Project: Dottie - Chapter 3





The grey van was parked across the road from the detached house, the white picket fence around the neatly trimmed lawn giving it an air of suburban prominence.  “Are you sure you have the right place,” Danny said to Rick as he looked over from the driver’s seat.

“If you’re going to run a kidnapping ring in this area, you hide in plain sight,” Rick said as he looked at his watch.  “You have no idea who or what is in the old nuclear bunker that sits under that building.”

“The old nuclear what?”

“Trade secret,” Rick said as a Mustang pulled into the driveway.  They watched a main in his early sixties, balding and with a paunch, walk from the car to the front door and enter the house.

“That’s him – Bill Gisburne,” Rick said as he pulled his gloves on.  “Let’s give him a chance to get settled, and then we will pay him a visit.”



Dottie could feel the clatter of the train wheels underneath her as she squirmed round on the bed.  She had taken this coast to coast train to get a few days to herself, and instead had stumbled upon a plan to steal a load of Gold Bullion that was been transported in secret.

Now she sat on the bed, her wrists and ankles bound with white cloths and her mouth filled with a rolled up pillowcase.  The buttons on her blouse were popping from her exertions, at the same time a sheer stiff blue linen skirt was riding up her thighs.

Her guard had noticed the same thing – he could not take his eyes off her as she squirmed round, trying to loosen her bonds.  “If you keep doing that, you’re going to do something you might regret,” he said as she leaned back and kicked her legs out, her patent leather shoes somehow managing to stay in place.

Dottie looked over to her side, where her friend Anne was lying, her eyes closed and her breathing slightly irregular.  They had dragged her in a few minutes ago, unconscious, and just left her there with a rag stuffed in her mouth and her wrist encircled with rope.  Dottie called out “NNNNN”, but there had been no reply.

“I don’t think she will be with us for some time,” the guard said as he walked towards Dottie.  Reaching down, he tore the front of her blouse open, the buttons flying in all direction as her breasts were exposed to the cold German air.

“These are lovely,” he said as he started to play with them, Dottie closing her eyes and moaning at his touch on her nipples.  As he continued to tease her, she started to moan in response, wishing he would stop and at the same time wanting him to go further.

As she opened her eyes, she saw Anne looking over at her, her eyes wide as she tried to say something.  It sounded mumbled, blurred, as if her mouth was - well, it was full of cotton.  As the guard pulled her blouse down her arms and started to unzip her skirt, she heard Anne saying “dtt.....Dotty..... DOTTIE!”


Opening her eyes, Dottie saw Annie standing over her, her arms around her body as she shivered.  “Are you all right,” she said as she watched her friend sit up, “you were calling out in your sleep.”

“Defence mechanisms,” Dottie said as she shook her head, “sorry about that, the last thing we need is more scare.”

She looked at Annie, her blonde hair falling over her shoulders.  “How are you feeling, after...?”

“After those two men raped each of us in turn?”  Annie turned and looked at the heavy wooden door.  “I feel violated, soiled, and I hurt down below – you?”

“Much the same – where did you take yourself?”

“Our honeymoon – when we get out of here, I’m taking Dave to the place again, to recover.”

“I’m sure he’s doing all he can to get you free – I’m the one who was the unexpected passenger.”  Dottie looked round the room.  “Where are our clothes?”

“No idea – when I woke up, all I had on were these briefs.  Same for you, by the look of it.  I wonder what they have planned for us today.”

“I think we’re going to find out,” Dottie said as the door was opened and the two armed guards walked in, one pushing a trolley with fruit and water on it.  “Eat, drink,” the other one said, “You come with us in five minutes.”

“Are we to be freed?” Annie asked with a hopeful look to Dottie.  “Eat, Drink” was all the reply she got as the two women descended on the food and water.




As they were marched into the open warehouse, both Dottie and Annie could see the two men from the previous evening sitting in armchairs in front of – well, the mock up of the inside of a cabin.  The two women were pushed towards the carpeted area as one of the men stood up.

“We want you to perform for us today – a copy will be sent to Kirkpatrick to get him a little more motivated.”

“Perform,” Annie said quietly as she looked at them.  “What do you mean, perform?”

In response, the two guards took the sub machine guns that were on their shoulders and aimed them at the two women.  “You will do what we say,” the man continued,” and we will watch.  You will find it – pleasurable?”

“Are you going to rape us again?”

“No – you are not to be harmed.  You,” he said pointing at Dottie, “go and stand by the bath there.”  As Dottie walked over, the man watched her every step, before saying “You will begin – touch yourself and pleasure yourself.”

“Please, don’t make her do this,” Annie pleaded, but Dottie looked over at her friend.  “Just do as they say, Annie,” she said quietly as she stood and moved her hands to the thin band of the briefs around her waist.  Moving them down, she stroked between her legs, closing her eyes and moving in as seductive a way as she could manage given she was terrified.

“You as well,” the man said as Annie was pushed forward.  She stood next to Dottie, and slowly started to massage her own crotch as Dottie slowly rolled her briefs down her legs.  The cool air was having the exact opposite effect, as she felt warm between her legs as she stimulated herself.  Annie followed suit, as the man said “I told you, scratch away the domestic veneer and all they want is to be pleasured – even when they have to do it themselves.”

The two women continued, before to their surprise the other man said “I want to see them dance.”  The guards forced them to another part of the setup, where two large wooden timbers rose from the floor to ceiling.

“Use them,” the first man said, and as Dottie and Annie both started to use the pillars to dance around they did what they hoped, what they prayed was the right thing.  Moving their hips and bums as much as they could, they each took turns to hanker down and straighten up again, hoping the men were watching.

“Do you think they will leave us alone after this, Dottie,” Annie said as she looked at her friend.  Dottie looked over her shoulder at the two men, who were deep in conversation as they watched them gyrate.

“I wouldn’t get my hopes up – remember happy places,” Dottie said as one of the men motioned to the guards, who walked quickly towards the two captives.  “We need you to record a message now, Mrs Kirkpatrick,” one of them said as one guard grabbed Dottie.  “We’ll take good care of your friend.”



As Bill Gisburne opened the door, he saw Rick standing there with Danny just behind him.

“Rick?” he said quietly.  “Bit unusual to see you outside the club.  What’s going on?”

“I need information,” Rick said as the two men walked into the house.  “Hope I wasn’t interrupting anything?”

They could see in the room beyond the lobby a pair of legs wrapped in rope, which were kicking up and down.  “Nothing that can’t wait,” Bill said as he indicated the front room.  “What’s on your mind?”

“Dottie was taken yesterday,” Rick said as he sat down.

“By you?”

“No – I think she stumbled on another capture.  Danny heard something about a Middle Eastern bloke that is working in the area – capture of ransom and such like.  Have you heard anything?”

Rick could see a cold sweat building on Bill’s face.  “Me?  No, I’ve not heard anything – why do you think I have?”

“Because nobody works in this area without you knowing.  Come on Bill – who is it?”

Bill looked nervously around, before saying “You didn’t hear this from me right?”

“Of course not.”

“His name’s Ahmed Bin Hassan – has a thing for older, more mature women, and raises a lot of money through them.”

“From ransoms?”

“Not all the time – and if Dottie was taken at the same time, you need to move fast.”

Rick looked at his old friend.  “Are you saying?”

“I’m saying nothing,” Bill said as he stood up and picked up a piece of paper.  “I’m saying you may need to rent a tux – have a look.”

As he took the sheet, Bill read it and looked up.  “When?”

“Two days – if you want Dottie back, you’d better be there.”



“Hold the blonde bitch down – we want to make sure they can’t see the strap marks”

Dottie looked on helplessly as Annie was strapped into the heavy wooden chair.  She wanted to call out and help her, but the guards had done too good a job of making sure she stayed out of the way. 

She was sitting with her back against the wall, red and white climber’s rope holding her ankles together as well as her legs.  More rope had her arms bound in a box fashion behind her back, while another length snaked around her naked upper body, holding her breasts up as it held her shoulders back.

She tried crying out, but the heavy leather dildo that had been strapped into her mouth was effectively silencing her.  On the outside, it looked like a black leather pad with metal studs that was strapped around her cheeks and heck, but the rancid taste of the rubber in her mouth told her all of the truth she really needed to know.

Annie was sat still, her head held back with leather straps around her forehead as her arms and legs were strapped into place.  A video camera had been set up in front of her, and one of the two men was holding up a set of cue cards.

“You need to be distracted,” a guard said as he walked over, “here.”  He held in his hand a white vibrator, which he pushed down into Dottie’s crotch as he switched it on.  She closed her eyes, as Annie started to speak, and tried to fight the way the vibrations made her feel.

“Dave – for god’s sake, listen to what I’m saying, or they will kill me and Dorothy...”




Dottie sat on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs as she looked over at Rick standing there.  For his part, he was staring at her body, amazed at the way it looked under the black cocktail dress she was wearing.

It was the office party, and all the staff had been provided with hotel rooms.  Dottie looked over at her partner again, the sheer pantyhose on her legs moving as she put her feet down, and said “So, are you sure you want to do this for me?”

“You know I do, but do you want me to do it?”

“I saw the story you wrote, Rick – and I liked it.  Let’s see if you are as good in practice as you are in writing.”

Dottie stood up and walked over to a black leather bag, which she picked up and placed next to the young man.  “All you need is in there,” she said as she sat down, “What do you want me to do first.”

Opening the bag, Rick took out a length of white rope.  “Stand up,” he said quietly, “and stand in front of me, with your hands behind your back.”  She could see how nervous he was as he took the rope and started to wrap it around her wrists, pulling it around her bare skin.  “Don’t worry, it won’t bruise me,” she said as she felt her arms been drawn together, closing her eyes as she felt the tension in her shoulders.

“Is that all right,” Rick said as Dottie turned round.  “That’s good,” she said quietly, “but you need to try and bring my elbows together.  Can you do that?”

She looked over her shoulder as he passed some rope up her arms, and drew her elbows close as he tightened the loop.  Passing it around the loop, he brought the rope together before tying it off.  “Please tell me that doesn’t hurt,” he said as he picked up a long soil of rope and shook it out.

“That’s fine,” Dottie said with a smile.  “It’s just fine.  Now, double that rope up, pass it over my head and pull my arms into my side below my breasts.”

As she felt her arms been pulled into her side, Dottie closed her eyes and sighed.  IT was her way of relaxing, and she wanted someone to do this for her.  “Above my breasts now,” she said, and she watched as the rope went round twice.

“Can I try something,” she heard Rick say, and she nodded as her eyes closed and she hummed to herself.  She felt the rope going over one shoulder, diagonally across her chest and under her left breast, before it was taken back and pulled through the loops behind her.  Repeating the process in the opposite direction, she moaned as her breasts were pulled up when the rope was tied off.

Rick walked round to look at Dottie as she turned slowly.  “Very good work,” she said quietly, “now help me to sit down.”

He led her to a couch on the other side of the room, where he helped her to sit, watching as she kicked off her heels.  “Please rub my feet,” she said, and with her eyes closed she moaned as she felt his fingers on the soles of her feet.

“Oh, that’s good,” she purred as she felt the rope going round her ankles, holding them together as it passed around and between.  As he tied the rope off, she opened her eyes and stretched her legs out, wriggling her toes as she looked at the band of white hemp.

“Keep going,” she said as Rick knelt down and started to tie her legs together, passing the rope around them above and below her knees and cinching the two sets of coils with rope running between both.  As he stood up, Dottie tried moving her legs out again as she moaned “That is good – you tie a tight knot.”

Opening her eyes, she looked up at Rick and smiled.  “You have me helpless,” she said in a soft tone, “what do you intend to do to me?”

Rick knelt down beside her, stroking her legs with his hands.  “I’ve always been a leg man,” he said as his hand ran up the inside of her leg, making Dottie shiver with each pass, “What do you think I should do with you?”

“Mmmmm,” Dottie said as she closed her eyes again, “Do whatever you want to do.”  She felt his hands on her breasts, massaging them as he felt around, and his lips on hers as he kissed her.  It was a deep kiss, a full and passionate one, and she returned the favour as she leaned forward.  As he stroked the base of her feet, she let out a louder moan.

“I need to stop you doing that,” Rick said as he took a large handkerchief from his pocket and folded it.  Dottie looked at him, and opened her mouth to allow him to stuff the cloth between her lips.  As she closed her eyes again, she felt his hands moving up the inside of her thigh, stroking gently as he did so before he lifted her skirt back and stroked her pussy.

“Mmmmgfdmdgmdsgmthssggdgd” she mumbled as she allowed him to move her off the couch onto her knees, turning her round so that she was facing the couch.  As he pushed her head down, stroking her lips as he did so, she said “plskpgng” as she felt his hands enclosing her breasts.  Another loud moan emerged as he....




“Get her out of those ropes,” she heard the man say.  As Dottie opened her eyes, she saw one of the guards untying the ropes around her, and the other one standing behind him with a set of clothing in his hands.

As she stood up, rubbing her wrists as she did so, she was handed a pair of black stockings and a black basque.  “Put those on,” one of the two men in charge said, “and we will get you ready.”

“Ready for what,” Dottie said as she slipped the stockings on, “and where’s Annie?”  She had seen the empty chair there.

“You’ll join her soon,” the man said as she slipped her legs into the basque and pulled it over her chest.  “Have her ready for transport in fifteen minutes.”




Annie looked over her shoulder as the metal handcuffs were fastened tightly over her wrists.  “That hurts,” she called out as looked over her shoulder, gasping as a pair of thumb cuffs were fastened into place as well.  She had been forced to put on a black PVC swimsuit, seamed stockings and heels, before her ankles had been manacled together with cuffs that had a short length of chain between them.

“This is just to make sure you’re kept secure,” the guard said as the door was opened and Dottie was wheeled in.  “Shit,” Annie said as she saw her friend standing there, lengths of rope around he rankles, thighs, knees and calves as she hobbled forward.

More rope was around her chest and waist, and her hands had obviously been tied behind her back.  What Annie saw most of was the rope that passed between her legs and the look in Dottie’s eyes over the white cloth gag as she stood there.

For her part, Dottie was enjoying the rubbing against her crotch, wondering how much more of this she was going to be able to take until she exploded.  The captivity was still frightening her, as was the uncertainty over what was going to happen, but the pressure between her legs as she hobbled froward was a welcome, if intense distraction.  She looked at Annie, and mumbled “whtshpng?”

“I don’t know,” Annie said as the guard stood next to her.  “I thought the ransom had been paid, but...”

“All will be revealed in good time,” the guard said as he held up a large black rubber ball gag.  Dottie watched as it was fixed into Annie’s mouth, before the two women were made to march towards an open doorway and into a waiting van.  As they were sat down, Dottie started to wonder if this was just a simple ransom case, or something else was happening.





“A slave auction?”

Dave Kirkpatrick looked up at Rick as he read the bill that Rick had passed him.  “They were never going to return her, were they?”

“Maybe, maybe not – but if we get the police involved then the women will be hurt or killed.  Mr Kirkpatrick, we have to do this my way or we will never get the ladies back.”

“All right – what do we do now?”

Rick smiled as he looked at Danny.  “Get dressed up – and call some friends.  Some well armed ones.”




Annie and Dottie looked at each other as the ropes and gags were removed, and they were handed bottles of water.  “Drink,” the armed guard said “and rest.”

As Dottie took a sip, she thought the water had a funny taste, but she was dying of thirst so she drained the bottle.  She realised her mistake instantly as the room started to swim and she saw Annie falling back onto a cot bed.  “Not again,” she mumbled as she too fell to the floor...




Dottie was enjoying the warm spring air as she approached her friend’s apartment.  She was dressed for the season, in a sleeveless purple top and a short grey skirt, with strapped sandals over her nylon covered feet.  She had a day off, and intended to enjoy it with friends.

So when she was grabbed from behind, and a sweet smelling cloth clamped over her nose and mouth, she barely had time to start to struggle before the narcotic took full effect.  She feel back into her assailant’s arms, her eyes closing as she was lifted off her feet and carried to a waiting SUV.  The rear door had already been raised as she was laid gently in the rear space.

Rolling her onto her stomach, the young man removed the hood he had over his head and crossed Dottie’s wrists behind her back, lashing them together with soft white rope as she lay still.  As he cinched the rope, he licked his lips, anticipating what was likely to happen.

Her ankles were next, tightly lashed together with more rope, and then he pulled a large white scarf between her lips, winding it twice round before tying the ends together at the side of her neck.

Closing the door, he walked round and climbed into the driver’s seat, setting off before anyone could interrupt.


As Dottie opened her eyes, she saw she was sitting in the rear of a car, the door open as it sat in a garage somewhere.  There was a young man, no more than eighteen, standing in front of her as she manoeuvred herself into a sitting position.

“Whsthpng,” she mumbled as she looked round her.  “Shh, shh,” the young man said as he climbed into the car and knelt over Dottie’s legs.  “I’m not going to hurt you; I want you to be happy with what happens.”  As he said this, he started to stroke Dottie’s cheeks, wrapping his hands round her neck and passing them down the back of her top.

“Plswhtrudng” Dottie mumbled as he took his hands out and lifted her top up, exposing her bra as he did so.  “You have a beautiful chest,” he said as he stroked her back, kissing her neck as he did so.  Dottie was surprised to hear herself moaning at this, even more so as he lifted her top up, then pulled her bra down to expose her breasts to the cool air.  She felt her nipples harden at the cool air, and looked down at them, then back at the young man as he nestled her breasts in his hands.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said as he started to knead her breasts, watching her as she closed her eyes in response to his touch.  “Ngggdsnmmmmm” she mumbled as his lips touched her nipples, making her feel a buzz as he gently sucked.

His hands went back behind her back, slowly unzipping her skirt as he pulled the material down while he continued kissing.  “Just allow me to continue,” he whispered as he got off Dottie’s legs and lay her down on her side, pulling her skirt down and then her pantyhose so that it was down around her knees.  His hands started to stroke the inside of her leg, moving upwards as she squirmed in response, wondering if he was prepared to go that far.

She got her answer as he started to unbuckle his pants, and dropped them to reveal his own penis.  “Hgdddd,” Dottie moaned as he continued to feel between her legs, watching as he grew in response before he straddled her and moved closer, closer, closer....




Dottie opened her eyes to see Annie standing over her.  “Dottie, I heard them talking – the ransom is been paid, but we’re going to be sold as slaves anyway!”  She sat on the bed next to her friend, the tears coming freely as she sobbed “What are we going to do?”

“Play along for now, Annie,” Dottie said as she put her arms round her friend.  “I’m sure we will be rescued, I’m sure we will.”  As she held Annie, she whispered “Rick, if you’re going to do something...”

The door to the cell opened and the guards came back in, carrying two dress bags.  “Put these on,” one said as the bags were put on the empty cot, “It’s almost show time.”




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