One Day at Home...









8 am

Nirav – you are going to be late for school if you do not get a move on!”

Priya watched as her sixteen year old son came through from his room at the back of the house, buttoning up his short sleeved white shirt as he did so. He was wearing a pair of knee length loose blue trousers with the shirt, as well as a pair of black shoes with short white socks.

“Here is your case,” his mother said as she handed him a brown leather bag, “your lunch is inside, and come straight home tonight.”

Aww mum – I was going to play cricket with my friends tonight.”

“Not tonight, you do not – you have a test in the morning, and you need to revise tonight.  Now get going.”  Priya leaned down and kissed Nirav on the top of his black hair, and then waved him off.

“I need to get going as well – I will be home at my usual time,” her husband said as he came from the kitchen, fastening the tie under the collar of his blue shirt as he did so.  He picked up his briefcase, kissed Priya and said “See you tonight.”

“Go, Jay, make money,” she joked as her husband ran out of the house, and sighed as she had the place to herself.  She was still in her dressing gown, so after she cleared away the breakfast dishes she headed for the bathroom, and showered, washing her long black hair as she did so.

9.30 am

Priya looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled as she adjusted the sari over her left shoulder.  The material was a light blue with silver stripes running across it, and a border of blue and white stripes either side of a square pattern.  She had a darker blue top on underneath, while a silver necklace was around her neck.  A matching pair of earrings was in place, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail that went down her back.

Slipping the bangles over her wrists, Priya waked into her front room, pickign up her purse and shoppign basket before she set off for the local market.  As she walked down the street, a grey van pulled up a little way down the street from her house, the two men inside looling at her as she walked away...

11 am

Priya walked back down the street to her house, stopping and chatting with some of the other women as she did so.  There was always time for talk, but eventually she had to excuse herself and return home – her father in law was due to come round and do some repairs around the house, and she had to be there to let him in.

As she stopped outside her gate, and looked for her keys, the two men in the van watched closely, nodding as she found the set and walked up the small path before opening the front door.  As she opened the door and walked in, one of the men disappeared into the back of the van, the other keeping watch.

Priya made her way into the kitchen, setting her bag and her keys down on the table before she started to take the food out and store it away.  She had managed to store most of the vegetables away, and was putting the meat into the cold store when there was a loud knock on the front door.

“Now who could that be,” she said to herself as she walked down the hallway, opening the door as she said “Yes, can I...”

She was stopped by the two men who pushed her back into the house, one of them covering her mouth with his hand as he pinned her against the wall.  The second man closed the door and then looked at her, his brown eyes wide over the scarf that covered the lower half of his face.  She realised she was starting to shake at the shock of what was happening as he produced a knife and looked at her.

“Are you alone in here,” he demanded, Priya nodding nervously in answer, too afraid to speak.  He looked at her, then said “Keep her here while I check,” before heading into the house.  Priya stood there, shaking as the rough skin of her captor’s hand pressed down on her lips, unsure of what was happening.

“All right,” the first man said as he came back to her, “you’re not going to scream or raise the alarm, are you?”

Priya shook her head again as he said “Good – we’re going to be staying for a while, so you might as well accept it.  So long as you behave yourself, then no harm will come to you, do you understand?”

Ysss,” Priya mumbled as the hand was finally taken from her mouth, and she was frog marched into her front room.  “Sit down and put your hands out in front of you, hands together,” the man said, and as Priya did as he asked she saw the second man take a length of packing twine from his back pocket.

She watched as he started to tie her wrists together in front of her, the twine sinking into her soft flesh as the cord rubbed against it, and said “Please, if it is money you want, we don’t have much but you can have it all...”

“We don’t want money – not yours anyway,” the man said as his partner pulled her wrists onto her lap, and then tied the twine around her ankles, the brown cord sitting on top of the skirt of her sari, “it’s your husband we need to do some business with.  So just stay calm, and the day will soon pass.”

My husband?  What do you want from him?”

“Neon of your concern, Priya,” the man said as he looked at her, causing her to stop for a moment. Her heart skipped several beats as she tried to move her hands up to her mouth, forgetting for a moment the fact they were tied to her ankles before she felt her legs lifting as well.

“You...  You know my name?”

“We do – and your son and your husband.  Now, the telephone.”

What about it?”  Priya looked to her side at the phone as it sat in the set beside her.

“If anyone calls today, then you need to answer it in the right way.  If it is your husband, say you are fine, but busy with the housework.  If the caller asks for the man of the house, you give the phone to me.  Anyone else, say you will call them back later – understand?”

“I understand what you say,” Priya whispered, “but I do not understand why.”

“You do not need to understand,” the man said as he looked deep into Priya’s eyes, “you only need to do as you are told.  Now, do as we ask, and behave and you will be just fine, all right?”

Priya slowly nodded as the man said “Good – now...”

The sound of the front door opening stopped the man as he moved to stand behind the living room door, his friend clamping his hand again over Priya’s mouth as he stood behind her.  Priya’s eyes widened as she heard a familiar voice say “Priya, it’s me.  Where do you want me to start?”

Priya started as she felt something cold on her neck, and as she looked down she saw the man gagging her had placed the flat of a knife against her throat, as an added incentive to keep quiet.

Priya, where are you,” the voice said, and as the room door opened she was powerless to stop her father in law walking in.  Amar was in his late fifties, and looked like his son, with greying hair and a grey moustache.  He was wearing a short sleeved white shirt, the top buttons open, and a pair of dark trousers.

“Are you in...  What do you think you are doing,” he said as he saw his daughter-in-law on the couch, bound and with a large man holding his hand over her mouth.  Priya shook her head and said “llkut” as Amar started to run forward.

The scream reverberated in her captor’s hand as Priya saw the other man hit Amar from behind, the cosh on the back of his head making a sickening sound before the older man collapsed on the floor.  She looked at him, as he said “Now, you wait here while we make him comfortable, and then you can start to cook some lunch for us, all right?”

Priya nodded slowly as the men dragged Amar out of the room, too frightened of what might happen if she disobeyed to move or even call out.  She started instead to look round, twisting her wrists round and then wincing at the pain as the cord bit into her flesh, and wondering what was going to happen next...

12.30 pm

Mmmmnggg whthppndnddd  - bnneeee?”

Amar,” Priya said as she looked at her father-in-law, “Are you all right?”

Amar opened his eyes to see Priya standing there, working some dough for bread in her hands.  He shook his head and said “Wrrtheee,” then realised something was stopping him talking.

Something else was stopping him moving as well – as he looked down, he saw his ankles were tied to the front legs of the chair he was sitting in, and his hands were over the back of the chair.  Feeling with his fingers, he realised that his wrists were bound together with some sort of rope.  Another length was holding him to the chair back, while the pressure and feel on his tongue told him some sort of cloth had been held in his mouth.

“Oh the hero’s awake,” Amar heard an unfamiliar voice say, and as she looked round the kitchen he saw the man standing by the sink.  He was thin and wiry, with a scarf tied over the lower half of his face, and he could see the gun stuck nonchalantly into the waistband of his trousers.

Priya is preparing us some lunch,” the man said as the telephone started ringing.  “Remember what we said,” he whispered as Amar watched a second, taller man grab Priya and lead her away.  He recognised that man as the one who threatened Priya, and he began to think black thoughts.

“Hello?  One moment,” he heard Priya say, before she said “It’s for the man of the house.”  

“Excuse me,” the first man said as he left, and Priya was brought back in.  She finished shaping the breads and then started to cook them as the aroma of the food filled Amar’s nostrils.

“I’m sorry,” Priya said as she looked at him, with genuine concern on her face, “they broke in earlier today.  They say they want to do some business with Jay, but they won’t tell me what.”

Amar nodded as she watched the food cooking, unaware of his eyes roving over her as she did so.  

“There – everything is set,” the man said as he came back in, the two of them sitting at the table as Priya served the food and bread.  “We eat first – then you can feed him when you eat,” he said, watching as Priya acted as a servant girl to both of them.  

Amar seethed with anger as he was forced to watch this – this was not her place to serve them, but there was nothing he could do about it as they ate and talked to themselves, Priya serving them tea as they did so.

Eventually, as the clock reached one thirty, the man walked over and removed the cloth from Amar’s mouth.  “You can both eat now,” he said, “but be quick – we have a lot still to do today.”

“Are you all right,” he said as Priya held a glass of tea for him to drink from, and then fed him some of the lamb patties.

“I think so – I’m more scared than hurt.  I just have no idea why they need my husband.”

“Well, I am sure he will do the right thing,” Amar said as he accepted another mouthful of food.  There was something exciting about being forced to be served like this – and he wondered if she felt the same way as well.

He watched as she ate some meat and bread, and took a sip from a glass of tea.  “When does Nirav come home,” he said quietly as the two men talked to each other.

“Just after four – what are they going to do to him and us, Amar?”

“I don’t know,” he said as he twisted his wrists round, “but if they hurt either of you, then by god...”

“On your feet,” the man said as he made Priya stand up and pulled her hands behind her back, the thin rope biting again into her flesh as he pulled it tightly round her wrists to secure them together.  

“Please,” she pleaded, “you don’t have to do this, we’ll do whatever you say...”

“Oh I know you will,” the man said as he wrapped the rope around and between Priya’s arms, making sure they were well secured as she stood there.  The other man untied Amar from the chair, and made him stand as they were both made to walk back into the front room, and sat down on the long wooden couch.

“Now,” the man said as he knelt down and bound Priya’s ankles together, “Get comfy  - you’re going to be here a while.”   As he wound the rope between her legs, she felt him stroking the back of her calves, and grimaced slightly at the feel of his rough hands.

“Something wrong,” Amar said as he looked at her, Priya shaking her head as he then wrapped rope around her legs, pulling the sari tightly around them below her knees.  She watched as his ankles and legs were bound in the same way, before the two men sat at a table and started to talk between themselves.

“Well,” Amar said as he wriggled round, “They know how to tie a knot.  How does it feel to you?”

Too tight, and too frightening,” Priya said as she tried to move her arms.  Her elbows had also been tied together behind her back, pulling her shoulders back as he chest was forced out.

“Oh I don’t know.”

“I beg your pardon.”

“I know we’re terrified, but – well, you do look rather cute like that.”

Amar, please – they have guns.”

“I know, I know – I’m just saying,” Amar replied as he turned to look at them, but he could not deny it – Priya did look very attractive like that.

The problem was, the two men had obviously seen that as well, as one of them walked over and knelt in front of Priya, looking at her.

“What is it,” the young woman said as she looked at him, shivering as he placed his hand on her thigh, then the other man against her cheek.  “Your husband is a very lucky man,” he said as he stroked his hand down her cheek, and then kissed her.

“Hey – only my son gets to kiss his wife,” Amar said angrily, regretting his outburst as the man turned and looked at him.

“Did I say you could talk?”

Amar stared back at him, before saying “I don’t care what you say, you do not touch her like that?”

“Why – what are you going to do about it,” he said as he put his hand on Priya's chest, making her gasp as he squeezed slightly.  “Please,” she said quietly, “don’t...”


Priya winced as the back of the hand was struck across Amar’s face, before a rolled up scarf was pulled into his mouth, the corners of his mouth drawn back as the ends were secured together at the base of his neck.  He watched as a second scarf was pulled into Priya’s mouth, her teeth closing over it as she tried not to moan or struggle at the groping hands of the other man.  

She was petrified of many things, but principally at that moment she was petrified of the fact she was beginning to enjoy the feeling those hands was generating inside her, despite the very real fear she had.  She could feel her nipples hardening, and then there was growing warmth between her legs.

She looked over at Amar, and could see him watching her as well.  There was that strange look in his eyes as well, as the two men looked at him.

“You want to have a go,” they said to Amar, who shook his head even as his cheeks reddened.  

“Why don’t you give him a treat,” the smaller man said, walking over and untying his wrists.  “Fondle her – I can see you want to.”

Amar tried to look apologetic as his hands went on Priya’s chest, but as he started to grope her he could not deny the fact he was being turned on by this – and Priya could not deny the way it was making her feel as well.  She looked at her captors with pleading eyes, but there was no respite, as she slowly began to moan into her gag.

“Enough,” the man eventually said as he pulled Amar away, and made him sit next to Priya again after he bound her father-in-law’s wrists.  “It’s our turn again.”  Priya shook her head and closed her eyes, as they began once more to grope and arouse her, the clock ticking away...

Nnnn mmmmplsdnt  mmmmdnt” she moaned, Amar slowly moving his legs to and fro as he listened, getting harder at the sound and no longer embarrassed at what was happening...

4 pm

Nirav walked down the busy road, swinging his case in his hand as he did so.  It had been a good day at school – and he had bowled Varinder out first bowl at lunchtime, which was always a satisfying feeling.  He walked up the garden path, opened the door, called out “I’m home, mama,” and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

Closing the door to the cool box, he opened the bottle and took a long drink, noticing how quiet it was for the first time.  “Mum,” he called out, but there was no answer.  Shrugging his shoulders, he walked into the front room, stopping dead as he saw his mother and grandfather, staring at him on the couch with thick scarves tied into their mouths.

“Mum?  Grandpa?”

Before he could say anything else, Nirav felt himself lifted off the ground as a large, rough hand was pressed over his mouth.  He tried to call for help, but it was useless as a smaller man walked into the room.

“Ah, this must be Nirav,” he said as he looked at the struggling boy.  “Calm down – you’ll do yourself an injury, or even worse injure my friend, if you keep struggling like that.  Just keep still, and this will be one big adventure.”

Whtsgngnggg,” he mumbled under the hand that held his mouth closed.

“We need to talk to your father,” the man said as Nirav was lowered to the floor, the hand removed from his mouth as he felt his arms being pulled behind his back, the rough rope on his wrists.  “So I’m afraid the three f you are going to be our captives for a while longer.”

He walked over and removed the gag from his mother’s mouth, Priya breathing in before she said “I am so sorry, Nirav, so sorry.  Just do as they tell you, and they will leave you alone.”

“That’s right, son,” the man said as he looked at Nirav, his wrists secured together behind his back, “why don’t you come over here and sit on your mum’s lap?”

Nirav ran over and sat on Priya’s lap, his head buried in her chest as he started crying.  “It’s going to be all right,” she whispered as she stroked her cheek on the top of his head, “We won’t let these men hurt you, will we Amar?”

His grandfather shook his head from side to side as Nirav looked up into his mother’s face, smiling as she kissed him on the forehead.

“That’s nice,” the smaller man said, “give him a proper kiss.”

“I beg your pardon?”  

“I said give him a proper kiss – and then kiss your father-in-law as well.”

Priya nodded and placed her lips gently on Nirav’s mouth, before turning and kissing Amar.  She noticed the way he started to kiss her back, before she broke off and looked at the man.

“Come here son,” the smaller man said as he made Nirav stand up again, and took him over to one of the chairs from the dining room.  Sitting him down, the taller man started to bind his upper body to the chair back, while the smaller man untied Priya and made her stand up.

“I want you to do two things for me,” he said and then he whispered into Priya’s ear.  She turned white as she listened, and said “No – please...”

“Do it,” he said, so Priya slowly bent over Amar, lifting his face up to hers before she started to kiss him, more passionately than before, then removing his gag before she started to kiss him once more, this time easing her tongue into her mouth.

Amar looked over at Nirav, who was having his legs tied to the front legs of the chair he was sitting on, and then returned the kiss, knowing this was what Priya had been ordered to do.  As she did, her hands slipped between his legs, and then back out as she looked at him.

Msrreee” he mumbled before she broke the kiss off, crying slightly as she looked at Nirav, his legs spread and tied to the front legs of the chair.

“Now you will do this,” the smaller man said as he whispered again into Priya’s ear.  This time she shook her head and pleaded with him, saying “Please, he’s...”

“Do you want all of you to be hurt,” he said as he looked at her, Priya shaking her head as she stared at Amar and Nirav.  “All right – but please, leave him alone after this,” she said quietly.

“You never know – he might even enjoy it,” the man said, Nirav watching as his mother slowly unwound the sari from her body, so that she stood there in her top and skirt.

“Mum,” Nirav said as he watched Priya walk slowly towards him, “What had he told you to do?  Mummmmmmmmmmmm.”

His voice was cut off as Priya pushed her breasts into his face, moving them up and down and from side to side so that they pressed against Nirav.  He did not know what to make of it, as he felt her heartbeat pounding.  It was unexpected, it was different, it was scary, it was....

Priya then started to kiss her son as he hands stroked down her body, going up and down his sides and across his chest as she looked at him.  “I’m sorry,” she said quietly as she knelt in front of him, her hands stroking up and down his legs before she stroked them up the inside.

“Mum, please Donmmdhhhh,” Nirav said, his words cut off as Priya placed one hand over his mouth, and then started to stroke her other hand up and down between his legs.  His eyes widened as she did this, feeling a new response in his own body as he said “Whstshhppngng.”

Amar knew what was happening, as he was made to sit in a  second chair.  Part of him wondered if Priya would be forced to do that for him as well, and part of him hoped she would be asked to do more.

Nirav was squirming round now, unsure of what was happening to him as his mother caressed between his legs in her hand.  “Plssss,” he moaned out, but the ropes were too strong, and as he looked in Priya’s face he could see the fear and upset in her eyes.

“Forgive me,” she whispered as Nirav watched her open his pant up, and then felt her hand directly on his manhood, groaning into her hand as he felt it respond to her gentle stroking.  The two intruders stood watching laughing to themselves as Nirav was slowly brought to a realization of what was happening, and then the loud gasp as Priya was forced to make him cum.

“Please,” she whispered with tears in her eyes as she looked at them, “No more...”

“All right,” the smaller man said as she removed her hands, re-fastening Nirav’s pants as the taller man gagged him with a rolled up scarf.  Priya looked at Amar, then at the other man, who nodded and said “Now him.”

Amar closed his eyes and moaned into his gag as Priya started to stroke him as well, hoping his son would understand...

7 pm

Priya?  Nirav? I’m home!”

Jay closed the front door of his house behind himself, placing his case on the floor as he loosened his tie.  He smiled as Priya came out into the hallway, and embraced him, saying “I’m so glad you’re home” as she did so.

“Hey,” Jay said as he looked into his wife’s red eyes, “what has happened?”

“You had better come into the front room,” she said as she took his hand, “we have visitors.”

Jay was concerned as he followed Priya into the front room – a concern that was justified when he saw Amar and Nirav in the two chairs, bound hand and foot as they looked at him.

“What the...” he said before he noticed the two armed men.

“Good evening,” the smaller of the two said, “You need to go with your wife and dress for dinner.  I will come with you and get some clothes for your father, and your son can dress as well – you are going to eat well tonight.”

Jay looked at them, and at his wife, before nodding and saying “Whatever – just do not harm them.”

All day?  They have held you hostage in our house all day?  What do they want?”

Priya sat with her husband, her hand on his cheek as he sat there in his white trousers.  “All they will say is they wish to conduct some business with you,” she said quietly, “and that we must di as they say.  I am so sorry that...”

“Do not be sorry,” Jay said quietly, “you did what you had to do.  But to dress for dinner – why?”

I think they enjoy ordering us around,” Priya said as she stood up and pulled the tunic of her salwar over her body.  The square neck showed a little of her chest, while the brocade pattern went round the neck and down the left side of the tunic as well as the sleeves.

Her pants had a similar pattern on the bottom of the legs, as she sat and put on a pair of beige high heeled sandals, watching as Jay finished dressing as well.  Her hair was now hanging loosely down her head and shoulders, as she picked up the scarf and passed it around her neck, the ends hanging behind her over the shoulders.

“Well, do I look presentable,” she said as she stood up.

“You always look wonderful, my dear,” Jay said as he kissed her.  “Come on – Nirav and my father will be wondering what has happened to us.”

Nirav ran up and embraced his father and mother as they same into the room, dressed in a long grey shirt over matching pants.  Amar had borrowed a similar outfit to Jay for the evening, as he glared at the two men who were watching them.

“Very good,” the smaller man said as there was a call.  He watched as Priya answered, then handed the phone to him while Jay held Nirav in his arms.

“Open the door,” the man said, watching the other three as Priya walked out.  Amar saw her walking to the kitchen, accompanied by two men carrying bags and wearing motorcycle helmets, and then walking them back out, the door closing as they came back in.

“Shall we,” the man said as the four captives were walked into the kitchen, the four chairs pulled back from the table.  “Sit,” the man said, and as Priya sat down the taller man took her ankles to the front legs of the chair and tied them tightly together with rope.  A second length on each side held her knees to the seat, before he started to bind her upper body to the chair back, Priya raising her hands to allow her to do that.

“You three, sit down with your hands on your head,” he then said, watching as Jay, Amar and Nirav sat down.  One by one they had their legs tied to the chair legs – although for Nirav his ankles and legs were tied tightly together – and then their chests tied to the chair back.  They were then pushed into the table, as the two men laid out a selection of dishes, rice and bread.

“A small apology for the fact you are our hostages,” the small man said as he sat with the other captor at the table.  “Eat.”

Nirav picked up a samosa and bit into it, nodding as the rest of the family joined in.  For a little while, it was like a normal family meal – albeit one where they were tied to their chairs, as Jay asked his son about school, and Amar and him talked about the cricket.

It was the knock on the door that reminded them of their situation, the taller man grabbing a roll of silver duct tape, tearing lengths of and pressing them over the mouths of the other three as the smaller man untied Jay.  “Whoever it is,” he growled as the two men pointed guns at his family, “Get rid of them quickly.”

Pllsslsbe,” Priya mumbled through her tape gag as she looked at her husband, watching him look at her and then nodding before he walked to the front door.  Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and said “Yes” to the older woman who was standing at the door.

“Oh I’m sorry Jay,” she said as she looked at him, “is Priya at home?”

“She is,” he said as he looked at her, “but she cannot come to the door at the moment.  She... She’s in the bath.  Can I take a message?”

“Are you all right?  You look very pale.”

“Just a long day at work,” he said with a weak smile,” What can I tell her?”

“Just say we are meeting at the temple tomorrow at twelve – she will understand.”

“I will tell her,” Jay said quietly, “Now, you must excuse me – Nirav and I need to practice his lessons.”

“Of course,” the woman said as she walked to the road, “Have a good evening.”

“And you,” he said before he closed the door, and let out a sigh of relief.

“Very good,” the smaller man said as he heard Nirav yell, “Come in and finish eating.”

10.30 pm

“You win again,” Amar said as Nirav placed him in checkmate, “the school chess team is really lucky to have you on it.”

“Thank you grandfather,” he said as he looked at Jay and Priya, “but I am not the best player.”

“You could have fooled me,” Amar said as the two men watched the television, sitting either side of the other family members.  The smaller man looked at Nirav, then said “Bedtime for young children – I want you to go to your room with your parents and me, and get changed.”

“What are you going to do then?”

“You will find out – watch him,” he said to the tall man, who nodded as Priya walked over and took her son’s hand.  “Don’t worry,” she said as she smiled at him, “we’ll be with you.”

The four of them walked to Nirav’s room, the captor looking at the Chelsea poster as the young lad changed into a white t-short and shorts.  “Take him to the toilet,” he said to Priya, watching as the two of them left, the sound of the toilet afterwards before they came back.  He then produced a roll of white tape from his pocket, and said “we need to make sure you cannot disturb us during the night – put your hands behind your back and turn to face your parents.”

“I’m scared,” Nirav said as he turned round, and felt the tape sticking to his bare wrists as they were crossed and taped together, and then the tape going round his fingers.

“We all are,” Priya said as she knelt down and put her hand on her son’s cheek, “but we must all be brave.”  She watched as the man taped Nirav’s arms to his side, across his stomach and his chest, before saying “When this is all over, we will all go somewhere special to try and forget, won’t we Jay?”

“Yes we will – you can pick where, and we will spend as much time as you want there.  We can discuss it in the morning, all right?”

Nirav nodded as he was walked over to his bed and sat, watching as the man taped his ankles and feet together, then his legs below and above his knees as well as just under the hem of his shorts.

“Lie down and get comfortable,” the man said as he went to a drawer, took out one of his socks and folded it up.  “I want you to let me put this in your mouth, and then /I will pout tape over it.”

“Don’t worry, Nirav,” Priya said as she sat on the bed, “I will stay and read to you, so keep calm and breath through your nose, all right?”

“All right, mum,” he said before he opened his mouth and allowed the man to push the sock in, closing his lips before the tape was smoothed over his mouth.  Priya leaned over and kissed his forehead before she picked up a book and started reading, while Jay was led out.

“Go and keep an eye on the kid, and bring his mother in when he is asleep,” he said to the taller man, as Jay saw that Amar had also been bound with ropes holding his wrists behind his back, and around his chest.  His legs were tied at the ankles and knees, and a wide strip of white tape covered his mouth.

“I’m going to tie you up now,” the man said as he pulled Jay’s hands behind his back, and then I will explain what is going to happen...”

When Priya came in a short while later, Jay saw she also had her upper body bound, the ropes above and below her chest forcing her tunic over her chest.  Her scarf had been wrapped around her head and in her mouth, as she was sat down and her legs secured at the ankles and knees by the taller man.

now,” the smaller man said as he looked at all three of them, “This is what is going to happen.”  As he explained, Jay shook his head, Priya opened her eyes wider, and AmarAmar said nothing...

1 am

Jay watched as the two men walked over to Priya, untied her and removed her gag, and then untied his father, before untying his legs.

“Let’s go,” the smaller man said as they were forced into the master bedroom.

“No,” Priya said as she saw the bed, “please, no…”

“Relax, we’re not into that,” the man said.  “I want you to change into a nightdress – pick her one out – and I want you,” he said as he looked at Amar, “to strip to your boxers.”

Priya took the nightdress the taller man handed to her, and said “May I change in the bathroom?”

“Go with her,” he said to his companion, the tall man following Priya out as Amar slowly removed his clothes.  As he stood there, Jay watched the small man take his father’s hands behind his back and start to bind them tightly together again, before more ropes went around his bare arm, holding them to his sides at his shoulders and under his chest.

Hmmgdddtsbtfl,” Jay heard himself saying as Priya returned.  She was wearing a grey silk nightdress, held up by thin straps over her shoulders, with a dark grey trim at the top and under her chest.  A silk bow of the same dark colour was positioned between them as she looked at Jay and Amar.

“You’re going with my friend,” the smaller man said as he looked at Priya and Amar.  “Do exactly what he tells you, and everything will be just fine.”

Jay looked at his wife and father, before saying “Be brave,” and following the taller man out of the room.  The remaining three listened as the front door opened and closed, before Priya said “You bastard – why did you make me do that earlier?”

What, have some fun,” he said as she looked at the two hostages.  “Both of you, kneel down in front of the bed and put your hands behind your back.”

As they knelt down, Priya looked over her shoulder and saw him sort out many lengths of rope, then he knelt behind her, pulling her arms behind her back and arranging them so that her arms were parallel to each other.  She gasped as he started by pulling her arms together, just below her elbows, which had the effect of pulling her shoulder blades back and forcing her chest out.

“Why?” she said as he then bound her wrists together, making sure as with her elbows the rope went around and between her arms.  Once the two bands were tightened, he started to wrap more rope above and below her breasts, fusing her arms to her back as well as framing her chest, the ropes rubbing above and below her breasts.

He then tightened them by passing the rope under one arm, pulling it up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.  As she gasped, she caught Amar looking at her out of the corner of his eye, and smiled nervously.

The man then knelt behind Amar, crossing his ankles and binding them tightly together, as well as his legs below his knees.  He then moved Amar to the far side of the bedroom, before binding Priya’s ankles and legs together.

“That’s better,” he said as he helped Priya to sit on the floor, “now sit quietly and don’t move.”  He sat himself in a chair, watching both of them as the clock slowly ticked away, Priya and Amar just looking at each other.

As the clock reached four, Priya was slowly falling asleep, when the sound of the telephone ringing woke her and Amar up.  “Wait there,” the man said as he left them alone in the room.

“Well, this is an interesting evening,” Amar said as he looked at Priya, “How do you feel?”

“How do I feel?  I am a prisoner in my own home, my son – your grandson – is bound and gagged in his room, and you are tied up in here, while Jay is being forced to do goodness knows what – and you ask me how I feel?”

“I know, I know,” Amar said as he looked at her, “but – well, you do look rather fantastic sitting there like that.”


“Come on Priya – you know how I feel about you.  I know Jay s a good man, and a good father – but I cannot deny how you make me feel right now?”

Priya rolled her eyes and looked at her father-in-law.  “Amar, please,” she said as she wriggled her arms round, “We need to try and get free to raise the alarm, to...”

“Your chest looks magnificent – you should let it be shown that way more...”

“Good news,” their guard said as he came back in, and went to a chest of drawers, taking out two pairs of panties and picking up the roll of white tape as he did so, “Your husband has done what we wanted him to do.”

“So he is coming home?”

“No – but I will leave you in a minute,” he said as he rolled up one of the pair of panties, “Now open wide.”

“At least they are clean,” Priya said quietly before allowing him to push the panties into her mouth, and then press several layers of tape over her mouth.  As he turned to Amar, he said quietly “Now, you...”

The sound of the telephone ringing distracted him again, as he left the two of them in his room.  “Well, now that you are a bit quieter,” Amar said as he looked at Priya, “I can tell you that I have always been attracted to you.  When you were forced to do what you did to Rhuna tonight.”

Plsdntrmdnm,” Priya said as she tried to twist her arms around.

“I wished it was you doing it to me – I dream sometimes of that happening.  Or of you...”


Amar stopped and looked at Priya, before saying “Yes?”


Amar looked over his shoulder and tried to reach the knot that was sitting on top of his wrists, but his fingers were too short to reach them, and no matter how hard he tugged on the ropes they would not budge.

“No,” he finally said, “I can’t get free.  What about you?”

Priya started to struggle wildly, trying to shake the ropes off her arms and body, but they also held fast, only forcing the top of her gown to remove and expose the top of her breasts.  Eventually, she looked at Amar and said “cmvvrhr.”

He moved himself across the room closer to her, as she said “Trrndrmfthtp.”  She pushed her mouth forward, as Amar started to pick at the corner of the tape covering her mouth with his teeth.  

He managed to dislodge a corner, and then slowly, carefully, he pulled the tape away from her mouth.  As the tape came away from her red lips, Priya nodded and said “Fnku,” before she tried to push the panties out of her mouth with her tongue.

So when Amar pressed his lips against her, and kissed her, her eyes opened wide with shock.  “NTTNW” she tried to say, but he only pressed more firmly against her lips, moving his own over them as he pressed himself against her body.

“Oh – is that there you want to be left.”

“Damn,” Amar said as the guard picked up the roll of tape, and wound it round Priya’s head this time, trapping her hair against her neck as the white band muffled her.  He then forced Amar to open his mouth, shoving the panties into his mouth and muffling his groan of delight as he wrapped the tape around his head.

“Now then,” he said as he made the two of them kneel facing each other, and bound their upper bodies tightly together with rope, “If that is what you want...”

Tssntwhtewnt,” Priya said as she was pulled closer to Amar, and felt how excited he was between his legs.  “Hmggdd,” he moaned in reply as the man left them there, saying “Good night,” as he turned the light off.

Plsstneewfgtgtfr,” Priya said as she started to wriggle her arms around, but that seemed to make Amar even more aroused as he pressed himself against her, and nuzzled against her neck.

What was worse, Priya was beginning to feel aroused as well as the ropes rubbed on her chest. Making her pant and gasp in turn.  The last thing she wanted was to be with Amar – she wanted to be with Jay – but as the minutes ticked away a new thought occurred to her.



Dwhttumstthenwrktgfrr, ndersntd?”

Amar looked at her, then nodded as he slowly started to nuzzle his gagged lips against her neck and chest, Priya closing her eyes and praying for forgiveness...

9 am

Nirav grunted as he finally managed to twist his wrists free, working his arms round as he picked a pair of scissors up, bent his arm and started to cut away at the tape holding his arms to his body.

As he eventually freed himself, he peeled the tape away from his mouth, taking out the sock and dropping it on the floor, before saying “Mum!  Dad!  Where are you?”


The boy turned to see his father come into the house, running up and embracing him in his arms.  “Thank  god,” Jay said as he looked at his son, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, Dad,” he said as he buried his head into his father’s chest, “but where is Mum and Grandpa?”

“We’re here,” Priya said as she stumbled out of the door, her wrists still bound behind her back.  “Amar finally managed to free my mouth and legs after we managed to separate ourselves from each other.  He is in the bedroom.”

Nirav,” Jay said quietly, “run next door and use their telephone to call the police.”  As the boy ran out, Jay untied his wife’s upper body, embracing her and kissing her as he did so.

“Are you all right,” he said as he looked in to her eyes.  Priya nodded and said “We survived – we can talk later.  Come – we need to free your father...”






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