Seized from School






The grim building of Elgin High school for girls came into Sarah and Louise's view, as they walked towards it.


Neither girl was looking forward to attending, as they both utterly despised this place.  The teachers were strict, didn’t make their subjects interesting and the only thing they and a lot of the other pupils looked forward to was going home.


Despite that, both girls were among the brighter lot. Sarah Jennings had just turned eighteen, and knew from all the admiring looks she received, that she was very pretty.


Sarah of course, had accepted that.  She had jet black hair that just fell onto her shoulders and she had a good figure.  Sarah was warm and kind, and a lot of people liked her.


The same was said for her best friend, Louise Wilson.  Louise was just a little shorter than Sarah; she had dark brunette hair, which was slightly longer than Sarah’s, and like Sarah, had a very pretty face.  Many boys had gaped at her,  obviously admiring her chest.  Louise had to admit, she had an impressive one.  Her eighteenth birthday had been some time ago, and was looking forward to the end of the school year.  Like Sarah, Louise was hoping to join the military, so they could serve together.


The two of them certainly had the intelligence, knowing the military wanted good people, and both Sarah and Louise were determined to succeed.


They both finally reached the school, and entered.  There was a strict uniform code regulated her, and woe betide any girl who flouted this.  Each girl wore a white shirt, with double breast pockets on either side, a short blue pleated skirt, with knee length white socks, and a pair of smartly polished black high heels to wear on their feet.


The uniform made them look very smart, and both Sarah and Louise didn't mind wearing it.  After all, they were hoping to join the armed services, so wearing a uniform was mandatory.  They'd feel proud wearing it, whatever service they hoped would accept them.  Both girls were aiming for the Royal Navy, obviously desiring the travel bonus.  They'd love to accomplish that, and see the world.


However, as they entered the school, Sarah and Louise were blissfully unaware, that sinister plans were already being prepared for them.  There were travel plans included, but not as the two pretty girls would wish.





The first class of the day was Chemistry, and as they walked into the lab they were greeted with a cry of “Sarah, Louise – over here!”  The call had come from Kelly Jameson, a friend of theirs from the early days at the school.  Kelly was tall, thin and very dark skinned, reflecting her African heritage.  Her dark hair was arranged corn rows on her head, while Sarah could see that her blouse was getting perhaps a little too small for her as it stretched across her chest.


“Hey, Kelly,” Louise said as the two girls sat next to her.  “Have you seen Jenny yet?”


“Someone talking about me?”


The three turned their heads to see Jenny Chao sitting next to them.  The daughter of a Chinese diplomat, she had been sent to Elgin High by her parents to receive, as she sometimes said in a mockery of her parent’s accent, “A flist crass educashion.”  She was smaller than the other three, at only five foot four, and her dyed blonde hair was held back by a white Alice band.


“All right, if I could have your attention,” the teacher said from the front, but the four girls were not paying much attention to her.  They had more important things on their mind - namely, now that Jenny was eighteen like th eothers, how they were going to celebrate that fact.


“Did you get the tickets for the Kaiser Chiefs concert?”


“Yeah – but have you got permission yet?”


“Of course I have – Dad has said...”




They looked up to see Miss Stanton, their Chemistry teacher, standing in front of their bench, looking at them through her metal rimmed spectacles.  Her brown hair was pulled back in a severe bun, while her lab coat was buttoned right up to her neck.


“Detention, after school, this room,” she said as she looked at the four of them.  “Miss Jenkins and I will supervise.”  She turned and walked back to the front of the class, the heels of her black leather boots licking on the hard floor.


“What do you reckon she wears under that coat,” Louise whispered to Sarah.  “Bet it’s a black leather corset,” Sarah replied as she turned t face the class.


“Today we will discuss bonding and valences.”  The groan from the class was slight, but perfectly audible as Miss Stanton continued.  “Turn to page 225 in your books...”






As the lunch bell rang, Louise, Sarah, Kelly and Jenny slowly made their way back to the Chemistry lab.  As they walked in, they saw Miss Jenkins, their biology teacher, standing with Miss Stanton.


“Take a seat, girls,” she said as she indicated the front row of the class.  Miss Jenkins was younger, still in her early twenties, with long red hair.  She also wore the traditional lab coat, but her legs were bare, her feet nestled in a pair of Mary Jane shoes.


“I believe we have a rule in this school about being silent when the teacher is talking,” Miss Stanton said as she leaned back against the workbench at the front of the class, “and you four ladies disobeyed that rule, correct?”


“Yes, Miss Stanton,” they said in unison as they looked up.


“Very well – you will now write a two page essay on why it is important to listen to safety instructions in laboratory classes.  I have arranged for some sandwiches to be brought here, but you will work in silence.  Is that understood?”


“Yes, Miss Stanton.”


“Very good – take out your books and begin.”


They sat in silence for ten or so minutes, before Sarah looked up and saw the door open, and one of the school porters bring in a trolley.  He was a stranger to Sarah, who nudged Louise and made her look at the tall, olive skinned man.


“Must be George’s replacement,” she said with a shrug, referring to the head caretaker.  “I heard he had an accident and was going to be off for some time.”


“Pity,” Sarah said as the man laid some bottles of water in front of the four girls, bow and leave the room.  It was a hot afternoon, so Sarah watched Kelly and Jenny open a bottle and start to drink from it.


“Good idea, girls,” Miss Jenkins said as she took a bottle and opened it as well, “You don’t want to get dehydrated, do you.”  She put the clear bottle to her lips and took a long drink of the contents, wiping her lips as she handed the bottle to Miss Stanton and took a seat at the table.


“Continue with your work, girls,” Miss Stanton said as she watched the quartet pick up their pens and start to write.


“Is it just me,” Louise said with a yawn, “or is it getting stuffy in here?”


“Not sure,” Jenny said as she too started to yawn, “but I am beginning to feel very, very...”  Her sentence was cut short as she fell forward, her head landing on the wooden desk top with a thud.


“Jenny, are you all right,” Sarah said as she shook her friend, but she quickly discovered she was in fact fast asleep.  “Kelly,” she said as she turned to her side, only to see Kelly with her head on her arms, sleeping as well.  “Miss Stanton,” she said as she turned to face the front, only to see her chemistry teacher sprawled over the desk, as Miss Jenkins slipped off her stool and landed on the floor.


“What the hell,” Louise said as she tried to shake Kelly awake, while Sarah went to the front and checked the two teachers.  “You didn’t drink the water, did you?”


“No – but I’m going to fetch help,” Sarah said as she went to the door.  You stay here and see if you can wake them up at all.”


As Louise watched her friend run out of the room, she walked quickly to the front and shook Miss Stanton by the shoulders.  “Please wake up, Miss,” she called out, but there was no response as her teachers slept on.  Stepping back, she put her hand to her forehead and muttered “What’s happening here?”


She did not even here somebody coming up behind her, until she was physically lifted off her feet by an arm that wrapped itself around her waist and picked her up.  At the same time, a large cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth. The scent of black leather mixing with something sweet and sticky as Louise tried to call out.


“Ltgfm,” she screamed as she kicked out with her legs, trying to twist herself free from whoever had grabbed her.  As she did so, however, she breathed in the mixture of aromas, and to her shock she found herself getting very, very tired very quickly.  She kicked back, hearing a groan, but the grip was maintained, and as her eyes slowly closed she thought she caught a glimpse of the new porter standing in front of her, pulling on a pair of black gloves.


 “What about the other girl,” the porter said as the other man gently lowered the unconscious Louise to the floor.



“Don’t worry about her,” he said as picked up Miss Jenkins and placed her in a white laundry trolley, “she won’t get far.  Help me bring in the other basket and get the five of them inside.”






Sarah threw open to the door to the headmistress’s office, making Amanda, her secretary, look up from her desk with a frown.


“Sarah Jennings, whatever is the matter,” she said as she stood up and walked round from her desk, the heels of her shoes clicking on the floor,


“Please, we need the headmistress to come quickly, my friends and Miss Jenkins have collapsed and we don’t know what’s happened.”


“I see,” Amanda said as she sat on the desk.  “You’d better sit down and compose yourself.  Start at the beginning.”


“We were in detention,” Sarah said as she looked up at the secretary, “when the porter brought in some water.  Kelly, Jenny and Louise all drank some, as did Miss Jenkins, and then they just collapsed.”


“I see,” Amanda said as she walked over and closed the office door, “and what happened then?”


“Miss Stanton told me to come and get help – where is the headmistress?”


“Indisposed,” Amanda said as she went behind the desk and picked up her handbag.  “Did you tell anyone else on the way here what had happened?”


“No, I came straight here.  Please, you need to phone for an ambulance.”


“No I don’t,” Amanda said as she took what looked like a toy dart gun from her bag.  “I know what has happened, and you just need to relax.”


“I’m sorry?”  Sarah looked at Amanda as she pointed the dart gun at the young girl.  Slowly standing up, she turned and tried to run for the door, only for Amanda to catch and grab her before she got her hand to the handle.


“Just stay still, little miss,” she said as she pulled Sarah back towards the desk, her arm wrapped tightly around the young girl’s waist.  Sarah screamed out “What are you doing” as she was dragged backwards, kicking out for all she was worth, but it was useless.  As she was pulled back to the desk, Amanda opened her handbag and took out a plastic bag, with a square of cotton wool inside.


“Just breathe deeply,” she said as she removed the pad and clamped it over the frightened schoolgirl’s mouth, “and you will soon forget all about this.”


“NNNNNNN” Sarah screamed, but the fumes soon overpowered her, and her head fell forward as she slipped into a deep sleep.  Sitting her back on the chair, Amanda replaced the pad in the bag as the door opened.


 “Put her with the others,” Amanda said to the porter as he hoisted Sarah onto his shoulder and carried her out of the room.  Replacing the bag, Amanda walked over and opened the door to the headmistress’ office.


“I quit,” she said to the dark haired woman sat in the chair, the ropes around her arm san chest clearly visible over the black suit she was wearing.  There was no reply, which was not surprising given she too was unconscious, a blue scarf pulled tightly between her lips to silence her.  Amanda smiled again as she closed the door and walked quickly out of the office...






“Sarah?  Sarah, wake up!”


Sarah slowly opened her eyes to see Louise looking at her, her eyes wide with fear.


“Louise,” she said groggily as she sat herself up, “what the hell happened.  Last thing I remember was the headmistress’ secretary grabbing me and then...”  She looked round the dimly lit metal box they were in, and saw the other four lying on the floor.  The two teachers were still out, but it looked as if both Kelly and Jenny we restarting to come to.


“I don’t know either,” her friend said as she sat down next to her.  “I was grabbed from behind, something put over my mouth, and then – I woke up here?”


“Where is here?”


“I don’t know, but we’re moving – feel the way the floor is rocking?”  Sarah could feel the rocking motion now, as well as bumps as the box rose and fell.  “I think we’ve been kidnapped, but why – we don’t have any money.”


“No,” Sarah said as she rubbed her head, “but Jenny’s parents do.”


“My parents do what,” Jenny said as she sat herself up.  “What was in that water anyway?”


“Some sort of drug, I think,” Louise said as she helped the young Chinese girl to sit up.  “How do you feel?”


“Like crap,” Jenny said as Kelly let out a low moan.  “We’ve all been taken?”


“Looks like it – Miss Stanton and Miss Jenkins are over there.”


“Any idea who’s taken us?”


“Yeah,” Sarah said as she sat down “or at least one of them – the headmistress’ secretary.  She put me to sleep with some sort of damp cloth.”


“Chloroform,” Kelly said as she groggily got to her feet.  “I’ve read enough Nancy Drew to recognise that.  Someone want to tell me what’s going on here.”


Before Louise had a chance to speak, the container they were in came to a halt, throwing Kelly back onto the floor.  The girls huddled together as the back of the container was thrown open, and four men came inside.  All were armed, and as they pointed their guns at the schoolgirls they heard a female voice say “Do not harm them – they are too valuable to us.”


“What’s going on,” Jenny said as she tried to shield her eyes from the bright light that was shining in their faces.  “If this is a kidnapping, my parents will pay whatever you want.”


“Do you hear that, Jack,” one of the men said, in a voice Louise recognised.  “You”, she said quietly, “You’re the new porter?”


“I was, little one,” the man said as he walked forward and forced Louise to her feet, his gloved hand gripping her arm like a vice.  “Now, I’m the man you’re going to obey, understand?”


“Please, don’t hurt them.”


The girls looked over to se Miss Stanton slowly get to her feet, the heels of her boots ringing on metal floor.  “I don’t know what’s going on here, but if you promise not to hurt the girls we will do whatever you say.”


“Why, Josephine,” the female voice said as a tall, thin woman in a black leather skirt and dark blouse walked into the container, “You have never shown such affection for your charges before.”


“I’ve never been kidnapped with them before,” Miss Stanton said as she brushed down her lab coat, “and I take it you have something to do with this, Amanda?”


“Oh, I have a great deal to do with this, Josephine,” Amanda said as she walked up to the teacher, and placed the side of what looked like a riding crop against her face.  “You, Pauline here, and the girls are very, very important to me, so you are not going to do anything to us.”  She turned and looked at the girls.  “There is no escape from here, so do not even think about it.”


Miss Stanton stood still for a moment, before walking over, turning Amanda round and slapping her on the cheek.  The former secretary put her hand to the spot she was struck on, smiled and looked over at Miss Jenkins as she slowly started to stand up.  “Thank you,” she said with a smile, “You just confirmed what I needed to do next.  You two – secure the older women, and make sure they cannot move.”


“NO!!!!” Sarah shouted out as two of the guards grabbed Miss Stanton and Miss Jenkins and turned them, forcing them to face the wall as they held their hands behind their back with one gloved hand.


“Don’t move,” the man who had spoken earlier said as he and two others pointed their guns at the four schoolgirls.  “”What the fuck,” Louise said quietly as they watched the two men pull lengths of brown hemp rope from their pockets and start to bind the wrists of the two teachers behind their backs.


“Please,” Miss Stanton said as she felt the rough cords pulling her wrists together, “Leave the girls alone.  Do what you want with us, but leave them alone.”


“You misunderstand, Josephine,” Amanda said as Miss Stanton looked over her shoulder, “We will do whatever we want with any of you.  Isn’t that right, boys?”


As if to answer the woman, the one binding Miss Jenkins passed his arms round and groped her lab coat over her breasts, making her squeal as he roughly kneaded the soft tissue.  “You bastard,” Miss Stanton said as she tried to kick out with her leg, “Leave my friend alone!”


The four girls cowered back as the two men took more lengths of rope and passed them up the bound arms of the two teachers, stopping just above their elbows and pulling tightly as they wrapped the rope round. “Fuck,” they heard Miss Jenkins say as her elbows were drawn together, "That bloody hurts.  What the hell are you bastards doing this for.”


“For your protection,” the man said as he yanked harder, forcing the young teacher’s elbows to touch, “so that you don’t get hurt.”


“Don’t get hurt,” Louise said as the ropes were tied off and the two teachers turned round, “what the hell do you mean by that?”


“When we do this,” the other man said as he groped Miss Stanton’s chest, which had been forced out as her elbows had been pulled back.  She closed her eyes and, much to the girl’s surprise, moaned loudly as his hands kneaded her breasts, the gloves contrasting with her white coat as he leaned over and kissed her neck.


“Hey, wonder what this one has underneath,” the man with Miss Jenkins said as he slipped his hand under the front of her coat, lifting it up as he stroked the back of her leg. 


“Time enough for that later,” Amanda said as she watched the two teachers, “I am satisfied with both of them.   Finish securing them and silence them – we need no interruptions for what is coming next.”


“What do you mean, what’s coming next,” Miss Stanton said as she was forced to sit on the floor, the bottom of her lab coat riding up to reveal the tops of her leather boots.  “You’ll see,” the man said as he crossed her ankles and wound more rope around them, the fibres squeaking against the leather as he tightly bound them.  Miss Jenkins had also been forced to sit down, and her ankles bound before more rope was passed around her legs above her knees.  The girls could see that she was wearing some sort of shorts under her coat, but looked away as the men finished binding both teachers.


“If they did that to them,” Kelly said as sweat started to glisten on her forehead, “What are they going to do to us?”


“Why don’t we find out,” they heard Amanda say as the two men stood up.  They could now see that both teachers had a wide strip of brown sticking plaster fixed over their mouths, preventing them from speaking in more than grunts.


“Dnttchthm,” Miss Stanton said as the four male guards loomed over the four girls.


“I have to make some arrangements,” Amanda said as she walked out of the container, “Make sure they are suitable for our purposes.”  As her shadow disappeared into the bright light, the four girls held each other, cowering as the four guards walked towards them.


“Eenie, Meeny, Miney...”  Jack said as his finger pointed to each of the girls in turn, before saying “Mo” as he pointed at Kelly.  As one of the other guards pointed his gun at the girls, he grabbed the young black girl by the arm and pulled her away from the other three, wrapping his arm around her chest as he pulled her head back against his chest.


“You are a Nubian delight,” he said as he forced Kelly to look into his eyes, “and I think you will enjoy what is about to happen, if you allow yourself to.”


“Miss Stanton,” Kelly screamed as she looked over to the two teachers, “Please, make them stop.”  The older woman screamed something through the gag covering her mouth, but it was lost on the men as Jack nodded to another guard.


“Take care of her hands,” he said as he leaned over and tried to kiss Kelly’s neck.  She reached up with her hands, clawing at his face as she screamed, only for the guard to grab her wrists and hold them in one hand as he pulled a length of rough cord out of his pocket.  Wrapping it around her blouse cuffs, he pulled tightly as he started to secure them together, laughing as she screamed “PLEASE, FOR GOD’S SAKE STOP!!”


“Don’t hurt her,” Jenny said as she stepped forward, “It’s me you want the ransom for.”


“Shut her up,” Jack said as the fourth guard walked forward and pushed the young Chinese girl against the wall of the container, stuffing a cotton rag into her mouth as she opened it to protest.  Louise and Sarah held each other, too scared to do anything as their friend was turned round and her arms pulled roughly behind her back, rope been produced to bind her wrists as well.


“Now,” Jack said as the guard pulled Kelly’s arms down and passed more rope around her waist to hold them against her front, “Where were we?”  He let go of her chest and pressed down hard on both her breasts, laughing as she started to say “Holy Mary, Mother of God, Deliver me from this,” under her breath.


“Your holy lady cannot help you now,” Jack said as he pressed his fingers deep into her flesh under the blouse and kissed Kelly on the neck, her eyes watching Jenny as rope was passed quickly around her upper body, pulling the material of her blouse tight over her breasts as they encircled her arms and forced her breasts out.  “You have a new life ahead of you, and we get to make sure you are ready for this.”


“What do you mean, new life,” Louise said as she watched Jenny been forced onto her knees and her binder reach round and push back against her chest, making her raise her head and cry out as they were flattened by his groping before he reached up and under her skirt.  As this was happening, Jack’s hands had moved down Kelly’s body, reaching up under her skirt.  “Oh god,” she whispered as she felt his gloved hand move between her legs, pulling down her knickers and fingering her crotch.


“Now, you feel like you are nice and new,” he said as he pulled her knickers down, his hands moving down her legs with them as he lifted her legs out.  Picking them up, he folded them into a pad and held it in front of her mouth.  “Want to taste what you are like,” he said as he stroked the back of her head.


“No, I don’t wAAAAAAA,” she screamed as he pulled back on her hair, forcing the cloth into her mouth before he pushed her against the wall.  “Please,” Sarah said as Jack and the man with Kelly started to unfasten their trousers.


“If either of you say another word,” Jack said as he turned to look at the two girls cowering on the floor, “It will be the last thing you say.  Don’t worry – your turn is coming – and as for you two,” he continued as he looked at the two teachers, “We have something special planned for you.”


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” Kelly screamed as she saw Jack’s pants drop to the floor, his hands groping at her chest as he did so, pushing them so hard that she felt as if he was pushing on her spine.  Jenny was kneeling, her eyes closed as she felt her man come up behind her, his member against her crotch as she started to force his way in.


“Start tying those two up,” Jack said as he pressed himself against Kelly.  The other two armed guards forced both Louise and Sarah to their feet, turning hem to face the wall as they heard their friends muffled screams, and those of their teachers.


“Christ, Sarah what the hell have we been taken into,” Louise said as she felt the rough hemp pulling her wrists together behind her back.  “I don’t know,” Sarah said as she felt the rope around her own wrists as well, trying to block out the sounds of the two men panting, “I just don’t know.”


“MMMMGFDMGGMDGMMMMM”, they heard Jenny call out as the man stood back up, pulled his pants up and nodded to Jack, before he took more hemp and started to tie the young Asian girl’s ankles together over her socks.  “She’s good,” he said as he pulled the rope tight, making her cry out again in pain as he passed the rope around and between.


Sarah was watching, fascinated and repelled as a long length of rope was passed around Louie’s arms and chest, pulling her arms tightly into her side and the material of her blouse to stretch over her breasts.  The rope went round twice more, pulling her arms even more tightly before he took it above her breasts, making her arms seem to meld with her side.  It distracted her from the fact the same thing was happening to her, until she felt the rope biting into her own skin through her blouse, her arms forced painfully to her side as he knotted the rope off behind her back, out of reach of her fingers.


As she looked down, she saw a pair of black gloved hands reach round and press down on her chest, the flesh of her breasts sinking in as he roughly massaged her and pinched her nipples.  “Please, stop it,” she called out, but with little effect as the massaging continued.


“Please, somebody come and save us,” Louise screamed as she felt her wrists been pulled up her back.  She realised with a start the other two were quiet, and looking over her shoulder she saw Kelly and Jenny sitting against the wall, their heads on their chest and their eyes closed.  Both now had strips of cloth holding their mouth stuffing in place, and their legs tightly bound just below their knees as well as their ankles.  The bands of rope around their upper bodies held their arms tightly in place.  Their eyes were closed, but the tear stains were clear to see down their darker cheeks.


“Now,” Louise said as she heard Jack behind her, “Let’s see what you both feel like, hm?”  She saw his black gloved hands coming round and grabbing her breasts, his fingers kneading her around her nipples and pushing in as the other three men laughed.


“Oh, god, please don’t do this,” she whispered as she felt her body responding to his touch, as he roughly pushed in, making her feel as if her breasts were going to explode out from her clothes.  She had fooled round with few boys, kissed them as they had kissed her on her lips and neck, but nobody had ever touched her like this before.  It sent small electric shocks through her as she felt him pressing on her nipples – a feeling she did not find unpleasant, but under the current circumstances.


“Leave my friend alone, you bastard,” she heard Sarah say, and as she looked over she saw two of the other men holding her by the arms.  The coarse brown rope was forcing her chest out as well, as she struggled to break free.


“I think,” she heard Jack say as she tried not to moan, “that you need to be taught a lesson little girl, just like your Nubian friend there did.”  She watched as one of the men let go, reached under her skirt and pulled a pair of plain white knickers down, folding them into a pad and stuffing them into Sarah’s mouth as he hair was pulled back.  She was then pushed against the container wall, her eyes pleading as the man groped her chest and pawed her upper body.


“You’re not going to scream out, are you,” Jack whispered into Louise’s ear.  She shook her head, not saying a word as his hands move down her body, stroking her stomach and then her waist as she felt rather than saw him kneel down behind her.  His hands moved further down, pulling up her blue skirt as she felt her knickers been pulled down.


“You have been a naughty girl,” she heard him say as he held a blue silk thong in his hand.  “LS,” she heard Miss Stanton call behind her, to which Jack turned and said “I would say she needed a detention – except you all are going to have a very long one.”


“NNNNNNNNN” Miss Jenkins called out, unable to intervene as the man called Jack reached back under Louise’s skirt and felt between her legs, the young girl suppressing an urge to call out at the touch of his leather covered finger son her crotch.  She could see Sarah crying as her own skirt was pulled up, exposing her naked crotch as the captor unzipped his trousers.  Instead, she closed her eyes and said a silent prayer as Jack continued to tease her, before turning her round as she felt him starting to penetrate her.


He was hard, but she knew he went in smoothly as he pushed forward, feeling her own body gripping her as she felt a slight trickle between her own legs.  It lasted a while, before she felt him give inside her, a new and wondrous feeling that made her cry, and yet made her ecstatic as well.


“You are going to be his prize,” she heard Jack say as she opened her eyes, looking over at Sarah’s tear stained face as well.  “Whose prize,” she whispered as she saw him hold a cloth in his hand.


“You’ll see,” he said as he pressed the cloth over her nose and mouth, the sweet cloying scent filling her nose and lungs.  As her eyes slowly closed, She saw Sarah with a similar cloth over her mouth, the tears still flowing as blackness slowly enveloped her.....



“Bind their ankles and legs,” Jack said as he walked away from the other three towards the two teachers, their eyes numb with shock over their gagged mouths.  He reached down and pulled the plaster off Miss Stanton’s lips.


“I suppose you’re going to rape us now, you bastard,” she said after she spat at him.


“No,” he said as she watched two of the men pick up Sarah and carry her between them out of the container door.  “I believe Amanda has something else in mind for both of you.”


“I do indeed,” they heard Amanda say as she walked in.  She was now wearing a white silk blouse, with black leather gloves on her hands, a pair of tight grey jodhpurs and black riding boots.  “Help the men to take the girls to the transport,” she said as Jack bowed to her, “I wish to see these two lovely ladies for a few minutes.”


“Of course, Mistress,” Jack said as he walked to the other side of the container, while Amanda knelt next to Josephine and stroked her face.  “I much prefer older women,” she said as her gloved hand reached around her neck, “and I do so want to see how responsive you and Pauline here are to a little – stimulation.”


“NDDNNTDTS,” Miss Jenkins said as she watched Louise been carried out, but she was ignored as Amanda passed her hand down the front of her fellow teacher’s lab coat.  “You know,” she said as her hand went over Josephine’s chest, “I always wondered what you wore under that starched, gleaming garment.  Why don’t we have a look?”


“Don’t you dare,” Josephine said, her boots squeaking as she tried to move them up and kick Amanda, but she was powerless to do so as she undid one button and slipped her gloved hand under the white coat, caressing the older woman’s breast as she did so.   “Silk – very nice,” she said as she gently kneaded the flesh, “I commend you on your taste, Josephine.”


“Go scrrmmmmmm,” she said, unable to stop herself as she felt her body respond to the woman’s touch.  She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt her other breast been massaged as well, before Amanda removed her gloved hand and fasten the button.


“And what of you, dear sweet young Pauline,” she said as she walked over and knelt between the two women.  By this time Jack and another guard had returned, watching from a distance with their guns in their hands and broad smiles on their faces.


“Plsdndts,” she whimpered under her gag as Amanda slipped her hand under her coat.  “Lycra,” she said as she stroked the young woman’s chest, “very kinky.  Planning a run after school, were we?  Well, you will both get plenty of exercise where you are going, but first the three of us can have some quality time.”  As she pulled her hand out, she moved slightly down and unfastened the bottom two buttons of their coats, pulling the front panels back to reveal the black leather skirt that Josephine Stanton was wearing, and the tight cycling short that Pauline Jenkins had covering her upper legs.


“Now,” she said as she started to stroke the upper legs of both women, “Jack, please remove the gag from young Pauline here.”  The armed man reached up and pulled the plaster away from Pauline’s mouth, leaving a red mark around her lips.


“Josephine, Pauline,” she said as she continued to stroke their legs, “I want you to kiss each other, a loving, reassuring kiss that tells both of you that you are going to be all right.”


“I don’t swing that way,” Josephine said as she looked at her colleague, shocked to see her close her eyes and moan at Amanda’s touch.  “Forgive me,” she said, “but my partner always does this for me...”


“Kiss,” Amanda said again as Pauline reached over and placed her lips on Josephine’s kissing lightly at first.  To her own, great surprise, Josephine responded, opening her mouth to caress that of her colleague and allowing her to place tongue in her mouth.


Amanda moved her hands around, reaching between the legs of the two women and watching them as they continued to kiss, their bodies moving to the stroke of her leather gloved hands between their legs as their kissing became more passionate.  “Hgd,” she heard Josephine say as the two tried to move as close as their bound bodies and the fact Amanda was between them would allow, their lips locked as she felt their bodies respond to their touch and hers.


“Yes, embrace your situation,” she said as she felt dampness in Josephine’s crotch and a jerk from Pauline.  “Learn to enjoy the delights of each other – it will make things so much easier in the days ahead.”  She closed her eyes, moaning in turn as she felt herself start to respond to their movements as well.




Amanda opened her eyes and stared at Jack.  “Forgive me, Mistress, but we have to proceed if we are to arrive on time.”


“Ah, you are right,” as she slowly stood up.  “Allow them one last kiss while you secure their arms in place.”


“Are you all right, Josephine,” Pauline said as she sat back feeling the rope going around her body as it pulled into her coat and locked her arms into place.  She watched as her colleague was similarly secured, the rope pulling the white fabric over her chest as it was forced up and out.


“No – but I am better knowing you are here,” the older woman replied as she leaned over and kissed Pauline on the lips.  Sitting back again, she felt the cloth been pressed over her nose and lips, her eyes closing as the chloroform took effect.  “Take them to the plane,” Amanda said as the four guards picked up the two unconscious women, “we leave in fifteen minutes.”







“Ngggg- whrw?”


Louise slowly opened her eyes and looked round herself, noting her three friends still asleep beside her.  She could feel something pulling at the corners of her mouth, and realised she was gagged as well.




The young girl looked over to see Miss Stanton looking at her, strapped into what looked like an airline seat.  Looking at herself, she could see she was also strapped in place, the ropes around her body and legs still in place.




“Louise, whatever happens now, you must remember you are a girl from Elgin High, and carry yourself with dignity at all times.  I fear we are going somewhere far from home, and I do not know how much longer your will be with us, but always remember that.”




“It’s all right to be scared – I am as well.  Just remember, you are not alone.”


Louise could now see they were in a small plane, and from the way her ears were popping and the movement she could tell they were starting to descend somewhere.  She looked at the other three girls, and realised they had been washed while they had slept, the tear and grime stains removed.


“Ah, good, you are starting to wake up,” she heard a familiar voice say, and as she looked towards the cockpit she saw Amanda walking towards them.  The woman who had kidnapped them knelt next to Louise and removed the thick cloth that had been silencing her.


“You are going to e a very special young lady,” she said as her gloved hand stroked her cheek.  “My master is going to be very pleased with you.”


“Your master,” Miss Stanton said as Amanda stood up and buckled herself into an empty seat.


“Oh yes – I was once like Louise here, a young schoolgirl who dreamed of travel, and then one day – well, you will see.”  The plane touched the ground, jolting the others as they started to come to before taxiing to a halt.


“Now,” Amanda said as she unbuckled herself and walked back over to Louise, “Do exactly what I say.  I am going to untie your legs, and then release you from your chair.  You – all of you – need to be suitable attired for your new home.”


“What do you mean,” Louise said as she watched Amanda untie her legs and ankles.


“Jack, please bring the robes,” was the response from her captor as she removed the cloth from around Louise’s neck.  She had stroked the young girl’s legs, making her shrink back in the chair slightly before she stood up.


“What happens now?”


“Now,” Amanda said as she leaned over Louise, “I get to kiss you before you are silenced again.”  Louise was unable to stop the blonde haired woman kissing her on the lips, before she tore a length of wide white tape from a roll and stuck it over her mouth, the tape forming to the contours of her mouth and sealing her lips shut.


“Sit still,” she said as she walked to each of the other girls in turn, removing the ropes around their legs and stroking them before ungagging, kissing and regagging each one of them in turn.  As she finished with Kelly, the man called Jack walked back in carrying what looked like four black sacks.


“Stand up,” Amanda said, and as the four schoolgirls groggily got to their feet they saw the sacks were not sacks at all.


“Burqas,” Josephine Stanton said as each girl had the garment pulled over their bodies, covering them completely save for their terrified eyes.  “We’re in the middle east – and you’re...”


“Serving my master,” Amanda said as she looked at the captive teacher.  “Take them to the car – ah, welcome back, Pauline.”


“Where are we,” Pauline Jenkins said as she shook herself awake.  “A long way from home,” Josephine said as the last of the four covered girls was led out of the plane, “and I think a long way from teaching.”


“Well, teaching science, anyway,” Amanda said as she started to remove the rope from Josephine’s legs.  “I am afraid that you two are going to be taking a slightly different journey from the girls.  It’s nothing personal – it is just that my master has very specific tastes, and neither of you meet those conditions.”


“So we are going to be sold as slaves?”


“Of a sort,” Amanda said as she helped Josephine to stand up and untied her arms.  “But you also need to properly prepared for your new journey.  I am sorry that you will not be able to join the four young ladies, but my master would not look kindly on you.”


“Please, stand up – and no funny tricks, or Pauline here suffers.”


“What could I do anyway,” Josephine said as she got to her feet, looking at Amanda as she did so.


“Not a lot, except enjoy this,” her captor said as she walked forward, looked into Josephine’s eyes and reached up to kiss her, her gloved hands moving over her breasts as she did so.   The older woman closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Amanda’s tongue entering her mouth, and felt her nipples been gently squeezed by her gloved hands.


“Oh god,” she said as Amanda turned her round and softly kissed her neck, her hands coming round to massage her breasts as she did so.  “Stay there,” she said as she went to Pauline, untied her legs and helped her to stand up, before kissing and groping her as well, noting with pleasure the way the younger woman arched her back to her touch.


Stepping back again, Amanda said “Take this opportunity to know each other – when your training starts, it may be some time.”  Pauline walked over to Josephine, looked up into her hazel eyes and said “Kiss me, as if it is the last time.”


“Of course,” the older woman said as she leaned forward and the two women locked lips, moving together and pressing against each other as they did so.  Amanda stood back, a smile on her face as she watched.


 “Good morning Amanda.”


The two women stopped kissing and looked round to see a tall, well built African gentleman standing in the doorway of the plane, dressed in an expensive suit and silk shirt.


“George,” Amanda said as she stood up, “these are the two women I told you about.  I trust they are suitable?”


“Most suitable,” he said as he looked at Josephine and Pauline.  “Do they come as a pair?”


“Well, do you ladies?”  They looked at each other before Josephine said “yes – we do.”


“Excellent,” he said as he took two large handkerchiefs out of his pocket.  “Please, open wide.”




From the back of the black SUV, Louise watched as her two teachers were walked down the plane and taken to a black Rolls Royce, their hands behind their back and their mouths shimmering in the light.  As the doors were closed, Amanda walked over and closed the door, enveloping the four girls in darkness as she climbed in with them.


“It would not do for me to be seen outside this airfield without the appropriate dress,” she said as she picked up a larger, grey burqa and started to put it on as the car moved off.



“Whrthygng,” Louise mumbled as Amanda sat down.


“There is a firm, Objects of Beauty, that will help them to find a new and fulfilling life,” Amanda said through her veil.  “Hush now, child – the ride will be short.”


It was impossible to see out of the blackened windows, but even with the air conditioning working the heat was stifling, especially under the heavy robes they had been forced to wear.  Sarah looked round the van, seeing only the wide and frightened eyes of her friends and the calm, clear blue eyes of Amanda as she sat in the body covering grey dress.


Eventually, the car came to a halt, and as the rear doors opened Sarah saw two large men, dressed in army fatigues, with large automatic rifles held across their chests.  Amanda climbed out, bowed to the two men and turned to the other four, saying “Climb out and form a line behind me.  Say nothing, just follow me for the moment.”  She stepped forward and waited, her head bowed as one of the men reached in and pulled one of the girls out, making her stand behind Amanda as he brought the others forward.


“Move,” he shouted as the party walked slowly across the courtyard.  As Louise glanced to her side, she could see white stone buildings, decorated at the archways with gold as the sun gleamed off the walls.  She could also see a number of other people, covered from head to toe as they walked across the courtyard.


A door was opened, and the five women entered a cool corridor, lit by large ceiling windows.  They walked a short distance further, and into a large room where Sarah could see four young women standing.  All four were dressed in what looked like a school uniform, with short sleeved light blur blouses, red tartan pleated skirt and light blue socks, but she also saw that they bowed as Amanda entered the room, two stepping forward to help Amanda remove her burqa as she stood there.


“Thank you, girls,” Amanda said as she brushed herself down.  “These four young ladies are our latest recruits – remove their outer garments and make them comfortable, but do not remove their binding or silencing at this stage.  The Master will wish to see them first.”


“Of course, Mistress,” one of them said as Amanda walked out of the room, closing the door behind herself.  The four walked forward in unison, removing the coverings from the four girls and escorting them to a bench, where they made them sit down.


“Your uniform,” one of them said as they removed the burqa from Sarah,” speaks of an English school.  Am I correct?”


“Ysss,” Sarah mumbled through her gag as she saw her friends look round, “whrrw?”


“You are in the palace of Sheikh Mahmoud,” another girl said as she brought forward a bowl of scented water, which steamed slightly as she dipped a flannel in it and washed the grime and tear covered face of Jenny, “and we are all his servants.  Allow us to wash and cool you, even as we regretfully cannot feed you.  Once the Master has seen you, you will be fed and allowed to change.”


“Thmstr,” Kelly said as she felt the cloth on her dark skin, “theshk?”


“We call him Master,” the girl continued as she washed Louise’s legs, “and that is sufficient for our needs.  In time, you will see why.”


Louise looked at her friends as they sat there, thinking over what she had just heard.  The bands of rope were still around the arms and chest of each of them, the sleeves of their blouses pulled in both sides of their elbows as they squirmed round.  She could feel the ache in her arms as well – she had no idea how long they had been unconscious, but she was hungry, tired and wanted to be freed.


The sound of a low gong echoed from outside the door, and as it opened the four girls saw Amanda walking back in, dressed in a dark tight knee length skirt and jacket over a white blouse, and three inch heeled patent leather shoes.  She was accompanied by the armed guards, who stood either side of the quartet as they sat on the seat.


“Have you prepared the new arrivals,” she said as she looked at one of the four girls.  “We have, mistress,” she said with her head bowed, her eyes downward and her voice quiet.  Amanda looked over the quartet, before saying “Excellent” and nodding towards the door way.


Sarah watched, horrified, as two more guards came in with coils of rope in their hands.  The four other girls walked together, facing each other and forming a square as they placed their hands together in the small of their backs.  With frightening speed, the guards bound the wrists of all four girls, before using longer length to bind their arms tightly to their sides, as they were bound, the bands snaking round four times above and below their breasts.  Their final move was to use thick cloths to gag the four girls, as she watched them opening their mouths to allow the thick bands to be pulled tightly between their lips.


“Return them to the others,” Amanda said as the four were led out, heads bowed, leaving the blonde haired woman with the two guards and the four girls, staring silently forward.


“Come,” Amanda called out, and as the four captives were helped to their feet by the other girls they were shunted into a single line behind Amanda.  They walked out of the room, Louise at the front, followed by Sarah, Kelly and Jenny, the two guards bringing up the rear.


The walk took them back down the corridor, towards an ornately inlaid set of large wooden doors.  Amanda stopped in front of the doors, knocked sharply and waited until a deep, male voice said “Enter.”


The doors were opened from within, and the quartet was ushered into a large, oak panel lined office.  At one side was a large Ottoman couch, while at the other was a large business desk.  Behind the desk sat a man in his late forties, his dark hair greying at the temples, who looked up as the girls were brought in and forced to line up in front of him.


“Ah,” he said as he stood up and walked round, standing next to Amanda as she held a clipboard in her hand.  “I see you have brought the new arrivals.”


“I have, Master,” Amanda said as she bowed her head.  “Here are their disciplinary records.”  The four watched as the man pulled on a pair of black leather gloves, took the clipboard and walked round the group, looking from the sheaf of paper on the board to the girls as he did so.


“This one,” he said as he stopped in front of Jenny and held her head up, “She is the daughter of a diplomat.  Did you consider there may be repercussions for you bringing her to me?”


“I did indeed, Master,” Amanda said as she bowed her head, “but I felt the allure of her beauty more than compensated for the additional risk.  In any case, if I may be so bold, if she was traced to here she and her friends would make very commendable hostages, allowing your escape and relocation.”


He smiled as he handed the clipboard back to Amanda, walked round behind the girls and stood quietly.  Without warning, he reached round and grabbed Jenny’s chest in both hands, making her step back into his body as he pressed deeply into her flesh.


“As always,” he said as he pressed on the young girl’s nipples, making her give a muffled cry in pain, “you have performed extremely well Amanda.  You will be rewarded for this.”


“Thank you Master,” the blonde haired woman said with a deep bow.  “What are your orders for tonight?”


The dark skinned man, who Louise realised must be the Sheikh, sat on the desk and looked at the four girls.  She turned and looked at Sarah, her eyes wide as she returned the look - what was going to happen next?


The man stood back up and walked in front of Kelly, her eyes defiantly looking at him as he grabbed her chest.  “This one looks defiant to me,” he said to Amanda, “Arrange for her to be held in detention before class tomorrow.”


“As you wish, Master,” Amanda said as she clapped her hands.  The two armed guards walked in, as she said to them “Take Miss Jameson to the detention room – I will join you there shortly.”


“NNNNGNGNGNNNNNN” Kelly screamed as she was taken by the arms and dragged out of the room, kicking and screaming, by the two guards.  As the door was closed, the Master turned his attention to Jenny.


“This one,” he said as he held her head up, “May be taken to be fed and cleansed.  I will see her in the morning.”  He walked over and held Sarah’s head up, looking into her blue tear filled eyes.  “She may be taken as well.”


Again Amanda clapped her hands, but this time two young women came in, dressed in pantaloons of soft chiffon and a silk bra top, with veils covering their faces.  “Take Miss Jennings and Miss Chao to the rest room, release them and ensure they are fed and watered.”


“Whtbtlos,” Sarah said as she was gently led away by the arm.


“You will see her in due time,” Amanda said as the two girls were led out of the way.  Louise stood there, looking at the Master as he walked round her.


“Amanda, you may leave us,” he said as he reached round and grabbed the young girl’s chest, pulling her back against him as he pushed his fingers into her soft flesh.  “I will send her to the rest room when I have finished.”


“PLSDNTG,” Louise screamed out as she felt his fingers groping her breasts, pushing her flesh in as he felt her nipples.  She looked with desperate eyes over at Amanda, who merely bowed her head and said “As you desire, Master,” in a quiet voice.


She backed out of the room, her heads bowed as Louise was polled back against the body of the Master, feeling as if her chest was going to be pushed back through her body by the way he was probing, groping, feeling her – and by God, making her feel wonderful even as she was repulsed by it.  He was strong, his hands gripping so firmly it made her want to cry and call out.  She moaned through her gag as she tried to break free, but as she wriggled round she realised something else – something that made her stop as she felt the way his body was reacting as well.


“NNNNNNNNN” she screamed out as he kissed her roughly on the back of her neck, his hands slipping down and raising the front of her skirt as he felt between her legs.  “I see you were tested before,” he whispered into her ear before kissing her again, “That is good – you need to be ready for me.  This is your new life now, Louise Wilson, and you may look forward to my attentions on many, many days to come.”


With one move, the Master lifted Louise off her feet and carried her over to the Ottoman, laying her down and grabbing her leg in one hand.  With the other, he tied one end of a length of rope around her ankle, pulling it down and securing it to one leg of the recliner.  Louise tried to kick out with her other leg, but that only seemed to make him more excited as he grabbed it, tied the rope around and pulled it to the other side, spreading her legs apart as she tried to sit herself up.


“Now then,” the Master said as he sat beside Louise, pulling the gloves back onto his hands as he looked at her chest, prominent through the bands of ropes, “Where were we?”   He leaned over and began again to knead her flesh firmly with his hands, kissing her on the neck as he did so.  His grip was making her body ache in front, but Louise was also starting to ache elsewhere, an aching she had never truly felt before, not even with their captors over the last few – hours, days, she didn’t know.


She bucked as he pressed down on her, fighting the ecstasy and trying to retain the fear in her breast, but she could see quite plainly now how excited he was getting as well.  The bulge was visibly growing in his crotch as she watched him.


He reached down with one hand, lifting up the front of her skirt as he continued to massage her breasts, and leaned between her legs.  Louise felt the touch of his lips on her vagina, and moaned loudly as he gently kissed them, using his tongue to taste the fluids.


“Very nice,” he said as he stood up, removed his jacket and placed it to the side, reaching for the buckle of his trousers as well.  “Ladies in uniform I adore, but I especially love schoolgirls, and you are one of the most beautiful I have ever met. You are going to be a most special member of my collection, Louise, so allow yourself to submit to me.”


Louise looked at the Master, then at his body, her eyes widening as he came closer and climbed over her on the recliner.  His hands began again to knead her breasts, his eyes closed as Louise watched him reacting, aware all too much that she too was responding to his movement on her breasts and between her legs.  Closing her eyes, she let out another loud “MMMMDSAMDMDDMMM” as she felt him growing between her legs, realising this was what the future was likely to hold for her.  Despite her fear, she rose and fell with him with each thrust.


As he moved closer and inwards, she felt his lips on her neck again as he pressed down, and entered into her body.  He thrust strongly forward, his cock filling her passage as she screamed through her tape gag, feeling him pushing in as he throbbed and made her grip him tightly as well.


“HNNGNFNDGNNANNGNGG” she screamed out as he continued to thrust forward, the throbbing growing, her grip tightening despite herself, until she felt him starting to sum within her.  As she felt him eject into her, and felt her own body giving up and cuming, she tried to think of home, of her mother and father wondering where she would be, of anything except this....






In a small, bare room, Kelly was sat behind a wooden desk, her legs lashed to the front legs of the chair she was sat in.  As the door opened, she turned to see Amanda walk in, a leather crop in her gloved hands.


“You have been brought here for Discipline,” the blonde haired woman said as she pulled up a chair and sat behind Kelly, her arms going round and caressing the girl as she tried to twist out of the way, “and discipline you shall have.  I will teach you , however, that discipline need not mean pain, but can mean pleasure, Love instead of fear.”


As Kelly felt the woman’s hands caressing her chest and pressing down on her nipples, she closed her eyes and said “Plsdndts, ldwhvruwnt.” 


“I know you will,” Amanda whispered into her ear before she nibbled Kelly’s lobe, her hands continuing to massage her breasts before they moved down her body, passing over the bands of rough rope and caressing her waist through the blouse.  “You have become members of my master’s collection, and are here for his pleasure.  You will see how many they are, and how many ways you can give pleasure, but first you need to,” as she passed her hands between Kelly’s legs, “learn to relax.”


“Mmmmmmngggggg”, Kelly mumbled as she felt the touch in her crotch, the feel of Amanda’s lips on her neck, and the growing sensation as the captor massaged the lips of her cunt.  She did not want to respond, but when Amanda said “Just allow yourself to respond, Kelly – you will find it most pleasurable, and the Master will find you more accommodating,” she sighed.  “Cren,” she moaned as she closed her eyes, the warmth from her crotch growing as she was wondering what was happening to the others...







Sarah and Jenny watched as their friend was brought back into the room, carried by the two guards, her eyes closed.  Both were wearing candy striped pyjamas, and smelt of scented bath water and fragrant soaps.


“Sarah,” Louise said quietly as she opened her eyes while her friend peeled away the tape gag, “We’ve been sold as ....”


“We know,” Jenny said as she helped Louise to sit up.  “The other girls told us.  We are not the first – they have been here for three years.”


“What did he do to you,” Sarah said   Louise merely closed her eyes – she would not tell them.  She did not want to frighten them – she knew their turn was coming.  “I don’t want to talk about it,” she said as the door opened and Kelly was led in by Amanda.  Sarah could see the sweat stains on her blouse and chest, as Kelly sat down, shivering as the blonde turned to the other two.


“You will find night clothing for them in the cupboard where you placed their clothes,” Amanda said quietly, “You may unbind them and allow them to wash and change.  Leave their clothes with yours – tomorrow you start your training.”


Jenny walked over and slowly began to untie the knots holding the ropes around Kelly’s chest, while Sarah released her friend from her bonds.  “How bad was it,” she said as she untied her wrists, allowing Louise to rub her arms as she brought her hands round.


“We... I just want to wash and go to sleep,” Louise said as she walked over to the pewter bowl on the table and washed her hands and face.  Jenny took a flannel over to Kelly and washed her hands and face, helping to strip out of her uniform and put on a pair of the multi-coloured pyjamas.  As Louise wearily put a final pair on, she watched Sarah putting her clothes into the cupboard.


“What do you think is going to happen,” Sarah said as the four lay down on the camp beds in the room.


“I don’t know,” Jenny said as the lights went out, the only sound Kelly’s quiet sobbing, “I just don’t know...”







“Good morning, girls.”


Louise opened her eyes to see Amanda standing there, next to a trolley with fruit and bottles of water.  She was wearing a crisp white blouse and tight riding trousers, with ankle boots over her feet and black leather riding gloves on her hands,


“Please, help yourself to some food,” she said as the four girls sat themselves up.  “I will be back in a half hour with clothing.”  She turned and walked out of the room, allowing Sarah to look over the platter of slices and pick one gingerly up.


“It tastes all right,” she said as Kelly walked over, taking a bottle of water and draining it.  She stood still for a few minutes, before saying “Damn” and putting the empty bottle down.


“What’s wrong?”


“I hoped it would knock me out again, and we would wake up back home.”


“We’re not going home,” Louise said as she picked up some fruit, “he told me last night when he – when he took me.”


“She said the same thing to me,” Kelly said as she started eating, “we’re part of some sort of collection.”


“My father will not allow this,” Jenny said as she swallowed some mango, “he will move heaven and earth to find me.”


“Let’s hope he succeeds,” Sarah said as the door opened again and Amanda came back in, carrying four suit bags.  She laid them on the beds, before saying “Change into the outfits in those bags, girls.”


Sarah slowly opened the bag, only to find...


“Your uniforms,” Amanda said as the four girls opened the bags, “Cleaned and pressed.  Quickly – put them on, and then we will begin your training.”


“What training,” Louise said as she buttoned up her blouse, “and will he see us again?”


“He will,” Amanda said as she watched the girls put on their uniforms.  “Now, stand in a line, and we will prepare you.”


Louise looked at the blonde haired woman, her fear, anger and horror over the events of the last few days finally boiling up inside her.  the guards came back in, carrying rope in their gloved hands.  “Why are you doing this?” she screamed at her as the other three girls looked on.  “What kind of monster are you?”


“What kind of monster?” Amanda said as she walked slowly forward.  Louise stared at her, her eyes widening as she walked closer, Kelly sobbing beside her.  Without warning, Amanda grabbed her around the waist and pulled her body next to her, clamping her leather gloved hand over her mouth as she started to whimper.


“I was like you once,” she said as she pressed Louise’s chest closer to her body.  “A frightened, scared little girl who was brought here against her will.  As I learned about myself, however, I realised certain things.  One of those was I enjoyed seeing young girls as helpless as I was.”


She moved her hips against Louise, thrusting herself against the girl’s pelvis as she continued.  “I also discovered that I liked women, and I had a talent for spotting the sort of girls my master liked.  You already know what he likes, don’t you Louise?”


“Hsht,” Louise mumbled as Amanda brought her body even closer, and stared right into her eyes.  “What sort of monster am I?  The sort that lives to please her Master and seeks pleasure for herself in that.  The sort that has learned more of the arts of seduction than you will ever learn – unless you are very, very lucky.  I could teach you so much, so much...”


“Nnnnn,” Louise whimpered as she looked into Amanda’s clear blue eyes.  “Regretfully, the Master has already selected you, so I may not have my way,” she said as she released her grip on Louise’s waist, and slowly walked behind her, her hand still clamped over Louise’s mouth as the girls watched the armed guards carry in coils of rope.  “That does not mean, however, that I cannot seek some small pleasure with you.”


She took a length of rope from one of the guards and looked at the other three girls.  “Stand very still and put your hands behind your back.  You will be secured, silenced and taken to the selection area.”


Before Louise could make a move, Amanda removed her hand and pulled both of the young girl’s arms behind her back, holding her wrists together in one hand as she wound the rope round them with the other.  Pulling tightly, she heard the gasp as the rope bit into her skin through the cuffs of her blouse.


Looking to her side, she could see Sarah biting her lip as her own wrists were tightly lashed together, while both Kelly and Jenny were having rope passed around their arms and upper body.  “Fuck,” she screamed out as she felt her own arms been tightly pulled into her side, Amanda pulling each loop above and below her breasts as she wound the coarse brown rope around her.  “You really are one sick bitch,” Louise shouted out as she struggled to prevent the ropes tightening, but this seemed to make Amanda all the more determined, as she pulled even more tightly while a slight line of spittle moved slowly down her chin.  Sarah saw it as she looked over, before turning her head away as she placed her tongue in Louise’s ear.


“Yes I am, and do not pretend you do not enjoy this,” Amanda whispered into her ear as she gave one last tug before securing the ropes behind her, “I can see in your eyes, even as you cry, that this is pleasurable.”  She chuckled as Louise tried to turn away, before stepping back herself.


“You really are a sick bastard,” Louise shouted out as their captor walked round and looked at the other girls.  “Great, does this happen every day,” Kelly said as Amanda stopped in front of her.


“Please the Master, and you will be rewarded,” Amanda said as she caressed Kelly’s cheek, looking at her chest between the broad bands of rope.  “I thought we discussed that yesterday, Kelly.  Do you need a further lesson?”




“No, who?”


“No, Mistress,” Kelly said as she bowed her head, opening her mouth to allow the guard to gag her with a thick roll of white cloth.  She watched as Sarah and Jenny were gagged by two of the other guards, while Amanda took the last roll and walked behind Louise, holding in one hand as she reached round and pushed back against one of her breasts with the other.


“Ready for your first lesson,” she said as she pinched the nipple of the breast.  “Go to hlllllllmmmmmpppp,” was Louise’s response as Amanda pulled the roll into her open mouth, pulling the corners of her mouth back as the taste of cotton made her want to retch.  She fought the feeling, however, nor wanting to give Amanda the satisfaction of knowing how sacred she was as she walked round and tested their gags by squeezing their breasts from behind.


The response differed – both Sarah and Jenny screamed “thtbldhrts” when they were groped, while Louise just said “Plsdnt.”  Kelly, however, moaned when her breasts were pushed  back by Amanda, making their captor smile.


“Bring them,” Amanda said as the guards pushed the four girls out of the room.  “You will be returned to this room each night,” Amanda said as they were led down a stone staircase, “but for now you need to join the others for morning lessons.”


“Thrs,” Sarah said, but as a pair of large wooden doors opened her eyes widened as they were led into a cavernous room, lined with stone that seemed to stretch to the far horizon.


Around the wall were various groups of uniformed girls, all from four to six in number.  She could see Naval scouts, Cadets, Cheerleaders, and all manner of girls in school uniforms.  They all, however, had something in common – bands of rope around their chest, above and below their breasts, and thick gags in their mouths.


Louise recognised the quartet from the previous night as they were marched past, sat on wooden chairs with their arms pulled behind their backs with ropes lashed to iron rings.  She also recognised a few other groups, girls who had disappeared over the last few months, including a Girl Scout troop that had disappeared on a hike.


“Sit,” Amanda said as they reached a row of four wooden seats.  As they sat, the guards pulled their legs apart and fastened their legs to the front legs of the chair with leather cuffs, pulling their legs apart so that their skirts rose up enough to show a glimpse of their panties.  As their wrists were pulled back, ropes went from them to iron rings set into the walls, making them lean forward.


“This will be your tutor,” Amanda said as a tall, well built woman approached them.  She was dressed in a traditional grey hajib, the scarf wrapped over her head as a small length of blonde hair showed through.  Her dress was conservative, a white long smock over pantaloons.  “Her name is Elaine,” Amanda said as the woman smiled at them, “and she will teach you all you need to know of obedience.”


“I know you are afraid,” the new arrival said quietly, “but...”  She turned and bowed her head as the Master walked over looking at the four girls.


“You,” he said as he leaned over Jenny, his hands grabbing her breasts between the coils of rope and squeezing hard, “I want you to know your father may have great influence, but he will never find you here – never.”  Jenny squealed as he pressed hard, pressing her nipples between his fingers as he moved over them with his strong hands.


“None of you will return to your former lives,” he said as he looked at the other four, “so prepare yourself for life here.”


“UBSTRD” Sarah screamed as she tried to lean forward, but her eyes filled with fear as he leaned over her.


“You need to be taught manners,” he said quietly, “Release her from the chair.”  Amanda knelt and unfastened her ankles, pulling the chair away as the Master lifted her roughly up and pushed her against the stone wall, his hands pressing down hard on her as his fingers massaged her soft flesh.


“I am your master,” he said as Sarah turned her head away, the cold wall against her back as he pressed still harder down on her, “and you must never forget that.  I own you, and you know that.”  He reached down and pulled her skirt up, pressing his body against hers as Sarah’s eyes widened at the tough of his crotch.


“PLS,MSRE” she screamed as he reached down and dropped his trousers, entering her with no warning as she screamed out “MMMASMDSMDASMDMSDDMSSDMMMADFS.”  She could feel his pelvis pressing against hers as he pushed inwards, hurting her passage as he thrust forward, and expanding within her as she felt herself gripping him despite herself.


He was rough, hard, and not tender as she had hoped it would be, but as he grew inside her she could feel herself cuming in response to his thrusting as well.  As he exploded, she closed her eyes and said “NNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as his semen flowed into her.


“I will see all four of you later,” the Master said as he reached down and pulled up his trousers, walking off without another look as Sarah was helped to sit back down.  They stared back at him, wondering what his next move was going to be as he talked to Amanda, when he turned and ordered “Release her from the chair.”


Louise screamed out as her legs were removed and she was forced to her feet, watching as the Master walked to her, turned her and grabbed her from behind, pushing hard on her chest as her eyes widened to the touch of his lips on her neck.  “Amanda tells me you questioned her judgement today,” he whispered in her ear as he groped her breasts, his strong hands pushing down and making her scream in pain, “and that cannot go unpunished.  You will come with me now, and re-join the others later.”


“NNNNPLLLSSSDFNTTTTT” Louise screamed as he threw her body over her shoulder and carried her out of the chamber.  “Elaine,” Amanda said as she turned back to the other woman, “Take care of the remaining three.  Tell them it becomes easier – if they will allow it.”


As they heard Louise’s screams echoing in the distance, Elaine looked at them and said “Please, stay as calm as you can.  In time, you will see that it can be an easier life than you think at the moment.”


“Hwlng,” Jenny said as she listened to the sobs from Sarah as she sat there.  “For me?  Fifteen years, so allow me to help you,” Elaine said as the muffled calls from other girls echoed down the chamber, expressing terror or anticipation in equal measure.





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