Tigress Rising







May 20th 2012

6 pm

The de Ros Mansion, 5th Avenue


“It has been some time now,” Diana said as she sipped her coffee, “and I do think it is time to do so again.”  She smiled as she adjusted the skirt of her grey dress and looked round the room.


Her daughter Abigail was sitting with Carina Huntingdown, both still wearing their school uniforms.  The petite blonde in the red jacket and tartan skirt contrasted with the five foot eight thirteen year old.


“Well, I would like to have that feeling again,” Sandy Richmond said as she sat with her nanny, Heather Smith.


“Are you all sure you want to do this?” Juliette looked closely into the eyes of her three friends and the two young girls. “We seem to have got away with it once, who says we can do it twice?”


“Well unless we try Ju we will never know,” Sandy spoke enthusiastically. “You planned the last thing out perfectly, I’m perfectly willing to bet you can do it again.”


“It is true Cherie,” Diana smiled, “if it had not been for Sandy’s inability not to extract vengeance with her weapon it would have been the perfect heist.”


“Diana,” Sandy said quietly, “you said you’d not mention that. You know very well why I did it.”


“I know, but it leaves a murder rap hanging over all our heads.”


“Well I’m sorry, but I’m not going to pretend that I’m not happy that I did it.”


“Can we come back to what we were talking about though?” Juliette asked, “Is everyone in agreement that we commit another crime?”


“Yes,” Sandy nodded.


“I suppose so, though I’m far from happy about Abigail being here,” Diana nodded as well.




“Wherever Alexandra goes I follow Juliette.”


“Now girls, give this serious thought…”


“Mom be serious, you know I loved it last time,” Carina spoke up.


“And I’m not being left out,” Abigail looked determined.


“So what do we rob this time Ju?”


“Well,” Juliette said as she picked her glass up, “not another house, as nice as our take was.”  Taking a sip, she said “no - if we are going to do this again, it has to be something far bigger.”


“Like a bank Mom?”


“Well,” Juliette said as she looked at Carina, “maybe not quite that big darling.”


“But why not?” asked Sandy, “there are six of us, I think that’s enough people to take a bank.”


“Maybe,” Juliette acknowledged, “but do any of you have the first clue how to actually rob a bank?”


“You walk in the front doors, brandishing guns, collect the money, then make your getaway,” Sandy shrugged her shoulders.


“But what about alarms, surveillance cameras, armed guards, locked vaults, and a dozen other things Sandy?”


“It always seems to work on television.”


“Well that’s TV,” Juliette said quietly, “this will be reality.”


“Alright Juliette darling, you seem to have given this some thought, what do you think will succeed?” Diana asked.


“I’m not totally sure, but correct me if I’m wrong here.”




“The last job worked because we terrified them into submission…Correct?”


Oui,” Diana nodded.


“So we know that fear and terror, if correctly applied, works entirely in the robbers favor?”


“Yes,” Heather spoke quietly.


“Where are you going with this Mom?”


“I’m saying, Carina my love, that to give us real leverage we need a terrified person at the bank doing just as we say, and who will convince the other people that they need be terrified as well.”


“I saw that movie as well,” Abigail spoke for the first time, “you are saying that we take over the bank manager’s house and terrify his or her family, then take him to the bank, and he opens up everything for us…Right Aunt Ju?”


“Isn’t that something that just works on television as well?” Sandy asked a trifle cattily.


“Not if we take real precautions.”


“Such as what Cherie?” Diana started to look interested as Juliette opened her eyes.


“I guess I need to investigate all of that.”


“Juliette I will admit you are brilliant, but how do you go about finding out all this?” Heather asked.


“I suppose you ask an expert,” Juliette closed her eyes and started to think.


“Might as well get some more drinks,” Sandy said, “the computer is at work.”


Juliette heard the laughing, but she was busy thinking…




8th June

1 pm

The Inn on the Park


“I have to admit,” Juliette said as she sipped her water, “it is becoming a fascinating logistical problem.”  She was wearing a blue dress coat with black boots, while Diana was elegant in her black trouser suit and white jumper.


“Do you think Tommy the Fish will be able to coach us in how to rob banks?” Diana asked in a whisper as they awaited their friends.


“Well he’s the only real criminal we know, I’m sure if he can’t, then he can tell us who can,” Juliette whispered back.


“There you are,” another voice called out as Kelly Rochermann walked over, slipping off her jacket.


“Hi Kelly,” Juliette said as she kissed the new arrival on her cheeks.  “So how is your summer going?”


“Don’t ask,” Kelly sighed and sat down, “the girls are just IMPOSSIBLE.”


“Oh as bad as that?” Claire Morse asked as she too sat down.


“Just be thankful darling how lucky you are with Roberta and Rebecca.”


“So are they any happier that they are going to different schools in the fall Kelly?”


“Not really Ju,” Kelly said as she looked at the menu, “neither wants to be separated, and Nell positively detests the idea of going to Sacred Heart, but really its best for both of them if we split them up, at least for now.”


“So they can each have a separate identity, and not just be ‘The Twins’?”


“Well it’s what Dr. Adelman recommended Diana.”


“Did you hear by the way that Sukie is sending Buffy off to boarding school?” asked Claire.


“She is?” Kelly sighed, “Well at least I don’t have to worry about her and Ally fighting every day at school.”


“So who else are we expecting for lunch girls?” Diana asked.


“Sorry if I’m late,” Rachel McNally said as she sat down, “Judy wanted to go shopping for a new swimsuit.”


“So is Judy enjoying her freedom before St Angela’s?”


“In all sorts of interesting ways,” Rachel said with a sigh.  “So, what are we going to eat?”




2.30 pm

Complete Style Magazine


“Right – now for some work,” Juliette said as she sat at her desk, and opened her laptop.


“Juliette, Anna wants to see you at Three Thirty,” Magda her PA said as she poked her head round the door.


Juliette looked up and said “Any clue why?”


Rumor says to convey Upstairs complaints about you using me and your office to run your little business on the side.”


“Geez,” Juliette said as she rubbed her eyes, “I thought I had that settled.”


“Seems not.”


“Damn,” Ju swore to herself, “just what I need.”


“I wouldn’t worry Juliette,” Mary Thomas, Complete Style’s style director said as she stood in the doorway, “Anna’s quite happy with what you are doing, so am I, it’s just the bean counters who aren’t.”


“I hope so,” Juliette rolled her eyes, “anyway what can I do for you Merlin?”


“Nothing really, but I do have a bit of news for you.”


“Oh what?”


“I saw a sign on an empty store front while I was out saying it was going to be opening soon as a branch of APCO.”


“Wow… Bats is expanding to New York?”


“Yes it seems that young Mrs. MacKinnon is getting ready to hit the big time.”

“Well if anyone deserves it then it’s Alice, she’s built her brand up from the very bottom, and all while raising a family.”


“Yes she and Duncan have a lot in life to be happy about,” Mary smiled as she sat down. “So do you see much of your old gang Juliette?”


“Other than you and Diana?”




“Not really,” Juliette shook her head, “Mandy and Will have their estate to run…”


“And four children.” Mary added.


“Olivia ever since you…”


“I know what I did Ju.  I don’t need to be reminded.”


“Well she’s buried herself in Cornwall with Charles and her children.”


“Paula is happily married as well,” Mary stopped for a couple of seconds. “Klaus and Renate…”


“I saw the pictures in Hello Merlin, and it’s no good me crying over what might have been,” Juliette sniffed.


“Charity I hear is doing fantastic.”


“Yes at least in all the wreckage of models lives at least she salvaged herself.”  Mary took off her glasses and wiped them, before she said “what about…”


“No idea – the search for Caroline?”


“Fiona holds on to hope for that, but wherever she is, I hope she’s happy and keeping busy.”


Nodding Juliette said “I hope so too – right, time to get on with things…”




8 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


“Mom,” Carina called out, “it’s Heather.”


“Hey,” Juliette said as she came out, and saw the young nanny, “night off?”


“In a way – going somewhere Cari?”


“Meeting Judy and Bobby for a movie – see you later Mom.”


“Don’t be late,” Juliette said as Carina went out.  “Come into the drawing room Heather.”




“Now,” Juliette said as she sat down, “what brings you over this evening?”


“Well,” Heather hesitated, “I hope you don’t mind, but while you are considering the how of robbing a bank, I thought I’d research the where.”




“On the internet,” Heather smiled, “and I think I might have found something suitable.”


“Tell me more.” Juliette indicated for the young nanny to sit next to her.


“I got to looking at this place,” Heather opened her computer and sat it on the coffee table.  “The Ridgewood Savings Bank over in Queens, near the Cross Island Parkway.  Not too small, not too big.”


“Hmm - quiet, a little off the beaten track, and if we hit first thing in the morning…”


“We have a chance of getting in and out with minimum fuss and bother.  Of course, we need to make sure the manager cooperates…”


“Can you do some research on them?  I’ll try and drive out over the weekend.”


“Can do – listen, Ju, if we are going to do this, we have one problem.”


“And that is?”


“Well,” Heather said quietly, “with the best will in the world, how can Abby look like us?  With Cari we use ultra-high heels, but Abby?”


“I know – one of the things I am thinking of…”



11th June

9 am

Long Island


Janice Carter shook her head as she looked at some of the women on the Long Island Railroad train that she rode each day to commute to her job as an FBI agent in Manhattan. So many of them were beautifully clothed in stylish suits, or in designer outfits. She glanced down at what she wore herself in comparison, her pants were polyester, her jacket looked cheap, and her shoes were from Payless. The slightly contemptuous looks she got each day from the businesswomen commuting to their high-powered jobs on Wall St, or in Midtown, wounded her slightly every time.


There had been a time when she had dreamed of that kind of career herself, in fact she had won a place at Columbia’s law school. Her father’s death though, and the cost of raising Katy her daughter had forced her to seek an alternative career, and well the FBI had seemed as good an option as any.


Oh it wasn’t that she was that badly paid, and she loved both her daughter, and her own mother who they lived with, but she still remembered the dreams that she had had, that circumstances had forced her to abandon.


Thinking of dreams though she allowed herself to wonder what had happened to Kimberley, the daughter born when she was just 14, the product of rape, and who her father had forced to give up for adoption. She so hoped that she was both doing well and was happy in life.


“Janice Carter you know better,” she mentally gave herself a shaking-up, “stop thinking about what never could have been.” Instead she thought of what was likely to happen today. She was part of an anti-gang task-force tasked with combatting violent street gangs. There had been a major incident between two gangs she had heard on TV, chances were that was what she would be working on today.


As the train pulled into the station, she walked up to the main street and along to the office.  Work was what she needed to take her mind off things…



2 pm

The de Ros Mansion, 5th Avenue


“Excuse me Madame,” Edith said as she stood in the doorway to the drawing room, “Father Richmond is here to see you?”


“Alexander to what do I owe this pleasure?” Diana stood as Edith ushered the priest into her drawing room.  She looked at him, still the muscular former football player, his brown hair short and neat.


“Something a little serious I’m afraid Diana,” Alexander said as he kissed her on the cheek, “has Abigail talked to you?”


“About what Alex?”


“How badly she is being bullied by a particular group of girls.”


“I know that they pick on her because she is so tall and thin, but I’ve told her that words cannot hurt her.”


“No but fists and sticks can Diana.” Alexander paused, “I heard via a concerned parishioner that one Kennedy Fratton, and a group of other girls, including Blair Lipman rather ambushed Abigail in the park this morning, and that words turned to blows when Abby tried to stand up for herself.”


“Oh Dear Lord,” Diana looked shocked, “I heard her come in earlier, but she went straight up to her room, and I didn’t see her.”


“Well I have to be going,” Alex stood up, “but if I was you I’d go up and see her right now.”


“I will Father, and thank you for coming to tell me.”


As Edith let the priest out, Diana ascended the stairs to her daughter’s bedroom.


“Can I come in please?” she called out as she knocked on the door.




“Abigail I am coming in,” Diana warned as she turned the handle, “now what is this that Father Richmond was…” Diana stood in shock at the sight of her daughters face with the cut lip, and an eye was rapidly swelling…”Mon Dieu.”


“Mom I fell off my bike in the park…that’s all.”


“Abigail darling you have never lied to me, and this is a bad time to start,” Diana sat beside the tall thin girl on the bed. “So tell me just what happened?”


Abby looked at her mother, as she said “I was riding through when that Fratton bitch and her crew stood in front of me, and started to call me all sort of names.  I tried to ignore them, tried to get past, but they pushed me off my bike, so I tried to hit her, and…”


“Abigail,” Diana said quietly, “they are merely jealous of you…”


“Well, I want to kill them all,” Abby said as she looked at her mother with a grim face, “is that wrong?”


“I cannot judge you for that,” Diana said, “but we must find a way of stopping this?”


“Pity Fratton’s parents are jewellers – we’re going to hit a bank, but one day…”



2 pm

Complete Style


"What is this Merlin?" Juliette asked as she saw the odd looking garment on Mary's worktop.


"It's a body-shaper that some guy in Michigan sent us to look at. It's designed to make even the skinniest of girls look as though she has a full figure."


"That sounds interesting...Does it work?"


"I haven't tried it on anyone, and to be honest I don't really care. You know me I prefer the natural figure of a woman above all."


"What are you going to say to the inventor?"


"The usual lie," Mary adjusted her glasses, "that we are testing it and will let him know our results...Of course we never follow up."


"Well we are in the fashion business here, not in the realm of inventions," Juliette shook her head.




"So what are you going to do with it?"


"Probably put it somewhere back there," Mary waved towards her 'cave', "Why? Do you want to try it? With your figure Ju darling it's hardly needed."


"Yeah I think I'll take it, who knows I might find someone willing to try it on."


"Do you darndest," Mary laughed, "and if you take it then no I don't want it back. Send it to Scientific American if you want to get rid of it, they might find something to say about it."


"Okay," Juliette laughed as a vague idea in the back of her mind began to take on a shape.




5 pm

The de Ros Mansion

“What – is that,” Abigail said as Juliette held up the item.


“An idea – can you strip to your underwear Abby, and let’s see how you look in it.”


Abby nodded as she stripped down, and then Diana helped Juliette to strap it round the tall teenager.


“Well" Juliette asked as Abigail stood in front of her and Diana, "how does it feel?"

"Like some torture device," Abigail fidgeted as she tried to get everything in the right place. "My waist feels like it’s being squeezed in a vice."

"That being said darling, it does give you a figure that most women would envy." Diana stood up and looked.

"Yes, but what little I have up on top feels like someone is squeezing them and lifting them."

"Do you see why I brought it here Diana?"

"I do Cherie."

"Well can someone please explain it to me?"

"The point is that just as the stockings mask our faces Abigail," Ju smiled as she poked the pads on the young girl’s rear, "then this will disguise your complete lack of a figure, and ensure that the police think the new robber is an older woman with a stunning body."

"I think she needs try a dress on over it," Diana looked closely through her glasses.  Leaving the room, she returned with a blue pinafore dress, watching as Juliette slipped it over Abigail’s body and fastened it.


“Diana, can you get some heels?”


Abigail watched as her mother walked out of the room, returning with a pair of four inch heels which she helped Abby to put on.  Both women then stepped back, and looked at the young girl.




“Hmmm – it has possibilities.”


“But what do I look like?”


“Come,” Diana said as she took Abigail and slowly walked her out into the hallway, watching as the daughter looked at herself in the tall mirror.  The teenager stared at the reflection, then turned from side to side, looking at herself as she said “I feel so different when I see myself like this…”


“Indeed,” Juliette said, “but there are other things we need to do.  Diana, I think we need a weekend in the country.  How does Saturday sound?”




June 16th

10 am

The Farm


“Why have you brought me here today, Mama,” Abigail said as they drove into the courtyard.  She, like Diana, was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, with hiking boots.


“Well, we have much to discuss today, and I wish to try something with everyone present,” Diana said as she turned the engine off, and they got out.  “I see Juliette and Carina are already here.”


They walked past the cars and walked into the main house, Carina looking up and smiling as she said “hey bestie – Mom’s making the coffee.”


“Any sign of Sandy and Heather yet,” Juliette said as she looked out of the kitchen, “they were dropping the kids at George’s place after we left.”


“I didn’t see them,” Abby said, and then she turned as she heard the car screech to a halt outside.


“You are forgetting Aunt Sandy’s need for speed,” Carina said as Abby watched Sandy get out of the car, smiling as Heather slowly stepped out and held the side of the car for a minute.


“Good drive?”


“Can’t complain,” Sandy said as she sat on a chair, Heather following her in and closing the door.  “Heather liked it.”


“If you mean feeling the way I do on a roller coaster at Disneyland, then yes,” Heather said quietly.


“Well anyway, thanks for coming today.  I want to try an idea out with all of you this morning, and then after lunch we can discuss what we have so far.”


“Oh,” Heather said as Sandy kissed her neck, “and that is?”


“Come with me,” Diana said as she picked up a large holdall, “somewhere a little quieter.”


The five women followed Diana out of the main house, and along a path that led to a clearing in a small valley, the trees rising on each side.


“So what do you want to show us,” Carina asked – and then she let out a low whistle as Diana drew from the bag a shotgun – both barrels sawn off a few inches from the butt.


“Is that what I think it is,” Juliette asked quietly.


“Indeed – my contact at the gun club has allowed me to, shall we say, borrow it without the authorities knowing.  You are familiar with the damage a shotgun can do in the hands of an expert?”


Sandy nodded as Diana said “Heather, can you set up a straw bale over there?”  As the young nanny walked over, Diana put two rounds into the barrel and closed it tight.


“Juliette – fire a round into the hay bale.”


“Okay,” Juliette said as she raised the gun, looked through the sights, fired it – and landed three feet back on her bottom.


As she stood up, rubbing her bottom, she saw Carina and Abby laughing, Sandy and Heather with amused smiles on their faces – and Diana slowly shaking her head.


“I suspect all of the others would do the same,” she said quietly as she picked up the gun.  “But look to the bale.”


All of them looked at where the hay bale had been, the corner now scattered across the ground.


“Oh my god,” Juliette whispered, “if that had been…”


“Now watch,” Diana said as she stood, her feet slightly apart, the butt of the gun resting on her hip, and she fired the second barrel.  The others looked at the cloud of dust, and then as it cleared the empty space where the bale had stood.


“Dear god,” Sandy whispered, “that is - impressive.”


“Certainly one word for it,” Diana said quietly, “but I think we can use this to great effect – once you have learned the correct way to fire it.


“In heels.”




“You will see,” Diana said, without a smile.



1 pm

The Farm


“I’ll give you a hand,” Heather said as she followed Diana into the kitchen, while Sandy and Carina laid the table.


“Abby, sit down,” Juliette said quietly as she patted the seat next to her, Abby taking it, “I want you to read this.”


“What is this Aunt Ju?” Abby said as she took the sheets of paper.


“A list of things you need to learn and live by if you truly are serious about becoming one of use darling.”


“Alright,” the young woman started to read the document. “Isn’t this mainly common sense though? Anyone who watches CSI and Police procedural shows is going to know all this.”


“Maybe,” Juliette allowed herself a smile, “but you just think the number of idiots that get caught because they don’t do it right. Do you seriously want to end up behind bars Abby?”


“No,” the tall teen swallowed, “I think I’d rather not.”


“That’s true of all of us.  It all comes down to the fact that you can’t be convicted of a crime without evidence, and that therefore you do as much as humanly possible to ensure there is no evidence.”


“Okay,” Abby said quietly, “I get that.”


“So for starters that’s why we wear the masks and disguises…”


“So that you can’t be identified?”


“Precisely Abigail. At no point do you remove your mask, unless it’s to slip into another form of disguise.”


“Hence why you also wear wigs?”


“Yes and hence why they are bought and paid for in a way that cannot ever be traced back to us.” Juliette smiled again, “anything done towards the job, your Mom, Sandy, the others wear wigs, they wear gloves, they play with different makeup, and they wear glasses. At no point of the operation does anyone link Abigail de Ros into this…Understood?”


“So even when I go out to ‘case the joint’,” Abby laughed at her use of the terminology.


“Then you do so in disguise, you cover your tracks so that your actions can’t be later traced on security cameras, and you always, always wear gloves.”


“Aunt Ju,” Abby said with a shake of the head, “I do understand about fingerprints.”


“So when we go see The Fish about collecting the weapons, Your Mom and I will be masked, we will be armed, we will wear clothes that we aren’t going to be worried about destroying.”


“And you make sure that he’s disinclined to turn you into the law?”


“Yes, and because we are in disguises, he can’t identify us anyway. Hell with the wigs he can’t even get the hair color.”


“The Fish – he supplies your guns?”


Juliette nodded.  “Once the weapons are bought in they are kept hidden, and NEVER handled without gloves, and it’s the same with the transport, absolutely no contact with anything without those gloves on.”


“As I said Aunt Ju, I’ve learned all this watching TV.”


“You might have,” the former top model said as she looked the young woman up and down, “You can NEVER get casual though Abs, every single thing we do between now and us getting safely away from that bank has to be assessed and second-guessed to ensure not a single mistake is made.”


“Cari said in her diary how meticulous your planning…”


“My planning might have been,” Juliette said quietly, “but my darling daughter made a major mistake writing about it like that.”


“I guess she did,” Abigail shook her head, “I hadn’t thought that out I guess.”


“We talk as little as we can where outsiders might even get the slightest hint of what we are doing.  On which note – we do need to do something for your disguise, make you look older somehow.”


“Older – oh, you mean…”


“Lunch is ready,” Diana said, “let’s eat.”





3 pm


“She isn’t a bad shot?” Sandy watched admiringly as Abigail shot at some targets.


“Well I’ve been bringing her out here and teaching her for several years Cherie.” Diana smiled proudly. “This old farm has its uses.”


“Will she have the guts…well to you know what?”


“If pushed,” Diana sighed. “I’m still very far from happy that Juliette invited her in.”


“Well after what she read in Cari’s diary I don’t think we had a lot of choice.”


“I know…just be glad that George and Sandy are as young as they are.”


“Oh I’m glad,” Sandy smiled, “but I’m equally sure that both of them will grow up straight and honest, they have far too much of their father in them, and far too little of me.”


“One day they might surprise you.”


“May that day be far away,” Sandy said quietly.  “We can make Abby look more adult with that – thing Juliette found for you, but you’ll need to let her wear make-up – and we need to find a name for her.”



June 17th

8 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“The kids are in their rooms,” Heather said as she sat down, “are we ready?”


“Proceed,” Juliette said as she looked at the others.


“The target,” Heather said quietly as she put up a picture on her laptop, “is the Ridgewood Savings Bank in Queens, near the Cross Island Parkway.  Small bank, but the good news is that they hold a goodly amount in their vaults – and their security is minimal.  It should not be too difficult to take care of.”


Nodding, Juliette said “plans?”


“I have them printed out – and now to the main event as it were.  Meet the manager, Albert Cox, in his early fifties.  Married to Jennifer, a local teacher, and with two children, David who is sixteen and Sarah who is seventeen.”


She passed round the pictures of the family, Diana nodding as she passed them on to Carina and Abigail.


“The family live on 214th Street – nice family home, but I need to take a drive out with Sandy, check their security, plan routes.”


Nodding, Juliette said “so when do you think we can go?”


“Next Sunday, the 24th.  We take the house and hold them hostage at nine, Albert is due at the bank at seven, we move then.”


“And how do we spend the night,” Abby asked, and then she saw her friend grin.


“You’ll see…”


“Okay – Heather and Sandy, plan routes from farm to home, home to bank, bank to farm, and we’ll need a vehicle.”


“You’re just going to steal one,” Abby said, watching Heather as she nodded.


“Diana, we need to place an order with Tommy.  And Abby – we need a name for you.”


“I had an idea – but I need to know what you call yourselves?”


Diana nodded and said “I am Miss Leopard, and Juliette Miss Panther.”


“Miss Puma and Miss Cheetah,” Sandy said as Heather nodded.


“And I’m Miss Lynx – so what will you be?”


“A tigress,” Abby said quietly, “Miss Tigress…”


“Well, Miss Lynx, Miss Tigress,” Juliette said quietly, “you get to look over the home.  Take a day trip tomorrow…”



June 18th

2 pm

214th Street


“This is weird,” Abby said as she and Carina sat in an old red Cortina outside the house.  Both women were wearing auburn wigs, and dark glasses, Carina’s leather gloved hands caressing the steering wheel.


“But it’s exciting as well, isn’t it,” Carina said with a grin as they watched the door open, and Jennifer Cox come out.  She was wearing a lime green short sleeved top and white pedal pushers, a white bandana tied over her blonde hair.


“Good looking woman – and she’s got a bigger chest than me,” Abby said with a sigh as she looked over.


“Give it time, kiddo, you’ll get there.”


“Easy for you to say, Miss Biggest Bust of the Freshmen Year.”


“Look – that must be young Sarah,” Carina said as a younger blonde girl came out, wearing a denim jacket over a red top, and denim shorts over grey leggings.  “She’ll be fun to play with, don’t you think?”


“What do you mean, play with?”  Abby looked at Carina as she grinned, and said “Cari?”


“I’m imagining her and her mummy, in front of me as I make them squirm…”



Abby looked at her friend, a strange look in her eyes, as she said “are you feeling all right?”


Cari looked over and grinned as she said “oh yes, I’m feeling just fine…”



June 20th

3 pm

Long Island


Tommy the Fish was not singing as he drove along the road.  The last time these ‘ladies’ had called him, they had killed the three occupants of the house.  As a gun merchant, he knew he was selling goods to people who may use them, but still…


Driving into the deserted barn, he brought the van to a stop, and looked out.  He could sense they were there, but where…


“Good afternoon, Tommy.”


He suddenly looked to the door and saw her – the dark jacket and skirt, the black scarf tied in the front of the jacket, the sheer hose and high heels, and the dark stocking pulled down over her head, flattening her black hair.


“Step out – Miss Leopard gets nervous when you are in there.”


As she opened the door with her gloved hand, Tommy got out and saw the second woman standing there, the pistol in her hand as she stared at him.


“Do you have what we asked for?”


“Yeah – in da back,” Tommy said as he walked round and opened the doors.  Miss Leopard opened the canvas bags and took out one of the sawn off shotguns, smiling as she examined it.


“Excellent work again, Tommy – and you have the correct amount?”


“As requested, and the ammo as well.”


“Good – carry them to our car, you will find your payment inside,” Miss Panther said as Tommy lifted the bags and walked to the waiting Daimler, putting the bags in the trunk and removing the briefcase.


“You leave first Tommy – and remember, if we see you following us?”


“Yeah, I got it,” Tommy said as he got into the van and drove off, the two women watching before Juliette removed her stocking mask.


“Right let’s get these to the farm…”




June 24th

5 pm

The Farm


“Aunt Juliette is here,” Abby said as she looked out of the window, Diana coming from the kitchen as the door opened and Carina came in.


“Hey Aunt Di – Mom was telling me you had a little problem with Tommy the Fish.”


“Problem,” Sandy said as she came downstairs, “what problem?”


“He followed us from the barn – so we stopped and invited him for a little chat,” Diana said quietly.  “That, and these, convinced him not to do it again.”  She held up a pair of silver nutcrackers as Carina grinned.  “I have got to try that,” she said as Juliette closed the door.


“Girl, is there something you need to tell me?”


“Later,” Juliette said quietly.  “Heather – transport?”


“Got a nice little SUV in the garage, collected from the mall – number plates witched out and tuned up by our master mechanic here.”


“Well, those years racing were good for something,” Sandy said with a smile.


“So what do we do now,” Abby asked quietly.


“We eat – then we get ready…”




7.30 pm


Abby looked round the table as they sat drinking coffee, and she could see something was changing.  It had bene like any other meal, but slowly all the others had got more serious, as if they were putting a game face on.


“Abigail, will you come up with me please,” Diana said as she stood up, “I want to make sure you are ready while the others change.”


“Yes, Mama,” Abby said as they walked up the stairs, the others starting to clear the table as they made their way to one of the bedrooms.  As they walked in, Abby saw the pale padding lying on the bed.


“Strip off, darling,” Diana said quietly, Abby removing her trainers, socks, sweatshirt and jeans and standing in her underwear as Diana picked up the padding, and fitted it round her, fastening it with straps and then saying “have a look in the mirror.”


Abby slowly walked over, and looked at herself, touching the thing as she said “oh my god, I look…”


“Different,” Diana said with a smile.  “Now, put on the camisole, skirt and jacket.”


As Abby started to put on the black camisole, Diana stripped and put on her own clothes – the black silk camisole, the fitted jacket with three buttons at the front, and the knee length skirt, after she had put on the dark hose.  She waited for a moment until Abby was ready, and then said “come to the dressing table, we need to put your make up on.”


“But you never let me wear make-up, Mama?”


“This is not for you – it is for Miss Tigress,” Diana said as she sat Abby down, and used the deep red lipstick on her lips, before she used it herself.  She gave Abby a tissue to blot her lips, and then used mascara to make her lashes darker.


Standing up, she walked to the bed and picked up two pairs of leather high heels.  “Put these on,” she said as she handed a pair to Abigail, slipping her own on before she put her daughter’s hair up, and then slipped a black short wig on over it.


“Stand up, look at yourself in the mirror,” Diana said with a smile as Abby slowly stood up and walked over.  “Oh my god,” she whispered as she saw the young woman standing there, and turned from side to side as Diana prepared herself.


“Now, the scarf,” Diana said as she came over and handed Abby a black silk square, folding hers into a triangle and tying it round her neck, tucking the front into her jacket as Abby copied her. 


“Wow – looking hot, bestie.”


Abby smiled as she looked at Cari, a full four inches taller with her heels on, her eyes green and sparkling.


“So do you,” Abby said as Diana handed her a pair of soft black leather gloves, as she pulled them on, and the trio walked downstairs to where the other three were waiting.  She felt so excited, so empowered, so – different…


“Check each other,” Juliette said as she looked round, smiling as they ensured nothing incriminating was on the six of them, before she picked up a box and opened it.  Abby watched as she pinned the diamond brooch to her jacket lapel, and said “Welcome Miss Tigress – are we all ready?”


The other five nodded as they put on dark sunglasses, Miss Panther nodding as she said “Pussycats, move out…”




9.30 pm

214th Street


“It’s been a good day,” Albert Cox said as he stretched his legs out, his feet in a pair of comfortable slippers.  He was wearing a pale blue polo shirt and grey slacks as he sat watching the television.


“I can see that,” Jennifer said as she sat by him, wearing a short sleeved blue blouse over a grey vest and her grey leggings, “but I’m afraid the weekend is coming to an end, so for you it’s…”


The knock on the door took them both by surprise, as Jennifer said “now who could that be?”


“Whoever it is, I’ll get rid of them,” Albert said as she stood up and walked over, opening the door as he said “yes, how can I…”


“Inside, dipshit,” Jennifer heard a woman say, and as she stood up she saw her husband walk in, his hands raised as six women walked in.  They were identically and very fashionably dressed, but four of them held sawn off shot guns in their gloved hands, one carried a bag, and the other just smiled as she closed the door.


“Do yourself a favour,” the sixth woman said as she drew a pistol and walked over to stand beside Jennifer, “say something.  I’d love to start the evening by blowing your brains out.”


“Now, Miss Lynx, patience,” the woman holding the gun in front of Albert said.  “The night is young.  Let me explain the situation, mother fucker – we are the Pussycat Gang, and we wish to make a large withdrawal from your bank.  To ensure our collateral, we’re staying here tonight.  Questions?”


Albert looked at Jennifer as Miss Lynx took a length of rope from the bag, and pulled her arms behind her, making her yelp as she tied her wrists together.  “Miss Lynx, Miss Tigress – go and make sure the children are secured,” Miss Leopard said as she came over, the two women nodding as they picked up a second bag and walked up the stairs, while Miss Panther said “now, you two arse lickers – sit the fuck down…”



“Left or right?”


Miss Tigress nodded to the left, Miss Lynx grinning as she pulled the door open.  David was on his bed, wearing a pair of cotton pyjamas, reading a magazine as his hand was employed in pleasuring himself, but as he looked up he dropped the magazine and said “shit…”


“OH don’t stop on our behalf,” Miss Lynx purred as she came in, “but at the same time, keep that fucking mouth of yours tight closed, or we close it for you.  Miss Tigress – cover him while I make sure he stays on the bed.”


“With pleasure, Miss Lynx,” Miss Tigress said as she pointed the sawn off shotgun at the young man, watching as her masked friend pushed him back onto the bed, grabbed a wrist and quickly tied a length of rope round it, and then secured it to the corner of the bed.  She secured his other wrist, and then looked at Miss Tigress as she said “take care of his ankles.”


Handing over the gun, she grabbed and bound his ankles apart to the foot of the bed, while Miss Lynx started to use her gloved hand on his cock.  “What…  What are you…  Oh sweet lord,” David said quietly as he groaned, and Miss Tigress looked at him, his eyes shooting wide open as Miss Lynx grabbed his ball sac.


“Now listen up, cock sucker,” she whispered as she stroked his cheek with the shotgun, “We’re going to invite your sister in.  Miss Tigress?”


She nodded as she went across the hallway, hearing the mewling from downstairs as she opened the door and saw Sarah in her bed, wearing a pink vest top and panties.  She looked up, saw the masked woman, and said “oh fuck – who the hell are you?”


“The name, shitstirrer,” she growled, “is Miss Tigress – and unless you want to die right now, you get your hands in the air and march into your brother’s room.”


Jennifer nodded as she said “is this….  Is this a robbery?”


“It will be your funeral if you don’t move,” Abby said under the mask as she forced Sarah into her brother’s room, her eyes widening as she saw him bound spread eagled on the bed.


“Oh nice – take your panties off girlie,” Miss Lynx said as Sarah shook her head – then gasped as Miss Tigress yanked them down and slipped them off, then passed them to Miss Lynx.


“Fragrant,” she said as she sniffed them, and then stuffed them into David’s mouth.  Miss Tigress stood watching, as she felt something stir inside her, and she reached round, massaging Sarah’s chest as she stood there.


Miss Lynx looked over and nodded as she said “now, cunt – lie on top of your brother, in the other direction…”





“Please, don’t hurt her,” Albert cried out as she watched Miss Puma pull the ropes tighter around  Jennifer’s body, forcing her chest out even more as she knelt on the floor.  Her vest top had been cut away and stuffed into her mouth, and tape wound tightly round her, while her legs were tied at the ankles and knees.


“Then do as we say, fuckmouth,” Miss Panther growled, “where is your safe?”


“Upstairs – I’ll open it for you…”


“No – you tell Miss Cheetah how to open it, without tripping the alarms, and she will,” Miss Panther said quietly as Miss Puma started to massage Jennifer’s chest, sighing herself as she felt her chest forming up – and then opening her eyes and screaming as the gloved hands squeezed hard.




“Better, shitface – start talking…”




As Miss Cheetah came to the top of the stairs, she looked into Dave’s room, to see him tied spread-eagled to the bed, his sister facing the other way on top of him and also tied spread-eagled, her head in his crotch as she was been forced to give him a blow job, his tape covered mouth pressed against her crotch, as Miss Lynx pushed down on her bottom and kept squeezing it.


She looked at Miss Tigress, who looked over and slowly nodded as she started to play with herself, and nodded in return as she went to the bedroom.  The safe was no problem – but she was cautious, and checked something in a wardrobe.  Cursing herself, she removed the DVDs and kicked the recorders, before she went to the bathroom.


“Here – this might help,” she said as she handed Miss Lynx something, the masked woman nodding and grinning as she turned on the electric toothbrush and rammed it into Sarah’s rectum, the young girl shaking and screaming as she suddenly felt her brother cum into her mouth…


“Were you successful, Miss Cheetah?”


“I was – but he neglected to mention the video recorders in his wardrobe,” she said as she held the discs up in her gloved hands, and then broke them with the heel of her shoe.


Phllssss…” Albert mumbled through the tape and cloth, but Miss Panther just stood up.  “That was – stupid,” she said as she pushed him onto his back, and then drove the heel of her shoe into his groin as Jennifer called out, an orgasm washing over her.  “Now we forget to play nice…”





25th June

4 am


Hmhgghddd,” Jennifer mumbled as she was walked down the stairs.  She had been allowed to change into a white sweatshirt, jeans and socks before the woman called Miss Leopard had bound her wrists tightly together behind her back, secured her arms to her sides with bands of rope, and then pulled a rope between her legs so tightly every step was agony on her already sensitive crotch.  As she walked into the front room, she saw Dave and Sarah, both also wearing sweatshirts and jeans and tied in the same way as her, white tape wrapped round their heads as they looked at each other.


“Your children became adults last night – you should be so proud,” Miss Lynx said with a grin as she looked at Jennifer.


Whtduhmhhn – HMMGHNNHKHLHLUUHH” she screamed as she ran towards the masked woman – only to fall to the club with the barrel of the gun on her head by Miss Panther.


“Do you have a death wish Mrs Cox,” she whispered, “if so, by all means, go ahead…”


Dntuhhddhrhrtmmffrrr,” Dave said – and then he felt the pressure on his back as Miss Tigress pressed the butt of the sawn off shotgun against him.  “You sound like a bully,” she said quietly, “I don’t like bullies.”


Hndwhwhruhhh,” he said as he turned round and looked at her, Miss Tigress grinning as she said “the last thing you will ever see.”


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!”  Sarah and Jennifer could only watch as Miss Tigress pulled the trigger, Dave falling backwards as the blood splattered over the furniture. 


“What happened,” Miss Panther said as they walked Albert down, also bound and gagged.


“He chose to annoy me,” Miss Tigress gasped as the orgasm washed over her again, Miss Leopard nodding as she said “we were serious when we said if you don’t fucking cooperate, you die.  Get them out to the car.”


As the other three were marched quietly out, she put her hand on the shoulder of Miss Tigress and said “better?”  The young woman nodded silently as she whispered “Cari – she became a beast upstairs.  Where has that been hiding?”


“A story for later – come, we have a bank to rob,” Miss Leopard said, looking at the mess as they both walked out, turning off the lights and closing the door behind them.



6 am

Ridgewood Savings Bank


The security guard looked up as the doors opened, and then he saw the two masked women walk in, pointing sawn off shotguns at him as one of them said “go on, your fucking bastard – make my day and go for your gun.”


He stared at them, and then dropped to his knees, his hands in the air as they walked over.  “A coward – typical,” she said before she kicked him in the balls, watching as he crumpled into a heap and saw the manager, his wife and his daughter as they were brought in, all three tightly bound and gagged.


“Make him uncomfortable,” one of the women said as four identically masked and dressed women brought them in, one of them coming over and using zip ties to secure his wrists and ankles, and then taping over his mouth.


“The vault, Mister Cox,” the woman said as she untied his hands and arms, “open it, and we know about all the alarms, so make sure they are turned off, or you lose a second child.”


Dhdeeenhhh,” Sarah said as the other women came over.


“Hogtie these mewling quims over there,” Miss Panther said as his wife and daughter were dragged off, two of the masked women taking one bag as Albert was marched to the vault, and forced to open the doors.


Thrrnhwwwhtt,” he said as he stared at the masked women.


“Ladies, empty the vault,” Miss Panther purred as she looked at the bank manager, and smiled – then drove her gloved fist into his midriff as he doubled over and sank to the floor.


“You disappoint me,” Miss Lynx said as she tore the tape from his mouth, and pulled the socks out, then put the end of the gun into his mouth, “give me one good reason why I should not blow your brains out right now.”


Ehdddhwtuhhsked,” he mumbled as he watched the women putting the money into black bags.


“You did, and we are grateful,” Miss Lynx said with a grin, “but shall I let you into a little secret?”


Albert looked at her and said “whth?”


“I like killing people,” she said with a grin as she squeezed the trigger, the head exploding as the others watched.


“Oh my god,” Miss Tigress breathed as she almost fell to her knees.


“Concentrate on the job,” Miss Panther said quietly as she looked over, “I want to be out of here as soon as possible…”



The two women looked up, groaning as the ropes on their crotches rubbed with each movement, as Miss Panther looked at them and the guard.


“Thank you for your cooperation,” she said quietly, “and in case you…”


“What the fuck…”


Miss Panther turned and fired, the new arrival sinking to the floor as a hold appeared in his midriff, then turned and smiled as she said “Pussycats – move out…”


They left the bank, the sun rising as they got into the SUV, pulled off their masks and put on sunglasses, before Sandy started the engine and they joined traffic.


“Oh my god,” Abby whispered as she closed her eyes, “I never knew, never dreamed…”


“See what I mean,” Cari said with a grin.


“You…  Who were you?”


“We’ll discuss that at the farm – I want us changed and the evidence gone by noon,” Juliette said quietly as they drove off.







9 am

FBI NY Field Office


“Agent Carter?”


Jan looked up to see two men standing beside her, one of whom she recognised.


“AD Callaghan, what can I do for you?”


“You’re been transferred to my team – this is Agent Adam Ball.  We have a robbery in Queens you need to both go and investigate.”


“Transferred – why?”


“Remember that violent home invasion earlier in the year – couple and housekeeper killed,” Adam said quietly.


“Yeah – why?”


“We think the same gang just pulled a bank robbery off, and it isn’t pretty.  Go with Ball, get what you can, and report back to me later.”


“Not pretty,” Jan said as she put her jacket on, “what does he mean Agent Ball?”


“The bank manager killed on the site, his son found dead at home – both from shotgun blasts – and that’s the simple side of what happened.  Hope you have a strong stomach, Agent Carter – we’ve both just joined a Pussycat Gang task force.”




The Farm


Abby slowly stripped off the thing, and left it on the bed as Diana put the other items into a black bag.


“Everything gets destroyed?”


“Everything – and clean the make-up off Abigail.  Time to be my daughter again.”


Abby nodded as she sat at the table, and used the remover.




She looked over to see Carina standing there, smiling as she said “how do you feel?”


“If I said fucking amazing,” Abby said with a grin.  “The buzz, that feeling…”


“Yeah, I know.  Listen – last night, you saw a side of me…”


“Where the hell has that Cari been hiding?”


“She’s always there, but she’s only getting released now…  Just know, she won’t hurt you, I promise.”


“Okay – but I was right, I want to feel that again.  And I have an idea.”


“Oh – what?”


“Fratton Gems.”


Cari raised an eyebrow as she said “as in…”


“Oh yeah – I want to teach that bitch a lesson she will never forget…”








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