Project: Dottie - Chapter 2




As she walked into the dance studio, Dottie felt as if there was nothing and nobody that could upset her.  Rick had promised a surprise, and the type of surprise Rick serves up was the type she was looking forward to.


As she closed the door, she saw Annie Kirkpatrick heading for the changing area.  Annie was another member of the club, and she waved at Dottie as they walked towards each other.  “Rick on his way, is he?” she asked as she brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes.

“Well, he said he was,” Dottie said with a smile.  Annie was in a white leotard, with a silver belt around her waist, and dark blue tights with dance slippers on her feet.  “Your practice over for the day?”

“Yeah – they’ll be waiting for me,” she said as she opened the door to the changing rooms.  “I’ll see you tomorrow night?”

“Count on it,” Dottie said as she walked towards the drinks machine.  Annie walked into the changing room, allowing the door to swing shut behind her as she walked to her locker.  There was barely time for her to put the key in the lock before the strong, large hand was clamped over her mouth and she was dragged back, kicking and screaming...



“Annie?” Dottie said as she walked in.  “Must have gone early,” she said to herself as she put her bag on the bench and stripped off her jacket.  Underneath she was wearing a cropped black sheer blouse, with long sleeves that billowed from her elbows and fastened just under her breasts, a pair of faded flared jeans and moccasins.  Sitting on the bench, she slipped her shoes off and looked at her hose-covered feet.

“If you’re going to surprise me,” she said to herself as she sat there, “Now’s the time.”  Her wish seemed to be granted as she stood up, went to open a locker and was grabbed from behind, a rough skinned hand clamped over her mouth.

“Don’t say a bloody word, or I’ll hurt you,” a voice said from behind her.  Dottie simply nodded as the hand was taken away, before saying “What are you going to do to me?”

What she really wanted to say was “Where are we going,” but she wanted to play along for a while.  “Stand still,” was the response as her hands were pulled behind her back, and she felt the familiar touch of nylon ropes caressing her wrists as they were pulled together.  The cords bit slightly into her bare skin, but she bit her tongue as they were tied off.

“Open wide,” she heard the man say, and as the cloth was stuffed into her mouth Dottie let out a low whimper.  Purely involuntary, but it looked as if Rick had a very special weekend planned after all.  As she saw a strip of striped cloth pass in front of her eyes, she allowed the man to pull the cloth over her mouth, pursing her lips slightly over the edge as it was fastened tightly; at the nape of her neck.

She was turned round and saw the man who had spoken to her.  He was tall and burly, with an orange ski-mask over his head, a faded t-shirt and jeans.  Her eyes widened when she realised that this was not Rick.

Her eyes widened still further when she saw Annie lying on the floor to the side of the lockers.  She too had her wrist tied behind her back, and was gagged with some sort of scarf.  Her ankles and legs were also secured together, and her eyes were wide with fear.

“Urntrk,” Dottie mumbled as she watched the masked man kneel down and secure her ankles together, the bottom of the jean legs flaring out as the rope tightened.  “Not sure what you’re saying, lady, but I guess I’m not what you were expecting,” was his only response as the door opened and a second masked man came in.

“Who’s she,” he said a she watched Dottie while her legs were lashed together.

“Bonus,” the other man said.  “Take her out to the van – I’ll bring her with me.”  Dottie screamed as she was hoisted over the large man’s shoulder, and carried out of the building to a waiting van.  As she was deposited roughly next to Annie, the other man appeared with a bottle and a large cloth.

“Sleepy time,” he said as he poured some fluid onto the cloth, and held it over Annie’s nose and mouth.  Dottie watched as her friend’s eyes widened, then closed as she slipped into unconsciousness.  “Your turn now,” he said as he pressed the cloth over Dottie’s face. The sweet smelling fumes filling her nostrils as she slowly started to sleep...


“Where am I?”  That was one of the many questions Dottie had running through her mind.  Alongside other such pertinent ones as what happened, and why could she not see anything beyond dull silver in front of her?

It had been an ordinary day, until she had walked back to her car from her office.  As she had put the key in the car door, she had felt a sharp pain, like an electric shock in her side, and then...

And then what?  She had come to where she was now, wherever that was.  She could feel that her arms were covered by some sort of material, but she could also feel the tight restriction around her elbows and wrists, as well as her ankles.  Her body ached as well, but she wasn’t sure why.

Actually, she had a fairly good idea why – after a while, she had tried to lie down, but it had become abundantly clear to her that her ankles were also tied to her wrists, as she had only managed to rock forward and back. She had also discovered another important fact – she was naked from the waist, as the way the cold surface she was in had compressed her chest had testified too.

Not only was her back aching, but he jaw was sore.  She had tried to move it, but with no success –something was forcing it open, and she could feel the cold spittle running down her chin.

From these clues, Dottie had worked out that she was tied up in a very, very stringent hogtie, and something was forcing her mouth open.  Whoever had done it had stripped her, save for her stocking and something over her arms, but the big question was why?  What had they to gain from holding her hostage – she had very little money, and her family would miss her immediately.

As she lay there, she felt a sudden lurch and realised she was been taken somewhere.  The murmur of people talking was getting louder as she came to a stop, and Dottie lay perfectly still, listening to whoever was speaking outside.

“Gentlemen – and ladies – we come now to the next stage of our evening’s entertainment.  As you know, we like to reward you, the most gifted and prolific of our procurers, bit providing a way for you both to relieve tension and provide some more – mature activities for you all.

“This year, we have found a particularly special treat for you, and we hope that you will all enjoy it.  Gaston – the cover, if you please.”

Dottie blinked as the light suddenly brightened, and she heard a round of gasps.  As her eyes adjusted, she looked over her shoulder and saw the red rope around her wrists and elbows, the black latex gloves coming up nearly to her arm pits, and the lengths holding her wrist to her ankles.

She was, as she had guessed, naked save for her stocking sand a black suspender belt that matched the gloves on her arms.  Turning her head, she looked down and saw she was lying on a table which was in the middle of an arrangement of tables.  Seated around her were various men and women, dressed in their finest clothes, many of them looking at her?

There was a mirrored wall nearby, and in the reflection she finally saw the large ring that was forcing her mouth open.  “As you can see, my friends,” she heard a man at the head of the table say, “she has been prepared and is ready for you.  Who would like to be first?”

A blonde haired woman, dressed in a blue silk sheath dress with matching opera gloves, stood and walked round the table towards Dottie.  Standing beside her, she reached round and stroked the helpless woman’s breasts, her fingers brushing against Dottie’s nipples as she let out a low moan.

“Oh yes,” the woman said in a very refined Southern accent, “She is ready.  Dahling?”

The man who had been sitting next to her stood up and walked round, passing his hand between Dottie’s legs.  As she moaned again, he smiled and said “she is very nice, my dear.  Will you do the honours?”

“Gladly, dahling,” she said as her gloved hand slipped between Dottie’s legs.  She shook, unable to resist the feelings that started to move through her as the gloved fingers stroked her crotch.  She fixed her eyes on the man as he moved in front of her, standing on a stool that had been placed next to the end of the table and slowly unfastening his trousers.

As he moved his member into position, sliding through the ring, Dottie moaned even more, unable to resist as the rest of the party moved from their seats to watch...




“Dottie?  Are you here?”

Rick pushed open the doors to the changing rooms and looked round.  He could see Dottie’s bag on the bench, and another one nearby, but there was no sign of either her or the other woman.  He was about to turn and leave when he caught a glimpse of something on the floor.

Kneeling down, he picked up the rag and sniffed it carefully.  Recognising the smell, he dropped it into a nearby waste bin and walked out.

“Jack,” he sad to the cleaner walking past, “Have you seen Dottie today?”

“Yeah – she was in here earlier with Mrs Kirkpatrick.  I thought they had gone out together.  Why?”

“Oh, I had arranged to meet her here – nothing for you to worry about,” Rick said.  As Jack walked off, he took his cell phone from his pocket and dialled.

“Danny?  I need a favour.  Can you find out if there have been any disappearances in this area recently?

“No, I haven’t – you know that.  It’s just – I have a bad feeling about something.  Do a few calls, and then come and meet me at the dance studio in an hour.

“Yes, I’m serious – but don’t raise the alarm yet.  See you in an hour.”

Finishing the call, Rick quickly dialled a second number.

“Hi, it’s Rick.  Is Dottie home?

“Oh she did – no, that’s fine, I must have just missed her.  We have a back up rendezvous, I’m sure she will be there.

“No, no – I’ll call you if she’s not there.  I’m sure your mother is just a few minutes ahead of me.

“Yes, I’ll call if we still haven’t connected.  If you don’t hear from me, everything’s fine.  ‘Bye for now.”

Shutting his phone down, Rick went back into the changing rooms and carefully packed up the two kit bags.  Leaving them on the bench for a few moments, he carefully started to look round the room, looking for any clues he might be able to find...











“Dottie?  Dottie, can you hear me?”

As she slowly opened her eyes, Dottie could see Annie Kirkpatrick kneeling next to her, a concerned and scared look in her eyes.  She was wearing a white sports bra and small knickers, and not a lot else.

“Annie?” Dottie said slowly as she sat herself up.  Looking down, she could see that she also had been stripped of her clothing, save for her frilly black bra and panties, and her shoes.  She saw she was on some sort of cot bed, and swung herself into a seated position on the edge.  “What happened?  Where are we?”

Dottie looked round the room.  It was dimly lit by uplighters spaced around the walls near the ceiling, and barely furnished with two cot beds.  ~It smelt musty, and she could see after a little while that the walls were bare stone.

“I don’t know,” Annie said as she sat on the bed next to Dottie.  “I woke up a few minutes ago.  The last thing I remember before that is been trussed like a chicken, thrown into the back of a van and then that cloth over my mouth.

“I know... Dottie, have we been...”

“Kidnapped,” Dottie said as she stood up and walked round, the heels of her shoes clicking on the floor.  “I think so – and we’re been watched.”  She looked up into a dim corner of the room, and pulled the straps of her bra to one side.  “Hey,” she said with a smile on her face, “Do you like to watch?  Well, get your arse down here and free us instead!”


She turned back and sat herself next to Annie on the bed.  “Yes, we’ve been taken hostage for some reason, and before you ask, yes it is true – it’s happened to me a few times.  Until they tell us what they want, I suggest we sit still and wait.  There’s not a lot else we can do, and they are the ones in charge.”

“What do you think they want – money?  My husband will pay.”

Dottie looked at her friend.  “I hope it is just money, Annie, I hope it is.”




“Uncle Rick?”

Rick looked up and saw Danny walking towards him in the yard to the rear of the studios.  He stood up from where he had been examining a set of tire tracks and shook his offered hand.

“I asked round – nobody we know of is operating this weekend, but...”


“There have been rumours of someone from out of state coming in.  Have you heard of the King gang?”

Rick slowly nodded his head.  “Yeah – kidnap for money, and tend to have their fun while they wait for the ransom.  It’s a Middle Eastern bloke that heads them up, but I don’t know his name.  Why?”

“Well, there have been a couple of disappearances of more wealthy women around here.  They’ve been hushed up, but I did get one name – Bill Gisbourne.”

Rick looked at his nephew.  “I think Dottie’s accidentally got caught up with them – we need to talk to this Bill Gisbourne, but first I need to make a stop.”


“Annie Kirkpatrick’s husband – come on.”



“Both of you, stand up!”

The voice took both Annie and Dottie by surprise.  “Who are you?” Dottie called out into the air.

“That is not important,” the voice continued, “but while you are here, you will do exactly what we say, or it will be – unpleasant.  Stand up, and look towards the wall.”

“Better do what they say,” Annie said as she stood and turned.  As Dottie moved beside her, they heard a door opening and footsteps on the floor.

“While you are here, you will amuse us,” the voice said.  “Do not resist.”

“What do they mean by – oh,” Annie said, and as she spoke Dottie felt her wrists been pulled behind her back.  In the dim light, she could barely make out a man as she looked over her shoulder, but he was real enough, and the feel of the rope against her wrists was all too familiar.

“Oh god, oh god, please make them stop,” she heard Annie whispering quietly beside her as she felt the rope going round and between her wrists.  “Annie, just try to stay calm,” Dottie whispered as she felt her elbows been drawn together, forcing her chest out as the rope tightened around her arms, and then was passed over her chest above her breasts as she felt her arms been pulled firmly against her back.  Looking over, she could see the same thing happening to Annie.

“Do you have somewhere you can go?” she whispered as she felt her ankles been pushed together next.

“What do you mean?”

“A place in your head you can escape to,” Dottie continued as she felt the rope going around her ankles.  “I have it as a coping mechanism, a way of taking my mind off – ouch, what’s happening.”

“No talking or we will prevent you talking,” the voice said as Annie nodded.  “I’ll... I’ll think of something,” she said as she grunted.  “We would have you amuse us,” the voice continued as Dottie saw a long length of rope been passed around her waist, and heard the ends drop to the floor.

“Oh,” she heard Annie say as the ropes were passed between her own legs, pulled tightly against her crotch and then taken through the ropes in front of her.  Dottie tried to see what she could of the man, but he was dressed in grey, and some sort of cloth was covering his face.  As he passed the rope beck between her legs, Dottie squirmed slightly to make it as comfortable as she could.

The rubbing against her crotch was a feeling she enjoyed privately, but she was unsure of how she should react with Annie there as well.  “Oh, oh,” she heard her say, so in reply she said “Annie, are you all right?”

“I don’t know,” Annie said quietly, “Is it possible to feel frightened and excited at the same time?  I mean, this is not right, and yet...”

“And yet it feels good,” Dottie said with a sigh.  “Welcome to my world, Annie.  Have you found that place yet?”

“I’m – finding it rather hard to concentrate,” she heard Annie pant, and as she looked over she could see her friend had her eyes closed, and was rocking slightly to and fro.

“Think of your husband,” Dottie said, “And don’t feel ashamed – the rope may be wrong, but what you feel is completely natural.”

“What about you?”

“Oh – oh, I’ll....” Dottie said quietly as the two women were forced to walk to their cots.  As she was made to lie down, Dottie closed her eyes and dreamed...




“Allow him to enter!”

The loud gong sounded as the heavy wooden doors swung open, and the prince made his way in, his head high and proud.  As he approached the throne, he saw Queen Dorothy reclining on the steps leading up, her two pet leopards looking up as she stroked them.

Dorothy eyed him in an approving manner as he knelt in front of her.  “I bring greetings from my country, O Queen, to the Ruler of the Eastern Sands.  Your beauty is legendary, and I see the stories are well deserved.”

You honour us with your presence, your highness,” Dorothy replied as she flicked her hair back.  She was dressed in the appropriate ceremonial garb, the metal bodice and briefs glinting in the sunlight.  Holding her hand out, she nodded as it was taken and kissed gently.

“How can we be of service to you,” she asked quietly as she was helped to her feet.

“I seek a boon, a favour from your royal court,” the prince said, “but it must be discussed in secret, and alone.  If I may have your blessing on this?”

She looked at him for a moment, before clapping her hands.  “Leave us for now,” she said, and as the court cleared the two large cats followed one of her handmaidens out.  As the heavy doors closed, she sat on the throne and smiled.

“So, my prince, what is so important that it must be discussed with no others present?”

“I am told, by many trusted friends, that you are a lady who is open to the suggestion of co-operation.  Is that the case?”

“It depends,” Dorothy said as she stood up, walking over and stroking the prince’s face with her hands, “as to the nature of the co-operation.  What did you have in mind?”

“I come to share of myself with you,” he said as he took her hand and held it, “if you are willing to do so.  Are you?”

“And what do I get in return?”

“Pleasure,” he said as he took her and kissed her.  She could feel his hands unclasping her bra, but said nothing as it fell to the floor and he pressed her closer to him.

With one swift move, he pulled her hands together behind her back and wound a long, thin leather thong around her wrists, pulling them firmly together as he continued to kiss her.  Dorothy accepted the move, returning the passion until he released her mouth, when she said “You seem to have me at a disadvantage, my prince.  I trust you are not going to take undue advantage of me?”

He could see the glint in her eye, as he walked round and caressed her chest from behind.  “I would never force myself on a woman unwillingly,” he said as he kissed her lightly on the shoulder, his fingers encircling her nipples with a light and gentle touch.

“Good,” Dorothy sighed, “For I would never let any man force himself on me if I was unwilling.  I may be forced to call for the palace guard.”

“We cannot have that, can we,” he replied as he took a small wad of cloth from his sash around his waist.  Dorothy closed her eyes and opened her mouth, moaning as he gently pushed the cloth in.  “Try calling for help now,” he whispered as his hands moved down her front, slowly unclasping the sides of her pants and allowing them to drop.

He stroked her, causing her to moan more as she moved in response, the warmth between her legs growing as he kissed and stroked in equal  measure.  He helped her to lie on the floor, spreading her legs as he dropped his own pantaloons to the floor and straddled her waist.  Dorothy looked down and nodded as she saw him there, groaning and moving against him as he started to penetrate, and allowing herself to be filled with his presence as she moved to grip onto him as well.....






“Mister Kirkpatrick?”

Rick looked at the tall man who had answered the door, recognising the signs of someone who had a world of worry on his shoulders.

“I’m sorry, is there something I can do for you?”

“Mister Kirkpatrick, you don’t know me, but we have a mutual problem.  My name is Rick, and I dance with a lady called Dorothy Carr.”

“Dorothy Carr?  She is a friend of Annie’s, I believe, but what does that...”

“Mister Kirkpatrick, I know.  I know what has happened to Annie, and I believe Dorothy has also fallen victim.  I cannot explain why – not out here anyway – but I believe I may be able to get them both back.  If you will allow me and keep the police out of it.”

Rick looked at Kirkpatrick as he pondered what had just been said, before he stood aside and opened the door.  “You’d better come in,” he said, looking nervously round before closing the door for both of them.

“This is Dorothy,” Rick said as he handed Kirkpatrick a picture of him and Dottie at their last dance, moving to a Latin American beat, “and I will move heaven and earth to get her back.  I know you feel the same way about your wife – and I want your help.

“I’m not the police, but I have contacts.  Will you work with me?”

“What are you – special forces?”

“In a way – what have you heard so far.”








“I remember seeing you at the last competition – the way you and rick moved together, I knew you were going to win.”

Annie was sat next to Dorothy again, after they had both been released.  The men had forced them to change into lace fronted corset and knickers, white for Annie and black for Dorothy, before securing their wrist together again behind their back and their ankles in front of them. 

“Practice,” Dottie said as she looked down at the ropes around her crossed legs.  “Kind of like dealing with this – it’s happened a little too often for my...”

“Are you all right, Dottie?”  Annie looked at her friend as she stared off into space.

“Hmm?  Oh, sorry – just a dream I was vaguely remembering.  Annie, just do whatever they ask you to do, and remember this is not your fault.”

As she said this, the door opened and the two men dressed in grey re-entered.  Silently, they took a large white scarf each and rolled it into a thick band, forcing it between the lisp of each of the women before they pulled the ends tightly around their heads and knotted them at the back of their necks.  Picking up Annie, they deposited her on her bed before leaving.

Another man came in, a stranger with a stocking over his head.  He looked at both of the women before walking over to Dottie.

“You first, I think,” he said, and Dottie recognised the voice they had heard earlier.  She tried to roll away as he reached up to her gag, his other hand straying to the zip of his trousers...




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