The Race is Won









“And we’re starting to get the bulk of the runners in for this year’s Tough Track run – give them all a big cheer as they come in, ladies and gentlemen...”


Tough Track was an understatement for the annual event, which involved contestants undertaking an army-style assault course to raise money for charity.  An assault course with some fearful obstacles, and mud – lots and lots of mud.  This was a race you had to train for, and as Kate hauled herself over the logs, dropping into the mud and sinking so that her ankles were covered, she was glad she had trained.


She was taking part to raise money for Cancer Research, and as she approached the finish line she was glad she had done it – even if she was exhausted.  The race number was almost caked in mud on her forehead, but as she stumbled over the finish line she raised her arms in triumph.  She then bent over, the edge of her black bra showing under the green vest, and smiled.


“What kept you?”


“Thanks for the support mom,” Kate said as she looked up.  Elena was also wearing a green top, a short sleeved t-shirt, while both were also wearing black leggings and running shoes, but she was just as caked in mud and sweat.


“Well, I hope you put plastic sheets down in the car,” Kate said as she stood up.


“They could do with showers here – but yeah, I did so,” Elena said.  “Come on, get some water and then we’ll head off.”


Nodding, the two women headed towards the water station, unaware they were being watched...




“All right then,” Elena said as she fished in her bag for the car keys, “we get home, shower, and then order in before your father gets back.  How does that sound?”


“Sounds good to me,” Kate said as she waited for her mother to unlock the car, taking a swig from the bottle of water as she did so.  As she swallowed, she was taken by surprise by the damp cloth that was clamped over her nose and mouth, making her feel drowsy as she was dragged backwards...


“Kate?”  Elena looked round, the car keys in her hand, and whispered “where on earth have you go to?”  So she was totally unprepared for the chloroform soaked cloth that was clamped over her nose and mouth as well...






“Mum...  MUM!”


As Elena slowly opened her eyes, she saw Kate sitting opposite her, tear stains obvious on her dirty face.  She was sat in a wooden chair, and as her eyes focused she saw that her legs were tied to the front legs of the chair, encircling her ankles and below her knees.


“Wma.... Kate?  What happened?”  She tried to move her arms so that she could rub her forehead, but found it impossible – something was holding them together at the back of the chair she herself was sitting on.


“Mum, I don’t know – I woke up here, and I can’t move my arms at all.  What’s going on?”


“I have no idea,” Elena said as she struggled in the chair.  “But why would they...”


“We have our reasons.”


Both women turned their heads sharply as they heard the voice, to see two men standing there dressed in black boiler suits.  They had their arms folded, and they were smiling.  Smiling in a way that made both women very nervous.


“Why are you,” Elena said, “and why are you...”


Her words were cut off as one of the men walked forward, and shoved a folded rag into her mouth.  “Do you want the same,” he said as he looked at Kate, the younger woman shaking her head as her mother moaned.


“Good – now, your daddy is going to do a little job for us,” the other man said, “but in the meantime, we get to have a little fun with both of you.” 




“Oh I think you’ll find out,” the first man said as he walked over to Kate, a pair of scissors in his hands.  She tried to move out of the way, but was in no position to stop him cutting her vest away, pulling it off to reveal her chest, and the black bra.




“Oh be quiet,” Elena’s captor said as he picked up a length of rope, and tied it round her head, forcing the rag back in to her mouth as the cords rubbed on her lips.  She then felt his hands on her chest, groping and squeezing her as she felt his breath on her neck.  It felt wrong, and she twisted to try and get away – but there was no way that was happening, as she inadvertently made him grope more.


Kate watched as the second man put his hands on her chest and started to massage her breasts, his fingers pressing the black fabric against her flesh as she closed her eyes.  The groan was a reflex, not a desire for him to continue – and yet he did so, gripping more strongly as she felt her body respond to the assault.


“Pllsssdntthhhtsss,” Elena moaned.


“Why not – in fact, you need to cool off,” her groper said, and she watched as he took the scissors, and walked over.  He cut her t-shirt away at the sleeves, and up the sides, pulling the fabric away and exposing her sweat-stained white bra.


“You know,” Kate’s assaulter said as he looked at them, “she’s still too hot.  Hand me the scissors, will you?”


“Why – what are you...”  Kate sat still as he cut her shorts away, and then through the sides of her knickers, pulling both away and then folding her damp, dirty, soiled panties into a pad.


“OH no – no you’re not...”  Kate clamped her mouth shut as the man walked behind her, and held the folded cloth in front of her mouth. 


“Oh yes I am – now open your mouth, its best you accept what is going to happen and allow this.”  Kate shook her head from side to side, Elena doing the same – until the man behind her slipped her bra cups up, and she closed her eyes, moaning at the grip on her chest.


Kate also felt her bra cups as they were taken off – and then screamed as her nipples were pinched hard.  That gave the opportunity for the man to push her panties into her own mouth, and Kate had to stop herself from trying to push them out as rope was used as a cleave gag.


The two women could only look at each other as the assault on their chests continued, their bodies responding more to the groping and squeezing on an automatic, base level.  Slowly, they realised what it was doing to them, and they responded, feeling a fire Kate had never experienced before, and Elena had not felt for years.


“They are getting hot,” Kate heard her assaulter say as she groaned, “shall we continue?”


“Hgddysss,” she heard one of them say – and then realised with a shock she was the one speaking.  She looked at her mother apologetically – and then saw the fire in her eyes, and understood as well.  Right before her body started to shake, and she closed her eyes, moaning loudly.


“Oh the dirty women,” she heard her assaulter say, “they do need to cool off.”


The next thing both of them felt was the bucket of water as it was poured over them, both Kate and Elena screaming as the water washed over their bodies, the med flowing down their bodies with it.  They also could feel the ropes tighten, pressing on their cheeks, forcing their wrists even more together.


As they looked at each other, the men left the room, their bodies shivering as they wondered what was going to happen next...







Elena looked up and nodded to Kate as the door opened, and the two men walked in.  “Well, they seem to have dried off,” he said, “time to get them ready for the next part.”


“Pllsssswhtrudnnn,” Kate said as she felt the rope around her head come loose, and the gag taken away.   Before she had a chance to spit the panties out, however, the man took a roll of black veterinary wrap and wound it tightly round her head, pressing in her cheeks as it sealed her mouth.  She could only watch as the rope gag was removed from her mother’s head, and then vet wrap used on her as well, before their ankles were released and they were allowed to stand up, Kate naked save for her bra, Elena in her bra and shorts.


Not for much longer, however, as Elena’s shorts and panties were removed, and their bras were cut away.  They then felt rope as it was tied round their waists – before they heard a buzzing.


“Npllssss,” Elena moaned, but it was no use – she felt the vibrator as it was pushed into her, and then the rope as it was pulled firmly between her legs, keeping the device in as the rope rubbed on her mound, and was tied to her wrists.  She watched as Kate was given the same gift, before they felt the rope binding their ankles and their legs together.


“We want you both to stand face to face.”


Elena shuffled over and stood in front of Kate, the two pushed together so that they were pressing against each other, their noses almost touching – and then they heard the peeling sound, watching as they started to use cling film wrapped round their bodies to force their bodies together.


The wrapping started at their ankles, and slowly climbed, their bodies covered in the clear film as it went up their legs, their waists, their bodies – all the way to their necks.  By the time they had finished, all Kate and Elena could do was look at each other.  If they tried to move, they both moved – and the ropes rubbed on their bodies as well.


“Right – enjoy the trip,” they heard the men say before they were blindfolded, and then moved, their bodies rubbing against each other as they both felt the effects on themselves.  They were getting aroused again, feeling the fire growing as the vibrators worked their magic, and there was nothing they could do to stop the stimulation, the effect on themselves as they both started to groan...





How long they had been there, neither Elena or Kate knew – they had been brought here, made to lie down on something, and then left as the vibrators and their own bodies worked on them.  They were damp, hot, exhausted from the multiple orgasms – and as the blindfolds were removed, they saw their husband and father looking at them, saying “oh my god – I am so so sorry....”


“Hllpmmm,” Elena said quietly as another orgasm started, and she shook, Kate following her as they both called out, the police coming in and starting to cut the wrap away.  Both knew what they felt, and they wanted it to stop – and to enjoy it for as long as possible...







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