O Canada!  Part 1









Monday 9th November

The de Ros Mansion

4 pm


Katy Carter had been nervous before, but this was a whole new level of apprehension as she rang the doorbell, wondering what was going to happen next.  As she stood there, in her green jacket, white blouse and grey skirt, she was beginning to wonder what she had started.


“Oh – it’s Katherine Carter isn’t it,” Edith said as she opened the door, “what can I do for you?”


“My mother asked me to come and see Countess de Ros before I went home tonight,” she said quietly as she twisted round, “to collect some things?”


“Of course – come away in,” Edith said as she opened the door, “I will let her know you are here.”


As Katy walked in, she looked round the large hallway, taking in the decor as Edith disappeared through a door.


“If you will come this way,” Edith said as she returned, indicating the door she had come back through.  Katy nodded as she saw Diana sitting in a chair, wearing a roll neck sweater and grey pants.


"Hey Aunt Diana," she said as she followed the maid into the drawing room.

"Hello Katy, come sit down please.”  Diana indicated the other end of the long chair she was in, while watching the young girl sit down.  “Would you like a coke?"

"Oh please."

"Edith...for Miss Katherine please?”


“Yes, Madame,” Edith said as she went out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"She doesn't..."

"No she doesn't,” Diana said quietly, “and that is the one of the things I'm assessing tonight, how well I think you can keep a secret."

"Thank you." Katy smiled as Edith brought her drink in.  Taking a sip, she watched as Diana sat back.

"Ah my other guest," Diana looked up as the doorbell rang, "can you please go let her in Edith."

"Certainly Madame."  Katy watched as she left the room, and then held it open again.

"Hey Katy, Hi Diana," Anna spoke as she came in.

"Doc?" Katy's jaw dropped.


“A coke for Miss Anna please,” Diana said, “and then you may return to your duties.”


As Edith left the room again, Anna sat down and smiled at Katy.  “I hear you had a big day yesterday?  Winning the race and all that?”


“Yes – we didn’t get back until late last night,” Katy said, “I really struggled to get out of bed this morning.”


“How did the calendar shoot go, Anna?”


“Very well,” Doc said as Edith brought her the drink.  “Thank you Edith – I believe Abby is meeting with Luke today for an hour or two?”


“Yes – she will join us for dinner.”  Diana waited until Edith had left and closed the door, before Katy said “you have to be kidding me - you?”


“Me,” Doc said seriously, “Heather wants me to be a big sister to you, so I will be with you every step of this journey.”


“I know Juliette and the others talked to you yesterday,” Diana said, “but understand Katy – if I do not think tonight you are capable of doing what we need, you go no further.  Is that clear?”


Katy slowly nodded as she sipped her drink.


“Hey,” Anna said, “trust me – I felt just as you did when I found out, even if I found out in a slightly different way.”


“But...  Who else...”


“If I believe you have what is required, you find out tomorrow,” Diana said as she watched them finishing their drinks, “for now, will you follow me please?”


She stood up and led them back into the hallway, and out to the kitchen, where Edith was preparing a casserole.


"Edith,” Diana said as she selected a key from a rack, “I will be taking the girls down to the gun range, can you please buzz me when dinner is ready?"

"Yes Madame."

"A gun range?"

"I had it built in the summer Anna,” Diana said as they walked down the garden, “it's totally sound proofed, and while it may not be my farm, I think we can do some teaching here.”

"Wow!" Katy exhaled as Diana unlocked the huge door and opened it wide, the trio walking in to see a firing range inside, and various weapons in locked cabinets.


“Let us be honest, Katy,” Diana said, “We cannot teach you to shoot to the same standards as the others in a short time.  What is more, your mother wishes to take on that role if you progress.  What we have to do is see how you handle a weapon, and at least give you a chance to use one.”


Katy nodded slowly as Doc unlocked a cabinet, and took out a .45.  “Right – shall we begin?”


5 pm

Xavier International, New York


“So are you happy to do this for us,” Juliette said as she sat in Penny’s office.


"Well I’m happy to do it, but explain to me why I'm the one taking her out tomorrow night please Juliette."

"It's simple Penny,” Juliette said as she put her coffee cup down.  “You barely know Katy, I don't think you have any pre-conceived notions, you yourself got into the life very young and had to grow up early and can hopefully assess her readiness. But above all I trust your judgment of character."

"Well that's nice, but I'd have thought her mother?"

"Jan is far too close, we need unbiased opinions."

"Okay - then why Doc?"

"Protection shall we say, Anna is totally cool and she will watch Katy's back and make sure no harm comes to her.  Also she is the closest in age – if any of us can support her, its Doc."

"Alright that makes sense.  I’ll scope out a suitable target tonight."


“Good – now what of Susan’s problem?”


“She and Clint are having a coffee with Denice now over at Columbia, to talk about some things for the race team.  We’re looking at the photos and report from Tracy yesterday – this Rochelle was throwing her weight around.”  Penny smiled as she said “If I was honest, giving her ten minutes in the same room as me and Susan may teach her a thing or two.”


“If it were possible I agree,” Juliette said, “but this is one of those situations where we cannot be seen to be involved.  If we are going to help, it must be quietly unless our hand is forced.”



5 pm

The Coffee Shop near Columbia U


“I still can’t believe you’re asking me to help out,” Denice said as she sat with Susan and Clint.  Denice was wearing a grey jumper and skirt, while Susan was in her office outfit of jacket, skirt and blouse, and Clint was wearing his chauffer’s uniform.


“Can I get you anything,” Tracy said as she came over.


“Two coffees please, and an English tea,” Susan said, Tracy nodding before she went back to the counter.


“It makes sense to me,” Clint said, “Heather is amazing, but two pairs of eyes are better than one, and given Jeanne may have to take a back seat at some point next year for a few weeks,”


“Jeanne?  Why?”


“She’s pregnant,” Susan said, “she told us after the race yesterday.  So as I say, the more the merrier.”


“So when is the Florida race?”


“We’ll have the dates in due course,” Clint said, “but we’re getting together in our place on Saturday for a proper celebration.  Hopefully you and Erica can join us?”


“I think we can – we’re not spending a lot of time at home at the moment anyway...”



5 pm

The Richmond Mansion


"Do you have Katy's documents processed Lover?" Sandy asked as she poured herself a coffee.

"Yes,” Heather said as she looked up from her laptop, “I've established a new identity for her, the passport should be here first thing Wednesday and is genuine, I did her a New York State driving license, and also booked her into the hotel."

"You were busy."

"Who me?" Heather laughed.

"The kids do know now they are going to their father's for a couple of days?"

"They do, Sandy said she wished she could come with us, but when I explained we were going shopping for antiques she quickly changed her mind."


“Well, maybe next time,” Sandy said with a smile.  “I wonder how Katy is feeling right now?”


5.15 pm

The de Ros Mansion


Katy looked at Diana as Anna laid out some weapons, before saying "what was this place?"

"It was built as a nuclear fallout shelter Katy, as you can tell it stretches back under the house. I'd always intended doing something with it but never got round to it till this year."

"Well it's amazing - you have your own firing range here in the city." Katy shook her head.

"Now Katy,” Diana said quietly, “did you ever handle your mother's gun?"


“Well, she let me hold it a few times – she said it was important I wasn’t scared to see it – but she keeps it locked away, and I never handled it with actual bullets in it.”


“All right,” Diana said as she handed Katy the handgun, “show me how you held it.”


Slowly, Katy picked up the gun in both hands, one under the barrel and the other under the handle.  She then took it in one hand and aimed it down the range.


Diana and Doc exchanged a look, before the younger girl said, “Well, that looks good in films, but in real life I have to tell you Katy – you’d hurt yourself more than anyone else without training and practice.”


“None of which we have time for,” Diana said as she looked at Doc.  “Show her please Anna.”


“Here,” Doc said as she helped Katy to hold the gun in both hands, “are you left or right handed?”


“Right handed.”


“Okay, put the first finger of your right hand over the trigger, and just point it down the range, get used to the way it feels in your hand.”


Katy held the gun as she had been told, and looked down the range, her feet apart as she weighed the gun in her hand.  Diana looked at her, before saying “straighter back, Katy, and feet slightly further apart.”


As Katy adjusted her stance, Diana put a pair of ear protectors over her head, handing one to Doc before donning a third pair herself.  “Very well Katy, I want you to slowly pull the trigger towards yourself, and keep as still as you can,”


Nodding, Katy slowly pulled the trigger back, wondering what was going to happen.  She heard the bang, and struggled to keep her arms from shooting up as she wondered what had just happened.


“Well, you just fired your first shot,” Diana said as she removed her protectors, and pressed a button, bringing a white sheet forward.


“You...  You didn’t tell me it had ammo in it,” Katy whispered as she looked at Doc.


“First lesson I can teach you Katy – we are deadly serious in what we do, and we don’t practice with blanks.”


“Hmm,” Diana said as she looked at the target.  “For a first shot, it’s good – a little off target, a seven or eight, but pretty good.  For this week, however, we need to be sure you can use something else – wait here.”


As Diana turned, Doc looked at Katy and smiled.  “Not bad kiddo, not bad at all.”


“Thanks,” Katy said as she put the gun down and shook her arms, “but god that hurt.  How does Mom manage it?”


“Practice and strength,” Anna said with a smile.


"Doc,” Katy said as she turned round, “what does it feel like?"

"What armed robbery?"

"Yes, but also sex. Since I guessed about Mom I have been having the most incredible orgasms dreaming about crime."

"Been there, done that, have the tee shirt." Anna laughed. "I was like that before and at first."

"You were?"

"Yeah I had some mind-blowing orgasms as I dreamed and fantasized, but honestly it's not like the real thing."

"Robbery or sex?"

"Both." Doc giggled.


Anna looked at the teenager, and said "How close did you actually get yet, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I was stroking that boy’s cock the night of Pepsi's party,” Katy whispered, “and I've let George feel one of my beasts and suck on my tit."

"Was that before or since the party?"

"Since..." Katy looked at the expression on Anna's face. "Hey I promised no sex, I didn't say I wouldn't fool around a bit."

"KATY!" Anna shook her head.

"Well what's the purpose of having breasts like these," she glanced down at them, "if I don't let them weave their magic on men."

"You are just 13."

"And you were a prostitute at 15, personally I don't see much difference."


Doc stared at Katy, before she whispered "Who blabbed?"

"Peps told me...but I've never told anyone...PROMISE!"

Shaking her head, Anna said "Your sister has a big mouth."

"Now how the hell...is she one too?"

"No she isn't, and I know because she asked me to hack her adoption records."

"FUCK! How many other secrets are out there?"


“Maybe you will find out,” Diana said as she came back, holding a sawn off shotgun in her hand.  “Have you seen one of these before, Katy?”


“Only in films,” she said quietly. 


“All right – put those gloves on,” she said as she handed the young girl a pair, “and the lesson can begin.”


“This,” Doc said as Anna put her gloves on, “is our weapon of choice, for a very good reason – this will do damage to anything it is fired at.  Your mom will have told you guns are not toys, right?”


Katy nodded as Diana said “Well, we never treat them lightly, or use them without a reason.  These are lethal weapons, Katy – never forget that.”


“Just... Just how much damage can they do?”




As Diana set up a straw bale a distance away, Doc loaded a set of shot into the gun and closed it. 


“Ear protectors on Katy.”


As she slipped them on, she watched as Doc stood with her legs apart, the gun butt resting at her hip as she held it in both hands.  She looked over and smiled at Katy before she pulled the trigger, the bale exploding as the shot hit it.


“Oh my...”


“Now,” Diana said as she put her hand on Katy’s shoulder, “do you understand why your mother may have concerns?”


As she slowly nodded, Doc said “Good – I will set up a second bale, and you can fire the second bullet at it.”


“Are you sure?”


“Katy, if you are going to join us,” Diana said, “you need to do this.”


“Hey, look on the bright side – you haven’t spent the weekend at...”




“Sorry,” Doc said as Diana looked at her, and then handed the gun to Anna.


“Now,” Diana said, “normally we ask the others to shoot this the way they think you should, but you need to project that you do know.  So, feet slightly apart, one in front of the other, cradle the barrel in your left hand and your right on the trigger, and support the butt on your hip.”


As Katy did as she was told, Doc said, “Right – I want you to imagine that bale is someone you hate.  I don’t want names, I don’t want to know who it is – I just want you to imagine it.”


Nodding, Katy suddenly hardened her face, as she stared at the bale.


“Now,” Diana said, “pull the trigger.”


Katy’s eyes widened as the recoil hit her, and then she saw the straw flying into the air, the dust settling as she removed her ear protectors.


Diana and Doc looked at each other, before she nodded slowly and said “Good – now we do this again.”





6.30 pm


“Diana,” Doc said as she tapped her on the shoulder and looked at the wall.


“Ah – dinner is ready,” she said as she took the ear protectors off, and surveyed the range.  “Let’s go and eat – Abby should be home by now.  I have some questions to ask you Katy, and I expect honest answers...”


7 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


“Now who could that be,” Juliette said as she went from the kitchen to the apartment door.


“Hi Ju,” her visitor said as she checked and opened the door.


“Hey Annie darling I wasn’t expecting you.” Juliette kissed her daughters lover.


“Well with Klaus out of town I thought you might appreciate some company.”


“I must admit I hated seeing him off at the airport this morning.” Juliette beckoned Annie into the drawing room. “So how did the weekend go? How did Judith react?”


“I’m not sure she understands really, but she thinks definitely she will have a little sister.”


“Oh dear, she’ll probably be so disappointed if it’s a boy.” Juliette went over to one of the tables. “So what is going to be your soft drink of choice?”


“Oh what horrible words…soft drinks…YUCK!” Annie sighed, “but I guess it’s going to be diet coke.”


“Alright I have a couple in the fridge, and I’ll remember to lay in a supply.”


“Thanks Juliette.”


“So what is this I hear that Ama had a surprise when she visited Los Angeles?”


“Indeed,” Annie said, “remember last summer, when I said I thought Cohen had the girl who came with Ama as one of his servants?”


“I vaguely...  Oh goddess, do you mean she met her?”


“Apparently – she was adopted by a couple in the LA area, and volunteered to help at the shelter Maddie set up.  When Ama and Maisha visited on Saturday, they recognised each other instantly.”


Juliette smiled.  “That is an amazing and touching story – I hope they will be keeping in touch?”


“Dom’s already invited them to spend Thanksgiving – and she’s invited her grandfather over as well.  I guess we’re cooking in the Village this year,” Annie said as she sipped her drink.  “So did you enjoy the race?”


“We did – have you spoken to any of the others yet?”


“No – but I know about Jeanne if that’s what you’re talking about.  We met at Helen’s clinic last week.”


“Actually,” Juliette said as she poured herself a glass, “I was thinking of Katy.”


“Yeah – Cari told me,” Annie said quietly.  “What are you going to do?”


“Well, provided Diana and Penny approve,” Juliette said, “I’m going to assign Jan, Katy and you to the Humphries home.  Controlling a twelve year old should be easier, and less chance of her realising Miss Lynx’s more – extreme actions on the first pass.”


Annie nodded as she sipped her drink.  “So have you heard from Diana yet?”


“Not yet – Katy is eating there, but as they say, no news is good news in that respect.  So what else is going on?”


“Was Erica all right today?”


“Fine – she seemed to really enjoy herself yesterday,” Juliette said, “but a friend of Susan and Penny has come over to watch them.”


“Good – I can keep an eye on her in school, and I imagine Abby and Ama will do so as well.”





7.30 pm

The de Ros Mansion


“This is delicious,” Katy said as she chewed on the casserole.


“Indeed – an excellent meal, Edith,” Diana said as she sat opposite Abby, Katy and Doc on each side.


“Thank you, Madame – if there is nothing else, I have dessert waiting in the icebox.”


“Of course – you are visiting your sister this evening, are you not Edith?”


“Indeed, Madame – if you will excuse me?”


Diana nodded as Edith left and closed the door, before she sipped her wine.  “Now then Katy,” she said as she looked at her, “I think you need to hear what I think from my own lips.”


Katy glanced over at Abby, who wiped her chin and said “well, you’ll find out soon enough Katy – I’m one as well.”


“Oh my...”


“Oh trust me,” Doc said, “if you make it through this week, this is just the beginning of the surprises.”


“As I was saying,” Diana continued as she sipped her wine, “I think you have potential, Katy, but we have no time to teach you more than how to hold and fire the weapon – which you have a talent for, I grant you.  The question in my mind, therefore, is can you keep a secret like this.”


“Well, she hasn’t told anyone about her sister,” Doc said, “although I will be having words with Pepsi on a similar matter.”


“Good,” Diana said quietly, “and you have not told others of what your mother is.  So let me ask you a very direct question.


“Yesterday you saw Caroline, Susan and Susan’s colleague Penny – what did you deduce?”


“Enough to know I can’t say anything about them either.”


Diana nodded as she looked at Abby.  “Would you bring the dessert through darling?”




8.30 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


“Here,” Juliette said as she handed Annie a coffee, “ready?”


“Let’s do this,” Annie said as she watched Juliette open her laptop, and hold her eye to her keyfob.


“Hey mom,” Carina said as she appeared in a window, “how’s the homestead?”


“Very quiet,” Juliette said as Jo appeared in a second screen, and Sandy and Heather appeared in a third.


“So when do we know if stage 2 is a go,” Jo said as she sipped her drink.


“Any second now - Well?" Juliette asked as she looked at her computer screen.

"Jan just came and collected her and Anna."

"So opinions please, and fill the rest of us in can you?"


“Well,” Diana said as she sat with Abby, “she reminds me a lot of Jo when we first brought her in.”


“Well that’s a comforting thought,” Jo said.  “What does it mean practically?”


“Well, we tried her with a handgun and the sawn off – she’s a natural, but needs practice to perfect it.”


“But could she look as if she knows what she’s doing?”


“Jan will kill me for saying this,” Diana said quietly, “but yes, I think she could.  I think we proceed to stage two.”


“So the litmus test?”


Diana nodded.  “Is Penny prepared?”


“Penny?  You turned it over to her?”


“I did love,” Juliette said to Carina, “I need an unbiased opinion of her capability.  Doc will be there as well.”


“And if she passes that?”


“Then Jan and I need a long chat with her – we meet at nine tomorrow for briefing.  Jo, can you dial in?”


“Gotcha,” Jo said, “Cari?”


“I’ll have to dial in as well – but I take it Katy and I would be on different teams?”


“Oh yes,” Juliette said, “she’s not ready for that yet, whatever happens...”


“So we decide tomorrow?”


“We do – until then ladies...”



Tuesday 10th November

8 .15 am

Washington Heights


“Hey,” Erica said as Tracy got into the lift, “another day at the coal face?”


“Where did you hear the expression,” Tracy said as the lift door closed.


“Mary Thomas used it sometimes – so working again today?”


“Yup – later shift yesterday, morning shift today.  Off to school?”


“I am,” Erica said, “my lift just arrived downstairs.”


“You don’t go to school around here?”


“No she doesn’t – do you homegirl?”


Tracy looked at Rochelle and her two cronies as the lift doors opened.  “Friends of yours,” she said as she looked at Erica with a raised eyebrow.


“Not really, no,” Erica said as she and Tracy walked past them, the three girls whispering insults as they went outside.


“In you go,” Tracy said as Caroline held the door open, nodding as she got behind the wheel and drove off.


“And where do you get off helping her,” Rochelle sneered as Tracy turned round.


“A little human compassion – you should try it sometime,” Tracy said quietly as she walked towards the EL, the three girls watching her as she walked off.





New Mode


“Miss Ashley?”


“Yes,” Pippa said as she turned to look at her assistant, who was standing at the office door.


“I have a Miss Margaret Harker here – I know you said you were not to be disturbed, but...”


“It’s all right - send her in,” Pippa said as Maggie appeared in the doorway, dressed in a long coat and with black boots on her legs.


“Aunt Maggie – I wasn’t expecting you to visit so soon,” Pippa said as she kissed her relative.


“Ay well – I think you might need the moral support,” she said as she sat down.  “You heard he’d been released?”


“I had – but no sign of him so far.”


“Well, he’s here.”


“But he’s a convicted criminal – how did he get into the US?”


“No bloody idea, Pip – but he’s here.  We need to collect Poppy from school today – together.”


Nodding, Pippa picked up the phone.  “Can you get me Grace Brand at St Angela’s please?


“Grace – Pippa.  I have Maggie here – can you meet us at the school entrance at 3?  I’ll explain when we meet.”



6 pm

Xavier International


“Why have you brought me here mom,” Katy said as she and Janice walked into the lobby of the office building.


“Well, given Diana has approved your progression, we’re meeting Penny and Anna here for the next part,” Jan said as she nodded to the receptionist.


“Miss Carter – you’re expected,” she said as she opened the gate, allowing both of them to walk to the lift and go to the executive floor.


“Hello Katy,” Penny said as they walked into a conference room, Doc smiling as she sat at the table.  “Jan, she’ll be safe with us now – we’ll see you later.”


“Do exactly what they tell you,” Jan said as she hugged Katy, and then left the three of them alone.


“So what happens now,” Katy said as she looked at Anna.


“Now we get changed,” Penny said, “there’s a liquor store in the Heights that we’re going to rob.  I have a car ready, we go in, empty the till and the safe, and get out.  The job of you two will be to make sure nobody gives us any trouble.  After that, I will make a decision about you, Miss Carter.”


“Come on,” Doc said as she took Katy’s hand, “time to make you look older.”





“Oh my,” Katy said as she looked at herself, “I like this.”  She was wearing a pair of skin tight black pants, the legs tucked into over the knee black leather boots with four inch heels, a black biker’s leather jacket over her body.


“Well, it’s important you look both taller and older,” Doc said, “now come over here.” 


As she applied some dark eye shadow to Katy’s eyes, Penny came in, dressed in the same way as she pulled a pair of black leather gloves on.


“Well, you certainly look the part,” she said as Doc then used a dark red lipstick on Katy, before she said “there – now, put the gloves on.”


Katy slipped the soft black leather gloves on, as Penny opened a cupboard and took out three guns.


“Magnums – clean, loaded.  Goddess willing, we will not need to do more than intimidate with them, but you never know.”


Nodding, Katy took one of the guns, holding it for a moment before she slipped it into the bag Penny was holding.


“We have balaclavas here as well, so make sure your hair is up,” Penny said as she looked at them.  As Doc helped Katy, she watched the young girl controlling her excitement.


“Now remember – we go in, we do the job, we go out.  Gather anyone in there into one place and cover them – let me do the talking as much as possible.  Ready?”


The two girls nodded as Penny opened the door.  “Right – let’s do this then.”




7.30 pm

Washington Heights


“Well,” Penny said as she looked at the door, “this is the place.  Last chance to back out Katy.”


The young girl shook her head as she felt the excitement growing in several places.  Anna looked at her and said “we need to do this now.”


“Agreed – balaclavas down,” Penny said, watching as the other two pulled the masks down, only showing their eyes and red lips before Penny pulled her own down.  Taking the guns in their hands, they quickly left the dark sedan and walked into the door of the liquor store.


“NOBODY MOVE,” Penny called out as Doc closed the door, “THIS IS A FUCKING ROBBERY.  IF ANYONE MOVES, THEY DIE.”


“You heard my friend,” Katy called out in as deep a voice as she could, aiming her gun at the three customers at the counter, “face down on the fucking floor, hands where we can fucking see them, and nobody needs to get fucking hurt.”


“That includes you,” Doc said as she aimed her gun at a seventeen year old girl who was standing by a side cabinet, “over there, now!”


The young girl slowly walked over as Penny went to the counter.  “Don’t even fucking think of it,” she said as she saw the young man reach under the counter, “I’d drop you before you got your hand to it.  Open the till, open the fucking safe, and then get round here.”


As Penny stood at the counter, Katy stood over the other customers with Doc, trying not to smile.  The middle aged couple had dropped to their knees almost immediately, and she had noted the damp patch on the front of the woman’s skirt as she had pissed herself.


The third customer was a young boy, barely older than Katy herself, who looked up at her as she walked past.


“Do you like what you see, big boy,” she whispered in a sultry voice as she stood over him.


“His loss,” Doc said as she looked at Katy, “you’re too old for him, and too much.”


“Get over there, you little prick,” Penny barked as she pushed the young man over to the others, before pushing the contents of the till and safe into her bag.


“You have no idea who you’re messing with,” the teenage girl said as she looked up.


“No, you have no fucking idea,” Doc said as Katy watched her move over.  Penny glanced up – she was certainly calm enough, and seemed to be acting the part well, keeping control of the others.


“Okay,” she said as she closed her bag and looked at Doc, “check we’re clear outside.”


Katy watched as Doc went towards the doorway, and then turned to watch Penny as she retrieved the security recordings.  It was the motion she saw out of the corner of her eye that alerted her, as she turned and saw the teenage girl stand up, and draw a gun from her jacket pocket, aiming it at Doc.


Penny watched as Katy raised her own gun and pulled the trigger, the teenager gasping and then falling forward onto the ground, Doc turning and taking in the scene with one look.


“We told you fuckers not to move,” Penny shouted as she took Katy by the arm, “see what happens if you fuck around with us?  We clear?”


“We clear,” Doc said as Katy pointed her gun at the others.


“Nobody move for ten minutes,” Penny said as she looked at Katy.  “Let’s go.”


Nodding, Katy walked with Penny, trying to understand the turmoil of feelings inside her as Doc opened the door, and they got quickly into the car, Penny driving off.


“Slow, deep breaths,” Doc whispered to Katy, “remain calm.”


“It...  It’s not that,” Katy said, “it was her eyes, the way she looked...”


“It’s all right Katy,” Penny said quietly, “we’re going to go and join your mom and the others now...”



8.15 pm

The de Ros Mansion


“They’re here,” Clint said as he looked at Susan, “I’ll see you at the apartment later.”


“Thanks, Clint,” Susan said as the door opened and Penny came in, followed by Doc and Katy.


“Any trouble getting here?”


“No – why?”


“We’ve been monitoring the police wavebands – who did it?”


Katy looked up at Susan, who nodded and said “right – you come with me Katy.  You two need to join the others – tell Jan to come in as well, will you?”


“Susan – she did it to protect me,” Doc said, Susan nodding as she took Katy’s hand and led her to where Juliette and Caroline were waiting in a small room.


“Thank the goddess,” Juliette said as Katy came in, “come and sit down, tell us what happened.”


“Well,” Katy said, “we went in, did what Penny told us to do, kept the customers and the clerk on the floor – but there was this girl, a teenager, who looked like she might cause trouble.  Penny told Doc to make sure the way out was clear, she went to the door, I saw her rise, and...”


Katy looked at the two women, her hands wrapped round the bottle of cola, as she said “I ...”


“It’s all right, Katy,” Caroline said quietly, “we had hoped this time would not have come so soon.”


"You realise now you are a bad girl,” Juliette said, “a criminal Katy, and if the law catches you they will try you as an adult and throw away the key."

"Yes." she gulped for a second. "But I don't think I was born to be good."

"And the killing?"

"The stupid bitch was going to shoot Doc, I didn't even think Aunt Ju, I just dropped her."

"Well we are all killers as well,” Juliette said, “and there is now no way we can exclude you from the Pussycats."

"Katy, I always ask this after a first killing," Caroline looked deep in the young girls yes. "Do you have any regrets?"

"Yes...No...Yes...Look I am sorry that girl is dead, but I did what I needed to do to protect myself and the others....Is that wrong?"

"In this line of work? No...It's just how you should feel."


“Hang on,” Katy said, “first killing?  How...”


The room to the door opened and Jan came in, followed by Abby.


“Katy,” she said as she knelt in front of her, “are you all right?”


“Yeah – better than that Mom,” Katy said with a weak smile.


“How do you feel darling?” Jan hugged her daughter.


Katy looked round the room, before saying “would it sound wrong if I said I felt like I need George to come over and fucking my brains out?”




“Well you asked how it feels…”


“I know...but?”


“I am excited, I feel so happy, I feel sad for that girl, but above all I have this incredible sexual feeling inside.”


“We all get that Katy.” Abby smiled tenderly at the young girl.


“Well, there’s no turning back now, is there,” Jan said quietly.  “I’ve no idea what I’m going to tell your gran about Thursday and Friday, but...”


“Mom, Susan said you’re monitoring police bands.  What happened?”


“I think it’s time you came and met everyone else,” Jan said as she took her daughter’s hand.  “This way.”


Katy took her mother’s hand as they went into the drawing room.


“Hello Katy,” Diana said as she came in, “welcome.  Penny and I have just had a brief chat, and even if what happened tonight had not occurred, we were going to welcome you in anyway.”


Katy looked round the room, before staring at Cassandra standing with Sandy and Heather.


“I don’t believe it,” she whispered as she sat with Abby and her mother.


“Well, let’s get this out of the way first,” Susan said.  “Tonight’s takings will be added to something we’re setting up for you Katy, but the girl you killed tonight has been identified as one Lafonda Hooper.”


“Who was she?”


“She was a junior member of a street gang – and the raid is been blamed on a rival gang.  Jan?”


“Well, Los Malos Bellezas are a Latina girl gang and the big enemies of the Pack-Wolves. They had been keeping a very uneasy peace, but now the Pack are blaming Los Malos for killing their bosses little sister, and that little shindig in the bar was just likely to be the opening shots of a bloody conflict.”


“But how did they jump to that conclusion Janice?’ asked Sandy.


“I guess the makeup did it. Los Malos girls wear lots of makeup and cultivate this sexy image,”


“Ah that would explain it then.” Penny reflected. “They jumped to a wrong conclusion.”


“Well at least everyone is looking in completely the wrong direction, and not for my daughter.” Janice looked a little happier. “The Pack are convinced the stickup was merely a ruse to cover up Lafonda’s murder according to what the NYPD Gang Unit is saying.”


“Her big sister leads these Pack-Wolves?”


“She does, Katy – so...”


“Sorry,” Susan said as she took her phone out.


“So we’re going to get away with this?”


“We plan to ensure we do,” Juliette said as Susan ended the call.


“That was Tracy, she heard gunshots and looked out to see what had happened. She could see two bodies on the sidewalk and the Police arriving in force.”


“More retaliation already Susan?”


“Well from what she could tell Ju, the girls were black and with her equipment she could see neck tattoos on the corpses.”


“My Goddess, instant retaliation for the instant retaliation.”


“Looks like it.” Janice looked up from her phone. “My NYPD source is telling me that.”


“Instant Retaliation?”


“Oh – sorry, while you were getting here, there was a report that three black women walked into a bar frequented by the lieutenants of Los Malos, and shot dead two of them before running off.”


“Oh dear God what have I started?” Katy trembled for a second.


“Nothing that probably wouldn’t have happened anyway,” her Mom hugged her.


“But who’s Tracy?  Why is she doing something for you Susan.”


“Katy darling,” Diana said, “we will tell you everything soon, but right now...”


“Hey everyone,” Jo said from the laptop, “are we ready to go?”


“Just about – where’s Carina?”


“Here,” Cari said on a second screen.  “Hi Katy – prepare to have your eyes opened.”


“Too late, darling,” Juliette said, “she had her first kill tonight?”


“Oh – we have things to talk about Friday,” Cari said with a smile. “But welcome to the family, Katy.”


“Thanks I think,” Katy said.


“Alright as interesting as all this is ladies, we have our own actions to plan out.” Juliette said as she called the meeting to order.


“Yes we do.” Cassie smiled as she sat down.


“First – welcome to you as well, Cassie.  She will be known for this work as Miss SIdhe.”


“And, if it be all the same to you, I’ll talk like this,” Cassie said in her Irish accent.


“So the target as you know are millions upon millions worth of furs being held in a cold storage in suburban Toronto.  To be precise, it is off Algreen Road on Mississauga”


“Oh?” Katy’s eyebrow lifted, “not cash.”


“No, but equally as valuable. IF we do this successfully ladies it will be the biggest armed robbery in history, beating our own record in the Logan Airport and Providence bank jobs.”


“What will we get Ju?” asked Heather.


“About 60 cents on the dollar. So 250 million dollars worth of furs we probably divide up 150 million dollars between us.”


“FUCK!” the word escaped Katy’s mouth.


“Well you’ll still be on pocket money young lady,” Janice smiled, “that money will go into a trust fund for you to access some day when the heat is a lot cooler and you have some way of legally explaining your expenditure…”


“Unlike you darling.” Diana spoke.


“Yes unlike stupid me.” Jan joined in the laughter.


“It’s the same deal Jo, Abby, Carina and I have,” Doc said to Katy.  “Next lesson for tonight – we can do what we can because we hide in plain sight.”


“How is it that much? If I can ask a question.”


“Easy Katy,” Abby smiled. “The cheapest fur coats there will sell for between five and ten thousand dollars, the best ones sell at one hundred thousand dollars though and upwards.”


“You do the math and it all adds up very quickly.” Doc smiled.


“Dear Lord,” Katy shook her head.


“We just take everything, our fences will sort them out and market them, our responsibility ends when we get to the little airport.” Juliette added.




“Alright,” Juliette said, “are you girls confident you can steal the trucks?”


“Yes,” Heather only sounded half confident.


“Look everything depends on getting those trucks and the cars.” Dominique spoke.


“I know…I do know.” Heather replied.  “That’s why Susan, Sandy and I are on a plane up tomorrow morning.  We meet our gun supplier tomorrow afternoon to collect, and Madame has arranged a safe house for us to use.”




“In the briefing packs.”


“Okay – however we get there, we need to be there for six on Thursday night.  That gives us time to be dressed and the first team ready to move out by eight pm.


“Our first target,” Heather said as the women looked at the pictures.  “Claude Villeneuve, forty five years old, married to Yvette for twenty years.  The daughter is Celine, nineteen years old.  Home address is 2235 Greenhurst Avenue.”


“Villeneuve leaves for work at eight in the evening,” Juliette said.   “Team one will take control of his house at nine.  Cari, Diana, Abby, you have the honour.”


“Do I get to play?”


“For a little while Cari – but hear the whole plan first.  We need you to bring them to the depot later.”


“Target two,” Heather said, “Jake Humphries, head of security for the night shift.  Forty six, lives with his second wife Bobbi and his twelve year old daughter Maggie at 221 Gamma Street.”


“Humphries clocks on at nine – team two take control by nine thirty.  Annie, Jan and Katy – you get that one.”


“Keep them calm?”


“That’s the idea – because at ten thirty, both wives need to call their husbands and tell them what’s happened.


“Eleven pm the rest of us arrive in the trucks.  Dom, Jo – disable security and alarms.  Everyone else round up the workers and get them in the control room.  Secure, silence – kill if necessary.


“Midnight, I want the families brought in – and then we start loading the trucks.  We estimate three hours to do that – so we take turns loading and guarding.


“I want us out by three thirty to drive to the airport, where a crew will be waiting.  From there, we retire in the cars to the safe house, change and disperse.”


“Seems simple enough,” Cassie said, “if all goes well?”


“And it will – I expect to be as shocked as everyone else when I arrive at the expo on Friday,” Ju said with a smile.


“Okay – Katy, it’s time you learned who we will be on the night.  At the Villeneuve home will be Miss Leopard, Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress.  Driving will be Miss Puma, Miss Cheetah and Miss Jaguar.  In the vans with them myself as Miss Panther, Jo is Miss Bobcat, Penny Miss Wildcat, Caroline Miss Civet, Anna as Miss Oncilla and Cassie Miss Sidhe.”


“Which leaves us,” Jan said as Annie sat with them.  “I’m Miss Ocelot, Annie Miss Snow Leopard – and you, Katy Darling, will be called Miss Jaguarundi.”


“What’s that?”


“A small wildcat – fits quite nicely,” Doc said with a smile.


“Jo, you and I need to meet Thursday early evening to discuss the security set up,” Caroline said.


“No problem – I’ll get there on time.”


"So what do I tell Gran and school Mom?"

"Well, Katy,” Jan said “for official consumption you are taking Thursday off to hold my hand while I see a doctor in Rochester darling, and you'll be in school Friday after catching the first flight out of Pearson International Friday morning, so you won't have to take that day off."

"Why do I know I'm going to be tired by the end of school."

"We all will be Katy." Abby spoke.

"What are you seeing the doctor for mom if anyone asks?"

"I'm looking into having some cosmetic surgery, that's all you need say darling. It's what I've told both Adam and your Gran."

"Gotcha.  So who am I travelling as?"


"Good question.  So what will be her cover Heather?" Jan asked.

"Oh I have had a little fun and been naughty." Heather giggled.

"Why do I know I'm not going to like this?" Jan sighed loudly.

"She's an 18 year old porno starlet..."


"I said I'd been naughty."

"You are doing this just to annoy me...aren't you?" Jan asked accusingly.

"Hey can you imagine a character further from her real identity?"

Juliette looked over and said "Heather you are pushing it..."

"She's deliberately pushing my buttons Ju...Heather you are a 100% bitch."

"Hey I like the idea of being a porn star...but I don't really have the wardrobe for it."

"I'll take you shopping for it tomorrow after school Katy. Then you catch the last flight to Toronto, Katy traveling with Penny and you are both booked into the Royal York."

"Gotcha Aunt Ju."

"Heather over the weekend you and I are having SERIOUS words." Janice glanced at the computer genius.

"I've even faked up some pictures you know...Katy's face on..."

"I actually have a far better body then that." Katy giggled as she looked over Heather’s shoulder.

"Heather Smith I swear I will kill you for this."


“Can I ask a question now Caroline?” Katy said as she walked to where the model was standing.”


“Of course, Katy.”


“Does Ama know?  About you two?”


“Yes, she does,” Annie replied.  “When this is done, we’ll sit down with you and tell you the full story.  But she is not one of the pussycats – not in that way anyway.”




Wednesday 11th November

8.15 am

Washington Heights


Tracy watched from her window as Caroline held the car door open for Erica to get in, and then walked round, noting the way she kept looking round before getting into the car and driving off.


Smiling, she picked up her coffee mug and took a sip, before she heard the knock on the door.  Picking up the gun, she looked through the spyhole, then relaxed as she pushed the gun into the waistband of her skirt, pulled her top over it and opened the door.


“Hey Denice,” she said as she stood back, “what can I do for you?”


Turning round, Denice said “did you hear about the shooting last night?”


“I saw the lights afterwards – any idea what’s going on?”


“I’m not sure – but I’d feel a lot safer not going into work alone.”  She clutched her Jameson bag before saying “I know you have the morning off, but...”


“’s all right,” Tracy said with a smile.  “I want to go uptown for a little while anyway.  Just let me grab my bag and I’ll come with you.”


As they left the apartment block ten minutes later, they could see the police line, the chalk outline, and the groups of girls looking on, Rochelle standing there as well.


“I don’t like this,” Denice said, “but what can you do?”


“Keep your head down and don’t attract attention,” Tracy said as they walked on.




11 am

Complete Style


“All right, Janine – I think that covers everything,” Juliette said as she looked at her PA.  “I will be back Monday, but if you need me, my cell phone should be working.”


“Got it boss – we’ll have the notes ready for the Tribute issue on your return,” Janine said as she looked at Alexis.  “And don’t forget your book launch with Stephen on Monday.”


“How could I?  All right – back to work,” Juliette said as Mary appeared in the doorway.


“You looking for me Ju?”


“Yes, Wizard, I am,” Juliette said with a smile.  “Can I bring Katy down to the cave later?  I’d like your help with something...”







1 pm

The Refectory


“Hey Letty – I need a favour,” Abby said as she sat at the table.


“Sure – what’s wrong,” Letty said as she looked up. 


“Did you hear the news on the radio this morning?”


“What, the gangland shootings,” Letty said, “yeah, why?”


“They were close to Erica – be there if she wants to talk, will you?”


“Sure – where are you going to be?”


“Paris – next week,” Abby said with a smile, “but we need to go to Boston tomorrow for a final fitting.”






1 pm

North of Mississauga


“Interesting place,” Sandy said as she and Heather put their bags on the camp beds.


“It will meet our needs for tomorrow,” Susan said.  “Right – first things first – we need cars.”


“Let’s hit the mall then,” Heather said as she pulled on her gloves, “and get to work.  We can hide them here, then get to the hotel before we do a little late night shopping.”





5 pm

Complete Style Magazine


"Katy,” Mary said as she walked round, her hands thrust into the pocket of her waistcoat, “who told you that you needed a B Cup?"

Katy looked at the older woman, wearing a short sleeved blouse and jeans.  "The lady at APCO before school really started Miss Thomas."

"Well you might have been then darling," Mary shook her head, "but I can assure you that now you are a D."

"I thought my bras were getting tighter."

"You mean she skipped right past C Mary?" Juliette asked.

"Ju,” Mary said with her arms folded, “exactly how long have you been in the fashion business, that you can't tell a bra size and cup just by looking?"

"Well I knew she was a big girl, but..."

"She's 34 D, I'll go get you a couple of bras that fit you better Katy,” Mary said as she walked off, “and then we can find you some clothes for this mysterious 'thing' you are doing with Juliette, and won't tell me about."

"She gets so annoyed when we keep secrets," Juliette said in a stage whisper to Katy.

"Is Mom going to be annoyed that I need new bras?" Katy asked.

"Only if you keep growing as fast." Mary shouted back over her shoulder, "and if she does send Janice to see me, and I'll sort her out."

"Perhaps I can pass as a porno star?" Katy whispered in a very low tone, as she checked her breasts out in the mirror.


“I still don’t believe it,” Ju whispered, “but remember – not a word to Mary about what we’re really doing.”


"So what is really going on?" Mary asked as she came back, and helped Katy to try on a different bra.

"We are playing a prank on Jan, is what is really going on Merlin."

Katy smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror.  "I'm tired of her complaining how I dress Miss Thomas..."

"So with my help we are turning her into a facsimile of a sex bomb, just to show her that just maybe Katy doesn't dress so inappropriately after all."

"Oh is that what all this is about." Mary laughed. "Can I have a picture of Jan's face when she sees?"

"I think I can arrange that." Juliette nodded.

"Well I have some ideas now of what to get you to try Katy, and I might just have a couple of things for your real wardrobe in lieu of forgetting your birthday last month."

"Ooh are you sure Miss Thomas?"

"Yes, and you had better stop calling me Miss Thomas, I'm either Aunt Mary, or just plain Mary.”

"I think Aunt Mary won't be as rude as me just calling you by your Christian name."

"Alright Aunt Mary it is.  Now then – the bra looks good, but let’s try something else..."


A few minutes later, she returned with a leopard print silk mini dress.


“Try that on dearie, and see how you look in it,” she said as she pointed to the dressing room.  As she walked over, Mary whispered “they growing up so quickly now.”


“Don’t I know it- I’m scared sometimes that Cari will bring Judith home and she’ll be doing the catwalk and speaking perfectly.”


“So – how do I look?”


The two older women looked at Katy, before Mary pointed to the mirror and said “see for yourself.”


Walking over, Katy stared at the young woman in the tight leopard print.


"This dress is amazing," she said as she looked at her reflection in the body hugging mini dress with the spaghetti straps.

"That much cleavage though is definitely not age appropriate though, even on a girl with boobs as good as yours."

Mary nodded before she said, "You know, one day young Katy here might be modelling like Kate does Ju."

"Who is Kate?"

"Kate Upton Katy."

"Oh you mean the woman who did the Game of War adverts?"

"The same."

"Do you really think I could look like her one day Aunt Mary?"

"I think there is a good chance darling."



“Okay, before you become the latest Mary Thomas discovery,” Juliette said with a smile, “what else can you offer?”


“Well, it gets a little cold at night...  Wait there.”


“Aunt Ju, what happens when we’re done here?”


“We go back to my place, and your mother and Penny will pick you up there.  And I want a picture of your mother when you’re dressed in – in this.”


“Well,” Mary said as she held the outfit up, “this may just do the trick.”


“Oh yes,” Katy said as she smiled, “that would work.”



7 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment

“I know we have no choice, but I still can’t believe it – and how come I didn’t notice the bra size?”


“I didn’t either,” Juliette said as Katy sat in front of Abby.


“Well, whatever, we need to make sure we get this right.”


“Agreed,” Katy said as Juliette went to the door, returning with Sandy.


“Hey – how’s...  Who is this?”


"Okay my name is Katy Barlow, I'm 18 years old, and I do porn." Katy giggled. "Oh this is a character I could enjoy in real life."

"That is too much makeup." Jan looked mesmerized as Abby finished her work.

“Right – turn round and show them, Katy.”


"Oh dear Lord!" Penny said as she checked out the teen, her eyes framed by eyeliner in black, with long thick black mascaraed eyelashes, shadowed in tones of blue and silver. Her cheekbones were accentuated with a deep rose blush, and her lips were painted a deep red.

The leopard skin dress hugged her tight and displayed her great breasts. Her legs were covered in sheer black nylon, and on her feet were 5" tall black leather pumps.  Finally, her hair was covered in a long blonde wig, the locks cascading over her shoulders.

"Well I think the makeup is perfect." Abby smiled, "and it makes Katy look fabulous."

"These are real diamonds, and I want them back." Juliette said as she started hanging jewellery on her friend’s daughter.

"She looks like a high-class hooker," Jan shook her head.

"Maybe, but what is important is she looks nothing like Katy Carter." Penny smiled.


“Oh – and before I forget,” Juliette said as she took a photo with her cell phone.  “A promise to Mary.”


“Any word from the advance party,” Abby said as she packed her bag.


“They managed to get the cars, and collect the weapons with no difficulty – our contact was suitably briefed,” Juliette said with a smile.  “As you lot fly in, they will be shopping,”


“On which note,” Penny said, “we need to get going.  Katy, you ride with me.  Jan, see you in the hotel.”


“No drinks on the plane,” Jan said to Katy, “no matter what they say.”


“No problem mom,” Katy said as she slipped on a fur coat borrowed from Mary, “let’s do this.”



10 pm

Toronto Pearson International Airport


The border guard looked at the passport photo, and then at Katy as she fluttered her eyelids.


"Are you here for business or pleasure Miss Barlow," he asked.

"Darling, my business is a pleasure." Katy said as she looked at him, “but I'm only here for two nights to see an old friend."

"Well have a good time in our country."

"I have a good time in EVERY country." Katy winked at the man and taking her passport wiggled her way towards the luggage retrieval area.

"Oh my Goddess," she thought to herself, "I think he nearly had one on the spot." Inwardly Katy was relishing this instant attraction she now had for men of all ages.


Penny followed her, wondering what they had unleashed as she caught up.  “Fancy sharing a cab – I think we’re going to the same hotel.”


“Sounds wonderful,” Katy said as Jan hailed a separate cab, glad Katy had made it through the first stage of the plan.




11 pm

The Royal York Hotel


“Thank you,” Katy said as she slipped the young man a note, “that will be all.”


As he bowed and left the room, Katy threw herself back onto the bed and laughed out loud.


“I don’t believe it – I did it,” she laughed.


“Yes you did?”


“Oh boy,” she said as she saw Jan standing in the connecting door, “Heather gave you the way to open it, didn’t she?”


“Yes she did,” Jan said, “so bed young lady – we have a very busy day tomorrow.”


“Oh – and Penny is on the other side,” Jan said before turning and saying “Katy?”


“Yes mom?”


“Well done,” she said with a smile.





“Well, this is the place,” Heather said as she looked through her binoculars.  The three women had taken a taxi out to the lorry park, and as they looked down Heather was scanning the line of parked trucks along the side of the cabins.


“So how did you hear about this place?”


“Research – it’s a popular stop before they cross the border.  See those three trucks there?”


“The refrigerated ones?”


“That’s them.  The keys are kept in the manager’s office, so we’re going to be a little petty larceny and purloin the keys at the same time.  Sound like fun?”


“Why not – a little exercise before bed,” Susan said as she felt the gun in her jacket pocket.  “Shall we?”


The trio made their way slowly down the hill and crossed the parking area to a hut that stood to the side, a neon sign blinking as it displayed the words “No Vacancies.”


Crouching under the window, the girls waited a moment as Susan stood to the side and looked to the window.


“One male, early 50’s, watching the game.”


“Not for much longer,” Heather whispered as she moved to the front door of the building.  He looked up as the door opened – and then died instantly as the bullet entered his head between his eyes.


“Clear,” Heather whispered as Sandy and Susan came in, Sandy taking a set of keys from the dead man’s belt and opening a cabinet as Susan forced the strongbox.


“Okay – keys for the three trucks,” Sandy said as she opened a wall cabinet and tossed a set to each of them.   “How do we cover our tracks?”


“Two things,” Susan said, “a little present from Helen, and a small fire here. We done?”


Heather nodded as she turned on a gas ring, and then set up a cigarette lighter on the far side of the room.  The three women moved out, Susan taking two boxes from inside her jacket and setting them under two of the parked trucks before she unlocked a large truck and climbed behind the wheel.


Why nobody heard the three trucks move off was never clear.  Perhaps it was the fact their lights were not turned on, or the fact they moved as quietly as possible. 


What police reckoned was that the explosion of the main office of the truck stop, followed by the explosion that crippled or destroyed the remainder of the parked rigs, may have distracted the truckers when they woke up...


Thursday 12th November

8.30 am

The Royal York Hotel


Sitting at the dressing table in her room, Katy touched up her makeup as Abby had shown her, before standing and looking at herself in the full length mirror.  The tight V-necked sweater and skintight jeans hugged her figure, while the four inch over the knee boots would only add to her height.


There was a gentle tap on the door as she heard Jan say “Are you decent?”


“As decent as I’m going to be at the moment.”  Watching as her mother came through the connecting door, Katy smiled and said “okay Mom what are my assignments for today?”


“Just basically to keep yourself out of trouble darling,” Jan said as she stood in her coat dress, “and get some rest.”


“Nothing practical I can do to help?”


“Not really,” Jan said with a smile as she waked to the window.  “Juliette and the others will have everything in place by the time we get to the safe house tonight.”


“Everything is so-well planned out isn’t it?”


“Yes, and it’s that, plus a certain ruthlessness that keeps us all out of prison.”


“Oh yes,” Katy smiled. “That is one lesson I’ve already learned.”


Looking at her daughter, Jan put her head to the side and said “No nightmares?”


“Mom I did what I had to do, just the same as I’m sure you have. My fretting over it isn’t going to bring that girl back to life.”


“Well just a word that can I hope help, Lafonda was linked to several killings herself, according to the NYPD she killed her first person probably when she was only 13.”


“Ah, well that is a certain poetic justice then.” Katy zipped up her boots. “So did you speak to Gran?”


“I did, and all is fine at home, she will see you when you get home from school tomorrow.”


“Okay that sounds good.”


As her phone beeped, Jan looked at it and smiled.  “Penny has gone down to breakfast.  You head down first, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”



10 am

Toronto Pearson International Airport


Juliette smiled as she made her way into the arrivals hall, and saw the young smartly dressed man holding a board with her name on it.


“Good Morning Miss Huntingdown,” he said as she approached him, “I’m Jack Sutton, I’m from Canadian Arctic…May I take your bags?”


“If you don’t mind?”


“Not at all,” Jack said as he took the handle of Juliette’s case, “Ms. Percy told me I was to look after you specially.”


“How is Bronwen,” Juliette asked as they started to walk to the door, “it’s been a few years since I saw her last?”


“She’s doing very well, and she’s thrilled that you’ve agreed to be our feature model at the expo.”


“And that I’ll also be writing about it in the magazine?”


“That is just a bonus.”


“Here my car is on this level,” the man from the fur company wheeled Juliette’s cases out of the elevator.




“How long since you were last in Toronto?”


“A couple of years, I used to work here a lot though when I was a full-time model.”


“By the way I forgot to extend our congratulations on your engagement. Ms. Percy said she told you years ago he was the right one.”


“Oh Goddess that takes me back a few years. That was when Bronwen was running Canadian Arctic’s salon in Paris you know?”


“She told me.”


“Here this is my car.”


Opening the door, he allowed Juliette to sit in the passenger seat before placing her bags on the trunk, and then getting behind the wheel.


“I have instructions to take you to the hotel,” Jack said, “and then to join Bronwen for lunch.”


“Excellent,” Juliette said as he drove off...



11 am

The US/Canada Border


“Well he didn’t recognize our names.” Carina spoke as the two college girls paused to take in the sight of Niagara Falls from the viewpoint.


“Why should he?”


“Well we are both reasonably well known models…”


Raising an eyebrow, Cari said “Did he look the type who followed the fashion world?”


“I guess not,” Cari shook her head.


“To him,” Jo said over the noise of the water, “we were just two of the thousand or more people he will check as they drive across the border today, and what is more anonymous then two college girls driving up from the States for a little mini vacation?”


“Probably nothing,” Cari looked down at herself in her Yale sweatshirt, old jeans and Reeboks.


“This is something to see though.” Jo whistled as they stood and watched the water cascade over the side of the escarpment.


“It’s an unstoppable force of nature.”


“Rather like we are.” Jo giggled slightly.


“Well turns out you were a bit saner then we first thought…”


“…But you are even more insane then your advance billing was.”


“Hey what can I say,” Cari laughed. “I am what I am.”


“Come on – we’ve still got a little bit of a drive ahead of us,” Jo said as they walked back to the car.



11.30 am

Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport


“Good morning Cassandra, it’s lovely to see you this morning,” the man kissed the actress on both cheeks as she descended from the private plane.


“And to see you Francois.”


“The limo is this way.”  He indicated a waiting car as they walked over.


“You know you really didn’t need to go to all this trouble for me?”


“For Cassandra Stone the world famous actress,” Francois said as he looked at her, “this is no trouble.”


“Yes but I’m not here as the actress but as the producer.” Cassis smiled as they walked to the car.


“It is still no bother,” the man opened the limo door for her then went round the other side and climbed in.


Settling herself down and crossing her legs, her split skirt falling open as she did so, Cassandra smiled and said “so did you read the proposal and the early version of the script?”


“I did,” Henri said, “and I must say that I think Rick is surpassing himself.”


“Well Ladydown are interesting subjects.”


“Yes, I agree in a way.  A band who just decided enough was enough, and had the courage of their convictions.  Have you met them?”


“I know Emma Cromwell through her wife, and Rick and I have had long chats with the other three members of the band.”


“Well, the script really gets to the heart of the story.”


“Now does that mean you are going to invest in the production…or not?”


“Let us talk about it over lunch…Till then how are Rick and the children doing?”




In the commercial part of the airport, Diana and Abigail walked through the arrivals hall, wearing jeans and jumpers, Abby with her hair pulled back, wearing glasses, and no makeup.  Diana did not as a rule like dressing down, but this was a necessity today.


“So far so good,” Diana said as they got into a cab.  “Toronto Expo Centre please,” she said as they sat down.


“Are you here for the big exhibition then,” the driver said as she drove off.


“Just visiting,” Abby said with a smile, “research for a dissertation in event management.”


“Studying it at college?”


“Yeah that’s right – freshman project,” Abby said as she looked out of the window.





12.30 pm

Head Office, Canadian Arctic


“Juliette,” the redheaded Bronwen Percy said as she stood up and walked round from her desk, “it has been a long time.”


“Yes it has,” Juliette said as they hugged and kissed each other on the cheek.  “You look well.”


“You look fantastic – grandmother,” Bronwen said with a smile. 


“Less of that – how is Megan anyway?”


“In London – she’s working for Fiona as of last week.”


“You heard about...”


“Yeah – Megan says she’s fighting as much as usual.”


“Good for her – so do we eat first or view first?”


“Eat – come on, I know a great seafood bar a few minutes away.”




1 pm

The Royal Oak Hotel


Sandy opened the connecting door and looked in as Katy took off her fox fur jacket.


“So how was your morning darling?”






Katy smiled as she looked at her mother, and said “I think I have been hit on by half the men in this city…It is such a huge kick.”


“Well Miss Sex Symbol, this afternoon you stay in your room and relax.” Jan laughed.


“Mom,” Katy said, “did this ever happen to you?”


“Seriously?” Jan sat on the bed next to her daughter.  “Yes, and even at my age I think I could give you a pretty good run for your money if I tried.”


“Your figure is amazing Mom.”


“Thank you darling.  I accept that compliment.”


“Adam is a lucky man having you.”


“No I’m lucky having him.”


“You know I have erotic dreams about him?”


“You do?”


“I talked to Jo and she said it was natural for girls to dream about their fathers.”


“Well so they say.”


“Are you offended?”


“That you see Adam as a father figure?”  Jan shook her head and smiled.  “Far from it, but you try acting on those dreams Missy and I’ll scratch your eyes out as Adam’s girlfriend, and give your ass a tanning as your mother.”


“Oh I better not then.” Katy giggled.


“Your hormones and desires are pretty crazy now aren’t they darling?”


“Oh Mom you just don’t know.” Katy looked skywards.


“I talked to Karen and she said you are an early developer and that your sex drive is more that of a 17 year old then a thirteen year old.”


“Which means what?”


“I don’t know, but when we get home we probably need talk about it.”


“Sounds good – so how do I relax?”


“Bad soaps and room service,” Jan said, “you ring them and I’ll come through in a minute.”




1.15 pm

The Safe House


“The joys of drive-thru,” Susan said as she put the bags and the coffee on the table in the main room.


“So did you ring Orlanda lover?”


“I did,” Sandy sat down, “the kids are fine, mother is fine, and she told me to enjoy my couple of days away.”


“I like Orlanda.”


“Yes she’s a lovely girl.” Sandy kissed her girlfriend, “so what is going on?”


“Well I’m detecting nothing unusual. I have been using a traffic camera to monitor the furs being delivered, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Security is high, but then we knew it would be.”


“So anything I need tell Ju?”


“Nope – everything looks to be in order.  Now we wait for the others.



1.45 pm

South of Toronto


“Blame Canada, Blame Canada...”


“Anna, if you don’t stop singing that song, I will let our resident Canadian descendant have fun with you,” Annie said as she turned round from the front of the car.


“Oh let the youngster have her fun,” Caroline said, “or WE could start deCLAIming like that grEAT actor – William SHATner!”


“So we’re heading straight to the safe house?”


“Well, given what is in the trunk of the car, Annie, I kinda think we need to get there first,” Caroline said with a smile.  “So be grateful you’re with the younger family – I get to look after her instead.”


“Some people get all the fun,” Annie said with a smile.



2.30 pm

Head Office, Canadian Arctic


“So what have you got me showing,” Juliette said as she sat in the conference room.


“Well,” Bronwen said as an assistant brought in several boxes and opened one, “why don’t we start with this?”


Juliette stood up as the assistant held the coat up for her to wear.


“This is Arctic Fox,” Bronwen smiled as the assistant slipped the three quarter length fur coat on Juliette. “It’s going to retail for about eighty thousand.”


“I could see myself in this in real life.” Juliette said as she checked out her reflection.


“Well it’s not the piece de resistance…”


“Oh what is?”


“This is.”


Juliette watched as the assistant carefully unpacked the black as night sable coat.


“Oh dear Goddess!”


“I thought your jaw might drop.” Bronwen herself slipped the coat on Juliette. “This is just one of four coats of this quality in the world, all of which we are showing. The pelts are perfectly matched, the craftsmanship is amazing…”


“And the price?”


“Each coat will set someone back a quarter of a million dollars…and that is not Canadian dollars.”


“Oh my.” Juliette stroked the furs. “Now could I talk…”


”Klaus into buying it?” Bronwen interrupted. “Probably.”


“Can you take a photo of me in it, now?  I’ll give him something to think about overnight.”


3 pm

Downtown Motel, Mississauga


“Jan and Katy get to stay at the Royal York, while we get to stay at a dump like this.” Carina moaned as she looked round the motel room.


“Hey it’s convenient to the job, it’s completely anonymous, and besides I’ve stayed in worse places then this.” Jo looked up from her unpacking and smiled.


“I know, but even taking that all into mind, this place is still nasty.”


“Well I can take my training run in a bit and go straight past the place. I can do visual surveillance.”


“I suppose so.”


“And the other thing about places like these is no one notices you coming or going, so our leaving early, and then not getting into bed till late won’t attract attention.”


“There is that – well, I’m getting some rest.  I need to get ready for tonight.”



4 pm

The Safe House


“First arrivals,” Susan said as the car pulled up outside, and Caroline got out.


“Can you give me a hand with these,” she said as she popped the trunk, Doc and Annie taking two bags each.


“Sure – all ready?”


“We had to hustle to get Katy’s – used Kylie as a model, if truth be told – but yeah, they’re all here.  Weapons and vehicles?”


“Weapons inside, vehicles out back.  Plates already swapped.”


“Right then – put the coffee on.  The others will be arriving soon.”


5 pm


“Welcome,” Diana said as Juliette came in, “so how did your meeting with Bronwen go darling?"

"She showed me some beautiful furs, and she said to say Hi when I saw you."

Diana nodded as Abby and Susan were checking weapons.  "I feel a little sad that one of the companies we are stealing from is run by an old friend like Bronwen, but we cannot leave Canadian Arctic's exhibits alone and take the rest."

"They are showing,” Juliette said quietly, “or would have been showing four out of this world Sable coats. I'm awfully tempted to keep them..."

"The last thing we need is you getting caught with recognizable stolen goods Ju." Janice smiled as she came in.

"True," Juliette nodded, "so how are things at the Royal York?"

"Quiet, and Heather says she can make it look as though we never left."

"What would we do without her." Diana looked up from her cooking.

"Did I do the makeup right Abby?" Katy asked as she took her seat.

"Yes, I bet you've been getting looks all day." Abby replied.

"I'll tell you when we get home all about it." Katy said excitedly.

"When do you need be back in the hotel for your wakeup calls?" Diana asked.

"4.45, but just maybe Katy and I can grab a few zzzz's on the plane home." Jan looked up.

"If you are lucky."

"At least we don't need to go out to the airstrip and see the furs away."

"True, but others of us do." Sandy drank some coffee.


“Hey,” Carina said as she came in with Jo, “who are we waiting for?”


“Cass – Heather has gone to pick her up,” Penny said as she looked at the maps of the local area.


“Routes to the houses?”


“Double and triple checked,” Penny said.


“Jo – security review,” Caroline said as she came down the stairs.


“Ready,” Jo said as Heather came in with Cassandra.


“Hey,” she said as she came in, “everybody had a good day?”


“I can’t complain,” Katy said with a giggle as Jan shook her head.


“All right everyone,” Diana said, “dinner in twenty minutes, and then we need to get ready.”


“Hey,” Annie said as she looked at Jo, “ready for Saturday?”


“I think so – had a good run today anyway.  Let’s see how I feel in the morning.”



8 pm


“My god, I make this look good,” Katy said as she zipped up the leather blouson jacket, and looked at herself in the mirror.  The jacket hugged her body, the white top underneath barely visible, while the skin tight jeans were tucked into knee length black leather boots which had a four inch heel. 


“We both do,” Jan purred as she stood up.  “Now, let me sort out the scarf.”


She took the light blue silk scarf, folded it in half along the diagonal and tied it round Katy’s neck, tucking the triangle into the front of her jacket before she did the same with her own scarf.  Jan then fixed her daughter’s hair, before carefully placing the short black wig on top, making sure it covered her hair completely.


“How are we doing?”


Jan turned to see Juliette and Carina standing in the doorway, dressed in the same way save for the gloves which were already on their hands.


“Nearly there,” Jan said as she put on her own gloves, and then pinned her brooch to the side of her scarf.  “Put your gloves on Katy.”


As Katy slipped on the soft black leather gloves, Cari said “Katy, before we join the others, there are two things you need to do.  First, you need to be aware that, once we start, I may start acting differently, and I wanted you to know that...”


“You’re Miss Lynx,” Katy said quietly, “which means when the reports come in...”


“Yeah,” Cari said with a smile.  “We’ll have more time to explain who I am later, but I want you to know whatever happens, it would never ever happen to you.”


“The other thing is this,” Juliette said as she pinned a cat shaped brooch to the side of Katy’s scarf.  “We’ll sort out a proper sign later, but for now, this will do.  Welcome, Miss Jaguarundi.”


Katy blushed as Juliette looked at both of them.  “Right – let’s go.”


The quartet walked down the stairs to where the others were waiting.  Katy stared at Abby, who looked completely different, while Jo said “y’all ready to move out dahlins?”


“Nearly,” Juliette said.  “Final checks people.  No papers in your jacket, no identifying marks, no specifically created scents...”


“No rings underneath gloves, eh,” Cass said as she grinned.


“All right then – check each other so that we are ready.”


The group checked for stray hairs, anything that meant they did not look alike, before Juliette looked at her watch.


“Right – Miss Leopard, Miss Tigress, Miss Lynx – you’re up.”


“Glasses on,” Diana said as Abby and Cari picked up two bags.  “Good hunting – see you all at the target.”


As they walked out, Juliette looked at Annie, Jan and Katy.


“Thirty minutes.  Get ready.”



9 pm

2235 Greenhurst Avenue


“Nice looking place,” Cari said as she looked at the white panelled house.  “Are we ready?”


Diana nodded as she started to pull the stocking down over her head, the other two following suit before they all took a deep breath.


“Is she here?”


Cari looked at her friend, grinning and nodding as the three women got out of the car and walked to the front door, Diana drawing a sawn off shotgun from the bag she was carrying as they stood on the porch.  Nodding to Abby, the tall girl rang the door bell and waited.



“Celine, can you see who is at the door,” Yvette Villeneuve called from the kitchen, where she was clearing away the last of the supper dishes.  The dark haired woman was wearing a sloppy Joe top and a pair of blue leggings, a pair of white socks pulled up over her feet and ankles.


“All right Mum,” Celine said as she stood up and walked to the door.  The nineteen year old was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, with slippers on her feet.  Taking hold of the door handle, she pulled it inside and said “Yes, how can I...”


“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Miss Leopard growled as she pushed Celine back inside, the girl staring at the sawn off shot gun as Miss Tigress pushed her against the wall, and Miss Lynx forced a sponge ball into her mouth.


“Shut it, fucker,” she growled as the two women forced Celine to walk towards the kitchen, Miss Leopard closing the front door before he joined them.  Yvette looked round as the masked woman pointed the shotgun at her, snarling “put that knife down, cocksucker – we’re in charge now.”


“Who are you,” Yvette said as she watched one of the three masked women take a roll of duct tape and wrap it around her daughter’s head, sealing her lips as it forced her hair to the back of her head.


“My name’s Miss Leopard – this is Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of us in this godforsaken little dipshit of a backwater, but we are...”


“The Pussycat Gang,” Yvette breathed.  “But...  But you are bank robbers, why are you...”


“Let’s get one thing clear,” Miss Lynx said in a dangerous voice as Miss Tigress pulled Celine’s wrists behind her back, “if we say kiss my friend’s cunt, you do it without question, or both of you will find out what we are capable of.  Questions?”


“MMMM,” Celine said as she shook her head.


“No – no, please, I’ll do whatever you want...”


“Yes,” Miss Lynx said as she slowly walked over, and stroked her gloved hand down Yvette’s cheek, “yes you will.  Now, bitch, go and sit over there with your arse kissing daughter, while Miss Leopard explains the rules of what is going to happen.”



9.30 pm

221 Gamma Street


The street was quiet, nobody noticing as the three women got out of the car, and made their way round the side, stopping as one of them quickly used her tools to unlock the back door and move inside.


They could hear the sound of the television as they came in, one of the masked ladies closing the door behind them as they walked in.  As they looked in, they saw Bobbi Humphries sitting in a chair, her chin resting on her knees as she watched a police procedural on the television.  She had on a blue skirt and top.


Slowly, one of the women walked in, and put her leather gloved hand over Bobbi’s mouth as the other two walked in front, one of them holding a sawn off shotgun in her leather gloved hands.


“Hello Bobbi,” the other one said, “we are some of the Pussycat Gang, and tonight, Bobbi Humphries, could by your lucky night.  So, are you going to give us any trouble, you little fucker?”


Bobbi merely shook her head from side to side, unable to take her eyes off the gun as the woman said “Excellent – Miss Snow Leopard, invite young Maggie to come down from her room and join us please.”


“With pleasure, Miss Ocelot,” Bobbi heard the voice behind her say, unable to take her eyes off the identically dressed and stocking masked women.


“Make a single noise out of place,” the third woman growled as she looked at Bobbi, “and I give you new way of breathing – for a few seconds.”


“Stand up, turn round, and cross your wrists behind your back,” Miss Ocelot said as the third woman smiled, a dangerous smile.


Miss Snow Leopard walked slowly up the stairs, and then opened a door, seeing Maggie lying on her bed, reading a book as she kicked her legs in the air.  She was dressed for bed as well, wearing a pair of pink pyjamas.


Slipping in, she smiled before she said quietly “hello.”


Maggie rolled over, staring at the masked woman before she pushed herself up the bed, shaking as she held her knees against her chest.


“Now don’t be afraid,” Miss Snow Leopard said, “my friends and I need your daddy to do something for us, so we’re going to stay here for a few hours, and then we’re going to take you to where he works.  Just do as I say, and everything will be all right, okay?”


“Are you a robber,” Maggie said quietly.


“Yes – we all are, but we’re not going to hurt you if you do as you’re told,” Miss Snow Leopard said calmly.  “Would you like to be with your mommy?”


As Maggie slowly nodded, Miss Snow Leopard took some cord from her jacket pocket, and said “all right – but I need to do something first.  Can you turn round, and put your hands behind your back for me?”



9.45 pm

Greenhurst Avenue



“Please, why are you doing this,” Yvette said, the tears running down her face as she watched Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress hogtying her daughter, the rope they had pulled tightly between Celine’s legs rubbing on her as she tried not to move – and failed.


“I already explained, cocksucker,” Miss Leopard said quietly, “in forty five minutes, you will call your husband at work and tell him exactly what we told you to say.”


“Do you think she’s been fucked yet,” Miss Tigress said as they made Celine kneel, and pulled her hooded top up and over her head.


“I’ve no bloody idea, but the little fuck machine likes to go commando,” Miss Lynx grinned as she started to wrap more rope around Celine’s bare arms and chest, forcing them up and out as Miss Tigress stroked her gloved fingers over the young girl’s erect nipples.


“Well, she seems to be having fun, pissant,” Miss Leopard said as she pulled Yvette’s hair back, “so – where is your safe and what is the combination?”


“IN THE BEDROOM!”  As her hair was let go off, Yvette watched as Celine groaned, the silver tape muffling all other sounds, and repeated “bedroom – middle of wardrobe, combination is...”


“Thank you,” Miss Leopard said with a smile as she started to grope the older woman.  “Miss Tigress, ensure young Celine is distracted and then find the safe.”


“As you wish, Miss Leopard,” the woman said, Celine screaming as she felt the metal clamps bite down on her nipples before Miss Tigress left, Miss Lynx cooing as she said “Now – what is your trigger, your secret desire, hmmm?”




“Your mother cannot help you now, little fucker,” Miss Leopard said as she pushed a sponge ball into Yvette’s mouth, and pressed her duct tape over her lips, “because if she has lied, she’ll face her own exquisite torture soon...”



10 pm

Gamma Street



“There,” Miss Snow Leopard said as she pressed the white tape firmly down over Maggie’s mouth, “just keep calm and breath through your nose, and you’ll be just fine, all right?”


Maggie nodded as she looked at her mother, who was sitting next to her on the couch.  Bobbi had her wrists crossed and tightly bound together behind her back, while ropes held her arms tightly to her sides, the bands sitting above and below her chest.  There was another band of rope tied around her waist, and Maggie could see where it went between her mother’s legs and behind her, the one that they had called Miss Ocelot grinning as she pulled on the rope behind her.


She also had the same ropes around her arms and body, but not that extra one.  What was true was that both of them had their ankles bound tightly together, as well as their legs above and below their knees, and the tape was holding a cloth inside their mouths.


She leaned over and rested her head on her mother’s chest, Bobbi leaning over and rubbing her cheek on her head as Miss Jaguarundi sat watching them.


“As I said,” Miss Ocelot whispered as she stood by the phone, “in thirty minutes, you call your husband, you tell him exactly what we told you to tell him, and then we’re going to wait.  When the time is right, we’ll take both of you to him.  All right?”


Bobbi nodded as Miss Snow Leopard sat down as well, smiling under the stocking mask.



10 pm

The Safe House


“All right,” Juliette said as she looked round the room, “let’s go to work.”


As one they moved out, as one they took their bags and supplies with them, and as one they got into the trucks, moving off into the night...



10.20 pm

Greenhurst Avenue


“Nice collection,” Miss Tigress said as she walked down the stairs, holding up a leather bag, “thank you for donating.”




“Such language,” Miss Lynx said as she slapped Yvette’s cheek, “is uncalled for, especially in front of the children.”


Yvette looked at Celine, who was lying on her side on the floor, her eyes panting as she felt the trickle of blood down her legs, the candle protruding and resting on her jeans as Miss Lynx smiled.


“Well,” Miss Leopard said, “phone call soon...”


“And you’d better speak real sweet,” Miss Lynx said as she rolled Celine onto her back, “or I’ll light the candle.”




10.25 pm

Gamma Street


“all right,” Miss Ocelot said as she peeled the tape away from Bobbi’s mouth, and removed the cloth that was inside, “you know what you need to say don’t you?”


Bobbi nodded as she watched Miss Snow Leopard wrapping the white tape around Maggie’s head, keeping the cotton pads over her closed eyes and the earbuds in place, Miss Jaguarundi turning on the iPod before it was strapped to the young girl’s arm.


“Good – take deep breaths, and relax...”




10.30 pm

Beaufort Cold Storage Facility



“Everything good so far, Jake,” Claude Villeneuve said as he looked in at the office of the security chief.


“No problems, boss,” the ex-Mountie said.  “We have two on patrol at all times, the security cameras are working, everything is safe as houses.”


“Good to know,” Claude said as he took his cell phone out, and smiled as he accepted the call.


“Yvette, darling, how is...”




Hearing the tremor in his wife’s voice, Claude looked at Jake and said “Yvette, what is wrong?”


“Claude, please listen – there are three masked and armed women in the house with me, they have taken me and Celine hostage, they have...  Oh Christ, Claude, you must do as they say or they are going to...”


“Yvette?”  Claude sat down as Jake stood up, and then answered his own cell phone.




“Jake, listen to me very carefully,” his wife said, “there are three women in the house with me and Maggie.  They are armed, and they haven’t hurt us yet, but if you don’t do what they say they are going to kill us.”


“Who are they?” Jake and Claude said in unison as they looked at each other.


“The Pussycat gang.”


“Let me talk to them,” Claude said, collecting his thoughts before he said “now listen to me, whoever you are...”


“Your wife already told you – I am Miss Leopard, we are the Pussycat gang, and we have your wife and daughter.  If you, you fucking prick, do not have the cameras at the loading bays switched off and the doors open at eleven exactly, well...”


“I don’t believe you.”


“Celine, your father wishes to talk to you.”


“Bobbi, honey,” Jake said, “is Maggie unhurt?”


“She can’t move, speak or see, but they haven’t hurt her,” Bobbi said as Claude heard the sound of a match striking, and then screams as Yvette pleaded “PLEASE!!!!  SHE’S JUST A BABY!!!”


“Do I have your attention now, you fucking pompous little sperm sac?”


“Yes, stop, please...”


“Bobbi, tell me what they want,” Jake said as he saw his boss shaking.


“They want you to turn off the security cameras at the loading bay, and be ready to open them at eleven.  They say no police, no heroics, or...”


“I understand.  What of you?”


“If you do as they say, they’ll bring us to you later.  Jake, please...”


“Let me talk to one of them,” Jake said as he listened to a soft female voice say “Mister Humphries?”


“Have you hurt them?”


“No – they have been exemplary hosts, and we will bring them to you if all goes well.”


“Yvette,” Claude wept, “tell them I will do whatever they want, if they stop torturing you.”


The two men looked at each other as they heard “eleven – be ready” and then the line go dead.


“I’ve heard of these bitches,” Jake said, “I’m not risking my family’s life by trying to stop them.  You?”


Claude shook his head.  “Should we tell the others?”


“No – this lies on our heads.  Let’s just pray they’re not in a playful mood.”


Laude shivered as he said “I fear that they already are.  You take care of the cameras – I will open the door.”




11 pm


The three trucks pulled into the loading bay, two of them waiting as the third one reversed up to the bay doors.  As it stopped, the driver got out and walked up to the doors, banging on the metal before opening the back.


Slowly, the bay door rolled up, Claude and Jake looking at the nine women who were standing outside.  They were identically dressed, black leather blouson jackets, tight jeans and knee length boots, gloves, scarves round their necks, and short black hair under the stocking masks that covered their heads.


“Mister Villeneuve, Mister Humphries,” the woman in the centre said as she stepped forward, pumping the sawn off shotgun in her hand, “I am Miss Panther, and we are the Pussycat Gang.  You were expecting us?”


“If you’ve hurt my...”


Claude was winded as one of the women punched him in the stomach, and said “Speak when you’re spoken to, arsehole.”


“Ladies – Miss Civet, Miss Bobcat, you will accompany Mister Humphries here to the security room, and ensure we are not disturbed.”


“Lead the way Sugah,” the smaller of the two women said as she pointed her shotgun at Jake, watching as he nodded and walked down the corridor.


“Miss Puma, you and I will discuss matters with Mister Villeneuve,” Miss Panther purred as Claude was forced to his feet.  “The rest of you, find the staff and bring them to the area we designated as the holding area.  Move.”


The other five moved out as Miss Leopard lifted Claude’s head.  “Let’s move, arsefucker,” she said quietly, “and if you complain one more time, you die.  Capiche?”


Claude nodded as he was forced to his feet, his arm twisted up his back as he was marched down the corridor.






“Do you hear what I hear,” Miss Wildcat said as she and Miss Jaguar stopped outside a door.  Putting her ear to the door, Miss Jaguar smiled and said “is it my imagination, or are they holding a card school in there?”


“It certainly sounds like it,” Miss Wildcat said as they listened for a couple of minutes.


“Dealer has a pair of eights.”


“I’m out.”






“Dealer takes two – still a pair of eights.”


“Full house – eights over twos.”


“Beats me,” the fourth man said as the door was kicked open, and they were confronted by two women, masked and armed.


“All right you bunch of fucking workshy tosspots,” Miss Jaguar said, “you just got a free pass to do fucking zilch tonight.”


“You get the choice,” Miss Wildcat said as she pumped her gun, “die here, or get those fucking hands in the air and move.”


One of the men, the one nearest to the two women, tried to run for the door – only to fall as Miss Jaguar fired, the shot carving his stomach open.


“He chose,” Miss Wildcat said, “what about you tossers?”


All three raised their hands as Miss Jaguar smiled.  “Good – shift,” she said as they were hustled out of the door.




As the door to the security room opened, the two men at the monitors turned and stared as Jake was pushed in by the two masked women.


“Just do what they say,” Jake said as the two men stood up, “they have Bobbi and Maggie hostage.”


“All three of you, kneel, hands on your heads,” Miss Civet said as Miss Bobcat sat at the desk.  As they knelt down, she produced three sets of police issue plastic cuffs from the bag she put on the floor, using them to secure their hands behind their back as Miss Bobcat worked.


“Okay, sugah, that’s the cameras offline,” she said quietly as she plugged a USB stick in, “now for those lovely alarms...”


“I have your word they will be unharmed?”


“Make sure your colleagues toe the line, asswipe,” Miss Civet said as she secured their ankles, “and you’ll see them soon.”



“Okay, we’ve located the first storeroom,” Miss Cheetah said as she stood with Miss Sidhe and Miss Oncilla, “still no sign of...”


The three of them fell silent and stood in the shadows as the two female guards walked down the corridor.


“Have those lazy bastards gone off to their card school again?”


“Of course they have – left us to do the bloody patrols again, haven’t they?”


“Well, at least it’s a cushy number – spending the night looking after all these furs.”


“Yeah – I mean, who’s going to try to steal them,” the woman said as they walked past.


“Oh I don’t know,” Miss Oncilla said as she stepped forward, “if you’re determined enough, you can do anything.”


“What the hell...”


“Try it fuckers,” Miss Sidhe said as she and Miss Cheetah walked forward, aiming their shotguns at the two guards, “you will regret it, but we won’t.  Now, and I mean this most sincerely, hand in the air and move yer arses!”



“What happened to O’Leary,” Claude said as the three male guards were marched in.


“They killed him,” one of the three said as they were forced to kneel next to Claude, and their wrists secured behind their backs by Miss Puma.


"Site secured ladies?" Miss Panther enquired.


"Hmmm not bad...we are slightly ahead of schedule. Casualties?"

"As we broke up their poker game, one idiot got stupid." Miss Wildcat nodded.

"Yeah they didn't realise that two sawnoff shotguns beat four aces any day of the week." Miss Jaguar laughed.


“As I was explaining to your boss,” Miss Panther said to the others, “we are here to liberate all those furs, to ensure PETA does not get their hands on them.”


“Or anybody else,” Miss Jaguar said with a sneer.


“Right,” Miss Panther said as the captives had their ankles secured, and then their mouths sealed as duct tape was wrapped over their mouths.  “Miss Puma, take Miss Jaguar with you and start.  I’ll send Miss Oncilla and some others along when they arrive?”


“Did ye call for us Miss Panther,” Miss Sidhe said as she appeared with the two female guards.


“Good – Miss Bobcat?”


“All secure sugah,” the masked woman said as she watched the monitors, Miss Civet watching the captives.


“Right – Miss Oncilla, Miss Cheetah, assist with the first lot.  I’m going to call the others in.”


Taking out a cell phone, she smiled at Claude before she said “Miss Leopard?  Bring them in.


“Oh is she?  Well, she may finish, and then bring them in.”


Ending the call, she said “Miss Ocelot?  Bring them in.”


"So how do we do this?"

"Just start heaping them up, there are a few thousand furs in this place, we don't have the time to be neat." Miss Panther instructed.

"Understood," Miss Wildcat replied.

"Speed is of the essence here."


“All right – we swap guard duty at regular intervals.  Let’s do this.”



11.45 pm


“Oh god – are you both all right,” Jake said as the door to the security room opened, and a tall woman in the same outfit as Miss Bobcat and Miss Civet came in, carrying Maggie in her arms.


“Wrffnlfr,”  Bobbi said as she was walked in by Miss Ocelot and Miss Jaguarundi.  She was made to sit on the floor, as her ankles and legs were lashed together, and the three men sat next to her before they were tape gagged.


“Miss Civet, you’re to go with Miss Ocelot and Miss Jaguarundi while I stay here.”


“All right – see you later,” Miss Civet said as the three women walked out, and headed to the storerooms.  As they passed one door, the smallest of the women walked in, and then went pale.


"You alright?" Miss Ocelot asked Miss Jaguarundi in a whisper.

"Yeah," the youngest robber’s voice wobbled slightly. "I just went and saw the body, these things make a helluva mess."

"That they do, but you'll soon learn they are the armed robbers best friend, most normal people are shit scared by them."

"I can understand why."

"What is your assignment?"

"For now guard duty," Miss Jaguarundi replied.

"Well you better hop to it, the boss doesn't like changes in her plans."


“That way,” Miss Civet said as she pointed to a set of stairs, Miss Jaguarundi going in where Miss Panther and Miss Wildcat looked up.


“Excellent – the family?”


“With Miss Snow Leopard and Miss Bobcat.”


“Right – when the others get here, send them up,” Miss Panther said to Miss Wildcat, who nodded as she went to join the others.


“No problems?”


“None – they were as good as gold,” the young woman said as she looked at the group.


“Sorry we’re late,” Miss Tigress said as she walked in on one side of Celine, miss Lynx at the other side, “we had to finish something off.”


“So I gather,” Miss Panther said as she saw the wild look in the young woman’s eyes, and the blood stains down the inside of her legs.  “Get them both secured over there.”


Claude could only watch as his wife and daughter walked in, Yvette pleading as she was forced to sit down and her legs secured as well.



“Miss Lynx, Miss Jaguarundi, take point on guard duty,” Miss Panther said, “if they make any trouble, kill them.”  She then paused and wrinkled her nose.


"You messy fucking bastard!" Miss Jaguarundi yelled as the youngest man pissed himself in terror. "I ought to just blow your fucking brains out."

As the masked robber moved round behind him she suddenly grabbed him and forced the muzzle of her shotgun into his mouth.

"BANG!" she said quietly as the man pissed himself even more.

"We ought to make the other bastards clean him up with their tongues." Miss Lynx laughed.

"It's an idea you know."

"We haven't got time." Miss Panther chastised the two younger women.  “Just make sure they don’t do anything other than cower in fear.”


Walking out, Miss Panther shook her head as she heard Miss Lynx say “so keep it to yourself, or it’s not just the word...”







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