The Wedding








Saturday 2nd April

4 am CET


The Furstenheim Townhouse


Carina walked down the main staircase, looking round and yawning as she made her way to the kitchen.  As she approached, she saw the lights on under the door, and slowly opened it.


“Hey,” Juliette said as she looked over, “you couldn’t sleep either?”


“Nah – too excited,” Carina said.  “Annie and Baby are sound asleep, so I thought I’d come down and see what I could find.”


“Want some coffee?”


“Not milk?”


“I don’t think I’m going to go back to sleep today,” Juliette said as she poured some coffee into a mug and handed it over.  “Might as well have something now.”


“Fair point,” Carina said as she took the mug.


“Ah – good morning Frauleins,” Frau Strecher said as she came in, “I should have anticipated your early awakening.  May I offer you some food?”


“Not for the moment,” Juliette said with a smile, “but would you like some coffee?”


“Thank you,” she said as she accepted a mug.  “I need to begin the preparations in the grand hall for later, hence the early start.”


“Listen,” Juliette said, “I probably will not get the chance later, but i wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and Klaus.”


“It is my pleasure, and my duty,” Frau Strecher said before she took a drink.  “It is about to get very busy in here, Frauleins.  May I suggest you take your drinks to the drawing room?”


“Sounds like a plan to me,” Juliette said as she and Carina walked through the empty hallway, and turned on the lights in the room.  Sitting themselves down, they looked at each other as they held their mugs.


“Well,” Carina eventually said, “here we are.”


“Yeah, here we are,” Juliette said.  “Except this time, I’m not crying inside.”


“Which is a good thing,” Carina said with a smile.  “When did Pops get back last night?”


“Not long after we went to bed,” Juliette said before she took another drink from her mug, “but he won’t stir for a while.  Never mind me however – how are you feeling today?”


“Giddy and excited – and I’m just one of the bridesmaids,” Carina said with a smile.  “I remember how Natasha felt at her wedding – but i hope you’re going to have something to eat.”


“I’d better – I’m not as young as I used to be,” Juliette said as they watched the door open, and Diana come in.


“I see I am not the only one who cannot sleep,” she said as she came in.  “How are you feeling?”


“How did that old song go?  I hear singing and there's no one there
I smell blossoms and the trees are bare
All day long I seem to walk on air
I wonder why
I wonder why

“I keep tossing in my sleep at night
And what's more I've lost my appetite
Stars that used to twinkle in the skies
Are twinkling in my eyes
I wonder why”


“Ah yes - You don't need analyzing
It is not so surprising
That you feel very strange but nice
Your heart goes pitter patter
I know just what's the matter
Because I've been there once or twice

“Put your head on my shoulder
You need someone who's older
A rubdown with a velvet glove
There is nothing you can take
To relieve that pleasant ache
You're not sick
You're just in love”


“And the prescription,” Diana said as she sat down, “is to do what you are doing today.”


“The Countess de Ros speaks wisely,” Sandy said as she and Heather came in.  “Well, the day is finally here.”


“It is indeed,” Juliette said, “and I am so glad you are here with me for this.”


“Of course we are,” Heather said, “we always stand together, no matter what.  Now, I’m going to the kitchen to get a fresh pot of coffee and some more mugs, and we can talk for a while.”




6 am CET

The Townhouse


“Hey – have you been awake long,” Annie said as she came down with Judith.


“Couple of hours,” Carina said as her daughter toddled over to her.  “Frau Strecher is getting the breakfast buffet sorted out for those of us going to the civil ceremony.”




“Grammy has gone to have a bath, little one,” Carina said as she sat Judith on her lap, the little girl wearing a pair of pink pyjamas, “but she will be down very soon.  Everyone is going to have a very special day.”


"Momma this is EXCITING!" Judith tried the new word again "weally exciting."

"Well,” Carina said, “it's not everyday that Gramma gets married is it?"

"No," Judith shook her head, "when do I put on the pretty dress?"

"Later," Carina smiled as she gave her daughter a bottle of juice.  “This morning, we’re going to wear a nice dress while Grammy and Grappy Pops do a little ceremony first.”


“Okay,” Judith said as she took a drink, smiling as they walked into the breakfast room.


“Good morning,” Sigi said as she sat at the table, drinking her coffee, “Juliette?”


“Having a soak,” Carina said as she sat Judith in her chair.  “How are you feeling this morning?”


“Harried – lot still to do,” Sigi said as she sipped her coffee.  “Has my darling niece surfaced yet?”


“Not yet – but it is still early Aunt Sigi.”


“No – every minute that passes leaves less time,” Sigi said as she stood up and walked out of the room, Nessa looking at her as she and Sandy came in.


“That looks like a woman with a purpose,” Nessa said with a smile.


“That she is – ah good, some food.”


“I trust you all managed to get some rest,” Frau Strecher said as the first of the food plates were brought to the tables.  “We will keep the buffet stocked most of the morning.  The cars for the civil ceremony will be leaving at nine thirty precisely.”


“Would you like some meat Judith?”


“Please Momma,” the little girl said as she was handed a plate with some slices of ham.


“Good – I’m starving,” Caroline said as she came in with Sharon, “just have time to get something to eat before we head to the town hall.”


“So you’re the advance guard for today?”


“Indeed – I’m due to meet with the security team at the Neues Rathaus at eight, and then we scan out the room itself.”


“No tha smells guid,” Fiona MacKenzie said as she came in with Mary Thomas and Anna Mitchell.


“I guess a lot of people are going to be up and about early,” Annie said as they sat down.


“Ai, it’s a very special day,” Mary said.  “A very special day.  Can we have some tea and some toast please?”


“Still not much of an appetite Aunt Fiona,” Caroline said as she sat down.


“Nah, but it’s awl reet – ah can eat later wi all o ye.”





In his office, Klaus was looking out over the city, casually dressed and with a mug of coffee in his hand as he heard the knock on the door.


“Come in,” he called out, turning and smiling as he saw John come in.


“Being traditional and not spending the morning with Juliette?”


“As strange as it may seem, my friend, I think that is important,” Klaus said with a smile as he poured John a cup.  “These few hours I know Juliette wishes to spend with her oldest and dearest friends, and I for one would not want it any other way.”


“So come on,” John said as he sat down, “where exactly are you taking her on your honeymoon?  It’s not as if you can change anything now, and I won’t tell anyone?”


“Oh somewhere very, very private,” Klaus said with a smile.  “I have arranged a little place in the Virgin Islands for just the two of us.”


John raised an eyebrow as he said “and Richard agreed?”


“Well, I am paying for it...”


“So what are you thinking?”


“How different it is this time – when I married Renate, the spectre of my father still hung over the proceedings.  It was so formal, so rigid, and even though we both made the best of it, it was not the most joyous of days.”


“And today?”


“Ah, today is very, very different,” Klaus said with a smile.




7.30 am CET

The Townhouse


“And how is your head this morning,” Dave said as David came into the room with the rest of the family.


“I’m fine – I took your advice about water and paracetamol, and so far so good,” he said as the others looked out of the window.


“Is that where we’re going,” Tom said as they looked at the white marble spire.


“That’s the place - we have a nice quiet morning and then head over there to attend the main ceremony.”


"So who do we sit near Pops?" the girls asked.

"Well, I looked at the seating plan last night, some guy called Antonio Bell, and someone called Pat McGrath, I aint got a clue who they are..."

"Dad you don't know who Antonio Bell is?" Vicky interrupted, "he's only the world's most famous photographer."

"And Pat is a very famous makeup artist," Mary came in with her hair in rollers and no makeup on. "She's painted me a couple of times for shoots."

"So we aren't relegated to the nobodies section?" David asked.

"Not by the sound of it kiddo." Dave shook his head.


“I don’t think there is such a thing today – except for maybe the front few benches on Klaus’ side of the church,” Mary said, “that’s when protocol kicks in.”


“All the princes and princesses, kings and queens...”


“Well, some of them at any rate, Suzie,” Mary said, “some are on our side as well.”




“Good morning,” Jan said as she, Adam, Katherine and Katy came into the breakfast room.  “How is everyone feeling?”


“Awake – which is a good start,” Jo said as she sat with Heather.  “How are you feeling Katy?”


“Nervous – hopefully some food will help,” she said as Ingrid laughed, her phone to her ear.


"I'm not sure who is the more nervous, Moms or Sigi?" Ingy talked on the phone.

"That Adam?" Annie asked.

"It is," Ingrid said as she looked over.

"Ask him how last night turned out?"

"He told me degenerated into a sports debate, and men drank far too much."

"Okay," Annie laughed out loud.

"Yes that's Annie." Ingy started talking to her boyfriend again.  “So are you making your own way to the early ceremony?


“Good – I’ll see you there...”


“I’m taking some food up to Juliette,” Diana said as she came in and started to prepare a tray.


“Do you mind if I come up with you,” Carina said.


“She wants you to – Annie, are you all right with Judith?”


“I’ll help her out,” Heather said with a smile as Carina wiped her chin and stood up.


“I’ll go and finish getting ready,” Sharon said as she stood up.


“Good,” Caroline said as she passed Susan in the doorway.


“How’s it going?”


“I’m getting the measure of her,” Caroline whispered, “and I have a plan for our return.  We’re going to need a volunteer.”


“Already got one – I’ll explain tomorrow.  Hey there little one – hungry?”


“Yes,” April said as she was carried in by Clint, waving to Judith in her chair.





“Hey – safe to come in?”


“Of course it is,” Juliette said as she looked over from the dressing table, wearing a robe with a towel turban over her hair.  Sandy was at the wardrobe, as Diana laid the breakfast tray in front of her.


“I need to go and start to get us all ready in a few minutes,” Cari said as she picked up a piece of toast and nibbled on it.   “You’d better eat something – I don’t think you’re going to get a chance again before the wedding breakfast.”


“I know,” Juliette said as she picked up her own slice, “where are the others?”


“Jo, Angel, Abby, Doc and Katy are having some breakfast, and Heather and Annie are going to start to get Judith ready for the civil ceremony.  Ingy was on the phone to Adam, getting the gossip on last night.”


“And Sands?”


“I think she was on her way down.  Don’t worry – those who need to be ready for nine thirty will be ready for nine thirty.”


“Including you,” Sandy said, “so hurry up and eat up.  You need to get dressed soon.”




8 am CET

The Frauenkirche


“Good morning Britain – and we’re coming to you live from the steps of the Frauenkirche in Munich, which today is going to be the scene of one of the most anticipated weddings of the year...”


“Je vous parle en direct de la cathédrale de Munich, welke aujourd'hui accueille l'aboutissement d'un des musts poginant histoires d'amour de ces trente dernières années ...”


“En tan sólo unas pocas horas, SAS el Príncipe Klaus von Furstenheim se casará con la señorita Juliette Huntingdown, en presencia de Su Excelencia el Rey Juan Carlos y muchos representantes de las familias reales de Europa ...”


“Selten hat ein Branchenführer sugust Anlass dieses großartige Gebäude zierte - Prinz Klaus erstmals 1995 an die verstorbene Prinzessin Renata verheiratet war, und jetzt kommt wieder eine Frau zu heiraten, er liebt ...”


The line of television presenters ran along the side of the cathedral, as Jeanne Beckmann stood with her own crew.  Wearing a coral pink coat, with a white hat and matching gloves, she nodded to the cameraman as she was counted in.


“This is Jeanne Beckmann, reporting for The Fashion Network with a very special edition of The Beckmann Report, coming to you live from Munich Cathedral.  It’s just after eight in the morning here, and – well, I have to confess, this is a very special and emotional day for me as well.  I hope you will stay with us to watch the events leading up to what is promising to be the wedding of the decade, of His Serene Highness Prince Klaus von Furstenheim to Juliette Huntingdown, model, writer and Fashion Editor for Complete Style Magazine US.


“We’ve been granted exclusive behind the scenes access to the cathedral and the wedding party, and I’m sure you will not wish to miss a single minute.  But for now, as the day begins here in Munich, let’s take a few minutes and look back at what has led to this momentous day...”


As they started to play a film, the director said “the car is coming to pick you up at 9 Jeanne – August will take over while you attend.”


“Thanks Dirk – I’ll do a bit to film from there.”



The Townhouse




As she turned round, she saw Luke Heller walking over, fastening the blue silk tie round his neck.


"Where is Jack?" Luke asked.

"Holed up with Alice, Juliette, and Pat McGrath in the white drawing room," Caroline said as Sharon joined her.

"With guards outside Caroline?"

"Yes, and people outside as well."

"So they are shooting the pictures of the dress that will be released to the press the minute Juliette steps out of the coach?"


"Has she seen the dress already?  I mean the complete dress?"

"No Luke,” Caroline said, “this will be the first time, and trying it gives time for any very last second changes while we are all at the Rathaus.  We have the pictures of the bridesmaids from the other day, but – well, come on Luke.  It’s her wedding dress."


“Oh I get it,” Luke said with a smile.  “Right – next stage?”


“We’re off to the Rathaus now.  You’re going to follow with Jack?”


“As soon as he has finished.”


“Right – Sharon let’s go.  I want everything to be ready down there.”


“Got it Boss,” Sharon said as they walked quickly out and into the waiting car.  As they drove off, the gates opened to a mass of flash bulbs, the waiting photographers desperate to get a look at who was coming and going.


Luke made his way over to the White Drawing Room, nodding to the two burly men outside as Jack came out.




“Oh she is going to knock them all dead,” Jack said with a sigh.  “Give me a minute to get these to Frau Strecher, Luke my boy, and I am all yours.”




“Alice,” Juliette said, struggling not to cry as she looked at herself in the mirror, “this is truly amazing.”


“You dare cry Juliette Huntingdown,” the dark skinned Pat MacGarth said, “I have enough to do with eight bridesmaids without touching you up before you even leave the house.”


“I know – showtime,” Juliette said as Alice carefully removed the veil and train, and then slowly unfastened the back of the dress.


“Mary, I honestly don’t think we need to change or adjust anything, do you?”


Mary Thomas shook her head and smiled.  “Alice, you have surpassed yourself.  Where did you find that lace?”


“Tell you later today – carefully, carefully Ju.  That’s it.”


Juliette slowly stepped back as Alice lifted the dress and placed it carefully to the side.  “Right – now for your first outfit of the day.”


“So my first task will be?”


“Greyhound, Kit Squirrel and Stick – they’re not coming to the first ceremony, so that they can help keep an eye on the youngsters.”


“Okay – where are they,” Pat asked as Juliette fastened the front of her pale blue coat dress, with a grey band round the waist.


“Let me go and find out lass,” Mary said as she walked off, Alice stopping and looking at her old friend.


“This is really happening, isn’t it Bats?”


“Oh yes, it is really happening – now shoes and gloves on, Ju.  Time for your day to really get started.”




In their room, Shirley looked on as John adjusted his suit jacket, shaking her head slowly from side to side.


"I knew we ought to have got them to look at your suit as well as your uniform John Hammond?" Shirley fretted as he fastened his tie.

"And what is wrong with this, it's a perfectly good suit..."

"If the year was still 1990," Shirley sighed, “But I guess it will have to do."

"I guess you will have to make up for my lack of sartorial splendor my Love." John admired the suit Shirley was waring, "Vintage YSL yet."


“Well, the occasion demands it – and I have something very special for when you put on the dress uniform,” Shirley said with a smile.  “Now, go and check on Klaus – I’ll go and join the others.”




“Is that your phone ringing,” Sandy said as Diana came into the front room.


Taking it out of her handbag in her gloved hand, Diana nodded as she answered it with “Diana de Ros?”


“Countess, it’s Titi.  How are things at that end?”


“We’re just gathering for the ride to the Neues Rathaus.  You?”


“I’ll be heading off in a minute.”


"Any problems Jeanne?" Diana asked as she looked round.

"Only insofar as Breitz's crew and mine are virtually fighting for who gets the better camera positions at the cathedral."

"I'll put Frau Stecher and Caroline's people on it...  Other than that, any problems?"

"Only my usual swooning over Robert Lacey, he's commentating for American TV."

"You've had a thing for Robert for ever."

"I know - just a pity he's happily married and 72 years old, but he's still my ideal of a true man."

"Well at least all that means Ju can trust you round Klaus Cherie," Diana giggled. "Look I'll hang up and try doing something about those camera positions."


“Thanks – see you for the beginning.”


“So what’s the situation,” Sandy said as Diana put her phone away.


“Slight disagreement with the media – have you seen Frau Strecher anywhere?”


“She went out with Sigi a few minutes ago.”


Diana nodded as she headed out of the room, seeing Sigi and Frau Strecher at the door to the office.


"Do you have your stopwatch and the schedule Frau Stecher?" Sigi worried.

"I do...and I will make sure everything runs exactly as you have planned it."

"And remember you need time to take your own seat..."

"I have that timed out as well," the steward allowed herself a little smile. "Do not worry, this will run like clockwork or I will know the reason why."


“Frau Strecher, I have heard there is a small disagreement between Fashion Television and Herr Brietz at the cathedral.”


“Ah – let me deal with this first,” Frau Strecher said as she stepped into the office.


“That dress is divine, Diana,” Sigi said as she looked at her old friend, in a light blue dress with long sleeves and a grey jacket.


“So is yours, Sigi,” Diana said.  Sigrid was wearing a grey jacket and skirt with a cream silk camisole underneath.


“It is sorted,” Frau Strecher said as she stepped out.  “Now on to other matters.”






"No I REFUSE to let you Gray...There is no way that Fergus can be your wedding date." Pippa shook her head hard to emphasize her point as she looked at her old friend.

"Why can't he be Mom," Poppy asked as she checked her own makeup, "is he married or something?"

"His wife died last year." Grace smiled as she finished brushing her teeth.

"So what is the problem?"

"The problem is, dear daughter, that ever since she was 12 years old your Aunt Grace has turned into a simpering moron anytime she's even near one Fergus MacLean."

"Oh come on,” Grace said, “it's not that bad Pip?"

"It isn't?"  Pippa looked heavenwards.  "Can I remind you of a certain school dance?"

"Hey not my fault...  But in that kilt he just looked so..."

"Young ears Gray," Pippa both interrupted and shook her head.

"Okay, but as I said that was a mistake..."

"And so were all the other times?" Pippa interrupted again.

"Oh this guy I have to meet." Poppy laughed, "he sounds really something."

"Well with any luck he's now, old, grey, and fat." Pippa shook his head.

"I don't know," Grace smiled, "I saw he was a guest because he's a distant cousin of Klaus, and we made the date by e-mail."

"Well if you end up acting like a 13 year old schoolgirl, don't blame me."

"Who is acting like a schoolgirl?" Sarah asked as she and Harriet tried to find space in the bathroom.


“Grace if she’s not careful – come on Poppy.  We’ll let them get ready.”




9.20 am CET

The Townhouse


“You look very pretty Judith,” Sandy said as the little girl came in with Carina and Annie.


“Fank ew,” Judith replied as she stood in her blue coat and matching hat.  She looked at Carina, who was wearing a light green dress with capped sleeves and a wide black belt, and Annie in a pair of tailored pants and a light blue smock top.


“When do the cars leave?”


“Ten minutes...”




“Marienplatz is the main square in Munich town centre,” Jeanne Beckmann said to the camera as she stood to one side of the large square, “and the magnificent building you see to my right is the Neues Rathaus, or New Town Hall, the home for the municipal government of this great city.


“Built in the late nineteenth century, the neo gothic facade that faces the public square is a fascinating and detailed structure, with literally far too much to see in the first glance or visit.”


The camera turned and panned over the ornate grey structure.


“The clock tower in the centre contains the Glockenspiel, and three times a day it rings out with forty bells to celebrate the city.   That won’t happen while we are here today, but it is truly an amazing sound.


“But it’s to this building that, in a short while, Klaus and Juliette will be driven for the first ceremony of the day.  Under German law, there has to be a civil ceremony before the main religious ceremony in the afternoon, so they will meet here for that to take place in the registry office.  In fact, under German law this has been on public display for the last week.”


Jeanne walked over to the wall by the main entrance, where an official notice of weddings for the day had been posted.  She pointed to the entry, and smiled as she said “and so it is they begin the journey to married life.”


“And we’re out.”


“Nicely done, Jeanne,” Caroline said as she came out of the building.  “Want to come in and get in early?  Jack and Luke are already here.”


“Sounds good to me – are they on their way?”


“Any minute now,” Caroline said as they made their way to the outer waiting area of the registry office, where Sharon was talking to two uniformed guards.


“Miss Jameson,” one of them said as she came over, “your assistant has confirmed the arrangements for the next hour or so.  Press have deliberately been kept away as requested, and we are monitoring for signs of any interruptions.”


“Good – the cars are coming to the rear entrance, correct?”


“That is correct.  Herr Linklater – you and Herr Heller are prepared?”


“As much as we’re going to be,” Jack said as he looked round.  “I would kill for a drink right now.”


“Later, Jack,” Caroline said as she looked at her phone.



The Townhouse




“Ready,” Klaus said as he put on the jacket of his Saville Row suit, and walked down to the main entrance with John. 


“There you are Pops,” Carina said as she stood with Ingrid and Judith, “Mom will be down in a minute.”


“We’re going now in the first car,” Shirley said as she, Mary, Anna and Fiona made their way to the door.


“Sigi,” Dieter said, “we’re going with the girls in the second car.  Have you seen Alex and Nessa?”


“You called?”


They turned to see Alex coming down the stairs in a blue three piece suit, blue shirt and red tie, while Nessa was wearing a tailored two piece suit.


“So which car will we be going in,” Nessa asked.


“You will be riding with Sandy and Diana,” Sigi said, “while Klaus and Juliette ride in the final car.”


“Coming, coming,” Juliette said as she walked down with Diana and Sandy, Sandy now wearing a dark blue jacket over a white shift dress.


“We must leave now,” Frau Strecher said at the doorway, “forgive me, Your Highness, but – RAUS!”



10 am CET

Neues Rathaus


“Welcome,” Caroline said as the car doors were opened, and Alex helped Nessa out of the car, followed by Sandy and Diana.  “If you will follow the usher, he will direct you to the room.”


“Is it just the happy couple to come?”


“It is,” Caroline said with a smile, “along with the special invited guests.”


“Natalya and Wilhelm?”


“Amongst others,” Caroline said as they made their way in the back entrance and up the stairs.  As they entered the small room, Diana smiled as Linda Evangelista greeted her.


“She will be so glad you made it Mother.”


“No way was I missing this,” Linda said with a smile as she looked round the room.  Sharon put her hand to her ear and said “Ladies and Gentlemen, could you take your seats please?  Klaus and Juliette are just arriving.”



“There you are,” Jack said as the door was opened, and Klaus got out first, helping Juliette out.  “A photograph here, and then straight upstairs.”


As Klaus and Juliette paused, Caroline looked to the side and nodded, as a security guard moved in and escorted a photographer away. 


“Beautiful,” Jack said with a smile, “may we escort you up?”


“Of course,” Klaus said as Jack and Caroline opened the doors, the staff watching as the couple made their way up towards the registry office.


Inside the room, a man in a formal suit came in and stood behind a chair, watching Sharon as she stood by the doorway.  As she turned and nodded, he said “would you stand please?”


As they all stood, they turned and watched as Klaus and Juliette walked in arm in arm, Caroline and Jack sitting at the back as Luke closed the doors.


Walking to the front of the room, the registrar said “will you please be seated,” Carina sitting Juliette on her lap as she smiled.


“Ladies, Gentlemen, we are here today to be with Klaus and Juliette as they commit themselves to be man and wife.  We witness today their commitment to each other, and their commitment to each other.


“I am, however, legally required to carry out certain acts, the first of which is to ask you, with all due respect, to confirm your identities.”


Klaus turned and nodded to Sigi, who produced two passports and handed them to the registrar to examine.  He nodded and returned them, before saying “Your Serene Highness, Prince Klaus von Furstenheim, do you confirm you are resident in Munich and Furstenheim, and have been so for the required length of time?”


“I do,” Klaus said quietly.


“Juliette Anne Huntingdown, do you confirm that you are resident in the city of New York, and have been resident in Munich for at least three consecutive days in the last week?”


“I do.”


“Excellent – I therefore state publically that you have fulfilled the legal requirements of the state of Bavaria, and that public notice of this marriage has also been given.  I therefore ask of both of you, if you know of any reason why you may not become Man and Wife in the eyes of the state?”


Klaus and Juliette looked at each other, shaking their heads as the registrar said “and I ask the people here to witness this occasion, if you know any reason under law why they may not become man and wife, you must state it now.”


He waited for a moment, before he said “good – will you please hold hands?”


Klaus and Juliette turned and looked at each other as he said “Will you commit your lives to each other, be there for each other, and forsaking all others be a support to each other until death do you part?”


“I do,” they said in unison.


“Therefore, under the authority of the state of Bavaria and the city of Munich, it gives me great pleasure to declare you husband and wife under the eyes of the state.  Many congratulations to both of you.”


As Klaus and Juliette kissed, the room started to clap, Judith joining in as they turned and smiled, hands held together.


“Grappy and Grammy are smiling,” Judith called out as she slipped off Carina’s lap and walked over to them, standing there as Jack started to take photographs.


“Yeah they are,” Sandy said as she wiped away a tear, “and so are we.”


“Please,” Klaus said, “we would normally say join us in a glass of champagne, but Frau Strecher will be watching and waiting, so I suggest we head back to the townhouse – with one notable exception – and prepare for the main event.”


“I’ll see you all there,” Jeanne said as she waved and walked out.


“The cars are waiting downstairs,” Caroline said, “shall we?”


“Fiona, will you allow us the honour of walking out with you?”


“If young Jack there will take a picture o us?”


“My dear Fiona, it will be my pleasure,” Jack said as he took a picture, and then the trio led the party out.


Noon CET



“The cathedral is ready, your eminence,” the young priest said as Cardinal Marx sat at his desk.


“Good – and the camera crews?”


“The small disagreement from earlier has been dealt with.  They are currently broadcasting from outside.”


Glancing at his watch, Cardinal Marx said “when is the interview due to be broadcast?”


“In ten minutes.”


“I’ll take my lunch in here,” he said as he turned the television on.





“In a few minutes,” Robert Lacey said as he looked at the camera, “we’ll be joining the other networks in broadcasting an interview of the couple of the moment, conducted by ZDF editor Peter Frey.  Before that, however, and hot foot from the civic ceremony required by German Law, we are lucky to have a few words with Jeanne Beckmann, the award winning journalist and close friend of both Juliette and Klaus.  Jeanne, how was the ceremony?”


“It was simple and beautiful,” Jeanne said with a smile, “but they do not regard themselves as married until after the ceremony here.”


“I know you are probably sworn to secrecy, Jeanne, but can you give any hints as to the gown?”


“I can honestly say, Robert, I have no idea.  I will find out at the same time as everyone else, when she steps out of the carriage.”


“And how did they look?”


“Very very happy.”


“Jeanne, we had better let you get back to your own station, but thanks for dropping by.”


“No, thank you Robert.”


“Jeanne Beckmann – and now, as promised, an interview with Prince Klaus von Furstenheim and Juliette Huntingdown, talking to Peter Frey.”



The picture changed to the drawing room at Furstenheim, with Klaus wearing a dark blue suit, pale striped shirt and pink tie, and Juliette wearing a white dress with a round neckline, and a blue jacket.


The grey haired veteran reporter sat opposite them, and began by saying “Your Serene Highness, Miss Huntingdown, thank you for agreeing to talk with me today.”


“It is our pleasure,” Klaus replied with a smile.


“I wonder if we could start by asking how you both first met?”


“Well,” Klaus said, “we actually first met over twenty years ago, in Paris.  I was working there at the time, and Juliette was a student at the Sorbonne as well as trying to break out as a model.”


“That’s right,” Juliette said, “I was studying International Business Law and how it related to the fashion industry when I was introduced to Klaus at a party.”


“This was after you had graduated from college in New York?”


“Indeed – I felt spending time studying in Europe would be good for me, and as a young model at the time I managed to get some work to pay the bills.”


“So what was it like for a girl from Beverley, Massachusetts to be in Paris at that time?”


“It was an amazing time to be there,” Juliette said, “although for the first year it was hard.  Meeting Klaus seemed at the time to be a – well, a sign things were going to get better, and they did.”


“Klaus, what did you think when you first met Juliette?”


Smiling, Klaus said “I was entranced and intrigued – and yes, we were very much in love.”


“”Unfortunately,” Juliette said, “it just wasn’t meant to be at the time.”


“Indeed,” Peter said, “you did find fame as a model, but the engagement of Klaus to the late Princess Renate was announced, and then the wedding here in Munich.  If it is not impolite to ask, what happened to end the relationship at the time?”


Klaus and Juliette looked at each other, before Klaus said “my family wanted me to marry someone other than Juliette, and at the time I acceded to the request.  This is not to say I did not love Renate – merely that, at the time, I bowed to the pressure of my family.”


“I had to accept his decision at the time,” Juliette said quietly, “and thus they married, and I returned to New York.”


“Indeed,” Peter said as Klaus gave Juliette’s hand a gentle squeeze.  “So, how did you meet again?”


“When Renate passed away, she asked me to ensure our daughter Ingrid came out at a selection of balls, including the one in New York.  Looking back now, I think it was her way of trying to give me a chance to reconnect with those friends we had lost touch with if possible, but at the time I agreed to do so, and so Ingrid and I made our way to New York in late November 2014.


“At the first of the parties arranged to allow those coming out to meet, Ingrid met Carina, Juliette’s daughter, and they discovered they had a lot in common – not least the fact they had the same birthday.  A few days later, the mothers were invited to another of the gatherings – and, well, as I was playing mother as well, I attended.”


“And that was where you and Juliette met again for the first time in twenty years?”


“That was indeed where we met again,” Juliette said.


“How did it feel to see each other again?”


Klaus looked at Juliette, before he said “well, for me, I saw the woman I had loved all those years ago, older yes, but just as beautiful.  I had no idea at that time of just how much I had, without intending to, hurt her with my decision, but I did learn very soon after.”


“A fact I have been apologising for ever since then,” Juliette said as she shook her head.  “It was a complete shock to see him standing there, and I’m afraid at the time I said certain things which I wish I had not said.  I can only say the emotions took over.”


“But you managed to put those things behind you, eventually?”


“Indeed,” Juliette said with a smile, “at the same time as discovering that Ingrid and Carina were in fact half-sisters – Klaus been the father of both of them.”


“Much to my immense surprise,” Klaus said with a smile, “I suddenly discovered that not only that I had another daughter, bur a granddaughter as well.”


“And all three will be bridesmaids at the ceremony?”


“That’s right – and I could not be prouder of that fact,” Juliette said with a smile.


“And so, here we are, and you are about to become Her Serene Highness, Princess Juliette.  How does that make you feel?”


“Proud and terrified at the same time,” Juliette laughed.  “I can only hope that the people of Furstenheim accept me as they have Carina and Judith.”


“And how do you feel at this time, Klaus?”


“I hope and pray that as she watches us, Renate is happy that we are doing this.”


“Juliette, you’ve already mentioned three of your bridesmaids.  Can you take us through the others?”


“Of course – well, Abigail, Countess de Ros is the daughter of my oldest and dearest friend Diana, while Alexandra Richmond and Angelica Fitzstuart are the daughters of two more of my oldest friends.  Then we have three beautiful young ladies I am proud not only to call friend, but also to represent the world of modelling – Joanne Smith, Anna Carlton and Katherine Carter.”


“I have been asked to raise this question on behalf of our fashion correspondents – the dress?”


“Will be revealed on the day.”


“Klaus, the wedding will be attended by royalty, friends, the very cream of the fashion industry and the social world – does the idea of walking down the aisle under the gaze of so much attention frighten you?”


“Yes,” Klaus said, “but I understand why they are there, and ask only they respect how much this day means to both of us.”


“Well, allow me to offer my very best wishes for the day, and to wish you every happiness in the years ahead.”


“Thank you,” Klaus and Juliette said as the screen went dead.



The Townhouse


“Well, I think that went well,” Juliette said as she sipped a glass of champagne, while the stylist worked on her hair.


“All right, Miss Huntingdown,” Pat said, “less talk, more work.  Time to make you the most beautiful person in that place.”





The media crews were filming the early arrivals for the ceremony, the men in smart dress, the women in their finery.


“Why am I here,” the tall, thin woman said as she walked with Amelia Ashley and Margaret Harker.  “I mean, this is a totally alien world to me.”


“Well, it’s going to be a wonderful surprise for them,” Margaret said.


“And besides luv,” the tall dark haired man with them said, “I asked you and you said yes.”


“Well, you asked so nicely,” she said nervously as she looked round.  She was wearing a coral pink jacket and skirt, with a white top visible under the jacket, her white heels fitting her feet perfectly.  “I just hope Kylie sees how much I have changed.”


“I’m sure she will,” Amelia said as they looked at the red roof of the cathedral, and slowly walked round to gaze at the twin towers at the entrance.


“Have we got time for a drink?”




“Yeah, Coffee,” the woman said as Margaret glanced to the side.


“Oh boy – BBC coming,” she whispered, “let me deal with this.”


“You sure sis?”


“Oh yes,” she said as the reporter came over.


“Dame Margaret, can we have a few words for the BBC?”


“Of course Nicholas,” Margaret said as the camera crew came over.


"Taking time off from her role as one of the mainstays of the Remain campaign is Conservative MP Dame Margaret Harker." the interviewer spoke. "Dame Margaret you are a friend of the bride I understand?"

"Well actually I know both His Serene Highness and Miss Huntingdown." Maggie smiled at the camera.  “So when I was invited, I was more than pleased to attend.

"And you are representing the government?"

"I am in the sense of I am an MP, but with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall present as well, they can take the official representative role."

"So do you have a political message to deliver?"

"Oh no, this is not an occasion to have that discussion.   I'm just here as a friend."

"And who are you with?"


"Well my sister Lady Amelia Ashley, but also Samantha Mitchell, the mother of dress designer Kylie Mitchell, and the three of us are being escorted by fashion photographer Giovanni Capraccio.”


“Well, enjoy the ceremony.”


“Thank you,” Margaret said as they stopped filming.  “Now, about that coffee...”


"So does even Kylie know any details of the dress Sami?"

"Only an embroidery pattern that Alice asked 'er to design Gio, apart from that she knows as little as we all do."

"Honestly this secret is better guarded then our Foreign Offices affairs." Margaret laughed.

"Much better," Gio grinned as he waved Hi to a few photographer friends in the Paparazzi.



The Townhouse


“Hey there little one,” Carina said as she came into the White Drawing Room, her hair up and a white robe on, “excited.”


“Excited – yes momma,” Judith said as she nodded.


“Careful Judith,” Pat said, “we don’t want your hair to get unravelled do we?”




“It’s all right,” Carina said as she hugged her daughter, “time to put on your special dress.”





The Frauenkirche


“Grace?  Grace Gresham?”


Grace turned and looked at the tall man speaking, saying “oh my – is that you Fergus?”


Sarah and Harriet stopped and looked at him as well.  He was tall, and his skin sun burned, but he was slim while also well built, with a neatly trimmed grey beard and short grey hair.  The most striking thing was the MacLean tartan kilt he was wearing with the regulation jacket and a white shirt, the black bow tie perfectly symmetric.


“You have not changed a bit,” he said as he walked over.


“Neither have you – well, greyer but still...”



“As you can see,” Jeanne said from the stairs of the cathedral, “the guests are really starting to arrive now.  With me is the incoming editor of Complete Style in the US, Philippa Ashley, with her daughter Poppy.  Pippa, how excited is everyone today?”


“I don’t think you can put a measure on the level of excitement, Jeanne,” Pippa said, “it has been almost fever pitch amongst the guests, and we’re all looking forward to the event itself.”


“And the challenge of taking over from Anna Mitchell?”


“One I look forward to with great pleasure,” Pippa said as Stephen and Eve Stone walked from the car to the bottom of the steps leading to the main entrance.


“Stephen, can we get a few words please?”


“Anything for you, my dear,” Stephen said as he quietly slipped his arm into Eve’s.


“I’m here with celebrated fashion photographer Stephen Stone and his wife, the model Eve Stone,” the young redheaded reporter said.  "So this is what it looks like when the worlds of fashion and Europe's highest aristocracy collide Stephen?"

"Pretty much Bridget," the photographer smiled at the camera from RTE, "you are going to get some amazing people turning out here."

"I know that you've known the bride for many, many years, how would you describe her?"

"To be honest Bridget, she hasn't changed an awful lot since I first knew her when she was a young student and model in Paris. She's still essentially the same wide-eyed girl from a small town in Massachusetts."

"But you must have noticed some changes?"

"Well she's a bit more confident in herself then she used to be." Stephen paused, "and a bit more assertive, but otherwise not really."

"And have you known the prince as long?"

"As long, but not quite as well, though I did photograph his late wife a coupla times."

"How would you describe him?"

"Klaus? Hmmm I guess I'd say he was as serene as his title...he's a boyo who doesn't panic easily."




The Townhouse




“You screamed, Your Highness,” the steward said as she appeared in the doorway.


“The rings!  Where are they!”


“I have them safely in place for Major Hammond to take with him, Your Highness.  Is there anything else you need me for at this time?”


Klaus calmed down as he said “no – and my apologies for shouting like that.”


“Problem, Klaus,” John said as he appeared in his dress uniform. 


“No – the nerves getting the better of me.  May I salute you Major?”


“If I may salute you Colonel.”


The two men snapped to attention and saluted each other, as Dieter came towards them.


“Boys and their rituals,” he said as he shook his head, “I came to see we’re gathering to get the cars to the cathedral.  You will be following soon?”


“Very soon – we just need to finish dressing and then collect the rings,” John said, Dieter nodding as he turned and walked away.



The Fraeunkirche


"That we would like to welcome you on Good Morning America to Munich where in a few short hours, Juliette Huntingdown will become America's latest princess when she marries Prince Klaus von Furstenheim in Munich's historic cathedral."

"The American networks are up on the air I see." Tom Morse looked at his tablet, as he and his family awaited their turn to arrive at the cathedral.


“Who have they got on Fashion Watch,” Bobbi said as she sat with Simon.


“One guess...”


“Tina Brown is with us – Tina, thank you for joining us today.”


“My pleasure Robin,” Tina said as she stood there in a pale grey coat dress.


“This has to be the society event of the decade,” Robin said as Lara stood with her, “and the guests starting to arrive look amazing.  How does it feel out there?”


“Robin, the sense of anticipation is immense.  I mean – look over there, King Rudolf and Queen Therese of Ruritania are here with the Princess Charlotte, and next to them Katrina Culver, the heiress to the Culver millions and, like Charlotte, one of the hot young models of the year, going in along with Elle MacPherson and Jerry Hall with her new husband, Rupert Murdoch.”


“And you are one of those guests – looking forward to attending?”


“Very much so – I especially am pleased to see the legendary Fiona MacKenzie here with Mary Thomas and Anna Mitchell, and looking so well after her recent treatment for cancer.”


“And how do you think Juliette Huntingdown is feeling right now?”


“Juliette?  The very picture of serenity.”


Tom and Claire looked at each other and shook their heads.


“What?  You think Juliette is panicking,” Becca said.


“Well, I’d be amazed if it wasn’t hitting her in some way.”



The Townhouse




Carina and Ingrid watched as Juliette looked at herself in the mirror, Pat standing back as she said “hey, what’s up Ju?”


“Nothing,” Juliette said as she started to shake.  “It’s just – oh my god I just realised I am walking down the aisle with half the crowned heads of Europe there.”


“As well as all our friends,” Carina said.  “Mom, you look amazing, and you are going to be amazing.”


“Bats,” Pat called out, “who had this time?”


“I’ll let Sandy know – she’s on her way to the cathedral with the family,” Bats said as she handed Juliette a small glass of brandy.


“Hang on – Sandy was running a book on me panicking?”




Juliette looked at the others, and then started laughing.


“Is grammy all right momma?”


“Yeah she’s fine little one,” Abby said to Judith.  “Now, would you like to see the very special presents Grappy has got for you?”


Judith nodded, her eyes opening wide as Abby opened the smallest of nine boxes...


“Right, my job is done,” Pat said as she closed her box.  “I need to get going – see you all there.”


“Say hi to Mary for us,” Ingy said as Pat waved and left the room.


“Right – dresses on ladies.”


The Frauenkirch


“Are we ready?”


The tall reporter smiled as the producer counted him in 


"Okay on five!"

"Continuing etalk's coverage of the wedding of the decade,” Ben Mulroney said, “I'm joined by Hollywood producer Brian Goldstein, whose new film about the Pussycat Gang crime ring is being released this coming summer."

"Hello Ben...Hello Canada," Brian said as he held another platinum blonde on his arm.

"So," Ben Mulroney tried to remember his brief, "are you here as a friend of the bride or groom?"

"Oh, of the bride, Purity and I have known each other for many years."

"And if memory serves me right, weren't you once romantically linked?"

"Oh maybe for a few seconds," the producer smiled at the camera. "But I think in her heart Klaus was and is her one true love."

"And Purity, why do you call her that?"

"Oh it's just a private joke about her Puritan heritage."


“Your new film tackles a very real subject – and it gives Cassandra Stone a very different part.  Do you think the public will accept it?”


“I think it is going to cause a lot of discussion – but we’ll find out soon.”


“Brian, it’s been a pleasure.”




“Kylie, darling, you look fantastic.”


“As do you, Mandy darling,” Kylie said as she kissed Mandy.  “I hope Angel is looking forward to today?”


“Very much so – but so are...  Ah – Kylie my dear we are about to be interviewed.”


“We are?  By whom...”


“We’re back in Munich for the wedding of the decade,” Philip Schofield said as he came over, wearing a smart suit, shirt and tie, “and I’m hoping these two stars pf the fashion world will speak for a few minutes.”


“Of course Philip,” Mandy said with a smile.


“I have here Amanda, Marchioness of Ordford, better known to many of you as Mandy Carrow, and the new young designer that proved a hit at New York Fashion Week, Kylie Mitchell.  Mandy, Kylie, how does it feel to be here today?”


“It is truly a dream come true darling,” Mandy said, “for my family and also for young Kylie here.”


“Both of you are good friends of Alice MacKinnon, the designer of the gowns the bridal party will wear today.  Have you any hints to give as to what they will look like?”


“I am sorry, Philip darling,” Kylie drawled, “but it is, and remains, the most secret of secrets.”


“Well, you cannot blame me for asking.  Kylie, you are currently resident in Hong Kong, but there are rumours you are heading for New York in the summer.”


“Indeed, Phillip – I will be completing the next stage of my education there, and look forward to working with my friends there.”


“Mandy Carrow, Kylie Mitchell, thank you for talking to us.”


“No thank you,” Kylie said as they walked off, Mandy joining Will and the boys as Kylie joined Marina, Helen and Cathy.


“So who are we sitting with darlings,” Kylie said as they walked into the church.


“Hi Kylie,” Winston said as they came in, “follow me please.”


He walked them down to a pew, Pippa and Poppy smiling as they sat there.


“Hey,” Poppy said, “you all look amazing.”


“Why thank you darling,” Kylie said with a smile.


“She ain’t kidding Kyles.”


“Mother?  I did not know you were coming,” Kylie said as she looked at Samantha.


“Gio was kind enough to invite me – and how could I refuse?”


“I am so glad you did not,” Kylie said with a smile.


“All placed safely,” Ingemar Hallestrom said as he walked back to the front of the church. 


“Yup,” Winston said, smiling as he saw John get out of a car.  Markus von Feinstein and Tommy also were escorting people to their appointed seats, under the watchful eye of Sigi.


"When do the really important guests start arriving?"

"Shortly Tommy," House whispered back.

"I have President Gauck on my list," Tommy said, “I hope my German is up to it."

"Well it's better than mine." Winston laughed softly.



The Townhouse




Klaus look at John in his dress uniform, and then at Willy, Dieter, Will, Adam and George in their formal suits.


“The cars are ready your highness,” Frau Strecher said as she stood by the doorway.


“Well, time to go,” John said as they made their way out, while chauffers held the doors open.


“Well, will I pass muster?”


“I think so, Father,” Frau Strecher said as Alex walked down the stairs, adjusting the cuffs of his shirt.  “Most of the rest of the party have left, save for Herr and Frau MacKinnon and the Bridal Party.  They are waiting for you in the White Drawing Room.”


“Then it is time I was about my duties,” Alex said, “Will you accompany me Frau Strecher?”


“It will be my honour – I travel with the MacKinnons,” she said as they made their way over.




The Frauenkirche


“Your highness,” Tommy said as he made a deep bow, “will you come this way please?”


Charles and Camilla nodded as he walked them down the aisle to one of the pews, while outside Jeanne had managed to get another interview.


“I’ve managed to get a few minutes with the recently married Pru Stratton, and her husband Jerry Levin.  Pru, how are you finding married life?”


“It’s amazing, Jeanne,” Pru said as he and Jerry looked at the camera.  She had on a peach coloured bolero jacket over a strapless dress, which hugged her body down to her knees.


“As you know, Juliette’s gown has been a closely guarded secret.  What do you think it will look like?”


“I think it will look stunning,” Pru smiled in reply, “but not as wonderful as mine did.  Of course, I may be biased...”


“Pru, Jerry, enjoy the service,” Jeanne said as they went off.




As he tried to look over the crowd, he cursed the fact he hadn’t got here earlier.  He knew there would be a lot of interest in the people coming and going, but he never imagined in his wildest dreams there would have been so many people here.  As a result, he had only just managed to find somewhere to look, but he had no way of seeing her clearly now.


He knew the time was coming soon, the time when he would talk to her, explain how he felt to her, but the waiting was becoming intolerable, and his patience wearing thin.  He cursed himself again, and then watched intently, wondering who the family were that were coming out of the cars now.




“Oh my god,” David said as he looked up, “this is amazing.”


“Tell me about it,” Dave said as he gathered the rest of the family around himself, the boys like him in the formal dress, the girls in their new summer dresses, and Mary in her long sleeved cornflower blue dress.


“Lela,” her producer said, “heads up.”


“Gotcha,” she said as she walked quickly over.  "I'm going to see if I can grab a few words with sensational young model Mary Clarke, whose recent work includes a luxurious spread on Russian Furs in the new edition of Complete Style."


As she came over, Mary saw her and said “let me take care of this,” the others watching.


"Hello Mary, you’re live on Good Morning America, can we have a few words please?"

"Certainly," Mary said as she put on her 'professional' smile.

"Can I first of all congratulate you on your marvelous outfit?"

"Thank you – it’s very kind of you to say so."

"And then ask you who your escorts are?"

"Well, Izzy du Lupe from LeMachine is my official escort here, but I'm also attending with my family.”  She looked over as she said “My Pops, my brothers, my sisters."

"So tell our viewers, Mary - how does it feel for a girl from the Bay Area who used to work in a hotel to be at such an event?"

"A bit overwhelming if truth be told," Mary glanced round, "but in the short while I've known her Juliette has become a great friend, and I wouldn't have missed this for the world."

"Thank You Mary."

"Can I say Hi to everyone back at Oakland Junior High," Vicky shouted as she waved at the camera.

"You just did," the interviewer laughed.


“Come on,” Dave said, “let’s go in and take our seats.”


As they walked in, Winston smiled as he said “Mary – welcome to you and your family.  If you will follow me?”


As they walked down, the boys took in the grandeur of the setting, the cathedral, and some of the people sitting round.


“In here,” Winston said as he indicated a pew, Antonio Bell standing as she moved to sit beside him.


"Now why have I never photographed you?" Antonio Bell said as he held Mary's chin up, "your face is amazing."

"Because you've never asked me Maestro," Mary smiled. "I'm Mary Clarke," she continued as she let him kiss her on the cheek.

"I know...and who are these incredibly beautiful ladies?"

"My sisters," Mary smiled again as her sisters blushed at the compliment.  “And this is my father.”


“Sir – a honour,” Antonio said as they shook hands, and Pat come to join them.


“Good – I made it in time...”







“Caroline,” Sigi said as Shirley took Ama and Maisha in along with Maddie and Emma, all wearing designer jackets over their dresses, “what is the word?”


“Klaus and his party are about to arrive, and Frau Strecher says the bridal party will be gathering soon.”


“Showtime then,” Sigi said as she indicated to one of the priests to come over.  “The gentlemen are about to arrive – would you inform the Cardinal please?”


He nodded and walked off as Caroline and Sigi walked down the stairs.  Jeanne noticed as she said “I can see Baroness Sigrid von Mannschen and Caroline Jameson walking down together, and that tells me that we can expect some very important arrivals in the next few minutes.


“And here they are – Prince Klaus von Furstenheim arriving with his best man, Major Sir John Hammond, and the rest of his attendants.”


“You made it on time, good,” Sigi said as she kissed her brother.  “Father Patrick here is going to take you through to a room where you can wait.”


“What’s it like here?”


“Hectic,” Caroline said as she looked round, “but under control.  At the townhouse?”


“Eerie – like a calm before the storm, but the carriages should be about to arrive.  That’s when the real fun is going to begin.”




The Townhouse


“I have done all I can do,” Alice said as she stood back with Duncan, “it’s all down to you ladies now.”


Carina and Ingrid smiled as they helped place the veil over their mother’s face, then turned as they heard the knock on the door.


“Oh my,” Alex said as he came in, “Alice, you are a true miracle worker.”


“Ain’t I just?”


“Frau MacKinnon, Herr MacKinnon – it is time.”


“See you at the cathedral,” Duncan said as the three of them set off.


“Carina, Ingrid, Abigail, Joanne – you and Judith are going in the first carriage.”


“Ready to go, Judith?”


“Yes Momma,” the little girl said as she put her gloved hand in her mothers, and the five of them walked out.



Outside the gates of the townhouse, the paparazzi tried to take photographs as the staff lined the covered walkway to the first horse drawn carriage.  The view was obscured as much as possible, however, as security staff roamed around the area.


“Well, it’s really happening,” Jo said as they took their seats.


“Ponies momma!  Exciting!”


“Yes it is,” Carina said with a smile as they moved forward, and then stopped.


“Angelica, Anna, Alexandra, Katherine – you’re next.”


“See you on the flip side,” Angel said as the four of them walked out, leaving Alex with Juliette.


“Well,” Juliette said quietly as she held her bouquet, “no turning back now.”


“Would you want to?”


Shaking her head quietly, she said “no – no I would not?”




As Juliette looked past Alex, she caught a glimpse of Lexa – and standing with her was a tall, willowy blonde who smiled and nodded as she looked at Juliette.


“Did you say something, Juliette?”


“No – no I didn’t, but there is nothing left to say now,” Juliette said with a smile, “except I do.  Shall we?”


“It is my honour and pleasure to do so,” Alex said as he offered Juliette his arm, and they walked out of the room, along the corridor and out of the front door.  As they made their way out to the carriage, the staff applauded on either side of them, as the driver held the coach door open.  Juliette carefully walked up the steps and took her seat, Alex waiting as a footman carefully gathered the skirt before he got in beside her.


The doors to the coach were closed, the darkened glass providing the last sense of security, as the coachman got into the driver’s seat and waited for the signal to go.


2 pm CET

The Frauenkirche


"Why did Prince Adalbert smell like mothballs?" House asked as he arrived back at the cathedral entrance.

"Because my dear uncle’s morning suit is so old that he inherited it from my grandfather, and he has been dead for over 30 years," Ingemar shook his head.

"Explains the mothballs then," House smiled, "Ah here comes the love of my life," he grinned as Jeannie was lifted into her wheel chair. She was wearing a cream coloured dress with a wide skirt, while Barbara was wearing a black coat dress with white trim, white gloves and shoes, and a white hat with a black band.  John was in his best suit, as he pushed Jeannie up the ramp and into the cathedral.


“Hey handsome,” Jeannie said as House leaned over to kiss her, “where can I get a seat?”


“This way,” he said as Marcus and Tommy looked to the next car.


“Oh my lord,” Marcus said, “who are those visions of beauty?”


“Hmmm – ah,” Tommy said, “I see the Rochermann family have arrived.”


“Well, nice day for a wedding,” Ally said as she put on her wide brimmed hat.


“Most certainly,” Nell said with a smile as they started to walk up the steps.  Both were wearing white knee length dresses with a yellow floral pattern printed on them, cream coloured jackets and hats, and white heels.


Kelly was wearing a gold coloured shift dress with a white belt and jacket, with gold slippers, while Daniel walked behind them with quiet pride.


“Ladies,” Tommy said as they came in, “if you will come with me?”




“And that is the designer of the dresses, Alice MacKinnon, arriving now with her husband Duncan,” Jeanne said as the chauffer let out the three passengers, Frau Strecher walking up to join Sigi as Caroline looked round, Sharon nearby and watching as well.




“First Carriage should be here in a few minutes,” Alice said as she looked across the square, “the second right behind it, and then the star of the show.”


“Sharon, inform the clergy inside the bridal party are on their way,” Caroline said, the young girl walking quickly up the stairs as the sound of hooves became clearer.


“Ready boys,” Sigi said to Rudi and Manfred, who nodded as they came up to her in their tail coats.


“Here they come,” Alice said as the first horse drawn carriage approached.


“Lara, we can see the first of the carriages approaching now,” Robin said as the television crews turned and followed the coach as it came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs.


Inside the cathedral, the guests watched as Klaus and John came in through a side door, the rest of his party taking up their positions at the side behind them.


“Last chance to run,” John whispered to Klaus.


“No – I am ready,” Klaus said with a smile.


“And the door to the carriage is opening, the stairs put in place,” Jeanne said, “and the first out is...  It’s Carina Huntingdown von Furstenheim, and we get our first look at the bridesmaid’s dresses.


“It’s made from light blue Chinese silk, and is held up by thin shoulder straps, a square neckline – and attached at the back is a train of silk overlaid with Belgian lace.  The bodice is fitted, and flows out in the dress, with long opera gloves and satin heels.


“I can see Ingrid von Furstenheim getting out now – and there is Judith, Carina’s daughter and the youngest bridesmaid.  Her dress has short puffed sleeves, and a white lace underskirt, and she is wearing short white lace gloves.


“Look at all the people momma,” Judith said as she held Carina’s hand.


“Yes there are a lot, and they’re here to see all of us,” Carina said as Abigail and Joanne got out, the coach driver closing the doors.


“Each of the bridesmaids,” Lara said at the Good Morning America stand, “is carrying a small posy of white flowers, and just look at the tiaras each of them is wearing.”


“We’ve just been handed some details,” Robin said, “apparently the tiaras are made of white gold and encrusted with diamonds, and the gold bracelets are made to match as well.”


“Wonderful,” Alice said as she made a few adjustments, “you five head up the stairs now, the second coach will be here soon.”


“And walking up the stairs now,” Robert Lacey said, “five of the bridesmaids, and I must say their dresses are amazing.  And now the second carriage approaches...”


As it stopped and the stairs were put out, the doors were opened to allow Angel to get out first, followed by Doc.  They stood to the side as Sands and Katy got out as well.


“Fuck – I really cannot see her,” he said at the far side of the square, hidden by the crowd as Katy looked round.


“So we have the second half of the bridesmaids here – Lady Angelica Fitzstuart, Anna Carlton, Alexandra Richmond junior and Katherine Carter.  Both Alexandra and Katherine are wearing the same style of dress as Judith, while Angelica and Anna have the same style as the older bridesmaids.”


“At least the sun is shining,” Katy said to Sands as Alice made a slight adjustment.


“Right – all four of you, up the stairs now and you will be got into position.”


As they walked up, Jeanne said “and as they head up, and the two pages walk down, we await the arrival of the bride to be...  I have to take my seat at this point, so I’m going to let you watch in the company of Karen Hope.”


As she took her headset off, Jack Linklater stopped her for a moment and let her have a look at his camera, Jeanne smiling as she made her way in.



“Better than the last time you took this journey,” Alex said as he sat next to Juliette, watching the crowds waving as the coach made its way slowly to the cathedral.


“Much, much better,” Juliette said as she looked out of the darkened windows.  “It’s like a dream come true.”


“And you are the fairy princess?”


“Would it sound awful if I said I really feel that way?”


Alex shook his head as the coach approached the front of the cathedral.  “Well, here we go,” he said as he lifted the veil a moment, and kissed Juliette gently on the cheek.



"Who is that arriving late?" Klaus asked nervously.

"I will give you one guess," John replied without even looking.

"Joan Collins."

"And give this gentleman a prize."

"How does she ALWAYS manage to arrive just at the time she is going to create maximum fuss?"

"It's a talent," John smiled. "Probably comes from having a father who was an agent, Joan is always trying to extract publicity from anywhere she goes."

"Remind me that I need to have a word."

"Oh don't worry Klaus, I have the perfect revenge in mind...a photograph of Joan without her makeup on."

"Oh that is CRUEL!" the Prince laughed aloud, his nerves settling slightly.




Antonio suddenly turned and whispered "Can you be in Prague on Wednesday? I am taking pictures for French Vogue Mary."

"Well I'm certainly free I think," Mary paused, "but you better have some words with Missy."

"Ah the redoubtable Miss Auerbach!" the photographer smiled, "I will see her later and simply tell her that I must have you..."

"What?" Dave who'd been looking at the other guests suddenly asked.

"He means for a shoot next week Pops," Mary giggled lightly, "we may have to stay in Europe a couple of days extra and go to Prague...But it depends on Missy okaying it."

"Wow we get to Prague as well," David asked, "I read some Kafka in school this year."

"Who the hell is Kafka?"

"Pop sometimes you disappoint me." David shook his head.

"A famous Czech author Mr Clarke." Antonio smiled, "and I only know that from reading a guide book."





“This is it,” Lara said as she looked to the waiting coach, as Alice waited with the two pages.  The coach driver got down and placed the steps at the side, before he opened the door.


“First out of the carriage, Father Alex Richmond, who has the honour of giving Juliette away at the ceremony today,” she whispered as they all waited.  “And as we wait for her to come out, I have just been told that a portrait by the official photographer, Jack Linklater, has been released to the press as...  and here she comes!”


The media watched with bated breath as Juliette stepped slowly down from the coach, Alex holding her hand as Alice helped the two young boys with the train. 


As Lara looked at the photograph and sheet handed to her, she said “the dress itself is, like those of the bridesmaids, made from Chinese silk but for Juliette, and quite rightly, it is pure white.  The dress has long sleeves, and she is wearing marching gloves on her hands.  The upper part of the dress has a square collar, and is decorated with an over layer of the same Belgian lace as her veil.  The skirt itself is layered, again with an underskirt of the lace, and she is apparently wearing silk heels.


“The train itself is also of silk, and holding it now as she walks up the stairs are the two young pages, the sons of Baroness Sigrid van Mannschen, the sister of the groom.  The lace veil comes down to the train as well, but I can see the tiara on her hair, and the now famous engagement ring on her finger.”


As they reached the top of the stairs, Sigi followed, handing the bouquet to Juliette as Alice made some small adjustments to the train.


“You look fantastic – and I need to get to my seat.”


“So do I and Sharon,” Caroline said as she looked at her, “good luck.”


“Thanks,” Juliette whispered as Cardinal Marx appeared with his staff.


“Well Juliette – ready?”




“Good – then let us begin...”



The congregation had been talking quietly, but fell silent as the crowd watched the priest walk forward and whisper into Klaus’ ear.  As he stood and walked forward with John, the rest of the church stood up, turning to watch the far end of the aisle.


“Showtime,” Juliette whispered as the organ started to play the Trumpet Voluntary, and the altar boy stepped forward, carrying the cross as Cardinal Marx walked behind him, and then the ministers and servers.


“And off we go,” Alex said as she and Juliette started to walk down the aisle, Rudi and Manfred walking behind with the train in their hands.


As they walked down, Juliette turned her head from side to side and smiled, seeing the huge smiles on the faces of Sandy and Diana as they stood with little George, Orlanda and Jennifer, Guy and Valeria, and Natasha with Alain in her arms.


“Good lord Bats – you really outdid yourself,” Karen whispered into Alice’s ear as the girls walked past, Carina and Ingrid beaming as they led the last part of the procession down. 


Judith walked with Katy and Sands, beaming and waving as she did so, before she stood with them before the altar, as Cardinal Marx turned and made the sign of the cross.


“Welcome to all of you, who are gathered here today to see the joining of Klaus and Juliette in Holy Matrimony.  Peace be with you.”


“And also with you,” the congregation replied as the music started, House and Tommy taking the lead in handing orders of service to the wedding party.


Once the Gloriana had been sung, Cardinal Marx said “Let us pray.


“Be attentive to our prayers. O Lord,
and in your kindness
pour out your grace on these your servants, Klaus and Juliette,
that. corning together before your altar,
they may be confirmed in love for one another.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ. your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.


“We ask you this
through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.”


As the congregation responded, Cardinal Marx said “please be seated for the Liturgy of the Word.”


As the rest of the congregation sat, the readings were given, as Katy and Sands held Judith’s hands.  Cardinal Marx then said “Klaus, Juliette, I hope you will forgive me if I take a few moments to share some thoughts.


“Marriage is an institution created by God to allow man and woman to live together and become one, and ultimately to allow children to come into this world.  In the case of both of you, you already have children, and indeed grandchildren, so if you will forgive the levity, I think we can pass over that part.”


Annie smiled as there was a ripple of laughter among the congregation, as she felt her bump and then looked at Ama.


“But the truth is still this – that marriage allows a man and a woman to join and be one in the sight of god and of man, And so as you come together on this day, I charge you both to remember that, and to cherish the joy that children bring to a relationship.”


Carina turned and smiled at Judith, who smiled back as Cardinal Marx said “I say no more than this, and ask the congregation now to stand.”


As they all stood, he continued “My dear friends, you have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church’s minister and this community. Christ abundantly blesses this love. He has already consecrated you in baptism and now he enriches and strengthens you by a special sacrament so that you may assume the duties of marriage in mutual and lasting fidelity. And so, in the presence of the Church, I ask you to state your intentions.


“Who gives this woman away?”


“I do,” Alex said as he bowed slightly, and then stepped back.


“Klaus and Juliette, you come here voluntarily with hearts prepared, to receive each other in marriage?”


“Yes.” They said together as they looked at each other.


“Will you love each other, respect, and be loyal to one another until death separates you?”




“Are you ready to fulfil your obligation to raise your children and grandchildren as Christian parents should?”




“Since it is your intention to enter into marriage,” the cardinal said as he took their hand, “join your right hands, and declare your consent before God and his Church.”


Klaus took Juliette’s right hand in his and said “I take you, Juliette, to be my wife. I promise to be loyal to you in good and bad days, in health and illness, to love and respect, until death separates us.”


He saw Juliette smile under the veil as she said “I take you, Klaus, to be my husband. I promise to be loyal to you in good and bad days, in health and illness, to love and respect, until death separates us.”


“You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings.


What God has joined, men must not divide.”




“Who has the rings?”


“I do,” John said as he removed the rings and placed them on the bible.


“Lord, bless these rings which we bless in your name.
Grant that those who wear them
may always have a deep faith in each other.
May they do your will
and always live together
in peace, good will, and love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.”




Klaus smiled as he moved Juliette’s engagement ring to her right hand, and then placed the plain gold ring on her finger.


“Juliette, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”


Juliette than took the second ring and, after removing the ring from his hand and moving it to his left hand, said “Klaus, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”


“Having exchanged their vows and rings,” Cardinal Marx said, “I now make one suggestion to you.


“You may kiss the bride.”


“With extreme pleasure,” Klaus said as he lifted the veil back, and the two kissed, to a round of applause from the congregation.


"I think that makes it official that we are twins?" Carina whispered to Ingrid.

"Yes it does," her sister smiled back.


After the communion preparation was completed, and prayers were said, Klaus and Juliette knelt at the altar, as Cardinal Marx said “Let us humbly invoke by our prayers, dear brothers and sisters,
God's blessing upon this bride and groom,
that in his kindness he may favor with his help
those on whom he has bestowed the Sacrament of Matrimony.”


There was a few moments silence, before he continued with his hands extended over them


“Holy Father, maker of the whole world,
who created man and woman in your own image
and willed that their union be crowned with your blessing,
we humbly beseech you for these your servants,
who are joined today in the Sacrament of Matrimony.

May your abundant blessing, Lord,
come down upon this bride, Juliette,
and upon Klaus, her companion for life,
and may the power of your Holy Spirit
set their hearts aflame from on high,
so that, living out together the gift of Matrimony,
they may enrich the Church.

In happiness may they praise you, O Lord,
in sorrow may they seek you out;
may they have the joy of your presence
to assist them in their toil,
and know that you are near
to comfort them in their need;
let them pray to you in the holy assembly
and bear witness to you in the world,
and after a happy old age,
together with the circle of friends that surrounds them,
may they come to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Through Christ our Lord.”


The congregation said “Amen” as Klaus and Juliette stood, before Cardinal Marx said “let us share the sign of peace.”


Klaus and Juliette looked at each other, and then turned to share the sign with their supporters as the congregation greeted each other.


Klaus and Juliette then knelt again as the bread was broken, and the Cardinal gave them the sacraments, before they stood and made their way to two chairs at the side as others came forward.


“Nearly over Mrs von Furstenheim,” Klaus whispered as Juliette smiled, watching as their friends and guests walked forward.  And as they came forward, a solo singer performed some songs by Shubert.


As the last went back, Klaus and Juliette came forward and knelt again, as Cardinal Marx put his hands over them again.


“May God the eternal Father
keep you of one heart in love for one another,
that the peace of Christ may dwell in you
and abide always in your home.”


The congregation said “amen” in response.


“May you be blessed in your children and grandchildren,
have solace in your friends
and enjoy true peace with everyone.”




“May you be witnesses in the world to God's charity,
so that the afflicted and needy who have known your kindness
may one day receive you thankfully
into the eternal dwelling of God.”




Making the sign of the cross, he said “And may almighty God bless all of you, who are gathered here, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”


As the congregation said “amen,” Klaus and Juliette stood.


“Go in peace, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”




As the strains of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March started to play, Klaus took Juliette by her hand and they walked up the aisle, the guests smiling at them as John escorted Carina, and Adam Ingrid.


“May I have the honour,” Willy said as he took Abby’s arm, and Alex took Jo’s.


As Will took Angel’s arm, and George Doc’s, Rudi and Manfred escorted Sands and Katy out.


“Ready, my little angel?”


“Yes unca Deeter,” Judith said as she took his hand, and they walked down in front of Cardinal Marx and the other servers.



“Sandy, my dear,” Diana said quietly, “are you crying?”


“What do you think,” Sandy said as Juliette turned and mouthed “thank you” to them as they passed.  She put her handkerchief to her eye, and then smiled as Sands walked past on Rudi’s arm.


“She has somehow turned overnight into a very beautiful young woman,” Nessa said as she wiped her own eye, holding David’s hand as she did so.


“And Abigail is radiant,” Valeria said as she and Guy watched her walk past with Willy, Alain waving his little arm at his father and cousin.


“Yes – yes she is,” Diana said as Sandy handed her a handkerchief as well.




“Are you all right Shirley,” Emma said as John and Carina went past.


“Oh yes – yes I’m fine,” Shirley said quietly as she smiled, Maddie taking her arm.


“They look simply divine darlings,” Kylie said as she wiped away a tear, “and I love the way Alice incorporated the design I gave into the dresses.”


“I agree,” Marina said as she saw Samantha cry.  “Tissue?”


“Please,” Kylie’s mother said as she took one and dabbed her eyes.




“They look so beautiful,” Alison said as the wedding party walked past.


"Well I can't promise you girls as grand a wedding when you get married, but that'll always be my idea of just what a ceremony should be." Dave Clarke stood up.

"Indeed Mr Clarke, that was so moving," Antonio wiped away a tear, "I could not have done better if I'd done it myself."

"Oh My God, the Maestro saying he couldn't improve something, and me without a recorder," Pat shook her head.


“I do know when I am in the presence of greatness, Patricia,” Antonio said, “and today I am.”





"Everything still looking good outside?" Caroline whispered into her mike.

"As far as we can tell boss," a voice whispered in her earpiece, "a lot of champagne corks going off among the Furstenheim tenantry, and the media are ready."

"Okay, well just keep an eye open all of you.  The wedding party will be emerging soon, and the media crews can take their pictures before Jack gets to work."


“Roger that boss,” the voice said as Caroline turned to Sharon.


“Frau Strecher is going to congratulate the couple, and then she is heading back to the townhouse.  Go with her, make sure everything is ready at that end.”


“Got it boss,” Sharon said as Alan Kennedy bowed his head while the others passed.  “Dad, I’ll see you at the reception, all right?”


“Go on – this is your job now,” Alan said as she turned and slipped quietly out of the pew.





“And here they come out of the cathedral,” Philip Schofield said as the wedding party appeared at the top of the stairs, the camera zooming to capture the group as they lined up.  “Their Serene Highnesses smiling and waving as the press finally get a chance to take some photos of the happy couple together.”


“Happy Darling,” Klaus whispered as they waved.


“More than you will ever know,” Juliette whispered back as Judith walked over and held her hands up.


“Allow me,” Klaus said as he reached down and lifted her up, Judith turning and waving as Carina and Judith stood with them.




"The acoustics are incredible," Judy smiled as the organist continued to play.

"So it’s an organ you'd like to play eh?" David asked.

"I love European organs," Judy caught the look in Rachel McNally's eye.

"You get such a great full..."

"Hmmm Hmmm."

"I was going to say sound Mother, and shame on you for having a dirty mind," Judy giggled.


“Who, moi,” Rachel said as she smiled.


“Yes you,” Liz Lodge said.  “And don’t pretend you didn’t think it as well, Claire.”





"So Valeria who is this woman really?" one of her Romanov relations asked as they prepared to leave.

"Well,” Valeria said, “she's the woman Klaus loves with all his heart."

"I know that, but where does she come from?"

"That sounds wrong in these modern times, but Count Buchenwald has done the research, and she comes from a very old American Puritan family..."

"But she's a Roman Catholic?"

"Twentieth century converts," Valeria smiled, "anyway they are solid, respectable merchants mainly, with the odd flash of genius like her aunt the criminologist, and her ancestor the Civil War General. They may not quite be Boston aristocracy, but they are that by choice I think rather than anything else, having preferred life in their small towns above city life."

"So it's an old family by American standards."

"Oh Yes," Valeria smiled, "judged against our standards young perhaps, but we cannot allow that to act as a guide to our acceptance of her."

"As if we would?" a couple of her VERY snobbish cousins answered.




“Now THA’ was a wedding,” Fiona MacKenzie said as she slowly stood up with Mary, and then they both looked at Missy.


“What,” the agent said as she looked up.


"We should throttle you Missy." Mary Thomas growled.


“What for?”


"Doing business during a wedding." Mary shook her head whilst her friend put away her hand-held.

"It was only Antonio Bell wanting to book Mary Clarke for next week."

"As we" Fiona shook her head as well.

"You know your dying words will be, 'send me a firm booking for her' Missy, I guarantee it." Anna joined in the shaking of heads.

"Well anyway, she looked amazing didn't she?"

"Stop trying to change the topic of conversation Missy."  Mary smiled as she said “but yes – she looked amazing.”


“She certainly did,” Denice said as she and Erica stood up behind them.  “I suspect the press are going to have their pictures of them on the front pages tomorrow.”


“Well, let’s head out and get our pictures,” Mary said as they joined the groups moving out.





"Well Madame does this trigger any thoughts regarding you and John?" Lily whispered in her boss’ ear.


“I do not think that has changed, Lilian – John and I are happy the way we are, and that is not going to change in the foreseeable future.  If you want to see a couple marrying amongst us soon, look over there.”


Lily looked at where Penny and Helen were talking, before she said “no – they’re not are they?”


“Who can tell,” Shirley said, “who can tell...”


"So it was you who designed that motif combining the letters H and F and the flowers darlin'?" Sami asked her daughter as they awaited their turns to exit.

"It was Mother darling,” Kylie said with a smile, “and if I say so it worked rather well embroidered in like that."

"Where did she find that antique lace?" Marina asked, "I've never so much beautiful old lace."

"It was actually Heather Smith who found it for her - at a furniture restorer’s workshop of all places." Kylie answered.

"Heather found it?" Catherine asked.

"It was in an old chest the restorer had bought at an estate sale."

"Well it just shows you that treasures can turn up anywhere."




"How much did they cry John?" Winston asked as he found the family talking with the Judge and her partner.

"Not as much as Brooke Hutton did," Barbara smiled.

"I can't help it...I always cry at weddings."


“There you go,” the tall dark haired woman said as she passed Brooke a silk handkerchief.


“Thank you,” Brooke said as she wiped the tears away.  “Winston, allow me to introduce Nora Austen.  Nora, Winston Brewster the Third.”


“I interned with your grandfather,” Nora said as she shook Winston’s hand, “how is college?”


“Going well, thank you.”




“Well Bestie, how do you feel?”


“As if I could face anything,” Sands said with a smile as she waved to the cheering crowds.  “This has been one of the best days of my life.”


She looked over as Holly left with Tommy and smiled, Katy shaking her head as she smiled and posed.


He had worked his way closer and he could see her now, standing with the other bridesmaids smiling and laughing a little.  She was laughing at him, he knew it inside.

He would wipe that smile off her face, deliberately ensuring he wouldn't be close enough to see her arrive. He knew inside that she was doing these things to tease him, to encourage him. Well one day soon she would get just what she wanted.  And he would be the one to do it.


He saw her in his mind’s eye now, pleading for him to satisfy her.  It would be so good, and she would enjoy it so much.  All he had to was head home early, and get things ready...



“All right girls,” Jack said as Luke checked the lighting, “can you form up round Juliette while I take a group photo?”


“Come here baby,” Carina said as she took Judith’s hand, the little girl standing with her and grinning as Jack snapped away.


“Congratulations Klaus,” George said as they shook hands, “how does it feel to be married again?”


“It feels right,” Klaus said as they watched Jack at work.  “How are you feeling?  I know the anniversary is coming up.”


“I’m fine – Jennifer is walking now, and we’re going to go to her grandmother’s for the weekend.  Give her a chance to visit them there this year.  You?”


“We won’t be back by then – we’re coming back via Paris, so that Juliette can help Olivia out with an advert shoot.”







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