Out With The Old, In With The New









Sunday 22nd December,
Carlisle Avenue, Thornwood, Westchester County
10 pm


The displays on the houses on the quiet residential street were still lit brightly, attracting admiring looks from some of the people who were walking or passing by.   They contained the usual suspects in terms of content – red santas, reindeers, snowmen, and enough lights to confuse a low flying plane looking for a landing strip.


The house on the corner of Pritchard Avenue was no different, with a row of lights surrounding the doors and each window facing the street, and a large well lit snowman on the lawn.  The curtains and blinds were drawn, presumably to keep the light out as the family inside tried to sleep.  The mailbox on the edge of the lawn said “Denmark.”


On the road in front of the house were parked two minivans with NY plates – nothing special, probably visitors, the neighbours thought as they retired to their beds for the night.


Inside the Denmark house, however, the atmosphere was somewhat different, as Elaine Denmark looked at the woman standing in front of her and pleaded “Please, for the love of God, don’t hurt them.”


“Well then,” the woman said as she pointed the sawn off shotgun at her, “Shut the fuck up and do as you’re told, dearie.”


They had arrived half an hour earlier, walking in and ordering her and the rest of her family to sit still.  There were seven of them, identically dressed in black jackets with large buttons at the front and knee length matching skirts.  They wore dark stockings and high-heeled shoes, and all had black hats on their heads.  Under the hats, nylon stockings covered their heads, their identical black hair kept down under it.


One woman had stepped forward, and told them who they were, the gun nestled in her black-gloved hands – and Elaine had emptied her bladder at the name of Miss Panther.  She had been ready for bed, and was wearing a pair of grey silk pyjamas.


Her son, Bobby, was in a t-shirt and shorts.  He was sixteen, and was ready to fight – when a barrel of the gun held by one called Miss Tigress had forced him back into his chair, bent double in pain.  Eighteen-year-old Coral had already gone to bed – but two of them had gone upstairs and forced her to join them.  She had been the first to be bound, a pair of heavy plastic cuffs holding her wrists behind her back and a second pair round her ankles.  Miss Tigress was now securing Bobby in the same way, while another one – Miss Puma, she had heard her called – was ripping the telephone away from the wall.


Donald, her husband, had known who they were as well, and was sat next to Bobby, trying to keep him calm.


“It’s very simple,” Miss Panther had said, “We’re going to stay the night, and in the morning, Elaine, you will come with us and open that vault of yours while two of us stay with your family.  Co-operate, and nobody gets hurt.  Try to do something stupid, and…”


Another of the women, Miss Lynx, pulled Coral’s head back ad stroked the side of her cheek with a shotgun.  “Go on,” she whispered, “Do something, please?”


“No,” Elaine whispered, “I promise we’ll do what you say, just please, don’t hurt them.”


“Oh we’re not going to hurt them, sugah,” another one said in a Louisiana accent, “We want them to have fun, don’t we Miss Cheetah?”


“That’s right, Miss Bobcat,” another one said as she walked over and pulled Elaine’s hands behind her back, “Just relax and enjoy the evening.”


“All right,” Miss Panther said as strips of brown sticking plaster were pressed hard over the mouths of all four of them, “let’s see who’s going to look after whom.  Miss Bobcat, Miss Tigress – why don’t you take this young man up the stairs and make him comfortable for the night.”


“You heard the lady, young man,” Miss Tigress said.  Elaine was learning the way to tell them apart was the way their scarves were tied, and the brooches they wore.  The two who forced her son to jump to the staircase – Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat – had red scarves folded and tied round their necks, the ends hanging down their backs, and wore diamond brooches in the form of the cats they were named after.


“Plssdnhtthm,” she pleaded as he jumped up, a stair at time.


“Hush,” Miss Lynx said as she pushed the barrel of her gun down the front of her top, Desmond protesting as she did so, “Your time is coming, cocksucker.”


“Something wrong with you,” the one she had heard called Miss Leopard said as she looked at Coral.  Her daughter shook her head, her long brown hair shaking as she whimpered in fear.


“Good,” Miss Leopard said as she knelt in front of her, removing the large black hat as she stroked her cheek with her gloved hand, “because you want to live, don’t you?”


“Ysss,” she said as she nodded her head.


“Then don’t resist,” she said as she put her hand under her long t-shirt, and started to squeeze her chest and breasts, Coral squealing before she started to moan.




“Shut the fuck up, asshole,” Miss Puma said as she brought the gun down hard on Desmond’s head, knocking him out as he fell over.  Elaine screamed into her gag, as Miss Cheetah looked and said “She needs to be cleaned up – mind if we take care of it, Miss Panther?”


“Not at all – amuse yourselves, and remember, Elaine – your family is in our care.”


Elaine looked on helplessly as the two women forced her to hop to the stairs, while Miss Lynx walked over to Miss Panther.


“If you don’t stop your fucking moaning, I’ll stop it permanently for you,” Miss Leopard growled as she pulled Coral’s hair back, and stuck her gloved finger between her legs.


“Show a little charity, Miss Leopard, “ Miss Panther said, “It is Christmas.  She deserves a present from her daddy.”


“Oh that sounds like fun,” Miss Lynx said as she looked at Desmond, “Do you want your daughter to be happy?”


Desmond looked at the masked woman and slowly nodded.


“Good,” Miss Lynx said as she reached between his legs, “Stand up…”



“Nice room – mind if we have a look round,” Miss Cheetah said as Elaine was pushed onto her bed.  She sat unmoving, as the two women ripped out the drawers and emptied the wardrobe, scattering everything over the floor.


“Oh dear,” Miss Puma said as she walked over, “have we had an accident Elaine?”  She knelt behind the woman on the bed, placing her hands on her chest and slowly massaging them.


“She sure smells as if she has,” Miss Cheetah said as she walked over, and eased the gun between her legs.  “Oh my, she has been messy.”


“Whtrudngg,” Elaine moaned as she felt her nipples hardening.


“I think she might need a shower – what do you say, Miss Cheetah.”  Miss Puma slowly unbuttoned her pyjama top as she said this, and started to play with and pinch her nipples.




“I’m sorry, you little bitch,” Miss Puma said quietly as she suddenly pulled Elaine’s head back, “did you say don’t do that?”


“Nnnn,” Elaine moaned as Miss Cheetah pulled her pants down, and stroked her gloved hand up her legs, making Elaine shiver.


“Better,” she said as she ripped the tape away from her mouth.  “Now, cocksucking whore, where is your jewellery.”


“If I tell you, will you leave us alone until the morning?”


“If you don’t you watch us kill your family, one by one, fucker – so what’s it going to be?”


“I’ll tell you,” she said quietly.


“Good – and then we’ll clean you up.”





Bobby was mesmerised by the two masked women, standing in the highest heels he had ever seen, as they looked down on him.


“He’s a real hunk, you know,” Miss Tigress said to Miss Bobcat.”


“Yeah – if you like them small,” Miss Bobcat replied.  “Let’s see what kind of a man you are – or are you just a damp little fucking squib.”


“Whtdummnn,” he moaned as he watched Miss Tigress take a pair of scissors from his dresser, then walk over, her hips swaying as she slid the blade down the side of his shorts, and cut them away.


“Oh my,” Miss Bobcat said, “You are a real hunk of a man, aren’t you?”  She stroked her gloved hand up and down his cock, hearing him moan as she did so.


“Sick little bugger, but it’s nice to be appreciated,” Miss Tigress said with a smile as she walked over to the cupboard, and looked in.  “Oh my,” she said as she opened a box,” did you raid you sisters stash, little fucker?”


“Whatever do you mean, dahling,” Miss Bobcat said, Bobby’s eyes widening as his secret box was taken out, and Miss Tigress removed the white cylindrical object, pressing the button and starting it.


“Oh you fucking little shithole,” Miss Bobcat then said as she slapped Bobby, “You wanted to use that on some poor defenceless girl?  We know what to do now, don’t we Miss Tigress.”


“Indeed we do,” Miss Tigress said as she cut up the front of  Bobby’s top, “indeed we do…”






“Shut your fucking cakehole, asswipe, or I will permanently enlarge it,” Miss Lynx said as Miss Leopard made Coral kneel in front of her father.  His pants had been pulled down to his knees, and Miss Panther had been gently stroking his cock with her hand.


“Right, little bitch,” Miss Leopard whispered as she ripped the tape from Coral’s mouth, “Take your Daddy’s present.”


“Please,” Coral pleaded, “don’t do this…”


“Unless you want this rammed up that pretty little as of yours, bitch,” Miss Lynx said as she looked at Coral, “Start sucking.”


“I’m sorry daddy,” Coral whimpered as she began to kiss, lick and suck on his throbbing member…





Bobby was panting, trying to control his fear as the stocking masked woman tied his other wrist to the top of the bed.  After they had cut his clothes off, they had made him lie face down, and spread his arms and legs out, securing them to the four corners of the bed.   They had also pulled the plaster away from his mouth, but before he could say anything his socks had been stuffed in, and duct tape wrapped tightly round his head.

He looked over as Miss Bobcat stroked his head and said "I think he's ready, Miss Tigress dahlin."  He could hear the buzzing noise behind him, and tried to plead for them not to do this.

"Good," the other woman said as she knelt between his legs, and he felt her gloved hands on his bottom, "I'm going to enjoy this..."

The pain was excruciating, as it felt like a hot poker had been forced between his cheeks...






Elaine stood in the shower room, crying at the sounds of her son's anguished screams, but unable to do anything about them.  Her wrists were held above her head by a length of rope, tightly tied round them to hold them together and then tied over the shower rail, while her naked body stood on tip toe.


She had been forced to stand there while Miss Cheetah and Miss Puma had made her breasts and nipples incredibly hard, with their massage and their teasing, and then the pain when the nipple clamps were attached and taped in place.


When they had finished, Miss Cheetah had pushed her finger into her sex, making her moan even more, and behind her Miss Puma had rubbed something between her ass cheeks, making her feel very strange indeed.


Then they had stopped, and she watched as they carefully removed their skirts and jackets, folding them neatly before taking two things from a bag.  It was only when they strapped them over their crotch that Elaine had realised they were two cock-shaped dildos, and she knew with certainty what they were going to do as they walked back over.


"She looks so happy to see us," Miss Cheetah said, her hand slipping between Delores' leg and stroking over her sex.

"I know," the other woman said as she walked behind her, so very happy.

She closed her eyes, waiting before the penetration came from both sides, and screaming into the sponge that filled her mouth, the tape wound round her head, and the cool night air...


“All right,” Miss Leopard said as she pulled Coral off her, “I’ll take her upstairs and get her sorted out.”


Desmond opened his eyes and looked at the clock, showing it was two in the morning.  “Now then,” Miss Panther said as she sat down, “Let us discuss the safe…”







Monday 23rd December

Carlisle Avenue, Thornwood, Westchester country

7.30 am



“Pleasant night,” Miss Panther said as Elaine walked slowly down the stairs, dressed in a smart grey jacket and skirt, a white bow tie blouse, and knee length black boots.


“Very much so,” Miss Cheetah said as Miss Puma followed her.  “How are the rest of the family?”


Bobby, Desmond and Coral were sat around the breakfast table, secured to their chairs with bands of duct tape that held their arms to the sides, their chests to the back, and their legs in place.  All three were in underwear, and had tape wound tightly round their heads, covering their mouths and eyes.


“Please,” Elaine pleaded as Miss Panther picked up her car keys, “Don’t hurt them, don’t…”


“They behave, you behave, we’re all good, understood cocksucker,” Miss Panther said, watching as Elaine slowly nodded.  “Right then, Miss Tigress and Miss Leopard, you stay and make sure they behave.  Elaine, you are coming with us.”


“Please,” she whimpered as she was led out. Miss Tigress slowly rubbing the barrel of her gun between Coral’s legs.  Bobby was whimpering, as his father tried to look round.


The party of five escorted Elaine to an old minivan, making her lie on the back seat as they removed their stocking masks and put on dark sunglasses as one unit.  Miss Cheetah then started the engine as they left the house, turned right and then took the second left.


The streets were still deserted as they drove past the houses, Miss Lynx keeping a gun against Elaine’s head as they finally turned onto Westchester Avenue and headed into town, past the houses and shop before entering Kensico Road.


“Remember,” Miss Panther said, “no funny shit or you and your family are fucked, understand you fucking little whore?”


“I understand,” Elaine whimpered as she felt the soreness from the assault on both sides of her.


Finally, they crossed the railway and pulled into the parking lot.


“Allow us a moment, Elaine,” Miss Panther said as she and the others sipped their stocking masks back on, and then replaced their hats.  “Now, Mrs Manager, you come with me and you open the back door to the bank, nice and casually.  Miss Cheetah, keep watch.”







8.30 am
The Denmark House


The three captives were whimpering slowly as they heard the click of the heels on the hard kitchen floor.


“What do you think, Miss Tigress,” Miss Leopard said as she walked round,” Have they behaved themselves sufficiently to earn a happy Christmas?”


“Oh I think they may have,” Miss Tigress purred, “bobby especially is looking forward to a quiet, private day, aren’t you Bobby?”


Bobby said nothing, as the sound of the front door opening took all of them by surprise.  “Not a fucking word, any of you,” Miss Leopard said as she and Miss Tigress took up position either side of the partition into the front room.


“It’s only me,” they heard an older woman say, and then a grey haired woman came in, taking off her thick brown gloves as she said “I just stopped in to…”


“Get on your fucking knees, whore,” Miss Tigress said as she pressed her shotgun against the new arrivals back.  “Is anyone else here with you?”


“No – whhhats going on,” the woman said as she looked at the three taped captives.


“GGNDMMM” Coral called out before Miss Leopard said “shut it, you little self fucker.  Your bad luck dearie – Miss Tigress?”


They heard the call of “Oh my god..”, the heavy thump, and then the silence, save for Miss Tigress gasping as if she was having an orgasm…





9 am
TD Bank



George was looking forward to spending the Christmas holiday with his family.  A quiet man in his early fifties, he had been a security guard at the bank for ten years now, and liked his job.  It was quiet, it was peaceful, and nothing ever happened at the branch.


So when he walked in to start his shift, the last thing he expected to see was a tall, very well built woman pointing a sawn off shotgun in his face and screaming “Drop to the floor, fuckface.”


She was dressed in black, with a stocking over her head and tucked into the gold scarf that was around her neck, and a brooch in the shape of a Leopard on her jacket.  Looking across the branch, he could see the bank staff, kneeling on the floor with their hands behind their backs and strips of white tape over their mouths.


The sensible, right thing for George to do would have been to lie down and let himself be bound and gagged, but something in him told him no, as she went to draw his weapon.  The last thing he saw was the flash from the muzzle, the last sound the muted screams before he left the bank, and this mortal coil.


“that was a fucking stupid thing he did,” Miss Puma said as she pumped her shot gun, “any other of you asscracks want to try it?”


Miss Panther looked from the vault, where she and Miss Leopard were loading thee bags with the stacks of notes and contents of the vault.  Elaine was sitting on the floor, whimpering into the white tape that covered her mouth as the sound of the gun played again and again in her head.


“Right,” Miss Panther finally said as the four girls picked up the bags, “Nobody moves for thirty minutes, no alarms, no stupid fucking heroics.  Remember, your boss has a family in our hands – don’t be the ass fucking stupid cunt who gets them blown away.”





The Denmark house


“Time,” Miss Leopard said as she picked a set of car keys from the kitchen top.  “We’ll be borrowing your car – you don’t mind, do you sweetheart?”


“Whhtbbtss,” Despond mumbled through his gag.


“Have a bloody fantastic Christmas,” Miss Tigress said as she removed her stocking mask, put on a pair of sunglasses and her hat, stepped over the dead woman and walked out to the garage.


They drove a couple of blocks before Miss Leopard said “and just what did you two do to that poor boy, Abigail?”


“Taught him that a woman is not a toy to be played with in any way.”


“I approve,” Diana de Ros said.


A short drive took them to the Rose Hill Shopping Centre, on Columbus Avenue.  Stopping outside Silvio’s, they left the keys in the car and climbed into the SUV, before it drove off again.


“All quiet,” Juliette said as they headed for the main road.


“I think it was Granny who called round – pity they have a funeral later in the week,” Abby said as she smiled at Cari.


“Right then – to the farm, and changed.”



11 am
The Farm.


“Oh, I feel so much better now,” Carina said as she took the black wig off and run her fingers through her hair.  “I really am looking forward to the holidays now!”


“Yeah, I’m up for some down time,” Joanne said as she looked at Abby.  “What about you?”


“That is rather going to depend on Grandpapa,” Abby said as she slipped ‘The Thing’ off and let it drop to the floor.  “He flies in tomorrow, and stays until New Year’s Day.”


“Which is why we won’t meet here until the Thursday for the next job,” Juliette said as she poured some hot drinks out.   “I think we could all do with a break anyway – it’s been a rough few months.  Carina, are you all right?”


“Yes, just emotionally drained. When I let ‘her’ out she takes over completely, Carina, this Carina, just gets carried along for the ride. It’s like I’m an observer in my own body.”


Abby got up and hugged her friend.


“You got so inventive I heard last night Abs,” Cari said, trying to move the conversation on.


“Be honest I don’t know where I got such an idea from…but it just seemed so kinky, such fun.”


“Yeah – we had a bit of fun ourselves,” Heather said as she hugged Sandy.


“You seem very quiet, Diana,” Joanne said as she looked over, “Something on your mind?”


“Hmmm – oh no, my dear,” Diana said with a smile, “I just always get a little tense at this time of year.  I love my father, but he can be a little – difficult.”


“Flirtatious is what she means – you’ll see when you meet him,” Sandy said with a smile.





The de Ros Mansion


The snow was starting to fall as Diana and Abigail walked back from the car to the front door of their mansion.

"Well, home again, and in plenty of time to..."  As Diana put her key in the door lock, the door opened inwards.

"I thought Edith had left for the holidays," Abby said as she looked at her mother.

"So did I," Diana said as she put her hand in her pocket, and gripped the small pistol.  Putting her other gloved finger to her lips, she opened the door quietly and walked in, Abby picking up an umbrella as she did so.  The hall was dark, but they could hear noises in the kitchen.

Nodding, Diana and Abby kicked off their boots and walked down the corridor in their stocking soles, the expression on their faces one of determination as Diana opened the door and looked in....

"Ah there you are, Diana - I wondered where you had got to."

Abby stared at the grey haired man, dressed in a grey jacket over a thick sweater, blue trousers and highly polished shoes, smiling as he drank his coffee.



“Hello, Abigail,” Guy, Duc du Grechy, said as he stood up and walked round the table, hugging his granddaughter as Diana looked on.  “I thought you were coming tomorrow morning,” she said as she took her hand from her pocket.


“Well, I managed to catch an earlier flight.  You had not returned yet, so I let myself in.  I’ve taken my usual room – I hope that is all right?”


The Duc de Grechy was nearly 75 years old, but a life of outdoor activity meant he was as young and fit as a man in his 40's. His great passion inline was hunting. The quarry didn't matter, animals or beautiful women, he pursued his target relentlessly till he overcame them.

With animals he relied on an incredible sharpness of eye that allowed him never to waste a shot. With women he relied on his incredible charm and the ability to know just what to say to get a woman to do precisely what he wanted.


He spent part of the year in his chateau in the Loire valley, and the rest visiting all the known celebrity spots in Europe.  At the Cannes film festival, on the slopes of the French Alps, in Monte Carlo, he was well known.  Diana stood in awe of her father despite his reputation as a roué; indeed it was she who had devised the famous line that "her father could have charmed the panties off the Virgin Mary.”


“It is good to see you again, Papa,” she said as he kissed her on both cheeks, “ but I wish you had called to let me know you were arriving early.  I would have been at home for you.”


“Ah, but then I would have missed the joy of the look of surprise on your face,” he said with a smile.  “Come, Abigail, sit and tell me what you have been doing.”


As he talked with Abigail, Diana watched and remembered her own childhood.  Her mother had been a star of the French New Wave cinema, before her father had charmed her into his bed and his life.  She had produced three sons before Diana arrived, and her father had treated her as he had her brothers – teaching her to hunt and shoot, to ride and charm.


That was not to say her education was completely in that line – her mother had insisted n a governess to teach her what she felt she would also need – languages, deportment, skills in other areas.  But from an early age Diana had known of her father’s nature, and her mother’s suffering.


Diana's mother had had to endure both his infidelity, and his casual flaunting of his mistresses in her face. Her parents’ marriage after the birth of their children was little more than a formal convenience. They tried as best as they could to live separate live. Different cities to each other, different countries. Sometimes Diana swore they even contrived to be on different continents.


For all his obvious faults, Diana had always adored her father. She looked at him as the role model for what all men in her life should be. It had come as a crushing blow that Jacques her husband had never been able to conduct his affairs with the same joie de vivre as her father had. Instead of the charm with which even maintained good relations with the husbands of his prey, Jacques had merely embarrassed himself, and her.

Diana could put up with a lot in life, her parents’ marriage had taught her that, but she could not bear to be an object of pity and ridicule.  So when she discovered the facts of his infidelity, she quietly paid for the child, and then took matters into her own hands.


Killing Jacques with a long-range shot high in the Alps, had satisfied her both as huntress and victim. His death, her permanent move to New York, they had been the necessary elements for reclaiming what she saw as her proper role in the world.

It meant of course sacrifices, she saw her family rarely, she missed living among the glories of Paris full-time, but New York was where so many of her friends lived, and though it was cutting baby Abigail off from her heritage, she knew looking back she had done the right thing.


“Diana, my dear – you look tired.”


“Forgive me papa,” she said quietly, “but it had been a long day.  Perhaps we should all retire for the night, and we can talk in the morning?”


“OF course – I am being unchivalrous.  Forgive me, my dears – I shall see you in the morning.”  He stood up, bowed to them both and then left the kitchen, humming to himself.


“All right,” Abby said as she sat down, “How did he get in?”


“He must have made a copy of the key – remind me to have the locks changed,” Diana said as she went to the sink.



24th December
10 am, Times Square


“I always had all the presents sorted out and under the tree a week in advance,” Joanne said as she followed Heather down the street, “How come we’re doing the last minute shopping?”


“Last minute my…  Everything was ordered weeks ago, but because we were away over the weekend I need to pick everything up today.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Christmas, Richmond style, little sis.”


Joanne grunted as she carried four bags in each hand, before Heather stopped outside the window of Macy’s.


“Right,” she said as she opened the door, “In we go – we still have some other presents to get.”


“But we’ve got the ones for the kids, for Abby and Cari – what else is there to get?”


“You stupid - now get in here!”



7 pm
The Richmond Mansion


“Guy – how wonderful to see you again.  You’re looking very well.”


“A combination of clean living and fine women,” Guy said as he bowed slightly and kissed the hands of both Sandy and Heather. He knew very well they were lesbians, that they were immune to his charms made them both irresistible, and a challenge.

The previous Xmas he had devoted much of his stay to seducing each woman. That they loved each other rather than him was what he considered unnatural. He in fact rather liked watching two of his lovers make love to each other in front of him, but the important fact was that they were 'his' lovers.


Sandy was wearing a floor length electric blue silk gown, with a rounded neckline, while Heather was more modestly dressed in a black knee length cocktail dress, held up by thin straps across her shoulders.  She looked at the handsome Frenchman, dressed impeccably always in a black tuxedo and trousers, crisply ironed shirt and bow tie, marvelling at how much he liked to pursue his goal – even if had absolutely no chance with either of them.


“Good evening Sandy,” Diana said as she came in, removing her black velvet coat to reveal a stunning green dress.  Carina waved at her friends as she gave her and her mother’s coat to John, before walking over to join them.


“Guy, darling, how wonderful to see you again!”


Vanessa Richmond had known 'Le Duc' for many years. He had been a fixture in the same social circles that she moved in. Vanessa had always Guy fascinating, but her strong devotion to her marriage vows had kept her from simply being one of the long line that had spent time in his bed.  So as they kissed and held each other’s hands, they admired each other as only those with their background and breeding could.


“And these are your delightful grandchildren,” he said as he walked over to where Little Sandy and George were, George in a suit, shirt and tie and looking very uncomfortable in it, while Sandy had on a pink and white dress.


“So that is Guy, Duc de Grechy,” Joanne said as she sipped her lemonade.  When they had been shopping earlier that day, Heather had taken her into one of the department stores and picked out her gown – a white strapless gown with a skirt that came just over the knee, and a blur trim at top and bottom.


“Just out of idle interest,” Carina said with a grin, “what would Megan Markham have been doing tonight?”  Joanne looked at her, then said “trying to avoid going to Midnight Mass, probably sneaking out to get drunk with some of the boys.  On the whole, I think this is better.”





Guy’s eyes had not left Carina all night.  He was a past master of looking as if he was enjoying and taking part in a conversation, and yet his eyes and mind would be elsewhere, mentally undressing some woman.


But this one – this one had been making furtive glances in his direction as well.  Carina was seventeen, two years older than his granddaughter, and yet there was something in the way she stood, the way she was talking with Abigail and Joanne, that said there were great hidden depths to her.   He wasn’t sure what it was, what it was she was sending to him in her body language, but…


“Enjoying yourself Papa?”


He smiled at Diana and said “Very much so, my dear.  Will you excuse me a minute?  I need to refresh my glass.”


As he walked to the bar, he saw Carina say something to the girls, and walk towards him.  For a seventeen year old, and a small woman compared to him, she was still a beautiful sight, her black silk dress cut to emphasise her chest while her shoes had a three inch stiletto heel, which made her look taller.  The skirt flared to just below her knee, while the sheer black stockings completed the outfit.


“Tell me, Count,” she said as she stood next to him, “isn’t Abigail the most beautiful of the three of us?”


“Without a doubt,” he said as he filled his glass, “but all three of you young ladies are special in your own way.”


“Well, that’s a very kind thing for you to say,” Carina said as she turned and looked up at him.  “She has such a poor self image, and I wonder sometimes if she realises just what a beautiful woman she is becoming.”


“Her mother is very aware of it, I can assure you.”


His eyes were fixed upon her chest, her cleavage just visible under dress front.  She caught him looking there, and smiled, saying “It’s all right – I like it when somebody appreciates me.”


“Well, you are a most captivating young woman,” Guy said, finding himself unable to stop the hunt.  “Tell me, have you…”


Carina nodded before saying “the others don’t know, my mother doesn’t know, but yes, I am experienced.”


Guy smiled to himself, before saying “How experienced?”  He put his hand on her shoulder, and looked deep into the eyes shining behind the glasses.


“Why are you asking?”


Guy looked round the room – his daughter was talking to the Richmond women, while the girls were playing with the nanny and the younger kids.


“Is there somewhere more – private we can go to?”


Carina smiled, with her mouth and her eyes, her tongue running over her red lips.  “Come with me,” she said as she nodded towards the door, and Guy followed, his eyes fixed on the prize.


She slowly walked up the stairs, Guy’s eyes following her bottom as the tight skirt moved over it, and they made their way to Joanne’s room.  Walking in, Guy closed the door behind him, and put his hands on Carina’s shoulders, looking deep into her eyes.


“You truly are a beautiful young woman, so unlike your mother and yet so like her as well,” Guy said as he held her chin up, and then kissed her, his lips brushing against hers.


“I am nothing like my mother in many ways,” Carina breathed as his lips left hers, and then she stroked her hands down his sides and back.


“That is good to know,” Guy said as he returned the favour, and then kissed her again, his strong hands caressing her back.


“Oh that does feel good,” Carina moaned as Guy stroked his hands down her back, and kissed her neck, feeling the way her grip on him tightened.  He had judged correctly – there was a wildcat hiding under that childish exterior, and the hunt was on.


“Would you like me to continue,” he whispered into her ear, Cari nodding as she felt him start to slip the straps of her gown down her arms.  She offered no resistance, allowing him to pull them down as his lips caressed her shoulders and neck.  She moaned at the touch on her skin, his fingers stroking down her as he pulled the zip down her back, and she allowed him to slip the top half off, watching as he removed his jacket before she began to unbutton his shirt.


It was a rare move, a bold move for a woman to make on him, but Guy was minded to allow it, as his shirt was opened and he felt her fingers softly stroking down his abdomen, and then her lips, making his gasp as he had made her gasp.  He looked into her eyes again; removing her glasses as he whispered, “Take your bra off.”


“As you have ordered,” Carina said as she reached behind her back, unfastening the clasp of her bra and slipping it off, before she closed her eyes as his lips touched her again, on her neck, and his hands stroked down her back.  Moving slowly, he walked her back to the bed as he continued to kiss her, his hands moving down and caressing her bottom as he did so.


“Slowly, slowly,” Carina whispered as she moaned, “I need to be savoured.”


“Like a fine brandy?”


“Yes – I am smoky, and will leave a lasting impression,” she said as she felt his hand on her chest, and closed her eyes again, lying down as she felt his lips on her throat, moving down, touching her large breasts with the engorged nipples. There was a burning starting between her legs – one she knew could only be quenched one way.


Slowly his hands caressed her body. Touching, stroking, and skilfully arousing the passion within her.


Guy was feeling a similar passion as well – this was a prey that fought back, as she felt her nails raking down his back in response to his lips on her chest.  The pain was exquisite, but so were her animal moans in response to his touch, as he moved his hand between her legs…


“Oh, sorry Grandpapa, I did not know you were…”


Both Guy and Carina turned to see Abby standing in the doorway, staring at both of them.  The light from behind made her dusky pink gown look darker, her chest heaving as she took in the sight before she turned and ran out, slamming the door behind her.


“Abigail, what is the matter,” Diana said as she saw her daughter run down the stairs and out, her heels barely touching the floor of the mansion.


“I’ll go and see what the problem is,” Joanne said as she grabbed two fur coats and ran after her.  Diana looked to the stairs she had run down, saw her father at the top of the stairs, and understood what Abigail may have seen.  He had replaced his shirt and jacket, and was adjusting his tie, but she knew someone had been with him.  It only took her a moment to realise whom, and fully understand what had happened.


“Excuse me,” she said as she walked to the staircase, barely even noticing Guy as she climbed up and knocked on the door of Joanne’s room.


“Carina, may I come in,” she said, but as she opened the door all she saw was the open window, all she felt was the icy blast, as she looked out and saw Carina walking down the street.


She turned and walked quickly downstairs, taking Juliette by the arm and saying, “forgive me, Mon Cherie, but we need to talk.”


“What happened?”


“I fear my father has been indiscrete, and it is better you hear it from me,” Diana said as she led Juliette to the rear of the house, seeing Joanne holding Abby in the open doorway.






Carina hurried down the street, not feeling the cold, not focusing on anything save the hunger that was gnawing away at her.  There was an anger burning inside her, that she had been stopped, and she knew she had to find satisfaction somewhere – anywhere.


But there was more to it than that – the beast had been aroused, and as she slipped into that persona Carina knew she would have to do something to satisfy ‘her’ as well.  The burning in her loins was so great it would need a flood only she could create to put it out – and that meant someone had to be picked, someone had to satisfy, someone had to die tonight…


She glanced from side to side as she walked around, looking at some of the people, before her eye fell on a young man buying some supplies at a grocery store.  He was tall, lean, and looked well built - he could give her all she needed.


She felt in Joanne’s handbag, the comforting feel of the revolver in her hand, as she ducked into a nearby pharmacy, and bought some things she thought she might need.   Next to that was a sex store, but dressed as she was, she had no problem getting what she needed – the assistant even threw in a pair of handcuffs, when she said she wanted to play a kinky game or two.


“Thank the Goddess for New York,” Cari thought to herself. “Even on Christmas Eve you can buy anything, anytime.”


She came out to see him crossing the road in front of her, his great coat blowing in the wind.  Smiling, she carried her bag in one hand and walked over, saying “Sorry to disturb you, but I was wondering if I could use your phone?  My car’s broken down, and I need to call a tow truck.”


“Sure,” he said as he opened his coat and tried to get his phone out, only to stop dead as she felt the cold circle of metal against his chest, and saw the burning in Carina’s eyes.


“Don’t say a fucking word, you miserable little shit,” she growled quietly, “do you live alone?”


She smiled as he nodded, then said “Good – walk with me to your place, nice and natural.  I’m going to show you a really good time.”  In one stroke, she had found the perfect prey.


“All right – just don’t hurt me,” he said as he walked, Cari holding his arm, and they entered a nearby apartment block.  As they walked in, she kicked the door behind her closed, and said “Coat off, dickwad, and hands behind your back.”


He slipped his coat off, trembling as Cari fastened the cuffs around his wrists, and then pushed him towards the bedroom.  “Don’t say a fucking word, you little shit, or I’ll kill you right now,” Carina said as she put her bag down on the bed, and smiled as she pushed him onto the bed.


“It’s your lucky night, you fucking bastard,” Carina cooed as she climbed onto his legs, “I need sex, and you’re available.”


She took a pair of scissors and cut through his jumper, pulling it to the side before she ripped his shirt open, and started to kiss him – but more animalistic, biting and sucking on him in turn, making him gasp and scream in turn.


“Stop that fucking screaming, or I’ll stop it for you,” Carina grunted as she looked at him, before standing up and removing her dress, and then her shoes, stripping off her stockings and underwear before she grabbed a package from her bag.


“What… what are you doigngmgmgg” the boy said as she pushed a roll of bandage into his mouth, and then taped over his mouth with thick brown plaster.  “Giving you the fucking ride of your life, you little piece of bullshit,” Carina said as she pulled his pants and shorts off, and started to play with his dick, kissing it, sucking on it, massaging it with her hands as he started to moan into his gag.


He couldn’t help himself, as he started to throb, to pulse, to feel that sweet pressure in her caress he had only felt at his own touch before now.  His eyes were glazing over, as the naked blonde woman positioned himself over his cock, saying “I need this” as she pushed herself onto him, forcing him into herself as she felt the grip inside, felt the pressure building and growing as she moved up and down on him.


Her growls were those of a wild animal as she worked on him, fucking him hard, in…out…in, until her could take it no more, and he gave all he had, the creature that was also Carina almost howling as she stopped and arched her back, her orgasm long and fierce.  He felt her suck every last drop out of him, before she looked down at him, a fire in her eyes.


“Thank you, motherfucker,” she said as she reached behind herself, “now I get to have some real fun as well.”  He looked at her, his eyes widening as he saw the clamps in her hand, as she moved over the bed like a wildcat and fastened one to his ball sac.


The pain was excruciating, as Carina went to his wardrobe and grabbed a handful of ties.  Taking two, she pulled his legs apart and tied them to the bottom of the bed, ankles to the legs, before she made him sit up, removed the handcuffs, and pushed him back onto the bed, holding his wrists as he tied them to the headboard.


The bells of the church started to chime as she walked back to the bed.  “Happy Christmas, shithead,” she said as she took out the box cutter, and walked back over to him, sliding the blade slowly out….




Two hours passed, before the young man looked at Carina through pain filled eyes.  His chest was covered in slashes, his sac purple and engorged, and as for his ass….


One hour in, she had shoved the vibrator hard in between his cheeks, and for that time it had buzzed incessantly, doing things to him he had never dreamed possible.  Now he watched as the female dressed, wondering what in this life he had done to deserve such hell as this.


“I told you it was your fucking lucky night, you little shit,” Carina said as she put on his coat, “and you know what – it will never be beat.”


He saw her close her latex gloved hands over the trigger of her gun, and closed his eyes, praying for the sweet release that he hoped was coming…


Carina looked at the dead body as she threw the pillow away, and walked to the kitchen, returning with a bottle of bleach, which she poured over his cock, balls and chest.  Smiling, she walked out of the house and into the early morning light, slowly allowing the other Carina to return as she did so.




25th December
5.30 am, The Richmond mansion


The alarm went off and Heather started her all but nightly routine of going back to finish sleeping in her own bed. Sometimes she was frankly pissed that she and Sandy had to maintain this charade. But then she thought how shocked the children, not to mention Vanessa would be to know that the nanny was not just Sandy’s assistant but also her lover.


Sandy rolled over and Heather gave her a little farewell peck on the cheek.


"Life would be so much easier…" she left the whispered words unfinished.


Quickly she picked up her nightie, taken off and discarded on the floor by Sandy a few hours earlier.


Heather giggled lowly at the memory. Her lover had been a beast last night making love urgently, pinning Heather to the mattress by the force of her strokes from her huge strap on.


Now Sandy just lay there looking like a contented cat that had dozed off after drinking of saucer of milk.


In a while the kids would be stirring and it would be time for opening presents. Best she was in her own room when little Sandy came to wake her Heather knew. Christmas at the Richmond’s was such a time of joy; the contrasts with the terror of Christmas with her father could not have been stronger.


She used to cringe in fear, lying in bed, hoping to the heavens he’d not want to come in and give her ‘her present’ as he called it. But no for all those years he’d come in bright and early, and forced himself on her. That he’d never got her pregnant was the great mystery of Heather’s life. She thanked the Goddess though that no poor innocent had resulted from her father’s perverse desires for his own daughter.


She slipped the nightdress over her head, then her feet into her house shoes.


“Merry Christmas lover.” She heard Sandy whisper as she slipped out the bedroom door.


It barely seemed as if she had gone to sleep before the excited cries of “SANTA’S BEEN!!!  SANTA’S BEEN!!!” filled her ears, and she opened her eyes to see George and Sandy jumping on the bed.


“They woke me first,” Jo said as she rubbed her eyes, watching as Heather got up and slipped on her gown.


“All right, all right you two – you know the rules.  You can open the sacks by your beds, but everything else waits until your mother and grandmother are up and we have had breakfast, all right?”


“Yes, Heather,” they said as they ran off, and Heather put her arm round Jo’s shoulders.


“Merry Christmas, sis,” she said  as they walked into the kitchen.


“And to you – have you heard from Juliette?”


Heather shook her head as she started to make some coffee.  “Not yet – we can only hope…”




7.30 am

The Huntingwood Apartment


“Cari!!  My goddess, where have you been?”


Juliette looked at her daughter as she walked in, and then at the coat she was wearing.  “Where did you get this,” she said as Carina hugged her.


“I’m sorry, Mom, I’m so sorry,” she whispered, “but I had to do something.”


“There there, my dear,” Juliette said quietly, “I know what happened.  I need you to do something later today – come with me and talk to Diana.”


“What must Abby think of me?” Carina sobbed as she stood there.


“Let’s not worry about that now,” Juliette said as she looked in her daughter’s eyes.  “Happy Christmas, Carina.”


“Happy Christmas, Mom,” Carina said before she hugged her mother again.  “Can we open our presents now?”




9 am

The Richmond Mansion


“Oh wow – thanks Mum!!”


Sandy beamed as the kids looked at their new bikes.


“Now you need to learn to ride them, and you only go with Heather or Joanne with you, all right?”


Sandy and George nodded as they went for the rest of their presents.  Sandy beckoned to Joanne to come over, as she said “I’ve been thinking of what to get you for your first Christmas with us, and I think this probably is the best thing I could do.”


She handed Joanne a slim envelope, and watched as she opened it.  “What is it,” Joanne said as she opened the letter inside, and looked at it.


“A birth certificate?”


“I think you might need that at some point,” Heather said with a smile, “Merry Christmas, Sis.”




10 am

The de Ros mansion


“Thank you, Mom,” Abby said as she looked at the locket, “it’s lovely.  And thank you for the present, grandpapa.”


“You are most welcome, my child,” Guy said, “If you will excuse me a moment.”


He walked out of the room as Abigail and Diana looked at each other.  “We need to talk, you and I,” Diana said, “but not yet.  Please, Abby, wait here until I return.”


Abby nodded as she watched her mother stand up, brush down her dress skirt, and then walk slowly, deliberately out of the room.


Guy hated this moment. it was the real  reason he came to New York each Xmas, not that he didn't love his daughter, or young Abigail, but well given the chance he knew a dozen places where he might have a more amusing time.

Guy stood as Diana entered the room and as she came near he gave her a kiss on each cheek.

Diana sat down; this moment was extremely uncomfortable, she knew that her father’s lifestyle had drained away all the value from his estate, other than the land itself which he refused under any circumstances to sell. No she knew that her father was hoping she'd offer him a large cash payment, just as she had the past two Christmases.

"Diana…." Guy made a stuttering start at conversation.

"Yes Father." Diana deliberately replied in English, because English was the language of her new life. She wasn't sure that in French the Diana of old with her idealized portrait of her father might not re-emerge.

"Diana…. ummm…well it's so lovely to see Abigail so happy…and modelling too."

"I wasn't sure about it, but yes she loves it, and the money is all going into her trust fund for when she's old enough."

"Ah yes trust funds…. important she has her own money"

"And you look radiant my darling…I love the new rooms."

"Yes I had Sandy do them for me, for an American she has great style."

"That's true."  Guy looked round, then brushed an imaginary piece of lint from his trousers.

For a long minute there was silence, as each of them displayed the stiff backed pride that denoted centuries of aristocratic upbringing.

"How much?" Diana hated herself, but new world brusqueness overcame old world manners.

"How much." Guy stood up and posed. "You know my daughter you sound like a provincial bank manager."

"How much?" Dina stared directly at her father.

"Darling…Diana, I've had such bad luck with the horses, oh and of course Yve has been draining me dry, and…"

"How much Papa?"

"In dollars or Euros?"

"How much Papa?"

Guy looked distinctly unhappy. "About one and half million Euros, but I swear this is the last time I'll ever need ask on you kindness Ma Cheri."

Diana smiled an inward smile. As much as she loved and admired her father, she enjoyed seeing him sweat, enjoyed it more than just a little. It was her little secret that what was enabling her father to maintain his lifestyle was in fact her life of crime. Her brothers had thrown up their hands and given up trying to help the spendthrift old roué, but she alone had had the guts and the courage to do something. Diana was proud of her criminal career as no other Pussycat was because it gave her such power within her family, such control, and yes also genuine joy that she was able to give her beloved father such huge sums of money that he needed.


“Of course, Papa,” she said quietly, seeing the relief on his face as she heard the doorbell ring.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I have a small mess to clear up…”




“Oh it’s you.” Abigail looked hatefully at Carina as she entered the drawing room of the de Ros house.  She was standing by the fireplace, wearing a pair of long slouch socks over some black leggings and a jumper.


“Your mom called and asked me over.” Carina replied quietly, not sure what to say in the situation. “My mom’s parking our car.”  She shuffled nervously from foot to foot, the snow still on the tips of her brown boots.


Abigail plumped herself down into an armchair.  “Well if Mother wants to see you I guess you better sit down.”


“Get anything great for Christmas?” Carina tried changing the direction of the conversation.


“Well nothing like the present my Grandpapa was trying to give to you last night.” Abby venomously spat out the words.




“How could you bitch?”


“It just happened…just sorry…”


“Just sorry that I came in and caught you?” Abigail growled accusingly


“No…well yes…oh I don’t know…”


At this point Diana came into the room and Abigail fell silent and sulky.


“Aunt Diana - thank you for the lovely present.” Carina got up and kissed the older woman on each cheek. “Mom will be in in a moment. She’s parking the car…she thought that we three needed to talk.”


“Well I’m glad you liked the present darling.”


“Not as much as she was liking…”


“Shut up Abigail you’re being rude.”


“I’m being rude? I wasn’t the one bollocks naked in bed with an old man last night.”


“You can’t blame Carina totally darling, most of the fault lies with your grandfather.”


“With Grandpapa that horny old bastard?”


Diana winced at the description.


“You must understand that a man like your grandfather…. he has needs…. he has cravings.”


“He seduced my best friend.”


“Well I suspect Carina was not an unwilling participant.” Diana looked directly at her. “Were you darling?”


Carina blushed with embarrassment, and then nodded her head.


“Uggh Carina…How could you?”


“I don’t know, I guess your Grandpa has a lot of magnetism.” Carina shrugged her shoulders.


“But he’s ANCIENT!”


“Even at his age he can get most women he wants my darling.”  Diana sat down and rubbed her forehead.  “I think I maybe ought to have asked Sandy not to have invited Carina and Joanne last night….I was putting temptation in his way I suppose.”


“But why would he?...why with Carina?”


“Because she’s a beautiful young woman, just as you are darling.”


“You mean if I wasn’t his granddaughter?” Abby looked daggers at her mother, not quite believing what she was hearing here.  Diana tilted her head down, and then nodded a yes.


“Yve his current mistress is only 18.”


“Oh my Goddess” Abigail’s hand went to her mouth, “he’s a fucking pervert.”


“No Darling…No…your Grandpapa never forces himself on a woman….Not like your father did…”  The memory of that last night with Jacques came unbidden, but was soon forced down.  “No, it is not like that - for some reason women find him irresistible.”


“But he likes young girls?”


“Young or old makes little difference to your Grandpapa, if he sees a beautiful woman he must possess her.” Diana paused. “And last night he noticed just how beautiful Carina has become.”


“He didn’t have to work very hard to get her.” Abby needed still to vent her spleen. “You looked like a whore laying there.”


“I didn’t do it to hurt you Abs.”  Carina looked nervously round, before saying “it was, well it was, well, he just looked at me the right way and said the right words.”


“And you let him take you to bed.”


“What did your Mother say Carina?” Diana tried to change the tack.


“Ummm I think she was shocked, I think she still thought I was a virgin. She said a little, but well you know not much.”


“Oh I’d love to have been a fly on that wall.” Abby suddenly laughed. “Well okay Mom, Okay Carina I think I get the message.”


She got up and hugged Carina.


“Still friends? Carina asked.


“Still BEST friends,” Abigail answered.


“Is it safe to come in now?”


“I believe it might be,” Diana said as she got up and hugged Juliette.  “Merry Christmas, my dear.”


“And the same to you,” Juliette replied.  “Diana, your father…”


“Please,” Diana said quietly, “Allow me to deal with him.  I assure you, he will not bother Carina again.”




26th December

11 am



Ever since she could remember Abigail’s holidays ritual had always included one event on the day after Christmas. For years she and Carina had been taken skating at Rockefeller Centre, and then on to lunch at whichever New York eatery their two moms could agree on was the best.


This year was the first year ever their mom’s were missing out, as they had to make some preparations for the coming weekend - but still that was made up for by having Heather and Joanne join them for the first time. Even the journey down Fifth Avenue to 49th street in Heather’s four wheel drive had been fun, despite a couple of near misses with other cars on the ice.


At Rockefeller Centre each of them went to the back of the old Ford and retrieved their skates. Each was dressed for practicality rather than fashion, the three younger girls wearing St Angela’s hoodies over two or so layers of shirts, Heather wearing her old Yale fleecy top. They looked like any group of cute young women out for a fun skate on a very brisk New York morning.


Carina glanced urgently at the front page of the Post, carrying the story of the Christmas Eve sex slaying uptown. For a brief moment her two lives were perilously close together, she prayed to the goddess she’d not left any evidence…no she’d worn gloves, she disinfected him to remove her DNA, it should be alright.


The girls warmed up skating slow laps round the rink, stretching muscles, getting the aches out of rarely used parts of their anatomy.


The sight of four attractive girls skating together quickly drew that attention of the local rink rats. Guys started watching, and then a few started to get out on the ice looking for a way to introduce themselves to the girls.







Juliette put down her copy of the Times and picked up the Post, idly she scanned the headline story. It sounded like a particular gory and horrific murder. She was about to read inside when suddenly it hit her, and she slowly put her coffee cup down.


“Oh my Goddess…Oh my Goddess” she repeated weakly as she absorbed the details.


She tried absorbing the facts and tried to fit them to another conclusion, but she could make no sense other then Carina’s beast had got loose on Christmas Eve.


“Oh dearest Artemis,” Juliette couldn’t suppress her horror. It was the nightmare she had been dreading, that her daughter’s inner self would emerge when she wasn’t there to help, and keep it in check.


Details, details, she needed details.


“What did the police know? What clues did she leave?” Juliette tried reading between the lines.


It seems the police were linking the sex murder to the deaths of a sex store clerk and a pharmacy clerk, in each case the till had been robbed and the security tapes removed.


“Well at least she had the sense to go clean up her own mess.” Diana breathed a sigh of relief.


Still it was worrying, that Carina had gone out and attacked a man, torturing him and then killing him raised questions she wasn’t sure she wanted to think about.


As she looked again at the description, and that the police had found no evidence at the scene, she thanked Artemis – but knew she would need to talk to the others.


“Juliette, is this a bad time?”


She looked up to see Diana standing in the doorway, her gloved hands together as she looked on from her fur coat.


“Have you seen the Post today?”


“You know I do not normally read those papers – why?”


Juliette showed Diana the front page, waiting to see her reaction.


“Oh,” Diana said quietly, “I see what you mean.  There is no evidence, but…”


Juliette nodded.  “This has never happened before – never.  And I hate to say it, but…”


“Then do not say it,” Diana said as she looked at her friend.  “This is a family matter, and I will settle it in a family way.  Come – we have a drive ahead of us, and fear not.  We will face this together.”






“Come on, cutie, won’t you skate with me?”


Abby smiled at the curly haired young man, but said “no thanks – I’ve got a boyfriend.  Maybe you’ve heard of him?”


“Come on – who could have made you his own?”


“He plays football – they call him The House.”


She smiled as she saw the look of horror on his face, and he hurriedly apologised.


“Yeah, that’s right,” Joanne said as she skated up with Carina, “run and hide.”  The girls stood there laughing until they heard a young female voice say “What are you Angels doing talking to my boyfriend?”


They turned to see a red headed girl staring at them, her arms folded, while a blonde and a dark haired girl stood behind her.  All three wore sleeveless jerkins over their sweatshirts, leggings and ice skates, but the Sacred Heart logo was clearly visible.


“He was talking to us, actually,” Joanne said as she looked at them, “but if you Nuns can’t keep your men under control, we could teach you a few tricks.”


“I don’t need to take lessons in manners from a nanny’s sister – or from either of you two,” the Nun said as she stared back at them.  “Just stay away from my man, bitches.”


“Oh,” Carina said with a smile, “and who is telling me this?”


“Suzanne Bold, in nature as in name.”


“Stay out of my face,” Abby said as she stared at Suzanne, before Heather skated up and said “Something wrong, girls?”


“No – the Nuns were just leaving,” Abby said quietly.  Suzanne and her friends looked at Heather, then said “We warned you” before they skated off.


“Nice girls,” Heather said quietly.  “Right – come on, off the ice, and we can decide where we’re going to eat.”


The four of them skated off and removed their blades, slipping on their boots before they walked back to Heather’s jeep.  As they strapped themselves in, however, there was a crack on the windows, and as they looked through the yolks running down the cold windows they saw the three Nuns running off.


“Right – their cards are marked,” Carina said as Heather got out and looked round.  “Damn – I need to get this cleaned now.  John told me of a place on 62nd Street he uses – can I drop you girls somewhere there for a coffee while I get this cleaned off?”





"Give me an Irish coffee Annie." Tommy the Fish called out as he stepped from the bracing winter air of New York's West Side into that warmth and comfort.  He ribbed his hands together and took off the old greatcoat he was wearing, before taking a seat and looking round.


"Who's da kids." Tommy whispered to Annie as he glanced at the three girls sitting in a booth nursing cups of coffee.

"Don't know. Came in about 30 minutes ago, they're working on their second coffees?"

Tommy looked at the three kids, they were all blondes, one was a tall kid, the other two shorter and cuter. All three wore glasses, but underneath Tommy could tell they were really cute kids…nice lookers. They certainly weren't from round here.

"Look like their slumming'" Annie remarked cattily.

"Nah probably just three nice girls wanted to come in out of the cold to your welcoming bosom Annie." The Fish leaned over the bar and gave the bar woman a little peck on the cheek.

"And Merry Christmas to youse Tommy." Annie laughed, "Though I was hoping sorta I might have got a delivery from Tiffany's as well."

Tommy smiled inwardly. The story of the uniformed messenger delivering a package for him had become a running joke amongst the patrons of the Calabria, but the Fish was more than just proud of the lion head pin he'd received that day, courtesy of two ladies whose name must go unspoken, as Tommy thought of them.





“So that’s Tommy the Fish,” Carina whispered.   “He doesn’t look like a gangster.”


“Well you don’t look like a psycho bitch” Abby hissed, receiving in return a well aimed kick in the shins from Carina’s boot.


“Ouch!” Abby cried out involuntarily as every person in the bar looked round.


“It’s okay she just spilled some hot coffee on herself,” the patrons returning to their own business at Carina’s explanation.


“That hurt Cari,” Abigail whispered as she put her hand under the table to rub her leg.


“Teach you a lesson maybe.”


“I guess so.” Abby nodded, thinking to herself “Okay so it’s only mega-bitch can make jokes about that beast in herself.”


“Anyway,” Joanne said, “I’m glad you two have made up.  I don’t know what happened, but I don’t want the two best friends I’ve got to…”


The dulcet tones of Black Sabbath sent Carina climbing into her purse for her cell.


“Oh Hi Aunt Mary,” she answered as soon as she heard the Welsh accent on the other end.


“Yeah...Yes...I’ll ask her.” Cari covered the mouthpiece. “Abby your cell is either dead or turned off…Aunt Mary is not best pleased with you, she’s been trying to get hold of you for two hours or more.”


Carina went back to her phone, “Yes she’s here…Yes I told her…Yes…Do you want to speak to her?...Okay I’ll put her on…Happy Holidays to you too.”


“Yes Mary,” Abigail spoke sheepishly in to the phone. Mary was the Style Director at CS magazine, and her patron saint as a young model.


“I Know…I know, first rule for any model. Never be out of communications, it can lose you jobs…Yes I’m sorry. I must have forgotten to turn it on…Yes I’m really sorry Mary…I promise.”


Abigail quaked slightly with fear that her modelling career was over before it had really started.


“You wanted to call and tell me what?” The phone slipped from Abby’s hand and slipped to the table.


Carina could hear Mary’s voice calling, shouting.


“Yes Aunt Mary…no it’s Carina…What happened?...No she looks like she’s in a coma…No really what did you tell her…Yes…Yes…Yes…Oh my fucking Goddess!...Oh Fuck!” Carina started bouncing up and down on her seat. “Yes…thank you…Yes.” Carina pressed end call.


“So what’s this news? Jo looked from one to the other. “Come on tell me…PLEASE!”


“They are putting Abs on the March cover of CS…She’s got the fuckin’ cover!”


“Oh Fuck!” Joanne threw her arms up in the air then hugged Abby. “You’re going to be a cover girl…you really are…”


“Pinch me.” Abigail screamed, as Carina obliged her request.


“Oh my Goddess it’s not a dream…I really am here…I’M GOING TO BE ON THE COVER OF COMPLETE STYLE!”


Suddenly all three girls were jumping up, hugging, laughing, and crying tears of happiness.


“Hey – what’s got you three all excited?”


“Abby just hit the big time,” Joanne shouted out as Heather came in, looking round the bar.  “Thanks for keeping an eye on them,” she said as she looked at the barmaid.


“They seem nice kids – behaving themselves,” Tommy said as he looked at Heather.


“Yeah – but it’s warmer in here than at Louie’s place.”


“Oh the car wash – what happened, grit and snow.”


“Girls with eggs,” Heather said as the other three joined her.  “Come on – we have things to do.”


Tommy looked at Annie and winked as they walked out.  “You don’t often see kids like that down here, do ya?”


“Nah – nice change,” Annie said as the door closed.





27th December

11 am, the Huntingwood apartment


Juliette looked up and saw Carina walking in, her head in a magazine.  Putting down the paper, she looked at her daughter, and took a deep breath.


“Would you sit down for a minute dear – I need to talk to you about something.”


“Sure Mum,” Cari said as she threw herself in a chair, “What’s on your mind?”


“Carina darling, I didn’t ask at the time, but what did you do on Christmas Eve after you left the party?”


Juliette saw her daughter visibly tense up.


“Oh not much, just wandered around really…Why?’


“Oh just curious.” Juliette sat down next to her daughter and held her tight. “You would tell me if you had got into any trouble wouldn’t you?”


“Would you really want to know?”


“Yes!” Juliette paused. “You are my daughter, the thing I love above all in this world. You are my one and…”


“You love even the creature that’s inside me?”


Juliette paused and took a long breath. “Yes I’ve come to accept her as part of you…”


“Even though she makes me do the most horrible and evil things?”


“Yes…darling was it you?”


“Was it me what?”


Juliette paused and took another huge gulp of air. “Was that sex, torture, murder – was it yours?”


Carina looked at her mother, weighing her options on what to say.


“Well was it Carina?”


“Yes.” Carina looked hard faced at her Mother.


“Oh Goddess.” Juliette felt both a slight relief that her daughter could be honest with her, but also an overall sense of worry.


“Why?” Juliette knew it was a stupid question.


“Because I felt frustrated, I felt angry, and I needed to get it out of my system.”




“Mother I know she’s in me and I try to control her, I know you and the others try to control her, but that beast, creature however you want to describe her is in me. SHE needed to do that”


“Did you think of the risk you were taking?”


“Not at the time…it was only really when real Carina reasserted herself I remembered that the clerks in the pharmacy and the sex shop had seen my face, that I was on the security cameras.”


“So the creature went back and cleaned…”


“No I did…me…the real Carina…In all the things I’ve done, I think that’s the first time I’ve done the crime…not her. I knew I had to clean up her mess, and so I went and robbed and killed the clerks in both stores. To be honest it felt very strange.”




“Yes…I can feel guilt at my actions…SHE can’t…Am I making sense?”


“Yes.” Juliette nodded and hugged her daughter. “I’m afraid you are making perfect sense.”


“It worries me?”


“What Darling.”


“That one day real Carina, or you, will not be able to clean up her mess.”


“I know…I know” Juliette hugged her daughter as Carina started to sob.  “Don’t worry, darling – we can only hope that day doesn’t come…”




30th December

10 am, the de Ros mansion


“Papa, I need to speak with you while the girls are not here.”


Guy put the newspaper down and said “Of course, my dear, what is it?”  He looked at Diana, in her grey trouser suit, blouse and high heels, and realised just how much like her mother she looked – even if her spirit was his.


“Papa you know you have hurt me and Abigail very badly this Christmas?”


Guy looked confused.


“You should never have taken Carina upstairs, you…”


“But my Cherie, the flesh was willing, so was she, what harm was being done?”


“It was still not a good thing to do.” Diana paused. “Yes I’ll accept she was a willing participant, but Papa she’s only 17 years old.”


“17 or 71…both can be good eh?”


“Papa!” Diana shouted at her father for maybe the first time in her life.


Guy looked suddenly shocked.


“You can’t go through life forever doing just as you please…One day Papa you need to grow up.”


“Young lady I will not be spoken to like that.” Guy made to leave.


“Yes you will Papa, and…” she hesitated.  “I stopped being a young lady many years ago.”


“Living in America has ruined your manners Diana.”


“Maybe Papa, but it has also taught me to look at life realistically.” Diana drew in breath. “Papa you can’t go on living this way, it’s not right, it’s not appropriate, and maybe one Christmas when you visit I might not offer to bail you out?”


“Why you ungrateful…”


“Me!...ME!...me the ungrateful one!   Papa, you turn up for Christmas to beg money, but did you remember Abigail’s birthday last summer?”


“I was busy, Yve and I were in Monte…”


“See you were busy squiring an 18 year old gold-digger round the pleasure points of the world.”




“Yes Papa she’s a little gold-digger, do you really think she loves you, or is it your money, sorry, I mean MY money, that keeps her happy?”


Guy squirmed a little unhappily.


“You know if this had been a few months earlier you could have been looking at two to four years in prison for statutory rape if Juliette had pressed charges. You are just lucky that Carina is now 17.”


“How can it be rape if she’s so willing?”


“Oh believe me Papa it can.”


“I thought you alone of my children understood…but?”


“Oh Papa I understand you very well, but from now on remember that I’m not the cash cow you’ve been treating me as…How do you think I can get this money for you…that I rob banks?”


Guy smiled at the silly idea of Diana as a criminal.


“Just remember I only have this money through wise investments…Papa you aren’t a wise investment.”


“And you are saying?” Guy wasn’t sure he wanted the answer.


“You must spend the time before you leave us asking what is most important to you. Your daughter and granddaughter, or a mistress and a playboy lifestyle…it’s your decision Papa.”


Diana stood up and walked out of the room. She felt better for having said all that.




12.30 pm

Ossining, NY


Carina and Abigail sat in Carina’s car opposite the Citibank branch on Pleasentville Road. To outward appearances they were just two ordinary teenagers, parked, drinking a soda, probably waiting for a girlfriend to show up.


On a normal day that might have been so, today though they were working. They sat in studied silence watching the comings and goings, watching just to see that everything was routine, everything was normal.


Carina’s mother spent months researching the gang’s bank jobs, various members of the Pussycat gang had been coming up here taking notes, getting to know the layout for weeks.


As always Juliette had picked a prime time, the bank would be full of the cash deposited by local retailers from the first few days of post Christmas sales. The Armoured Car Company wouldn’t be collecting it yet. It was ready for the taking, ready for a visit from America’s most notorious gang.


Juliette’s research was so thorough they knew the names of every teller, each guard, when they arrived for work, when they left, where they lived, and what cars they drove. The case notes for the crime ran to maybe 50 pages of words, diagrams, maps and pictures. Nothing was too small to be noted, no detail too trivial.


“Okay,” Abby said as she saw a tall, dark haired man walk out of the bank, “that’s the main man, Alan Porter, on his way to the deli.  Will he meet wifey or kiddy today?”


“Kiddy,” Carina said as she saw a girl with dark hair walk down the street, wearing a pair of jeans with black Ugg boots and a turtle necked sweater.  “Hang on though, kiddy has a friend – look.”


Heather looked at the girl with her, her red hair in a ponytail.  She was wearing a grey sweatshirt, black leggings and knee length leather boots, but that wasn’t what caught her eye.


“I don’t believe it – it’s that Nun who threw the eggs, and she’s hugging Daddy and kiddy.  Think they’re related?”


Carina shook her head.  “No idea – but Mom can find out,” she said as she took out her cell phone.



31st December

3 pm, JFK Airport


“I am sorry you need to leave early, Papa – but I understand if you have been called away.”


Guy smiled, a genuine smile as he hugged and kissed Diana and Abigail.


“I know, but I have business that cannot wait – I must start the year with a clean slate.”


“Will we say you next year, Grandpapa?”


“You might see me before that,” Guy said with a smile, before he waved and walked through the Gold channel.


“Goodbye,” Diana called before he moved out of sight.  “Well, we can relax a little now,” Diana said quietly.  “With his early departure, we can all gather at the farm tonight.  With the kids at George’s house for the New Year holiday, we can have some time together.”


“Sounds good,” Abby said, “I want to get some aggression out of me.”


8 pm

The Farm


“Right,” Juliette said as she sat back at the table, Heather and Joanne clearing away the dinner plates.  “Let’s go over the plan for tomorrow.  Diana, Sandy, Heather.”


“Head to the mall, select our usual pair of suitable vehicles and bring them back here.  Heather does her usual checks and plate change.”


“Jo, Cari, Abby?”


“We’re on final bank watch and check – but being extra careful to look out for the nun.”


Juliette nodded – it turned out Alan Porter was the uncle of this Suzanne Bold, and she knew the girls were itching to meet her.


“Exactly – she must not see you,” Juliette said with a smile.  “Back here for 4 pm, we change, and we aim to arrive at the house for 9 pm.  Roles on the entry.”


Diana smiled as she said “Subdue his charming wife.”


“We get the girls,” Cari said as she looked at the other two.


“We check the house, secure it, and look for possible materials for use,” Heather said as she looked at Sandy.


“And I keep things nice and simple.  I know a lot has happened this week, and we all have things we need to get out of our system, but remember – keep it professional.


“7 am, we take Daddy to the bank – and it’s time to draw lots for babysitting.”  She picked up a bag and jangled it, saying “You know the rules – white ball stays, black ball comes to the bank.”


Juliette reached in and drew a ball out, looking it and breathing a sigh of relief that it was black.  She let out an even bigger sigh of relief when Carina also drew a black ball.


“You get to keep an eye on me Mum,” she said with a little smile as Joanne reached in – and drew out the white ball.


“Oh well, I may still get to have some fun,” she said as Diana also drew out a white ball.  She smiled as the others all drew black balls.


“Right – So Diana and Joanne, you babysit, then join us at the farm later.  We take Daddy to the bank, and do what we do so well.  Heather – we are due to arrive?”




“The bank guard always arrives at 08:10 – Sandy, you deal with him.”




“If necessary.”


Sandy nodded as Juliette sat back  “Use whatever knowledge you need to keep the staff in line – but I want to be out of there by 09:30 hours.  And I want to be back here by 11:00.”


The women looked round and nodded at each other.  “Right,” Juliette said as she stood up, “enough work – let’s watch some films.”


“What have you got – Teenage Bloodbath?”


“No,” Joanne said as she fetched over a laptop and set it up, “I want us to watch some films for an idea I’ve had for some time.”


“Oh,” Diana said, “What idea?”


Joanne smiled as she started a clip on YouTube of a program, in which an armoured car was rammed and robbed…


The gang gathered round the table, as Joanne ran various videos on YouTube.


“The biggest problem with armored vans as opposed to banks,” mused Juliette, “is that they are mobile. First thing you need to do is stop the damn things.”


“But they do carry an awfully tempting lot of money.”


“True Sandy.” Juliette closed her eyes as she thought deeply.


“See in this one they block it in with two vans.” Joanne pointed out. “One in front, one behind, sandwich it.”


“Even when you stop it though you still have to get them to open up?” Diana questioned.


“Take someone on the trucks loved ones hostage…works in banks.” Abby chipped in.


“Need to do a lot of research…right Mom.” Carina glanced sideways.


“See in this one they smash a truck into it…” Jo pointed out.


“We still need that back door, and security cage opened…right?” Abby asked.


“Here they smoke ‘em out.” Jo flipped up another movie robbery. “Tear gas inside.”


“We’d need gas masks…” Sandy said aloud.


“But they look so ugly…not really Pussycat style.” Diana corrected her friend.




Juliette opened her eyes. “Ladies we can do it….it will be hard, but it will be a challenge.”


“Are you sure?” Sandy sounded doubtful. “It’s out in the open, it’s not a controlled environment like indoors.”


“I know.” Juliette smiled. “That’s why as the girls say we stack the deck by taking hostages.”


“They have the drivers wife in this one.” Jo flipped up yet another heist on screen.


“We will see who’s vulnerable?” Juliette mused


“It will have to be quick and violent.” Carina remarked as she had Jo rerun a clip. “Speed is everything.”


“How about we have someone’s kid in the van like in this one?” Jo found another clip


“Oh like we grabbed you?” Abby teased.


“Yeah but this one we don’t keep.”


“Interesting idea.” Juliette closed her eyes again. “We have her in the van dressed as a pussycat. We maybe even have her waving an empty shotgun.  The guard knows he doesn’t co-operate though we pop her on the spot.”


“Oooh sounds like my kind of plan,” cooed Carina.


"So ideally," Juliette said, "we'd need to do take the family hostage the night before - no, two families, hold them in one house.

"Then we ram the van, with one of the kids as a false pussycat.  Easy cannon fodder, especially, if we use a flesh coloured plaster gag.  We stop the van, we use something to pull the back door off, kill the guards, take the money, and get out.

"All we need now is a viable target..."


They could see Juliette’s mind at work, before Carina looked at the clock.


“Oh my Goddess, it’s nearly twelve,” she said as she left the table, “Hang on everyone.”


She ran from the room, returning with two bottles and a set of glasses.  Putting them down, she watched as Diana looked at her watch.


“Five…  Four… Three… Two… One…  HAPPY NEW YEAR!”


The girls hugged each other, Heather and Sandy embracing and kissing as Juliette opened the bottles and poured the drinks.  “Here’s to a good new year,” she said as she handed the glasses round, “Out with the old, and in with the new.  Are you with me?”


“YES,” they all shouted as they raised their glasses, and then started to dance round the room.





1st January

7 pm, The Farm




Carina looked round as Abigail stood in the doorway, watching her friend as she rouged her lips.


“Hey – need a hand with the thing?”


“In a minute – but I need to know something.  Which Carina was it?”


Putting the lipstick down, Carina turned and looked at her friend.  “Abby, honestly, I don’t know myself.  I’m sorry I hurt you, and believe me, I would do anything for it not to have happened, but it did.”


“Yeah, I know, and figured that was the answer,” Abby said.  “Come on, help me on with this.”


Cari held the padding in front of Abby and then fastened it in place, before she put on the black silk blouse and buttoned it up the front, leaving the top two buttons undone.  She then slipped on the sheer black hose, covering her long legs before slipping into the short maroon skirt, the material barely coming to her knees and rising as she sat down to put on her four inch stiletto heeled shoes.


“I love the way these outfits look on us,” Cari said as she slipped in her contact lenses, and then started to dress as well.  Anny slipped on the fitted maroon jacket, fastening it up before she selected a red and gold scarf, folding it into a neat band and tying it around her neck, the ends hanging over her left shoulder.


She sat at the table, and pushed her blonde hair up before fixing the black wig over it, adjusting the way it sat so that it framed her head.  “There,” she finally said as she stood up, and held Carina’s jacket for her to put on, “I’m ready to go to work.  You?”


“Oh yes,” Carina said as she pulled the short black leather gloves on, “I am most definitely ready to go to work.  Come on, let’s join the others.”


Abigail looked into the eyes of carina, seeing the beast start to stare back.  “Let’s do this,” she said as they walked down the stairs, and joined the others.





Milard Avenue, Philipse Manor, Sleepy Hollow


“Suzanne, you little minx, you didn’t?”


“I did,” Suzanne said as she looked over at her cousin, grinning at the reaction to the tale.  She was curled up in a chair, holding a cup of coca in her hands, while Barbara Porter looked on in mock horror. 


“Stop teasing your cousin, Suzanne,” Barbara’s mother said from the kitchen.  The two girls were seventeen, but while Suzanne had red hair, and wore a large brown sweater over black leggings and high slipper socks, Barbara was much more gentle, her short dark hair hidden under a grey bandana as she wore a pair of light blue pyjamas.


Elaine was wearing a long white cardigan, with a wide belt holding the panels closed over her pink jumper and blue jeans.  “Well, at least it’s going to a nice, quiet night,” she said as she walked into the front room.


Only for that notion to be destroyed as the front door was thrown open and she saw seven women walk in, dressed identically in maroon jackets and tight, short skirts, black silk blouses, sheer stockings and very high heeled shoes.


IT wasn’t their dress that caught the attention of the girls, however – it was the sawn-off shotguns three of the women held in front of them as they stood, staring at them through the Stocking masks that covered their heads.


“Where’s your fucking husband, bitch,” one of them, with a red silk scarf tied between the stocking and her blouse, said as she pushed the barrel of her gun into her stomach.  Elaine could only whimper as she pointed upstairs, watching as two more of the women walked up, the last one closing and locking the door behind them.


“What the fuck are you…” she heard Alan call out, before he was almost pushed down the stairs.  He took one look at the other women, and then at his family, before he went pale and said “shit – oh shit, not us.”


“Yes, it fucking well is you, dipshit,” the women standing with Elaine said.  “Allow me to introduce myself – I am known as Miss Panther, and we are The Pussycat Gang.”


“NOOOOO!!” Barbara screamed, before one of the three with her put the end of her gun into the girl’s mouth and said “please, give me an excuse.”


“That will be enough for now, Miss Tigress,” Miss Panther said.  “You’ve heard of us, you know what we are capable of – so do you think it’s a fucking good idea to scream or raise the alarm, you pair of fuckwads?”


“Elaine, girls,” Alan Porter said quietly, “for fucks sake do exactly what they say.  They’ve killed before now.”


“Sound advice,” Miss Panther said as another of the women opened a large duffle bag, and took out several coils of rope.  “Right – who wants to be first?”


“We don’t have to listen to you,” Suzanne said as she stood up, only to collapse again as Miss Cheetah hit her between her legs with her gun.  Miss Lynx walked behind her as the others looked on.


"You know most bank robbers say we are only after the money and we don't want to hurt anybody." Miss Panther laughed lightly. "But that wouldn't really be the truth with us. We enjoy hurting people who get out of line or do stupid things….Don't we Miss Lynx?"

"Very much so," she giggled sinisterly as she yanked the girls head back by the hair.

"So just remember before you try anything fucking stupid that none of us will have the slightest trouble killing you, and that just for kicks we might kill your loved ones as well.  Now tie the two junior bitches up.”


“With pleasure, Miss Panther,” Miss Bobcat said as she took some rope and yanked Barbara’s arms behind her back, and tightly bound her wrists together as Miss Cheetah covered them both.  Miss Lynx pulled Suzanne’s wrists above her head, and bound them tightly, before pulling them down her back and securing them to the rear chair leg.


“That fucking hurts,” she screamed out, only to fall silent as Miss Cheetah put the business end of the gun against her head, whispering “Want to see first-hand just how fucking serious we can be, you little bitch?”


She whimpered and shook her head while Miss Puma wound the rope around Elaine’s arms, making her groan as the ropes bit into her flesh, before forcing her to kneel and securing her ankles.  Miss Bobcat bound the ankles of the two girls in the same way, before Miss Leopard said “I’ll look upstairs – make sure we’re alone.”


“See what else you can find,” Miss Panther said as she pulled a chair and made Alan sit in it, watching as the three women were gagged with flannels pushed into their mouths, and tape wound round their heads.  “Now then, Mister Porter, you behave, your family behaves, and we make a withdrawal from your bank tomorrow.  Do you think you can keep that uppermost in whatever steaming pile of horse shit you have turning through your minuscule, prehensile brain at the moment?”


Alan nodded as he looked at his wife, daughter and niece, the panic still building in him as Miss Lynx sat down and stroked her gloved hands down Barbara’s legs.


“Hey cutie,” she said very quietly, “want to show mummy and daddy just how much a fuck machine you are?”


“Whtrutlkgnbt,” Elaine mumbled as she looked at her daughter.


“Oh didn’t you know,” Miss Bobcat said as she sat next to Elaine and smiled.  “Your daughter, dahlin, is the original eager little doe for all the rutting stags in her year.  Isn’t that right, you fucking machine you?”


“Tsntrrr,” Barbara mumbled, but as Miss Cheetah looked down she laughed and said “I can see she is – she’s wet already just at the thought of it.”


“Lvvmcsnln,” Suzanne said, only to cower as Miss Lynx stroked the barrel of her gun down her chest and said “Or what, you little shitwhore?  What are you fucking going to do about it, eh?  Think you can take on the three of us?”


“Patience, Miss Lynx,” Miss Panther said with a smile, “why don’t you. Miss Bobcat and Miss Tigress take these two little fuckers upstairs and look after them?”


“That sounds like fun, doesn’t it sugah,” Miss Bobcat said, her rich Louisiana accent hanging in the air as she forced Barbara to her feet and made her hop to the stairs.  Miss Lynx untied Suzanne’s wrists and then pulled her off the seat, Miss Tigress following as she dragged the young girl across the floor and up the stairs on her bound knees.


“What are they going to do,” Alan asked Miss Panther as she watched them reach the top.


“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the fucking answer to, motherfucker,” Miss Panther then snarled at Alan, before she looked at his wife.  “Miss Puma, Miss Cheetah – do you like the manager’s wife’s outfit?”


“No we do not,” Miss Cheetah said as she stepped forward, the light reflecting off her brooch, “it offends us.  Miss Puma, fetch a pair of scissors please.”


Miss Puma smiled as she went into the kitchen, returning with a pair of kitchen shears which she used to cut Elaine’s top off.  As she shivered, she felt Miss Cheetah caress her from behind, whispering “we’ll soon warm you up,” as she squeezed her breasts hard.


Elaine moaned into her gag, in a mixture of fear, surprise and enjoyment, as Miss Panther said “Right, Alan – let’s discuss tomorrow morning…”




2nd January

12.30 pm, the Porter home


“Don’t they make a lovely couple together?”


Suzanne and Barbara were sitting back to back, Miss Tigress pulling a rope between them that forced their naked backs together.  The scraps of cloth that had been their clothes were lying in a heap on the floor, while their wrists had now been bound in front of them before they were pulled behind their heads, and linked with a short length of cord.


Their legs were bent at the knees, and their ankles secured to their thighs, while Miss Bobcat was searching through Barbara’s jewellery boxes.  Miss Lynx was watching both of them, a grin on her face as she looked over their heaving chests.


“Hey – want to play a game of truth or consequences?”


“Whthssythhttt,” Barbara said as she looked up.


“We ask questions, you nod for yes or shake your head for no,” Miss Tigress said as she walked over.  “If you get it right, you get rewarded.  Get it wrong, there are consequences.  For example, are you Barbara Porter?”


Barbara slowly nodded her head, as Miss Tigress said “Correct,” kneeling in front of her and massaging her chest as she started to moan.


“Your turn, dahlin,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked at Suzanne, “Are you an Angel at school?”


Suzanne nodded her head, as Miss Bobcat stroked her hair.  “Oh dear sugah, you are a terrible liar,” she said as she pinched her nipples hard between her gloved fingers.  “You attend Sacred Heart,” she continued, ignoring her screams of pain.


“Next question,” Miss Tigress said as Miss Lynx handed her a pair of earrings, the gems sparkling in the light as she twirled them round.  “Real diamonds?”


Barbara stared at them turning over in her mind what might happen if she lied, hearing her cousin’s muffled gasps of pain behind her.  Slowly, she nodded her head.


“I do believe she is telling the truth,” Miss Lynx said, Miss Tigress nodding as she stroked her gloved hand up between the young girl’s legs.  “See, the game can be fun, even if you are a spoilt little fucker who thinks every man is there for her to suck off.”


“Which brings us back to you,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked at Suzanne.  “Is your cousin the easiest fuck in her school?”


Suzanne looked at her, her eyes filled with tears, and mumbled “Msree” as she nodded her head.


“So it is true, you little cocksucker – you are easy,” Miss Tigress said as she looked at Barbara, smiling as the young woman shook her head from side to side.  “Oh dear, and you were doing so well,” she said with a smile as she suddenly squeezed her breast, and fastened a clothes pin over her nipple, making her scream in reply.


“Now, next question…”











Elaine was moaning in fear and tension as she knelt on the floor, her clothes cut away as Miss Puma continued to slowly pull the knotted rope between her legs, making her feel so close to an orgasm she thought she was going to burst.


“She does appear to be enjoying herself, the dirty little shitass,” Miss Leopard said as she and Miss Panther sat either side of Alan.  “Don’t you think so, arsefucker?”


Alan could only moan, his mouth stuffed with his own boxer shorts and the tape wrapped round his head to keep them in.  His arms were tied tightly to the arms of the chair he was sitting in, while his pants sat down around his ankles – the result of his wife being forced to give him a blow job by the others.


“By the way,” Miss Leopard said as Miss Cheetah pulled hard on the rope between Elaine’s breasts, making them turn purple in the pressure, “the safe upstairs Alan – we need the combination, or your wife gets a new rectum exit”


Alan’s eyes widened as he saw Miss Puma pick up the electric whisk, and nodded to show he would tell them.


“Excellent, fuckwipe – go with Miss Leopard and show her.”


He groaned as Elaine screamed in pleasure, while Miss Leopard cut him from the chair and made him jump up the stairs…





Suzanne was screaming in agony, as Miss Lynx attached a second peg to her lips between her legs, the two on her chest making her breasts throb in agony.


“Well, stop lying to us, your fucking little pile of shitfaced pus,” Miss Lynx said as she stood up, and yanked her arms down her back.  “Honestly, it’s a fucking simple game.”


“I think Barbara is enjoying it,” Miss Tigress said as she used her gloved finger in the dark haired girl’s moist passage, the pegs on her nipples now making Barbara feel horny as hell rather than afraid.  She had never experienced anything like this before, and something inside her wanted more.


“Whtsshhpppnnngg,” Suzanne sobbed as the three masked women looked at her.


“I think she needs to lighten up, ladies,” Miss Bobcat said as she walked over and unplugged the fairy lights around Barbara’s bed, pulling them away as she did so.


“What so you have in mind,” Miss Cheetah said as Miss Bobcat brought them over.


“Untie them,” she said with a smile, “they need some time apart.  Put happy girl on the bed, and leave the sobbing little shit to me.”


Suzanne let her hands drop in front of her as they were released, but the relief lasted only for a moment, as Miss Bobcat pulled them behind her and tied the with the middle of the lights wire.  As it was wrapped tightly round her arms and chest, she feared what might be about to happen.






Elaine collapsed onto her side, panting heavily as her third orgasm in a row faded away.


“That’s a good mummy,” Miss Cheetah said as she stroked her head, “You have a nice long rest now.”


As she stood up, she embraced Miss Puma, Elaine watching through rapidly closing eyes as she throbbed and ached everywhere…





Suzanne stared in horror as Miss Bobcat held the plug for the fairy lights in her hand.  Her chest and arms were now enclosed by the wire and bulbs, the glass pressing on her nipples and flesh, but even worse a second set had been tied between her legs, pressing firmly on her damp slit as she sat against the wall.  That set were already plugged in, as Miss Bobcat plugged the second set in.


“There – how are we doing over there, dahlin,” she said as she looked over at Miss Tigress and Miss Lynx.


“Just fine, Miss Bobcat,” Miss Lynx said as she looked over.  Barbara was now tied spread-eagled on the bed, as Miss Tigress ran a leather crop over her red nipples.  She then suddenly brought it down hard on them, making Barbara call out as it hit her sensitive body – but Suzanne did not know if it was pain or pleasure she felt, as the crop came down on her chest and between her legs.


“She seems just fine, but it’s time to light up your life,” Miss Bobcat said as she turned on the two strings of lights, Suzanne screaming as the bulbs heated up and burned her….






2nd January

6.30 am, The Porter Residence.



Alan looked up from the bed, his eyes opened in shock as Miss Leopard looked at him.


“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it,” she said quietly as she replaced the night stick, “now stand up.”


He slowly shuffled backwards and stood, the ache between his cheeks still present as she ripped the tape from his head, removed the cloth and untied his hands.


“Shower, shave, and dress as always – time for you to go to work.”


“What about…”


“Don’t talk to me, you miserable little turd,” Miss Leopard said as she looked at him, “get dressed.”



When he came downstairs, Alan saw Elaine tied tightly to one of the kitchen chairs, duct tape wrapped tightly over her eyes and mouth.  “It’s me, love,” he said quietly as he put his hands on her shoulders, “Are you all right?”


She nodded, too scared to say anything as Miss Panther stood up.  “Good, good – ready to get to the branch I see.  We’ll head off in a few minutes – when your girls are down here.”


“What’s keeping them anyway,” Miss Puma said to Miss Cheetah.


“I’ll go and look,” she said, but before she moved the other three returned, bringing Suzanne and Barbara with them.  Suzanne had red marks around her chest and belly, and walked quietly, as if she was too scared of something to do anything.


Barbara had a smile on her face, a lop sided one as she sat down and put her hands through the back of the chair without a word, humming to herself as Miss Bobcat tied her in place.


“I can see you both had fun,” Miss Puma said as the other two tied Suzanne to the chair, her sobbing muffled by the knotted bandana that sat between her teeth.  Once she was tied in place, tape was wound round her eyes and mouth, Barbara nodding quietly as she received the same treatment.


“All right,” Miss Panther said as she stood up, “Miss Leopard and Miss Bobcat will stay here with your family, shitbreath.  They behave, they live.  You behave they live.  You screw us, or they screw around they die.  Understand?”


Alan nodded as Miss Panther said “good – you ride with us,” taking his arm as Miss Leopard and Miss Bobcat stood guard at the kitchen table.  He took one look back at them before he was frogmarched out of the house.


“Strap in,” Miss Cheetah said as she reversed the Ford Galaxy down the path, along Milard Avenue, and then left onto Broadway, heading north.


“Nice morning for a drive,” Miss Puma said as the car drove up the tree lined avenue.



They drove past the Sleepy Hollow cemetery, and onto the highway as they continued to head north.  Alan looked out of the window, as Miss Lynx checked her weapon and smiled at him.


“Don’t worry, shithead,” she said quietly, “my friends will take real good care of your family.  We certainly did last night, didn’t we Miss Tigress.”


“We most certainly did – I think your daughter will have a completely new outlook on life now,” the other woman said with her soft accent.


Turning onto Albany Post Rd/South highway Ave, he saw the sun starting to rise in the distance, but the car kept going, past the Fire Department and the Episcopal church they attended. Any other day he would have enjoyed the journey to work, past the country club and into town, but this was not an ordinary day.


Turning right onto Scarborough Road, they kept going, Miss Lynx giggling to herself as the sun started to rise further.  “Nice houses,” Miss Tigress said as they drove past, “we should visit them some day.”


“Mind on the job ladies,” Miss Panther said as they kept going, turning right and then left onto Old Briarcliff Road.  Eventually emerging from the trees, Miss Cheetah drove left onto Pleasantville road, and they entered Ossington.


Passing the lake on the left, they finally came into the town, arriving in the car lot on the left at 7:45 precisely.


“Very good, Miss Cheetah,” Miss Panther said as she opened the door, “You keep watch here.  Everyone else with me – time for you to open up Alan.”







The Porter Residence.


“Want some eggs?”


“No thanks, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said, and then she said “May I have two raw ones?”


“Of course,” Miss Leopard said as she handed them to the smaller woman.  She walked across the floor, the heels of her shoes clicking as she did so, and then stood behind Suzanne, smiling as she cracked the eggs over her bear nipples and ground the shells into her scorched flesh.


“Whtsstththth,” she moaned as Miss Bobcat wiped the egg off her hands.


“I would tell you,” she said quietly, “but then I would have to kill you.”


Suzanne nodded, knowing she meant it.



8.10 am

Citibank, Ossington.


“Good morning Mister Porter, how are…”


“Shut the fuck up bitch,” Miss Puma said as she forced the female bank guard onto her knees, and sip tied her wrists behind her back.  “We’re the Pussycat Gang, and this is a fucking robbery, got it?”


“I got it,” she said quietly, 2I won’t give you any trouble.  I want to see my kids tonight.”


“Sensible move,” Miss Panther said as she brought the nightstick down on the back of her head, sending her sprawling to the floor.  Alan could only watch from the counter, where Miss Tigress and Miss Lynx stood by him with their guns in their hands.


The next to arrive were two female tellers, wrapped up well against the cold – but the chill they felt as Miss Tigress and Miss Lynx secured their wrists behind their backs, their ankles together, and placed their shotguns against the back of their heads, facing the door.


One by one the rest of the staff arrived , and were secured by one of the two masked women, their red scarves and outfits catching the attention of the staff as much as the shotguns. 


“Right, you fucking stupid piles of shit,” Miss Panther said as the last of the staff were bound, “Just stay where you are – move a fucking inch, and my ladies will blow your head off.  Miss Puma, assist em with the money, please.”  She dragged Alan off as he shouted “Please, they have my family hostage” to his staff.


“You fucking sadists – what gives you the right to do this to us?”


“What gives us the right?”  Miss Lynx walked over to the dark haired teller who had said it, staring into her blue eyes.  “What gives us the fucking right?  How old are you, you little shewhore?”


“What does it matter to you, you little bitch?”


“Allow me,” Miss Tigress said as she walked over, and forced the end of her shotgun into the woman’s mouth.  “My friend here asked a question, how old are you?”




The shot reverberated round the hall as the woman fell over, the older woman next to her screaming before Miss Lynx shot her in the head as well.  “Anyone else want to argue with us,” she said as she smiled at Miss Tigress, the other masked woman smiling in return.




8.45 am
The Porter Residence.


Miss Leopard pulled Barbara’s head back, and let it go as she giggled through the gag.


“You really turned her last night,” she said to Miss Bobcat, who nodded as she picked up a cushion.


“Whtrrugnggtd,” Elaine said as she looked round.


“Relax, it will all be over soon,” Miss Bobcat said as she held the cushion to the back of Suzanne’s head, and then put the business end of a pistol next to the cushion.


There was a sound like a soft thud, and then Suzanne’s head fell forward, the moans stopping as it did so.


Miss Leopard nodded as Miss Bobcat put the cushion down, and then said “Let’s go – out job’s done here.”


Elaine looked up as she heard the two women leave, and then said “Rullrttbarbrr?”










“Why did you kill the redhead,” Diana asked Joanne as they drove off.


“She insulted us, and damaged Heather’s car,” Joanne said as she looked out of the window.  “Reason enough in my book.”



9 am

Alan grunted as the tape was smoothed over his mouth, and he was pushed to the floor next to the unconscious guard and the rest of his staff, the two dead women where they had fallen.


“Thank you for your cooperation, dipshits,” Miss Panther said as the other four women carried the bags of money out.  “Nobody fucking moves – or we visit your house next.”

They watched over their tape gags as they walked out, their maroon skirts moving with every step, the three and four inch heels clicking on the floor, as Alan Porter broke down and wept.

“How much,” Heather said as she pulled off the stocking mask and drove off.


“I estimate five mill,” Juliette said as she looked at the town coming to life.  “Right now, let’s just get out of here – I want to shower and relax for a while before going back to the apartment.”


She looked at Carina and said “How are you feeling, dear?”


“We’re 110 percent, Aunt Ju,” Abby said as she looked at Carina.  Cari nodded in agreement, as the car sped off…







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