The Philadelphia Story – Part 2









9.30 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


"So how was your date darling?" Juliette asked as Ingrid came into the drawing room where her father and Juliette were watching TV.


"That bad?" Klaus raised an eyebrow.

"Oh I suppose not, but I do rather resent going out with a man and all he can do is talk about another girl." she flopped into an armchair.

"Oh who?" asked Klaus.

"Joanne - he wouldn't stop talking about how marvelous she'd been on the shoot all weekend."

"With the inference..."

"That Cari and I had been terrible when he shot us." Ingy finished the sentence.

"Well you didn't really want to go out with him anyway." Juliette smiled.

"I know I didn't, so tell me why in my right mind am I going out with him again on Wednesday?"


“A sense of self-immolation perhaps?  Wishing to pay the full price for the delivery later this week?”


Klaus, stop it,” Juliette said, “leave the poor girl alone.  Although I have to say – two dates with a man you can’t stand?”


“I know, I know – and if I ask Cari, she’ll laugh at me.”


“So ask Jo or Abby – they know him as well, remember?”


“Yeah, I may do that – thanks.”





Tuesday 14th April

11 am

Conshohocken, PA


“Well, what do you think?”


The agent stood back and watched as the two older women looked round, one of them running a hand over the furniture.


“It is discrete?  No, how you say, nosy neighbours?”


“Privacy guaranteed.  Entrance through the gates by key code only, or admittance from the house.”


“And available for occupation from this weekend?”


“For the month as requested.”


The other woman looked out on the spacious back yard, and smiled.


“Perfect – allow us to consult with our clients, but if they are in agreement we will call to your office with three months in advance, cash, in return for the key and the keycodes.”


“And a sizable bonus to you for your help,” the other woman said.


“Well, I await your call,” he said as the dollar signs flashed in his eyes.


“If we may have a few moments?”


“Of course,” he said as he left them in the front room.




“Perfect,” Diana whispered, “but I need to consult first.  Let’s find a quiet hotel and get in touch.”


12.30 pm

The Refectory


"Are you looking forward to the Delaware Relays Meet Jo?" Betsy Silowski asked over lunch.

"Yeah, should be fun, this 4x 1 mile according to Coach Kelly we should have every chance of winning."

"I hear you and she are staying on for the Sunday as well?"

"Yeah I sort of wanna watch some of the collegiate events, see what the standard looks like."

"Well I'm coming back Saturday night."

"Yeah Coach and I were thinking of driving home Monday morning.  We’ve been excused given the importance of the meet – and Jeannie and friends get a Monday morning without Math."


“Can I get a Hallelujah for that,” Jeannie said as she wheeled past, high fiving Jo as she did so.



The Huntingdown Apartment


"Abby and I are walking a show in Philadelphia on Saturday night." Juliette typed into her computer. 

"And Diana and I are going along to see the sites." Carina added.

"Convenient how we all seem to have reasons to be in Pennsylvania this coming weekend." typed in Sandy. "We are taking the car down to try Pocono out on Saturday and Sunday morning, then driving home Monday, isn't that a coincidence."

"Isn't it just?" Juliette laughed aloud as she typed the words.


“Well, we may have the base of operations sorted out,” Diana typed, “near a small town, 40 mins north of the city.  Convenient for a very large, very open shopping mall as well.”


“And we can get immediate exclusive access?”


“We can balance it against the expenses.”


“All right, Diana, proceed.  I trust your judgment.”


“What of the others?”


“Doc is coming with Caroline as an observer on a security visit, Penny, Lily and Maddie are on business in Philly this weekend for Xavier International.”


“Good – we meet Thursday for final planning…”



7 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


“Juliette, dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.”


“I’ll be down as soon as I finish this e-mail,” Juliette called down as she logged into the secure network, the face of Cathy Lo in Hong Kong appearing on the screen.


“Good morning Cathy,” Juliette said, “What can I do for you today?”


"The Honoured Master has a request to make of you Juliette." Cathy spoke from her home.

"I'll be happy to help him if I can."

"There is an apartment on the third floor of your target building."

Juliette sat back, and said "We weren't planning to work that low in the building."

"The owner possesses a 5th Century illustrated manuscript the master would very much like to possess as well as some very early paintings."

"I'm not sure..."

"He is prepared to pay $20 million dollars if you should retrieve all the items he requests."

"Damn Cathy, that much?"

"Yes indeed, it seems he very much wishes to possess these objects. If it might help the operation I can tell you the owners are not in residence."

"So it is really just a burglary?"

“Exactly Juliette."

"I'll need to consult, but I think for such a generous reward..."

"He thought you might consider the idea." Cathy smiled.

"So how are Marina and Kylie settling in?"


“Very well – both are busy preparing for the day with a morning exercise routine with Helen as I speak.  Kylie will spend her first day at the school today, while Marina accompanies me on a business meeting with some associates.”


“A simple meeting, I hope?”


“Indeed – to be conducted in English, but they have a propensity to slip into Russian.  With Helen present, and Marina taking notes, it could prove – illuminating.”


Juliette laughed as she said “very well – I will raise it with the ladies, but I do not see an objection.  I’ll get Heather onto that one.”



8 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“Now who could that be,” Sandy said as the front door was knocked on.  Walking to the front door and opening it, she was surprised to see Missy Auerbach standing there.


"Good evening Missy we don't see you here often." Sandy said as she greeted her visitor.

"Is Jo here?"

"I'm sorry she isn't,” Sandy said as she let the agent come in, “she has a meet down at the University of Delaware this coming weekend, she's out training."

"Okay - well it's you and Heather I came to really see anyway."

"Did I hear my name taken in vain?" Heather came in from the office room.

"Not really." Missy smiled as they sat in the drawing room. "Look I'll come straight to the point, can we talk about Jo and modeling?"

"I thought I once heard you say that while Jo was a beautiful girl, her future lay outside modeling?" Sandy asked.

"I did say that,” Missy said as she say back, “and it's another one of those occasions I might be proved wrong."

"Oh?" asked Heather.

"Put simply I'd like you to look at these." Missy pulled a file of photographs out of her brief case and handed them over.

"Wow, I wasn't a professional model very long, but I know quality when I see it." Sandy looked at the prints, passing each carefully to Heather.

"Damn! Little sister looks gorgeous."

"Doesn't she just." Missy smiled again. "Adam Cabot and Alice were impressed during the shoot, they were even more impressed when Adam worked on these today."

"I can see why." Heather muttered.

"Put simply Adam wants to use Jo as a model again for a couple of projects he has to shoot."

"He does know Jo doesn't overly want to model?" Heather asked.

"He does, but what he has in mind he can do over the summer before she starts school...Look Heather I know Jo was thinking of a part-time job to help pay for college, why doesn't she do a little modeling?"

"Well I know she'd appreciate the money."

"It would free her up from working during school time." Sandy nodded.

"Would you maybe have a talk with her? I'd like to offer her the same contract as Carina has with the agency."

"I can try." Heather looked up as she heard her sister come in the back door.


“Hey Missy,” Jo said as she came in, “what brings you to this far flung place.”


“To let you see the advertising photos,” Missy said as Heather handed them over.


Dammit, how do they make me look like that,” Jo said as she looked through them.


“Well, if you wanted, Adam was serious about working with you again…”


“Not tonight Missy, please – I just want to get to bed and sleep.  Let me know what he’s thinking of and we’ll talk about it later.”


The three women watched as Jo slowly walked up the stairs.


“I’ll talk to her and get back to you,” Sandy said as she walked Missy to the door.  “Might be next week though – she’s back with Annie on Monday.”


“No problem – let me know what she says,” Missy said as she went out, closing the door behind her.



8 pm

The Village


"Okay Alicia, I'll ring and tell all the girls...yes I know in a way it's a compliment, I just hope the girls see it that way...Alright I'll talk to you at school tomorrow...Byeee."

"Problems?" Caroline asked as Annie turned her phone off.

"More a challenge then a problem. The meet organizers have moved us into the open division, out of the small schools category."

"What does that mean? Tougher opposition?"

"Much tougher, our girls will be running against some of the best schools in the nation."

"All three relay squads?"

"Yep, now just making the finals will be an achievement, we medal and it will be outstanding."

"Well I think that is just proof of how good the girls have been all year." Ama joined the conversation, "I think most of them will welcome the opportunity."

"I’d better ring the girls then start my research." Annie looked at her watch. "This might be a late night."

"Well don't kill yourself Annie, it's only another track meet..."

"Caroline for some of these girls this could now be the biggest meet of their lives."

"Well just remember we have something else to do this weekend as well?"

"I won't." Annie grinned.  “But business before pleasure…”



Wednesday 15th April

8 am

The Village


Ama slowly sipped her orange juice as she looked at Caroline.


"So if anyone asks Mom you are climbing with Penny in the Poconos?"

"That's it,” Caroline said as she looked over the breakfast table.

"And really?"

"Ama my darling,” she said quietly, “do you really want to know?"

"Probably better I don't." Ama sipped her juice.

"I don't want you worrying." Caroline tried to smile reassuringly. "You just enjoy your weekend at Pepsi's please."


“I will – and thank you.  I must get going now – I understand you are collecting Lily today?”


“Indeed,” Caroline said as she sipped her coffee, “I need to discuss a recent party she hosted…”



9 am

Xavier Holdings, New York


“You seem settled, Penny?”


“Well, Susan runs a tight ship,” Penny said as she sat opposite Juliette in Susan’s office.  “It gives me a chance to review her staffing plans, but I see no problem with them at first glance.”


“I would be amazed if there was a problem,” Juliette said.


“So are the preparations for Sunday continuing?”


“At a pace, but…”


“Go on – I think I can see what’s coming.”


"I'm just worried about Maddie being a little rusty Penny." Juliette said quietly.

"I could organise a little something for tonight you know."

"You need a driver?"

"I'll ask Jan."

"And another gun?"

"Doc still needs experience."

"That she does."


“The standard in and out – so long as she doesn’t have the problems I had.”

"Alright pull your job tonight and give Maddie a chance to see if she still has what it takes."


“Consider it done,” Penny said as she reached for her phone.  “Helen – call the apartment and ask Maddie if she can meet me there with Lily please.”


“She’s flying in today?”


“Dom is picking her up from Newark after lunch.”




10 am

St. Angela’s


"Okay girls we all know about the change of plan for the weekend." Alicia stood up.

"Yes Coach." Sheryl nodded.

"We are going now to take 6 girls down for each event and hopefully we can rest two girls in the first round of each relay."

"So I won't be doubling up the 4x100 and the 4x400?" asked Sheryl.

"No we need you be totally sharp for the sprint relay Sheryl."


"Everyone needs be there by 8 in the morning Saturday, so we are going to car pool it down, so everyone on the road I hope before daybreak. We will meet here at the school and drive in convoy." Annie spoke for the first time.

"That sounds like a plan." Jo looked up from the notes.

"So early nights Friday for all of you...cancel your dates..."

"What?" a few girls called out together.

"You heard me." Annie looked at eyes, "We need you rested and sharp Saturday morning."




1.30 pm

Newark Airport


"I'm not sure which airport I hate most, JFK or here at Newark." Lily hugged Dominique as she came into the arrivals lounge.

“Yeah,” Dom said, “they both make you walk huge distances."

"Tell my feet about it."

"So how was the actual flight?"

"Oh not bad, but not as nice as flying in the corporate jet."

"It does rather spoil one." Dominique smiled slightly.

"So I'm staying at Madame's?"

"Yeah, Susan has her aunt and mum staying."

"Well I can rough it on Park Avenue." Lily giggled.

"My car is over there." Dom pointed as they entered the parking structure.

"I can see it.  Oh, by the way I forgot to ask how Kylie and Marina are settling in in their new home."

"Great I hear," Dom paused, "By the way did you get my house fixed after the little going-away party with the vipers?"

"I did, and don't worry I paid for the repairs."

"I must have been mad allowing that to happen." Dominique shook her head.


“You weren’t there,” Lily said quietly.


“Neither were you?”


“True – and if I had been, I don’t think I could have stopped it…”



2.30 pm

St Angela’s


"Damn those are brief." Doc shook her heads as Becca and Pepsi slipped their thongs on after gym class.

"Easy access for the boys, we have one last double-date tonight before Billy and Jack return home." Becca smiled.

"Yeah don't rub it in, we all know you are having sex." Doc looked to the heavens. "God I miss getting fucked."

"You're getting as much as I am Doc." Jeannie smiled as Nikki and Ama helped her into her wheelchair after her shower.

"Yeah...NOTHING!" Doc gritted her teeth.

"I don't see why you are complaining, I'm a virgin and I'm quite happy." Ama said as she toweled herself off.

"Yes but you reckon you aren't even dating Ama." Jeannie looked at the lithe black girl.

"Well I'm maybe changing my mind on that...he's taking me to the movies tonight."

"Well at least you are admitting to dates now." Doc smiled. "It's ages since I even had one of those."


“We need to find you a good man,” Nikki said.  “What are you doing Friday night?”


“Abseiling lessons – and Saturday Caroline is taking me on a business trip to get some work experience.”


“How’s the sponsorship doing?”


“I can’t complain – if it raises money for a good cause, I won’t complain.”




4.30 pm

The Richmond Mansion


"The girls were telling me that Doc was crying about her lack of sex while they dressed after gym." Abigail said as she made herself at home in the Richmond's kitchen.

"She'll have to get her kicks this weekend then." Jo laughed.

"Are you seeing Curt soon?"

"Not for a couple of weeks."

"Tony's taking me out to dinner tonight, and Mama says I can bring him home."

"Oh you are finally playing home games are you?" Jo laughed again.

"Yes, Mama has finally accepted that Tony is my man, and that we do have sex."


“I hear Jeannie is still bemoaning House’s manners?”


“Oh sooner or later it will happen, she just needs to be patient.”



9 pm

132nd Street


“So run the plan past me again,” Doc said as she adjusted her leather gloves.


“The target is the convenience store over on the corner,” Penny said as she checked her pistol.  “Standard operating procedure – we go in, secure anyone inside, get the clerk to open the safe, take all we can, and get out.”


“This is going to bring back a few memories,” Maddie said as she zipped up her fleece. 


“I’ll keep the engine running – try not to make too much mess,” Jan said as she looked round.


“When have you ever known me to make a mess, Jan?”


“I heard about the last time, Penny.”


“Those two bastards deserved it,” Penny said quietly.  Looking round, she said “right – masks down, let’s do this.”


The three women got out of the car and walked quickly across the road, Jan watching closely as they got to the door.


“Listen up mother fuckers!”


The middle aged Mexican woman behind the counter looked up and saw the three women, dressed in black and with balaclavas covering all bar their eyes and mouths, as they came in, one of them closing the door behind them.


“You heard my friend,” Doc shouted out as she pointed the gun at the man at the counter, “on your knees, then on your stomach, while you have a chance of getting up.”


Penny walked along the front of the store and smiled as she saw the young girl cowering in the aisle.  “You too, cock sucker,” she said as she forced her to her feet by holding her arm and dragging her forward, “on the floor next to him.”


“Please,” the clerk said as she raised her hands, “I don’t want to be hurt…”


“You won’t be if you do as you’re told, old lady,” Maddie said as she walked over, and pressed the barrel of her gun against her chest.  “Anyone else in the store?”


Although she shook her head, her eyes darted to the door at the rear of the counter.  Maddie nodded to Penny, who walked past and opened the door as Doc stood over the two customers.  The man was wearing jeans and a polo shirt, while the girl had a crop top, denim shorts and leggings on.


“I think you’re lying,” Maddie whispered to the clerk, “so open the till, and put the money into this bag, while you pray my friend finds whoever you are covering for.”


Penny walked up the stairs that lay beyond the door, and peered into the room, seeing the security cameras but with nobody watching them.  She also saw the safe with the door open, and stepped in, taking a paper sack from her jacket pocket.


The sound of the toilet flushing alerted her to where the other person was, and she hid behind the door, watching as a young man walked into the room, pulling up the zip on his pants.  She fixed the silencer to her pistol as he looked at the screens, unable to believe what he was seeing.


“Fuck,” he eventually said as he reached for the telephone – but had barely moved before Penny shot him in the back of the head, his body falling to the floor as she calmly walked over and emptied the safe.


“Please, that is all,” the woman said as she showed Maddie the safe.


“All right – on the floor, next to them.  Got those zip ties?”


Doc nodded as she put her gun down, and fished some plastic strips from inside her jacket, using them to secure the wrists and ankles of the two customers.  As she went to an aisle, Maddie made the clerk lie next to them and secured her with the remaining ties, while Penny walked back down with a full paper bag.




“Nothing I could not deal with,” Penny said as Doc came back with a roll of medical tape.  Tearing strips off, she gagged all three captives before picking up the paper bags.


“Have a nice night,” she said as they walked out, returning quickly to the car as Jan waited.


“Any problems?”


“I had to deal with the guy upstairs – he was watching and threatened to set off the alarm.”


“Security cameras?”


“I destroyed them,” Penny said as they drove off, “let’s go.”


10 pm

Park Avenue


Lily and Juliette looked up as the party came back into Shirley’s apartment.




“I think so,” Penny said as she sat down, Doc placing the two paper bags on the coffee table.


“The car has been disposed of,” Janice said quietly.


"Well Maddie?" Juliette asked as she counted the take.

"Armed robbery is like riding a bike, it soon comes back to you." The British woman smiled.

"This is a bit more then I'd expect from a convenience store." Juliette finished counting.

"Oh?" asked Penny.

"Why do I suspect that the store is a drug front? This is over fifteen grand."

"That much Juliette?" asked Jan.

"Yeah, I think maybe you ought to put a quiet word in the ear of someone at the NYPD."

"I'll see how much they report as stolen."

"How was the kid?" Juliette asked Maddy.

"Anna? Verrrry cool and calm, she looks and sounds like she knows what she's doing."

"Good, well that removes my last reservation about taking her along on the weekend."



Thursday 16th April

8 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


“Come on in,” Carina said as she opened the door, letting Doc, Annie and Caroline walk through.


“Welcome to the pow wow, Anna,” Juliette said as she held Judith, “grab a drink, and we’ll get started when everyone else is here.”


“Thanks,” Anna said as she sat with Jo and Abby.


“So this is looking like an interesting weekend,” Annie said as she accepted a beer.  “Just how many apartments are we planning to hit?”


“Details to follow,” Heather said as she arranged some clear files.


“Good – you haven’t started yet,” Penny said as she walked in with Lily and Maddie.  “Where’s Jan?”


“Right here,” Jan said as she walked in, followed by Carina.


“All right everyone, let’s get this meeting to order,” Juliette said as she sat down.  “First things first – Diana and Maddie.”


“Our base of operations will be an old farm on the outskirts of the town of Conshohocken,” Diana said, “about forty minutes to an hour out of the city.  Nice place – one main street, small, and plenty of space to do what we do.  We have the keys and access through a controlled coded gate.”


“Excellent,” Juliette said, “now to the main attraction.  First, our target.”


Heather laid out a series of photos on the coffee table.  “The Penn City National Bank, in the centre of the great city of Philadelphia.  Not the largest bank in the city, but it has a large vault and does good business with the city centre businesses, particularly the Reading Street Market.   I estimated five to ten million – maybe the top end of that.”




“Plans here,” Heather said, “standard bank setup, nothing we haven’t handled before.  The real fun, as Juliette indicated, is in the preliminaries.”


“The home of the manager?”


“Precisely, Dom – the Carlton building, and on the twelfth floor, the apartment of Mister Alan Kennedy.”


Heather handed out copies of a family photo, showing a red headed man in his late forties, wearing a tuxedo and standing with his arm round a young platinum blonde, dressed in a silver lurex dress.  Next to him was a teenage girl with brown hair, wearing a red capped sleeve dress, tights and heels.  Next to the older woman was a ten-year-old boy, wearing a dark suit, shirt and tie, and then a younger girl, not much taller, wearing a blue party dress.


“To bring the rest of you up to speed, the blonde is Alan’s second wife, Zoe.  Twenty five years old, and it is fair to say Alan is not the true centre of his affections – his bank balance is.”


“Sounds like a lying conniving little bitch,” Annie said, “perfect for Carina here?”


“I was thinking the same thing,” Carina said as she played with Judith.


“The older girl’s name is Sharon – named after his first wife.  Then we have eleven year old Dawn, and ten year old Andrew.”


“The kids are off limits, and under my protection,” Heather said quietly, “but I have my own challenges that night.”


“There are also four secondary targets, for our consideration while we pass the time that night.  Heather?”


“Thanks Juliette,” Heather said.  “One is on the third floor, a special commission for the Honoured Father in Hong Kong.  That one’s mine to lead.


“On the eleventh floor, two targets.  First, Chris and Daphne Rowan, both in their forties.  Owners of a fine collection of Picasso sketches, and some very fine jewellery.


“In the apartment opposite, Candy Deans, up and coming actress who likes to spend her money.  I think she should be encouraged to donate to charity.”


“Nice looking girl,” Annie said as she looked at the picture of the small, dark haired woman.


“Yeah,” Heather said.  “Final target is on the ninth floor – Elena Borovich, works in a gem brokerage, and has been known to bring work home.  Her husband Eric is a junior manager at a Bank of America in town – and very good looking.”


The photos of the other targets were passed round as Juliette sat back, her eyes closed as she started to think.


“All right, folks, let’s start walking through the Sunday night, and then we can work backwards.”


“So this is the famous computer at work,” Maddie whispered to Penny.


“I heard that,” Juliette said with a smile.  “We move out to arrive in the car park of the Carlton Building for nine thirty pm Sunday night.  Phase 1 - Jo, Jan, Lily and Annie make their way to the first floor”


“We will be in our outfits,” Jo said as she looked at Jan, “while Lily and Annie will be dressed as the men who normally man the front desk.”


“Well, this could be interesting,” Lily said with a smile.


“We take care of the two men at the desk – permanently,” Jan said, “and then as Lily and Annie take their place, Jo and I go to the security room.  The door is just down from the reception desk.”


“According to Heather’s research, there should be two security guards inside on monitor duty.  We secure the room and take over control.”


“We need this executed by nine forty-five pm to allow Phase 2 to continue – securing the apartment.”


“Once I have control of the lift, Doc and Dom move to the elevator, picking up Annie on the first floor before they go to the fifteenth floor, and hence to the roof.  Once there, you secure your lines and stand by.


“The rest of us stand by as well.  In this period, Lily, if anyone enters or leaves you smile and say the right things.”


Lily nodded as Dom said “Nine fifty – we get to work, and abseil to the balcony on the twelfth floor as we practiced.  Weapons slung on our backs, and as I said before, using the dividing walls.


“We then enter through the doors to the balcony, and herd the family into one room.”


“Once we have them together,” Annie said, “I make my way back to the lobby and the rest of you get a free ride while Doc and Dom keep them quiet.”


“So by just after ten we have the Kennedy apartment secured.  Then we secure them – kids in one of the bedrooms, the others in the front room.”


“Between then and seven on Monday morning we do what we have to do – there and elsewhere.”  Juliette opened her eyes and looked round.


“So who gets the other apartments?”


“Let’s discuss that later.  Seven we take Mister Kennedy to work.  Heather and Sandy get to man the apartment.  Don’t worry – I think you’ll enjoy the attraction of one of the apartments instead.”


“Thank you for that,” Sandy said with a smile.


“Jo and Janice, Lily and Annie, you get to leave with them in one of the cars with our other takings – we move them down there at the end of the night.  The rest of us, in the bank by eight, and I want us on our way from there by nine.”


“We meet at the base, clean up and get out of the way by midday.  No fuss, no bother.”


“So that’s the basic outline – Heather has the detailed timeline printed out for each of you.  Let’s move on to discuss practical issues.”


“Weapons,” Jan said, “what arrangements have we made with Tommy?”


"Tommy will meet us at the old house we used on the Jersey Shore." Juliette told the group. "Diana you and I will meet him there Sunday morning."

"That sounds fine to me darling."

"Any special requests?"

"I think we all need carry a handgun as well as our shotguns, preferably with silencers." Caroline spoke up.

"That makes sense to me." Diana agreed.

"I'll place the order." Juliette nodded.


“So we collect the order, and then bring them to the base of operations.  Abby and I will arrive on the Saturday at the base, along with Diana and Carina.”


“What about the rest of us?”


“Penny, Lily and I are the advance party – we drive up Friday morning,” Maddie said.


“Jo and I should get there late afternoon Sunday – we’re coming from the UofD,” Annie said as she looked over.


“Doc and I will arrive Friday night,” Dominique said, “and do scouting as part of my business meeting on the Saturday.”


“Jeanne and Henri are with me and Jan at the track Saturday and Sunday, but they are making sure the car gets back Sunday – we should be there for five on that night.”


“Gotcha Sandy – Heather?”


“I’m driving up after the kids are collected by Katherine – and I’ll thank her later for watching the kids for the weekend.”




“With Judy and David this weekend.”


“Right – security.”


"All the adult hostages will need securing so there isn't a chance of them wriggling free." Diana took over the meeting for a while. "I'm presuming you can all do the Chinese tie?”


“The five petal?  I have tried it,” Carina said with a smile as she looked at Annie.


“Right, for the rest of you – watch this.”


She turned the television on and the others watched the screen as a woman was shown, and a long rope was draped over her shoulders.


“Note the rope is doubled, with a small loop.  We’ll prepare these in advance,” Diana said as someone made the woman stand with her arms by her side, and started to wind the rope around each arm, at the same time pulling them behind the woman.  All watched as the arms were brought together, and then secured, the rope going around their wrists and binding them as the lengths were brought together.  They were then fed through the loop as the subject’s arms were pulled further behind their backs.


“That should be sufficient for the ten and eleven year old,” Diana said, “but watch what happens next.”


The ends were then separated and wrapped around the woman’s body, enclosing her chest and breasts before they were all tied behind her back on a complicated knot.


“Notice the hands are useless – and the knot is out of reach of fingers.  For added security, tape their fingers together.


“Once you’ve done this, bind ankles and legs in the usual way, and then hogtie them.  Unless they are escape artists, no way they get free.”


“The kids?”


“Ankles and legs bound, and then tied to the foot of their bed,” Heather said, the others nodding.

"I will get a chance to let 'her' out to play won't I?" Carina asked. "The wife and eldest daughter have been exercising my brain."

"Yes, The Beast can do her thing darling." Diana nodded. "Can I also presume that you and Penny will also want to do something Annie?"

"If I can have someone brought down to the little office behind the reception desk please." Annie smiled slyly.  “Perhaps the little actress?”

"The demon in me will also relish an opportunity to play." Penny nodded. "Preferably some macho man – or the young bank manager?"

"I think we can cater for all tastes." Diana smiled.


"I still find it hard to comprehend that when three of the nicest women I know talk about playing." Lily whispered to Maddie, "they are actually talking about torturing and killing people."

"I know, and especially Penny, I never dreamed that inside she was like that."


“Security in the other apartments?”


“Those on the eleventh and ninth floor I will have control of,” Jo said, “the third floor has a specialized maze on site I can do nothing about, but the security cameras on the floor will be shut down.”


"The Chinese order Heather?" Juliette asked.

"Challenging, the security system is really clever and difficult."

"Oh?" Dominique looked up.

"It's like a Chinese puzzle box, everything has to be done in just the right order or it won't open."

"Still the reward makes it worth it surely?" asked Lily.

"I think that is what the master is counting on, he's actually paying us slightly more than the things are worth."

"That makes no sense Heather." Janice broke into the conversation.

"It's what I thought at first, but this isn't about money, the owner embarrassed the master in a transaction earlier this year, this isn't about values, it's about teaching a lesson and saving face."

"Okay that I understand, especially having met the man." Janice smiled, "I wouldn't want to upset him."

"So we are basically depriving the owner of something he values to show him up?" Lily asked.

"We are." Heather nodded, "We just need to be VERY careful though."

"How are the disguises for the two of us working the door coming Sandy? Asked Lily.

"Well Heather has tweaked a voice device so you'll sound like a man Lily, and we have also got you and Annie the relevant uniforms made."

"And the wigs, etc Heather?"

"Already procured Juliette, We will try a fitting later."

"Good, we need to disguise you both totally since you won't be wearing masks." Juliette nodded at both women.


“Can I ask an obvious question – what about the rest of us?”


“You and I will wear coveralls for the abseil, Doc,” Dominique said, “but our work outfits?”


Juliette showed a photo of a red headed woman, wearing a black leather jacket with a fur collar, a knee length tight leather skirt, dark tights and heels.


“You and Dom change once we have the family under our control,” Juliette said, “Cathy took your measurements, and the outfits will be here tomorrow.”


“That looks wonderful,” Doc said with a smile.


"If you look at the schedule,” Juliette said as Heather handed round sheets, “you can see which apartments you will be hitting and when ladies." She looked round at the gang as they looked over them.

"Our time schedule is tight, so anyone gives you trouble pop them." Dominique added. "We don't have a lot of time to waste arguing with stupid bastards."

"The teams downstairs will control access and keep us warned on movements, but as always we can expect the unexpected." Juliette smiled. "Lily have you ever?"

“No,” Lily said, “but if I have learnt one thing with you, it is that we have to be prepared.  I am prepared to defend all of you, and to do what it takes.”


“Good,” Dominique said, “Maddie?”




Penny turned and looked at her.  “When?”


“This must never get back to Shirley,” Maddie said, “but it has happened twice.  The second time was when we raided a high-end jewelry store in Beverley Hills.  A security guard who was meant to have been secured wasn’t, and he drew a weapon and tried to shoot one of the group.  I had to deal with that, so I did.”


“And the first time?”


Maddie sat back and ran her hands through her hair, before she said “I was the one who dealt with Master in the end.”


“Master?  The man who kidnapped Shirley?  The man who…”


Maddie nodded.  “Shirley doesn’t know – must never know – but I killed him in revenge for Robert.”


Penny came over and put her hand on Maddie’s shoulder.


"The advance team that arrives on Friday, you have three days to do your checks, time things out like travel, and just make sure everything as we think it is." Juliette nodded at Dom. "Dominique and Diana will be in command and you all listen to their instructions. The rest of us will arrive over the weekend, hopefully unnoticed after or before establishing our covers with our legitimate business in the area."

"We will acquire the vehicles on Saturday and Sunday and Clint will check and tune Sunday afternoon." Heather announced.

"Remember gloves and dark glasses ALL THE TIME in the house and outside, no one recognizes us, anyone gets too nosey, again you pop them." Juliette spoke in her authorative voice.


“Sounds nice and simple,” Doc said.


“Only if we stick to our parts and do our jobs right,” Juliette said.  “Right, Lily, Annie, let’s go and try these disguises out.”


She led the two women upstairs to her bedroom, where they saw two sets of gentlemen’s clothing laid out on the bed.  They consisted of the uniform worn by the doormen at the Carlton – a charcoal grey suit, dark blue shirt, black tie and shoes.


“The bad news,” Juliette said, “is we need to hide your chests.  These bandages will keep them pressed down – make you look like barrel chested men rather than young women.”


“Allow me,” Annie said as Lily removed her top, and she wound the bandages tightly round her chest.  She then watched as Lily put on the shirt, trousers and then fastened the tie round her neck, turning the collar down before she put the jacket on, and looked in the mirror.


“Not bad,” she said to herself, “but the voice?”


Juliette opened what looked like a small pill box, and took out a small disc which she pressed against Lily’s throat.  “And what is…”


Lily put her hand to her throat as she heard the baritone male voice coming out of her mouth.  “Very very clever,” Annie said, “what do I get?”


“You get to steal Clint’s accent for a few hours,” Juliette said as Lily slipped on the jacket and shoes.  “God, how do blokes walk in these,” she said as she looked down at the shoes, and then walked around the room.


“Get used to it,” Juliette said as she handed Lily a brown male wig.  Putting it on, she looked at herself in the mirror and said, “Fine – could do with a moustache or something?”


“No – the trick to this disguise is to make it look like it’s not a disguise.  No makeup, you’ll get away with it, you too Annie.”


“The advantage I have is no chest as such,” Annie said as she tried on her uniform.  “But I’ll share your pain.  The reward is worth it.”




“Ready, Doc?”


“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Anna said as she sat with Jo.  “How do you keep with the excitement, the build up?”


Some day I’ll tell you about my first time,” Jo said with a smile.


“All right people,” Juliette said as the three women came back in, “time we finished this off.”


"So where is Prince Gorgeous this weekend?" Lily asked as the meeting broke up.

"Mexico City with Ingrid, she's doing a show and shoot."

"How did her second date with Adam go last night Ju?" asked Abigail.

"Still not good, but at least he didn't spend all night talking about Jo this time."

"She told me what happened Monday night." Abby shook her head. "Honestly he's not as bad as she thinks."

"Did she take delivery of her Alfa Mom?" Carina asked.

"Yes, it's parked downstairs till she gets home, but she already got a ticket trying it out yesterday."

"That's my sister." Cari laughed.


"Any happier about Tony staying last night Diana?" Caroline asked.

"Oh I guess so darling, but it still feels strange seeing them come down together for breakfast."

"She's not a child anymore Diana, and honestly Tony is wonderful."

"I'll say Caroline," Lily sighed, "Does he have an older brother?"

"I don't think so." Caroline smiled, "Still no Mister Right on the horizon Lil?"

"No, I'm still looking and he's still not out there."


"We need to find good men for both Lily and Doc." Penny smiled.

"What about for you Pen?" Maddie smiled.

"Who would put up with me?" Penny looked a little strained. "I'm a bi-sexual sadist and probable psychopath, and I think Annie snapped up the last suitable person."

"You're carrying a little torch for Carina yourself?"

"How did you guess?" Penelope looked hard at her old friend.

"Madame noticed it after your little session at the farm over new years."

"Well she and Annie are perfect for each other, I'll never say anything, and I beg you not to Maddie."



11 pm

The Carlton Home


“Good night Anna.”


“Good night Mom.”


Doc lay on her back totally nude, her sex dripping and the overflow running down her inner thighs as her breathing returned to normal. Armed robbery was such a huge turn on, and whilst her own fingers might be a poor substitute for a mans cock hard inside her, the orgasms had still been spectacular.

She let her brain wander on towards the weekend, her first real time out as a Pussycat, in the smart outfit. The high heels, the stocking masks. The thoughts stirred that feeling again in her loins, the anticipation of the excitement and the danger, the heightened senses as she realized that after this weekend she might be a very rich young woman with her share, all combined to restart the urge.

She reached down and touched herself....Damn that felt good...slowly she inserted two long fingers inside herself, moving them...pumping herself with them...quickly it built again...her breath once again shortened and she moaned as the sensations caused her body to quiver.



Friday 17th April

6 pm



“You need to call ahead now,” Caroline said to Anna as they drove down the road running alongside the railway line.


Nodding, Anna took her cell phone out and dialed a number.


“Hello?  We’re turning up the road – now.  Can we get the gate open in two minutes please?”


Nodding, she ended the call as Caroline looked at the sat nav.


“And turning left – now,” she muttered as they turned down the side road, and then saw the gates at the end.  They swung inwards as they approached, closing behind them as the car drove on and approached the colonial style house.


“Welcome,” Maddie said as they got out of the car, “what do you think of our choice of base?”


“Very nice,” Caroline said as she opened the trunk of the car, and Doc removed the bags, “so how are things so far?”


“Lily is sorting some dinner out,” Maddie said as they came in, “once we’ve eaten, we can have a look at the maps of the area, and sort what we’re going to do tomorrow.”


They walked into a large open room, where Penny was sitting going through her notes.


“Hey – how was the drive down?”


“Quiet – any word from the others?”


“Not yet – there’s been a delivery from Cathy.  I’ve put that in the back room for Sunday.”


“Good – well, tell us where we’re sleeping, and we can take it from there.”



Saturday 18th April

8 am

University of Delaware


“All right, ladies,” Alicia said as they got out of the cars and stretched, “welcome to the venue.  Let’s find the dressing room, change and then we need to warm up - the heats for the 4x100 in our category start at 12.30.”


“All right girls,” Sheryl said, “what are we going to do?”


“WIN!” the eighteen girls shouted as they headed into the complex, and followed the directions to the changing rooms.


“Now,” Alicia said as the team set their bags down, “we’re a team on this, and I want those who, if we make a final, do not take part in that final to know you played your part, and take pride in that.”


“Coach is right,” Sheryl added, “we’re Angels, and Angels look out for each other and help each other.  If we get through, if we win anything, we do it as six, not four, agreed?”


“Agreed,” Jo said as she unzipped her top.  “So let’s change, get warmed up, and then be there for everyone.”


Annie smiled as the girls changed, talking quietly amongst themselves.  Whatever happened, this would be a real experience for them.


8 am

Pocono Raceway, Long Pond PA


“Here we are,” Janice said as they arrived.


"I like that nickname 'The Tricky Triangle'." Clint smiled as the convoy of cars pulled up in the pit area.

"I've booked us some time on the main oval today so we can work on seeing how just fast she is." Henri stretched as he got out of the car, "but most of the weekend is about learning the course for the Six Hours, and making sure the girls have it totally down."

"She looks different, more like a real race car with the new sponsorship signage on her." Sandy grinned as she descended from the Winnebago and looked at the BMW.

"I'll get the coffees done, and everyone can have breakfast before we start." Heather called out.

"Sounds great Miss." one of the mechanics shouted as they started to take the car off its trailer.

"Good thing we installed an industrial sized coffee pot in here." Jan laughed as she too climbed out of the RV.  Looking round, she took a deep breath and said “Now that brings back a few memories – the smell, the roar, the…  Oh my Goddess, is that who I think that is?”

"Henri it's been a long, long time," a distinguished looking older man with grey hair said as he walked over, hand extended.

"It has indeed Mario." Henri smiled.

"I'd heard that you were coming, what are you involved with?"

"Oh really just club racing, my daughter and two of her friends have bought a second hand BMW to race, I'm just assisting and helping."

"Well,” the man said with a smile, “I know all about family following in tire tracks."

"Speaking of which how are Michael, John, and all the others?"

"They are good Henri....real good."

"Bonjour Oncle." Jeanne came over and kissed the veteran rival of her father on the cheeks.

"Okay now I feel ancient..."  He laughed as he held the young woman, and said, "Little Jeanne?? Darling you have grown up since I last saw you."

"Hasn't she." Henri smiled proudly.

"Can I introduce my friends, Uncle this is Sandy and Janice, girls this is Signor Andretti."


“It’s an honour, sir,” Sandy said as she shook the famous driver’s hand.


“Believe me, the honour is mine,” he said as he shook Jan’s hand.  “So which of you is Richmond and which is Carter?”


“I’m Janice Carter,” Jan said as Mario walked over and looked at the car. 


“Forgive me, a professional interest,” Mario said as he walked back.  “Would you do me the honour of joining me for lunch?  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss old times with your pit chief.”


“So long as it does not involve fine wine, then we would accept with great delight.”


“Oh trust me, I am not like James Hunt.  I will see you later,” he said as he turned and walked away, patting the car as he did so.


“Was that Mario Andretti,” Clint said as he walked over.


“It was indeed – well, let’s get to work – after breakfast.”


“Who’s up for the full English,” Heather said as she put her head out, the pit crew nodding as the girls shook their heads.


10.30 am

Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia


"Not a bad space." Juliette looked closely as she and Abby walked into the main hall of the art gallery.  Abby looked round and nodded in agreement.   She was wearing a soft black leather jacket over a tan sweater and pants, while Juliette was wearing a grey coat dress with heels.

"Welcome girls." Patrice Johnson the event producer came up and greeted them.

"This is a nice room Patrice." Juliette said before she kissed her on the cheeks.

"Well it might not be New York, but it's convenient here just north-east of downtown and our shows usually draw well...of course with so many stars walking tonight we've sold out."

"That's always good news." Abby smiled.

"Thank you both for agreeing to do it, and talking others into coming."

"It's our pleasure." Juliette nodded. "So how do we get back stage?"

"Abigail darling, how lovely to see you!”  Abby looked round as a tall brunette came over and hugged her.

"Hey Emma, we don't see you over on this side of the pond much...oh by the way Emma Ferrer this is Juliette Huntingdown."

"I knew your grandmother slightly Emma, and admired her immensely." Juliette kissed the Italian-Swiss emerging supermodel.

"She admired some of your early pictures as well Miss Huntingdown."

"It's Juliette or Ju darling, or if PTA has done its job call me Pelican."

"They call me Little Holly." Emma smiled.

"Very appropriate." Abby laughed, “You know I'm the Stick?"

"I did."

"So who else is walking tonight?"

"I saw Candace earlier, Vanessa Axente, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Erin Heatherton, Emily Didonato, Genevieve Morton, Magdalena Fracowiak, Jenna Pietersen, Caitlin Manley, oh a few other girls who I know." Emma smiled.

"Going to be a top show I see." Juliette smiled inwardly, letting the organisers use her name had drawn a first rate group of girls for the show. Now it would seem perfectly normal that she and Abby were working the same show.


This way ladies,” Patrice said as she walked through the hall.


10.30 am

Pocono Raceway


"Are you all set up Heather?" Henri asked through his Mike.

"I think so, everything looks aok to me."

"How does it feel with that customised seat Sandy?"

"Very snug, like the cars been built round me."

"Is she ready to go Clint?"

"As ready as she will ever be."

"Okay Sandy - take her out on the trioval, three or four laps to get to know it, then I want to see everything you have got.”

"Roger that." Sandy replied as she nosed the BMW out of its pit and down the pit lane.

"How is she looking Clint?" Henri looked over Clint's shoulder as he sat at the computer next to Heather's.

"Looking good so far...she's gradually warming the tires up and getting her up to speed."

"Okay I can see what you said about the corners Henri." Sandy came over the mike, "They are a little tighter then you think."

"Yeah remember the breaking points we discussed once you try getting up to full speed."

"Will do."

"How is she looking Jeanne?" Henri spoke to his daughter who was sitting up on top of the pit box.

"She looks fast already."

"Well she's still building up...still feel okay Sandy?"

"Yes...I cross the start finish this time I'm going to try do 10 really quick ones."

"Roger that." Henri spoke then crouched to watch the monitors.


“And there she goes,” Heather said as she watched the screen…


11 am

Reading Market, Philadelphia


“I have read of this place,” Diana said as she and Carina walked down the aisle between the stalls, “but it does not do it justice.”


They stopped at a coffee stall and sat down, ordering two cups and waiting until they were placed in front of them.


“Very busy market, good business,” Carina said, “and the coffee isn’t bad either.”


“Agreed,” Diana said quietly.  “See anything to bother you?”


“Not so far – I want to spend some time this afternoon scoping the site out and in.”


Diana nodded.  “So the Meeting House next?”


“Oh yes,” Carina said, “I need that extra material for the final exam in a few weeks time.”



11.45 am

Pocono Raceway


"I tell you what - when you open her up and you get up to two hundred miles per hour down the straightway that is some kick in the ass." Janice shook her head as they sat in the RV after the morning practice session.

"Well you all were lapping very fast." Henri looked please. "Within a second or two of what these cars were doing in class here last season."

"Honestly?" Sandy's mouth dropped open.

"Honestly." Henri smiled.

"How much of that was the car and how much was us?" Jeanne asked.

"Well Clint and the boys certainly had her tuned and set up right, but no you all three showed that you have ability as racing drivers." Henri smiled as each girl absorbed his praise.

"The hard work starts now, doesn't it?" Jan nodded.

"True...we have to work out the setup for the road course, you need to learn it, and we have much to do as a team."

"Well I've got the guys changing suspension, tire pressures, etc." Clint sat down in the Winnebago, "From here on we are learning as we go along."

"Alright here is the course map." Henri laid it on the table and started to outline his thoughts to his drivers.




University of Delaware


Alicia looked round at the other groups of runners, and then turned to her own squad.


"Okay as we discussed Angela, you run the anchor, Jenny you lead off, Marcella you second, Ritta you hand on to Angela." Alicia talked to the team. "Now we rank first in this heat, first three plus fastest losers advance to Round Two, let's have no silly mistakes on baton changes, just nice and easy qualification."

"Hands in." Sheryl called as she and Zuma joined the four running. "GO ANGELS!"

"The other girls are all warming up Coach." Annie said as she came into the stadium to watch the race. "Good...  How long until your group start?”


“Twenty minutes,” Annie replied, smiling as Alicia did not look up from her stopwatches.

"On your marks...get set...”  The gun fired. Jenny, normally the teams sprint hurdler went out from the blocks smoothly, her change to Marcella was safe, but sure, Marcella's to Ritta a trifle faster, and the final handoff looked smooth as Angela Dunn the high jumper trotted in a convincing winner.

"Well that went very much to plan girls." Alicia smiled as her squad gathered round, “alright, drink some fluids and keep warmed up, Round Two is in an hour."


“See you in a while,” Annie said as she headed back to the outside tracks, where the 4x1 Mile team were warming up.


"I resent we have to race our heats on an outside track." Jo looked slightly huffed.

"Well the 4x1 Mile isn't exactly inspiring viewers for spectators." Annie nodded.  "Okay Beth you lead off, then Brooke, on to Stacey, then Jo."

"We all run as we have in training we should qualify for the semi-final reasonably easy." Jo spoke.

"Watch for the girls from Richmond Roosevelt, they are the overall favorites, don't try going with them girls, remember the objective is just to make the semis for now, so run your own race and just do what we need do, forget about the other teams." Annie cautioned.

"Okay listen to Coach." Jo reminded her team. "Hands in… GO ANGELS!"

As the starter called the teams to their marks, Annie said a little prayer to the Goddess, but divine intervention was probably not necessary as the Virginia girls went off from the start as though in a race of their own. Lap by lap her girls ran well though, Beth handed over in third place, Brooke in fourth, Stacey sent Jo away in third, and Jo came home an easy second, albeit 150 yards behind the girls from the Confederate capital.

"Nice run girls, very nice.”  Annie looked at her watch and said, “Okay you have 90 minutes till the semi, plenty of drinks, some light food, then warm up again as normal."

"Gotcha Coach."


Annie smiled as they walked off the track.  This would be a good day.




1 pm

Pocono Raceway, the VIP lounge


"For starters ladies and gents,” he said as they sat down, “it's not Mister Andretti, it's not Signor Andretti, its just Mario please."

"Thank you." Sandy smiled. "I'm Sandy, she's Jan, and she’s Jeanne as you know."

"I'm Heather."

"I'm Clint," the mechanic offered his hand.

"So how do you all know each other?"

"We are all friends, or friends of friends." Janice smiled.

"Well you seem to have assembled a first-rate little team."

"We are hoping so." Jeanne smiled, "With Papa's coaching and a superb mechanic like Clint...."

"Plus a brilliant mind like Heather's to handle the high tech stuff." Clint interrupted her.

"I guess we aren't doing so badly." Jeanne finished.

"Well I was clocking you out there, that was pretty impressive driving, I know Jeanne you raced karts back home, but what's the racing background of you and Sandy Jan?" Mario asked.

"I raced on small dirt ovals when I was in college on Long Island, but I haven't raced really since I joined the FBI."

"I'm just a former debutante with a string of speeding tickets," laughed Sandy.

"I'm surprised…  All three of you looked more experienced out there."

"I think Clint and the car made us look good."

"So what's your story Clint?"

"Oh California beach boy, I've been tearing cars apart from before I can remember almost. I used to work for Willy Spirit for a while, then I was with Ian Nelson."

"Drag racing, then high-performance, no wonder you know your way round." Mario looked impressed.


“So what was it like when you and Pappa raced in the old days,” Jeanne asked as she nibbled on a sandwich.


“Oh, it was a different world then,” Mario said, Henri nodding in agreement.  “Trying to explain what it was like was extremely difficult.  I mean, when I first started, a racing start was literally that – you raced to your car, got in, strapped in and drove off.”


“I remember seeing that James Garner film that showed that – it looked lethal,” Jan said quietly.


“Indeed – it was a very different sport then.  But enough of me – I notice you have some good sponsorship already.  Who else are you approaching…?”


3 pm

Crane Arts Centre


"Philadelphia is producing some first rate young designers." Juliette said as she put her feet up and sat next to Patrice Johnson.

"It's nice for someone from a New York magazine to say that Ju, our people have it hard if they try and stay at home and not move to the big apple."

"Boston has the same problem..."

"But they have a Massachusetts born and bred chief fashion writer at Complete Style supporting and nurturing them."

"I guess so." Juliette admitted. "Well hopefully having a few big name models walking tonight will attract some wider attention."

"I hope so, as you've seen yourself we have some very creative talent down here."

"I maybe need to write an article about that."

"Well that would be a major boost." Patrice smiled. "I sit on a committee that awards a Young Designer of the Year award, it would be nice we can keep some of the winners here."

"I'll run something by Anna next week."

"Please, a bit of a boost would do us a lot of good down here."

"I'll try."


“Hey,” Abby said as she looked round, “can you come backstage Ju?  Someone here asked some questions about that piece you did in the last magazine.”


“No rest for the wicked,” Ju said as she got to her feet and walked round.


3 pm

University of Delaware


"Okay let's review girls." Alicia smiled as the runners sat in a semi-circle round her.


"Sprinters, that's looked very easy till now, two nice wins, but remember come the semis late this afternoon it will start getting a lot tougher."

"We were looking at some of the times," Sheryl said as she shook her head, “there are some good teams here.”

"Don't let names or reputations worry you girls." Annie said as she stood behind the runners. "They are worrying about you, just as much as you are worrying about them."

"Now quarter milers," Alicia continued, "It's not as easy as it is in small schools is it?"

"Nope," Lindsay McMahon the anchor leg runner shook her head; "I nearly blew it at the end of the second round heat."

"Just remember Lindsay, run your own race, you got drawn into a fight with that girl from Preston Central, you should have let her go and just made sure you qualified." Alicia nodded.

"I'll know better come the semis."

"Now milers, that's two down and just the final tonight.  Coach Kelly and I agreed just making finals here would be pretty damn good, so pat yourselves on the back."

"We are fifth on qualifying times, I think we have an outside chance at the bronze." Annie added. "Just don't go mad chasing the teams from Richmond Roosevelt, and Our Lady, let them run their own race, we need to concentrate on our own."

"It's going well girls, everyone has a two hour break while the collegiate's do their thing, Unwind, eat, hydrate, I'll see you all here to start warm-ups in two hours time." Alicia smiled. "I'm proud of you girls."

"Okay everyone, group hug." Sheryl stood up.





4 pm

Pocono Raceway


Sandy brought the car into the pits and stopped, removing her helmet as Clint and the crew got to work.


“It felt soft going round that last bend – what did the telemetry say,” she said as she climbed out and walked over.


“Yeah – I think we need to go back to the last setting on the suspension Clint.”


“I agree,” Henri said.  “It was worth an attempt, but I think we need the original setting.”


“You got it boss,” Clint said as Sandy took a bottle of water.  “That is a tough course,” she finally said as she wiped her brow, “but fun.”


“I agree,” Jeanne said, “an interesting course.”


“Well, we need to review today, and then it’s time for dinner.  Any thoughts on where to go?”


7 pm

Crane Arts Centre


"Okay I close my eyes and just listen - I can't tell if I'm in Milan, Paris, or Philadelphia." Emma smiled as she, Abby, Candace, and Ju, sat with their hair in rollers awaiting their turn with the makeup artists.

"I know, backstage at a big show, it's the same girls, the same conversations..."

"The same bad jokes."

"As you say Stick, the same jokes, only thing that changes are the clothes." Candace smiled.

"Talking of which, look at those designers..." Juliette nodded in their direction, "Like mothers at a baby show fussing over every little detail."

"I don't think a lot of them are used to working with big name models...they are trying to do OUR business, forgetting we do know what to do to make clothes look great out there." Candace replied.

"Most of them are still very young." Abby looked at the young woman giving Magdalena a hard time. "And I think some of it is they are a bit in awe of the models, we are after all a step up from most of the local girls."

"True." Emma looked round, "Though one or two of these Philadelphia girls look like they know what they are doing."

"I agree." Juliette nodded. "I've jotted down a couple of names of girls Mary and I might use one day."

"And that is how careers get boosted." Candace laughed.

"Miss Swanepol, I'm ready for you." a make-up artist called.

“Coming darling...Well no rest for the wicked girls."


As she walked off, Patrice walked over.


“I just thought you might like to know The Duchess and Elmore are in the front row,” she said to Juliette.




“Well, The Duchess is Mamma,” Abby said, “but Elmore?  She never said she had taken that name – why on earth did she agree to that?”


“Same reason Jeannie got lumbered with BS,” Ju said with a smile, “see if you can work it out.”


Abby sat for a moment, and then said “oh… OH!  She is so dead!  All the fun she made of me and Jeannie, and she gets it for THAT reason?”


“You tell her and see her reaction,” Juliette said as she was walked to the make-up artist.”



8.30 pm

University of Delaware


The team watched, tensed, nervous as the teams lined up, the first leg runners on their blocks waiting for the gun.


As the explosion from the gun filled the air, the arena exploded into a scream as the runners set off – and none louder than the St Angela’s group as they cheered the team on.


"COME ON SHERYL!" her teammates screamed as the tall black girl flew down the straight.

"She's's on the dip." Alicia whispered. "Oh crap."

"I think we got third." Annie glanced up at the big screen.

"Three more yards she would have won it."

"So close." Sheryl panted as she, Yuma, Angela and Jenny hugged.

"Yes but we OPEN!" Jenny looked happy.

"Well run girls, well run." Alicia smiled as she handed each girl her track suit.

"I nearly got there coach." Sheryl tried smiling.

"You did, but have you seen the time?"

"Oh shit!" the girls exclaimed as they looked up at the board,

"We broke our best by over a second." Zuma mouthed the words.

"So each relay set school and personal bests, the milers got a bronze, the quarters finished second in the B Final, then you finish off like that. If we'd have offered that this morning I think you'd have taken it," Annie smiled broadly.

"We are all WINNERS!" Jo shouted.

"Okay you all have presentations girls, each of you get tidied up, we want nice pictures for everyone back and home and at school." Alicia looked proud as she surveyed her team.  “Then we’ll find somewhere to eat near the motel.  Annie, you and Jo are staying on?”


“Yeah,” Annie said, “Coach Waterman is here with the team from William Smith.”


“Well that’s tomorrow – tonight we celebrate.”


9 pm

The Crane Arts Centre


"Hello Carina, Hello Countess." Candace kissed both women as they came backstage after the show. "So where's the little one Cari?"

"She's having a sleepover with her cousin April."

"Now you’ve lost me."

"My cousin Susan just had a baby, Judith is staying with them."

“Okay now I understand...I think." the South African laughed.

"Carina meet Emma, Emma meet Ju's daughter Cari." Abigail made the introduction.

"Do you model as well Carina,” Emma said as they shook hands, “you are stunningly beautiful if I might say so."

"Well all compliments are gratefully accepted, but only part time and mainly photographic and commercials....too short for catwalk. I'm a student at Yale University really."

"So what did you make of the show Countess?" Candace asked.

"Not bad for out of town..."

"Snob, Aunt Diana." Carina giggled.

"Well darling even you agreed most of it was a little derivative."

"Most of them are very young though." Juliette came over and kissed her daughter and best friend. "Originality tends to come with experience."

"Hello Countess." Patrice Johnson said as she came over.

"Hello Patrice darling, it's been a while."


“You look as amazing as ever – how do you manage it?”


“Clean living – and I must admit, I am proud that Abigail has continued the tradition.”


Abby blushed as her mother smiled at her.


“Well ladies, you will have to forgive us,” Juliette said, “we have a late dinner appointment, so until next time?”


10 pm



Maddie smiled as she stood in the doorway, Diana turning off the engine as the four women got out.


“Nice – you should consider buying this Diana,” Juliette said as she came in and looked round.


“Perhaps when it is on the market again,” Diana said as Penny brought through mugs of coffee.


“Dom and Doc are fixing supper,” she said as she laid the tray down on the table.


“Good,” Abby said quietly, “I’m going to go and get changed.”


“Me too,” Juliette said as they headed upstairs.


“Any word from the others?”


“Annie rang – the team did incredibly well, two bronzes and a silver from a B final.”




“One of the bronzes.”


“Well done that girl,” Diana said.


“The team did well at the racetrack as well – we shared about the two vehicles Maddie and Penny managed to borrow today.”


“Clint will look them over tomorrow,” Doc said as she brought through plates of sandwiches and snacks.


"I sat watching the bank all afternoon." Carina sipped the coffee eagerly as she sat down.

"Anything out of place?" Dominique asked.

"Not that I could see." Cari shook her head. "That scheduled armoured car delivery took place, those types from the market Heather highlighted seemed to be making healthy end-of-week deposits. I didn't see any obvious extra cops."

"That is what I like to hear Cherie, everything nice and normal." Diana allowed herself a smile.

"Lily?" asked Dom.

"Very little I wouldn't expect." Lily said as she removed her coat. "I just hope it doesn't get too cold Sunday night, because I'm supposed to be outside at all times. The doorman gets signaled by the desk when he's needed inside."

"Wear thermal underwear if needs be." Dominique nodded.

"I did note some of the tenants have rather yappy dogs, we really need to work silently so as those we don't want to be disturbed aren't."

"Good point Lily." Diana nodded.

"Anything else?" asked Dom.

"Access in and out of the parking garage. Jo's really got to keep on top of who is coming and going..."

"I know, it's a potential weak spot, I'll raise it again with Ju."


“So all looks good,” Juliette said as she and Abby came back in. 


"I timed everything." Lily smiled as the two models sat down. "To the apartment house, there to the bank, bank to the change of cars, then the ride here."

"All within our schedule?" asked Juliette.


"Any obvious problems, construction work, etc?"

"Not that I could see."


The conversation was interrupted by the sound of Killer Queen playing.  The group looked at each other until Carina gave a sheepish grin and took her phone out.


“Since when…”


Carina simply looked at Abby and answered the phone.  “Hey Ingy – how’s the weather in Mehico?”


“I can’t complain - How was Juliette's show?" Ingrid asked her sister.

"Pretty good...and yours?"

"Not too bad." Cari heard her sister chuckle down the phone. "The designer had me in black velvet harem pants, rather like the ones you were talking about."

"Oh he pinched my idea did he?" Cari giggled.

"From Mexico City?"

"I guess so." Cari laughed again. "How is Dad?"

"Not great, altitude always throws him for a loop."

"Well you'll be back in New York Tuesday."

"Adam Cabot had flowers delivered to me backstage."

"Despite everything he must be keen on you then darling."

"I know...he's something as well as my Alfa I need to get to know better when I return to New York."


“So what plans for tomorrow?”


“See the city, and I have another shoot tomorrow.  You?”


“Nice quiet day in the city, then home Monday.”


“Ouch – gotta go Cari.  Dad calling.  See you on Tuesday.”


As she ended the call, Abby said “we are learning so much about you tonight, Carina dear.”


“Oh – such as?”




“Oh lord,” Carina said quietly, “who let that one out of the bag?”


“Well, we need to get to our beds,” Juliette said as she looked at her watch, “Diana and I have a drive up the coast tomorrow.”


“Yeah – let’s get some sleep – good night all.”


Sunday 19th April

12.30 am


"Who is it?" Penny looked at her clock as she heard the tapping on the bedroom door.

"It's me...Abigail..." a voice whispered.

"What the hell?" Penny stood up. "Is something wrong Abby?"

Slowly Penny opened the door to reveal Abby standing there in a basque, black stockings, long opera gloves, and tall skyscraping stilettos.

"What the fuck Abs?" Penny hissed.

"I heard you are lonely darling." Abby said as she came in and planted a long passionate kiss on Penelope's mouth.

"Okay can I wake up from this dream please?" Penny told herself. "Brain this isn't funny."

"What makes you think I'm a dream Penny?" Abigail smiled as she ran Penny's gloved hand over her breast, the scent of her perfume filling Penny’s nostrils.

"Because if you aren't – oh – if you aren’t something is seriously screwy." Penelope tried shaking her head.

"Didn't you ever hear that I'm bi-sexual as well?" Abby breathed the words as she undid Penny's pajama top.

"No..." Penny threw her head back as Abigail caressed her breast.

"I noticed you looked lonely yesterday, and with Tony back in England I thought maybe we need get to know each other better."

"Do Carina and Annie know you are...?" Penny gasped as Annie’s gloved hand reached inside her bottoms.

"Penny Darling, it was Carina took my virginity..." Abby smiled sexily. "Now come please darling make love to me." Abby lay back on the bed, her legs apart.


Penny nodded as she moved between Abby’s legs, gently kissing her neck as her hand stroked over the young girl’s crotch.


“Oh that’s good,” Abby moaned, “you do know how to treat a girl right.”


“Well,” Penny purred, “if you ask so nicely, how can I refuse?”  She slipped her fingers between the lips of Abby’s slit and gently moved them round, kissing the top of her breasts as she did so.


“Oh keep doing that – I can make it so worth your while,” Abby moaned as Penny removed her pajamas, and started to work down Abby, placing her head between her legs as her tongue started to go to work.


“OH god yes,” Abby breathed as she pushed her hips forward, receiving Penny’s lips and tongue with all the sensations they brought…





"This will be easy pickings Dwayne." The white boy smiled at his black partner.

"A house full of rich white women up from the know it Kris."

"We get them tied up, just maybe we can enjoy ourselves with one or two of the bitches.'

"Yeah show 'm what real fuckin' men can do."

"I wanna fuck at least of thems brains out."

"So waddya figure, jewels, cash...."

"Plastic money." Kris smiled as he pried open the downstairs window.  He slipped inside, waiting as Dwayne handed him in the canvas bag and then climbed in after him.  He shone his torch around, and then indicated the staircase as the two boys walked over towards it.


“Think there’s anyone down here,” Dwayne said as he looked round the room.


“Nah – they’ll all be upstairs, waiting for us to arrive,” Kris laughed as they walked up, not noticing the door open behind them.


As they walked up, they could hear sounds coming from one of the bedrooms, but it was only as they got closer that they could hear what was been said.


“Oh fuck….  Oh fucking hell Abby do it to me, do it to me now… yes… Yes… OH CHRIST YES!!!!”


Putting his finger to his lips, Kris put his hand on the door handle and slowly turned it, opening it as the two boys saw Penny throw her head back and scream as Abby used her fingers to take her over the edge, the naked young model kissing her neck and chest as she did so, and then her lips as she slowly counted down.


“Holy fuck,” Dwayne said as he looked on, “we got a couple of dykes here – and one of them’s a fucking model.”


“What the fuck…?”  Abby turned and looked at the two boys standing there, before she said, “who the hell are you?”


“Us,” Kris said as he took a small pistol from his jacket pocket and aimed it at the two women, “we’re the men who are going to show you two what a real man is like.”


Penny sat herself up and looked at the boys, before she burst into laughter.


“Hey what’s so fucking funny?” Dwayne said as he looked at her, “you think we’re not men?”


“Oh…  Oh I’m sorry,” Penny said as she wiped her eyes, “it’s just that I don’t think you appreciate the situation here.”


“We don’t?  Dwayne, tie these two bitches up, then we can see who else is here.”


They had expected the women to cower in fear, not to look at them and burst out laughing together.


“What’s so fucking funny?” Kris screamed.


“Sorry, sorry,” Abby said, “it’s just before you two guys do anything, I really think you should turn around.”


“Why – what the fuck do you think we’re going to see?”


“Oh,” Penny said as she stood up, “perhaps, just perhaps, a glimpse of the huge pile of guano you two boys have walked into.”


“What the fuck you talking about bitch?”


The sound behind both Kris and Dwayne made them turn round, to see Lily, Dominique and Doc standing behind them, Dominique priming her sawn off shotgun as she looked at them.


“Hello boys,” she said quietly, “if I was you, I’d be pissing myself right about now.”


“What the hell,” Kris said as Doc produced a Magnum, and Lily a Walther, both ladies aiming their guns at the two males.


“Now hand your gun to the lady in the stockings please.”


“Thank You.” Abigail smiled as the boy meekly handed it over.


“Here’s the thing,” Penny said as she put her pajamas on and walked in front of them, “you picked the wrong house to break into.  You wanted to show my friend you were a real man, didn’t you?”


Dwayne watched as Abby walked beside him, and then noticed that all of them had gloves on – the long opera ones in Abby’s case, the rest wearing leather gloves.


“Hey what’s going on?”


"Boys,” Dominique said, “there is Dumb, Dumber and then what you fuckers are."


They then saw a fourth woman appear, slightly shorter than Doc, as she put a pair of glasses on.


“Well, this is fortuitous timing,” Dominique said, “these two little dicks for brains thought they would break in and have a little fun with the women here.”


“Really?  Well, you have to admire the courage of the ill informed, don’t you?”


"I bet you boys are both virgins, with your luck you'd have to be." Abby giggled.

"Of all the houses you could have chosen to hit tonight you had the sheer bad luck to pick this one?" Penny started laughing again.


“What the hell do you mean,” Dwayne said as he took a knife out of his pocket – only to scream in pain as Penny grabbed his arm and pinched it just above the elbow, making him open the hand and drop the knife.


Cari looked at Penny and Abby, before she said, “Were you having fun?”


“We were,” Abby said with a giggle as she looked at Kris, “but shit for brains here has now just made me mad.”


“And what are you going to do about it, you little dyke?”  Kris grinned at Abby, and then gasped as she grabbed his ball sac and squeezed it hard.


“Well, I guess we get to find out – and boys, you two have hit the jackpot,” Abby whispered as Penny twisted Dwayne’s arm behind her back.  “Doc, we need a quiet barn.”


“There’s an empty one out the back – got a couple of old carpets on the ground.”


“Perfect – grab a flashlight and lead the way please.”


“Should we wake the others?”


“No – we can tell them later, they have business in the morning.”  Abby grabbed Kris’ arm and led him out behind Doc, Penny pushing Dwayne along as the other two followed.  Grabbing a flashlight from the kitchen, Doc opened the back door, Dom picking up the bag from the floor before they walked across the yard and into an empty barn.


“Right fuckwads,” Dom said as she dropped the bag on the floor, “on your knees, hands on your heads.”


“Who the fuck do you think you are? The Pussycat Gang?”


Kris and Dwayne looked at the five women, who were looking at each other before they started laughing again.


“What the fuck is so funny?” Dwayne screamed out, and then grunted as Dom hit him in the stomach with the barrel of the gun.


“What’s funny, shit for brains, is that WE ARE the Pussycat Gang,” Cari said, smiling as she looked at both of them. 


Kris stared at her, before he whispered “Oh Jesus H Christ – you’re not kidding are you?”


“What do you think,” Cari said as she walked over and stroked his cheek with her gloved hand, “but, if I am telling the truth, and you just threatened to rape my fellow cats, what do you think we would do next?  And while you contemplate that, consider how doing as we say might just be the most intelligent thing you’ve done in years, you stupid little prick.”


“Oh look,” Lily said as she looked at Dwayne, “he’s soiled himself.”


The black kid had dropped to his knees, staring at them as he said “please, please God, tell me you’re lying? … PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE LYING?”


“Boy,” Dom said as she opened the bag, taking some rope out and throwing it to Abby,” shut the fuck up and put your hands behind your back.”


Kris watched as Abby knelt down, and bound Dwayne’s wrists tightly behind his back, then his arms to his sides, barely noticing as the same thing was down to him by Lily while the other three watched.


“Now then,” Cari said as she stood in front of them, “the thing is, fuckers, you woke me up and I’m cranky.  My lover is miles away, and I need to do something to calm me down.”


“And your problem,” Doc whispered as both boys had their ankles bound, “is when this particular lady gets cranky, she doesn’t just shout at you.”


“Hey look at these,” Dom said as she drew out two ball gags, “I think they meant to use them on us?”


“Well, this could be fun.  Tell me, dicks,” Penny said, “have you ever seen Pulp Fiction?”


Dwayne nodded slowly as she took one of the gags from Dom.  “Then you can call me Zed,” she whispered, “and my short friend here is Maynard.  And you two – you get to be Bruce Willis and Ving Rhaemes.  The thing is, we don’t have a gimp.”


“But we don’t need one,” Cari said as she took the other gag, while Doc and Abby knelt in front of the two women.  The boys looked at them as they smiled, and then grabbed their scrotums, both screaming in pain before the balls were pulled into their mouths and the straps fastened around their heads.


“Now then,” Penny said as she lifted Kris’ head up and looked into his eyes, “where shall we start, hmm?”


Plssdntkllsss,” Dwayne pleaded as he looked at Cari.


“Now isn’t that cute – he’s pleading,” Abby said, “and yet, when you thought this was just another house, you were ready to force yourself on me, weren’t you?”


He nodded as Abby smiled down.  “Well, you’re honest with us, so we should be honest with you,” she said as she knelt down, and cupped his manhood in her hand, gently rubbing as she did so, “let’s see how much of a man you are, and then I may make a decision.”


“I wonder how he’ll cope with two of us,” Doc said as she knelt behind the young black lad, kissing the side of his neck as her gloved hands moved over his chest, and then started to unbutton his shirt and run them over his chest.


Whtrudng,” he moaned, his eyes closing as he realized just how aroused he was getting.


“You however, dickwad,” Penny said as he pulled Kris’ head back, “you get my tender care.  Mine and this little lady here,” she said as she looked at Cari.


“And that is your lucky day,” Cari said, “because this lady and I are very skilled at what we like to do, and what we like to do is this.”


Kris grunted as Cari drove her gloved fist into his abdomen, before Penny ripped his shirt open and pulled it off his back, the cheap stitching giving way as the garment ripped under the ropes.


“Fucking hell, he’s barely a teenager,” Dominique said as she looked on, shaking her head as Penny and Cari looked at him.  Kris looked over at Dwayne, who was lost in the arousal as Doc and Abby used their lips and hands to bring him along.


“And yet he wants to inflict pain,” Cari said, “shall we show him what pain is?”


“Let’s,” Penny said as she shoved Kris forward, making him fall on the floor as Cari pulled his ankles back and tied them to the rope around his chest.  As Penny watched him, Cari picked up two lengths of rope from the bag, handing one to her as they doubled the lengths over and tied knots in the end.


“Well young man,” Dom said, “I really, really do not want to be you now.”  Kris looked up, and then screamed as the knotted rope was brought down on his back by Penny, Cari bringing hers down next, the two of them taking turns to beat him with their improvised whips.


Dwayne was too lost in the feelings inside him to hear his friend screaming, as she screamed in pleasure, Doc pulling his pants down and running her gloved hand over his firm, erect member.


“Hmmm yes, that does feel like a man’s,” Doc said with a smile as she used her hand on him, Abby nibbling his ear as she picked up an object from the floor.


Hmmgddddplssskpddngthttt,” Dwayne moaned as he felt his climax coming, Doc rubbing more and more vigorously as the ropes went down again and again on Kris.  He rolled over to try and save his back, and then screamed in agony as both Penny and Cari switched their attention to his crotch, raining blows down on his scrotum.


Dwayne then opened his eyes and screamed in ecstasy as Doc brought him to a climax – and then in sheer agony and terror as Abby forced the wooden rod into his anal passage, pushing it all the way in.




“I told you, you stupid bastard,” Abby hissed into his ear, “you and your friend made me mad.  You got the gentle treatment because you showed honesty – and we cats reward honesty.  But we also punish those who want to hurt us.”


Daryl nodded, his eyes watering as he fell to the side, Kris looking at him and crying as well.


“Do you boys love your parents?”


They both nodded as Dom stepped forward.


“Well, I hope they cry at your funerals,” she said quietly as she took the Mauser, fitted a silencer and shot them both in the head.


“All right you lot,” she said, “back to bed.  We need to tell them what happened in the morning, and dispose of the bodies tomorrow.”


7 am


Diana came down to find Dominique already making coffee.


“Sleep well,” she said as she rubbed her head.


“What sleep I got,” Dominique said as Juliette came down, “we had a little excitement during the night.  I’m afraid there is a little bit of a mess to clean up.”


“What sort of excitement,” Juliette asked.


“A couple of fresh faced wannabe rapists broke in at one this morning, and threatened to have their way with Penny and Abby.”


Juliette looked at Diana and said “then…”


“Doc woke me, I woke Lily, we stopped them, and Cari woke up.  The bodies are in the empty barn out the back.”


Diana stood up and walked out of the kitchen, returning a few minutes later.


“We’ll take them down to the Jersey shore with us, lose them there in the water.”


“Lose who,” Maddie said as she came in.


“We’ll find out the story later,” Diana said, “coffee first…”



10.30 am

The Jersey Shore


Juliette looked out of the widow of the front room as Diana adjusted her wig, making sure every strand of hair was underneath.  Both women were wearing royal blue jackets and skirts, their back scarves worn as cravats and tucked into the front, dark stockings and four inch heel black leather pumps.


“That was an unexpected shock,” Juliette said as she adjusted her gloves.


“The young lads?  I forget sometimes how angry my little Abigail can get.  But compared to what Cari and Penny did to the other boy…”


“I know – I just hope they stay unfound for some time.”


“The way I weighted those rugs, they will,” Diana said as they heard a vehicle approaching.  Juliette stood by the window, a Mauser in her hand, and then relaxed as she nodded to Diana.




Tommy the Fish drove carefully down the road, following the directions given to him until he came to the run down beach house.  He never really liked the idea of going out of state on business, but they were amongst his most valuable customers – and besides, today nothing could spoil his mood.


He stopped his van outside the house and waited, absent mindedly playing with his finger as he did so.  The instructions were to wait until the signal was given – a sign they were ready.


“Why here,” he thought to himself, “don’t tell me dese ladies are hitting the boardwalk again?”


“Good Morning Tommy.”


He nearly jumped out of his skin as he realized Miss Panther was standing by him, the black stocking distorting her face as she opened the door.  As he got out, he saw Miss Leopard standing there, smiling under her stocking.


“Good morning ladies,” he said as he looked at them, “Nice da see youse again.”


“And you Tommy,” Miss Leopard purred.  “I trust you have been kept busy.”


“Oh yes,” he said with a grin, “in fact, I apologise for being a little late.  I had a rather late night last night.”




“Delivery suite, Miss Panther – Annie gave birth to a bouncing little girl last night.  We’s calling her Tammy Joan.”


“Our congratulations to both of you,” Miss Panther said, “but we have business to attend to.”


“Of cours,” Tommy said as he opened the back of his van, and Miss Leopard inspected the guns.


“All markings removed as always?”


“Naturally ladies – and I got those silenced pistols youse asked for as well, with extra clips.”


Miss Leopard looked at them, and then nodded to Miss Panther.


“Excellent Tommy – please, take them to the car over there.  Your payment waits within.”


“Mays I ask where youse ladies will be working tonight?”


“Out of town Tommy, so you are free to be with your new family.”


Tommy nodded as he carried the bags over and placed them in the open trunk of the Daimler, retrieving a leather holdall as he did so.


“Our thanks again Tommy – oh, and where is Annie?”


“Lennox Hill, ladies – whyse?”


“We may wish to send flowers – as always, leave first, and do not look back Tommy.  We would hate to have to bring pain at this joyous time.”


Tommy nodded as he got into the van and drove off.  He was in no hurry to upset them either, as his fingers ached in the old familiar way.


“So Tommy and Annie are parents?  Jan will be pleased,” Juliette said as she removed her stocking mask.


“Indeed – we should stop and send some flowers on the way home tomorrow.”



11 am

University of Delaware


“That was good, ladies – you did what you needed to do, and conserved the energy for the later rounds.  I ask no more than that.”


“Hey Coach – who’s this coming over,” one of the girls said as Heather and Jo walked down, wearing the St Angela’s tracksuits.


The coach turned and smiled as they came over.  "Okay ladies, I'd like you all to meet Jo Smith who'll be joining the squad in the fall." Lisa Waterman said as she introduced the Angel.

"Hey." Jo waved a trifle shyly. "I saw you guys run, I'm not sure I'll make the team."

"I saw your final last night, I'm pretty sure you will," a tall girl with cropped blonde hair stood up and shook hands. "Hi I'm Mindy Wells."

"Hi." Jo smiled. "This is my current coach, Annie Kelly."

"Annie and I used to run against each other in college." Lisa spoke up.

"So according to Coach you are moving up to the 1500 from 800's?" Mindy asked.

"That's the plan."

"Well you picked a good coach to learn from, Coach Waterman helped me do the same."

"I read that you made the final at the Division Three nationals last year."

"You've been doing some research." Mindy laughed. "Hey wanna jog along with us while we warm up for the next round."

"I'd love to." Jo smiled at the invitation as the group set off around the warm up track.

"I think Jo's going to fit in nicely Lisa." Annie whispered as the girls jogged away.

"Oh I KNOW she is."  Lisa smiled as she said “Your girls did an amazing job last night.  Florida have got a real star coming their way, but I’m happy with who we’re getting.”



11 am

Pocono Raceway


"She's still under steering in those two corners Clint." Jeanne came over the com, "I'm literally having to fight to turn her."

"I can see Jeanne, we are running out of different tricks to try."

"Don't worry we'll work it out." Henri watched as his daughter sped by the pits.

"When we played with tire pressures we cured it there," Clint poked at the course map.

"But we created a problem here." Henri pointed.

"We take something out of the suspension, we cure that."

"But we go straight on to another problem."

"Problems gentlemen?" Mario Andretti asked as he watched Jeanne finish another lap. "Oh and this is Bill Bleziak, the chairman of the club putting on the six hour race."

"Hello." both Henri and Clint wiped their greasy hands before shaking, "and yes we can't get the setup quite as we want it."

"It sounds like you are trying everything to me." Mario looked over Heather's shoulder at her computers.

"It's what makes this course a challenge." Bill also took a glance, "and weather changes make big differences to track conditions."

"That I remember." Henri smiled. "Mario do you remember that Can-Am race when the clouds rolled in and the track cooled 15 degrees in what seemed like moments?"

"And we were all slipping and sliding as the pits tried to work out new strategy....Yes I do."

"That was back before we had all these computers telling us things, we had to work it out in our own heads."

"Oh don't remind me Henri." Mario shook his head. "That was REAL driving."

"You know I could listen to these two talk racing all day." Janice said as she shook hands with Mr. Bleziak. "It's like a private masterclass.”

"I know, I like listening as well, helps me hopefully be a better driver myself."

"Are you driving the six-hour yourself?"

"Yes with my two sons."

"Well I'm Jan Carter, and this is Sandy Richmond."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Bleziak."

"Call me Bill please Sandy."


“Well, I look forward to the challenge in that case,” Sandy said as Clint said “All right Jeanne, bring her in – I don’t think we can learn any more today.”


“Roger that,” Jeannie said as she slipped into the pit lane and came back into the garage.



12.30 pm

University of Delaware


“Right,” Annie said as she and Jo walked with Lisa Waterman, “we need to head back to the city.  Pleasure to see you again Lisa.”


“You too Annie – and I’ll see you in August Jo.”


“Looking forward to it Coach,” Jo said as they climbed into Annie’s car and drove off.


Taking out her cell phone, Jo dialed a number.


“Abs?  We’re on our way.  How are things there?


“You’re kidding – you lot all right?


“Oh – well, that’s good.  ETA 3pm.”


“What happened?”


“They had some unexpected company during the night – taken care of.  Let’s go join them.”


1 pm

Pocono Raceway


"Well that's been a helluva weekend already Jan." Sandy smiled as she climbed into the Mercedes.

"And the main event.... still to come." Heather said as she strapped herself into the back.

"Do you think anyone will mind if I take a nap this afternoon."

"Well if they do Jan send them to me because I'm planning on taking exactly that same nap."

"Everything get away okay Clint?" Heather asked as he joined her in the rear seats.

"Yeah, by the way Mario recommended a couple of guys up our way as pit crew. We get them onboard we can start practicing racing tire changes and refueling stops."

"That's the next stage." Sandy nodded as she drove away.

"While I'm waiting for you over night I'll sit down with the data and see if I work out that understeer problem."

"Don't stay up too late Clint." Jan's eyes sparkled. "Remember you go home you go back to diaper changes, two o'clock feeds, etc."

"It's still less stressful then waiting on you all to come back from a job."


“I can imagine – but see if you say the same thing after a year,” Sandy said as she moved onto the freeway, and headed south.


3 pm



"Much on the news?" Carina asked as she came in.

"Not really,” Abby said as she looked over, “two local teenagers have gone missing... nothing too exciting."

"Unlike you last night Abs,” Cari said as she sat down, “you went full out to seduce Penny."

"I thought she might appreciate the extra touches,” Abby said with a smile, “rather then me just tapping on the door in my old flannel nightie and asking her if she wanted sex."

"You must have packed those especially..."

"Actually no, I found them in Philadelphia yesterday, and I thought to myself. Why not?"

"Why not indeed." Carina giggled.  “And strangely enough, other matters got settled as…”


Her phone going off made Cari stop as she looked at the number.


“Hey – where are you?


“All right – opening the gates for you now.”


“Who is it,” Maddie said as she came in.


“Heather and Jo,” Cari said as she operated the gate control, and Heather pulled up outside.


“Well if it isn’t the star athlete,” Doc said as Annie and Jo came in.


“Thank you, thank you,” Jo said with a mock bow.  “What are you two doing?”


“Checking the ropes and equipment for tonight,” Dom said as she looked up.  “Diana and Juliette are discussing tonight – they want to see you in the kitchen asap.”


“I’ll go and see them now,” Jo said as Abby operated the gates, and a Mercedes pulled up outside.


“Hey,” Maddie said as she went out to welcome them.  “Come away in – coffee is just made.”


“Thanks – but I’m going to get an hour’s kip,” Jan said as she walked in.


“Me too,” Sandy said as they went upstairs, Heather and Clint placing the laptops on the table.


“Right – let’s have a look at what you’ve got,” Clint said, “and you can tell me the plans for them.”


“This way,” Maddie said as she took Clint to a barn, while Heather went into the kitchen and hugged Jo.


“Right,” Juliette said as she sat back.  “You understand how key your role is tonight?”


“I do – I won’t let you down.”


“I know you won’t – right, everyone’s here now, once Maddie has finished with Clint we can think about some supper.  What do you suggest Diana?”


“We have ingredients for a Coq au Vin and trimmings – I shall get to work immediately.”







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