School Dayze








April 1980

Footscray Lodge Preparatory School


“There we go, she said as she sat next to her roommate, “have a Coke.”


“Thanks,” Shirley Xavier said as she accepted the bottle.  “Work done for another day, time to chill out and relax.  Cheers.”


“Cheers,” Catriona Cuthbertson said as she raised her bottle.  The two had been friends since they had entered the school together, and now shared a dormitory room in their final year.  They were wearing pyjamas, with bed socks covering their feet.


“You know, it’s a downright shame that we are going to different schools after we leave this dump.” Shirley said as she shook her auburn hair.  They were sat on the ledge outside their dorm room watching the last of the suns light disappear in the western sky. “It really has been fun rooming together this last year.”


“I know,” Catriona said, “but my Mummy insists I go to school where she did.”


“And my name has long since been put down for Cheltenham.”


“It’s a rotten shame.” The blonde youngster shook her head. 


“Where ever am I going to find a tennis partner who can cover my lousy serve?”


“Or me a girl who plays worse hockey then I do, and therefore is the one gets shouted at?”


"So do you still want to be a barrister one day Cat?"

"Of course, it's like you knowing that you'll go into your father's business one day."

"Oh I might not, who knows what might happen in the future?"

"Well if you ever get in trouble Shirley, I'll defend you in court," the Scots girl giggled. "Not that you'll ever get in trouble 'Miss Goody Two Shoes'."

"I might if I stay friends with you long enough Catriona Cuthbertson, you are a bad influence on me...or at least that's what I heard one of the teachers saying."

"Me a bad influence," the blonde girl started to giggle.


Shirley laughed as she took a sip from her bottle.  “Miss Atkinson is one of the things I will certainly not miss from this place Cat.”


“She’s been worse than ever since they made her acting housemistress.”


“Well at least out here and with our door locked she can’t complain about us not being in bed yet.” Shirley giggled.


“I know,” Cat said as she looked out, “apparently she’s had a few of the other girls in for detention classes for even minor misdemeanours.”


“I’ve heard some rumours,” Shirley said as she swung her legs to and fro, “but none of the girls seem to want to tell the Head what’s really going on in there.  But, as I said, she can’t…”




The two girls looked down to see the brown haired housemistress looking up from the grass, wearing a white blouse, knee length skirt and black shoes.


“Report to my room after Prep tomorrow,” she said quietly, the girls seeing her smile as she turned and walked away.


“Oh boy – well, how bad can it be,” Catriona said as they went back into the dorm, and into their beds.







Miss Atkinson looked up as the door opened, allowing Shirley and Catriona to come in.  The two girls were still wearing their school uniform – white blouse, grey pullover and pleated skirt, white knee length socks and black shows, with a grey tie.


“You said to come here after Prep, Miss Atkinson,” Shirley said as she closed the door.


“Indeed – you were up after lights out last night, and that merits an hour’s detention,” Miss Atkinson said as she stood up, the two girls standing with their hands clasped in front of them as she walked over and locked the door.  “In my detention, you do as I tell you, and you do not question me, understand?”


“Yes Miss Atkinson,” Catriona said as she looked at the housemistress.  She was wearing a grey coatdress, with a black lace bow tie, and grey shoes.


“Good,” she said as she looked at the two chairs in front of her desk, “sit down, and keep your hands on your laps.”


“Yes Miss Atkinson,” Shirley said as they sat down, looking at each other as the wondered what she was going to do.


“Remove your ties, girls, and hold them in your hands.”


“Why, Miss…”  Shirley looked at the stern face of the housemistress, before she removed her tie.


“Good,” Miss Atkinson said as she took the tie from Shirley, “lean forward.”


“What are you…?”


“Speak when you are spoken to,” Miss Atkinson said as she took Shirley’s arms, and guided them between the spars of the chair back, before using her tie to secure her wrists together.


“Hey,” Catriona said as she watched, “you can’t do that.”


“Yes I can,” the housemistress said as she secured the blonde girl’s wrists in the same way, and then said “stay there” as she went into her inner office.


“What the hell does she think she’s doing,” Catriona said as she tried to find the knot with her fingers, “doesn’t she know who I am?”


“What – Catriona Cuthbertson, the daughter of Sir Donal Cuthbertson, the leading appeals judge?  I think she knows that – just as she knows my dad is the head of Xavier Health Resorts and the managing director of Xavier Conglomerates?”  Shirley shook her head as she said “did your parents ever give you lessons on what to do if you were ever kidnapped?”


“No – yours?”


“They believe in being prepared – and the first thing to do is stay calm,” Shirley said quietly, “So don’t panic.  Whatever she does, we remember, and we tell the…”


Both girls fell quiet as Miss Atkinson came back in – but a very differently dressed housemistress.  She was now wearing a white V-necked sweater, skintight jeans and thigh high brown leather boots, a red bandana tied over her hair.


“Now, we need to make sure you are both – detained,” she said as she opened a drawer, and took out several lengths of rope, placing them on the table before she picked one up and shook it loose.


“What on earth are you doing,” Catriona said as Miss Alexander walked behind her, and started to wind the rope around her arms and upper body, holding her tightly against the chair back as she did so.


As Catriona struggled to try and get free, Sheila glared at the older woman and said “one shout and I’d have someone in here.”


“I know,” Miss Alexander said as Shirley heard a tearing sound, and then felt the tape pull no the skin round her mouth as it was pressed firmly into place over her lips.  She looked over as Catriona had the brown tape pressed over her mouth as well, and said “ssteeclm” as she too was tied tightly to the chair back.


“There,” Miss Alexander purred as she pulled the rope once more, and tied it off, “you’re going to stay in those seats now.”


Shirley looked over at Catriona – the rope was wound tightly round her and the chair back, but she could see it was held in place by a single knot.


“Now for those cute little feet of yours,” Miss Alexander said as she knelt down in front of Shirley, unfastened and removed her shoes, and then pulled her socks off, before taking a length of rope and lashing her ankles tightly together, then another length to secure her legs below her knees.  She watched as the rope was taken between her legs as well – that seemed to make it tighter, just as her father had told her…


“Now you wait there,” Miss Alexander purred as she walked over and di the same to Catriona, the young girl struggling but unable to prevent the housemistress securing her legs as well.  She then took a pair of soft gloves and put them on, before she held Catriona’s legs and started to stroke her finger up the soles of the bound and gagged girl’s feet.  Shirley knew how ticklish her friend was, but could only watch as she wriggled round, the ropes holding firm as Miss Alexander continued the torture.


“Dnnstrrglll,” Sheila mumbled, “ullbsckkk.”


Catriona turned her head and nodded as Miss Alexander looked over.  “You’re missing out on the fun,” she said as she walked over, and started to massage Shirley’s feet as she placed them on her knee.  The leather of her boots was creaking almost as much as the chairs the two girls were sitting on, but it was the strange feeling Sheila was experiencing that was confusing her.  As the gloved hands caressed her feet, she wasn’t sure why she suddenly felt so warm…




“Because, Miss Cuthbertson,” Miss Alexander said as she stood up, “I can.”  Walking behind Catriona, the young girl was powerless to stop her pulling her jumper up, and unbuttoning her blouse, before she started to massage her developing chest with her gloved hands.  Shirley watched as Catriona tried to move out of the way, and then closed her eyes, blushing slightly as she started to moan.




“Oh,” Miss Alexander said as she looked over, “young love?   How sweet – don’t worry, your turn is coming, Miss Xavier.”


She leaned over and whispered something into Catriona’s ear, and then kissed her gently on the cheek before squeezing her breasts tightly, and then walking over, Shirley struggling as her jumper was pulled up, and then her blouse unbuttoned, her white training bra revealed.


As she felt the hands pressing firmly on her chest, Shirley felt that strange warmth getting stronger, and as the fingers massaged her she was aware of her breasts responding to this, firming up in a way she had never felt before.  She squirmed round, but that just seemed to encourage the older woman as she continued the massage, whispering into her ear as she did so.


Something else was happening as well – a strange desire for her housemistress to continue, even though she knew it was wrong.  She wanted it to continue…




The sound of the telephone ringing made both girls open their eyes as Miss Alexander walked over.




“It is a little inconvenient at the moment, can it not…”


“Very well then – I will be there as soon as I can, headmistress.”  Putting the TrimPhone down, she looked over and said, “wait there,” going into the inner office and returning with sensible shoes on before she walked out.


“Rullrht,” Sheila said as she heard the door lock.




Shaking her head, Sheila said “nffrmndnw – cnushfflfrhr?”


Catriona looked at her, and then started to shuffle her chair over as Shirley turned hers.


“Whtrrrugnndd,” Catriona said as Sheila looked over her shoulder.


“Gtssfrrrr,” Sheila said as she looked at her friend, “nddtthnnmkecll.”






“Now then,” Miss Alexander said as she came back into the room, “where were…”


She looked at the ropes left on the floor, walking in and then quickly turning as she heard the door close behind her.  For a moment, fear griped her, and then she relaxed.  The word of two of the girls against her – none of the others had spoken, why would they be any different…






One Week Later


“May I remind all the girls that the May Day celebrations will start at two o’clock,” the headmistress said as she looked out over the school, “now we will sing the school song together.”


Catriona and Shirley stood with the others, singing along as they saw a note being passed to Miss Alexander.  She nodded and left the assembly room, walking along the corridor, the heels of her shoes clicking on the tiled floor.


As she passed the office, she walked out into the entrance hall, wondering where Doctor and Mrs. Xavier were.  She never heard the man, suspected nothing until the chloroform soaked cloth was clamped firmly over her nose and mouth, her eyes open wide and then slowly closing before she was carried to the private ambulance outside.


“I wonder where she went,” Catriona said as the two girls made their way to the classroom.


“Who knows,” Shirley said, “so long as she doesn’t bother us again.  We’re friends for life, whatever happens, right?”



“Right,” Catriona said with a smile as they sat down…







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