The Seduction of Sinthia






“So, we are in agreement with the plan then?”


“Well, it certainly is an audacious one – but will she fall for it?  She strikes me as a very intelligent young woman.”


“She is, but she has a fatal flaw – one we will seek to use to our advantage.”


“And that is?”


“She cannot resist the opportunity to taunt someone dressed like Irina will be...”


Sinthia Stoob was looking out over the park, sipping quietly from her coffee cup as she did so.  The view was magnificent – the apartment bought with the proceeds from her recent visit to Germany, a visit that had allowed her to feel a great deal of pleasure.


She was, for her, casually dressed – a pair of leather effect leggings and a black v-necked jumper, with four inch heel sandals on.  Smiling, she turned from the window and walked towards her desk, pressing a button on the intercom as she did so.


“Join me please,” she said quietly, waiting as the door opened and two women walked in.  One had long chestnut brown hair, the other short ash blonde hair, but both were wearing black catsuits and short boots.


“You asked us to join you, Madame Sinthia,” the blonde said as they both stood to attention.


“I did, Astrid,” Sinthia said with a smile, “I will require the services of you and Helena this evening, when I visit this young lady’s home.”


She passed them a picture of a young woman with ash blonde hair.


“She is a young heiress, recently arrived in the city for the season – I feel we should introduce ourselves to her, make a collection for charity, and otherwise entertain her.  Make sure everything we need is ready for seven o’clock.”


“Of course, Madame Sinthia,” the second woman said in a clipped English accent, as they bowed and left the room.  Sinthia smiled as she sat down and looked again at the picture – this was going to be a good night...




The sun was setting as the black car drew up outside the house.  Looking out from the driver’s side, Sinthia smiled as she said “all right Astrid, Helena, you go first as take care of the housekeeper.”


 “Yes, Mistress,” the women said in unison as they stepped out.  Both were dressed in black – Astrid in a sleeveless black leather tunic and leather skirt, with over the knee leather boots, and Helena in a similar top and boots, but she was also wearing a long black skirt that flowed behind, her long legs emerging as they walked to the front door.  Both checked their short leather gloves were on, before Astrid opened the door and they moved inside.


They could hear music in the main room, but that was not their objective.  Instead, they made their way quietly along the hallway, and then down a set of stairs.  Looking through a doorway, they could see a blonde haired woman, wearing a black dress with long lace sleeves and a lace skirt, sitting at a table and reading.


“That would be her housekeeper,” Astrid whispered.


“Indeed – shall we make her happy,” Helena said as they both walked in, Astrid placing her hands on the housekeeper’s shoulders while Helena went and stood in front of her.


“Who...  Who are you,” she said as she looked at the two leather clad women.


“Us – oh, we’re your – shall we say, entertainers for tonight, isn’t that right?” Astrid said as she began to massage her shoulders.


“That’s right – so relax, and do exactly what we say...”


Sinthia smiled as she got out of the car, locking it as she carried her large shoulder bag over her left side.  Walking up to the front door, she opened it and let herself in, stopping only to remove her long coat and place it on the coat stand.


She then admired herself for a few minutes in the full length mirror – the black leather dress fitted her like a glove, showing her chest just enough as the elasticised sides rippled with each movement.  The over the knee black leather boots caressed her legs, the four inch heels sharp and domineering.


“Oh this is going to be fun,” she said as she heard the squeals from the stairs, but she headed in the opposite direction – up, up the stairs and to where she knew the master bedroom would be.  She smiled to herself, holding her bag tightly as she opened the door and looked in.


The strawberry blonde was lying on the bed, kicking her heels back and forth as she read a magazine.  Sinthia crept in, smiling as she softly put the bag down, and walked to the bed, placing her gloved hand lightly on the young woman’s shoulder.


“What the...” she said as she rolled over and looked at Sinthia, she in turn taking her in.  Young – early twenties, wearing a style of top popular in the seventies – barely covering her chest and tied at the front, but rather than the cheesecloth of those days, it was a beige lace, her white bra clearly visible underneath.  The rest of her clothing was both simple and alluring – tight white denim cut-off shorts, and brown leather over the knee boots.


“Well hello there,” Sinthia purred, “and what is your name?”


Irrrrr  Irina,” she stammered, “who are you?”


“Well, my name is Sinthia Stoob, but you may call me – Mistress,” Sinthia said quietly as she stroked Irina’s cheek.  “What do you call me?”


“Mistress,” Irina whispered to Sinthia’s delight.


“Good, good – now I am going to relieve you of a few things, but I want you to enjoy the experience – so be a good girl, and kneel for me, head down, hands behind your back.”


“What are you going to do to me,” Irina said as she complied, Sinthia smiling as she took the Japanese silk rope from her back and began to bind the blonde’s wrists together behind her back, the cords going around and between her arms.


“Oh I don’t want to spoil the surprise,” Sinthia whispered into Irina’s ear, before she gently kissed it, and pulled the rope tight between her wrists.  She then took a second length of rope, and passed it around her elbows, pulling them together as she started to secure them.


“Oh – that feels different,” Irina gasped as her shoulders were pulled back, her chest forced out, her blouse threatening to burst open.


“I hope it does,” Sinthia said with a grin as Irina saw the rope as it was passed over her head, and then tightly round her arms and chest, “and I’ve only just begun...”




“Now doesn’t that feel good,” Helena said as she watched Astrid massaging the chest of the housekeeper, the third woman nodding and groaning into the cloth that had been stuffed into her mouth.  Her arms were wrapped around the back of the chair she was sitting in, her legs secured to the front legs, her wrists secured to the chair back.


She groaned again as she felt the warmth build up inside her, the excitement, as Astrid looked over and smiled – then slowly unzipped the back of the housekeeper’s dress, and pulled it down to expose her bare shoulders, her bare chest, and the very, very prominent nipples.


“OH they look good enough to...”


Helena stopped as she looked up at Astrid, and then at the housekeeper, her lips breaking into a grin as she felt the disc against her back.


Not a word ladies,” a female voice said as she looked at the grey clad woman standing behind her partner.  “Hands behind your back please – we want you to have some pleasure as well.”


“You do know who we work for,” Astrid said as both women felt the ropes around their wrists, pulling them tightly together behind their backs and securing them more firmly with each pass.


“Oh we do,” the woman behind Astrid said, “in fact, our boss is going to behaving words with her later.  But first, we get to play with both of you.”


“What do you mean,” Helena said as she wriggled her fingers.


“OH you’ll find out,” the voice behind her said as both women watched the ropes encircling their upper bodies, pulling their arms into their sides, forcing their chests out, and making the zippers at the front of their tops open slightly.  IT only took a few moments for their captors to secure the rope harnesses on them, the bands above, below, at the sides and between their breasts by the time they had finished.


“You look flushed,” Astrid’s captor whispered, “are you warm?”  She shook her head, and then gasped as the gloved hand came round and pulled the zip down, her chest spilling out as the top went to her sides, and then reacting to the caress of the gloved hands on them.


The housekeeper watched as both women closed their eyes, responding to the sweet, sweet torture that she herself had just experienced...




“There,” Sinthia said as she smoothed the white tape over Irina’s lips, watching the shape of them as the tape adhered to the contours of her face and jaw, “that’s better isn’t it?”


Irina wriggled on the bed, her boots squeaking as they rubbed together at her ankles and legs, held together by two bands of the soft black rope.  She looked up at the leather clad intruder, who smiled as she leaned over and pressed her lips on the tape covered ones, and then ran her gloved hands down her body.


“I have plenty of time to find your valuables,” she purred, “I think you need to be properly relaxed first don’t you?”




“That’s right,” Sinthia said as she gently kissed her neck, Irina sighing at the touch and not noticing as Sinthia untied the front of her blouse, moving it to the sides before her lips moved to the top of the young blonde’s chest.


“Hmmm that is nice – such a wonderful scent,” Sinthia whispered before she placed her hands on Irina’s chest, and began the slow, rhythmical, gentle massage, her captive squirming on the bed in response, trying to rub her legs together as the squeak of the leather intensified.


“Well, you are enjoying this, aren’t you,” Sinthia said as she looked into Irina’s eyes, the young blonde nodding as her eyelids closed and she groaned in pleasure.  As she moved her bra up and off her chest, she wriggled more, especially at the touch of Sinthia’s lips on her chest, and then the gentle pressure and tension as the lips enclosed one nipple and began to suck.


Hyyssss,” she moaned as Sinthia went from side to side, while her fingers gently unfastened the white shorts, and pulled them down, before she began to stroke Irina between her legs.  She could feel the dampness, and breathed softly as she moved her hand to and fro,  drinking in the soft moans as she felt the pleasure her captive was feeling.


“You feel so soft, so warm, so yielding,” Sinthia whispered, her hand now slipping into Irina’s panties as she stroked over her sex, her light fingers making the young girl quiver and shake even more.  “In fact, you almost make me feel I should pleasure you before I rob you.  Would you like that, young lady?”


Irina opened her eyes and looked at Sinthia, the smile under the tape growing as it wrinkled and she slowly nodded.  “So kind of you,” Sinthia replied as she took her gloved hand out, and licked her finger, smiling before she leaned over and began to gently kiss her clit, and use her tongue to lap up the juices already present.


Hmggdyssss,” Irina called out as she arched her back, Sinthia continuing to use her tongue on her before she moved back to kissing her chest, and thrust her gloved fingers deep into Irina’s passage.


It didn’t take long to bring her to a climax, Sinthia smiling as the young girl screamed and threw herself around, before she collapsed on the bed.  “There,” she said as she stood up, and looked at her, “doesn’t that feel so much better?”


“I have to admit, she does look happy.”


Sinthia suddenly stiffened as she heard the older, female voice behind her as Irina looked up and said “ddeedwllmstrss?”


“You did my child,” the voice continued, “and now you get to watch as I teach Madame Stoob here a long deserved lesson.”


“You do know I am not alone in the house,” Sinthia said quietly without looking round.


“Your two assistants?  Be assured – they are being very well looked after...”







Astrid arched her back as she felt her orgasm begin, Helena joining in as their two captors continued to use the wands between their legs, moving them in and out as they lay on the large table facing each other.  They were tightly hogtied, their bound ankles pulled right back so that they could touch the heels with their fingers, the rope linking them to their elbows,


The housekeeper was still watching, enjoying the show as both Astrid and Helena shook their bodies, and then stopped, panting through the red ball gags as they looked at each other.


“There – that’s better,” one of their captors said as they felt the rope pulled tightly up and between their legs, keeping the device lodged in place at a low setting, “now you just stay there while your mistress is taken care of.  Do you wish to be untied?”


The housekeeper shook her head – she was enjoying the show too much...




“And may I know who has the audacity to interrupt my work?”


“In due course,” the voice said behind Sinthia, “for now, I want you to move your hands on your head.”


“Or what?”


She heard the click of the safety being pulled back on a gun, before saying “ah – I believe that answers my question.”


“I hope so – Irina, I believe there is sufficient room on the bed for two.  Scoot over, there’s a good girl.”


Sinthia watched as Irina moved herself to the side, watching as the voice said “Lie down, there’s a good girl.”  She walked slowly over to the bed, before the voice said “one thing first.”


“And that is?”


“Take your dress off.”


“Do I have a choice?”


“Not really, no.”


Nodding, Sinthia reached round and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor as she stepped out, revealing her black thong and bra.


“Very nice – now, lie down with your hands on your head.”


“May I at least know your name,” Sinthia said as she lay on her back, and saw the woman behind the voice for the first time.  She was a few years older, with long light brown hair, and was wearing short red leather gloves with a grey sleeveless top, tight black leather trousers and thigh high red leather boots, the tops turned down to sit above her knees.


“You may call me Erato,” the women said as she looked at Sinthia, “now, my dear lady, I have been asked to show you what you have done to others, and it will be my pleasure to do so.”  As she spoke, she ran the back of her gloved hand down Sinthia’s cheek, and she was surprised to feel herself shivering at the touch.


“Are you a religious woman, Sinthia?”


“Why do you ask?”


“Pray – pray for me.”


Nodding, Sinthia moved her hands and put them together in prayer, watching as Erato took a length of rope, and quickly bound them together, before lifting them above her head and securing them to the headboard.  She looked over at Irina, who was watching closely, and then leaned over to press her taped lips against Sinthia’s neck.


“I think she likes you – that’s good,” Erato said as she took a  second length of rope, and crossed Sinthia’s ankles.  It was only then she realised Erato had only cocked back the safety on a gun – and as she looked over to the side of the room, she saw the starting pistol on the bureau.


“You never intended to shoot me, did you,” she said as she felt the rope holding her ankles together.


“Of course not,” Erato said as she pulled the rope between Sinthia’s ankles, and then tied the ends to the foot of the bed, “why would I mar such beauty?  After all, there are many ways to ensure cooperation – as you are all too aware.”


Sinthia looked down as Erato stroked her gloved hands up her booted legs, and then between her thighs as she bit her lower lip.  “As I suspected,” Erato said quietly, “in order to help others to experience this pleasure, one must have experienced and enjoyed it herself, no?  What was the first time for you, I wonder?”


For a moment, Sinthia’s mind flashed back to her teenage years, but she said nothing as Erato looked at her.


“Well, that is not important right now – what is important is that I was asked to show you the same pleasure you gave to others – particularly at the offices of Dame von Heute...”


Sinthia suddenly looked at Erato, and then gasped as her gloved hand caressed her between her legs.  “Madame Mueller sends her regards,” she cooed softly, “and hopes you enjoy what is about to happen as much as she enjoyed having your – personal attentions – lavished on her.”


“Oh my...”


“Hush,” Erato said as Sinthia felt the gloved hand over her own mouth, and the gentle strokes up and down between her own legs.  “Quiet – this is a moment for both of us to enjoy.”


As the strokes went over her thong, Sinthia was already aware of just how damp she was feeling – and then she felt the pressure on her neck, and looked to see Irina pressing her gagged lips against Sinthia’s neck.


“Ah – do you wish to join in my dear,” Erato said, Irina nodding as she stopped and looked at Sinthia.  “Well, in that case I need to ensure you are free to give full voice to your own feelings.”


“I know what it means when you say that.”


“Good,” Erato said as she took a knife, and cut through the strands of Sinthia’s own thong, taking it and making a wad of cloth before inhaling, “then you know what you have to do.”


Nodding, Sinthia opened her mouth, tasting herself as the wad was pushed in, and then closed her lips as she watched Erato find the same white tape she had used earlier, and tear a long strip off, smoothing it over Sinthia’s mouth with as much care and pressure as she had used on Irina. 


“Now you may join in,” Erato said quietly as she pulled Sinthia’s bra up, and the young woman felt the sensations as she was kissed and massaged there, while Irina continued to gag kiss her neck and cheek.  She moved her head in response, the two women pressing their gagged lips together as they both started to moan.


She could feel her breasts responding and pushed herself up, feeling the seal of Erato’s lips on her nipples as she was simultaneously kissed and stroked, the older woman’s tongue making the hardness seem impossible as she moved from side to side.  She treated each side equally, as Sinthia moved around, the squeak of the rope and leather of both women only seeming to urge Erato on as she moved her gloved hand between Sinthia’s legs again. 


Hmmswtlrdd,” Sinthia moaned before Irina moved herself up and pressed her lips against Sinthia’s, the two moving their heads together as Erato moved her own head down, and pressed her lips against Sinthia’s clit, the young woman responding as she opened her legs and allowed the older one to use her lips and her tongue on her.


The sensations that arose from this were almost overwhelming, as she struggled to maintain control, but the attentions of Irina were distracting her as well, particularly when she moved her head down and started to nuzzle and gag kiss her chest.


It was, however, the fact that Erato managed to use her tongue to open the petals that finally made her gasp and moan, the woman doing something she had never experienced before as she slipped her tongue inside and started to use it, moving it around, finding those sweet sweet areas that she usually had to find for herself, or else have someone use their own fingers to stroke.


That was the tipping point, as she arched her body and screamed into her gag, the orgasm overpowering her as both Irina and Erato continued their ministrations on her.  Her whole body shook as she experienced pleasure as never before, and she closed her eyes, wondering why this has never happened before...


When she eventually calmed down, she opened her eyes to see Irina peeling the tape away from her mouth, as Erato untied her legs.


“You were magnificent,” Irina said, “and I hope you enjoyed what small part I played.”


Sinthia could only nod as she lay there, panting while Irina climbed off the bed, and gently kissed her.


“We will leave you now,” Erato said as she untied Sinthia’s wrists from the headboard, but kept them bound as she laid them over her crotch, “I am sure you will be able to free yourself and your two helpers – when you so desire to.  It has been a pleasure to meet you, but remember.


“Actions have consequences.”


“Goodbye,” Irina said as Sinthia watched them walk out of the room.  In the silence that ensued, she could hear Helena and Astrid moaning, and wondered if she should free herself and them.


Then she felt how damp she still was, and decided they needed to learn their lesson a little more, as she started to rub herself between her legs...







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