Possible Response









Prologue – New York City


“Report.”  The voice was deep and rasping – almost as rasping as the sound the fingers of the steel glove made as he flexed his hand.  On his lap, a large white cat purred almost in pleasure at the sound.


“We’re in position, Doctor,” the man said as his picture appeared on the large view screen.  He was thin, with slicked back grey hair, and wore a pair of thin metal spectacles that sat on the bridge of his nose.


“We have set up base, and are watching closely the target.  We will be able to secure in forty eight hours.”


“Excellent – and what of the – nuisances?”


“Don’t worry, Doctor – everything is in hand.  We have secured the services of a local operative to provide a suitable diversion.”


“And does he know of our involvement.”


“No, Doctor – he is completely ignorant.”


“Excellent,” the voice rasped, “proceed.  I want Doctor Anne Possible fully prepared and working for me by the end of the week, or Project: Sublimate will not succeed.”







“Hey Monique – how’s business today?”


The dark skinned girl looked up and smiled as she said “Hey BF – how’s it hanging?”  The new arrival had long red hair, and was wearing a green cropped vest top with a pair of blue knee length pants.  “No mission today, Kim?”


“Not today – I get to do some shopping at last,” Kim Possible said as she looked through the racks of pants and tops.  “Anything cool and new?”


“Nah – same old same old.  The new Club Banana range isn’t out for a couple of weeks.”


The door to the store opened, and the two girls turned to see a young blonde haired girl walk in.  She was wearing a pink top with a green collar and long sleeves, slightly cropped to allow her belly to be seen, brown cargo pants and trainers.  She also had a dog walking beside her.


“I’m sorry,” Monique said as Kim knelt down and played with the dog, “we don’t allow pets in Club Banana.”


“Oh let her be, Mon – he won’t be any trouble, will you?” Kim said as he tickled the dog under his chin, “What’s his name?”


“We call him Brain,” the girl said as she looked down,


“Nice hair style.”


“Thanks – I like it,” she said as she put a hand under her two bunches.  “I’m visiting town with my uncle – he’s speaking at the convention.”


“The police one?  Let me guess – you got bored and needed a break?”


“That’s one way of putting it – Uncle Gadget is hardly boring, however.”


“His name is Gadget?  Is he a tech dweeb or something?”


Before the girl could answer, Kim felt her phone go off.  “Excuse me,” she said as she went into a changing room, looking at the screen on her device.


“Wade, I wasn’t speaking of you,” she said to the boy on the screen.


“You are now,” her friend said.  “Listen – we have a situation brewing a few klicks down from you.  Shego has been seen in the vicinity of the Second National Bank.”


“Oh great – just what I needed.  My day off ruined by the green goddess.  I’m on it – where’s Ron?”


“Hey Monique – where’s my lady?”


“Hold that thought – I’ll call you later,” Kim said as she walked out.  Ron Stoppable was standing at the counter, looking at her as he said “Hey Kimmie, what’s whoooooaaaaaa…”


“See you later, Monique,” Kim said as she dragged Ron out, the blonde haired girl watching them as the door swung shut.


“So, see anything?”


“Yeah, but I gotta go – another time,” she said as she head to the door.


“Hey Kid – what’s your name?”


“Penny,” she shouted over her shoulder as she left, “Penny Gadget.” 


Outside the store, she saw Kim and Ron running down the walkway.


“Follow them Brain – see what you can find out.”  The dog nodded and ran after them, as Penny took out her own communication device.


“Uncle Gadget?  Are you there?”


There was no reply, as Penny shook her head and looked around the mall.  A couple of shoppers caught her eye – especially the way they walked shiftily down past the stores, with one eye continually turning towards her.


“Great,” Penny said quietly as she backed off, only to hit a soft, flabby belly.  She turned round to see a large man standing there, reaching for her arm, so she did the only sensible thing – stamped on his foot and hightailed it out of the mall.





The Second National Bank was quiet – too quiet, but then what do you expect when a girl who can fire green energy bolts from her hands decides to make an unauthorized withdrawal?  She walked out of the vault, the money bag in her hand, only to stop when the blonde haired girl appeared in front of her. 


“Well what a surprise,” Shego said as she looked at Kim, standing there in her green combat pants and black crop top.  “I try to get a little spending money, and you show up.”


“Most people use an ATM,” Kim said quietly,  “But then, you’re not most people, are you Shego?”


“OH just shut up and take this like a woman,” Shego said as she fired an energy bolt in the direction of Kim diving in one direction as Kim dived and rolled away from the blast.




“Gotcha,” Ron said as he dropped the crate down, Shego spinning and blasting it out of the way.  That was enough for Kim to leap across and hit Shego in the side with her feet, sending the dark haired villainess sprawling across the floor as she dropped the bag.


From one side of the room, a dog waked over and calmly retrieved the bag in his teeth, before returning to hiding, unseen by all save a naked mole rat that emerged from Ron Stoppable’s pocket.  He scuttled along as Ron dove to avoid Shego, and dropped onto the head of the dog – only to be surprised as he picked it up in his front paw and looked at him.


Rufus grinned and shrugged his shoulders as a voice came from the device around the dog’s head.  “Brain?  You there?”


Brain out Rufus down and waved a warning finger at him before a set of earphones extended from the device and fitted into his ears, while he stood on his hind legs and looked at the screen.


“Brain – there are men from M.A.D. everywhere around here.  What’s happening at your end?”


The dog merely held up the device, as an energy blast shot past the viewer.


“Gotcha – I’m going to go and try to find Uncle Gadget.  You stay there and try to make sure she doesn’t come to any harm.”


The dog nodded and waited until the earpieces retracted, before he looked at Rufus.  The mole rat nodded and pointed to the left, the dog following along with him.


“Hey Possible – what’s blonde and best kept under covers?”


Kim looked at Shego as she said “You,” and fired an energy blast into the ceiling, 


“KIMMMY!!!”  Ron dived over her as the ceiling came down, burying them both in the rubble.


“Now, as I was saying,” Shego said, as she picked up the bag and left.  Brain made his way over to the pile of rubble and started to move it, Rufus moving between the cracks and then squeaking loudly.


“Unnn,” Ron said as Brain removed the rubble from him, “Is this the ultimate humility?  Rescued by a dog?”


He stood up, Kim uncurling from under him as she said “Hey – you’re the dog who was in the shop earlier.  What are you doing here?”


Brain shrugged, and walked off, indicating they should follow.


“Is it just me,” Ron said as he rubbed his head, “or is he walking on his hind legs?”


Kim shrugged and said “hey – could have been a platypus.  Come on – let’s see where he wants us to go.”




Penny was walking through the crowded convention centre, trying to find her uncle.  Normally, it would not be a problem – where ever he went, there was usually a commotion afterwards, but today it appeared as if nothing was happening.


“Penny!  What are you doing here?”


“Uncle Gadget,” she said as she looked up at the trench coat wearing man, “Thank goodness I found you.  There are M.A.D. agents everywhere.”


“Wowzers – they must have come to hear my speech, hear a few lessons from the master and learn from their mistakes!  I’m impressed!”


“Uncle, no – please listen to me…”


“I must go and prepare Penny!  See you later!  Go Go Gadget Skates!”


She groaned as a pair of roller skates seemed to appear from nowhere in his feet, and he set off across the convention floor, knocking people out of the way as he did so.


“Forgive me, little girl, but may I ask you a question?”


Penny shook her head and said “Sure, what is…”


The man behind her had pale blue skin, and a shock of black hair, pulled back in a pony tail.  “Allow me to introduce myself,” he said as he bowed, wearing a blue coat, “I am Doctor Drakken, and I will be your kidnapper for today.”


“My Wh…” Penny said as Dr Drakken fired a gas into her face, rendering her unconscious.


“Like I said, your kidnapper,” he said as he picked the young girl up, and carried her out, nobody really noticing at all…





“All right,” Kim said as she and Ron walked into the alleyway, “What’s going on now?”


Her communicator buzzed into live, and as she looked at it she said “Wade, if I told you I was following a dog walking on his hind legs, what would you say?”


“I’d say listen to him,” Wade said from behind his desk.  “He’s from a different agency – is the blonde haired girl with him?”


“The one from the shop?  No – why?”


As she spoke, Brain received a message on his communicator.  Looking at it, he nudged Ron in the ribs with his paw and then showed him it.


“Er, Kim?  You might want to see this?”


“Not now Ron – I’m talking to Wade.”


“That girl – about five four, blonde hair in two bunches, striped top and cargo pants?”


Kim nodded, and then looked at the picture on the dog’s device.  It showed the young girl, hanging by the rope that held her wrist together from a hook above a vat of something green and bubbling.  Her ankles and legs were also secured with rope, and a strip of tape covered her mouth.


“Where is this coming from,” Kim said.  Brain pointed to the bottom of the screen, where a message said “Come and get her.  Drakken.”


“Great, must be Tuesday again,” Kim said quietly.  “Come on Ron – time to make a house call.”


As the group walked off, a man who had been watching took out a mobile phone.


“Boss?  They took the bait – nab her.”




The hospital was unusually quiet as Anne Possible sat at the desk, working on her latest paper.  She barely noticed the door opening and closing, as she said “I thought you had emptied the trash can already?”


The damp rag that was pressed firmly over her mouth and nose took her completely by surprise, her opening mouth allowing the fumes to enter her body and send her into a deep sleep.  The man smiled as he lifted her up and deposited her limp body into the laundry basket, before wheeling it along the corridor and out of the building.





“Welcome to Drakken towers,” Ron said as he and Kim stood outside the building, “So, where do you think the death trap is?”


“Oh I don’t know – the door?”


“Rufus, mia compadre,” Ron said as he removed his pet from his pocket, “Want to go and have a look?”


The mole rat stood on its own hind legs, folding the front legs as he looked at his owner.


“Pretty please?  I’ll get some tacos later?”


Nodding, the mole rat ran off, as Brain walked slowly to the rear of the building.


Brain looked at the warehouse, and then walked slowly around the side, looking carefully.




“Skylight,” Ron said as Kim fired a grappling hook up, testing the rope before they both began to climb it.


“So, want to catch a movie once we’ve finished this,” Kim said as they reached the roof, “my treat?”


“Sure, why not – what’s showing?”


“We’ll look later,” Kim said as they looked through the skylight.  The blonde haired girl was there, and she could see Drakken standing on a platform, Shego as always behind him.


“All right – I distract them, you get the girl, and we get out of here, got it?”


“Got it,” Ron said as she opened the skylight and they dropped onto the walkway over the vat.  Kim ran along the metal ledge and then used a rope to swing down, crouching as she landed behind the two villains.


“Possible?  How nice of you to drop in,” Drakken said as he looked round. 


“What are you up to this time, Drakken,” Kim said as she dodged the energy blast from Shego.


“You may not believe this, but I’m doing a favour for a friend.”


“A friend?  You have friends?”


“Oh I am wounded,” Drakken said as he put his hand to his head.  “Shego, do the honours please.”


“With pleasure,” the dark haired girl cooed as she fired an energy blast over Kim’s head, cutting through the chain and allowing the cage to drop over the young agent.




Slowly, carefully, Ron pulled the chain up, the blonde haired girl swinging from side to side as he did so.


“There you go,” he said as he lifted her onto the walkway, “Nice and…”


The blank faced dummy took him by surprise, before gas started to seep out of it, Ron’s eyes rapidly losing focus as he fell unconscious.



“OH come on, you two,” Kim said quietly, “How many times have you pulled this trick?  You know I can…”


The electric shock as she touched the bars knocked her out, Shego smirking as she said “Not our trick this time, Kimmy darling.  Nice idea though – how’s her boyfriend?”


“We’ve got him,” the burly man said as he carried Ron over his shoulder.  “You can keep her with the Gadget girl.  Doctor Claw sends his thanks.”


“Yeah yeah – tell him he still owes me fifty dollars,” Drakken said as the man carried Ron off.  “Let’s get her with the other kid – I have such beautiful plans for both of them…”


From behind a set of crates, Rufus and Brain watched, and then looked at each other.





Kim slowly opened her eyes, wondering what had happened.  It took her a few minutes to remember the electrified cage, as she tried to shake her head and speak.




The feeling like cotton wool in her mouth took her by surprise, as did the inability to make anything like an understandable sentence.   She shook her head and looked round, and then tried to figure out why her arms felt so stiff.


A glance to the side told the answer to that, as she saw her left hand held up above her head, attached by a length of rope to the corner of the bedstead she was lying on.  A few more turns of the head showed her other arm held in place, and a further glance down showed her legs spread apart and bound in a similar manner.




She looked again to her side to see the blonde haired girl from the shop, tied to a second bedstead in the same way.   A wide strip of white tape covered her mouth, and from the way her cheeks were puffed out Kim realised the tape was keeping something in as well.


“Must be the same for me,” she thought to herself as she looked round the room.  The bedstead was set up against a wall at a slight angle, but apart from her fellow captive there was no one and nothing else in sight.


For her part, Penny had seen the two M.A.D. goons carry the blonde in and secure her to the iron bedstead, before stuffing the cloth in her mouth and taping it over.  As they did so, she groaned inwardly – she had the opportunity to tell her what was happening, but it had slipped past when she left.  Her one hope now as that someone else had come with her.


“Wthsshngn,” Kim mumbled under her gag.


“Oh goody – you’re both awake!  Excellent!”


The two girls turned to see the image of Dr Drakken appear on a monitor screen above them.


“Thank you both for dropping in,” he said with a sneer, “Now, much as my friend here would like to end your existence right now, I have something much more fun planned.  You’ll like it too Shego.”


“I doubt it,” the bored female voice said as Drakken shook his head and rubbed his eyes.


“Never mind,” he said eventually, “enjoy your rest.  The iron bedsteads you are tied to are wired, so if you try to move, it will be a shocking experience.  Enjoy.”


The screen went blank as Penny and Kim looked at each other.




Kim shook her head, and then looked at the heavy wooden door as it slowly opened.  Penny followed her eyeline as Brain looked round, and then nodded.


“Brn!!  Gdbe!!”


The dog walked over and looked carefully at the bedsteads, then at the two women, before he beckoned to the door.




The naked mole rat nodded as he climbed up Kim’s body and started to nibble at the rope holding Kim’s arms above her head.  Brain turned to Penny, then looked where she was moving her head and started to follow the cables that led from the metal.


Kim suppressed a gasp of thanks as Rufus freed her wrist, and then clambered over her body to nibble on the rope around her other wrist.  As he did this, Brain followed the cable to a junction box, and produced a screwdriver, removing the cover before taking a pair of wire cutters and snipping the connectors free.


Once her hands were free, Kim peeled the tape away from her mouth and pulled the cloth out, before she said “thanks Rufus – now free my legs and I’ll take care of the other girl.”


“Gdwrrkbrn,” Penny mumbled as Kim was freed, and then untied her before removing her gag.


“Hey,” Kim said quietly, “Want to try introductions this time?   I’m Kim Possible.”


“Penny Gadget – pleased to finally meet you properly.  Now how do we get out of here?”


“I suggest the door,” Kim said as they walked out, Rufus and Brain following.  The corridor led to a set of stairs, which in turn led to the warehouse itself.


“It’s quiet,” Penny said as she looked at Brain.


“Too quiet,” Kim said, before she felt the blast and turned to see Shego there.


“Hey, Kimmy,” she said quietly, “Want to dance?”


“Gladly,” Kim said, but to her shock Shego herself groaned and fell forward.




“Hey Kim,” Ron said as he stepped over the fallen villainess, “all done here.  Drakken did a runner, and when I came to I saw you both there.  Hi I’m Ron.”


“Penny,” the young blonde said as they shook hands.  “Well, that’s one threat dealt with – what about M.A.D.?”


“We can discuss that at my place,” Kim said as she headed for the door.




“Hey Mom!”


Kim opened the door to her house and saw her mother standing at the cooker, stirring a pot of something.  She had changed back into her crop top and cargo pants, while Anne Possible was in a red jumper and knee length blue skirt.


“Hello Kim,” Anne said, “who’s your friend?”


“This is Penny – we’re going up to my room with Ron.  Where are Dad and the dweebs?”


“Out – dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.”


“Gotcha,” she said as the three of them headed up to Kim’s room.  Once inside, Ron closed the door as Kim contacted Wade on her laptop.


“There you are,” Wade said as he looked at them.  “You must be Penny Gadget.”


“Penny, Wade.  Wade, Penny.  What have you got?”


“The police picked up Drakken and Shego at the warehouse, but there’s something else going on.  Your group, Penny, have informed me of increased M.A.D. activity in the area.”


“Is someone going to tell me what the heck M.A.D. is,” Ron said as he rubbed the back of his head.”


“Criminal organisation – I seem to run into them every week,” Penny said.  “I was coming here with Uncle when the Chief asked me to make contact with you and check out what was happening.  As it turned out, they struck first.”


“They want world domination,” Wade said, “and all I have heard is they are operating in Middleton on something called Project: Sublimate.”


“Sounds depressing,” Ron said.


“You got an itch or something,” Kim said as she looked at Ron.


“No – just thinking.”


“Kim – dinner’s ready.”


“I’ll call you back Wade,” Kim said as she ended the call, and the trio made their way downstairs.  As they went into the dining room, Anne brought through three bowls of soup, and then walked back, rubbing the back of her neck under her hair.


“Hey, this is good Mom,” Kim called out as she took a spoonful of the soup.  “What is it?”


“Tomato soup with a few herbs added,” Anne called back.  In the front room, Rufus and Brian were sat on the floor, almost as if they were talking to each other.


“Whatever you added to this, it’s good,” Kim said, and then she started to yawn slightly.  “What…  What herbs did you add….”


“Oh you know – basil, oregano, sage, knockout drops…”


“Oh that’s – whaaaa……”


Kim saw Penny slowly close her eyes and slip down in her chair, before she too succumbed to the drugs.  Ron stood up and opened the door, allowing the two large men to come in and carry the unconscious girls out.


Rufus looked up and watched what was happening, nudging Brain and then following the man out, neither Ron nor Anne noticing.  “Go with them,” Anne said, “I must complete my work here.”


Ron turned and walked out like a zombie, getting into the van with a large iron fist painted on the side.  Rufus and Brain climbed onto the tailgate, hanging on for door life as it drove off.


Anne Possible walked slowly to the door that led to the utility room and opened it.  James, Jim and Tim Possible were sat on the floor, bound with ropes and tape gagged, their eyes closed.


Closing the door, Anne said “Detonation sequence activiated.  Timer set for two hours.”  She then sat down, her eyes glowing red…





“Kmmm?  KMMMMM!”


Kim slowly opened her eyes and mumbled “hnnntggn.”  She could feel the tape pulling at her face as she focused, and saw her mother sitting across from her, her knees drawn up to her chest and held in place with bands of rope.  A band of brown sticking plaster covered her mouth.


Penny was sat next to her, also bound and gagged with sticking plaster, but to her shock she saw their guard in the room was Ron, his eyes glazed over as he looked down at all three of them.


Kim stretched her legs out, and pleaded “Gttmfrrrn!”


“Quiet,” Ron said in a monotone voice, “you are the prisoners of Doctor Claw, and he will decide what to do with you in due course.”


“Nnnnn,” Penny moaned as she started to come to, and then looked round.  “Uttt,” she said as she looked at Kim, who nodded quietly.


“Welcome,” a deep voice boomed out over a speaker, Penny struggling as she heard it.




“Welcome,” Doctor Claw continued, “to the results of the first trial of Project: Sublimate.  With the help of Doctor Possible, the mind control chip on Mister Stoppable has worked perfectly.  We are now ready to progress to stage two – and neither of you can do anything to stop it.”




“Come, Miss Gadget – accept defeat.”  They could hear the sound of a purring cat in the background, as they all looked at each other.


“I will talk to you shortly, once phase II has been completed – for now, relax, enjoy your last moments.”


Kim looked at Penny and her mother, and then back at Ron.




“I serve at the pleasure of Doctor Claw,” Ron said as he stared ahead, his eyes glazed and fixed.




He turned his head slowly to look at Kim.




Slowly, he walked over and squatted next to the bound and gagged Kim.






She swung her legs round and knocked Ron’s out from under him, sending him sprawling as he hit his head on the floor, and lay there dazed.


“Nsswrk,” Penny said as she and Kim worked their way round so that they were sitting back to back, and started to work on the ropes around each other’s wrists.  It took them a few minutes, but they were eventually able to free their arms, each of them untying their own legs before Kim removed her plaster gaga and then her mother’s.


“Back of his neck,” Anne said quietly as she panted, “computer chip…”


“I’m on it,” Penny said as she rolled Ron over, and saw the microchip under his hairline.  Pulling it off, she crushed it under her heel and heard Ron moan.


“Wha… What happened,” he said as he rubbed his neck.  “Kimmy – why is your mother here?  And where are we?”


“Let me guess, Mom,” Kim said as she untied her mother, “the work you were doing on behaviour modification?”


“I’m afraid so,” Anne said, “this Claw used it to…   What?”


“If you’re here,” Kim said quietly, “who served us the knockout soup?”


“The what?”


“Penny, I need to get home – can we get out of here?”


“Hang on,” Penny said as she looked at her watch, “Brain, where are you?


“You are?  Find us and open the door.”


“You got your communicator on you Ron?”


Ron nodded as he tossed it over to Kim.


“Wade?  You there?”


“Kim – where did you disappear to?”


“No time – this Claw character has some sort of mind control plan under way.  Which dignitaries are in town?”


“Give me a minute,” Wade said as the door to the room opened, and Brain walked in, Rufus jumping off his back and climbing into Ron’s pocket.


“The VP is in town – you don’t think…”


“I do – contact Doctor Director and want her.  I need to get home – I think my family is in deadly danger.”


“On it – Penny, your uncle has been looking for you?”


“Tell him to home in on Brain’s communicator,” Penny said, “we could use his help.”


“Got it – Kim, transport is coming for you.  Make your way out – and good luck.”


“Let’s go,” Kim said as she and Ron ran out – only to face a line of M.A.D. goons.




“Oh yeah – more than ready,” Anne said as she stood beside her daughter, Penny and Ron on either side of them.





“Ten minutes to detonation.”


Anne Possible heard the knock on the front door, and stood up, walking out of the room and striding to the door, opening it and saying “Yes?”


“Say freeze,” Ron said as he fired the freeze ray, coating Anne in a thick sheet of frozen ice. 


“Let it down boys,” he said as the grappling hook dropped from the helicopter, attaching it to the block of ice and watching as they hauled it into the air and sped off.


“Where are they,” Anne said as she ran in, embracing her husband and sons before she started to untie them.


“Well, that was fun,” Penny said as she stood outside with Kim.


“Yeah – but does your uncle always make it so difficult?”


“Sadly, yes,” Penny said as she shook her head.  “Let’s do this again some time.”


“Agreed – but next time, we plan for it,” Kim said as Ron walked up.


“Hey – who’s up for chimmichungas  and that movie?”


“Sounds good – want to join us,” Kim said to Penny.


“Why not – hey, where did Brain go?”


“And Rufus for that matter?”




Behind the house, Brain and Rufus were looking at the screen of Brain’s communicator, at a grey haired man with a moustache.  He was wearing a uniform with a double M on the chest.


“Good work, Agent M, Agent D – the threat has been neutralised.  Return to your assignments.”


They both nodded, and then to each other, before going in opposite directions…







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