Joanne’s Study Group







“So what sort of mischief do you think those five are planning?”


“No idea,” Joanne said as she opened the door and let Alexa and Andrea through, “but we don’t have time for this.  Let’s get to the library.”


The trio walked down the corridor, Joanne leading the way as her brown corduroy trousers squeaked with each step she took.  She was wearing a cap sleeved black satin blouse and short black boots on her feet, and as she walked in front of the other two her butt wiggled under the material.


Andrea was wearing a “UCLA” white hooded sweatshirt with a knee length denim skirt, and white trainers, with her blue-black hair pulled back in a ponytail, while Alexa was wearing a red tank top and skin tight jeans, with cork wedge sandals on her feet.  As they entered the library, they sat down around a table and pulled their folders out.


“Right,” Joanne said as she looked at the other two, “What’s the assignment for French?”


“Write a thousand word essay on typical family life in France,” Alexa said with a frown.  “As if we know anything about typical French family life!”


“Well, it can't be that different from our family life - just, more, I dunno, French?”


The two girls stared at Andrea for a moment, before she looked up from her sketch pad and stared back at them.




“More French?  You mean more garlic and wine and less TV?”


“Yeah - No, I...  All right, we need to put in some research.  Where do we even begin to do that sort of work - and even then, I guess it has to be in French when we hand it in?”


Joanne groaned and put her head in her hands.  “It is for French, Andrea - just what are you sketching this time, anyway?”


“I’ll show you later,” Andrea said as she closed the book and shook her head, her dark hair falling over her shoulders as she did so.  “Anyway, if we have to spend some time studying we can do so at my place.”


“Your place?  Will your parents mind?”


“Dad’s at a conference, and Mum has to work tomorrow until five.  We should be done by then if we start at nine.”


“You wish,” Alexa said with a frown.  “We’re going to need some serious help with this one, from someone who...  Hang on a tick...”


The other two followed Alexa’s gaze to a young woman who was putting books onto a trolley.  She stood about five foot three high, with shoulder length red hair that fell over the white sweater and tan leather and fur jerkin she was wearing.  A thin black leather belt was around her waist, matching the colour of the tights that were under her denim shorts, the legs disappearing into the white sports socks that stuck over the top of her Doc Marten boots.


As she turned round, she looked at the trio sitting at the table with her green eyes, before walking over and saying in a French accent “Can I help you, Alexa?”


“Chloe,” Alexa replied with a smile, “Are you busy tomorrow morning?”


“Tomorrow - no, I have nothing planned.  Why?”


“We need help with an assignment for our French class, and well - we need your help.”


“My help,” Chloe said as she played with the brown scarf that was tied round her neck, the knot against her throat.  “How can I help you?”


“We need to describe a typical day for a French family - and, well, you’re French and...”


Chloe looked at the other three, Andrea nervously drumming her fingers on her sketch pad.  “Very well,” she eventually said, “What time and where?”


“Nine o’clock,” Andrea said as she wrote an address down on a piece of paper and handed it to Chloe.  “And thank you - we appreciate this.”


“Perhaps we can get to know each other a bit better as well,” Alexa said as she smiled at the young girl.


“Until tomorrow then,” Chloe said as she walked away, putting the piece of paper in her pocket as she returned to the trolley.


“I’ve seen her on her own a lot,” Alexa said as she watched the red head push the trolley away, “and I think she could do with some friends.  Besides, we need all the help we can get.”


“And that’s all it is?”


Alexa looked at Joanne, before touching her on the wrist.  “Yes, that’s all - there’s only one person for me,” she said with a smile.






Chloe looked at the large house as she stood on the sidewalk, her hands on the shoulder strap of the bag and fingering the short lengths of different coloured rope that were tied round it, each with a different knot.  Putting the paper back in her pocket, she walked up the pathway and rang the doorbell, standing back as she saw Andrea coming through the screen door.


“Hi, Chloe,” she said as she opened the door and allowed the young girl to come in, “we’re set up in the front room for you.”  She looked at Chloe as she took the bag off, dressed much as yesterday only with a blue scarf tied under the collar of the striped jumper.


“Thank you for inviting me,” she said as she handed her jerkin to Alexa, who hung it on a coat stand.  She was wearing a knee length gingham print dress, the collar open at the top, with long white socks on her feet.


As she walked into the front room, Chloe saw Joanne and Alexa sitting there, folders and reference books open on the floor in front of them.  Joanne was wearing a green vest top and shorts, with white sports socks and training shoes, the top stretched over her breasts very tightly.   Alexa had on a black waistcoat over a white t-shirt, and a black leather miniskirt, with knee length suede boots.  Chloe stared at them for a moment, before shaking her head and sitting on a couch opposite them.


“So,” she finally said, “How can I help you today?”


They worked for several hours, Chloe explaining how a typical Saturday would have been at her previous home in Paris and gently correcting the girls as they tried to write it in French.  As they talked, she told them how she had moved with her parents to the town from Orleans three months previously, when her father was promoted to a more senior position.


The conversation was lively, and by one o’clock they felt they had accomplished as much as they were going to.  “I’ll fix some lunch,” Andrea said as she stood up.


“Please, could you tell me where your salle de bains is,” Chloe asked.


“Second door on the left in the corridor,” Alexa said as Chloe stood up and went into the hallway.  “She seems a nice enough girl,” Alexa said as she watched Chloe walk out.


“Well, she couldn’t take her eyes off your legs - I think she must like those boots.  Bit different from Doc Marten’s eh?”  As Joanne said this, she noticed the blush on Alexa’s face, but she meant it in jest.


As they laughed, Andrea carried in a plate of sandwiches and placed them on the coffee table.  As she went back to the kitchen, Chloe walked in and put her bag on the floor next to her.


“May I have a look,” Joanne said as she looked at Chloe’s bag.  “Of course,” she said as she handed Joanne the bag, picking up a sandwich and biting into it.


“Unusual decoration,” Joanne said as Andrea place a tray of glasses and a pitcher of lemonade on the table.  “Did you do this yourself?”


Chloe blushed slightly.  “Yes - I learned ropework as a young - how do you say, Guide?”


“Really,” Alexa said as she looked at the other two, “What sort of ropework?”


“How to tie knots, secure wood pieces together, build a raft - that sort of thing.  Why?”


Joanne looked at the other two, before saying “Chloe, did you use to - oh, what’s the word - practice ligotage?”


Chloe paused, looking at the other three carefully before saying “Why do you ask?”


Andrea looked round, expecting her mother to walk in, before whispering “We like to play those games as well.  Quietly, discreetly, but we do like to play.  These two,” she said looking at Joanne and Alexa, “are much more experienced.  What about you?”


Chloe took a long drink from her glass before saying “I can show you, if you wish?”


Alexa looked at Andrea.  “I’m tempted, but I know what your mother might say if she walks in on us.”


Andrea looked at the clock.  “So long as we finish by four, we will be fine.  What did you have in mind, Chloe?”


“You want to know how skilled I am?  Find some rope and I will show you.”


“Wait there,” Andrea said as she left the room, while Joanne and Alexa looked at each other.  “We need to be careful,” they explained to Chloe, “Andrea’s parents must not discover that she does this.”


“Why not?”


“They disapprove,” was all Alexa said as Andrea brought in a cloth bag and opened it, taking out several lengths of pre-cut rope and laying them on the table.  “Who wishes to be first,” Chloe said as she picked up a length of rope.


“I will,” Joanne said as she stood up.  “I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Andrea said as she walked back out of the room, as Chloe arranged Joanne’s wrists, crossing them behind their back.  She felt the soft rope against her skin as Chloe passed the rope vertically around her wrists, pulling them tightly together before she passed the rope alternatively around and between her wrists.  A sigh escaped her lips as she felt her arms been snugly secured, and smiled at Alexa, who smiled in response.  As she pulled the last knot tightly, Joanne looked over her should and said “Not bad - classic knot.”


“I am not finished yet,” Chloe said as she tied the end of a longer length of rope around Joanne’s left elbow, then round her upper body before taking the rope around her right elbow.  As she took the rope around her body again, Joanne realised her arms were bound to the side, with a little movement but not enough to get free.,  To complete the tie, Chloe took the ends around her wrists and tied them together, lifting her wrists slightly up as she did so.


“Very nice,” Alexa said as she stood up and walked over, examining the ropes before she stood in front of her friend and stroked her cheek.  Chloe noticed, but said nothing as she looked at the pile of ropes.  “So do you have something different planned for me?”


“I do,” Chloe said as she took a couple of cushions and out them on the floor, “Please, kneel on these and put your hands out in front of you.”


As Alexa knelt, she watched Chloe take the rope and double it over, making two loops in the centre before crossing them to make a small knot in the centre.  “Put your hands through these,” she said to Alexa, and watched as the dark haired girl put her wrist in.  Pulling the ends, Chloe watched as the rope tightened around Alexa’s wrists, before she quickly wrapped the ends round and between them to secure them together.


“Not bad,” Alexa said as Chloe pulled her heads up and over her head, forcing her wrists back between her should blades before tying the ends to the loop in the waist of her skirt.  Her waistcoat parted slightly as her hands were moved, and Chloe could see Joanne looking at Alexa with a look she recognised.


As she finished the knot Andrea came back in, wearing a white pullover over her dress and a second pair of bedsocks over her wrists and hands.


“This is to stop any bruising,” she said as she looked at Joanne and Alexa.  “Comfy?”


“Not bad,” Joanne said as she knelt on the floor, then sat down so that she could lie with her head resting on Alexa’s knees, “and I think she has something different planned for you.”


“Indeed,” Chloe said as she picked up three lengths of rope.  “Please, Andrea, come and stand in front of me, and let me move your arms.”  Andrea walked over, and stood with her back to Chloe as she arranged her arms in a box fashion, resting her left elbow in her right hand and vice versa.  Chloe stood so that Andrea was facing away from the other two, for two reasons.  One was so that they could see what she was doing.  The other was so that they did not watch as Joanne snuggled into Alexa, her head rubbing against the other girl as Alexa moaned in appreciation.


Taking a length of rope, she wrapped it round Andrea’s left side, fixing her wrist to the elbow over the sock and pullover sleeve, and then cinching the rope between her arms.  A second length went over the other side, before the third length went around her forearms, effectively welding her arms together.


“This is different,” Andrea said as she looked over her shoulder, “How do you tie your legs normally?”


“I will show you,” she said as she helped Andrea to sit down.  Taking a length of rope, she passed it around her legs above her knees, pulling her skirt against her skin as she lassoed them together.  Once that was secured, she took the rope down and around her ankles in a figure of eight pattern, welding them together as she tied the knot off under her feet.


For Alexa, she crossed her ankles as she sat there and bound them tightly together, before taking the rope up and around her waist.  As she pulled on her wrists, she heard the girl moan saftly as Alexa looked down into Joanne’s eyes, smiling as she did so.  Chloe collected more rope and walked round to where Joanne was lying, wrapping the rope around her ankles, then up her legs in a criss cross pattern and then wrapping it round her legs below her knees.


“So,” she said as she tied the knot off and stood up, “Do you believe I have the skills for Jue de Ligotage?”


“I believe you,” Andrea said as she moved her body from side to side, and twisted her legs round.  “How long can we stay like this?”


“As long as you wish,” Chloe said as she looked at the three girls, “But I would like to know how you play these games as well.  I do think something is missing, however?”


“What,” Alexa said as she looked at Chloe.


“un bâillon?”


“Oh, a gag?”  Joanne looked at Chloe as she nodded.  “Andrea, do you have anything?”


“There are some sponge balls in the bag,” Andrea said as she looked at the cloth bag on the table, “They will do for now.”


As Chloe looked in the bag, she took out three yellow sponge balls and walked back over to the trio.  “Ouvrez votre bouche,” she said to Alexa, before pushing one of the sponges into her open mouth.  She followed with the other two, their mouths closing over the sponges as they moved them round with their tongues.


“Tnmnntts,” Andrea said as she looked at the others, who nodded as Chloe started to gather up the study books.  As she twisted herself round, Joanne rubbed against Alexa’s legs continuously with her head, listening to the soft moans that escaped from Alexa as she closed her eyes and felt her body responding to the movement.


Chloe headed for the kitchen as Andrea fell onto her stomach and rolled over, trying to squirm free.  Alexa herself tried to move her head towards Joanne, but she only succeeded in toppling herself over, Joanne’s head slipping off as she did so. 


Joanne looked at Alexa, before pushing herself up so that they faced each other.  “Cmff,” she mumbled, and as Alexa nodded she pressed her lisp against her friend’s mouth, the two kissing as they lay there.  They had been more than friends for some time, but had kept it hidden from their close friends or family, or at least had tried to.


“Whtsgng,” they heard Andrea say as she started to push herself round, and the two parted, looking into each other’s eyes and communicating without speaking before they turned to look at their friend.


When she returned fifteen minutes, later, she saw that Alexa had fallen onto her side, looking up at her as the other two tried not to laugh.  Heading for Joanne, she untied her hands and left her to remove the rope from around her legs as she helped Alexa.


As she removed the rope from alexa's arms, the front door bell rang.  “I’ll get it,” Joanne said as she stood up and walked to the door.  “Oh hi,” the others heard her say as Chloe started to untie Alexa’s legs, “What’s wrong?”


“Have you seen Cindy,” a voice both Alexa and Andrea recognised.


“Cindy?  No - why don’t you come in?  We’re just finishing something up.”


As Joanne came into the room, she was followed by Natalie, wearing a brown leather jacket over her white jumper, a long skirt and sandals, with a rope anklet on her left leg.  “Oh,” she said as she looked at Andrea sitting on the floor, “Did I interrupt something?”


“Chloe was showing us some of her rope technique,” Andrea said after she spat out the sponge ball from her mouth.  “Turns out she likes these games as well.  What’s up, Natalie?”


“We were meant to meet Cindy and Heidi today to go to the cinema,” she said as she sat down, “but neither of them turned up.  I tried her house, but got no answer, so I called your mother, Joanne.  She said you were there, just round the corner, so I thought I’d call round.”


“Sorry, Nats, I haven’t seen her,” Joanne said.  Andrea, have you seen anything of the Ellsworth’s?  They live on the next block.”


“No - there was a van outside their door earlier today, according to mum.  Was it still there?”


“No - it wasn’t.”


“Don’t worry, Natalie,” Alexa said as she rubbed her wrists, “You know what her mother’s like.  They probably just decided they had to do something today at short notice.”


“Yeah - just a bit strange, that’s all.  Anyway, we met someone, and Jannifer and Alice have gone with her.”


“Listen,” Andrea said, “While you’re here, Chloe wants to experience one of our tie-ups.  Can we get your help?”


“What about your mother and father?”


Andrea looked at the clock on the wall.  “It’s only half one - we have plenty of time.”


“Well, Chloe, what did you have in mind?”


“Do your worst, Natalie?”


“She’ll regret that,” Alexa said as she handed Natalie the rope.  “Do your worst, Natalie.”


“All right,” Natalie said as she looked at the materials to hand, “but I think you’d be more comfortable lying down, Chloe.  Andrea, can we use your room?”


“Why not,” Andrea said as she picked up her bag, “Let’s go.”


The five girls walked up the stairs and into a large bedroom, simply furnished with a large double bed against the wall.


“All right, Chloe,” Natalie said as she put the bag on the bed, “put your hands together behind your back, palm to palm.”


“Oh - that feels tight,” she said as she looked over her shoulder and watched Natalie binding her wrist together, keeping the rope over the cuffs of her jumper as she did so.  “But it feels good as well.”  She tried twisting her arms free, feeling her helplessness and wondering what was going to happen next.


“You did tell me to do my worst,” Natalie said as she tied the rope off, and then selected a second length from the bag.  “So, here we go.”


Chloe felt her arms been drawn together at her elbows, and looked down to see her chest been forced out under her jumper, the top of her breasts visible under her jumper.  “You do know what you are doing,” she said with a smile as she felt her arms been secured together, sighing as she continued “I will have great difficulty in freeing myself from this.”


“When Natalie ties you,” Joanne said with a smile, “You have no chance of getting free.  Believe me - I’ve been on the receiving end of it.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere,” Natalie said as she took a longer length and started to wind it round Chloe’s body, trapping her arms into her side as she wound the rope around her lower and upper chest, making sure she tightened the coils by passing the rope under her armpits and round the loops as well, before securing her wrists to the bands behind her back.  With each tug Chloe panted a little more, the inescapability arousing her to no small degree.  “Not too uncomfortable, I hope,” she said as she span Chloe round and sat her down on the bed.


“No,” the young French girl said as she sat and twisted her body round, “It is actually very comfortable.  Now what do you intend to do?”


“Take your boots off,” Natalie said as she unlaced Chloe’s Doc Martens.  “If I am going to bind your legs, then these need to be removed - and it will keep Andrea’s covers clean as well.”  Pulling her boots off, she placed Chloe’s ankles together and wrapped another length of rope around her sock covered legs.


Andrea was watching this, standing next to her friends with a strange expression in her eyes.  “I know that look,” Alexa said as she looked at her friend, “try to resist it - you know how much trouble you’ll be in if your mother finds you.”


“We have enough time,” she said breathlessly, “and I want to be tied up now.  Please, do it for me.”


Alexa looked at Joanne, who shrugged her shoulders.  “I guess our study group became a rope class,” she said as she looked in the bag.  “You’d better put those socks back on your hands, then - I’ll start with some rope around your upper body in the meantime.”


As they were talking, Natalie had bound Chloe’s ankles tightly together, as well as her legs just below her knees, the white rope showing over the black tights.  “You are very skilled,” Chloe said with a smile, “but I would ask a special favour of you?”


“Oh, and what would that be?”


“Do you know what I mean by a corde de fourche?”


“I know what you mean,” Natalie said, “but is that what you really want.”


“It is.”


“Can you stand up then?”


With her help, Chloe managed to stand up, watching as Natalie passed a length of cord around her waist and pulled her bound wrists into the small of her back.  With a fluid movement, she let the rope drop to the floor and fed it between Chloe’s legs, pulling it up tightly as she groaned at the pressure against her crotch, then passing it through the rope belt at the front and taking it back through again.  As the rope pulled her shorts into her crotch and rubbed against her body, Chloe smiled as she felt the warmth starting to spread there.


Andrea, meanwhile, was looking over her shoulder as Alexa bound her sock covered wrists tightly together, wrapping the rope around and between her arms, as Joanne lashed her arms tightly to her side.  She looked over as Natalie helped Chloe to lie down on her side on the bed, facing into the centre, and then pulled her legs back so that her feet were parallel to her bottom.


“Ahhhh,” Chloe sighed as Natalie bound her ankles to the ropes around her chest, leaving the young French girl in one of her special hog ties.  “Thank you, oh thank you,” Chloe exclaimed as she wriggled round, “C'est merveilleux, fantastique.”


Andrea sat on the bed and watched as Joanne crossed her ankles and tied them tightly together.  “How long do you want to be left with Chloe,” she said as she tugged the rope tighter.


“My mother will be home at 4,” she said as Alexa folded the hem of her skirt up and bound her legs together below her knees.  “If you leave us for an hour - if that is all right with you Chloe - then I have time to be untied and clear up before she gets back.”


“Je pourrais rester comme ceci pendant des heures,” Chloe purred as she closed her eyes, moving her body as the ropes rubbed against her crotch.


“Well, I have something else to do,” Natalie said as she picked a sponge ball out of the bag and held it in front of Chloe’s mouth.  “Open wide.”


“Mrssseee,” Chloe mumbled as Natalie pushed the ball into her mouth, and then tied a long white scarf tightly over her mouth, the shape of her lips visible under the cotton band.  “Where do you keep your sleep masks, Andrea,” she said as Alexa helped her friend to lie on the bed, before pulling her legs back and securing her ankles to her chest ropes.


“First drawer on the right,” Andrea said as she nodded to a chest of drawers at the far wall.  Opening the drawer, Natalie took out a black and a white mask, tossing the black one to Joanne before fixing the white one over Chloe’s eyes.




“Mrsseeee been,” Chloe mumbled as she shifted on the covers, the ropes rubbing against her body as she moved around.  Andrea nodded as the other sleep mask was placed over her eyes, before a second ball was pushed into her mouth and a covered with a blue silk square that she pushed between her lips.


“Come on,” Alexa said as they left Chloe and Andrea on the bed, “We need to clear up downstairs.”  The three left the room, closing the door as they walked down the staircase.


“What do you think I should do about Heidi and Cindy,” Natalie said as she walked to the front door.


“Where did Alice and Jannifer go?”


“They were going to make their way to Heidi’s house, and...”  She stopped as Joanne opened the door, and looked at the woman who was standing there.


She was about five foot ten, slim with shoulder length dark hair, wearing a black jacket and trousers with a pale cream top under the jacket, and three inch heel shoes.  “Oh hello Joanne,” she said with a smile, “I hope I’m not interrupting the study group.”


“Mrs...  Mrs Blackwood,” Joanne stammered, looking at Alexa as she did so.


“You must be Alexa,” Mrs Blackwood said as she came into the house, “Andrea has told me so much about you.”


“It’s... It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Blackwood,” Alexa said as she looked back at Joanne.  “Andrea said you would not be back until later this afternoon.”


“Well, I managed to get an earlier plane, so here I am,” she said as she left her suitcase in the hallway and put her laptop bag on the floor.  “And you are?”


“Oh - I’m Natalie - Natalie Jenkins,” Natalie said as she moved from foot to foot.  “Anyway, I’d better be...”


“Nonsense - the three of you must come and tell me what you have been studying today.  Andrea very rarely has friends round for a visit.  Wasn’t somebody else coming today?”


“Oh Chloe?  She’s upstairs with Andrea, they’re...”


“Looking at some old photos,” Joanne said, glancing at Natalie as she did so.  “We’d love a drink, Mrs Blackwood.” 


“Well then - you go on in, and I’ll be with you in a minute.”  The three girls walked into the living room, watching Andrea’s mother as she made her way to the kitchen.


“What are we going to do?” Alexa whispered as they sat down.  “We’ve no way of letting them know what’s happened.”


“I know, I know,” Joanne said as Mrs Blackwood brought in a tray of drinks.  “So,” she said as she sat down, “How far have you got with your project?”


“Well,” Alexa said, “We managed to complete the bulk of it.  Chloe offered to check our text before we and it in.”


“Excellent - I do believe knowledge of another language is so important.”  Mrs Blackwood took a sip from her drink.  “I thought Andrea would have heard us come in, perhaps I should just go and see how she is.”  She stood up and walked towards the door, the three girls looking at each other before Joanne said “Mrs Blackwood - I think there is something you need to know.”


“Oh,” the older woman said as she turned and looked at Joanne, “and what is that.”


“We need to tell her,” Joanne said as she picked up Andrea’s sketchbook.  “Before you go to her room, perhaps you should sit down and take a look at this.”


“Andrea’s sketchbook?  I know she enjoys art, but she never normally lets me have a look at it.”  She turned and sat back down, taking the book from Joanne and smiling as she began to flip the pages.  As she moved through the book, however, her smile faded slightly, replaced by a frown as she looked at some of the drawings, then at Joanne and Alexa.


“I see,” she said as she flipped over a few pages, “Andrea has a most vivid imagination.  Are you aware of these drawings?”  She showed the two girls the one on the last page, of the two of them tied face to face, their arms and legs entwined around each other.  Exchanging a look, Joanne shuffled in her seat before saying “We are, Mrs Blackwood.”


“And you do not object?”


Joanne looked at Alexa, who swallowed as she said “Actually, we’re rather taken by them.  Andrea is a very good, very lifelike artist.”


“So these are still lives?  How did she manage to construct such realistic situations?”


Mrs Blackwood looked at the three girls, her eyes staring as she continued “Please, tell me - does Andrea sketch you when you are really like this?”


“No - no, she doesn’t Mrs Blackwood,” Joanne said quietly, “but she does like the idea of been in these situations, and from time to time we help her to - experience them.”


Mrs Blackwood slowly put the book down, before saying “Where did you say Andrea and your friend Chloe were?”


“In her bedroom,” Natalie said as she looked at the other two.  “Please, all three of you, wait here,” Mrs Blackwood said as she stood up and walked out of the room, the trio listening as they listened to her walking up the staircase.  The silence was strange, eerie as they waited, before Mrs Blackwood came back in and sat down in front of them.


“I see,” she eventually said, “She looks - contented lying there, relaxed even.  How long has this been going on?”


“How long has Andrea been sketching like that?  We don’t know,” Alexa said, “but she has played these games with us for a couple of months now.  Mrs Blackwood, I think she wanted to tell you, but she had no idea how you would react.  She seemed to think you would be - angry at her.”


“I’m not sure if I am angry or not,” Mrs Blackwood said, “but what is it you do.  Can you show me?”


Alexa and Joanne looked at each other, before Natalie said “Demonstrate on me.”  Taking off her jacket, she stood up and crossed her wrists behind her back.  “There’s plenty of rope in the bag - just get started.”


Mrs Blackwood watched as Joanne took a length of rope out and started to bind Natalie’s wrists together, and then her elbows, pulling her arms together so that they touched.  “I believe you do gymnastics, Natalie,” she said as she watched the young girl standing there, both Joanne and Alexa winding the rope around her upper body until she was  bound  above and below her chest, the ropes encircling them as they were cinched under her arms.


“Are you uncomfortable like that,” Mrs Blackwood said as he watched the two girls help Natalie to sit on the floor, her legs extended as she crossed her ankles.  “No,” she said as Joanne started to bind her ankles together over her bare ankles, while Alexa wrapped rope around her legs over her skirt.  “We always take care to use soft rope, and make sure they are properly applied.”


“So I see - and I presume the lack of bruises on my daughter is also due to the precautions she has taken.”


“Precautions - oh, the socks?  Yes, it is,” Joanne said as she and Alexa moved Natalie so that she was sitting with her back to the other chair, looking at Mrs Blackwood.  She stood up and walked over to Natalie, examining the ropes and muttering “I remember this - you are good,” before sitting back down.


“What do you silence her with?”


“Usual, Natalie?”


The girl nodded as Joanne took out a sponge ball and held it in front of her mouth, pushing it in as Natalie opened her mouth wide before tearing a wide strip of white tape off and smoothing it over her lips.  As she did this, Alexa took a sleep mask, pick with black trim, from the bag and placed it over her eyes, before putting ear plugs into Natalie’s ears.


“You are both very good at this,” Mrs Blackwood said as she looked at Natalie sitting there, a smile visible under the tape.  “Do you always make sure Andrea is safe?”


“We do - we would not do anything to hurt a friend.”


“Do you think you can manage to carry Andrea down?”


Alexa and Joanne looked at each other.  “We think so - why?”


“Please bring her down and lay her on the couch, and then leave us.  I think your friend Chloe would like the company. , given the way she was moaning when I looked in the room.”


Without a word, the two girls got up and left the room, returning a few minutes later carrying Andréa between them.  As they laid her on the couch, Mrs Blackwood watched, saying nothing as they walked out of the room and up the stairs.





As Joanne and Alexa walked into the bedroom, they sat either side of Chloe, rolling her onto her side so that she faced Joanne.  “Hi Chloe,” Joanne said, “We have a question for you?”


“mmmm - qstn?”


“Yeah,” Alexa said as she took up position on the other side of the bed, “how are you feeling?”


“Mfffnmmmfmfmdmdgfm,” Chloe said as she felt the ropes between her legs been pulled up, Alexa gently tugging from behind her.  She squirmed as she felt the heat between her legs intensify, while Joanne said “I can tell you are enjoying this - maybe the two of us can help you to enjoy it even more?”


“Hdsammdsmmds,” Chloe moaned as she felt a hand stroking her waist, and then moving up, encircling the nipples on her breasts with a light touch.  She quirmed on the bed a sshe felt her nipples hardening despite herself, her body responding to the light delicate circling of the fingers.


“Maybe this is a better idea,” Joanne said with a smiel a ssh elooekd at Alexa, “Are you ticklish, Chloe?”


“Tklsh...   NNMGMFMMDDFMDMFMGDFMMGGFM.” Chloe exploded as the two girls started to tickle her, thrashing her legs from side to side as they did so, the rope rubbing her crotch so much she could feel herself starting to dampen as she moved round, and enjoying every second of it.






Andrea blinked as the eye mask was removed, and she saw Natalie sitting on the floor, obliviously happy gagged and blindfolded.


“Jnne,” she mumbled as she turned her head, only for her eyes to widen as she saw her mother sitting there, a frown on her face as she looked at her daughter.  “Hello, Andrea,” she said quietly, “we need to have the kind of conversation where I talk and you listen.”


Andrea stared back, the look of concern and worry in her eyes plain to see as she watched her mother pick up her sketch book and flick through it.  “I often wondered what it was you were sketching in here,” she said as she looked at the pages, “but I never asked.  I trusted that what was in here was relevant and proper to your art course - and, in a strange way, it was.  I just never thought your imagination would take you in this direction.”


As she closed the book and laid it down on the couch beside her, Andrea squirmed round in the ropes, wanting to say something by way of explanation.  The cloth was between her lips still, holding the sponge ball in place and compressing her tongue down.  Instead she looked at her mother and muttered “rupsst?”


“Am I upset?  I suppose I should be - after all, this is not what your father and I brought you up to do, and I am surprised that you almost lied to us, but upset?  Strangely enough, no - and you have your friends to thank for that.”




She watched her mother as she sat back and looked back at her.  “Let me guess - you’ve wondered how this felt for a long time, fantasised about it, dreamed about it, and then the opportunity arose.  The night you spent at that slumber party?”


Andrea nodded, knowing that any attempt to hide the truth now was useless.  She watched her mother as she rubbed her forehead and sighed.


“For me, it was seeing that film when I was ten - Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.  I was too young to understand exactly what was going on when George Kennedy walked into the girl’s bedroom, but I knew two things - she was in real trouble, and I wanted to know how it felt to be in such trouble and distress.


“At first I had to satisfy myself with books, comics, and stories like that - you’d be amazed how much stuff there was in comics at the time.  I even tried tying my own legs together from time to time - but I had to keep it secret from mum and dad.  I guess you know what that feels like.”


Andrea looked back, amazed at what her mother was saying.


“Anyway, when I was about sixteen I made friends with a girl called Veronica, who had played a few small roles on a local television show.  She and her sister Amy became close friends with me - especially when I discovered we had a shared love for these stories.  They also introduced me to the sensation you’re experiencing now - that of being securely tied and gagged, unable to help myself and knowing something of what it must be to be in distress.


“We used to play all the time, and after a while I agreed to join them in some photos - here, let me show you.”


Andrea looked at her mother as she stood up and walked over to a cabinet where she kept important papers.  Taking out a small key from her pocket, she unlocked a drawer and opened it, drawing out a small album and bringing it back over.  She opened it and showed it to Andrea, allowing her to look at the photos of her mother as a young woman, on her own and with others, in various costumes and poses, but always bound and gagged.




“Hmm?  Oh sorry,” Mrs Blackwood said as she reached over and pulled the scarf out of her daughter’s mouth, allowing her to push the now soaking sponge ball out of her mouth.


“Mum, you’re beautiful in these - and I recognise two of the women in these photos.”


“You do?”  She looked back at the photos.  “Which two?”


“The ones with the lighter hair - the younger one is the mother of the girl who was holding the slumber party, and the other her aunt.”


“That’s Amy and Veronica,” she said with a weak smile.  “I lost touch with them a long time ago - and they’ve been in the area the whole time?”


“Mum, I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.  I thought you would; be mad at me, what with you and dad’s views on sexual activities...”


“Yes, well,” Mrs Blackwood said quietly, “You never went through what I did.”


“What you - Mum, what happened?”


“The three of us and another girl - Bobbi - used to pose for these photos for her brother.  It was fun, we felt like the actresses that Veronica actually was.  We were having fun - until the day he decided to push it a little too far.


“We came into the studio to find Bobbi had already been tied up and gagged by her, this time to a bed with her arms and legs spread eagled.  A strip of white tape was covering her mouth.  Nothing unusual in that - what was unusual was she was only wearing a pair of skimpy briefs, and there was real look of terror in her eyes.


“’Don’t move’, we heard her brother say behind us, and as we turned round we saw him standing there, a stocking over his head and a very real gun in his hand.  ‘What’s going on, John,’ I remember saying, before he forced us to strip and lie face down on the floor.


“He quickly hogtied the three of us as we lay there in our underwear, and gagged us with the same medical tape he had used on his sister.  We were crying by this point as well - he had been really tight with the ropes, and we could feel them rubbing into our skin.


“We genuinely had no idea what was going on, but we knew this was not a game anymore - especially when we heard a snip and felt our bras been cut away by John.  He then started to take photos of the four of us as we struggled on the floor, or in Bobbi’s case on the bed.  This had gone into a very serious situation, and I for one wanted it to end as quickly as possible.


“Eventually he stopped but instead of releasing us he left us there, struggling as he turned the lights off.  I was too scared to move, but Amy and Veronica just wriggled next to each other and started to free themselves.  It took what seemed an eternity, but eventually they were loose, and untied me and Bobbi.  She told us how he had forced her into the room earlier that day, and then tied her to the bed before cutting her bra off as well.


“We got dressed, got out and called the police.  After that...”  Andrea watched as he mother swallowed and tried to hold back the tears that had started - “After that I broke off all contact with the other three.  I never found out what had happened to John or them - this is the first time I’ve heard Amy and Veronica’s name in years.”


She wiped her eyes and looked at her daughter.  “When I met your father, and found God, it just never came up.  Then you were born, and all I could do was make sure you never found yourself in the situation I was in - hence the strictness.


“So what was it for you - the trigger?”


Andrea swallowed, before saying “IT was that Peter Fonda film we sat and watched that night - the one with the mother and daughter held hostage.  I found myself wondering what it would be like to be the daughter...”


“...  and I wondered what it would be like to be the mother.”  Mrs Blackwood looked at Andrea.  “Andi, darling, you have good friends who have made sure you were safe.  Cherish them, love them, and for god’s sake never agree to have your photo taken.  If you promise to do that, I promise to keep this from your father as well.  All right?”


“All right, mum,” Andrea said with a smile.  “But could you untie me please - I’m getting a bit stiff and...”




“And I owe a couple of girls some payback.”




Chloe blinked as the eye mask was taken off, and she saw a woman who looked like an older version of Andrea standing over her.


“You must be Chloe,” she said with a smile.  “I’m Coral, Andrea’s mother.  Andrea is going to untie you while I talk to her friends.”


As Chloe watched Andrea start to unravel the ropes, Coral ushered Joanne and Alexa out of the room.  “Thank you,” she said as she closed the door, “for been a good friend for Andrea.  We have talked, and I have no problem with her playing these games with you on two conditions.


“Firstly, make sure she never has bruises - I can forgive, her father may not.


“Secondly, never ever agree to have your photos taken or film shot.  I had a - painful experience in the past, and I do not want to have Andrea go through that experience.”


“Mrs Blackwood,” Joanne said, “I promise you we would never, ever hurt Andrea or ourselves.”


“That’s good,” Coral said as she heard a knock on the front door.  “Why don’t you go and join Andrea while I see who is at the door.”  The three descended the stairs, and as Joanne and Alexa walked into the front room Coral went to the door, three silhouettes clearly visible behind the screen.


As Chloe and Andrea walked down the staircase, they saw Andrea’s mother standing there, next to a tall, thin blonde haired woman in a well cut trouser suit.


“A pleasure to meet you, Mrs Blackwood,” Chloe said as she shook Coral’s hand.  Andrea looked at her mother and said “What’s up, mum?”


“I need to go with this woman, Miss Dunscombe” Coral said as she pulled her jacket on.  “Please, wait for me to call.”


“What’s happened?”


“I’ll explain everything later - for now, you have guests to see to.”


They watched the two older women walk out of the door, talking quietly to each other, before heading to the front room.


“I see we have other guests,” Chloe said as she looked at Alice and Jannifer on the floor.  “May I ask what is going on?”


“Long story - look, Chloe, would you mind coming with Alexa and I?  Andrea, keep an eye on these three.”


“Of course - what am I meant to do with them?”


“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Alexa said as she and Joanne ushered Chloe out of the room.  Andrea looked at the three girls on the floor, before picking up her sketchpad and saying “I think some practice is in order.”


“What do you wish me to do?” Chloe asked as Joanne closed the door.


“Would you,” Alexa said quietly, “tie Joanne and me together upstairs?”


“Together - as in?”


She watched Joanne and Alexa nod, before saying “Of course - it will be my way of saying thank you to both of you.  Come - we will use Andrea’s room.”


The trio walked up the staircase and into Andrea’s room, where the various lengths of rope were coiled neatly on the bed.  “Please,” Chloe said quietly, “stand up and face each other - I presume you wish to look at each other?”


“In a moment,” Joanne said as she pulled her vest top up and over her head, revealing her white bra as she stood there.  Alexa smiled as she removed her waistcoat, dropping it on the floor as she pulled her own t-shirt off and dropped that down as well, her black lace bra barely holding her breasts in.  She smiled as she stroked Joanne’s cheek, before saying “Do you want to do this?”


“We do,” Joanne said with a smile as she reached her arms round and hugged Alexa, her lips brushing her shoulder as she did so.  Taking the cue, Chloe selected a length of rope and crossed Joanne’s wrists behind Alexa’s back, tying them tightly together and ensuring the ropes were cinched between her arms.


“This is nice,” Alexa said with a smile as she rubbed her chest against Joanne’s the smile on her face reflected in her girlfriend’s eyes.  Chloe repeated the process with her wrists behind Joanne’s back, before she took a longer length and passed it round their waists, pulling them together as she passed it round several times before letting the long ends dropped to the floor.  As their breasts squashed against each other, Joanne reached over and kissed Alexa, their lips locking as Chloe took hold of the lengths of rope.


“What are you - oh,” Alexa said as Chloe knelt beside them, moving the rope between their legs and pulling it up tightly so that the cords sank into Joanne’s buttocks and pulled Alexa’s skirt up towards her waist.  Taking the rope around Joanne’s wrists and back down, she pulled it tightly between their legs once more, before securing the ends around Alexa’s hands.  “OH!!!” she exclaimed again as she tried moving her own wrists, prompting Joanne to say “So that’s what a corde de fourche  is.”


“Indeed - I find it most - stimulating,” Chloe said as she bound their arms together at each side, just above the elbows, while Joanne and Alexa looked at each other, before Alexa bent her head over and gently kissed Joanne’s neck.  “Now,” she said quietly, “will it be sur le plancher or sur le lit.”


“The bed - definitely the bed,” Alexa said with a smile.  “As you wish,” Chloe said as she helped them to walk to the bed, ignoring their moans before she stood them at the bottom, gently tipping them over so that they landed on their sides on the mattress.


“Cosy,” Joanne said with a smile as she leaned over to kiss Alexa’s neck, moving he rhead round as the two girls kissed again.  “Push yourselves up, si vous pouvez,” Chloe said, and she watched as they slowly used their free legs to push along the mattress, resting with their heads on Andrea’s pillows.  “And now,” she said as she moved their legs so that Alexa had hers wrapped round Joanne at the ankles, “for the leg binding.”


Taking more rope, she tied Alexa’s ankles together first, wrapping the cords round the boots, and then Joanne’s, before cinching them together so that the rope went round both of the legs.  Joanne moved her legs against Alexa’s crotch, feeling the rope on her own labia as she heard Alexa groan in time to the movement.


Using a second length of rope, she secured their legs together above their knees, cinching it between Joanne’s legs as well as Alexa’s and Joanne’s with short lengths.  All the time Joanne kept rubbing her legs against Alexa, watching as her friend closed her eyes and threw her head back with a deep, longing moan.  Bringing her head back up, the two kissed again, their tongues intertwining as Chloe picked something up from the floor.


“Mmmm - how come we don’t do this more often,” Alexa said with a smile as they released each other.


“Probably because we need someone to help us,” Joanne said before leaning over and kissing Alexa’s neck again, listening to her moan as she gently sucked the skin.


Chloe watched the two women for a moment, before saying "Forgive the interruption, but do you wish to have le bâillon?”


“Oh yes,” Joanne moaned “un bâillon de bande, oui?”


“Oui,” Chloe replied as she held up a roll of white tape, tore a strip off and smoothed it over Chloe’s lips, repeating the process twice before looking at Alexa.  She nodded as the tape was smoothed over her own mouth, her boots rubbing against the bare skin of Joanne’s legs.


“Please, amusez-vous,” Chloe said with a smile as she watched her fiends for a moment on the bed, before closing the door and walking down the staircase.


Joanne looked into Alexa’s eyes as the door closed, before kissing her on her gag again, the two tape layers rubbing against each other as they moved together.  The ropes between their legs, the feeling of their breasts as they rubbed against each other, the motion of Joanne’s legs on Alexa’s body - all of these were combining to bring both women to a heightened sense of excitement, of pleasure.  Their muffled moans increased as they sought to bring each other to a climax, moving as one on the bed as their bodies started to respond.


It started as a tingling, a sensation like an electric shock in Alexa’s body, making her move more vigorously against Joanne.  She in turn was feeling herself start to buck in response,. And there was warmth between her legs that was turning into a burning, a burning that was making her feel damp, a dampness she was enjoying even as she bucked again.


Alexa saw the way her girlfriend was responding, and moaned in encouragement.  The shocks were running through her body as well, making her press even harder, hold Joanne even closer as the ropes dug even further between their legs.  She wished they were naked, but that was not important - they were together and they were arousing each other, and for now that was enough.


Suddenly she let out a muffled gasp as her body shook and convulsed, the feelings in her building to a climax and crescendo as she felt a warm flow between her legs.  She opened her eyes and looked at Joanne, who had her head held back and was making a low, guttural sound that told her all she needed to know.  She put her gagged lips to Joanne’s neck and kissed her as Joanne responded as only she could....




“Are they - happy,” Andrea said as Chloe walked into the room.


“I believe so,” Chloe said with a smile as she sat down.  “And so, we have three young guests now, no?  What shall we do with them?”


Jannifer and Alice were staring at both Andrea and Chloe, wondering how long it was going to be before they would be freed from their bonds.  They knew they were not going to be going with Anne and the others but they still felt a little hard down by as they sat there, back to back.


“Oh,” Chloe said as she looked at the two captives, “They look so sad sitting there.  Whatever shall we do?”


“I think,” Andrea said as she walked over and knelt next to Natalie, “we should let Nats here decide.  After all, she has been bound the longest.”  She gently removed the earplugs as said 2How are you doing, Nats?”


“Stfff - whtsgngn?”


“I’ll show you in a minute - I think you’ve been tied enough anyway.”  She reached behind the young girl and started to unravel the knots as she sat there, saying “whllssshr” as she heard the moans of the other two.


“All in good time, Mon Cherie,” Chloe said as Andrea allowed Natalie to bring her hands round in front of her, allowing her to rub her wrists before she removed the sleep mask that had been acting as a blindfold.  “Ohhmmmmm,” she mumbled as Andrea untied her feet and legs, “Whndddugthr?”


“Vrffnneee,e” Alice said as Natalie reached up and pulled the tape away from her face.  “I mean it - why are they tied like that?”


“They came here with some woman called Dunscombe,” Andrea said as she helped Natalie to her feet.  “Then she went off with my mother - but before that, she got Joanne and Alexa to tie these two up so that they would not try and follow her.”


“Sounds serious - does that mean Heidi is in some sort of trouble?  Come to think of it, Andrea, are you in some sort of trouble?  I thought I heard somebody talking to you earlier.”


“What did you hear?”


“Mumbles, nothing more - why?”


“It was my mum telling me something private - I’m not in trouble with her, so don’t worry.”


Natalie nodded as she turned to Chloe.  “So, do you think I’m skilled with the ropes?”


“You are a truly gifted person,” Chloe replied with a smile.”


“Hhhh - whtbtsss,” Alice moaned as she tried to twist her wrists free from behind her back.


“We were just talking about these two - what should we do with them.”


“Why, isn’t it obvious,” Natalie said as she knelt next to them.  “What do you want - ribs or feet.”


“Dntudrrrr,” Jannifer said as Andrea started to pull off her shoes, while Chloe removed those from Alice’s feet.  “Ready - at the count of one, two ... THREE!”


Both Alice and Jannifer exploded into screams as they felt the fingers of the three girls tickling both the soles of their feet and the sides of their ribs at the same time, throwing themselves round in their attempts to try and get away.  It was useless however - the other three continued their relentless assault, making the other two convulse with laughter as they writhed around beside each other.


“Plsstppppppp” Jannifer screamed eventually, the tears running down her cheeks as she pleaded with Andrea.  “What do you think, girls - have they had enough?”


“All right,” Natalie said as she sat back.  “I guess you want to be untied now, right?”


“Yssss,” Alice whimpered as she struggled to catch her breath.


“Very well then - but you must do something in return for us later, all right?”


Alice nodded as Natalie reached up and peeled the tape away from her mouth.  “Where are Joanne and Alexa anyway,” she said as she worked her jaw.


Chloe smiled as she replied “They are upstairs, and they do not wish to be disturbed.  Andrea, may we possibly have something to drink - I am sure these two are parched, and I am a little thirsty myself.”


“Sure,” Andrea said as she stood up, 2you two untie them and I’ll get some drinks sorted out.”





As the five sat round the coffee table, Alice and Jannifer explained their afternoon as Andrea listened carefully.


“This is sounding serious,” she said as she looked at her watch.  “I thought I might have heard from mum by now, but...”


Her words were interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.  “that might be her now,” she said as she stood up and walked out of the room.


“Do you think Heidi is going to be all right,” Alice said to the other three.  They sat in silence as Andrea came back in.


“They’ve found them,” she said quietly, “but Mum is going to be a while longer.  She says you should stay for dinner on us - a way of saying sorry to what happened to you.  I’ll ring for pizza.”


“What happens after that?”


She looked at Alice, Jannifer and Natalie.  “Can you three ring your folks and say you’ve come to my place?   I want you to do something for me and Chloe after we eat.”


“And the other two?”


“Allow me,” Chloe said as she stood up, “I will go and see if they wish to be released.”


“Why is she been so coy,” Natalie said as Chloe walked out of the door.  Andrea looked at her, before saying “You really don’t know, do you?  Never mind - I’ll order the food now.”






The dusk was drawing in as Coral finally returned home, sighing as she got out of the car.  She knew there were a lot of questions still to be answered, but at least the authorities had allowed her to come and “see to her daughter” as she had put it.


Walking up the pathway, she saw the door open as Natalie, Alice and Jannifer walked out.  “Mrs Blackwood,” Natalie said as she saw Andrea’s mother standing there, “How are Heidi and Cindy?”


“They’re safe, but in hospital,” Coral said with a deep sigh.  “Forgive me, girls, but I really do not want to talk about it just now.  I need to ask you to give them a little space as well - they’ve been through a lot.  Is your mother coming?”


As if in response, Coral heard a car horn sounding behind her, and as she turned she saw a SUV parked at the bottom of the drive.  “That’s her now,” Natalie said with a smile.  “You’ll find Andrea and the others inside - having fun.”


“Oh - fine,” Coral said as she watched the three girls get into the SUV and the vehicle drive off.  Turning and walking to the door, she opened it and came in to see Joanne and Alexa standing there.


“Mrs Blackwood,” Joanne said with a concerned look on her face, “Where’s Cindy?”


“At the hospital,” Coral said as she took her coat off.  “I’ve called your mother, and she’ll be over in a few minutes to take you to her.  Where are Andrea and your friend - Chloe?”


“They’re in there,” Joanne said, “but they’re - well, they’re having a competition at the moment.”


“A competition - oh,” Coral said as she realise what they were saying.  “You’d better show me.”


Joanne nodded as she opened the door and showed Coral in.  Andrea and Chloe were lying on their stomachs on the floor, and as Andrea looked up she said “Hmmm.”


Chloe had her legs perpendicular to the floor, rope encircling her ankles over her socks as she rocked from side to side to try and loosen the rope that held her ankles to those around her upper body, encircling her arms and chest as it held them tightly to her side.  Her arms we replace din a box fashion behind her back, her elbows nestling in the palms of her hand as they were tied together, while there were further ropes around her legs just below her knees.  One of Andrea’s white cotton scarves was pulled between her teeth, and from the way her cheeks were bulging Coral realised something was stuffed into her mouth under there.


For her part, Andrea had her sock-covered wrists tied tightly to her sides at the waist, with more rope around her lower and upper chest, cinched between her arms and body with shorter lengths of cord.  Her feet were lashed together in a similar fashion, while cords went around her legs below and above her knees, securing her skirt in place as it was wrapped around her upper legs.  Like Chloe, she had a scarf pulled into her mouth, this one a deep blue silk as her lips closed round it.


“I have to say Natalie and the others did this to them,” Joanne said, “as a bet.  They wanted to know who would have most difficulty getting out.”


“I see,” Coral said as she looked at the two girls, “and the answer is?”


“Neither of them found it easy - I’m amazed at how imaginative Jannifer can be.”


There was the sound of another car horn outside.  “You both should go,” Coral said, “and thank you for staying here.”  Joanne nodded as she and Alexa left, hand in hand, while Coral turned to the other two.  “Playtime is over,” she said quietly as she knelt and ungagged Andrea, pulling the sponge from her mouth as she shook the cloth out.


“Is everything all right, mum?”


“I’ll explain later - Chloe, do you need a lift home?”


“Nnn - jstcllmmmre.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“I think she said just call her mother - is the number on your cell?”


Chloe nodded as Coral picked up her bag and took out a phone.  “I’ll call,” she said as she switched it on, “and then untie you.”






“What happened?”


“Later, Andi,” she said as she looked at the screen, “Later.”






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