, took several deep breaths and then put his hands out, watching as Priya tied his wrists together, taking the rope around and between them.


“You remember them doing that,” Nirav said as he let his hands drop.  “You can’t really forget something like that,” Priya replied as she knelt down and tied his ankles together, keeping the rope over his socks, and then tied a length of rope from his wrists to his ankles.


“You’re not going to…”


“No,” Priya said quietly, “I am not.  Now, are you ready to be gagged?”


Nirav nodded as he opened his mouth, and Priya tied the rolled up towel between his teeth, knotting the ends at the back of his head.  “Are you all right,” she said, smiling as Nirav nodded.


“Good – I’m going to go and get changed, so sit still and I won’t be long.”


Nirav nodded as he shifted round in his seat, watching as his mother walked off.  As he heard the shower start, he slowly started to move his hands up and down, trying to free them…




A half hour later, Priya came back in, smiling at Nirav as he looked at her.  She had changed into a pink tunic with long sleeves, decorated with a gold pattern at the front and grey diamonds, with more bands of gold and red decoration at the bottom, and a pair of orange pants, to match the orange scarf that she wore around her neck and hanging down the back.


“Wwww,” Nirav mumbled as he looked at his mother, who walked behind him and removed the now wet towel from his mouth. 


“I felt I had to dress a little for this,” his mother said with a smile.  “Now, I’m going to cut you free – is there anything you need to do before we begin.”


“I need to go to the toilet,” he said quietly as Priya removed the ropes from his wrists and ankles.  “All right then,” Priya said, “go and then come back, and you can tell me what you wish to do first.”


As she watched him walk out of the room, Priya heard a knock on the front door.  “I wonder who that could be,” she said as she moved her scarf to cover her head, just in case, and went to see who was calling.


“Hello aunty,” the boy standing at the doorway said as she opened the door, his two friends standing behind him, “Is Nirav here?”


“Aakar,” Priya said as she looked at them, “I wasn’t expecting you – come in.”


“Thank you,” Aakar said as he came in, followed by Nadir and Javed.  All three boys were wearing shorts and t-shirts.  Priya let her scarf drop over her shoulders, as she said “Would you boys like some soft drinks?”


“Thank you, Aunty,” Aakar said as they sat down, watching as she walked out of the room and down to the kitchen.


“She’s a real beauty,” Javed said as he looked round the room.


“Yeah – Nirav’s really lucky,” Aakar said as he heard the sound of water being poured.


“All right, Mum, can you put your hands behind your back and I’ll tie them together…”


Nirav came into the room, stopping short as he saw his three friends sitting there.


“Hi Nirav,” Nadir said, “What do you mean, tie them together?”


“Errr…  Er……”  Nirav stood there, with two lengths of rope in his hand, as Aakar leaned forward and picked up the lengths of rope and wet towel from the floor.


“Now, here we go boys,” Priya said as she walked in, and saw Nirav standing there.  “Ah,” she said as she put the tray down on a low table, “Nirav, sit down.  We need to explain what we were doing here.”


“Yes, Mum,” Nirav said, sitting on a chair with his cheeks red with embarrassment.


“Nirav,” Aakar said quietly, “Were you going to tie aunty’s wrists together?”


“Yyyyy yes,” Nirav said, “You see, it’s for our English assignment – the one where we have to write about a recent experience.  You see…”


“We were robbed a few weeks ago,” Priya said as she poured the drinks.  “Nirav, his grandfather, his father and I were held hostage, and then all of us except his father were tied up and gagged overnight.”


The three boys looked at Nirav, before Javed said “You never told us.”


“Well, it was a terrifying experience,” Priya said as she handed the glasses out, “but Nirav wanted to write about it, and had asked if I would mind acting out some of the things that happened.  I don’t want to relive the experience particularly, but I felt it would help.”


Priya cursed herself for her little white lie at that point, but smiled and said “Well, now that you boys are here, I guess we will need to postpone it.”




Nirav looked at Aakar and said “I beg your pardon?”


He could see the way his friend was looking at his mother, and wasn’t exactly happy about how his eyes were fixed on her lips.


“I’ve played tie-up games with my mother,” Aakar said quietly, “so I know what we need to do.  Of course, if you’re really too scared…”


“I’m not scared,” Nirav said, “so what do we need to do?”


“While you decide that, I need to go to the toilet,” Priya said, but as she stood up the corner of her scarf caught on the arm of the chair, pulling it away as she turned and walked out of the room.  Nadir walked over and picked up the orange scarf, folding it and keeping it hidden behind him.


“What do you need that for,” Nirav said as he looked at him.


“You’ll see,” his friend said as Priya came back, her chest now free of the covering.  Nirav could see the three other boys staring at her chest, and as he looked at the way the fabric stretched tightly over it, and the top of her breasts was just visible, he realised that he liked the way it looked as well.


“So,” Priya said, “what do you want me to do, Nirav?”


“Put your hands behind your back,” Nirav said, the three boys watching as he walked behind her, and crossed her wrists behind her back, using one of the lengths of rope from earlier to bind them tightly together.  As she looked at Aakar, Nadir and Javed, she could see their eyes fixed on her upper body, and glancing down she saw the way her chest was sticking out slightly more than usual.


“You’re not planning on doing anything, are you boys?”


“No, Aunty – just watching,” Aakar said as Nirav sat his mother down in a chair, and put her ankles side by side, tying them together with a length of rope as well.


“What else did they to do you,” Javed said as he watched them.


“Well,” Priya said quietly, “they tied my legs together below my knees as well.  Nirav, you may do the same.”


Nirav was actually trembling slightly as he wrapped the rope around them, pulling the orange material tightly round his mother’s legs and taking the rope between them.  He also knew he was getting excited about this, as he had a little when he’d come home to find his mother like this, but he was desperate to hide that from his friends.


“Nice job,” Nadir said as he stood up, “but you’re missing something.”


“Oh,” Priya said, “and what is that?”


“A gag,” Nadir said as he pulled Priya’s scarf tight in his hands.


“OF course – but please, not too tightly,” she said as she opened her mouth, feeling the material on her tongue as Nadir wrapped it twice around her head and tied the ends together at the base of her neck.  As she bit down with her teeth, secretly she was enjoying the experience, as she nodded to Nirav.


“Wow,” Aakar said quietly, “Aunty looks really hot like this, doesn’t she boys?”


The others nodded, Nirav despite himself, as Priya blushed at the compliment.


“But we need to make sure she can’t get off this couch for a while – when the men were here, did they tie her ankles to her wrists?”


Nirav looked at her mother, who shook her head from side to side.


“Lie down, aunty – let me show you what I do to my mum.”


Priya lay herself on the couch, then grunted as the bossy rolled her onto her stomach, putting a cushion under her head as Javed pulled her ankles back, and Aakar tied her wrist to her ankles with another length of rope.  It was a little uncomfortable, but Priya rolled onto her side and nodded to show she was all right.


“Tell you what aunty – you stay there for a while, and we’ll go and make lunch for you, all right?”


“llrrtbsss,” she mumbled through her gag as she watched the four of them leave, and then wriggled round, able to enjoy her helplessness by herself, and also grateful they were just boys.


She closed her eyes and tried to move her legs to and fro, moaning slightly as she realised how effectively she was tied…


“My mum likes to do that as well.”


She opened her eyes to see Aakar standing in the doorway, looking at her.


“The boys are looking to see what else we can find to tie you up with,” he said as he walked over, and knelt in front of Priya, “but I just wanted to do something for myself.”


He put his finger on Priya’s full lips, and traced around them, smiling as  she involuntarily pursed them at his touch.


“Nirav is one lucky guy,” Aakar whispered as he leaned over, and placed his own lips on Priya’s making her give a muffled call as he gently kissed her.


“Hey – what are you doing?”


“It’s all right, Nirav,” Aakar said as he stood up, and winked at Priya, “I was telling aunty she and mum should get together one day with the two of us, and play a joint game.”


Nirav looked at her mother, who nodded in reply, still a little in shock at what had just happened.


“Help me untie her legs,” Nirav said as he walked forward.  “We’re going to take you into the kitchen, Mum, and tie you to a chair as the robbers did before we eat.”


Priya nodded, stretching her legs out and then standing up as they walked her into the kitchen.  Javed and Nadir had already laid the table and put food out, as Priya was helped to sit in a chair.  Nirav then took her left leg, and Aakar her right, as the two of them tied her ankles and knees to the chair leg.


As Nirav untied her wrists, she raised her arms up and allowed Nadir to tie some rope around her waist and the chair back, while Javed tied some over her lap. 


“Now then,” Aakar said as her gag was removed, “let’s eat.”


“thank you,” Priya said as the boys sat down, and the conversation turned to the game at the weekend, and the other schoolwork they had to do.  As they ate, however, Priya was aware f the glances all the boys were making towards her as she sat tied to the chair.


“Something wrong, Nadir,” she said as she caught him open mouthed.


“Sorry, aunty,” Nadir said.  “Was it really that scary when the men were here?”


“It was,” she said quietly, “remember the evening meal Nirav?”


“Oh yes – we were all tied to the chairs, all four of us, and then the front door bell rang, and they tape gagged all of us…”


Nirav stopped as he looked at the other boys.  “What are you all thinking?”


“Nothing,” Aakar said as he stood up, “but we need to make sure aunty does not help with the washing up.  Can you put your arms around the chair, aunty?”


“I suppose so,” Priya said, secretly excited at what might happen as she moved her arms around the side of the chair.  Aakar stood up and took some more rope they had found, tying her wrists together side by side before securing them to the chair back, and then tying her upper arms to the chair.


“This is tight,” Priya said as she looked down, and noticed how much her chest had been forced out as well – and how much all four boys were staring at it now.


“So you have me captive again, what are you going to do – I might have to scream for help.”


“I thought of that,” Javed said as he picked a sponge ball up from the table, and compressed it in his hand, “open wide please Aunty.”  As Priya opened her mouth, he pushed the sponge in, watching as she closed it and Nadir tore a strip off a roll of duct tape.  Smoothing it down over her lips, he followed it with two more, before saying “Try screaming now.”


“HHLPMMM” Priya tried to call out, only for the muffled and quiet sound to be the only thing heard.  “Wow – I realise how well that works now,” Nirav said as he looked at his mother.  “They used sticking plaster to keep me quiet when they made Mum and Dad tie me up for the night.”


“We’ll clear up,” Nadir said as Nirav sat and stared at his mother, Priya wriggling round a little as her top strained over her chest.  Nirav swallowed as he felt his body responding to the sight – and Priya blushed when she saw that as well, thanks to the way Nirav was sitting.


Slowly, Nirav stood up and said “Are you all right, Mum?  Can I do anything for you?”  Priya glanced over to see that the boys had their backs turned, and then glanced down to her chest, before looking up at Nirav.


“Do you really want me to do that?”


Priya nodded slightly, then closed her eyes as she felt her son’s hands on her chest, trying not to sigh too loudly as she felt her body respond to his touch as well.  As for Nirav, he pressed gently and saw his mother close her eyes, as he gently moved his hands round her chest…


“My mother likes it when I do that as well.”


Nirav turned to see the others watching him, and turned bright red as he stood up.  “Aunty really does seem to like it – and you seem to do as well,” Aakar said as he looked at him.  “can we have a go?”


“No,” Nirav said as he looked at them, Priya opening her eyes as she realised what had happened.




Nirav turned to look at Priya – and then felt himself been pulled back by Javed and Nadir as they made him sit in another chair, Javed pulling his arms round the chair and tying his wrists together as Nadir took care of his legs.


“You can’t do this, boys,” Nirav called out, “she’s my mother!”


“I don’t think she minds,” Aakar said as Nirav found himself tied tightly to the chair, “and you won’t have much to say about it.”  Despite his struggles, Nirav soon found himself with a sponge ball in his mouth, and his lips covered with strips of duct tape, watching as Aakar stood behind Priya and put his arms round her, his hands rubbing in a circle over her chest.


Priya was unable to stop herself as she closed her eyes and pushed her chest out – and Nirav was unable to stop his body responding to the sight of his helpless mother having her chest fondled by his friends, as one by one they took turns to touch her breasts and hear her moans.


As for Priya, she was losing herself again in her injaylity to move and speak.  The touches were soft, gentle, tentative, and somehow they made her feel all the better – as she opened her eyes and saw how excited Nirav was getting at the sight.


Far too excited, in fact, as Nirav felt his body respond totally.  He looked down and closed his eyes, shaking his head and hoping his friends would not notice.


“Thsstnnfff,” Priya said as she opened her eyes and looked at Aakar, “tkmmggffnw”


She winced a little as the tape was pulled away, and pushed the wet sponge out, before she said “Aakar, will you and the boys untie me please, and then wait in the front room while I untie Nirav?  I have an idea I think you all will like.”


“Sure aunty,” Aakar said as the three boys untied her, and then left her to release Nirav from the chair.  “It’s all right,” she whispered as she removed his gag, and then untied him, “don’t worry Nirav – what happened is natural.  I’m not going to punish you for it.”


“But you’re my mother – it feels wrong.”


“It’s not – look, go to the toilet and wash up.  I’ll talk to the boys and put an idea to them, all right?”


Nirav nodded and walked off as Priya went into the front room.


“Listen,” she said as she looked at them, “how would you three like to pretend to be the gang that held us hostage?  Nirav and I will change, and then you can tie us both up, gag us, and make us tell you where the valuables are by – well, by touching me and making Nirav talk.  One rule – my upper body only, nothing lower, understand?”


“Will you do that for us, aunty?”


“I will – now go, gather what you need, and hide in the kitchen so that you can surprise us.”  Priya left the room, smiling to herself as she went to talk to Nirav.




Half an hour later, the two of them walked back into the front room.  Nirav was wearing a pair of light coloured trousers and a long jacket, while Been had changed into a purple sari, the top sitting over her shoulders and the sari itself having a white rose pattern with large coloured spots at the edges.


“Thank you for taking me out,” Priya said, “I’ve had a wonderful day, but I’m glad to be…”


“Nobody move!”


They turned to see Aakar, Nadir and Javed standing n the doorway.  The boys had wrapped scarves over their lower faces, and were holding toy pistols pointed towards them.


“What is the meaning of this,” Nirav said as he stepped forward, only for Javed to point his gun at him and say “We told you not to move.  Do you want to be shot?”


“Please,” Priya said in mock terror as she raised her hands, “we won’t do anything, just don’t hurt us.”


“Both of you,” Aakar said as he held up some lengths of brown rope, “turn round and put your hands behind your back.  We need to keep you out of the way while we raid the house.”


“You can’t do this to us,” Nirav shouted, only for Aakar to grab Priya’s arm and say “yes, you will – or we shoot your wife now.”


“Please,” Priya said as she winked at Nirav, who nodded and put his hands behind his back, allowing Javed to cross and tie them tightly together while Nadir did the same to Priya.  He then watched as Aakar took a long length of rope, and started to bind his mother’s arms to her side, taking it above and below her chest as her Sari slipped off her shoulder and sat at the top of the upper band of rope.  He was dimly aware of Javed doing the same to him, before they were both made to sit on the couch.


Javed and Nadir then tied their ankles, side by side, and then their legs, pulling the lower half of Priya’s sari over her legs as they did so.  Aakar then took two clean dish towels and used them to gag the pair, before he said “Right – let’s search the place.”


They left the room, as Priya and Nirav looked at each other, Nirav staring at the way his mother’s chest moved between the bands of ropes.


“Trnrrnd,” Priya said as she looked at Nirav, “ssffwcnnteerwrsists.”


Nirav shuffled round as he felt his mother trying to find the knots holding the rope tight around his wrists, but after a few minutes she gave up and she tried to do the same to her.  He found it too difficult, however, and then felt his mother leaning over, as his fingers found the cloth between her lips.


Edging a finger under the band, he slowly moved it to and fro and forwards, until he heard his mother say “Thank you.”  Turning his head, he saw he had managed to ease the towel out of her mouth as it hung loosely round her neck, and she smiled at him.


“Let me see if I can pick the knot with my teeth,” she said as Nirav turned his back to her, but before she could do anything he heard Aakar say “what’s going on,” and then heard Priya say “no.”


Turning round, he saw Aakar holding his mother from behind, his hands on her chest as he started to play with it.   “NNNNNN” Nirav called out as he watched his mother being touched in that way, and Aakar smiling as he did so.


“Please, don’t” Priya said quietly, as she felt her own chest firming to the young boys touch.


“what’s wrong, man – don’t like what I’m doing to her?  Would you like to feel her there?”


Nirav looked at Aakar, as he said “Go on – bury your head in there.”  Priya nodded again to her sin, as he shuffled forward and put his head on her chest, hearing her strong and fast heartbeat as he nuzzled her breasts.


“Oh,” Priya said quietly, “That does feel good.”


Nirav was enjoying himself as well, as he wondered what was going to happen next.  He heard his mother then give a muffled call, and looking up he saw that the tea towel had been stuffed back into her mouth and tied into place.


For Priya, she was feeling a warmth within herself, but she knew it could not go too far – not just because this was her son, but because it was teenagers, not grown men. 


“All right,” Aakar said as Nirav was pulled back by the other two, “he can watch now.”  One by one the others took turns to touch Priya on the chest, gently stroking her or squeezing her as Nirav watched, unable to stop them – or wanting to, as he saw his mother’s reaction.


Her Sari was tightly bound round her legs and her chest, but the sleeves of her top were starting to slip down her arms, exposing her shoulders.  She felt Aakar’s hands on them, and turned to look at him, shaking her head to show she did not want that to happen.


“Oh crap,” Javed suddenly said, “Look at the time – we need to get going.”




Aakar untied the scarf from Priya’s mouth, and waited as she worked her lips before saying “If you are going to go, will you allow Nirav and me to play one more game after you go?”


Nirav looked at his mother, who smiled and said “when the robbers came, you were left alone in your room.  This time, we shall be together – if you want that?”


Nirav nodded as Priya said “untie us – and allow us to change into something suitable for bed.  Then I want you to tie us up, together, in my bedroom.”


It was about six when Jay came back into the house, and called out “I’m home!”


There was no reply, so he looked round, and said “Priya?  Nirav?  Where are you?”




Jay opened the door to his bedroom and looked at Priya and Nirav, who were lying back to back on their bed.  Priya was wearing a lilac coloured top with buttons down the front, and a pair of purple bottoms, while Nirav had on a t-shirt and shorts.  Both of them were bound with ropes, their hands secured behind their backs, and bands of rope around their ankles, legs, thighs, waist and chest.  They also had a strip of brown fabric plaster over their mouths, and Nirav had one of his mother’s scarves tied over his eyes and ears.


As for Priya, the top two or three buttons on her top were open, and the front pulled open slightly, and it was obvious to Nirav someone had been – playing with her.  Priya looked at her husband, and shook her head to tell him he should be quiet.


“What happened,” Jay said as he sat by his wife, helping her to sit up and hugging her before he removed the plaster and kissed her.


“A game with Nirav and his friends, that’s all – no murderous callers,” Priya said quietly.  “I think he is asleep – can you untie me and I will prepare dinner?”


“A game – why?”


“I will explain in the kitchen,” Priya said as Jay untied her arms, and she hugged him in return.  “Let us say it means he has put some things behind him now.”





Priya walked to the door and opened it, to see a woman standing outside, dressed in a purple tunic and pants.


“Nisha,” Priya said as she opened the door, “What can I do for you?”


“I think we should talk,” Nisha said as Priya closed the door, “about Aakar…”







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