The Faculty






“Where are we,” Pauline Jenkins said as she shook herself awake.  “A long way from home,” Josephine said as the last of the four covered girls was led out of the plane, “and I think a long way from teaching.”


“Well, teaching science, anyway,” Amanda said as she started to remove the rope from Josephine’s legs.  “I am afraid that you two are going to be taking a slightly different journey from the girls.  It’s nothing personal – it is just that my master has very specific tastes, and neither of you meet those conditions.”


“So we are going to be sold as slaves?”


“Of a sort,” Amanda said as she helped Josephine to stand up and untied her arms.  “But you also need to properly prepared for your new journey.  I am sorry that you will not be able to join the four young ladies, but my master would not look kindly on you.”


“Please, stand up – and no funny tricks, or Pauline here suffers.”


“What could I do anyway,” Josephine said as she got to her feet, looking at Amanda as she did so.


“Not a lot, except enjoy this,” her captor said as she walked forward, looked into Josephine’s eyes and reached up to kiss her, her gloved hands moving over her breasts as she did so.   The older woman closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Amanda’s tongue entering her mouth, and felt her nipples been gently squeezed by her gloved hands.


“Oh god,” she said as Amanda turned her round and softly kissed her neck, her hands coming round to massage her breasts as she did so.  “Stay there,” she said as she went to Pauline, untied her legs and helped her to stand up, before kissing and groping her as well, noting with pleasure the way the younger woman arched her back to her touch.


Stepping back again, Amanda said “Take this opportunity to know each other – when your training starts, it may be some time.”  Pauline walked over to Josephine, looked up into her hazel eyes and said “Kiss me, as if it is the last time.”


“Of course,” the older woman said as she leaned forward and the two women locked lips, moving together and pressing against each other as they did so.  Amanda stood back, a smile on her face as she watched.


 “Good morning Amanda.”


The two women stopped kissing and looked round to see a tall, well built African gentleman standing in the doorway of the plane, dressed in an expensive suit and silk shirt.


“George,” Amanda said as she stood up, “these are the two women I told you about.  I trust they are suitable?”


“Most suitable,” he said as he looked at Josephine and Pauline.  “Do they come as a pair?”


“Well, do you ladies?”  They looked at each other before Josephine said “yes – we do.”


“Excellent,” he said as he took two large handkerchiefs out of his pocket.  “Please, open wide.”




As they were escorted from the plane, Josephine Stanton glanced over to the black SUV standing on the tarmac, a young girl dressed in a black burqa staring back at her.  She felt a pang of regret and a desire to say goodbye, but that was not going to be possible.  The cloth that filled her mouth would have been enough, but the silver tape that covered her mouth made it next to impossible.


As they approached the Rolls Royce, she looked at Pauline, her colleague and until this nightmare had started her fellow teacher, her head bowed as the white coats they wore moved in the slight breeze.


“Inside, ladies,” the tall African said as the door was opened, and the two women were helped to sit on the rear seat, the man climbing in behind them.  As the doors closed, a tear rolled down her cheek, cooled on her skin by the air conditioning.


“We have a short drive ahead of us, Ladies,” the man said as they moved smoothly off.  “You are indeed fortunate – a client of ours in this area has two vacancies, and I believe you are going to fill them very nicely, very nicely indeed...”


Pauline looked over at her colleague, before saying “whtdumn?”


“You’ll see,” George said as he sat back in the leather armchair.  “For now, relax, enjoy the trip.  I would offer you a glass of champagne, but – well, I’m afraid you may not enjoy it.”


It was getting dark as the car approached a walled stockade, the large ornate gates opening as they approached the stone enclosure.  Moving inside, the two women looked at each other as the car came to a halt, George stepping out to be greeted by a tall, wide shouldered man in a well fitting suit.


“Good evening, George,” he said as he extended a hand to their captor, “I was surprised to receive your call.  How did you manage to obtain two replacements so quickly?”


“We were able to procure them as part of a different operation,” George said as he looked into the open car door.  “I trust you will find them most acceptable?”


The man looked into the car, as Josephine pushed herself back in the chair, her leather boots squeaking as she did so.  Pauline just stared ahead, wondering what their fate was going to be as she tried to manoeuvre her jaw under the white tape gag.


“I think they will do very nicely – what are their specialities?”


George consulted a file in his hand.  “Miss Stanton teaches Chemistry, Miss Jenkins Biology.  Both subjects I believe you are keen to continue?”


“Indeed – an understanding of our natural worlds and resources is vital to our country.  As for other work?”


“I believe they may need – training,” George said as he looked back into the car.


“Very well – we will arrange for the usual fee to be made available to you.  Guards – bring them in.  They must be tried and drained from their journey – arrange for that to be taken care of.”


Two men in combat fatigues, their faces covered by scarves, waited outside as George helped Josephine and Pauline to climb out of the car.  Taking them by the arms, they frogmarched the two women towards a door at the side of the building, not stopping as it opened for them and they moved to a room at the far end of a long corridor.


“Inside,” the guards said as the bolt was pulled back on the door, and the two women were pushed into the room.  As one of the guards closed the door behind them, the second walked round his captives as they stood in the centre of the floor, trying to work out where they were.


“You look like young, strong women,” he said as he stopped behind Josephine, “I wonder just how strong you are.”  Without warning, eh reached round and grabbed her breast, squeezing it in his gloved hand as she let out a muffled yelp of pain.


“oh, so you enjoyed that, did you?” he said as he reached round and grabbed her other breast with his free hand, pulling her into his body as he squeezed as hard as he could.  Josephine’s eyes widened as she felt his body against hers, especially as she felt something growing larger and stronger as he rubbed himself against her.


“And what of you, sweet thing,” he said as he released Josephine and walked behind Pauline, “What do you have to offer?”   Pulling her body back against his, he reached down in front of her and lifted her laboratory coat up, rubbing his hand between her legs as she closed her eyes and tried not to react.


“I can tell you like that,” he whispered in her ear as she let out an involuntary moan, “So why don’t we...”


“That’s enough,” a female voice said, and as Pauline opened her eyes she saw a woman in her late thirties standing there, her grey streaked blonde hair combed back in a tight bun.  She was dressed in a long sleeved white blouse, a tight fitting black leather skirt that came down over her knees, and black stiletto heel shoes.  The guard looked at her, before backing off and saying “A thousand apologies, Miss Cassandra.  I merely...”


“Your master is looking for you,” Cassandra said as she watched the guard back out of the door, closing and bolting it behind her.  “My apologies, ladies,” she said as she set her clipboard down and walked behind them, Pauline watching as she started to untie her friend’s arms.  “The guards here are most obedient, but they are only men, and so have urges.”


As she removed the ropes from Josephine, the older woman reached up and pulled the tape away from her mouth, spitting out the cloths before saying “Where are we?”


“You are at a very exclusive school,” Cassandra said as she started to untie Pauline, “and you have been selected to serve here on the staff.  My name is Cassandra, and I am the administrator for the faculty.”


“Selected – we’ve been kidnapped, bound, gagged, groped, and brought half way across the world, and you call that selected.  What choice did we have?”


“The same choice I had when I came here fifteen years ago,” Cassandra said as she helped Pauline to remove her gag.  For a moment Josephine saw a look of deep, longing sadness in Cassandra’s eyes, before she heard her say “You duties and work schedule will be explained in the morning.  As you say, however, it has been a long and difficult journey for you.  I will arrange for refreshments and clean clothing to be brought for you, and we will talk again tomorrow.”


As she walked towards the door and knocked, she looked at the two women.  “I think you will be more comfortable for now without those coats – apart from anything else, they are rather stained.  Please, remove them and fresh clothing will come soon.”  The door opened and she slipped out, the door closing behind her and the sound of bolts been pulled quite distinct.


“Where the hell are we,” Pauline said as she slowly removed her lab coat, laying it on a chair as she rubbed her wrists.  Her knee length shorts were stained between her legs, but that did not seem to bother her as she walked round, looking at the cot beds and other furniture.


“Somewhere in the desert, I think,” Josephine said as she laid her coat on top of her colleagues, sat down and unzipped hr knee length leather boots.  “I just hope the girls are all right.”


“Surely they’ll look for us?”


“I hope so – but do they know where we may have gone?  Do you know where that plane took off from?”


The door opened again and four young women came in, two carrying piles of clothes and the other two pushing a trolley with food and water laid out on it.  All four were dressed in a short sleeved white blouse, opened at the neck, and knee length pleated tartan skirts.  White socks and Mary Jane shoes completed their outfit.


“What the...” Pauline said as the women carrying the clothes laid them out on the cot beds, standing to the side as one of them said “Please, remove your soiled clothing and pass it to us.  We will ensure it is laundered as you sleep.”


“Who are you,” Pauline said as she looked at the four women.  “We are students here,” the one who had already spoken said, “and we serve the Faculty as well.  Miss Cassandra has asked us to bring you fresh clothing, food and water.  Please, change, eat and drink.  We are her to serve you.”


“Well, we’re not going anywhere,” Josephine said as she stood up and pulled a zip at the side of her skirt down, letting it fall to the floor as she pulled down a pair of soiled knickers.  Walking to one of the cot beds, she picked up a pair of white silk pyjama bottoms and pulled them over her legs, fastening them by the cord around her waist before removing her blouse and bra and donning a matching top.  She noticed on the breast a symbol, an eagle with wings spread wide over a castle parapet.


“It is the symbol of our lord,” the girl said in answer to Josephine’s look.  “Please, eat.”


As Pauline stripped and changed, the older women looked at the food that had been brought in.  She had not eaten for days, so any fear of what it might be like was gone as she picked up a chicken leg and bit into it.


“Turmeric and cinnamon,” she said as Pauline came over to join her, “Very tasty.”


“We are pleased,” the girl said as the two women started eating, “as will be Miss Caroline, our Cookery teacher.  We will take your clothing and leave you now – sleep well, Miss Josephine, Miss Pauline.”


“Hey – how did you...” Pauline asked as the four girls retreated out of the room, the dirty clothing and shoes in their arms.  “Never mind,” Josephine said as she drank from a bottle of water, “just be glad we have something to eat.  I’m sure we will get some answers in the morning.”




“Good morning, ladies.”


Pauline slowly opened her eyes to see Cassandra standing there, two uniformed girls behind her holding clothes bags and boxes in their hands.  She looked over to see Josephine looking on as well, sitting up as she did so.


“I trust you both feel better after your night’s sleep?  In thirty minutes I will come and take you to meet the owner and then the head of the Faculty – please, change into the staff outfits that the girls have brought for you, and I will return to complete your preparations in a short while.”


She turned and walked out of the door, her heels clicking on the stone slabs, as the two girls laid their burdens on the cot beds.  Josephine opened the cloths bag, then looked at the girl standing there and said “What is this?”


“It is the uniform worn by faculty instructors,” the girl said with her head bowed.  “Miss Annabelle will explain everything when you meet her.”  The two girls backed  out of the room, their heads bowed, as Pauline held up a pair of four inch stiletto heeled black leather shoes.


“We’re expected to wear these?  I’m not even sure I can walk in them.”


“I don’t think we have much of a choice,” Josephine said as she pulled her top off.  “At least they look as if they fit us.  We’d better find out just who is in charge here – this Miss Annabelle or somebody else.”


She took out the white silk blouse and pulled it over her arms, buttoning up the front until the lapels lay either side of the open neck.  “They got our measurements right, at any rate,” she said as she looked at the shoes.  “Any idea what these little rings on the inside are for?”


“No idea,” Pauline said as she wriggled into the tight leather pencil skirt, “but this is going to make any sort of movement difficult anyway.”  Tucking her blouse in, she pulled up the zip at the back, and then lifted her foot onto the cot bed so that she could strap the shoes on. 


As Josephine put her other foot back down, the door opened and Cassandra returned, accompanied by two armed guards, both of whom were carrying lengths of rope with them.  “Do we have to be tied up again,” Pauline said as one of the guards walked behind her and pulled her arms behind her back.


“The owner insists on it when you meet him,” Cassandra said as she watched the two women have their wrists bound behind their backs.  As more rope was passed round their arms, pulling the fabric of their blouses tightly over their breasts, she continued “You will both meet with the owner, and he will test you.  After that I will take you to meet Miss Annabelle, the head of the faculty, who will explain most of your duties.   You will not be able to speak during the first interview so please, remain calm whatever happens.”


“What do you mean by that,” Josephine said as she tried to move her arms, discovering that these guards were as good, if not better, than those who had flown them here.


“You will find out,” Cassandra said, and this time Josephine knew she saw a look of pity in her eyes.  “Silence them, then ensure the gags are working correctly.”


The two women looked at each toher, unsure of what to do as the men took two thick white cotton scarves, rolled them into thick bands and held them in front of their mouths.  “I suggest you allow them to do this,” Cassandra said, “or they may feel compelled to take – further measures.”


“All right, you canmfmdmgd” Josephine said as she tried to speak, only for the cloth to pulled between her lips and pulled tightly back, forcing the corners of her mouth out as the ends were brought together and tied under her long dark hair.  As the same thing was done to Pauline, she felt the guard’s hands pushing into her breasts, probing with his fingers as she let out a loud yell of “PLSDNTDTTT!”


“Excellent,” Cassandra said as she stepped forward, “Hobble her.”


“Hblm,” Josephine said as she watched the woman handed the guard a length of metal chain, with a hook clasp at each end.  She felt his rough hands stroking her legs as he moved down and attached the chain to the two loops on the inside of her shoes, allowing no more than a few inches movement as he stood up, feeling up her body as he did so.  Despite herself, she was enjoying his touch, as she let out a moan which made Pauline look at her.


“Don’t worry, Pauline,” Cassandra said as she looked at the other woman, “We know your preferences.  All will be well – bring them.”


The two women were forced by the guards to follow Cassandra out of the cell, and along the corridor before ascending a flight of stairs.  The corridor above had a number of doors on either side, and as they passed Pauline was amazed to see the rooms were set up as classrooms, with a number of teachers talking lessons for various girls.  She noticed two other things – all the teachers were women, and all were wearing the same outfit as them.


At the end of the corridor was a set of large double doors, but the two women were taken to one side just before them and along another corridor, this one lined with armed guards who stood to attention as Cassandra passed them.  Eventually they stopped at a simple wooden door, on which Cassandra knocked three times.


“Enter,” they heard a male voice call out, and as the door was opened from the inside, Cassandra entered first, her head bowed and her hands clasped in front of her, as the two women were held outside the door, listening to the conversation that followed.


“Ah, good morning, Miss Cassandra.  I trust you have recovered from our discussion last night?”


“I have, Sir, and I thank you for the lesson.  I have brought the two new Faculty members for your inspection, if you wish to perform this now.”


“Do you have their files?”


“As always, Sir.”  There was a short silence, before Cassandra appeared at the door and motioned to the guards.  Josephine and Pauline were pushed into what trend out to be an office, not unlike that of a doctor or psychiatrist, with a large desk at one end.  Beside the desk stood an olive skinned man, with a neatly trimmed black beard and short hair which was greying at the temples, dressed in a well cut business suit.


“Thank you, Cassandra,” he said as the two women were made to stop in front of the desk, “You may leave us now.  I will call when you can collect them and take them to the Faculty head.”


“Thank you, Sir,” Cassandra said as she backed out of the room, her head bowed the whole time.  As the door closed, the man picked up a folder from the desk and looked at it.


“Josephine Stanton, teacher of chemistry, 28 years old.  Pauline Jenkins, teacher of biology, 25 years old.  Both single women, with no close family, and formally employed at a very well known British school.”  He put the file down and looked at the two women.  “I am the Master of this establishment, the Lord of all who attend here, both pupils and staff.  Welcome to my academy.”




“Please, Miss Stanton, speak only when I say you can.  You have been brought here to provided several services to me, of which teaching is an important part, but there are other tasks you will need to perform, and I need to see if you are suitable for them.”  He picked up the file, before looking at Pauline and pressing a button on his desk.


A door at the far side of the room opened, and a tall, thin woman walked in, dressed in a white riding blouse and britches, the legs tucked into black leather riding boots.  She wore a pair of gloves on her hand as she walked into the room.


“Salima, my dear, would you take Miss Jenkins into the next room and ensure she is – suitable,” the man said as Pauline was taken by the arm and forced to shuffle towards the doorway.  As the door closed on the two women, the man walked behind Josephine, her eyes following him as her head slowly turned.


“Understand this, Miss Stanton,” the man said as he whispered into Josephine’s ear, “You are my property now, and so long as you do what you are told to, when you are told to, this can be a most enjoyable life.”  As he said this, he pulled on a pair of leather gloves and brought his arms round her body, stroking the nipples of her breasts through the blouse.  Josephine tried squirming out of the way, afraid of what might happen next after her experiences over the last few days, but instead he just gripped onto the soft flesh, his fingers pushing in as she let out a call of pain.


“Do not pretend you do not enjoy this,” he whispered as he squeezed her breasts, his fingers pinching her nipples as she closed her eyes.  She could not deny how it made her feel, as much as she wanted to, as much as she needed to, as his fingers encircled her nipples before moving down her body.  As he reached her skirt, he reached round and slowly pulled the zip down, allowing the tight leather sheath top fall to the floor.  Picking her up, he carried her to the couch, laying her down before starting to remove his own jacket.


In the room next door, Pauline was also lying down, in her case on a large bed, her skirt left to one side and her legs spread with ropes holding he rankles to the foot of the bed.  The woman called Salima was sat next to her, tracing her gloved hand up the inside of her thighs as she leaned over and started to unbutton her blouse with her free hand.  As the hand went up the inside of her leg, she let out a low moan, relishing the feeling as much as the restraint.


Opening the blouse, the woman kissed Pauline’s nipple, sucking slightly as the captive let out another moan.  She knew what was happening, knew it was a form of rape, but still, still...




“PLS. FRTHLVFGD, DNT.....”  Josephine’s screams were falling on deaf ears as the man massaged her breasts, the front of her blouse lying on each side as his fingers probed and groped harder and harder.  She closed her eyes and threw her head back, a moan of pleasure as well as fear escaping as she felt him stroking the inside of her legs, his fingers probing into her crotch as she felt herself becoming damper.


“There is a reason we do not allow bras and undergarments here,” the man said as he smiled in her face, “as you are about to discover.”  Rolling her onto her stomach, he pushed her legs up so that she was resting on her knees, her bum in the air as he stood up and started to unfasten his pants.


“Gdhlpm,” she mumbled as she felt him kneel behind her, his body pressed against her as she felt him throbbing against her buttocks.  As she felt him penetrate her, she closed her eyes. Feeling the way her body was responding, and praying it would be over with quickly as she felt him pushing hard into her, his cock growing larger within as it started to throb...




Cassandra knocked on the door and waited to ask to be admitted.  As she walked in, she could see both Josephine and Pauline standing there, their cheeks stained had their eyes red, and she knew what had happened.


“They will be most suitable,” the Master said as he sat at the desk, “Take them to Miss Annabelle.”


“Of course, Master,” she said as she bowed and walked out of the room, the guards taking both captives by the arm and frog marching them in the same direction.  The party walked the short distance back down the corridor to the large double doors.  As Cassandra knocked and walked in, the women were marched into another, smaller office, with another large desk set at the end,.  Behind the desk sat a woman who was obviously related to Cassandra, but older with grey hair.  As the doors closed, she nodded to Cassandra, who quickly released the two women and removed their gags.


“What kind o f hell hole is this place,” Josephine said as the gag was removed from her mouth, “and what sort of sick bastards are those two.”


“I counsel you to keep your thoughts to yourself,” the older woman said as a guard came in and collected the ropes and gags from Cassandra.  “Please, both of you, take a seat.  I am Miss Annabelle, the head of the Faculty.  Welcome to your new life.”


As the door closed, Josephine could see the women called Annabelle relax.  “Sit down,” she said indicating two chairs in front of the desk, “and for goodness sake, Cassie, get these two women a drink.  You know exactly what they’ve been through.”


Pauline watched as Cassandra went to a cabinet and opened it, revealing a very well stocked liquor collection.  Pouring two large whiskies, she handed one to each of them and said “Drink it down, it will make things a little better.”


“But I don’t...”


“Time to start learning,” Annabelle said as she accepted a glass as well.  “When the guards or anyone else is around, I am Miss Annabelle and this is Miss Cassandra, just as you will be Miss Josephine and Miss Pauline, but on our own - I’, Annie and this is Cassie.  Cheers.”


She raised the glass to her lips before setting it down on the table and looking at Josephine and Pauline.  “I know you have had a hellish few days, and I will not pretend that the nightmare is going to wend today.  All I can tell you is that Cassie and I have been through it as well - as have all the other faculty members.  It never gets easier, but we support each other as best we can.”


Josephine looked Annie in the eye and said “How?”


“How do we support each other?”


“No - how did you get here?”


Cassie sat at the edge of the desk.  “Annie and I were on a cruise with some friends, when we were kidnapped and sold on to some slavers.  Somehow, they recognised what little talent we have for teaching, so we eventually ended up here - as assistants at first.  Gradually, we’ve worked our way to the positions we hold now.”


“So you are slave masters now?”


“No,” Cassie said, and as she lifted her legs Pauline saw for the first time the thin silver chain that connected her shoes.  “We are also slaves, but we have permission to run the faculty the way we can, and to make things a little more - bearable.”


Pauline looked at Annie.  “We keep hearing about this faculty - what is it?”


“Essentially, we are a school for young ladies, preparing them for life ahead.  In that we are no different from any other school, but our pupils...”


“Some come by choice, some are sent by their parents,” Cassie continued, “and some, regretfully, come from agencies such as the one that brought you here.  We provide them with a full education in sciences, arts, skills they will need in their new lives.”


The two women exchanged glances.  “We were brought over here with four young women - are they...”


“I am afraid not - my understanding is they have gone elsewhere.”  Annie stood up and walked round, the chain between her own ankles jangling as well.  “In addition to our own lessons, the family of our Lord and Master help to teach the girls the other skills they may need for their roles.  Sometimes, they also practice on us - you, Josephine, had a taste of that today.”


“And Salima?”


“His eldest daughter - she specialises in training those with more lesbian tendencies.  That’s why she ‘tested’ you, Pauline.”


“Can’t you do anything to stop it?”


“No - in time, you will see why.  The best we can do is teach, prepare - and let them know we understand what is happening.”


Josephine drained her glass.  “So, we’re here for the duration, then?”


“I’m afraid so,” Cassie said as she put her own glass down.  “We will try and make it as comfortable for you as possible - you need to spend, by our rules, one more day in the cell downstairs, but then we can bring you up to the staff quarters.”


“What happened to the others?”


Annie looked at Pauline for a moment, before saying “A year or so ago, we actually met JC, the girl who had organised the cruise, for the first time in years.  She is employed by the agency that brought you here.


“There was her older sister, Elaine - I think she is somewhere in the Middle East, but we have no idea exactly where.”


“As for Brenda and Katie,” Cassie said quietly, “We have no idea.  We just hope they are safe, wherever they are.”


“Pauline, Josephine, I know you do not want to be here - none of us do.  We do, however, have a job to do here - will you help us with it, as much as you are able to.”


The two women looked at each other, before Josephine said “Chemistry and Biology, right?  We don’t really have a choice, do we?”


“Not really,” Annie said as the telephone started to ring on the table.  Picking it up, she listened to the voice at the other end, before replacing the handset.  “Ladies, if you will accompany myself and Cassie, we can show you some of the - interruptions that can occur in lessons.  Better you see it for yourself, because it will happen to you.  Here - take these and wipe your faces, then follow me and say nothing.”


She walked to the door, the thin chain swaying as she did so, followed by Cassie, Josephine and Pauline.  As she opened the door, she said to the guard “There is an inspection due to take place in HE room - escort us there.”  The guard nodded, Josephine noticing a smile cross his face, before he walked in front of the group and led them to a door on the corridor of classrooms.


Opening it, the four walked in and saw they were in  a bare room, with a window in the side.  Looking out, they could see a woman in her lat thirties, dressed as they were, standing by a kitchen set at the front of the classroom.  There were six young women in there, dressed in the uniform of the girls who had tended Josephine and Pauline earlier, with white aprons over their blouses and skirts.


“This is Miss Caroline,” Annie said as they watched, “and these are our year 12 girls, all eighteen, discussing the right menus for clients.  Say nothing, but observe and watch.  This is a one way mirror, so they do not know we are watching.”


The four looked through the glass as Caroline explained something to the six girls, before the door was flung open and four armed guards came in.  Caroline looked at them, and then nodded to the girls, who stood as one and removed their aprons, folding them and leaving them on the table.


Josephine recognised the man she had seen earlier as he came in and approached Miss Caroline, while the older woman meekly turned and crossed her wrists behind her back.  She stood perfectly still as he bound them together with a long length of white rope, and then pulled her arms into her side using a further length.


Behind him had followed four young man and two women, one of whom Pauline recognised as Salima.  They were also carrying several lengths if rope each, which they deposited on the tables by each girl.  One by one, they moved the arms of one of the girls behind them and bound their wrists together, hands palm to palm, making sure the ropes were well tightened.  None of the girls moved or made a sound as this was done, nor when their arms were also pulled into their sides, the coils going over and above their breasts so that their blouses stretched over their flesh.


The Master motioned to a guard, who brought over what looked like a leather panel with straps hanging from wither side.  As he lifted it up, Josephine could see a large rubber plug attached to the side of the panel, which he pulled into Miss Caroline’s mouth, silencing her as the straps were fastened around her head.  Each of the six girls were also having a thick, rolled up white scarf pulled between their teeth, the ends been knotted tightly at the base of each of their necks.


The six girls were then walked to the side of the room and made to line up along the wall, as each of the sons and daughters (or so Pauline assumed they were) pushed their ankles together and started to secure them with more rope over their white socks.  Pauline could see the fear in the eyes of the girls been bound by Salima and the other women, as all six of the members of the family reached up and pulled down the skirts of the girls, before binding their legs together above their knees.


As Miss Caroline was made to bend over the bench at the front of the room, the six girls were pushed back against the wall by their captors, as they started to grope their breasts and kiss them on their necks.  “Sometimes,” Annie said quietly as they watched the girls moan in a mixture of fear and pleasure as gloved hands kneaded their breasts between the bands of rope, “girls are called out singly or in pairs.  It is unusual for all six of our final year students to be approached at the same time.”


“I think,” Cassie added, “This may have been arranged for you two to see.”  She looked at both Josephine and Pauline as she said this.  “As we said, we all serve the Master, both girls and students.  As you can see, Caroline is not immune to these attentions either.”


The Master had pulled his own pants down, and was now pushing into the teacher as his hands held her chest in a firm grip.  The girls were all writhing round now as they stood against the wall, the younger members of the Master’s family arousing them as their hands moved from their breasts down their body.  Salima and the other women seemed to be taking great pleasure in playing with their captives, their hands moving between the girl’s legs and stroking their cunts gently as they kissed them.


The other four were not so lucky, as the young men dropped their pants and stood against them, forcing themselves in as they continued to grope their breasts and kiss their necks.  Their muffled screams were silenced by the glass, as Josephine looked on, a growing sense of horror in her breast even as she realised that the girls were willingly allowing this to happen to them to some degree.


“The younger girls,” Cassie said as they watched the rape start, “are taught basic rope, restraint and seduction skills, but as they grow older this happens more and more often.”


“Come,” Annie said as she turned to the door, “I think it is time you met the rest of the staff.  Caroline will join us in due course.”


The four women walked out of the room, the guard standing to one side as they came out, and then escorting them to another room up a flight of stairs.  As the door opened, a group of women turned and looked at the quartet.  Pauline could see they were all dressed in the same way, right down to the chain linking their shoes.


“Ladies,” Annie said as the door is closed, “This is Josephine and Pauline, our new science teachers.  They will start work tomorrow, but for now welcome them, and try to make them as much at home as possible.”


“Where’s Caroline,” a tall brunette said as she sat down on a long recliner.


“Class Inspection,” Cassie said, and the group exchanged a look that told Josephine what they called these unplanned visits.  “Ladies, this is Amelia, our English Literature teacher.  I will leave you in their care.”


“One more thing,” Annie said.  “The Lord and Master has called a staff meeting for tonight at seven.  I thought you would appreciate the warning.”


Annie and Cassie turned and left the room as Pauline looked at Amelia.


“Staff meeting?”


“You saw the class inspection?  We get inspected as well,” she said with a weary voice.  “Don’t worry though – this is your first day, so you will exempted.”




“You have lesson plans to review.  Call me Amy in here - sit down and tell us how you got here.”




It was several hours later – how long Pauline could not tell – when she closed the folder and laid it on the table in their cell, rubbing her eyes as she did so.


Josephine stretched and yawned.  “At least we know what we’re going to be teaching them,” she said as she unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it and removed her shoes.


“At least we only spend one more night in here,” Pauline said as she stripped off her blouse and put on the pyjama top.  “They seemed nice enough as colleagues.”


“Fellow slave, you mean.  Look, I’m bushed – let’s just try and get some sleep.  Good night, Pauline.”


“Good night,” the younger woman said as she crawled into the cot bed, the lights going off at that point.





Josephine’s eyes opened wide, the sound of the muffled moans fresh in her ears.  She tried to move her arms, but something or someone was holding them in place above her head.


Looking up, she recognised one of the guards, binding her wrist together at the top of the cot.  Looking down, she could see another tying her ankles down to the bed legs, one on each side.


Looking to her side, her eyes widened as she saw Salima slowly opening the top of Pauline’s pyjamas.  Pauline looked over, the edges of the cloth rag sticking out of her mouth, her eyes wide in terror.


“Shh, shh,” the woman said as she pulled the top to the sides of her body, running her gloved hands down the centre of Pauline’s stomach as she leaned over to kiss her neck.  “I missed you this evening during the staff inspection, so I’ve come to give you a very special check.”


She looked over at Josephine, a smile on her face as she said “I also want to emit your friend, but you first I think.”  Josephine tried to call out, but realised as her muffled grunts came out why her mouth felt as if she had been drinking all night.  The cottonmouth taste was exactly that – a mouth filled with cotton.


She watched as Salima mounted Pauline, sitting across her waist as her gloved hands kneaded into her breasts, massaging and pounding them as Pauline closed her eyes and arched her back, groaning as she felt her body respond.  She could see her friend writhe around as the woman pushed her beasts into her body, moving her arms down her body as she kissed each of her nipples.


“PLSSTP” Pauline moaned as Salima slowly slid down her body, her tongue licking her bare flesh as she pulled her pants down with her movement.  As he lips reached Pauline’s crotch, Josephine watched her head as it was thrown back and she let out a moan of deep, satisfying pleasure.  She was so focused on her friend she did not notice the guard start to unbutton her own top, moving the front to each side as a pair of gloved hands began to massage her own breasts.


“Mggdffddstp” she moaned as she looked up into a pair of eyes highlighted by dark mascara.  “My sister will have you ready soon,” Salima said as she leaned down and kissed Pauline between her legs, making her scream "FKMMMM” at the top of her muffled voice.


Josephine, however, was not paying that much attention to her by this point, as the slow, deep pushing on her own breasts was making a feeling like fire spread through her own body.  She could hear her own moans as the leather clad fingers circled and pushed on her nipples. Before the cold touch of lips drew them out and helped them to harden.  As Pauline collapsed in a sweaty heap, she turned her head and watched Salima walk over, sitting astride her as she said “and now for you, Miss Josephine – I wonder if you will respond to my feminine touch as well?”


Josephine did not want to, but as her fingers brushed against her vagina she could not help responding to the electric shocks that started to course through her, her body bucking as she felt her nipples and belly button been kissed at the same time.  The warmth she felt, the moistness she felt, it all seemed so natural and right, as fingers probed and forced her body to respond in kind.


“Oh yes,” Salima cooed into Josephine’s ears, “I can see you like this as well, you little minx.”  Josephine looked back into her eyes as she said “PLSJSTDT”  “As you wish,” Salima said as she bent down and placed her head between the older woman’s knees, the shocks as her lips brushed against her own crotch making Josephine almost scream in response.....




Pauline looked at Josephine as she buttoned up the top of her long lab coat.  The breast was emblazoned with the crest of The Faculty, but apart from that and the chains holding her ankles together she looked as she would have at any school.




“As I will ever be,” Pauline said as the door was opened.  “Excellent,” Cassie said as she walked in, “I’ll show you your new quarters later.  For now, your students await.”


They walked up to a classroom, and as Cassie opened the door the group of girls inside stood up.  “Good morning girls,” Cassie said, as the class responded “Good Morning, Miss Cassandra.”


“Girls, this is Miss Josephine, your new Chemistry teacher, and Miss Pauline, your new Biology teacher.  Show them both due respect.  Miss Pauline, I will show you to your room.  Girls?”


“Miss Cassandra,” they said with their heads bowed as Cassie and Pauline walked out.  “Good morning, Girls,” Josephine said as she sat at the bench at the front of the room, hearing “Good Morning Miss Josephine,” called back in return.


“Let us begin,” she said as she looked at the papers on the desk.  “Audrey - explain to me please the difference between an acid and an alkali...”


The lesson passed without incident, and as the girls filed out Josephine began to feel she could possibly make a difference here.  She turned to wipe the chalk off the board, but as she passed the eraser over the black surface she was surprised by a black leather gloved hand that clamped itself over her mouth.


“Come with us,” she heard one of the guards say as her wrist were pulled behind her back and lashed together with rope.  She considered for a moment struggling, but decided that would be futile as she was pulled back and frogmarched to the open door.


Outside, she met Josephine, who was also been hand gagged by a guard with her hands secured together behind her back.  They watched each other as ropes were passed around their upper bodies, pulling their lab coats into their bodies as the coils went above and below their breasts and were secured behind.  The two were forced down the long corridors, in the direction of the office they knew belonged to the Master.


The door was thrown open and the two women were marched in, to be greeted by the sight of Cassie standing next to their owner.  “Ah, ladies,” the Master said as they were pushed into the centre of the room, “I missed you  last night, so I think it is only fair that you undergo your inspection now.”


Josephine watched, her eyes wide over the gloved hand, as he picked up a large knife and handed it to Cassie.  “Miss Cassandra, you will ensure that Miss Josephine here does not interrupt or offer comment while I deal with Miss Pauline.”


Josephine was surprised as Cassie walked quickly behind her, placed her own hand over her mouth as the guard removed his, and pressed the edge of the blade of the knife against her throat.  “Don’t move, don’t speak, do nothing,” she whispered into her ear as the Master walked over to Pauline and pressed hard down on her breasts, his hands forcing the flesh down into her chest as he groped them.


“Nggggg,” she moaned as the guard walked her back against the wall of the room, her captor continuing to press as they did so.  Pauline was released from the handgag as she was pressed against the wall, only for her mouth to be covered by that of the Master, his lips enveloping hers as he both kissed and groped at her.


She could feel his tongue pushing into her mouth, stroking the inside of her cheeks as his lips pressed harder.  He removed his mouth from hers, and looked into her eyes as he said “Did you enjoy that?”


Josephine glanced at Cassie, who gave an imperceptible nod, before she said “Yes, Master, I did.”


“Good - then return the favour, or Miss Cassandra her will discipline Miss Pauline.”


Looking at the frightened look in both the other woman’s eyes, Josephine turned her head again as he pressed his lips against hers, his tongue entering her mouth.  She started to place her tongue in his, using it to stroke the roof of his mouth as he pressed hard down on her breasts.  The agony was increasing, but she could also feel herself respond again, as her lips caressed his and their tongues entwined.


“Very good, Miss Josephine,” he said as he finally released her, his hands continuing to press down on her breasts as he did this.  “You pass the first part of the inspection.”


“Thank you, Mastrtrmdsmamda,” she said as he took a thick cloth and pulled it into her mouth, the corners of her mouth forced back until they hurt as he secured it around her head.  She watched as he walked over to Pauline and Cassie, nodding at one of the guards as he did so.


“Your turn, Miss Pauline,” he said as he grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as she moaned underneath.   Cassie moved the blade away from her neck as she was handgagged by the guard, her eyes wide over the leather glove as she watched the Master push Pauline against the wall next to Josephine and kiss her as hard and a s roughly as he had her friend.


Pauline forced her tongue into his mouth, fighting back to the urge to puke as she did so, even as she felt her own body responding as well to his rough pressing.  Eventually he released her, barely allowing her to gasp as he gagged her in the same way.


“Continue with the examination,” he said to the two guards, “While I deal with Miss Cassandra here.”  The two watched as the guards stood in front of them, the smiles on their faces growing as the groped and pushed into their chests with their hands.  Over their shoulders they could see Cassie been forced to kiss the Master the same way as they had, the chains between her ankles rattling as her head turned in a practised, resigned manner.


He pushed her over to the wall as well, holding her firmly from the front as the two kissed, his hands pressing against her white blouse as her breasts seemed to sink into her chest.  Eventually, he stood back and reached to his waist, the eyes of Pauline especially widening as she saw his trousers and shorts drop to the ground, his erect penis hanging between his legs.


“Now for the final test,” he said as he stood in front of Pauline, lifting the front of her lab coat up as he unzipped her skirt and allowed it to drop to the ground.  She saw the look of passion and gloating in his face as he began pressing down hard on her chest, even as he forced himself in between her legs.  She screamed into her gag as she felt him thrust into her, the throbbing making her ache as he pressed her body firmly against the wall with his own, his lips kissing and biting into her neck as she felt him growing and aching inside her.


It was brutal, hard and short as she felt him explode inside her, before withdrawing and walking in front of Josephine.  She closed her eyes as she felt him pushing hard into her, biting down on the cloth, determined not to give him the satisfaction of screaming or moaning.  She wanted to, as she felt him throbbing inside her and pressing against her, my god she wanted to, but she stayed silent, the hot tears starting to flow down her cheeks as he came within her as well.


“You both pass,” he said as he stood in front of Cassie.  “Are you ready, Miss Cassandra?”


“Yes, Master,” she said quietly as he pushed her hard against the wall, his lips encircling hers as the women watched him roughly penetrate her, his body firmly against hers as she bucked and moved in time with his motions.  It was short and brutal, as he withdrew and walked back to his discarded pants.


“That will be all,” he said as the guards took Josephine and Pauline by the arms.  “Welcome to the Faculty, Ladies - I look forward to spending much time with you.”



As the door to the common room opened, both Caroline and Amelia walked quickly over and took Josephine and Pauline by the arms, walking them to the circle of leather chairs before starting to untie them.


“Is he satisfied,” Ellie said as she hugged Cassie.


“I hope so,” she said as she looked at the two women.  “They were taken by surprise, no warning.  I was discussing some new arrivals with him when they were brought in.”


Josephine rubbed her arms and started to unbutton her lab coat, revealing the blouse and skirt underneath.  “This really is our life, isn’t it?” she said with a sob.


“I’m afraid so,” Caroline replied with a sad smile, “but we have something far more important than that swine who owns us.”




“Each other,” Ellie said.  “After all, that is all we have here - that last precious inch.”




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