Not a Robbery – The Robbery Game











They had been playing the game for at least three months now, without anyone else in the block of flats knowing what was going on.  And why should they?  They kept themselves to their floor, made sure they had no visitors to any of their flats for the designated time, and had the place to themselves.


It was Jane who had suggested it at first, after they had all been to the hen party.  Jane Watkins lived in flat 2 on their floor – an African American woman who had lived in the area for ten years. 


The hen party had been for a mutual friend of all the older woman on the floor, and at some point the bride to be had ended been tied up by one of the other women.  All of them had then tried it out, and discovered they liked been tied up.  That was when Jane had suggested the game of Robber.


The idea had come when they had all got together for a coffee the next day.  Eleanor and Kate Page lived in flat 1, and Marguerite Chavez in flat 3 with her daughter Catherine.   Flat 4 was occupied by Celestine Baudin, the oldest of the group of women, while flat 5 was the home of Diana and Mary Liu.  Finally from flat 6 there was Lisa Weaver.


Jane explained her proposal.   At a designated time, the women would assume the role of robbers and try to capture each other.  Their flat doors would be left unlocked, and there would be no double teaming.  Once someone was ‘captured’, their captor would secure their wrists and gag them, and then take them back to their own rooms.


Once there, the captive would cooperate fully with the captor, and remove any clothing as directed before they were tied and gagged to the liking of the captor.  The only rule was that for Kate, Catherine, and Mary, as they were under 21 their modesty would remain intact.  The captor could then, in the words of Jane, “have some fun” before the captive was left.


She then showed them a phone app, which would allow them to say who was free and who was captured.  When the last two were standing, if they were mother and daughter one had to capture the other, but it was last woman standing who won.  They would then wait a while before starting to release the others.


Each person would be allowed to carry a bag with some supplies to do the binding and gagging.  When someone was captured, they were not allowed to be captured themselves until such time as they were able to play again.


Jane looked round the room, all of them agreeing to take part, and the first game had been scheduled for the following Sunday.  They had played regularly since that time, and now Sunday had come round again, as each of them made their preparations, and the clock ticked down to the off time...


1 pm

Captive 1 – Kate Page, 18


Kate sat in the main room of her flat, looking forward to the game starting as she played Destiny on her Playstation Four.  She had been prepared for hours, her bag of supplies waiting by her feet.  She had decided that for this round, she would be the normal girl, so she had pulled her blonde hair back and tied it in a ponytail. For her costume, she was wearing a pale blue t-shirt and jeans, white socks and trainers, but at that moment in time she was concentrating on winning this battle.


Eventually, she gave a yelp of triumph as she won the fight, and then looked at her watch.


“Damn it, it’s after one,” she said to herself as she turned the games console off, and picked her bag up, looking at her mobile phone.  “At least nobody has been captured yet,” she muttered to herself as she hung her bag over her shoulder, and made her way quickly to the front door.


As she looked outside, there was nobody in sight, so she slipped out and turned her back to close the door.


“How perfectly delightful – consider yourself captured, Kate.”


“Oh damn,” Kate said as she raised her hands and turned round, looking at Marguerite Chavez as she smiled.  The 36 year old Mexican woman was wearing a long black dress with a low cut front, her long curly black hair falling over her shoulders.  The skirt fell to the floor, but it was split at the front up to her thighs, her black stockings and high heels visible through the gap.


“Well, it’s my own fault,” Kate said, “May I send the signal?”


“Of course,” Marguerite said as they both took out their phones, opening the app and sending the message of captive and on hold before Kate held her hands out.  From her shoulder bag, Marguerite took out a set of cuffs and secured the young girl’s wrists together on front of her.


“Open wide,” the Mexican said as she took from her bag a black satin scarf, rolling it into a band and tying a knot in the middle.  Kate nodded as she allowed Marguerite to gag her, the ends secured at the base of her neck, before she was walked back into her flat, and into her bedroom.


“Lie down on your back,” Marguerite purred, Kate nodding as she lay down, her head on the pillows.  She watched as Marguerite took two lengths of rope, using one to secure her ankles together and to the foot of the bed, and then used the second to secure her wrists above her head and to the headboard.


“Now then,” Marguerite said as she stroked her finger down Kate, “what shall I do with you?”


“Whttffruwnt,” Kate said as she wriggled round.


“Exactly,” Marguerite said as she started to pull Kate’s t-shirt up, taking it over her head and as far as her wrists as Kate smiled over the gag.  The older woman then unfastened her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles, leaving Kate in her white bra and panties.


“How nice,” Marguerite said with a smile before she took another length of rope from her bag, and wound it around Kate’s arms above her head, Kate gasping as she secured her elbows together with the rope around and between them.  As she looked up, Marguerite took another length of rope, and secured her legs together below her knees.


Kate wriggled round again as Marguerite looked at her, and kissed her gagged lips, before she released her wrists and removed the t-shirt.  Looking up, Kate watched as Marguerite secured her wrists together again with more rope, and tied that to the headboard.


“Comfy,” the older woman said as she stroked her hands down Kate’s body, the teenager nodding as she watched Marguerite untie her ankles, remove her trainers and jeans, and then her socks so she was left on the bed in her bra and panties.


A rope was tied around each of her ankles, and then she felt her legs as they were spread apart, and her ankles secured to the corners of the bed.


“Now, my lovely captive,” she said, “what shall I do next?”


“DurwrsstHMMGGDDDDD,” Kate said as Marguerite started to tickle the soles of her feet, and then moved up and down her body, her long fingers finding every single sensitive spot as the young girl wriggled round, desperate for the exquisite torture to end.


She was then taken by surprise as Marguerite climbed on the bed and straddle Kate’s waist, her skirt parting as her legs went either side of her waist, and she felt the older woman’s hands on her chest.


“Hmmmsnsss,” Kate said as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the way Marguerite’s hands caressed her chest, her fingers gently kneading as she closed her eyes and wriggled round on the bed.  It felt so good, so wonderful, and as her breasts firmed she felt her nipples harden.


She wanted Marguerite to keep going, to do all she could do, but then she felt the older woman get off the bed, and opened her eyes as Marguerite picked up her bag.




“I cannot, Kate – the rules,” Marguerite said with a smile, “but I can see the desire in your eyes.  Perhaps you should ask your mother if the rules can be relaxed.”


Kate slowly nodded and sighed as she watched Marguerite leave, sending a message on her mobile phone as she did so, and closed her eyes, knowing she was going to stay there until the game was over and someone came to release her.  As she lay there, she imagined again the feel of her hands on her chest, and let out a low moan as she wriggled round.


As she lay there, she felt the hands on her chest again, but this was different – the pressure was stronger, and it felt as if...


Opening her eyes, Kate saw a man standing there – tall, thin, wearing an open necked shirt and trousers, as he looked at her.  It took a moment for her to realise what was going on, and then she started to thrash round the bed, calling out for help as loudly as she could.


The man remained calm, as he placed his hand over her mouth and said “Don’t struggle – I am not going to hurt you, but to make you feel incredible.”




“Hush,” he whispered as with his free hand he started to gently caress her chest, his grip firm, his fingers and palm stroking over her chest as Kate realised, given her position, there was nothing she could do about this.  Instead, she silently prayed he wouldn’t do anything too bad to her, as her body started to respond to his touch.


“Hmmmswtlrrd,” she moaned as she then felt his hand move away, and the touch of his lips on her neck and shoulders, while at the same time her breasts were massaged, caressed, and she felt a warmth spreading through her again as she started to move in time to the caress.


When he stopped, she opened her eyes, wondering what was going on, and then she saw him with a pair of scissors in his hands.  She tried to move out of the way, but that stopped as he kissed her neck and throat, and then snipped at her bra straps as well as between her breasts, her bra falling away as he removed it from under her.


The touch of his hands on her bare flesh was a completely new sensation for her, as she felt his fingers sink into her flesh, and how it seemed to firm at the same time.  It was as if her fear at the situation was melting in the warmth that was spreading through her, as his hands grasped more and more firmly – and then she felt his lips on them, as he kissed and moved over her body.


“Wht....  Whtrudnntmm,” she moaned, and then she gasped into the satin knot as he began to gently suck on her nipples, and she arched her back at the wave of feelings that threatened to swamp her.  She could feel the burning between her legs now, as he moved from side to side, kissing and sucking as the tip of his tongue ran over her.


It was as if electric shocks were running up and down her body, as she allowed him to draw her nipples out, and then she felt his hand between her legs, pressing down on her panties as she felt the dampness, felt his touch, felt his lips as they moved down her belly.


It was almost a blessed relief as she heard the two short snips, and the cool air on her crotch, before she closed her eyes and moaned at the touch of his lips down there, the feel as he gently kissed her, the urge within her in a way that she had never felt in any way before, as she closed her eyes, and arched her back again.


Kate was losing herself totally, unable to stop herself as she felt the growing urge, the growing desire as the man slipped his finger past her petals, and she gasped at the feeling as he stroked her inside.


That was nothing, however, compared to the feeling as he then kissed her on her mound, and used his tongue, easing it into her as she began to thrust her hips up to receive his lips, his touch, wanting more and more to know how it felt, wondering what it would be like if he, if he...


She then opened her eyes wide and screamed as he brought her over the edge into her first orgasm, shaking and wondering what was happening as he continued to kiss and tongue her there.  It seemed to last an eternity, before she eventually slumped on the bed, her body covered in sweat as she looked at him.


“there – didn’t I promise you,” he said, Kate nodding as she was barely aware of him tying a rope round her bare waist, and then pulling round before she felt the cords pressing on her damp, sensitive and throbbing clit.   She moaned at that – and then moaned even more as she felt the device he slipped into her, the rope tightened to keep it in place. 


The buzzing was audible, but the sensations running through her as the vibrations took her to the edge again were incredible.  As she arched her back and moaned again, Kate looked through misty eyes as he left her in the room, and as she went over the edge again, she wondered what would happen to the others.


And prayed the age restriction would be lifted as well next time, if this was how it felt...


1.30 pm

Captive 2 – Marguerite Chavez, 36


As Marguerite stepped out of the flat, she allowed herself a small smile – Kate was cute, and some day some guy would be very lucky.  But there was a game to win, so she sent the signal that she was back in play, walking towards Flat 2 and not noticing the fire exit door opening behind her.


As she entered the flat, she stopped for a moment, listening for any sounds, and then made her way slowly to the front room.  As she passed the bathroom door, she also failed to hear that opening and closing – but she stopped when she felt the pressure on her back, and heard a familiar voice say “hello Marguerite – please, send the message.”


“Oh no,” she whispered under her breath, “Jane.”


“That’s right – time to say you are caught.”


Marguerite nodded as she used the app on her phone, and then put that in her bag, before slowly lowering it to the ground.  She tried not to think about what might to be about to happen – Diana had told her about last week – as her arms were guided behind her back, and then her wrists secured with a pair of cuffs.


As she turned round, she saw Jane Watkins standing in front of her, the black vinyl halter neck bodysuit hugging her curves as the black leather boots came up to her thighs.  She looked every inch the dominatrix, and Marguerite saw a look in her eyes that made her shiver as well.


From a bag, Jane took out a large penis gag, and said quietly “Open nice and wide.”  Nodding, knowing the rules meant she had no choice, Marguerite opened her mouth as wide as she could, feeling he hard rubber bung as it filled her mouth and pressed her tongue down, while Jane fastened the harness straps around her head.


“Come along now,” she purred as she took the Mexican woman by the arm and walked her back to flat 3, not seeing the young Chinese girl who was watching them.  As they went to Marguerite’s room, Jane released her wrists and uttered one simple, yet terrifying word.






“The dress,” Jane whispered, Marguerite nodding as she reached up and unfastened her garment, letting it fall to the floor as she stepped out of it.


“And your bra.”


Marguerite nodded again as she removed her bra, and then stood there, the garter belt holding up her sheer black stockings over her thong, and a pair of high heeled sandals on her feet.  Jane walked round her, and then purred as she took a length of rope, and bound Marguerite’s wrists tightly together in front of her.


“Now, let me see,” Jane whispered as she looked round the room, and then opened the door to the large walk-in wardrobe.  She pushed some clothes to the side, and looked at the overhead bar, before she walked back and escorted Marguerite to the closet, turning her round before she walked back and collected more ropes from her bag.


“Here we go,” Jane purred as she bound Marguerite’s ankles tightly together, taking the rope around and between her legs, and then yanked tightly before the ends were secured.  She then bound the Mexican’s legs together, below and above her knees, and around her thighs, each band cinched between her legs.


When she had finished, she made Marguerite knell on the floor below the bar, and then raised her hands above her head, using more rope to secure them to the clothes rail as her arms were stretched up.


Marguerite looked up, and then at Jane as she knelt in front of her, smiling as her hands caressed her chest and started to massage it.  She knew how her body would respond to that, and moaned as she felt the warmth, the pleasure inside her as her breasts firmed.


The touch of Jane’s lips on her nipples made her groan even more, as they turned hard, made more prominent as Jane drew them out.  She closed her eyes and wriggled round – before opening them in shock as Jane fastened the thumbscrew clamps on both her nipples.  She looked down and saw them in place, the thin metal chain linking the both as Jane smiled at her.


“Whrruddnnn,” she moaned as the pain started to ebb, to be replaced by warmth and throbbing as Jane fetched a longer length of rope, tying it between her ankles and then tossing it over the clothes rail.


Marguerite looked to the side, shaking her head in protest, but Jane – Jane just smiled as she fed the rope between Marguerite’s legs, pulling it sharply up as it rubbed on her crotch, the thong offering very little protection from the rubbing of the ropes as she felt her ankles rise from the floor, and Jane secured the end of the rope to the chain between her breasts, the chain been pulled down slightly and increasing the pressure on her nipples.


Marguerite soon discovered that any movement at all, any movement, made the ropes rub on her sex and the chain pull on her breasts – and Jane proceeded to make sure she moved a lot.  She started with her hands, caressing and massaging the Mexican’s breasts as she started to groan at the pressure, the rubbing, the pulling.


Jane kissing her neck and shoulders didn’t help, nor did it when Jane stood behind her and groped her, her arms coming round as she rubbed on her legs with her own.  In fact, it was making her feel more and more aroused, the groping, the kissing, the rubbing...


“Hmggddkppgnnn,” she moaned into the gag, involuntarily starting to suck on the penis shaped bung as she began to move her legs up and down, seeking the release she knew she would need...


“You want me to tip you over the edge, don’t you?”


Marguerite slowly nodded as Jane kissed her neck.  “Sorry – got a game to play,” she whispered into her ear as she took her phone out, and used the app.  “Have fun?”


“Hmggdddd,” Marguerite moaned as she watched Jane walk off, her short greying black hair the last thing she saw as she was left alone.  After a few moments, she tried moving again, desperate to get some relief, some satisfaction from...


The soft footsteps made her look up, wondering if Jane had come back.  The dull throb in her nipples was driving her more insane than the ropes...




She looked up at the thin man, and then struggled again, the ropes pushing her close to the edge again as he knelt in front of her, and gently held her chest in his gloved hands.


“I’m not sure what’s going on here,” he said, “but I do know that you are the second woman I have found left in need of fulfilment.  Allow me.”


She felt his gentle squeezing, and then his lips on her chest, groaning as he started to arouse her even more.  His gentle sucking made the chain move as she moved, and the ropes rubbed on her even more...


“Normally, I do this a different way, but given your current – position, forgive this slightly less personal approach,” he said as he continued to kiss her chest, and slipped his finger under the crotch rope, Marguerite bucking as he did so and the rope pressing his fingers even more firmly over her damp, throbbing, open clit.


“Hyyssssssssss,” she moaned as his finger slipped into her, teasing on her most intimate and sensitive areas as she twisted round, and then it came, suddenly, violently as her juices flowed over his hand, and she arched her back, screaming into the rubber and leather as she felt the orgasm swallow her and envelop her.


When she relaxed, she looked at the man as he took a small cylinder from his pocket, and switched it on, the buzzing exciting her even more before he slipped it into her passage, and made sure the crotch rope held it firmly in place.  She bucked again as she realised it was on maximum, watching him lick his gloved finger through misty eyes.


“Enjoy,” he said quietly as he walked off, Marguerite nodding as another orgasm started to build...


2 pm

Captive 3 – Jane Watkins, 50


“Now that – was fun,” Jane sighed as she stepped out of flat 3, sighing as she looked round.  “I wonder who else I can...”


“Hello Jane,” a young voice said behind her as she felt a round disc against her back, “I’ve been waiting for you.  Time for payback for what you did to my mother last time.”


“Mary – well, this is an unexpected surprise,” Jane said as she raised her arms, “I guess I’m not going to be around for some time.”


“And you would be correct,” she heard Mary say as her arms were taken behind her back and cuffed together, “open wide.”


“Fnksss,” Jane said as the rolled up scarf was pulled between her lips, pressing on her tongue.  She knew she had nothing to worry about – Jane was one of the minors in the game, so she had to go soft on her captive.


“Your place, I think,” Mary said behind her as she pushed Jane along, and into the door of flat 5, stopping for a moment to use the app on both their phones to update their status before she took Jane into her bedroom.


“One moment,” Mary said as the cleave gag was removed, and Jane turned round to look at the young Asian woman.  Mary was wearing a blue halter neck dress, coming down to just above her knees, black stockings and knee length black leather boots, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders.


“It was fun last week with your mother,” Jane said quietly as she smiled, “but you...”


“Had my twenty first birthday last Monday.”


Jane stopped for a moment, and then said “ah – AH!”


“Which means I get to play by the adult rules,” Mary said as she walked around Jane, gently stroking her waist and bottom, “and my dear mother has taught me so many amazing new things over the last few months.”


Jane stared at Mary, the look in her eyes one she had never seen before, and then she whispered “oh no” as the young woman walked to the wardrobe, and walked in, taking out her chest – her chest which, by the rules of the game, she had to leave unlocked.


“Now then,” Mary whispered as she opened the chest, and looked in, “oh, now this would make a good start...”


“Mary, you know this is just a game...”


“Oh I know that – and I intend to enjoy playing it,” Mary said as she walked behind Jane, and said “open wide now, like a good little captive.”


“Why, whthffuugtththtmmmm,” Jane said as the cold steel bar was placed between her teeth, keeping her mouth open as the chains were taken tightly round her head, and secured together with a padlock at the base of her neck.  The bit gag was very effective, as Mary went to the chest and returned with a pair of elbow cuffs.


“Hsetlrdd,” she said as she felt her arms been pulled together behind her back, her elbows almost touching and her chest forced out before the cuffs around her wrists were removed and replaced with a pair of leather shackles.


She looked at Mary as she walked in front of her, and smiled.


“My my – that does look nice,” she said as she stroked her fingers over Jane’s much more prominent chest, and then ran her hand down her body, and down the inside of her thighs, before she pulled the legs of her catsuit up.  She was powerless to stop the young woman as she reached between her legs and released the crotch fastening, and then eased her catsuit up to her waist, the cool air on her naked crotch making her shiver.


“You shave down there – nice,” Mary said as she then unfastened the neck of her catsuit, and eased the garment up and over her body, leaving her standing in nothing but her thigh high boots, her chest free and firm.


“Now we just need to do one little thing before I begin,” Mary said as she walked to the closet, returning with a spreader bra which she used to secure Jane’s ankles three feet apart.  As she looked up, the older woman saw the hook in the ceiling, and groaned as she wondered what was going to happen next.


“Now then,” Jane said as she looked in the chest and then came back, “ready?”




Jane closed her eyes and moaned as Mary massaged her chest, looking at her and smiling as she felt Jane’s breasts firm up, and her nipples harden.


“Mum told me about what happened last week when you did this to her, with her bound to the foot of her bed,” Mary said, “and about what happened next.”




Jane opened her eyes as Mary fastened the clover clamps onto her firm nipples, and she then pulled the chain linking them down, using a second chain to secure it to the spreader bar and forcing Jane to bend over.  As the pain began to subside, and the warmth started to grow in her, she heard the chain that Mary was fastening around her waist, and then passed between her legs, the cold links pressing on her sex as Mary fed the chain through the hook in the ceiling, and then around her wrists shackles, using a padlock to keep it in place.


“Now then,” Mary said as she smacked the bare flesh of Jane’s bottom, “as I said, my mother has taught me so many amazing things, about the art of bondage, and what it is possible to do when they are secured.”


Jane wriggled round, the chain rubbing between her legs as she felt the warmth growing, while Mary said “but you were very cruel to my mother last week, and I think you need a taste of your own medicine.”


“WhdummnAAAAMMMMMMMMM” Jane said as Mary took a flogger, and hit her on the buttocks, Jane starting to moan as the young woman kept up the punishment, hitting Jane on the buttocks, legs and back as she twisted round, and started to moan with a mixture of pain and ecstasy.  She didn’t know if Mary fully appreciated what she was doing to her, how hot she was feeling both outside and within herself.


“This is hard work,” Mary said as she flogged Jane’s bottom again, and then caressed it with her hand, “but I think we need to move now to the next stage.”




Jane began to shake as Mary took a vibrator from her chest, turned it on low and then slipped it under the crotch chain, smiling as she felt how damp her body was, and placing it so the vibrations worked where it was making her feel more and more aroused.


“As I said, I wasn’t going to make it easy for you,” Mary said with a smile, “enjoy your afternoon.”


“Huurggddd,” Jane said as she turned her head, watching the young woman walk out with her hips swaying, and then groaning as she felt the vibrator wield its magic on her.


For the next ten minutes, she tried to find some relief, but the device was on so low a setting, all it did was frustrate her as she tried to move, the chain strappado holding her in place as the chains moved over her.


“Hggdgddsmnnhlpmmm,” she called out eventually.


“It will be my pleasure.”


She suddenly raised her head, groaning as the clamps pulled on her chest, as the man walked in.  He was a stranger to her, and he didn’t say anything else, as he walked round behind her, and she felt his firm hands on her chest, squeezing and massaging her chest as the clamps held form, her nipples burning.


“Hmmmwhtrudnnn,” she said as she sensed him kneeling, and then his lips on her bottom.  As he kissed her there, she twisted round, the chain rubbing and pressing the vibrator against her damp, aching clit.




“I will,” she heard him say as she looked up, and he walked in front of her.  Her eyes were misted over, but then she felt his lips on her chest, gently caressing her as his hands moved the crotch chain to one side, and she felt his touch on her as the vibrator was removed.


“Hyyysspplssss,” she said, the desire to find release overriding her fears as to a stranger doing this, as his lips worked down her body, and then touched her clit.  She threw her head back and sighed at this, and then she felt the gentle pressure of his lips as he kissed her mound, the shock racing through her as she pressed her body against him.


She then felt his tongue licking her, lapping up the dampness and juices as she moved against him, and then slipping inside her, the top touching the most sensitive of places as she shook again, and she felt the pleasure that was bringing.




She could feel the orgasm coming, and pushed herself into his face, forcing his tongue deeper inside her, finding the pleasure that brought before she screamed again, the orgasm swallowing her whole as she threw her head back and screamed, the saliva running down the front of her face.


But she didn’t care – this man had done what she wanted, and as she let her head fall forward she quietly said “fnkuu.”


“Oh, don’t thank me yet,” the men said as she heard the vibrator being turned up, to the maximum level, and then pushed inside her before the chain was replaced and tightened.  As she shook with pleasure, she heard the man say “enjoy” and then slip out, her own attention taken by what was happening to her again and again and again...



2.30 pm

Captive 4 – Mary Liu, 21


“Now then I wonder where Catherine is,” Mary said as she slipped out of the flat, and walked to the door of flat 3.  She opened it cautiously and looked inside, before entering – and feeling a hand as it was clamped over her mouth.


“Well now, this is not the youngster I was expecting – but you should still consider yourself captured.”


“Hllleenr,” Mary said as she raised her hands, before the hand was taken away and her own wrists were cuffed together behind her back.  She turned round to see forty year old Eleanor standing there.  Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing a red gymnastics leotard over a pair of black tights.


“Any last words before we begin?”


“Can you use my phone for me?”


“Of course,” Eleanor said before she pressed a strip of duct tape over Mary’s lips, and then sent the message on both of their phones.  “Now, then – your room I think.”


“At least I wasn’t first,” Mary thought as they returned to flat 5, and to her room.  As she stood there, Eleanor opened her wardrobe and found her stock of ropes.


“Now then, I seem to remember you like this,” the older woman said as she took some ropes, uncuffed Mary’s wrists and then arranged her arms in a reverse prayer behind her back, Mary grunting as first her wrists, and then her elbows were held firmly together with bands of rope around and between her arms.  The effect of this was to force her chest out, but the addition of two bands of rope above and below her chest, as well as passing the rope under each armpit and around the back of her neck, not only held her arms immobile but made her dress strain to stay in place over her breasts.


Mary watched as Eleanor slowly walked round her, wondering what else she was going to do.  She was flexible enough to take this form of rope binding, but there was a look in the older woman’s eye that made Mary wonder if she had seen Kate already.


“Now, I seem to remember you had your twenty first birthday Mary – is that right?”


“Dmmnehppdudfrgttn,” Mary said as she slowly nodded.


“Good – then the full rules can apply,” Eleanor said as she reached round and unclasped the halter neck fastening of Mary’s dress, the girl gasping through the gag as she felt it been pulled down her body, eventually falling to the floor.  Underneath, she was wearing a white strapless bra and panties – but these too ended up on the floor, as she stood in her boots.


“I want you,” Eleanor said quietly as she stroked her hands over the rope supported breasts, “to go and sit on your bed, lotus position.  Now.”


Mary nodded as she walked over and sat down, crossing her legs in front of her so that the heels of her boots rested on the inside of her knees.  She watched as Eleanor took more ropes, and secure her ankles to her knees, before using more rope to secure those binding to her chest ropes.


“Hmmm,” she then said as she knelt on the bed behind Mary, placing her hands on the young woman’s chest as she gently played with them, “so how does it feel to be treated as an adult, Mary?”


“Tfflssrlgddd,” Mary moaned as she closed her eyes.  It did feel good – now she knew what she had been missing.


Reaching round, Eleanor gently peeled the tape away from Mary’s lips, and then placed her own on them, kissing her as she groped her bare chest.


“Hmmswtlrrddd,” Mary moaned as she returned the kiss, and then looked at Eleanor.  “I didn’t know you were...”


“It’s a game Mary – I can be whatever I want to be,” Eleanor said with a smile as she picked up some more rope and doubled it over.  “Now, open your mouth again.”


“Whtrudnnn,” Mary whimpered as Eleanor pulled the rope between her lips, the fibres tickling slightly her tongue as she felt it rub on the corners of her mouth.  Eleanor wrapped the rope round once more, before tying it at the base of her neck and then pulling her head gently back, securing the rope ends to her chest ropes.


She looked into Eleanor’s eyes as she felt the older woman’s hands again on her chest, and then closed her eyes as she felt Eleanor’s lips on her neck and shoulders, the rhythmic rubbing and the gentle caress of the kisses making her feel very strange indeed.  A nice, warm sort of strange, which made her smile over the rope as Eleanor sat on her legs, the older woman’s legs wrapped round her waist.


She then felt the touch of Eleanor’s lips on her chest, and she let out a low, guttural moan as the shocks started to run through her, unable to stop them as she felt her nipples harden, and something else – a warmth inside her between her legs, as Eleanor kissed and sucked gently on her flesh.


“Hgddssthsswhtslkk,” she moaned out as she tried to move, only to cry out again as she felt Eleanor’s fingers play with her petals, and then she squirmed as she felt the gentle pressure on her more sensitive spots.


“Hgdddcmmnndett,” she moaned as she tried to move, the ropes making her strange warm feelings even more intense as Eleanor continued to kiss and play with her.  She could feel the storm building, and wondered how she would react when it was finally released.


“Pllsslltmmmhfnn,” she moaned out loud as Eleanor pressed gently on her mound, and then climbed off the bed, smiling as she licked her fingers of the juices from Mary.


“You really do want this don’t you,” Eleanor said with a smile, Mary unable to do anything except try to nod in agreement.


“Well, sorry – I need to go now,” Eleanor said as she changed the app setting on her phone.  “But I am sure you will find a way to continue – if you can find a way to move.”




Mary cried out in frustration as she heard Eleanor leave her in the room, unable to move and wishing there was some way someone could just give her that last push...


She heard the footsteps, and wondered if the game was over, and she was going to be released – and then she felt the touch of the lips between her legs.  With her head pulled back, she had no idea who it was – only that whoever it was, they were stoking the fire inside her with a vengeance as their lips caressed her red, moist, sensitive clit and mound, and their tongue gently stroked up her body.


She shivered and moaned again, as the kisses returned to her clit, and then she felt the tongue teasing her, licking her – entering her passage, easing past her petals as if they were not there as she felt the tip touch inside her – and then screamed as the first shock of ecstasy ran through her.


This only increased as their tongue worked gently inside her, and she began to shiver, the fire burning more and more strongly as she felt the storm growing more and more intense – and then it burst over her, Mary throwing her head back and screaming in joy as the orgasm washed over and through her.


It seemed to last an eternity, prolonged by the kissing and licking, the gentle probing that continued as she pushed her hips forward, until she finally relaxed and panted into the soaking wet ropes.


“Fnkuuuhfrrur,” she finally gasped.


“You’re welcome.”


The make voice took her completely by surprise, as she tried to raise her head, leaning forward as she did so.  The man was a stranger, in his shirt and trousers, but he was smiling, and as he pushed her onto her back he tied one more rope round her waist, before saying “allow me to leave you in total ecstasy.”


“whtdummn..  whstht?”


She saw the large red object in his hand, and then heard the buzzing before he pushed the vibrator past her petals and into her passage, Mary closing her eyes and moaning as he brought the crotch ropes up and tied them to her waist.  She could feel herself starting to cum again as the footsteps faded into the distance...


2.30 pm

Captive 5 – Eleanor Page, 40


“Ah the innocence of youth.”


Eleanor sent out the signal to say she was back in the game and sneaked out into the corridor.  She knew her daughter had been the first to be caught, and hoped she was enjoying the downtime as she tried to decide which flat to go for first.  In the end, she decided to call on Marguerite’s flat and see if her daughter had come home.


The door to the flat was open, and as she came in she could hear a slight bussing sound.


“Probably her refrigerator,” she said to herself as she went into the kitchen – only to stop as she saw Diana Liu sitting there, sipping some water as she pointed a toy pistol at her.


“Hello,” the dark haired Chinese woman said, “kindly raise your hands.”


“Aw damn,” Eleanor said as she looked at her 42 year old friend stand up.  Diana was wearing a red cheongsam with a split at the sides from waist to floor, red stockings and high heeled shoes.


“I presume you treated Mary with respect,” Diana said as she moved Eleanor’s hands behind her back and cuffed her wrists together.


“Of course,” the captive said before her mouth was covered with tape – a strip Diana had torn from her own roll of white tape.


“Good – shall we?”


Eleanor nodded as she was taken from the flat to her own, both women walking in as they heard the same buzzing sound.


“Perhaps we all need to call the supervisor,” Diana said, Eleanor shrugging her shoulders as she was escorted to her own room.  She stood for a moment as she heard Diana looking for something, and then was turned round as Diana peeled the tape away from her mouth.


“I think it’s sumffnnllssshgddd,” she said as a pair of her own panties were pushed into her mouth, before Diana wound her tape tightly round her head, trapping her hair against her neck.  Eleanor reminded herself this was a type of tape that would not damage her hair, as she watched Diana tear the end loose and smooth it down.


She then produced a long roll of thin cord, smiling as she went behind Eleanor, and used it to pull her elbows together, passing the cord around and between her arms before she wound it down and used it to secure her wrists together.


“that is a good start,” she said before she removed the cuffs, and proceeded to bind Eleanor’s thumbs and fingers together.  As she tied the cords off, Eleanor could see the way her chest was pushed out, the material of her leotard barely keeping her chest in.


“Sit down,” Diana said as she pointed to the side of the bed.  Eleanor nodded as she walked over and sat down, watching as Diana knelt in front of her, taking a length of thin cord and tying her big toes together, and then wrapping another length around the arches of her feet to keep them together.  She wondered what her friend was going to do, before she picked up the cord again, and tied her ankles tightly together, before winding the rope up her legs to hold them together and securing them below her knees.  She then mad her sit on the bed with her legs stretched out, and wound the rope up to the top of her thighs.


“There now,” Diana said as she tied the ends of the rope off, “very nice.  But I’m not done yet.”

Eleanor swallowed as she saw Diana take another length of rope, and tie it round her waist, knowing what her friend intended as she left a long length hanging down from her belly button.


Diana helped Eleanor to lie on her right hand side, and then fed the ends of the rope between her legs, Eleanor grunting as she pulled the rope tightly and it pressed on her crotch, before she tied the ends between her elbows.  She then pulled her ankles back, Eleanor grunting as the ropes tightened, and she secured her ankles above her elbows to the arm binding.




Eleanor shook her head, unable to speak as she realised her position as a very precarious one – and then she felt Diana tickling the soles of her feet.


“HMGDDDDNDTHTTHTTT,” she called out, and for a moment she thought she heard Kate call out – but she had other things on her mind.  Everyone knew how ticklish she was – and as she struggled on the bed, the rope rubbed on her crotch, with not a damn thing she could do about it...

The tickling seemed to go for an age, with Eleanor starting to sweat as well as the dampness between her legs, and the growing fire in there.  Eventually, Diana seemed to notice this and stop, Eleanor panting as she looked up and said “nwwwhttt?”


“Now you can cool off,” Diana said as she picked up a pair of scissors.  Eleanor was glad she picked her outfits for these games at a charity shop, as Diana cut away her leotard and then her tights, the crotch rope sinking into her damp flesh and making her gasp as the tights were pulled away.


The agony was only increased as Diana started to use her hands on Eleanor, kneading her breasts, making her wriggle and rubbing the ropes even more on her crotch, then using her lips to nibble and tease her on her nipples, her neck, her hands slipping down and rubbing the rope against her crotch...


“Frrfccsskkkltmmggg,” she called out, her eyes closed as she started to shake – and then settle down as Diana stopped teasing her.  She panted into her gag, hoping Diana would do something more – and then she felt her sucking on her nipples, as she arched her back and tried to push herself over the edge...


She also heard a loud moan, but put that down to her imagination as Diana pushed her to the edge again, Eleanor closing her eyes and hoping it came this time...


“Enjoy your rest, Eleanor dear...”


“Hnnndntllffmlkths,” Eleanor pleaded as Mary took her phone out and sent the signal to indicate she was back in the game.  She screamed for release, sweet release, as Mary blew a kiss and walked out...


As she lay there, Eleanor wondered if there was any way she could tip herself over, as she tried to move her legs and arms, but the binding was far too tight, allowing her little or no movement.  All she could do was lie there, frustrated and wondering what she could do about it...


“You must be the young lady’s mother.”


She looked at the tall, thin man who had walked in, shaking as she said “hrruuu?”


“Someone willing to help you,” he said as he looked at her, and then gently caressed her chest in his hands, kissing her neck and shoulders as he started to massage them.  As his lips gently worked on her, and his fingers began to gently knead, any fear she had felt was replaced by one thought – he could help her.


“Some of your friends have ended up in similar positions,” he said as he looked at Eleanor, “I have helped them, so do you desire my help?”


She was surprised to find herself nodding as she moved, and he moved his head down, kissing and sucking on her sensitive nipples as he moved his hand between her legs.  Arching her bag and enjoying the feelings now, she groaned even mode as he sucked, and his hand slipped under the crotch rope, moving it to one side before he moved down and kissed her on her mound.


The feeling was indescribable as she groaned even more, and then she felt his tongue licking over her, teasing at her, easing past the entrance to her most personal place and licking her juices as...





When she finally stopped shaking, she looked at him as he said “thank you – and now a gift for you.”




“Your daughter?  I visited her early – you can hear her now.”


Eleanor heard the scream of pleasure again, as she also heard the sound of buzzing and then the joy of the vibrator as it was eased into her own passage, the crotch rope replaced and tightened to keep it where it could do the most for her.


“Forgive me – I must visit your other friends,” the man said as he walked out, Eleanor shaking as she urged the next orgasm to come...


Looking in Kate’s room, he smiled as the teenager looked up at him.


“Your mother is in her room – ensure you talk to her when this is over,” he said, Kate nodding as the orgasm started to build again...


3 pm

Captive 6 – Diana Liu, 42


As she checked her phone, Diana smiled.  “Only four of us left – I wonder if Celestine is at home?”


She made her way to flat four, smiling as she opened the door and let herself in.   There was no sound of anyone at home, so she walked into the bedroom, smiling as she saw the French woman had left some jewellery boxes out.


“Well, such is to be taken,” she said as she stepped forward – and then felt the disc against her back.


“I set this trap for the French maid – but it appears I have Madame Liu instead,” a smooth rich voice said as Diana raised her arms.


“Hello Lisa – may I be allowed to indicate my fall before we begin?”


“Of course,” the voice said, Diana nodding as she took her phone out and sent the message before replacing her phone in her bag, and moving her hands behind her back.


She felt the metal of the cuffs as they were fastened round her wrists, but that wasn’t Diana’s main concern.  She had been caught by Lisa – and Lisa did not use tape for her gags.  She had something else she liked to use.


“Open wide, Diana dearest.”


She saw the large red wiffle ball and nodded feeling the plastic on her tongue and teeth as it was trapped in with leather going round and over the top of her head.  Once it was secured, she was turned round and saw Lisa Weaver standing in front of her, the fifty year old smiling under her black wig.


She had dressed in the classic style of the late Bettie Page – a crisply ironed white blouse open at the top, with the cuffs turned back, black leather gloves, a black pencil skirt, seamed stockings and black mid-calf laced boots.




“Thank you,” Lisa said with a smile, “shall we?”


Diana nodded as the left the flat, and went next door, both of them hearing the soft buzzing sound.


“The air conditioning must be broken again,” Lisa said as she escorted Diana to her own bedroom, closing the door before she uncuffed her friend’s wrists.


“All right, we need to get you secure now,” Lisa said quietly, “sit on your bed please Diana, up against the headboard, and out your hands on your head.”


The bed was a large brass bed, and as Diana took up her position, her back against the brass headstand, she wondered what Lisa was going to do.


The older woman smiled as she opened Diana’s wardrobe, and removed several lengths of rope.  Waling to the side of the bed, she moved her left arm and stretched it out so that her wrists was against the headstand, and then lashed it tightly to the metal with a length of cord.  A second length was tied round her arm at her elbow, before Lisa moved to her right arm and secured it in place as well.


“Comfy,” she then said as she sat on the bed, pushing Diana’s legs slightly apart, her red lips smiling as she used two more lengths of rope to secure her shoulders against the metal stand.  Diana nodded, and then groaned as Lisa gently kissed her neck.


“Well, I think if the air conditioning is playing up, we need to make sure you don’t get too hot,” Lisa said as she unfastened the cheongsam and opened it up, revealing the red lace bra and panties, as well as the garter belt holding up Diana’s red stockings.


“Very nice,” Lisa said as she stroked her gloved finger down Diana’s chest, smiling as Diana moaned and nodded, and then moaned more as Lisa started to kiss her chest and neck.


“Hmmsmnsss,” Diana said as Lisa unfastened her bra and listed it up, her gloved hands playing with and caressing her chest as she continued to kiss her friend’s neck.


“Just let me do something,” Lisa whispered as she moved off the bed, and took another length of rope.  Diana watched as she tied it round her left leg, just above her knee, and then the rope was pulled back, spreading her leg out before Lisa tied it to the leg at the top of the bed.


Repeating the process on the other side, Diana was helpless to stop Lisa as she took a pair of nail scissors, and cut her panties away.  She then knelt on the bed in front of her captive, and whispered “now, what am I going to do to you?”




“Exactly,” Lisa said as she pressed her hands on Diana’s chest, groping her as she moved them round and used her lips to cover the woman’s neck and throat with her kisses.  Diana leaned her head back, groaning as she felt the fire start within her, and then increase as Lisa started to use her lips on her chest, feeling her nipples harden as Lisa sucked and kissed gently.


“Oh yes – I know you like this,” she whispered before she ran her tongue over Diana’s nipples, and then sucked again, before she went back to massaging them as she kissed her gagged mouth, Diana unable to stop herself as she returned the kiss, rubbing the waffle ball on Lisa’s lips.


“Shall I?”


Diana nodded as she felt the leather gloved hand on her crotch, stroking and pressing against her body as she pressed herself against it, groaning as she felt the fire burning brighter and stronger as Lisa continued to kiss her lips, her neck, her chest, her stomach...


“Oh dear – you need this don’t you?”


“Hmggdysss,” Diana nodded as she opened her eyes.


“Pity the rules don’t allow it,” Lisa said as she backed off the bed, Diana looking at her with pleading eyes.  “Maybe another time?”


“Ucnllffmlkthsss,” Diana pleaded, Lisa smiling as she sent a signal on her app.  “Have fun,” she said quietly as she left Diana on the bed.


As she sat there, for a moment she thought she heard Mary screaming in pleasure, but it was a strange muted sound, so she put it down to her imagination as she wondered how long she was going to be like this.


“Well, this is a most inviting sight.”


She looked at the tall, thin man standing in the doorway, and screamed “HHTTFKKRU?”


“The man who will give you release,” he said as he walked slowly over, and climbed onto the bed, Diana unable to move or stop him as he placed his lips on her neck.  As his hands massaged her chest, any fear Diana had was quickly replaced by a fire as she groaned, and then as she felt his lips move down and across her chest – and then the strong suction as he played with her nipples made her moan even more – especially as he put his hand at her crotch and gently played with her down there.




“Does it indeed,” the man said as he looked at her, “shall I continue?”


Diana nodded, unable to stop herself as he used his fingers to arouse her even more, his lips to make her even harder, even more as she tried to move around, and then she felt his lips moving down her body.


“He’s not going to....  OH MY GOD!” she thought to herself as she felt his lips on her mound, his tongue gently licking her, taking her juices into his mouth as she groaned and pushed her pelvis out.


When she felt his tongue on her petals, she realised something was going to happen, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.  But he made no motions, gave no signs he was going to remove his pants, perhaps....





She felt his tongue as it eased past her petals and into her, shaking as he touched her g-spots with the tip of it, and then worked her passage, so intense the feelings that she immediately shook and had an orgasm, screaming into the waffle gag as she found that release she so desperately needed.


And still he kept going, taking her through the shock and the tremors before he gently brought her back down, kissing and licking all the time until her head slumped over.


“This has been a most remarkable afternoon,” she heard the man say as a length of rope was passed round her waist, “I so look forward to meeting the other players.”




“Oh yes,” the man said.




He nodded as she looked up, and then felt him ease the rope under her bottom.  Now she knew what the buzzing they had heard was – especially as it started anew, and then she felt the vibrator as it was pushed into her passage, the crotch rope tightly secured to keep it in place.


“Enjoy,” the man said quietly as he moved off.


“Wttt – brnmdhtrtmmm?”


“Are you sure?”


Diana nodded as the man left the room, returning as he carried the ball tied and rope gagged Mary in his arms.  She looked up as the man sat her in front of her mother, and said “Mmm?”



Mary nodded before yet another orgasm took her and she shook, Diana following suit as the man left them together...


3.30 pm
Victim 7 – Lisa Weaver, 50


As Lisa stepped out of the flat, she checked the app on her phone.


“Only Celestine and Catherine left,” she said to herself, “I think I have time to go to my place and get a drink of water first.”


She walked back into her own flat, smiling as she went to the kitchen and took a bottle of water from the fridge.  Unscrewing the top, she took a long drink and then smiled.


“Forgive me Madame, but I must ask you to put the bottle down and put your hands behind your back.”


“Damn,” Lisa said quietly as she took her phone out and set her status to captured, and then put her hands behind her back, feeling the metal as they were cuffed together.  She then saw one of her own red ball gags as it was dangled in front of her, and allowed the woman to push the ball behind the teeth, the leather straps tightly fastened around her head and trapping her hair underneath.


As she turned round, she saw Celestine Baudin in front of her, the 45 year old wearing the stereotypical French maid’s outfit, complete with head band.  The skirt was short, and the black fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt.


“Shall we head to your room,” she said with a smile, Lisa nodding as they walked through the flat and into her bedroom. 


“Snnwwhtt,” Lisa said as she turned round, and Celestine closed the door.


“Now, I make sure you cannot escape,” Celestine said as she stood in front of Lisa, and very slowly started to unbutton her blouse, revealing her black bra before she slipped it down her back.  “After all, I must ensure you are happy, oui?”


Lisa shivered as her friend walked behind her, and stroked her arms, before gently kissing her shoulders and neck.


“Sit on the bed.”  As she said this, Celestine unzipped Lisa’s skirt, letting it fall to the floor and revealing her panties and stockings.  Lisa walked slowly over, stepping out of the skirt and then sitting down as Celestine knelt and started to bind her ankles tightly together, the rope going around and between her legs.


As Celestine bound her legs together below her knees, she smiled as he hands stroked over Lisa’s legs.  Once the rope was secured, she walked behind her and released her wrists, before bringing them together in front of her, hands palm to palm as she started to bind them together with more rope.


To her surprise, Celestine then bound her arms together at her elbows, before making her sit on the bed so that her forearms sat on top of her lower legs.


“Whtrrudnnnn,” she said quietly as the maid then tied her wrists to her ankles, and her arms to her legs, so that she was forced to lean over as if she was bending.




“Ntrlleee HHNNNNN!”


Lisa was unable to stop Celeste as she tipped her onto her back, making her look over as she took a large leather paddle and looked at Lisa.


“Ready, Cherie?”


“RddefrhwttMMMM” Lisa said as Celestine brought the paddle down hard on her bottom, smiling as she rubbed the flesh, and then smacked the leather down on it again.


Lisa was helpless to stop the French woman as she smacked her again and again, the initial pain easing over time with each stroke to a sense of arousal, of helplessness taken advantage of as she longed for the spanking to continue, and she closed her eyes in anticipation.


She was edging closer and closer to the edge as she did so, until she hoped she would be allowed to explode – but as Celestine stopped, she said “I must go – I need to win today’s contest.”




“Enjoy,” Celestine said as she gently caressed Lisa’s bottom, making her moan before she walked off, leaving the older woman alone.


After a few minutes, she heard footsteps – but they weren’t the click of high heels.  She looked to the door and opened her eyes as a tall, thin man walked in and said “hello there.  Comfy?”




“The man who has come to give you sweet release,” he said as he walked over and gently caressed her bottom, at the same time kissing her neck and the top of her chest.  Lisa knew she should be screaming for help, but just those two little things started the fire burning in her again, as she closed her eyes and moaned.


That moaning only increased as he pulled her bra up and off her chest, his lips encircling and alternatively kissing, then sucking on her nipples, making them harder as he continued to caress her bottom, and then slipped his hand under her panties, massaging her bare flesh.


“Hshhttttplsdttt,” she moaned as she squirmed round, feeling him pull her panties up her legs as his lips travelled down.  It was all he could do to raise her head as his lips moved across her belly, then over her mound and gently caressed her clit, his tongue stroking over it as she moaned.


The next twenty minutes were like a blur to her as he took her to the edge, then moved back and took her close again, until he finally allowed her to tip over the edge, Lisa throwing her head back and screaming as she shook in passion and ecstasy, her juices gently licked away as he used his tongue and lips on her not once, but twice.


Eventually, he stood up and looked at her as she opened her eyes, and then felt the vibrator as it was pushed into her, her body shaking again as he pulled her panties down, and covered her, before easing her bra back into place.  She watched as he selected one of her special ball gags, one that fitted with a padlock, before he smiled at her.


“I always liked Irving Klaw,” he said quietly as he left, Lisa starting to shake again as she was left there...



4 pm

Victim 8 – Celestine Baudin, 45


“And then there were two,” Celestine said as she left the apartment, looking down the corridor.  She could hear an increasingly loud buzzing sound, but there was no sign of her opponent.


“I wonder how the others have been left,” she said to herself as she walked slowly down the corridor, not hearing the fire exit door open behind her – but she soon felt the circle against her back, as a young Mexican voice said “I think I win – please, Madame Baudin, put your hands behind your back.”


“I believe you do,” she said as she moved her hands behind her, and she felt the cuffs fastening around her wrists.  Looking at the knotted blue scarf that was in front of her face, she nodded and opened her mouth, the slight taste of perfume on her tongue as the knot was pulled behind her teeth, and the band tied round her head.


She turned round to look at eighteen year old Catherine Chavez, her dark hair platted in two pigtails.  She was wearing a tight white blouse, showing off her chest, a very short pleated black leather skirt, four inch heeled black shoes and stockings.


“Shall we go to your flat,” she said quietly, Celestine nodding as they walked to flat 4, Catherine opening the door as they walked to her bedroom.  On the way, Catherine went to the kitchen and collected a four legged high stool, taking that with them and placing it in the centre of the bedroom floor.


She walked Celestine over and stood her by two of the legs, fetching some lengths of rope and tying the French woman’s ankles and knees to the stool legs, so that they were spread and held firmly in place.


“Bend over,” Catherine then said as she made Celestine lean forward, uncuffing her wrists and moving her arms against the other two legs, before securing them to the chair at her wrists and elbows.  This has the effect of lifting her short skirt up, exposing her black silk panties.


“Now, I know I am the baby of the group,” Celestine said quietly, “and therefore, you know I cannot do anything sexual, right?”


“Thsrhttt,” Celestine mumbled, smiling over the knot of silk.


“On the other hand,” Celestine said, “do you remember the time you caught me stealing a cookie, and you spanked my bottom with a slipper, even though I said I was too old to be spanked?”




“Oh I know,” Catherine said as she slowly pulled Celestine’s panties down, “but I haven’t forgotten, and I know you are not too old to spank.”


“WhtdummnnNNNN,” Celestine said as Catherine brought the sole of one of her slippers down hard on her bottom, making her jump.


“So I think you need a good spanking,” Catherine said as she brought the slipper down again.


And again.


And again.


With each stroke, Celestine made a noise, a yelp to start with, but as the spanking continued, they softened as she began to be more and more aroused, the heat of each smoke stoking the fires within her.  She wondered if the young girl doing this had any real idea what she was doing to her with this – but given her mother, she figured that wasn’t the case.


“Dkknwwwhtthsdstmmm,” she moaned out after a last, hard strike.


“Teach you a lesson,” Catherine said as she pulled Celestine’s panties back up, and patted her bottom, the French woman closing her eyes and moaning as she did so.  “And I hope you have learned it.  Let me go and enjoy my victory before I see where my mother has got to.”


Celestine turned and watched as the young Mexican girl walked out, groaning as she wondered how long she would be left like that.  So when she felt the hands caressing her bottom again, she hoped it was her coming to finish the job.




“Wtththhhlll,” she said as she turned to see the tall, thin man behind her, pulling her panties down and caressing her bottom with his hands.  Somehow, the touch wasn’t harsh, but soft, gentle – and the way he moved his hands over her just seemed to stoke up the fires again.


“Have you been a naughty girl,” he said as he spanked her, and she called out “ysssss.”  She felt his caress again, and then a smack, the touch alternating as she started to wriggle round.


But it was the feel of his lips as he kissed her bottom that made Celestine give out a low, long moan as she felt his hands moving between her legs, and stroking over her mound.  It was damp and sensitive, and his fingers seemed to know just where to touch her as his lips did the same.


She groaned more and more as his fingers worked on her, so close was she to the edge that when she finally threw her head back and had an orgasm, it was the most blessed relief rather than a shock.


“Forgive me if I do not stay longer,” the man said as he tied a rope round her waist and between her legs, making it sink between her lips, “but I have a victor to visit, and she may decide to leave.  First, a present.”


She welcomed the vibrator as he slipped it into her, the rope keeping it in place, the sensations working on her instantly as he walked out, but she had only one thought.


What was Catherine going to have done to her?



4.30 pm

Victim 9 – Catherine Chavez, 18


“We are the champions, my friend, and we keep on fighting to the end...”


As Catherine checked the app, she smiled and punched the air as she realised she was the winner of the game that day.  Returning to her flat, she passed her mother’s room and sat down on the bed, smiling as she dialled a number on her mobile phone.


“Nikki?  It’s Cathy – what are you up to at the moment?”


“Not a lot,” the voice said, “why?”


“Well, if you can get over here,” Catherine said as she lay back, “I can guarantee at last an hour of complete peace, and no disturbances from anyone.”


“Really? Sounds fun – give me an hour?”


“You got it,” Catherine said with a smile as she ended the call.  Standing up, she said to herself “I wonder how Mum was left,” before she walked to the room of her door.  As she stepped out, however, she was shocked to have a large hand clamped over her mouth, as a male voice said “congratulations – now it is time for your reward.”




“Relax – I don’t want to hurt you,” he said as he walked her back into her bedroom, “I already visited all the other players – but as the winner, you get my full attention.  Now, do exactly what I tell you, understand?”


Catherine nodded as he said “good – when I let go, be quiet, and put your arms behind your back.”


“Who... Who are you?  Is this a robbery?”  Catherine was whispering as she felt the man fold her arms behind her, her elbows resting in the palms of her hands, before she felt the rope around each wrist as it was bound to the opposite elbow.


Catherine had to admire his skill as he secured her forearms together, and then wrapped more rope around her upper arms and chest, framing her chest above and below, and then from the sides.  She noticed the way her chest was forced out, as he said “sit on your bed, and do not resist me.”


“I have a choice,” Catherine said as she sat down and looked at him.  He was the same age as her mother, as far as she could tell, in a shirt and pants.


“You...  You did this to my mother?”


“No – one of your friends did that,” he said as he bent her left leg, and tied he rankle to her thigh, taking the rope around and between her limb to lock it in place.  He walked round the bad and did the same thing to her right leg, before tying another band of rope around each leg below her knee as well.


“Okay – I’m going nowhere,” Catherine said nervously, “now what?”


“Now – I give you your reward.  One thing first though...”


“What,” she said as she looked at him – and then her eyes shot open as he kissed her mouth, pressing and rubbing her lips on her.  As he moved back, she opened her mouth to speak – only to be silenced as he pushed Lisa’s ball gag into her mouth, taking the straps round her head and fastening them with the padlock.


“Hmmgdddd,” she said as he looked at her, and then gently kissed her neck and shoulders, his hands at the same time starting to gently massage her chest.




“Hush,” the man said quietly as he kissed her neck and throat, and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse, which was threatening to burst open anyway.  Catherine gasped as her chest was freed – and then even more as he slipped her bra up, and placed his hands on her bare breasts, gently kneading and massaging as he watched her eyes glaze over.


She was helpless, unable to stop him, and somehow she wasn’t afraid – his voice, his manner, his gentle touch...  But that touch was making her feel so strange, so different from all the other times she had been bound and silenced in the games.  Her chest was firming up, she could see her nipples growing larger, and his kisses made her feel so strange inside...


He then started to kiss her chest, as Catherine moaned softly.  Whatever he was doing was making her hot, shaking, as if she had a fever – and then she felt him gently sucking on her nipples, and she heard herself say “hmmggdddwhtsthdnnn.”


She squirmed round, feeling the dampness on her panties as he kissed, sucked and played with her nipples, his hands holding her chest from underneath as he did so, and she felt the warmth growing stronger and stronger.  What was happening to her?  What was he doing to make her feel like this?




“I’m not going to,” he said quietly as she felt his fingers stroke up her panties, and she shivered in response, “but I will show you pleasure.”


She wondered what he meant by that, as he took a pair of scissors from her bedside table and snipped at the sides of her panties, removing them as the cool air hit her clit.  He then stroked his hand gently over it as he kissed and sucked her chest, Catherine almost collapsing at the rush of feelings this created.


“Hmmmmmmwhtshpnnntmmm,” she moaned as the fire grew inside her, and then she watched as he moved slowly down, his lips touching her belly, her waist, her...


“AHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN” she called out as she felt his lips on her mound, and then gently kissing and caressing her crotch, her petals parting as if it was welcoming something new.  He could feel him kissing her there as she involuntarily pushed her pelvis up, and she felt his lips part, his tongue stroking over as she suddenly realised she was damp there from something else.


Catherine closed her eyes, wondering what was happening as she sunk into a pool of pleasure at the stroke of his tongue, and then she felt it move inside her, and she jumped at the touch where no one had touched her before.


This didn’t stop him as he kept kissing and using his tongue, his hands caressing her chest as she started to shake, and she wondered what was....



“HMMSMSTTGGDDDDDD!” she screamed out as she had her first real orgasm, her body quivering and shaking as she moved round – but the man kept kissing and licking, until she collapsed on the bed, a thin line of drool running down her chin.


“There – wasn’t that nice?”


She slowly opened her eyes and nodded, barely noticing the rope as he tied it round her waist before pulling it up between her legs, and then slipped a working vibrator where his tongue had just been, making her shake again as the bussing noise filled the room.




“Because you deserved it,”


She looked at him as she felt the same sensations building again, and he smiled at her.  “I’m sure your girlfriend will free you,” he said quietly, “and then you can find the others.  Have fun.”




She felt another orgasm start to build, her eyes closed as he slipped out of the room.





“Cathy?  You in your room?  The door was open so I came right...”


As Catherine calmed down from her fifth orgasm, she looked at the door and saw Nikki standing there.  She realised she must look like a character in a Japanese adult Anime, as she looked over and said quietly “hllpppmmm...”


“Well now – it appears you’ve had yourself turned into a kinky present.  I don’t know who you got to do this, but – I LOVE it!”


“Wht?  Nnnkekeeesnntagmmm...”


“Hush,” Nikki said as she kissed her girlfriend’s sweaty forehead, “remember when you told me about these games?”


Catherine looked at her, and then her eyes opened wide.  She did remember, and she remembered what Niki had said...”


“I said, if you were ever left helpless in front of me, I would accept the present, and leave you to enjoy the position, and me to enjoy watching you, for two hours.  Remember?”


Catherine nodded, and then shook her head.  “Nuuddnntndrstnddd...”


“I’m going to enjoy this,” Nikki said as she kissed Catherine’s forehead, “let me go and get a drink.”


As she left the room, Catherine started shaking again, knowing this would be her state for the next two hours – and that was true for everyone else, if they were the same...



Epilogue – Monday night


The nine women looked at each other across the room.  When Nikki finally released Catherine, and learned what had happened, they had called the police before going round the flats – once they had released Catherine’s mother from her wardrobe.


Nothing had been stolen, everything as still there – but there was a different feeling between the women as they looked at each other.


“So we’re agreed,” Lisa eventually said, all of them nodding in agreement.


“We’re agreed – the rules are changed,” Jane said, “all bets are off...”








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