The Mousetrap – Part 5







Saturday 5th November

10 am PT

Beverley Hills Forume


"So what were the other girls talking about at breakfast?" Donald asked as Laura and Miley came back into the suite.

"Mainly about the racing," Laura smiled.

"In between talking about boys of course," Miley added.

"Of course," Aggie laughed as she came out of the bedroom.

"So how did your early business meeting go with Shirley and the others go darling?" Donald stood up and kissed his wife-to-be.

"Oh not too badly." Aggie kissed him back. "How did your little meeting with Dan Amatrescu and Guy go?"

"Well I passed onto them both HMG's worries about the proposed rules regarding the movement of race horses, but to be honest it's not really my field of expertise."

"I'll admit I wondered why it was you who was briefed to hold these 'informal discussions' Donald darling."

"Guy invited that arab chap Mr al Salim to join us."

"Well given the prominence of his region in the sport of kings I suppose that made sense."


“Well, get dressed girls,” Donnie said, “we want to get to the track early…”





“You have to be kidding me.”


"I wish I was, but I’m not. So do you see the problem Cass?" Juliette asked as they stood in the lobby.

"I do," the Irish actress pursed her lips, "You want to fake this woman getting killed and in the process fool not only the local police, but an assortment of spies?"

"That about sums it up."

"Damn you don't ask for anything easy do you Ju?"

"Are you saying it can't be done darling?"

"Oh it can be done," Cassandra shook her head, "I'm just not sure it can be done in this short a time."

"Do you know a special effects tech with the skills to rig it?"

"Actually I do Ju...Me."

"You Cassie?" Juliette looked shocked.

"Remember I'm a method actress, well when I did that film about the stuntwoman I spent a lot of time hanging out with the stunt and special effects people and I learned a bit about how they do it."

"I think this might require a bit more then knowing just a bit."

"No I can do this.  But I need to get some things from the studio.  When is Maddie expecting Consumpta to join her?"


“The timings suggest by two – call her.  What about Rick and the kids.”


“I’ll tell them I’ve been called in for a studio meeting – that happens all the time.  Wish me luck…”




10.45 am PT

Xavier International


"Are you saying that this time we mustn't kill anyone who tries to get in our way boss?"

"I'm saying precisely that Renee."  Maddie looked round the table at the other six women, before she said “this is a matter of critical importance for Madame and others.”

"You do remember these race track guards carry guns,” Rose said quietly, “REAL guns?"

"I do," Madeline smiled, "it's going to make it interesting isn't it?"

"Well that's one word for it I guess," Tracey looked up from scanning the outline of the plan.

"We intimidate them, we scare the hell out of them, but except in the direst of circumstances the only person who gets 'shot' is this one particular woman."

"So our guns will actually be loaded?"

"Yes Darlene."

"You just don't want us to use them?

"That's the idea," Madeline nodded.

"Don't the Pussycats take hostages and use them for leverage?" Tracey asked.

"They do, which is why our first task is for some of you to go grab this guy and his wife in Burbank," Maddie pointed at a photograph.  “Meet Bart Johnson and his wife Sharon.  Bart is one of the chief tellers at the racecourse, and he is due on duty at three today – only this time, we need to get to him first.  JD – I want you to take Rose and Daisy for this.  Costumes are in the changing area.”


“I guess I’ll be Miss Bobcat,” JD drawled.


“Typecasting much,” Daisy giggled.


“Well try this for size – you two are Miss Tigress and Miss Lynx.  Go and get ready,  the rest of us need to…” Maddie paused as her cell phone went off, and she answered it.


“Con?  You got my text?


“And you’re in the fair city?


“Excellent – meet us at the previous rendezvous at 1400.  I’ll brief you there…”


11 am PT

Beverley Hills Forume



“Agnes,” Marianne said as she came out of the elevator with Donald, and met her and John in the lobby, “Peter just passed me with Alex, and they didn’t say a word.  Is something happening?”


“I’m not sure – you’re probably asking the…  Oh my god.”


“What is it darling,” Donald said as he looked at a couple who had just walked into the lobby.  They were about the same age as them, the women tall and elegant in a grey dress coat and heels, the man wearing an obviously tailored blue suit.  He looked at them, and then smiled as the woman glanced in their direction – then stopped and looked again.


“Is that really you Agnes?”


“It is,” Agnes said as she walked over and hugged the woman, “how are you Katy?”


“I’m well, thank you – and the very fact you are here confirms the news we had heard.  Do you know…”


“Oh I know these two,” the man said as he kissed Agnes, and shook Donald’s hand, “but what on earth are you two doing here?”


“Long story – Marianne, can I impose on you to wait for the girls to come down, and then let me know?”


“Of course,” Marianne said with a smile as Donald guided the two new arrivals to the coffee shop.


“Girls?  Is there something the two of you want to tell me,” the woman said as they sat down, and Donald ordered coffee.


“Short version?  We are engaged again, and we’ve adopted two girls as our daughters.”


“Are they…”


“From my school?  Yes – but like you, I’ve retired from that side of my life and started to work as an economics consultant…”


“While my wife is now a Psychology professor,” her husband said as the coffee was served.  “And as for you Donald – the British Ambassador to France?”


“Indeed – and a lot happier now than I have been for a long time.”


“I heard about Catherine – was it all true?”


“I’m afraid so – but that, as we keep saying to each other, is the past,” Donald laughed.


"I didn't know that you knew Agnes and Donald darling?" Katy said as she looked at her husband quizzically.

"Well it was after we broke up Katy. It was when I was doing some work for a couple of years out of my firms London office. I got to know Donald and aggie socially," the lawyer smiled.

"And in all those years we were friends and that we served on the Council together you never told me that you knew John Aggie?"

"I knew he'd had a traumatic relationship breakup Katy, and that whoever it was with was Kirsten's mother, but I never knew who the woman was..."

"Or that it was because that woman was a Domme?" Katy interrupted.

"No, and remember I knew John only before my own secret came out. He sent me to

Coventry just as everyone did when it came out I was Lady D'Eath."

"John's work brought him to London regularly though and he and I stayed friends," Donald smiled.


“So why are you here?”


“Going with friends to the Breeder’s Cup meeting – we are social friends of the Duc du Grechy and the other owners of Saints’N’Sinners.”


“So you are part of that group now?  You really have come back into society,” Katy said with a smile as Agnes remembered when they had met as members of the elite ruling body of their world – at that time…


“I have – and with help from other good friends, my record has been expunged.  Listen – if you are not busy today, join us at the racecourse – there are some people I would love you to meet…”


Katy looked at John, who nodded as he said “so who is going to be there?”


“Where would you like to begin…”


“Hey Mum – Aunt Marianne said you were in here with some friends?”


Katy looked at the two girls in their dresses, as Agnes said “I am indeed – Katy, these are our daughters, Laura and Miley.  Girls, this is John and Katy Rucker, some old friends of your father and I who are local to here.”


“Hello,” Miley said as she held Laura’s hand, “are you coming today as well?”


“I think so – sit down and tell me about yourselves,” Katy said as Agnes excused herself and walked to the elevators. 


As she stepped out onto the executive floor, she saw Francesca closing the door to her suite, Charlotte and Piet standing with Frances in his arms.


“Francesca, do you have a moment?”


“I’ll wait downstairs,” Piet said as he walked down the corridor, Francesca and Charlotte looking at Agnes.


“Two things – first, Little Mother, I can confirm something has happened with Alex Green.  Amazone says they have already left for the track, and Alex looked worried.”


Charlotte looked at Francesca, who nodded as she said “inform those who need to know, to watch her.”  As Charlotte walked away, Francesca said quietly “Shirley and others are going to execute our plan.”



“Well, I may have another side to advise us.”


“Oh – who?”


"Francesca,” Agnes said quietly, “do you know Professor Katy Rucker?"


"I can't say I do Agnes. Why do you ask?"


"Well, you might remember her as the Countess Catherine de la Mironde."


"Ah…AH! Then I do," Francesca smiled, "I didn't hear she had remarried?"


"She married John Rucker who is a San Francisco attorney, and the mother of her daughter."


"She's had a baby, at her age darling?" the Marchesa looked shocked.


"No the daughter who was taken away from her literally out of her womb, many, many, years ago."


"Oh my God,” Francesca said quietly as she rubbed her arm, “she's another one of 'us'?"


"She is. Katy gave up her child, and the man she loved above all because he and his parents found out she had been funding her studies at Harvard by being a dominatrix."


"Like you Aggie?"


"Yes, but Katy's life story has elements in it that should be familiar to several people we know.  She became one of the most revered Madames on this side of the water until – well, that’s not relevant right now."


"I can see that," Francesca shook her head. "So why did you ask if I knew her?"


"Because in her former life and role as 'The Countess' she had contacts that even Shirley doesn't have, and because I just ran into her downstairs and I figured out we could maybe use her help with what we are going to do today."


"Would she help?"


"Let's put it this way darling,” Agnes said quietly, “she owes me and Penny a favour for helping clear up a mess that a couple of her young friends found themselves in."


“But how could she help?”


“Professionally and as a possible hideaway,” Agnes said quietly, “for now, they’re coming to the racecourse.  We can talk to her then…”



Xavier International


“Maddie,” Tracey said as she looked over from the phone, “Consumpta O’Clare – she needs a quick word?”


“Of course – give me the room for a few minutes, will you,” Maddie said as Tracy left, then pressed the secure button before sitting down.  “What have you managed to do?”


“I think the best way to ensure that she disappears, presumed dead, is for her to be in a car as it blows up,” Cassie said from her office in the studios, “but we’re going to need an explosion that destroys everything, leaves no trace.  I can get everything else set up, but the charge…”


“We’re going to need something like thermite, but we haven’t time to get the real thing,” Maddie said as she sat down, “but you are right, we need to leave no traces.  I’m going to place a call to someone, see if we can find a contact.”


“The other thing is we really need to make sure she goes underground until we can get her somewhere safer,” Cassie said.


“Shirley just said the same thing – apparently Francesca indicated Agnes may know someone…”


“Well, I’ll bring the jury-rigged car to the rendezvous.  See you there…”


As the call ended, Maddie rubbed her chin.  “She is going to hate me – or Penny is, one or the other…”



1 pm

Santa Anita Racecourse


“Well, here we are again,” Agnes said as she and Donald came into the hospitality suite, smiling as the girls went to join Suzie Clarke and her sisters at one of the tables by the windows.


“So you definitely have the day off today Angel,” Donald said as he kissed his niece.


“Oh yes – apart from providing advice to the rest of the family, and seeing if they take it or not,” Angel said as she stood in her grey trouser suit, a white camisole under the jacket.  “People such as David here, who needs all the help he can get.”


“Har de har,” David Clarke said as he nodded to Winston, who had just arrived with Jeannie and her family, and then shook Curt Richardson’s hand as he came in with Jo.  “Where are the others?”


“Ju and the family are on their way, but Abby was waiting for…  Hello have we met?”


“Oh good, you made it,” Agnes said as another couple joined them.  “Allow me to introduce…”


“Professor Rucker?”


“It’s David Clarke isn’t it,” Katy Rucker said as she looked at the young freshman, “I trust you have your assignment completed for Tuesday?”


“Almost – Jo, Curt, Angel, allow me to introduce Professor Katy Rucker.  Professor Rucker, this is Angel Fitzstuart, Joanne Smith and Curtis Richardson.”


“Pleasure – you are the author of the treatise on penology published last year, Doctor Richardson?  A fascinating read.”


“As was your book on the psychology of domination,” Curt said with a smile.  “It was required reading when I was doing my first degree.”


“My husband Jack – Joanne, you are a model correct, as is Angel?”


“That’s right – but I’m studying Psychology at William Smith,” Jo said, “so I have heard of you as well…”




“Welcome, sister,” Ama said as she saw Nyala come in with her foster parents, “I am glad you could join us today.”


“Well, we could not refuse the invitation – hello sister, and I hear congratulations are in order.  Maisha Xavier?”


“For now – but Maisha Xavier Hammond come the endof the year.  I see we have a fine gathering so far?”


“Indeed – let me introduce you to some of our newest members,” Ama said as Agnes made her way over to join Shirley.


“Madeline has everything in hand,” Shirley whispered as Agnes stood with her.  "So who were the couple I saw you with earlier Agnes?"

"Two old friends Shirley,” Agnes said as she took her glasses off, cleaned them, and then replaced them “and I'm amazed that you don't at least recognize her. I know Penny certainly would."

"If she was one of your mutual friends in 'that' lifestyle Aggie,” Shirley laughed gently, “then remember darling that wasn't really my scene."

"I sometimes forget that you weren't one of 'us' Shirley." Agnes smiled, "if you were then you'd almost certainly know who "The Countess' was."

"Tell me about her then please?"

"Well she's about 10 years older then I am, and in several ways we've led very similar lives."

"I noticed her aristocratic manner," Shirley smiled slightly as she looked over.

"Well don't let that fool you. Catherine, or Katy as she prefers, was born in poverty in West Virginia, won a scholarship to Harvard, which is where she met John her husband, and nowadays she's a professor teaching psychology at Stanford."


"Like me though she financed her college career by working as a pro Domme."

Smiling, Shirley said "You do have similar backgrounds then?"

"And just like me Shirley it all came out in a blaze of publicity, Donald was just telling me that on the way here. John called off their marriage, her daughter Kirsten was taken from her after she gave birth to her, and she was forced to sign documents stating she would never try contact him or their child."

"Oh dear Goddess that's terrible."

"In many ways it’s even worse then what happened to Francesca.   But, like Francesca, they were reunited and reconciled, and she was reunited with John as well."

"So you came to know her professionally I guess?"

"You might say that,” Agnes smiled.  “I also served a term on the Council, our governing body, but like with Madame Blaze in New York we occasionally talked.  In fact, I think she is going to prove invaluable today in particular.”


“Oh – why?”


“Her specialism is the psychology of domination – and we need that insight…”




“Alex, you managed to make it?”


“Oh – Marianne,” Alex Green said as she turned and stood in her grey coat dress, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you there.”


“Are you all right, Alex – you look so different from…”


“Marianne, I…”


“Hello Marianne,” Peter Hope said as he joined them, “I’m glad I bumped into you.  I have to tell you we need to return to South Africa this evening.”


“Oh – I am sorry to hear that,” Marianne said as she put her hand on Alex’s arm.  “I hope we get a chance to meet soon after I come back – come and see me at Meyerskopp.”


“I’d…  I’d like that,” Alex said as she tried to smile.


“Well, forgive me if I take my wife for a walk,” Peter said as he took Alex by the arm.  Marianne could see she was afraid, as John came over to join her.


“I wish Angle was down here…  Marianne?”


“John, look at them,” she said quietly as John saw Peter whisper into his wife’s ear, and then take her along. 


“Why?  What are you seeing I’m not?”


"The way he's watching Alex it's like he has her under arrest or something," Marianne whispered to John her husband, "is something going on?"

"How would I know?" John pointedly kept looking at the horses being saddled, hoping the subject would go away.

"You'd know my darling because even if you have resigned from the intelligence services, you still have eyes and instincts."

"Let me say just one thing,” John said quietly, “if this is to do with what I think it is Marianne lover, we all may be facing questions and scrutiny in the near future."

"Meaning what?"

"Meaning that Hennie and others might be putting Alex Green under a microscope and examining her life in microscopic detail."

"Are you saying they think she's a spy for someone else?" Marianne paused and suddenly thought, "is she one of Francesca's old agents?"


John merely nodded as he saw Andrea di Matteo looking at Peter…


“Goddess – John, you need to know something.”




“The Sisters extended the hand of friendship to her today, and she accepted it.”


Nodding, John said “then we do have a situation…”




Xavier International


Maddie sat at her desk, tapping her foot before a voice said quietly “hello?”


“Helen?  It’s Madeline Moore, my apologies if I woke you up.”


“Actually – well, I was just retiring,” Maddie heard her say as there was some giggling in the background, “to what do I deserve the honour of your call?”


“I need your expertise, and your contacts, Helen.”


“I understood The Mongoose and The Swan were there with you this weekend…”


“Not in that area – Helen, we need to extract someone in a way that means she is believed to be dead, in a hurry – and as far as we can see, the best way to do that is to make people believe they died in an explosion.”


“It is possible, but with modern forensics you need to – ah.  I see your problem, you need something that would leave no traces.”


“Indeed – and we do not have time to use our usual contacts.”


“When will you need this material?”


Looking at the clock on the wall, Maddie said “within the hour.”


“I need to call the Honoured Father, but I know someone who can help at such short notice.  She will contact you directly within the hour, and you can brief her on where to meet and what is needed.”


“Helen, I thank you, and I thank the Honoured Father for his assistance.”


“Well, after the London issue was resolved, he may view this as a debt of obligation.  This is dangerous stuff, Maddie – be very careful.”


“Thank you again,” Maddie said as there was a knock on the door, Tracey coming in as she replaced the handset.  “Well?”


“Two identical vehicles, as per your request, on their way to the rendezvous.   JD and the others are in position, awaiting the word.”


“We need to get going,” Maddie said as she stood up and put her jacket on, “time is short…”


As they left the office, JD was passing.


“On your way?”


“Yeah – but why did you pull Rose and Daisy?”


“Change of assignment – we’re bringing two specialists in, and they will assist you.  Codenamed Miss Panther and Miss Jaguarini – I’ll text the rendezvous to you…”






1.30 pm PT

Santa Anita



"Welcome back to our coverage of the Breeder’s Cup meeting 2016 – and I'm very pleased to say I am here with Lady Yvonne Leventhal," Claire Balding said as she looked at the camera.

"Hello Claire," the elegantly dressed woman smiled in reply.

"Now it might be said that you have something of an interest in both the principal contenders in what should be a classic mile championship this afternoon?"

"In so much that I'm a close friend of members of the owners group of Saintz n Sinners, and that my brother is the trainer of Acadaria, then I guess I do."

"Now you were a fine show-jumper as a younger woman,” Clare said as she held the microphone, “have you actually ridden either horse?"

"No that's something I leave to younger people," Yvonne laughed.  “My competitive days are long behind me.”

"So you have no insights as to which might be the better?"

"Only what I've learned listening to others talk."

"And that is what?"

"That this should be an extremely close race, both camps are very happy with the condition of their horses and believe they will run well."

"So you don't have a tip for our viewers?"

"I'm afraid not Claire." Yvonne smiled at the camera again.

"And cut," The cameraman called out.

"So you really have no ideas Vonnie?" Claire asked as they both relaxed.

"Not a one darling, both Bill and Toddy are saying they've done everything they can, now it is just down to the horses and riders to decide which is better.  What I can say is it should be a classic race…"





"So is there any other animal in the race that we should be considering?" Francesca asked with interest as she looked up from her copy of the Daily Racing Form.

"Well there are a couple that impressed me, Marnie, and Angel as looking fit when we watched them being led over to be saddled," Sue Gresham-Fox looked at the notes she had scribbled on her program, "but  none of us honestly could see them beating Saintz or Acadaria, they both looked superb."

"I agree," Francesca scanned the odds boards, "and the betters certainly seem to see this as a two horse race."

"With Saintz likely to start a slight favourite darling," Mandy drawled.

"It looks that way to me."

“Is it just me being stupid, or is there almost electricity in the air?" John Gaunt asked as he and Kits joined the conversation.

"Oh no it's real," Francesca smiled, "I've felt this atmosphere before when two great horses have been matched. Whether Saintz wins or loses I know this will be a race that we all remember for the rest of our lives."


As she looked over, she saw Alex and Peter Green come in, but Alex looked worried and drawn, as they went to sit in a quiet corner.





"You know this could give me a complex," Ally looked around herself, "here I am, I know I look gorgeous, and yet not one man is paying me attention."

"I'll agree it is indeed a rare occasion," Carina found herself laughing, "who'd have ever thunk Ally Rochermann could be upstaged by a group of horses?"

"Yeah who'd of thunk it?" Abby joined in the laughter. "Just take comfort from the fact that there are a horde of famous models here Ally, and that none of us is getting anything more then casual glances."

"I suppose," Ally looked as a handsome man brushed by her, his head buried in the racing newspaper.

"Well I suppose till the big race is over we should turn our attention to the horses as well," Carina looked down through her binoculars to where Annie had taken the three children down to look at the horses, smiling as she saw her daughter holding on to the side of the double buggy as her wife pushed the twins.


“I suppose so – but it just seems so unfair…”





“All right, Bones, it is time for you to spill.”


“Spill?  Spill what,” Erica said as she found herself cornered by Poppy and the other girls.


“What is the theme for your Sweet Sixteen, and where will it be held,” Jess said as she sat on the other side.


“Oh THAT,” Erica said with a smile, “you only had to ask.  The invites come on Monday, but the place is in Alphabet City, and the theme is Eighties…”




“She appears to be a fascinating person,” Charlotte said as she sat with her mother, feeding Frances.


“Who does?”


“Professor Rucker – do you know who she was?”


“Oh yes I do, indirectly,” Francesca said as she nodded her head.


“In what way?”


“Well, let me put it like this.  Have you never asked yourself how American Intelligence knew that putting Eleanor into Aggie's dungeon was the way to get at that North Korean diplomat?" Francesca smiled at her daughter.

"Not really,” Charlotte said as Frances detached herself and burped, “but from how you are talking this has something to do with both you and Professor Rucker. Am I right?"

"Oh it's safe to say that," Francesca smiled again, "I'd met him at a diplomatic party in London and he'd got slightly drunk and propositioned me..."

"A lot of men have done that Mamma," Charlotte intervened with a laugh.

"True, very true. In his case though what he was asking me to do wasn't straight sex, it was something decidedly kinky."

Charlotte finished adjusting her dress, her daughter lying contentedly on her lap, before she said "define kinky.  Do you mean BDSM Kinky?"

"You might say that darling, and despite my reputation well out of my comfort area. Well, to cut a long story short I contacted Jeff Hunter who was then CIA station head in London and told him that the North Korean's kinky tastes might be a way to turn him."

"Go on," Charlotte said quietly as she took a sip of her drink.

"Well Jeff knew that, if you wanted anything or any assistance from the BDSM world, you needed go through its Council."

"And Professor Rucker was part of that Council?"

"As ‘The Countess she was the then current president,” Francesca said as she watched Katy mingling with Agnes, “and it was her idea to put a female agent into Agnes's dungeon because she was pretty sure that, as hard core as his requests to me had been, it was only at Aggie's place that such tastes could be satisfied discreetly in London."

"And they put Eleanor in there?"

"Yes darling.  She blended in, turned the target, and then – poof, she disappeared."

"So from what you are saying,” Charlotte said quietly, “Professor Rucker had deep contacts in American Intelligence?"

"Yes," Francesca nodded, "the power Katy Rucker had as President of The Council gave her immense power, and favors flowed both ways, she did things for the Intelligence community..."

"And they did things for her," Charlotte finished the sentence.


“I think she could prove to be very useful today – I look forward to meeting her later…”


“Now this is someone I really want you to meet,” Agnes said as she approached the group, “Juliette, this is Professor Katy Rucker.  Katy, may I introduce Juliette Huntingdown – or would you prefer your full title?”


“And that is,” Katy said as she looked at the blonde.


“Her Serene Highness the Princess Juliette Huntingdown von Furstenheim,” Juliette said with a smile, “but Juliette is just fine.”


"In that case, it's nice to meet you Juliette," the professor said as they shook hands, and then kissed her on the cheek.


“My husband, Klaus – the rest of the family are in the paddock at the moment.”


“Charmed,” Klaus said as he kissed Katy’s hand, Agnes shaking her head as she watched.


"I believe we have a common friend, Juliette."

"Oh - who?"

"Cressida Adams,” Katy said with a smile, “the Managing Editor at Snetterton's."

"Then we do indeed," Juliette smiled, "how do you know Cress?"

"Well at one time I actually taught her. But in most recent times Snetterton's published my latest book on the psychology of dominance."

"Would it offend you if I said I hadn't read it?"

"No," the older woman laughed, "but I on the other hand can say that I've not only read all your books on fashion, but that I own them as well."

"Well thank you," Juliette blushed.

"So what are you working on now?"

"It's actually not a book on fashion."


"Yes,” Juliette said with a smile, “Trippler's commissioned me to write a book about my ancestress Dr Jane Huntingdown."

Katy raised an eyebrow as she said "The criminologist?"


"From what I remember learning about her, she was a ground breaking pioneer not just in her own field, but for women in academia generally."

"So I've come to learn as I've written this book.  She had so many facets…"

As Katy looked round, she said "may I ask who that very nervous man over there is please? I used to be in private practice as a psychologist and he almost looks as though he needs my help."

"Oh that's just Grant," Juliette smiled, "and don't worry he's always this way before one of Saintz's races. He's one of the owners and where racing is concerned he gets a lot stressed. Otherwise he's fairly normal and well adjusted."

"Ah I see," Katy laughed.



"Why are you watching Professor Rucker so intently sister dearest?" Heather smiled at Jo as she looked across the room.

"Well,” Jo said as she sipped her drink, “my chosen field is criminal behavior rather the dominance and submission, but to be honest I look at her and I see a role model for what I want to do in my career."

"Explanation please darling?"

"From what Curt was saying she's had an amazing career both as an academic, but also in private practice as a therapist, and I'm hoping that I'll do half as well."

"Yes she has led an amazing life," Heather smiled again as she looked across the room.

"Okay Big Sis I know that look, how come you know her?"

"I don't," Heather laughed lightly, "she doesn't know me as Heather Smith from Adam."

"Okay," the younger sister paused for a second, "but… oh dear Goddess, but she does know the Hidden Hand?" the words came out as a barely audible whisper.

"Yes dearest she's known the Hand for several years now. I've helped her with several things."

"Heather when will I learn all your secrets?"

"Hopefully never," the older girl looked around, "it's probably safest for both you, and other people, that you never know."

"Aren't you just tempted to go up to her and say Hi?"

'Immensely, but I won't." Heather smiled yet again, "I did send her a message though telling her I hope she enjoyed her day at the races."

"You did?  How did you know?"


Heather looked at Jo, who said “probably should not ask.  What did she reply?"

"Simply 'Thank you old friend'."




“There she is – pincer movement?”


“Pincer movement.”


“I’ll leave you two to talk,” Agnes said as she turned from the group, smiling as she walked over – and then found her arms been taken by two women as they alomost frog marched her away.


“What the…”


"Alright Aggie, spill the beans," Sherry demanded as she and Kay Cornwall dragged the Scotswoman into a quiet corner, "what the fuck is going on?"

"Going on?"

"Oh come off it darling we've both known you far too long not to spot the signs that you are up to something," Kay whispered.

“I have no idea what…”


“There are a few other things,” Sherry said, “such as Francesca looking as if something is on her mind.”


“The fact that Eleanor Ball has said she cannot make it in today,” Kay added.


“That Charlotte has bene talking to some of her African colelagues in hushed whispers, and your name is included in those whispers…”


“And finally, I look at Alex Hope-Green and she is not the same person she was yesterday,” Kay finished.  “So talk, Agnes – what’s going on?”


"Sherry,” the redhead said, her voice suddenly serious, “can you please let me and Kay talk privately?”



"Because this is the type of conversation you've always resisted getting involved in."

"You mean it's..?" the Irishwoman hissed.

"Yes," Agnes nodded. "Francesca asked Kay for help, and darling don't ask how I know that, I've been drawn in."

"It is perhaps best you leave Sherry," Kay nodded. "It seems Aggie and I have something to discuss."

"No," Sherry crossed her arms, "you two are my best friends, this time perhaps I do need to participate."


“You may regret that,” Agnes said quietly.  “Kay, talk to Francesca after this, but the short version is there is someone here who, a lifetime ago, worked for Francesca in South Africa.  That person is in imminent danger – no, scratch that, has been uncovered, and is imminent danger of disappearing for good.”


“Oh shit – that’s why Botha is here,” Kay said quietly as she looked round.




“General Henrick Botha, head of South African intelligence,” Kay said quietly.  “Francesca has already approached me to help me, but it may be too late.”


“Well, others may be stepping in – a plan is being implemented,” Agnes said quietly, “but you did not hear it from me – especially you Sherry.”


“Why especially – oh.  You mean Mike will not like it?”


“I mean neither of you may like it – but part of that plan is we need that person and her partner in a certain place at a certain time.  If you really want to help Sherry, help with that – and then get the hell out of there.”


“It might get messy?”


“Not if the parties concerned can help it, Kay.  Francesca and I need to talk to one person first.”




“Her,” Agnes said as she looked across the room.  Kay looked over and said “is that Professor Katy Rucker?  I have not talked to her for some time…  Which means the psychology of terror is involved.”


As Agnes nodded, Sherry said quietly “and when is this plan due to be implemented?”


Looking at her watch, Agnes said “soon…”


“I’m gonna kill her – and you Aggie, why the hell are you doing this?”


“Because I am a Sister,” Agnes said, Sherry staring at he for a moment.  "Look, I know you were asked to help and lay on an extraction Kay darling," Agnes paused, "and you will hate this, but I've modified the plans to make it look like Alex Green has not just been yanked away, but has been killed."

"YOU HAVE WHAT?" the MI6 woman practically screamed.

"I know it’s using you and your people as a diversion Kay, but for Alex it will be far better that the South Africans think she's dead, and not the Italian Intelligence  has her in a protection programme somewhere."


“So we go ahead with what I had planned…”


“But someone else will get to her first – it’s vitally important people believe this has truly happened.”


"How are you doing this Aggie, or shouldn't I ask?" Sherry looked as though she was trying to get her head round the whole thing.

"Literally by using smoke and mirrors darling. We are going to make people believe what they are seeing is real, when in fact it’s a huge illusion."

"Who is helping with this Aggie or don't I need to know?"

"Just accept that favours have been called in, and that this is part Hollywood, and part real life underworld, all working to get Alex Green out."


“One question,” Sherry asked as she looked at her two friends, “why would calling this Alex Green a Sister make you both need to be involved?  What sisters?”


“Just trust me,” Agnes said as Kay nodded, “it is something you don’t need to…”




“Has Mike ever mentioned the Sisters of Maisha to you Sherry?”


The two women looked at her as she said “only in whispers – my god, it’s real?”


“They helped at Ardray, they may be helping here,” Agnes said quietly.


2 pm PT

1201 E Cypress Av, Burbank


“So when is Bart due to finish,” Ramona Dancombe said as she sat at the kitchen table.  Sharon Johnson smiled as she sipped her coffee, and said “not before eight – big race day after all.”


The Dancombes and the Johnsons has been neighbours for ten years – Ramona’s husband Derek was a security guard at the same course that Bart worked at.  The dark skinned woman was in her early thirties, and was wearing a sleeveless blue dress with a pair of matching sandals.  Sharon was a couple of years older, and wearing a blue short sleeved blouse and jeans with a pair of black ankle boots.


She glanced out of the window to see Karen, her twelve year old daughter, playing with Billy Johnson.  They were in the same class at school, and had been working on a project together before they had been forced to go outside.


“Now who could that be,” Sharon said quietly as she heard the knock on the front door.  “Back in a minute.”  Ramona nodded as her friend put the cup down, and went out of the kitchen.


“Yes, can I…”


The silence was broken by the sound of other people coming in, as Ramona looked up – and then gasped as Sharon returned, walking backwards as three women came after her.  They were identically dressed – tailored blue trouser suits with blue scarves tied at their necks and tucked in like cravats, and high heeled leather shoes.


But that was not the only thing identical about them – they also all had on soft leather gloves, and wore a brooch in the shape of a cat on the lapel of their jackets.  They all had short black hair – and they all had dark stockings pulled down over their heads and tucked into the scarves.


One of them was holding what looked like a sawn off shotgun, the end in Sharon’s mouth, as another said “Dahlin, ah need you to sit real nice and quiet now.  Allow me to introduce ourselves – I ahm Miss Bobcat, this here is Miss Leopard and Miss Jaguarini, and we are Pussycats.  Ah trust y’all know what that means?”


Under her stocking mask, Eleanor looked at Sharon, her eyes filled with fear as her lips encircled the gun.  It was unloaded, but she was not to know that - the fear was the main thing for today.  But she was also amazed at how empowered it made her feel, as she glanced to each side.


She and Katy had met their contact and changed in the SUV the woman had driven.  It had surprised her, but from what Francesca had said, the only way to extract Alex was to do this – and she smiled inwardly at the thought of what was going on.


As she watched, Katy – sorry, Miss Jaguarini put a holdall on the kitchen table, as she growled “sit down, and don’t move a fucking muscle, bitch.”


“Pussycats?  As in the film?”


“No you stupid cunt,” Miss Jaguarini said as she took a length of cord from the bag, and walked quickly behind Ramona, pulling her wrists behind her back and quickly binding them tightly together, “we’re the real deal, so you should be fucking worried about two things.  Why we are here – and what we are going to do.”




Miss Leopard smiled as she watched Miss Bobcat.


“Ah good point, lady – mah friend here will take that out of your cocksucking hole, and you will call them in, so we can get real friendly with them.”


“Oh god,” Ramona whispered as she felt the tight cords on her wrists, Sharon slowly nodding as the gun was taken out, before Miss Leopard pushed her to the door to the yard.  She hugged herself, then opened it as she called out “Karen, Bobby, can you come in for a few minutes please?”


“Sure mom,” Karen called out as she came in with her friend.  Karen was wearing a pair of denim bib shorts and a white t-shirt, and Bobby a blue polo shirt and shorts, both of them smiling as they came in – only to see the three masked women, one of them holding a shotgun as another closed the door.


“Welcome, lill ones,” the third woman said in her southern accent, “mah friends and I are gonna be here a while, so ah’m afraid playtime is over.  Miss Jaguarini – make sure they cannot be a bother to us, and make sure they are real comfortable.”


“My pleasure, Miss Bobcat,” the masked woman said as she took ropes from the bag, and pulled the arms of both of the children behind them, securing them before they were pushed into the front room.


“Now, cocksuckers,” Miss Leopard growled as Miss Bobcat bound Sharon’s wrists behind her back, “here is the deal.  You do as we say, everyone lives.  You do a single fucking thing to raise the alarm or annoy us, the kids die.  You REALLY fucking annoy us, you all die.”


“But why are you doing this,” Ramona asked as she twisted round.


“Well, ah’m real glad you asked that sugar,” Miss Bobcat said as she took a longer length of rope form the bag, and started to bind her arms to her sides.  “We need yer fuck machines to do something for us, ain’t that right Miss Leopard dahlin?”


“We most assuredly do,” Miss Leopard replied, smiling under the mask, “we most assuredly do…”



2.15 pm PT

Santa Maria


“Looking good,” Todd said as he patted the horse on the shoulder, and then lifted his leg.


"Can I wish you and Saintz all the best of luck Toddy?"


The American trainer looked up from checking the horse’s shoes and smiled as he recognised the smartly dressed man standing there.

"Thank you Sir William,” he said as they shook hands, “and the best of luck to you and Acadaria as well."

"Just call me Bill please," the British trainer smiled.

"Alright Bill."

"If this goes as I think it might,” he said as he looked round, “then our horses might be forever linked in the collective memory you know?"

"They might just," Toddy stood up straight and nodded at the stable man. "Saddle him please."

"Yes boss."

"I guess I better go watch my guy being saddled."

"Okay, but first let me shake your hand again Bill," Toddy walked to the entrance to the stall, "and I really do mean Good Luck."





“Incoming,” Rose called out as the doors to the warehouse were opened up, and a black SUV was driven in, the girls looking at it as it came to the stop and a tall, thin woman stepped out, wearing a black leather jacket and pants, her green eyes shining and her red hair cut short.


“Consumpta – thanks for stepping in today,” Maddie said as she came forward and hugged her.


“Sure, it’s a pleasure – and it sounded intriguing,” the Irish woman said in her soft brogue as she greeted the others.  “A Pussycat Gang style raid?”


“Indeed – three of us should be…”  She stopped as she took out a cell phone and answered it.


“Miss Panther?”


Cassie tried not to smile as Maddie said “Miss Leopard?  Are you in position?”


“We are – entertaining the families now.  We will call them in fifteen.”


“Good – make sure you have them there in time,” Maddie said as she ended the call, before saying “the second SUV?”


“I put in position, just as you asked – so what do we wear?”


“Come with me – show time ladies, time to become Pussycats.”



1201 E Cypress Av, Burbank


“For the love of god, please, don’t hurt them,” Sharon said as she felt the rope pulled up against her crotch as she stood there.  She and Rowena had their arms now tightly bound to their sides, with their chests forced out and framed by the bands, and their legs secured at the ankles, knees and thighs.


“Relax, sugah,” Miss Bobcat whispered into her ear as she tied the crotch rope off, and tugged on it, “little ones should have new experiences, shouldn’t they?”




Bobby and Karen were sat side by side on the floor, their wrists secured behind their backs and their upper arms forced into their sides with bands of rope around their upper arms and their stomachs.  Their ankles were also crossed and tied together, as were their legs below their knees, while their lisp were closed over a large knotted scarf that had bene pulled into their mouths, the band pulling the corners of their mouth back where they had been tied round their heads.


“Does that feel good, bitch,” Miss Leopard said as she pulled on the rope between Rowena’s legs, making her groan before they were both pushed into the chairs.  Miss Jaguarini was watching Bobby as he stared at the two older women, and then looked down.


“Oh my – I do believe young Bobby here is excited at what he is seeing,” she whispered as she knelt next to him, “are you excited darling?”


Bobby blushed as he tried to turn his head away, but the masked woman turned it with her gloved hand and looked at him.  He looked at her face, distorted by the stocking, before she said “Shall we find out?”


“Whtthshdhnn,” Karen said as she watched the woman opening Bobby’s shorts, and easing his cock out from the pants.  He shook his head, but Miss Jaguarini said “now, this is nothing to be embarrassed about – you are a fine, strong young man, and it’s only natural.  Show them why it is only natural for their mothers, ladies.”


Miss Leopard and Miss Bobcat looked at each other before they started to pull on the crotch ropes, Rowena and Sharon unable to stop themselves moaning as Karen watched the gloved hand, grasping Bobby’s cock and slowly starting to move it up and down.




Bobby closed his eyes and moaned as Karen watched it grow larger, and he felt the throbbing in it, a new experience, a different one…


An exciting one…


“Watch, little one,” Miss Jaguarini said as she kept going, “you may do this one day for a fine young man – maybe this one.  How does it make you feel to watch?”




“OH your mamma is getting real relaxed,” Miss Bobcat said as she continued to pull on the rope, “and in a little while, she’ll tell your papa what we ahl want him to do, but she needs to be ready.”


“Maybe we should get the young lady to pleasure him,” Miss Leopard said, Rowena shaking her head as she heard this, “teach her a few new tricks.”


“Nhhhh, phlddnhhh,” Karen said as she started to struggle, while Bobby closed his eyes, a long, soft moan escaping from him as some pre-cum started to come out.  She smiled and kept going, until finally Bobby started shaking and he let go of his load shooting out as his mother started to cry.


“Well now,” Miss Leopard said quietly, “time to call your fuck buddies…”







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