Sheila’s Surprise







Sheila looked over the office, wishing the hours would tick by before the day could end and she could get home.  The secretary was in her late forties, and although she may be a little plump for her age and height, she still had a certain something about her that men found attractive.


It was a cool day in early October, and she was wearing a navy blue dress with a roll neck, long sleeves and a skirt that came down to just above her knees.  A matching navy blue silk scarf was folded into a band and tied over her hair, while a string of pearls hung loosely around her neck.  The pair of matching blue stockings she was wearing were just visible in the space between the hem of her dress and the top of her burgundy red knee length leather boots, while a matching belt was fastened around her waist.


She worked as the assistant to Henry Bloside, the manager of this branch of Williams and Glyms bank, and as such she had knowledge not even the senior cashiers had, such as his password – and some of his personal habits that could prove embarrassing to him if they were revealed.  But he paid well, and she was loyal, so there was felt to be no danger of that happening.


The rest of the staff may not have shared her view of Bloside – to them, he was a domineering, petty minded little dictator, and that was when they were in a good mood.  Sheila tried not to pay much attention to that – after all, a job was a job.


“Miss Fell – a moment please.”


“Yes Mr Bloside,” Sheila said as she stopped typing, locked her computer and went into his office, pen and pad in hand.


“I want you to go down to the safe deposit room Sheila,” Bloside said as he handed her a key, “and bring box 32 up to me.  It is important.”


“Certainly sir,” Sheila said as she took the key, and walked across the bank floor, nodding to the two security guards as she went down to the Safe Deposit room and they followed.  Both were provided by an external agency, the man wearing a black blazer and trousers, white shirt and dark tie.  The woman had long brown hair, and wore a skirt instead of trousers, with knee length black leather boots.


The woman unlocked the door to the room, both guards watching as she entered the room and used the key to unlock door 36.  As it swung open, she drew out the long metal container and turned to put it on the table before she closed the door.


Her attention was distracted, however, by the handgun the man was pointing at her, as the female guard said “Well, looks like we have to start a little earlier Dave.  Not a word, Miss Fell – just do as we say, and you’ll be just fine.”


“Wha....  What’s going on,” Sheila said as she put the box down, and slowly raised her hands.


“Not really something you need to know,” the man said as the female guard walked behind Sheila, “just don’t resist as we make sure you can’t tell anyone what is going to happen.”


“Please, don’t hurt me,” Sheila said quietly as the woman pulled her arms behind her, making her put the palms of her hands under her elbows before she produced two lengths of cord from her jacket pocket.  She could feel the ropes as they were wrapped around her wrists, forcing her elbows into her palms as the rope went around and between her limbs on both sides.


“Oh dear god, what are you doing to me,” she whimpered as she was made to stand up.


“Making sure you stay put,” the female guard said, “let’s get her in the cellar.”


“Agreed, Maude,” Dave said as Sheila was forced to leave the room and walk down into the cellar.  This room was never really used except to store old furniture in, Dave unlocking the door and going in first as Maude pushed Sheila in, the heels of her boots clicking on the stone floor.


“Get that chair,” she said as she looked at an old metal framed chair, “and put it down so that she can sit in it.”


As Dave put the chair down, Maude pushed Sheila over and watched as she sat down, before she produced more lengths of cord from her jacket pocket.


“Old Bloside is in for a big surprise,” Maude said as she crossed Sheila’s ankles and started to tie them together, the rope rubbing on the leather as it went around and between her legs, tightening with each pass. 


“That hurts,” Sheila whimpered as the rope was tied off around the leg of the chair, and Maude started to bind her legs together below her knees, the dark blue lightening underneath as her legs were forced together.


She looked down and watched, Dave’s hands pressing down on her shoulders, as Maude tied her legs together above and below her knees, and then look at the man behind her.


“Get that safety box up to him – tell him Miss Fell had to go and deal with a personal matter,” Maude said.  “I’ll be up in a little while once I know she can’t raise the alarm.”


“Go it Maude,” Dave said as he left the room, Maude smiling as she looked at the captive secretary.


“Let’s just make you more comfortable,” she said as she picked up a longer length of rope from the corner of the room, and tied it to the chair back where the back support met the sides.  Sheila tried to move her hands, but the ropes binding her forearms were too tightly secured, and she couldn’t reach the knots with her fingers.


That soon became more difficult as Maude wrapped the rope around her upper body, putting the bands above and below her chest as she forced her upper arms against her sides, the ropes rubbing on Sheila’s body in ways she had never felt before. 


“What....  What are you doing,” she said as she felt the bands tighten, Maude standing behind her as she tied the ropes off at the small of her back, and then secured the other end to the other side of the chair.


“there,” Maude said as she put her hands on Sheila’s shoulders, pressing gently, “now I need you to stay here, nice and quiet, while we take care of business upstairs.”


“No, I won’t,” Sheila said as she wriggled round, “HELP, SOMEBODYUHLPMMMMWHTFFUDNN!”


With one swift movement, Maude took the scarf from Sheila’s hair and stuffed it into her mouth, the knot which had been at the base of her neck now between her teeth as she pressed her hand over her mouth.  “I told you to be nice and quiet,” Sheila heard as she tried it move the hand away, and then heard a strange sound, like wet plaster peeling off something.


Which was a close approximation to what was happening, as Maud tore off a strip of wide medical adhesive tape, and pressed it firmly over Sheila’s mouth.  “Hllpmm,” she tried to say as the tape formed it the contours of her face, Maude smiling as she looked at her.


“See you later,” she said as she waved her hand and left the room, Sheila trying to scream for help with all her might and stamping her feet as hard as she could on the floor.  She also started to wriggle around, desperately trying to call for help or to find some give in the ropes that were holding her fast to the chair.


She kept doing this for what seemed like an eternity, the ropes rubbing on her dress, her boots squeaking as they rubbed against each other, her breath coming in short pants.  She was barely aware of some sweat patches, and as she looked down, her eyes opened wide at the sight of the skirt of her dress slowly moving up, revealing the tops of her tights as she tried to get free...


“Well, well – having fun?”


She looked up, her blonde hair now damp from her exertions, as she saw Maude come in, smiling as she looked down on her.


“The fun’s just starting upstairs,” she said as Sheila could hear the sound of shouting, “but I came down just to keep you company.”  She looked down, and put her hand on Sheila’s thigh as she said “I like those stockings, they match your outfit.”


“Whrudngg,” Sheila said Maude slowly stroked her hand down her thigh, and smiled again at Sheila.  “Do you know, you’re a very attractive woman,” she said as she walked behind her, and placed her hand on the captive’s chest, “and you deserve a little reward for what has happened here today.”


“Whtsdummnnnnnnnnnn,” Sheila gasped as she felt the female guard’s hands gently massage her chest, the blue material tightly stretched over it as the gentle assault continued.


She moaned more into her gag as she wriggled round, unable to stop Maude’s groping, and unsure suddenly if she wanted to.  She could feel her breasts getting firmer, harder, and her nipples felt like little hard tips as the hands ran over them.


“Oh yes, I can tell you are enjoying this,” Maude whispered into her ear, as she took her left hand down and between Sheila’s legs.  The captive woman shook her head from side to side, trying to get the tape away from her mouth, trying to scream as the ropes kept rubbing on her, and the gloved hand stroked gently along her thigh, making her feel warm, strange, something else...


“Whrudnnggg,” she moaned quietly as she felt Maude’s lips kissing her neck, and her hands move between her breasts and her legs.


“Like I said, you’ve been a good little hostage,” Maude whispered into her ear before she walked round, kneeling on the ground as she pushed Sheila’s skirt up, and stroked her finger up her damp panties, making her shiver and moan, “so a little reward is in order...”


“Hpllsswhtrudngg,” Sheila said as Maude slowly pulled her panties down, and then buried her hand between her legs, her lips and tongue working Sheila as she three her head back, eyes closed, and moaned as loud as she had done before.


Maude continued to work her, Sheila unable to contain herself until finally she screamed out, the orgasm that enveloped her the most powerful she had ever known, until she slumped in the chair, her hair sweaty and matted, a strange look of contentment in her eyes.


“There you go,” Maude said as she stood up, wiping her mouth.  “I’m sure someone will come down and find you eventually, my dear.  Enjoy the rest until then.”


Sheila could only nod as she was left alone, the sounds of shouting still coming from upstairs....




“Gang raid city centre bank – no-one hurt,” Sheila read in the local paper two days later.  “Lies – but at least they gave me a good compensation package for what happened?”


She sat back, picked up her mug of coffee and remembered the looks she had been given when they found her, two hours later.  It had been the most scary time she had experienced.


Scary, and pleasurable...


Pleasurable, and fulfilling...


As she sipped her coffee, she saw a half page ad, and read it slowly.


Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasised of something daring and dangerous occurring? How about spicing up your life with a special adventure, which will be just for you. We can arrange for a special intruder who will visit where you live for one evening and play out a fantasy for you!

You may just want the thrill of just being held prisoner, or perhaps you would like a romantic captor. For the very daring, the intruder will be as erotic as you wish. When it is time for the intruder to leave, you will be left in such a way that you will be able to get free. So don’t delay, call PLEASE-CAPTURE-ME for that very special night.


She sat back and thought, wondering if she dared call...







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