Oh Carolina









Carolina Bloomfield was looking down at her desk, carefully examining and considering the various pieces of documents and snippets of notes she had laid out before her.  She had been looking into the problem she was considering for a month now, and was fairly sure she was close to finding out where the next deal was going down.


She had first noticed the increase in reports six weeks ago - her job as a community liaison officer for the local police station meant she had her ear to the ground more than most of her fellow officers, and the word on the street was a new gang had moved into the area, offloading ecstasy and other drugs to the youngsters.


Carolina herself was in her late twenties, with long chestnut coloured hair that she wore up in a tight bun when at work, but easily fell down her shoulders and chest when more relaxed. She had blue eyes, and stood about five foot ten, with a slim build and, to be frank, a chest she knew most of the male officers ogled from time to time.


“You know, if you look long enough the magic eye will open.”


She looked up to see her duty sergeant standing over her, smiling at the young officer.


“Go home Carolina - get some rest, and then in the morning things may become clearer.”


Carolina nodded as she stretched and yawned.  “All right Sarge - I’ll do as you say,” she said as she stood up and walked to the locker room.  The older officer looked at her notes, then turned off the light and headed for his office.




The morning sun was streaming through the gap in the curtains as Carolina woke up, looked at her alarm clock and then slowly made her way to the shower.  As she did so, her mobile phone started to buzz, indicating a message had just arrived.


She allowed herself a few more minutes under the running water, before she stepped out, towelling herself off before donning her white bra and panties, and then putting on her short sleeved regulation blue blouse.  She left the top button undone, the neatly ironed lapels on each side, before sitting down and pulling on a pair of black tights. 


Looking in the wardrobe, she pulled out a knee length dark blue skirt and stepped into it, fastening it at the side before she sat down again and put on a pair of flat black shoes.  It was only then that she picked up her phone, but as she walked to the kitchen and put the kettle on she still did not look at it. 


Nor did she realise the window by the sink was slightly ajar, as she made herself a coffee and some toast and sat down to read the paper.


Finally, she looked at her phone and saw the message.  “I knew it,” she said to herself, “I owe him a huge favour.”  Grabbing her car and door keys, she picked up her handbag and made her way to the front door, a big smile at the thought of the day ahead on her lips.



So as she stepped out of the house, it was a complete surprise to her when she was suddenly pulled back in, a rough and calloused hand over her mouth as an arm gripped her round her waist.


“Someone wants to meet you,” she heard whoever was holding her rasp into her ear as she was forced to stand facing the wall, followed by the sound of something ripping.  She then felt a tug on the skin of her bare wrists as they were held together, the ripping sound continuing as she felt her arms being forced together.


“What the fuck are you doing,” Carolina called out, more out of anger and fear than anything else, but that earned her a hard smack on her bottom as the voice said “Shut up or we shut you up.”


She was then pulled back, as she saw a roll of silver tape being passed in front of and behind her, forcing her arms against her body as she stood there.  “The boss wants you to be at the next meeting,” the voice said “and I’m your invitation.”


“Boss?  Meeting?  What the hell are you talking about?  I’m a police officer - you can’t do this to me!”


“I told you to shut up,” the man said as he smacked Carolina’s bottom hard, and as she opened her mouth to scream a rag was pushed in instead - a rag that tasted of dust and dirt, as she felt the tape sticking to her cheek and then pressing tightly against her lips, her skin, her neck as he wound the tape tightly round, keeping her hair out of the way as he did so.


Carolina tried to calm herself down, wondering how her day had taken such a dramatic turn as she felt her legs been pulled together, the ripping sound continuing as it was round her calves, thighs and ankles.  Eventually, the noise stopped, and she slowly calmed herself down.


“Put her on the sheet.”


“Whtthfkk,” she grumbled as she found herself lifted up and placed on a white sheet on the floor of her hallway, realising for the first time there was more than one man in her house.  She was powerless to stop them wrapping the sheet tightly around her, and then using band after band of silver tape to fix the sheet in place, leaving her with little to do but squirm from side to side and try to call for help - with little success.


“Sit her up,” the voice said, and as Carolina was forced to sit she felt the tape tightening around her legs.  She tried frantically to see if she could find any distinguishing features of her assailants, but that option was cut off as a pillow case was pulled over her head, and tape used to secure it to the top of the sheet.


“Let’s go,” she heard the now muffled voice say, and Carolina was lifted off the floor, carried a short distance and then dropped onto a hard metal surface.  Through the material of the pillow case, she could just about make out the lowering lid of the car boot, before she was plunged into darkness and she felt the car moving off.




How long she was in the car, trying desperately to call for help, she did not know.  All Carolina could do was fight against the increasingly foul taste of the dirty rag in her mouth, and the growing fear and paranoia about what might happen when they stopped.  As she did so, she kept telling herself, “You’re a police officer Carolina, you’re a police officer.”


Eventually, the car stopped and she saw a dim light through the pillow case as the boot was opened.  “Get her out of there - I want to see her,” an unfamiliar voice said, and Carolina felt herself been lifted out of the boot.  The sheet was removed from her, and the pillow case pulled off, allowing her to see she was inside a large warehouse.


There was a man standing before her.   He was in his early fifties, and dressed in a  well tailored grey suit, with a blue silk shirt and dark blue tie.  Four men stood behind him, all equally smartly dressed, but Carolina could see the bulges from their guns in their jackets.


“Now,” the man said, “we’re going to untie you, and you’re going to come with me.  Make one false move, of any kind, and these men shoot first and apologise later.  Clear?”


Carolina looked at the men, and slowly nodded.  If it meant she saw what was going down, and memorised their faces and those of whoever came to do the deal, so much better.  She allowed whoever was holding her to cut the tape away from her body, but as she mumbled “whtbbtmmf” the well dressed man shook his head.


“No - I think the gag stays there for now,” he said quietly, then he turned and walked into the warehouse, motioning with his finger as Carolina was pushed after him.  She found herself walking towards a desk, and as she looked to one side she saw a pulley hanging from the ceiling, a hook below it and a chain running to the wall.


“Now then,” the well dressed man said as he turned and looked at Carolina, the grip of two men on her arms sudden and painful, “I regret to say you’ll need to hang around for a while before we are properly introduced.  Secure her.”


“Whtdummnn,” she mumbled as her arms were brought together in front of her, and a man stood before her, tying her wrists together as her hands were palm to palm.  “You’ll like this,” he said as she recognised the voice of the man who had grabbed her, and looked at him. Six foot tall, stocky build, t-shirt and jeans, with close cropped grey hair.


The rough brown rope bit into her skin - even more so as her arms were forced above her head and then the wrists binding was attached to the hook hanging down.  “Hmmgdddntdts,” she called out as the two men who had held her arms spread her legs apart, as a metal pole was pressed against her ankles.


She looked down as two more lengths of brown rope were used to secure her ankles to the pole, her skirt riding up and revealing the white panties she was wearing.  “Very sexy,” the man said as he stood in front of her, his hand stroking down Carolina’s cheek as she tried to move it out of the way, “Why don’t we give you something else to think about while you are here.”


The sleeves of her blouse had fallen down, and she could feel the sweat making her blouse stick to her back as the man walked behind him.  Her shoes had come off in the initial struggle at home, so that only her tights were protecting her feet from the concrete floor.  She looked own as a length of brown rope was passed round her waist, and the ends passed through a loop at her belly.


“Nnnn...  NNNNN!” she then screamed as the ends were passed between her legs and pulled up, the sudden pressure on her crotch as the rope pulled her panties in and her skirt up making her squeal.  She felt the rope pass through the rope belt at her back, and the pass between her legs again as the man walked back round, pulling it up even more as he tied the end off under her belly button.


“Comfy,” he said with a smile as he pulled on the ropes, making Carolina moan and yelp at the same time, before a thick white band of cloth was tied over her eyes, and she felt herself being lifted off the floor.


“Whtthhllsggnnnnnnnn,” she moaned as she twisted slightly, the rope rubbing against her panties and crotch as she tried to move.


“Enjoy the rest - we’ll be back with you shortly,” she heard the well dressed man say as she twisted in the slight breeze, trying desperately not to panic or do anything else as she heard a car driving up.


“Hey - what’s the cop doing here,” she heard one of the local drug dealers say as car  doors opened and slammed shut.


“Oh, her - a little bit of insurance.  She found out about today, so I thought she might like to listen in and hang out with us for a while.”


“Very funny,” the dealer said as Carolina felt someone pressing the rope against her crotch.


“Ah ah - if you try anything, her body ends up where it can be found, and the evidence will point to you.”


There was silence for a moment, as Carolina felt warmth between her legs from the continuous rubbing.  “Point taken,” the dealer eventually said, “What do you have for me today.”


“As requested,” the well dressed man continued, “Please, feel free to examine the merchandise.”


Carolina hung there, mute, blind, twisting in the slight breeze as she tried to move her legs and arms, only to feel the rubbing between her legs increase and the warmth start to burn,  she could hear the sound of suitcases opening and closing, mumbled words exchanged, and then “Everything’s in order - pleasure doing business with you.”


“And with you.”


“What about her?”


“The officer?  Don’t worry - she’s going to have a change of career and not bother you and your colleagues ever again.”


“Nnnnmmmmmggggg,” Carolina gurgled out as she tried to twist round again, then stopped as she realised that her panties were starting to get damp.


She hung there, trying not to move as the warmth began to burn more and more between her legs, while there were more car doors opening and closing and then the sound of a car leaving.


“My my, you have been naughty,” she heard the well dressed man say as she felt the rope been rubbed against her panties, an involuntary moan escaping from under the tape as she tried to ignore the growing burning, the feeling that was slowly replacing her fear with something else.  “I think that sergeant was right about you, you know.”


If the blindfold had not being there, they would have seen Carolina’s eyes open wide with surprise as she realised who had betrayed her.  “Don’t feel too bad about it, my dear,” she heard the man say as she was slowly lowered, her feet touching the ground as her arms fell in front of her, “he will not be a problem for you again.”


“Whtdumnn,” she moaned out as she felt the rough rope being untied from her wrists, and then her arms taking behind her back as the sound of the ripping tape echoed round the warehouse.  She was too tired from the hanging to offer any resistance, as she felt her wrists been tightly taped together again, and then the tape going round her waist, pinning her arms to her back.


As her legs were released, and she heard the metallic clang as the bar fell to the floor, Carolina began to hope that the other rope would be removed before it did anything else to her.  Those hopes were dashed as she felt her legs being pushed together, and then the pulling on her legs as her ankles, calves and thighs were taped tightly together.  This made the rope rub even more between her legs as she tried to wriggle round, the dampness getting heavier as she did so.


She then felt the rope that was placed round her neck, and then the tug as she was pulled forward.  Taking several hops, she managed to steady herself, and stopped to make sure she was all right.


“Did we say you could stop,” the rough man said, and she felt a hard slap on her bottom as well as a tug on the rope between her legs.  2Nnnpllssddnt,” she whimpered as the burning started again.


“Well then, keep moving,” the man said as she felt the tug on her neck again, and she started to hope forward, the rubbing between her legs making the dampness increase dramatically as the burning flared up.  She stopped again, moaning loudly this time, only to earn another smack and another tug on the rope, this time making Carolina moan in pleasure more than fear.


“We’d need to get a move on - she’s starting to enjoy this, and I don’t want my surprise to be pre-tested,” the well dressed man said, as Carolina was made to hop more across the floor, and then felt herself been lifted into something with a metal floor.  She was sat down, and doors closed before she felt what was probably some sort of van move off.





She had no idea how long the journey was, as she felt her body slowly start to calm down.  Sitting as still as possible, she tried to listen to the conversation of the men who were in with her, but they kept their voices low, and she was unable to pick up much.


Eventually, she could tell from the noise of the wheels that the van had left the main room, and a minute or so later it stopped.  The cloth was pulled off her eyes, and she saw the man who had captured her earlier smiling at her.


“Welcome,” he said in that rasping voice, “to your new home.  Don’t worry - we’ll make sure your old home is taken care of.”


“Whtsgngngg,” Carolina mumbled as she looked at the two men standing either side of her taunter.  Their smiles said nothing to her, as the well dressed man looked in the open rear doors of the van.


“Excellent - bring PC Bloomdale in,” he said as he turned, his shoes crunching on gravel as Carolina was lifted up and carried out. She could see the facade of a large stone mansion house, as she was carried in through the heavy wooden doors and into a large hallway, the light gleaming off the marble floor.


"Sweetie,” the well dressed man called out, “I have a present for you!"   Carolina looked at the large staircase as she heard footsteps, and then a young woman skipped down the stairs.  She had red hair that fell around her neck, and emerald green eyes, and she was wearing a silk kimono gown with a band tied round her waist.


She stopped and looked at Carolina, then hugged the well dressed man as she said “thank you daddy.  I’ll go and put on something, and then come and find you."


“We’ll be in the library, my dear,” he said as she ran back up the stairs, Carolina watching her as she disappeared.   “Shall we,” he then said as she was carried down the hallway and into a large room, the walls lined with books of shelves.  There were three large poles running from ceiling to floor at one side of the room, as two large cases were deposited on a table at the other side.


“Make her comfortable,” the well dressed man said, and the two men took Carolina towards one of the poles, the rope between her legs still rubbing against her as she walked.  She moaned softly at the feeling, as her legs and arms were released and she was made to kneel in front of one of the poles, her legs and arms wrapped round it as her back was made to lean against the metal.


“Whtrudng,” she moaned as she heard the sound of tape ripping again, and then felt her wrists and ankles been secured by the two men.  As they did this, the man with the gruff voice used another roll of tape to secure her to the pole, with silver bands around her thighs, waist and shoulders.  When they had finished, Carolina found herself unable to move - and if she did so, the damned rope was rubbing her so tightly now that she was beginning to feel as if she would explode.


The man then took a pair of scissors and cut the tape away from her mouth, making her wince as the tape pulled at her skin before he finally pulled the soaking cloth from her mouth.  “You... You’ll never get away with this, someone will look for me,” she croaked as she looked at the gang.


“Oh I don’t think so,” the well dressed man said as he looked at her.  “Do it.”


The gruff man picked up a red ball gag, and brushed Carolina’s hair away from her face before he pinched her nipple hard.  She screamed as the red ball was pushed into her mouth, and the straps fastened tightly round her head, before he used the tape to force her head against the pole, covering her mouth and lips as one of his fellow gang members held her hair out of the way.


“Gentlemen,” the well dressed man said, “Pay day.”  Carolina watched as the gang gathered round the table, as the door opened and the girl came back in.


She had changed into a pair of black leggings, so tight they looked as if they had been painted on, and a pair of laced knee length leather boots covered her legs up to her knees.  She was also wearing a sleeveless roll necked back sweater, and had a pair of soft black leather gloves on her hands.


She walked over, her heels clicking on the floor, and knelt in front of Carolina, her gloved hand gently stroking the young policewoman’s cheek.  “We're gonna have some fun my pet,"  she whispered into Carolina’s ear as she hugged the immobilised woman, and then started to stroke her hands down her arms, “but first I want to see what you are like.”


She reached round and pulled at the crotch rope from behind, slowly, rhythmically, making Carolina close her eyes and moan softly through the tape and rubber that both filled and covered her mouth.  She then felt her blouse part at the front, and opened her eyes to watch the young lady unfasten her blouse and pull it open.


“Oh yes,” she breathed as she looked at Carolina’s chest, “This is a wonderful present daddy.”  She leaned over and planted her lips on Carolina’s neck, kissing her softy as she started to press her hand against the young police officer’s chest.


Carolina closed her eyes - no woman had ever done this to her before.  Yeah, there had been boyfriends who had pleased her, but there was something different about this redhead gently using her fingers to massage her chest, her lips covering her neck and shoulders.  If she was being honest with herself, Carolina had no idea how she should react in her head, but she knew that despite her mind her body could not help but react.


She closed her eyes and imagined that it was a young, handsome man doing this.  There was nothing she could do to stop her, as the young woman slipped her bra up and exposed her chest to the cool air of the room, her nipples hardening as  a result of the change in temperature and the teasing.


“Mmmgmgpplslddnnt,” she moaned as she felt the fingers and hands on her chest, he eyes closed as she fought the feelings the movement were creating between her legs with the rope, but her eyes opened wide as she felt the lips around her nipples, and the tongue stroking the hard flesh.


At the same time, she felt a hand slip into her panties, and she moaned out loud, the touch making her want to press up against the flesh and feel it even more firmly against her crotch. 


“That’s right,” the girl whispered into Carolina’s ear, “Now, what do you want to say to me?”


“Eddntnknw,” Carolina moaned as she tried to fight the feelings.


“Want to try again,” the young woman said as her finger slipped into Carolina’s passage and gently stroked.


“HGMMGDDDD,” Carolina moaned as she felt the flow increase, “Whhrru?”


“Who am I?  I am your mistress,” the young woman said, “aren’t I?”


Carolina could only nod slowly as she tried to rationalise the feelings, the aching, the throbbing, the....


“YYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” she screamed out through her gag, the gang turning and smiling as she did so. 


“That’s my girl,” the well dressed man said as Carolina’s head slumped forward.  “Let’s leave her to her training - join me for a drink?”








The moonlight was shining through the open window as Carolina lay on the silk sheets, the soft satin of her nightgown sticking to her as she lay there.  Her arms were folded behind her back and tied together, bands of soft rope around her wrists and elbows as well as her forearms.  More bands of rope pulled the stain tightly over her chest as the rope wound above and below her breasts, and then under her arms, while her ankles were tied to her thighs with further lengths of rope.


She had been here for a week now, discovering more about herself than she had ever known.  Her mistress had taught her many new skills and techniques, and had promised her a return to the outside world soon - so long as she returned when called.


As for her work, she had decided to resign from the police, and set up as a private detective.  That way, she would be more free - and as for her old boss, well that was not her concern.


“Are you ready?”


Carolina turned and looked at the redhead, standing in the doorway, the moonlight making her see through top accent her body.


“Yes. Mistress,” Carolina breathed, “I am always ready...”






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