The Fat Man Cometh…







“I’ll teach you to meddle in my affairs,” he sneered as he pulled the rag tightly round her head, securing the ends at the base of her neck as Lady Dorothy Paine struggled.  The rough brown rope he had used to secure her wrists and ankles were biting into her skin, despite her leather driving gloves and wool tights, it was so tight – and the gag tasted of sweat and something faintly unpleasant.


She turned onto her side and watched as he walked out of the room, closing the door as she considered what she was going to do next.


Rebecca Wesley sat back and looked at the screen, ignoring the sounds coming from outside the front room.


“Are those ropes too tight Dorothy?” she final said.


“You tell me Rebecca,” Dorothy replied in her soft drawl,” this after all is going on in your imagination, not in the real world.”


“You could be more helpful Dorothy, what’s the use of me bring able to envisage you perfectly if I can’t get feedback from you?”


“Don’t ask me darling, all I know is that you have my hands tied behind my back, and my ankles bound…Oh…”




“If I have a gag in my mouth, how am I talking?”


“With difficulty I suppose,” Rebecca laughed.


“Very funny – and just where did he find this rag anyway?”


“Would you believe, under the kitchen sink for the cottage?”


“Hmm – explains the faint taste of carbolic and tar, I suppose…”


“Endure, Lady Dorothy, endure,” Rebecca said as the front door opened and closed.


“Are you talking with your characters again Becs?” Milly, her flatmate asked as she came in from work and removed her wet coat.


“Is it raining that badly?” Rebecca asked, as she watched her friend try and shake dry her hair.


“Cats and Dogs,” Milly said, “I got soaked just running home from the bus stop.”




“And you didn’t answer me,” the redhead said as she stood with her hands on her hips, “are you talking to Dorothy again? You know they say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.”


“I know, I really do,” Rebecca laughed, ‘but Lady Dorothy Paine is so real in my imagination that I can actually hold conversations with her.”


“What predicament do you have her in at the moment?”


“Steve Steele has found her looking round poor Mrs. Batty’s cottage for clues, and she is currently on the floor of the front room her arms tied behind her back, her ankles bound, and a gag in her mouth.”


Milly stood, her head to one side as she said “How can she talk to you if she’s gagged?”


“You know Mill, that was just what she said.”


“She did?” Milly laughed, “God I’m getting as bad as you are, talking as if she’s a real person. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know just how many copies of your first book have been sold, I think I’d seriously be questioning your sanity.”


“Hey - at least being a full-time writer now means I don’t have to come home from work in the rain.”


“Lucky you…Alright I’ll have a quick soak in the tub.  We can decide what to eat after that.”


“Go on Mill, “Rebecca said as she turned back to the screen, “I’ll get back to Dorothy’s predicament.”


“Okay,” Milly smiled as she locked the bathroom door behind her.


“Now Dorothy, where were we?” Rebecca whispered to herself.


“Wondering how I can talk with this abominable rag in my mouth darling.”


“Yes…Oh this is silly, I’ll write that somehow it works its way loose.”


Eventually, Dorothy through a combination of her tongue and stretching her mouth managed to push the now dark grey rag from her mouth, looking at it as it fell onto her chest.  “A wash cloth?  And a dirty one at that?  Some people have no sense of taste or style,” she thought to herself as she tried to get free, and…


“Is he still here, or can I scream?”


“You can try Dorothy,” Rebecca said, “but remember this cottage is half a mile from anywhere. Who is going to hear you?”


“Point taken.”


“Now I have to work out how either you free yourself, or someone does come and find you.”


“That young policeman could come rescue me, and to prove how grateful I am. I could do some unspeakably naughty things to him,” Dorothy giggled.


“Can we concentrate on something other than your carnal fantasies please?”


 “Spoilsport…can’t you give him a great big huge…”


“Truncheon,” Rebecca interrupted.


“If you want to use that euphemism darling.” Dorothy drawled.  “That would be most satisfactory…”


“No we are not looking into how big a policeman’s truncheon is?”


“Well maybe Jed the farm labourer can find me…”


“And I suppose he can show you how to plough a straight furrow?”


“It’s a thought.”


“Honestly Dorothy since I revealed you aren’t a virgin you’ve become sex mad,” Rebecca shook her head.


“I’m just a girl with a wonderful attractive face and body, and good taste in men.”


“More than I’ve ever had.” Rebecca sighed as she thought back over some of the losers she had been out with.


“Are you sure you aren’t a Lesbian Rebecca; you always seem more interested in Milly then I’ve ever known you to be about a man?”


“That’s not true Dorothy.”


“Darling you might dream about men a lot of the time, but how often when you use that battery powered thingy of yours are you having fantasies about Milly as you lay there on the bed.”


“Alright Dorothy you’ve made your point.”


“Darling tell me which of these appeals to you more. Jed the farm labourer's huge hands running up the inside of your thighs, or Milly nuzzling on your titties?”


“I don’t know, both sound good to me Dorothy. I could truly fancy right now having some burly agricultural type giving my twat a great workout, his cock ramming into me hard. But then I’d also like to be ramming my new strapon into Milly as she does just what I tell her to do.”


“Haven’t I asked you before if it isn’t time for you to decide if you want to be dominated, or be a dominatrix?”


“Yes we have, and I still don’t know the answer.” Rebecca gave herself a shake; “anyway all of this talk is getting us no closer to getting you released…is it?”




“Hey,” Milly said as she came in, “resolved the problem yet?”


“Not yet – I’m trying to visualise…”


“Her lying on the floor struggling?”  Milly had put on a short sleeved blouse and a knee length black leather skirt.


“Going out again?”


“Maybe – maybe not – depends on if I can do.”


“Rebecca, sweet darling,” Dorothy said, “if ever there was a time…”


“Hey…  Nah, you wouldn’t…”


“Wouldn’t what Becs,” Milly said as she stood by the door.


“Will you help me out here?  I mean, would you let me tie your hands and feet, like Dorothy, and see if that gives me an idea of how she gets out?”


“And if I do,” Milly said as she looked at her.


“I’ll order Pizza for both of us.”


Looking at Rebecca, Milly said “eh – why not.  What are you going to use?”


“There darling – ice broken.”


“Hush,” Rebecca said as she stood up, and said “wait there.”  Going to the kitchen, she returned with a length of rope, and a pair of scissors.  Cutting a length free, she walked behind Milly, took a deep breath, and said “I’m going to stop you meddling in my affairs now Lady Dorothy” as she crossed her wrists, and started to tie them together.


“Hey – you sure you’ve never done this,” Milly said as she felt the rope pulling her arms together.


“No – I’ve read about it a lot though,” Rebecca said as she wrapped the rope around and between her wrists, and then tied it off, tucking the ends out of reach of Milly’s fingers.


“Hmm – so that’s how it’s done,” Dorothy whispered as Milly sat on the floor, watching as Rebecca cut another length of rope, then tied her ankles together in the same way as her wrists.


“You’d almost think you didn’t want me to get loose,” Milly laughed as she wriggled round, her blouse moving and opening slightly as she did so while Rebecca watched.


“Remember – research darling,” Dorothy giggled as Rebecca shook herself.  “Well, the evil villain wouldn’t want you to – and Lady Dorothy’s been through a lot worse.”


“Understatement of the year darling…”


“So how was your heroine when you left her,” Milly asked.


“Lying on her side on the floor, having finally managed to push the gag out of her mouth.”


“Well, you’ve gone this far – you may as well go on.”


“But what if you want me to stop?”


“I’ll kick you – what are you going to use?”


Rebecca thought for a moment, then went outside and came back with a long red silk scarf.


“I got a kitchen rag, she gets that?”


“Shut up, Dorothy,” Rebecca said as she pulled the scarf between her flatmate’s lips, and tied it round her head.


“Wllssdeffrerent” Milly said as she closed her lips over it.


“Hey – can you say some phrases for me and I’ll jot them down.  Say Help me.”


“Hlpppmmm,” Milly said as Rebecca typed.


“You’ll never get away with this.”




“What do you think you’re doing?”


“Whhtdufnnllurdeennn,” Milly giggled as she twisted round.  Rebecca turned and looked at her, before she said “I find this strangely exciting.”


Milly stared back at her, and then said “eeffndthsstshleexsetn.”


“Hmm – now does she my sweet darling?”


Rebecca looked at her friend, and then said “do you really?”  She watched Milly for a moment, and then saw her slowly nod her head.


“You know you’re helpless, I could do anything I wanted to you?”


Milly nodded again as Rebecca knelt in front of her, and gently stroked her hand down her cheek.  “Dorothy won’t admit it, but she finds it exciting as well.”


“Oh yes I will darling…”


Rebecca ignored the voice in her head, and leaned over, gently kissing Milly’s forehead and looking at her.  Milly looked back, and then nodded as she said “whttruggntdtmmm?”


“What Steve Steele might do,” Rebecca said as she unbuttoned the blouse, and stroked her hands over Milly’s body, the redhead sighing before she felt Bec’s lips on her throat and shoulders, her blouse pulled down her arms and then the hands on her chest as they gently stroked her.




“I guess I never really had the courage,” Rebecca said, “but I do find you incredibly attractive.  Shall I continue?”


“Good to ask darling,” Dorothy said as Milly nodded, and she started to massage her breasts, the other woman groaning as she pushed herself forward.  As Rebecca looked, she saw the darkening stain between Mill’s red lips, and then kissed her as her fingers probed inside the bra, feeling the firm nipples and gently squeezing them.


“Hmgdgddd,” Milly moaned as Rebecca eased the bra up, and started to kiss her chest and breasts, sucking and licking her nipples as her other hand slipped under the leather skirt.


“You’re going commando?”


“Hmmmyssskppddnththt,” Milly said as she wriggled at the feel of the fingers on her clit, Rebecca gently stroking as she continued to kiss and tease.  She closed her eyes, letting the sensations wash over her as Rebecca moved her skirt down, and then started to move down with her kisses.


“You know what a cunning linguist I am in my writing,” she whispered, Milly nodding as Rebecca moved her head between her legs, and she threw her head back, screaming into her gag.


Rebecca could feel her own heat growing as she gently kissed and eased Milly closer to the edge, closer, closer, as the rain began to beat more heavily on the windows.


“Oh so that’s how it feels,” Dorothy whispered in her ear as she heard Milly’s gasps getting louder and stronger – and then the scream as she shook, and Rebecca tasted the flow of her juices.


“Oh now that is sweet Darling – and so refreshing…”


As Milly collapsed on the floor, Rebecca looked at her and said “if I went too far…”


“Udeddnntt – cmhrrrr.”


Rebecca leaned over as Milly raised her head and kissed her cheek.  “nwwwbttheetpess?”


“In a minute – got something for you first…”






As he walked up to the door, Geoff was sweating.  Well, he was a large man – in waist and height – and he had been sampling the wares too much recently.


Anyway – he rang the doorbell, and waited as Rebecca answered, wearing a black t-shirt and tight leggings.


“Here you go – one large Supreme, one large Pepperoni with extra cheese.”


“Thanks,” Rebecca said as she paid Geoff, and watched him waddling down the street.  Smiling, she walked back into the front room, put the pizzas on the table, and then reached down, slowly pulling the large dildo from Milly’s passage as she groaned again, and turning it off.


“Ready to eat?”


“I think she’s ready to eat you, darling,” Dorothy said as Milly looked at her, slowly nodding as she groaned again into the soaking wet scarf.


“Pizza first though, all right?”









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