The Voyeurs








“I understand that you may not feel like answering my questions at the moment, Mrs Wilson, but it is important that you tell us everything that happened from your viewpoint.”


Moira Wilson nodded as she sat in her armchair, nursing her teacup as she looked round.  It had been a week since the incident, but she still could picture every part of it as she closed her eyes.


“I’m not sure you can, constable,” she said as she looked at the young detective, “especially given what we later found out.  Unless it has happened to you as it did to me and Lexi, I really do not think you can understand how it makes us feel.”


“I expect not – but if we are to catch this gang, then we need to know what happened.”


Moira nodded as she said “well, it started at about six o’clock that night...”


“Gran, are you seriously telling me you’re going out like that?”


“And why not, Lexi,” Moira said as she stood in the doorway.  The white haired woman was wearing a leopard print top under a black leather jacket, black satin pants and leather ankle boots.


“Well, for one thing, you’re sixty,” Lexi Gordon said as she sat in the armchair, looking at her grandmother.  The twenty year old was visiting during a break from her studies at university, and was wearing a grey wool jacket over a white top, blue jeans with patches on them, and brown suede ankle boots.


“And I’m to going to let that stop me – it’s a night out with the girls, and we all like to dress up a little bit,” Moira said as she looked at her auburn haired granddaughter.  “You could do with getting out and having some fun as well, you know.”


“Yeah, right,” Lexi said with a smile.  “Well, you go and have fun, I’m not going to say another word.”


“Good,” Lexi said as she picked up her handbag, “then I’ll leave you to the television.  Don’t wait up for me.”


“Right, right,” Lexi said as she waved her grandmother off, and went back to reading her book.


“What the fuck...”


“Gran?”  Lexi looked to the door as Moira slowly walked back in, her hands in the air.  Putting her book down, Lexi stood up, and then screamed as five more people walked in, two of them carrying sawn-off shotguns which they pointed at the two women.  Two more were carrying large bags, which made a dull thud as they dropped them on the floor, while the final one was filming the whole scene with a camera.


Lexi could not believe her eyes as she looked at them.  They were wearing black boiler suits, the legs of which were tucked into short leather boots, leather gloves and balaclava masks, but it was the fact they were all women that was the biggest surprise of all.


“Stop screaming, bitch,” one of the armed women said as she reached into her pocket, and took out a large scarf which she stuffed into Lexi’s mouth.  She looked over at her grandmother, who was having a cloth stuffed into her mouth as well, the edges sticking out of her mouth, her eyes wide and fixed on the shotgun.


“Right,” the masked woman said, “we’re going to have some fun here.  Disconnect the telephones and the internet.”


As one of the four other women left, the two armed women stood in front of Lexi and Moira.






“Strip,” she said more angrily, the camera filming both of them as they slowly started to remove their clothes.  As they stood there, in their bra and panties, they looked at the armed intruders.


The two women were shivering as they watched one of the unarmed women walk over to one of the bags and open it.


“Call it,” she said to the other intruder, “young or old?”


“Old,” the other woman said as Lexi and Moira looked at each other.  They then watched as the woman took out a set of clothes, and stood in front of Lexi.


“Get dressed.”


Lexi looked at the clothes, and then at the armed women.


“You heard my friend – get dressed.”


Nodding slowly, Lexi took the blouse at the top of the pile and put it on, fastening the cuffs and buttoning it up to the shot lace collar.  She then took the straight skirt, pulling it up and fastening it around her waist, the skirt coming to her knees as she then put on the dark cardigan.


“The shoes as well.”


He took the three inch heels and slipped them onto her feet, wondering how they had known her shoe size as the filming continued, and then she saw the fifth woman take a length of rope from the bag, and walk behind her.  She felt her elbows being drawn together as she looked at the set of clothes the masked woman was holding in front of her grandmother.


Moira stared at the clothes, and then at Lexi, before she picked up the short sleeved white blouse and put it on.


“Leave the top buttons undone.”


Moira knew that was not going to be a problem – the blouse was slightly too small for her, and barely covered her chest before she was forced it tie the blue and white striped tie around her neck loosely.  The skirt was next – grey and pleated, but barely coming half way down her thighs.  She then put on the white knee length socks and heeled black shoes, as she watched the intruder bind her granddaughter’s wrists together,  before she knelt down and started to bind her ankles.


Lexi could feel the gloved hands stroking her legs as the rope went around her ankles and between her legs, forcing them together as the rope tightened.  IT was the same at her knees, above and below, before her skirt was lifted and she felt the intruder bind her thighs tightly together.


Moira was the same, as he chest was forced out by the action of binding her arms at the elbows and wrists pulled her shoulders back, and then the ropes biting into the flesh of her legs as they were secured together.


“Well now,” the armed woman said as she raised her shotgun, the camera filming her and then pointed back at the two captives, “it seems we walked in on the headmistress as she was about to punish the naughty pupil.  Isn’t that right?”




“Oh yes – one more thing to do,” she said as she nodded, and Moira felt the cloth being pulled from her mouth.


“What do you want from memmmmmmgddd,” Moira said, her words interrupted as a large black bit was forced between her teeth.  As she bit down, she realised it was made of plastic, as it was fastened into place with heather straps around her face and head.


Plsssnnnn,” Lexi whimpered as the cloth was pulled from her mouth, but the persuasive powers of the sawn off shotgun were too great, as a second bit gag was fastened into her mouth.


“That’s better,” the woman said as they both laid down their firearms.  “Now, as I was saying, the headmistress was about to punish the naughty schoolgirl, but to me, it looks as if both of them are needing punishment.”


Plslfsslnnn,” Moira said as a thin line of drool appeared at the side of her mouth.


“There, that in itself needs punishment,” the woman said as she laid the shotgun down, and made Moira jump to the long couch, her breasts bouncing as the woman with the camera following as she sat down and made Moira lie across her lap.


“Now, all you need to say is I am sorry,” she whispered before she brought her hand down hard on Moira’s bottom, the grandmother yelping as she opened her eyes wide, and then felt the gloved hand coming down hard on her.


As this happened, two of the other women started to search the room, loading items as they found them into the bags, while the woman filming knelt in front of Moira, her face in close up as the gloved hand caressed her bottom, and then smacked her again.




“Oh dear, the headmistress appears to be speaking out of turn,” the woman said, “make sure she gets punished for that as well.”


Ndnnthrrhhrr,” Moira screamed out as Lexi was forced to jump over to another chair, and then forced to lie across the masked woman’s lap.  As she felt her skirt being lifted up, Moira was shaking, and then she felt the gloved hand smacking her again, and caressing her panty covered bottom as Lexi screamed, the hand coming down hard on her bottom.


They looked up and watched the masked women walking out as in turn they were smacked – and as the blows came down, something happened to both of them.  They began to feel a warmth inside as the hand came down, and then their bottoms were caressed.


Lexi tried to wriggle away to stop this, but that just made the smacks harder as the hand came down on her own bottom, her skirt pulled up.  Looking at her grandmother, she closed her eyes and said “msreee” before a moan escaped from her mouth.


Smmee,” Moira moaned as she felt the panties been pulled down her legs, and then a loud moan as the gloved hand came down hard on her bare bottom, and she wriggled in a mixture of fear and pleasure.


Opening her eyes as the gloved hand caressed her red bottom, she saw Lexi groan as well, the two women sharing their feelings as they began to moan more and more, both feeling that burning grow stronger with each smack, each caress, each moan, each soft gasp.


“HMMLRRDDD” Moira suddenly screamed out as her body started shaking, and an orgasm swept over her, something that had not happened for a long time.  She looked at Lexi, whose eyes were wide open as she groaned and started to shake as well.  Moira understood what was happening, but did know this was Lexi’s first time.


“I think they have been punished enough,” the masked woman said as the one with the camera pulled back, and the other two walked in.  “Bring them over.”


One of them nodded and reached into the bag, coming back with two metal cylinders which she handed to the two masked punishers.  Moira could feel the cold metallic cylinder as it was pushed into her passage, and then her panties pulled up to cover her red, throbbing bottom.


She looked at Lexi as they were made to stand up, their skirts falling down, and then looked round, the silverware in the large bag, her pearls and an emerald pendant visible in a black velvet bag.  She then started to cry, humiliated, sore, happy...


“Have you searched everywhere?”


The other two women nodded as their leader stood up.


“Very well – get a chair.”


The two captives looked at each toher, Lexi squirming as the metal cylinder sat inside her, while one of the women left the room and brought through a chair from the dining table.  She then felt the ropes being removed from her legs as the chair was placed in the centre of the room, before she was forced to walk over and sit down.


As Moira watched, the masked woman took more rope from the bag, and pulled her granddaughter back against the chair, winding the rope around her body at her waist as well as above and below her chest.  At the same time, another of the masked women bound her ankles and legs to the front legs of the chair, cinching the rope between her limbs and the wood at both sides and in both places.


Moira barely noticed as the ropes were removed from her own legs, watching instead as Lexi looked at her and said “whtssggntthhpnpn?”


Dntknn,” Moira said as she was pushed forward, and made to sit across her granddaughter, looking into her eyes as she felt her ankles been secured to the read legs of the chair, and then more rope securing her legs below her knees to the joints of the chair.


As they did this, another of the intruders wrapped some rope around her back and the chair back, pushing their chests together as they looked at each other.


“Now,” the masked woman said, “we want to leave you with something to think about.”


They looked over as the fifth intruder set up a tripod, and set the camera up on it, before she took a tablet from the bag and showed Moira and Lexi their faces on the screen.


“The gags you are wearing,” the leader said as she walked round them, “contain a special sensor, which will only stop working if they make contact with each other.  In other words, if you kiss each other.”


Moira and Lexi started to shake their heads as the leader smiled.  “Before you reject that proposal, consider this.”  She picked up a box with a button on it and said “The devices inside you are of my own design.  Once I press this button, they will start working, sending increasingly large electric shocks through your body.  The only way you can stop those shocks is to turn off the sensors by kissing.”


Whttruddngthtrsfrrrr,” Moira screamed at her.  The leader ignored her as she said “There will be reward if you do this, however – so long as the gags stay in contact with each other, then they will vibrate rather than shock, at increasingly greater rates.  See – the choice is yours.  Pleasure – or pain?”


NpplssdnsthsLexi said as they watched the band close and pick up the bags.


“Sorry, but be assured – others will share in your decision,” the leader said as she pressed the button, and both women felt a mild electric shock run through them.


They looked at each other, and then felt a slightly stronger shock running through them as they shook.




“Ready to transmit boss.”


The leader nodded as the SUV went down the streets, the camera operator smiling as she pressed on her tablet, before saying “that’s phase 1 available on demand, and phase 2 streaming live now.”


“Good – every little helps.”






Lexi opened her eyes and looked at her grandmother, the tears starting to flow down her cheeks as she said “Eccntkmshmrgrrnn.”


Eknnww,” Moira said as another strong shock ran through her, “frgffmm.”


She leaned forward and started to kiss Lexi, the shock suddenly ending and replaced by a mild throbbing and buzzing.


Lexi nodded in relief, and then moaned as the rate of the vibrations started to increase, the camera capturing them as they kissed, and they each felt an orgasm starting to build as the vibrations got stronger and stronger.




“SIR – it’s happened again!”


The DCI looked at his sergeant, and whispered “dear God” as he followed her down to the incident room.  On the screen, he saw the two women, the white haired older woman in the slutty schoolgirl outfit sitting across the auburn hared woman, their bit gags touching as they shook and groaned loudly.


“Fuck – have we traced this?”


“Tech guys are trying to find the source of the signal now, sir.  My god – what must they be going through?”






“YSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hgdhgdhgd...”


Lexi and Moira looked at each other as they moved their heads apart, and then felt the mild electric shock again, as the heavy footfall made them both look to the door.


“Police – is there anybody in here?”


“NHRRRR” Moira called out, both woman starting to cry tears of joy as the door opened and the three officers came in.



“As I said, the officers released us and we were taken to hospital.  We never saw their faces, or their skin.”


The officer looked at Moira, who was wearing a light grey twinset, tweed knee length skirt and brown brogues, and put his pad away.


“Well, thank you for your help anyway Mrs Wilson.  I hope your recovery continues.”


“Thank you – please, let me show you out.”


As she stood up and escorted the detective out, Moira stood and watched from the open doorway for a few minutes.  They had discovered, after they had been examined and given their statements, that they were not the first victims of this gang – and some of the details of other robberies they had committed had involved forcing the occupants of the house to dress up as well.


Closing the door, she went into the back room and closed the door.


“Sorry, Lexi,” she said as she looked at her granddaughter, “they stayed longer than they should have.  How are you feeling?”


“HMMMFFNN,” Lexi moaned as she sat in the chair.  She was wearing her old school uniform – a dark blazer and pleated skirt, white blouse, red tie, dark tights and flat shoes, but the ropes holding her to the chair were white and soft, and the tape covering her mouth sealed the soft cloth inside.


“Now where were we,” Moira said as she gently kissed her granddaughter’s gagged lips, Lexi shivering as the vibrator in her panties made her reach a peak again.







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