Private Cheers






“Come on girls – I know you can do this routine blindfolded, so let me see you get this finished.  One, two, and one two three and...”


Janey held her hands high in the air, the multi-coloured pom-poms waving in the cool October air, as she led the West Denton High School cheer squad in yet another rehearsal of their routine for the coming weekend.  The troop of twelve began their gymnastics, leaping and moving in perfect synchronicity as Coach McGuire watched, her stopwatch in her hand and her pen poised above her notebook.


The squad were legendary in the state, both for their prowess and for the uniforms that they wore.  There were two, if truth be told – the senior members, of which there were six including Janey, wore a long sleeved white top underneath a sleeveless v-necked jumper, patterned with a black ‘V’-line neck and red side panels, a pleated skirt with the red panels tucked between the black ones so that they only showed during their routines, black socks and white shoes.


For the six junior members, the colour code was somewhat reversed – the long sleeved top was black, with a white and red sweater and skirt, and red socks.  You had to be seventeen to make the senior squad, however, so the competition was fierce for the juniors and even more so for the six seniors.


Janey leapt into the air, her legs split as she touched the toes of her shoes with her hands, while behind her the other performed a series of cartwheels and turns.  She had actually turned nineteen just the last week, making her the oldest by a few months, but her and the other five – Babs, Tiffany, Charity, Debbie and Sam – were all now in their final year of high school, and starting to think about what their next move was likely to be.


Her blonde hair was tied back into two pigtails, which swung to the back of her head as she landed and executed a forward roll, coming up onto one knee and shaking her hands as he raised them to the end of the music.


“Better – much better,” Coach McGuire said as she stood up.  “Right, ladies – hit the showers.  Janey – a word.”


Janey ran over to the coach as she sat herself back down on the bleachers, the football squad returning to their training on the far side of the field.  “What’s up, Coach,” she said as she picked up a towel and started to towel her hair off.


“Nothing bad, Janey, so relax,” Coach McGuire said as she looked at the young woman.  “It’s just that I want to invite you and the other seniors to a party after the game on Sunday – I want to say thank you and talk to you about your futures.  Could you spread the word to the others – my place, about 5 o’clock?”


“Sure, Coach,” Janey said as she turned away.  “That won’t give us much of a chance to change, however.”


“Not a problem – I’m used to the way you look after a game by now, and I’ll have some cold drinks ready,” the coach said as she smiled in reply.  Janey turned and made her way back to the changing rooms, as Coach McGuire picked up a cell phone that had started bussing by her side,




“Yeah, we’re good – we go on Sunday.  Inform the others.


“No, we only need four of them – but the other two will act as insurance for us.  Don’t worry about it – everything is going to go according to plan.”







The sun was starting to set as both Tiffany and Charity walked up the path to the coach’s house. The house was a way out of the town, sitting on the side of a large hill, but as they had parked their car they had seen Janey’s outside as well.  Identical twins, both five foot ten with their tops emphasising their large breasts, they looked as if they did not have a care in the world.  Tiffany had her long red hair pulled back in a ponytail, while Charity had hers permed – the only way to tell the two apart.


Coach McGuire opened the door as the twins approached.  “Come in, come in,” she said as they walked into the hallway, “the others are already inside.  Why don’t you join them?”


As they walked into the main room, Tiffany waved at Babs on the far side of the room, before walking over and talking to the small, petite blonde.  Charity poured herself a drink and sat next to Debbie and Sam on the couch.  Debbie had a track suit on over her outfit, her brown hair lying untidily over the turned down collar, while Sam was looking at Janey, standing at the fireplace.  She ran her hand through her curly black hair, a look in her eye that nobody else seemed to notice.


“Thanks for coming, Girls,” Coach said as she walked in to the room.  “I’ll order some pizzas in a few minutes, but for now I just want to start by saying thanks for your efforts today.  I’m sure the boys would have struggled without you encouraging them.”


“Not that they need much encouraging,” Charity whispered to Debbie, the other girl stifling a giggle.  It was a well know fact that Charity was “making out” with the captain of the football team – a fact not lost on Janey, who had a few thoughts about the young man herself.


“Thank you, Charity,” Coach McGuire said with a smile.  “At any rate, I just wanted to say that before we get started.  Now, let me go and make that phone call.”


Janey watched as Coach walked out of the door and towards the kitchen.  “Wonder what Lizzie is up to,” she said as she turned to Tiffany and Babs.


“Maybe she’s starting to feel eh rage,” Babs said as they heard Coach saying “Hello, Pizza Luigi?


“Can I place an ord...”


There was a strange, strangled sound, and then silence.  “Coach?” Janey said as the others looked at her, before he placed her glass on the mantelpiece and walked out of the room, Tiffany following her.


As she entered the kitchen, she saw the receiver of a telephone hanging from the wall, swinging slightly in the breeze.  The door that led out to the back yard was slightly open, but of Coach McGuire there was no sign – not even a sound.


Picking up the telephone, Tiffany put it to her ear.  “It’s dead – no tone,” she said as she placed it back in the holder.  “Coach?  Where are you?”


Babs had followed the two girls in, and she made her way to the door that was swinging open.  Stepping outside, she looked in the yard before turning back and saying “There’s nobody there.  Any idea what’s going on?”


“Hey,” they heard Charity shout through from the main room, “I can’t get a signal on my cell phone – none of us can.”


“Not surprising,” Janey said as she walked back into the room, “This is a dead spot – something to do with mineral deposits in the hill.  Look, I don’t know what’s going on – personally, I think Coach is playing a prank, but I can’t be certain.”


“Well,” Sam said as she stood up, “maybe this gives us a chance to see what Lizzie is like.  Who wants to have a look round?”


“I’m staying here,” Janey said quietly, “In case she just stepped out.  If you want to rummage round, knock yourselves out.”


Tiffany and Charity looked at each other, laughed and made their way to the staircase.  “Bags her bedroom,” Charity said as they walked up the stairs.  “What about you,” Babs said to Debbie.  “Nah – my leg still hurts a bit from the event today.  I’m going to go and get an ice pack from the fridge.”


“I’ll come with you,” Sam said as she followed her friend into the kitchen, leaving Janey and Babs alone in the main room.




Tiffany slowly opened the door and looked in the large bedroom.  “She’s not in here,” she said over her shoulder as she opened the door, Charity following her in.


The room was painted in pink, with a large king size bed in the centre and white furniture placed around the floor.  A set of white screen doors obviously covered some sort of walk-in closet, while there was a separate wardrobe against the opposite wall.  Charity walked over and opened the door.


“Well, well, who would have thought it,” she said as she looked in.  “Coach McGuire lived in track suits, for all I knew, but look at this.”


Tiffany walked over and took out a knee length brown leather dress with lace cap sleeves, holding it against herself in the mirror.  Her twin reached in and took out a pair of over the knee soft leather boots in the same shade of brown.


“So she has some interesting clothes,” Tiffany said as she replaced the wardrobe, “Doesn’t mean the rumours are true.  She does have lot of scarves, however.”


“So do I,” Charity said as she looked through the neatly arranged pile, “but not like these.  These are pure silk – how can she afford that on her salary?”


“Maybe she has a trust fund,” Tiffany said as she looked through a set of drawers.  “What do you think is in there?”


“I don’t know – leather cat suits,” Charity said with a laugh.  Tiffany looked at her sister, before walking over and throwing the screen doors open.  Charity heard a “what th..” from her sister before there was a thump from the bed.  “Tiff?” Charity said, but as she started to turn round she was grabbed from behind, thrown around and pushed onto the bed next to her sister.  She looked over and saw the look of surprise on her sister’s face before a white pillowcase was pulled over Tiffany’s head.  “Oh my gdddd” was all she managed to say before one was pulled over her own head, and she felt the material been pulled into her mouth by something on the outside.







“That’s better,” Debbie said as Sam placed the pack of ice cubes on her thigh.  She was sitting in a kitchen chair, her leg raised on another one as Sam stood back.  “You’re been very quiet today,” Debbie said as she looked up at the smaller girl standing there.  “Still wondering if you dare tell Janey?”


“Yeah, well, it can be a bit difficult,” Sam said as she sat on the table.  “Hey, Janey, I’m a lesbian and I want to kiss you – is that all right?  I don’t think it would go down too well, do you?”


“Probably not,” Debbie said in reply.  She had known about Sam for a year now, without judging or condemning her.  Cheerleaders are meant to be the elite in so many ways, and being gay was not on e of them.  Not for the girls, anyway.


“Look, all you can do is be honest with her and with yourself.  I know she can be a pain at times, but honestly, just talk to her.”


“Maybe,” Sam said as she stood up.  “Did you hear that?  It sounded like a thump from upstairs.”


“Just the Terrible Twins mucking around,” Debbie said as she watched Babs walk up the staircase.  “Look, Janey’s alone now – go and talk to her.  I’ll be here if you need me.”


“All right,” Sam said as she turned and walked out of the room.  Debbie closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of relief on her calf muscle as the ice slowly cooled her skin.   She was feeling much more relaxed now, but a few minutes more would not hurt...


“Don’t move, don’t scream, and don’t do anything.”


Debbie’s eyes widened in shock when she heard the male voice behind her, but her cry was stifled by the hand that was clamped over her mouth, the taste of latex on her lips.  She stared straight ahead as she felt her wrists been pulled behind the back of the chair, and some sort of rope been wrapped around them, pulling them tightly together before it was tethered to the back of the chair.


“Open,” the voice barked, and as the gloved hand was taken away Debbie saw a large sponge ball been held in front of her mouth.  Too scared to do anything other than comply, she opened her mouth and felt the sponge been pushed in, forced between her teeth and filling her mouth.  As she saw loops of rope been passed over her upper body, she saw someone dressed entirely in black walk over and close the kitchen door, even as a strip of tape was pressed over her closed lips.






The sound of running water drowned out Babs’ sigh as she closed the bathroom door behind her.  She smoothed the pleats of her skirt down as she looked up and down the corridor.  “Tiff?  Char?  You girls still up here?”


She heard the muffled call from the master bedroom, and slowly made her way towards the slightly open door.  “Girls,” she said as she slowly pushed the door open, before putting her hands to her mouth.


Two girls were lying face down on the bed, and although their heads were covered by pillow cases Babs could see the end of a red ponytail coming from underneath one of them.  Both had a rolled up scarf around where their mouths would be, pulling the pillow case into their mouths and making the material take the form of their faces.


Their wrists were crossed and bound behind their backs, while their ankles were tied together and their legs below their knees.  Their ankles had then been pulled back and secured to their wrists with short lengths of rope, so that their hands could touch the heels of their white shoes.  Their skirts had ridden up so that Babs could see their pale blue knickers.


“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Babs said as she slowly backed out of the bedroom, only to run into someone.  She had no idea who, as she was turned roughly round and pushed against the wall, her forehead hitting against the wallpaper.  She felt rope been passed around her arms above her elbows, her chest forced out as they were pulled together, and then her wrist secured together as well.


“Please, what do you want,” she protested as she felt the rope going between her arms, but there was no response as she was turned round.  Two men were standing there, dress in black from head to foot with masks over their heads, and one of them was holding a pair of silk panties in his hand.


“I’ll be quiet,” Babs said, but the man just shook his head a she held the wadded material in his hand.  Babs opened her mouth and allowed him to push the cloth in, before he rolled a black silk square into a tight band and pulled it between her lips.  She felt the material cutting into the corner of her mouth as it was secured at the base of her neck, before the second man took a long length of rope and passed it around her upper body, forcing her shoulders even further back and her breasts even further out as it was passed above and below them, then tightened by being passed around her neck and shoulders. 


She was frogmarched into the bathroom again, and as she was made to sit on the toilet seat as she watched her ankles been lashed together, then her knees and finally her thighs.  “Stay there,” was all the man said as they closed the door on her, leaving Babs as she started to cry in fear and frustration.








The blonde looked at the small dark haired woman as she closed the door.


“Hey Sam – where have the others got to?”


“Not sure,” Sam said as she sat down.  “Janey, there’s a question I have to ask you?”




“How do you feel – how do you feel about me?”


“You?  You’re a good laugh, I think you’re a great cheerleader, and I know Debbie thinks the world of you.  Why are you asking?”


Sam looked up, her courage screwed to the mask, but before she could say anything they heard Babs shouting from upstairs.  “What the hell is that?” Janey said as she walked out of the door.  “Babs, what’s wrong?”


From the kitchen, Janey could hear a muffled call, so she ran in to find Debbie staring at her, eyes wide over the wide strip of grey duct tape that covered her mouth.  She could see her friend had been lashed to the back of the chair she was sitting in, while her legs were tied to the seat of another chair which they were resting on.


“What the hell,” Janey said, only to stop herself when she heard Sam screaming.  Running back to the room, she was stopped short by the sight of Coach McGuire sitting in one of the armchairs, her arms pinned behind her back and tape over her mouth.


Two masked men were holding Sue by her arms, one of them looking in the direction of Janey as she was tossed a large roll of duct tape.  “Get her on the couch,” he said to the second man, who pushed Sam face down on a long couch as he walked over to Janey.


“We have all your friends captive,” he said a she stared at the young girl through the eyeholes in his balaclava mask, “So if you don’t do as we tell you, they get hurt, capiche?”


Janey nodded mutely as he grabbed her by the arm.  “Tape your friend here up – hands behind her back and ankles first,” he growled a she pushed Janey onto the floor beside Sam.


“I’m sorry, Sam, I’m so sorry,” she said as Sam slowly moved her hands behind her, crossing them in the small of her back.  “Don’t worry, Janey,” Sam said as she turned  and smiled at her friend.  “I’ve kinda had fantasies about this?”


“Been tied up?”


“By you – sorry if that offends.”  She closed her eyes as Janey tore the end of the strip free and stuck it to the sleeve of Sam’s top, wrapping it quickly around her wrist as Sam hummed quietly to herself.


“Elbows next,” the man shouted, and Coach went “PLSSTP” as Janey pulled Sam’s elbows together.  She heard the dark haired girl give a low moan as her arms came together, her elbows touching as her shoulders were pulled back.


“We’re going to have a word with your daddy when you’re done, little girl,” the man said as Janey shuffled down and started to tape Sam’s ankles together.  “Why?” Janey asked as she taped Sam, and then started to tape her legs together below her knees.


“We have some business to discuss with him,” was all the man said.  As Janey smoothed the tape round Sam’s calves, he took the other girl by the arm and forced her to sit up.  Janey could see the smile on Sam’s lips as she was brought up, and said “You’re enjoying this?”


“I’m making the best o fit,” the smaller girl said as she opened her eyes.  “Tape her thighs,” the masked man said, and as Janey lifted the pleated skirt up she heard Sam sigh at the touch on her skin.  “Weirdo,” she mumbled as she tightly taped Sam’s legs together.  “Love,” was all Sam said as she felt the tape around her bare skin.


“Push this in her mouth,” the man said a she handed Janey a sponge ball. “Thnkummmmm,” Sam mumbled as the sponge was pushed in, and then sealed in place with more tape.  “Finish her off,” the man said to his partner, who forced Sam to turn round as he started to tape her arms to her side.  “You, sit down and tape your ankles together – on the floor.”


“Msrejne” Coach mumbled as Janey sat down, crying as she brought her knees up and started to tape her ankles together.  “Where are the others,,” she said as she looked up at the masked man.


“Nice and cosy upstairs,” was all he said as Janey tore the tape free.  “Now your legs – just like you did with your friend.  We want you to be nice and quiet when we call daddy.”


“How – the phone is out and cell phones don’t work here.”


“Our problem,” he said a she watched Janey tape her thighs together, the silver bands contrasting with her pale skin.  As she stretched her legs out, she looked over at Coach, who was sitting there crying at the situation.


“Now put this in your mouth,” the masked man said as he handed Janey another sponge ball.  Opening her mouth wide, she pushed the material in, closing her lisp over the sponge as she felt it expanding and filling her mouth.


“Now seal it in,” the man said, but Janey shook her head and said “Nnnngnfgfg.”  “Do as you’re told,” the man said as his partner pulled back on Sam’s hair and held a knife to her throat.  “llrt, lllrrt,” Janey said as she tore three strips of tape off, putting them over her lips one at a time to seal her mouth.


“Turn round,” the man said, and as Janey shuffled round she felt her arms been yanked behind her back and heard the ripping sound of the tape as it was applied to her wrists.  As more tape went round her arms and upper body, she watched Sam as she was let go, her face looking on with a contented look in her eyes as she wriggled round.


“Comfy,” the man said as he tried to move Janey round.  She merely grunted in response wondering how long it was going to be before they contacted her father.  “We just need to take care of your coach here,” he said as the other man forced Coach McGuire to stand up.  Janey watched as the men frogmarched her coach out of the office, screaming after her.


As they walked up the staircase, Coach McGuire could see Debbie in the kitchen, Babs struggling on the bathroom seat, then finally Tiffany and Charity trying to reach other on the bed.  She was marched into the spare bedroom, and made to sit down on the bed.


“So, what are we going to do with you?” the man said as he looked at Coach.  She grunted in reply, looking over her shoulder at her bound wrists.  “Go and blindfold the other four,” the man said to his partner, who nodded and left the room.


Reaching into his pocket, the masked man pulled out a knife and leaned over Coach McGuire, smiling as her eyes widened.  With one deft move he cut through the plastic tie that was holding her wrists together, allowing her to peel the tape away from her mouth and work her jaw.


“Good work, Dave,” she said as she watched the man removing his mask, running a hand through his greying hair as he did so.  “How long before George sends the van?”


“About fifteen minutes,” Dave said as he looked at his watch.  “Do you think they meet the specs?”


“Of course they do – the sheikh will have his very own private cheerleaders of those parties, and I get my usual fee.”


“You’ve done a great job, Liz,” Dave said in reply.  “So, where is it going to be?”


“The closet – you forced me in there and all I heard was the sound of screaming as you captured the girls.  I’ll miss them, but business is business.”


“Well, take a break and have a drink,” Dave said as he handed her a bottle.  “Then we’ll get started.”





When the police arrived following an anonymous tip-off, they found Coach McGuire in the closet in the spare bedroom, stripped bare and ball tied with a white cloth over her eyes and her mouth stuffed with two pairs of panties under a tape covering.  She told the police what little she knew, and a national hunt was started for the missing WDHS cheerleaders.


Three months later Coach McGuire resigned, citing the disappearances and attack as the reason. She moved from the area, and disappeared from the minds of the town.


The six girls were never found.







Two years later


“Suzanne, a word please.”


The young girl ran over, her blonde hair in pigtails as the sun beat down on her bare arms.  He r chest was bouncing under the tight fitting blue vest top, while her shorts fitted her thighs like a second skin.


“What is it Coach?”


“Can you let the seniors know I want to see them at home after the game Sunday – I want to discuss their futures.”


“Sure thing Coach,” she said as she ran off, the coach watching her with a glint in her eye.





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