Trials and Tribulations – Part 4







Sands looked worried as she crossed the tented floor, looking from side to side.


"Aunt Grace...Aunt Pippa...” she said quietly as she came towards the two women, “have you seen my Mom or Heather?"

"Not in the past few minutes Sands...Why?" Grace looked round.

"A couple of photographers want to take my picture...and I don't want them to, but to put them off I said I'd ask if it was okay?"

"Real photographers?" Pippa asked suspiciously.

" is from Display, the other is from Hello...I looked at their badges."

"Those I can't help you with Sands," Pippa relaxed. "You are a beautiful girl from a very well known family, the paparazzi are going to photograph you."

"And at least they had the good manners to ask you for permission," Grace nodded, "most don't."

"They are going to photograph me even if I don't want?"

"Sorry Sands – it’s a hazard you will learn to live with over time."

Sandy looked down and shook her head.

"Now who is this beautiful young lady may I ask?"

Grace said as she said "This is the younger Alexandra Richmond Fergus.  Sands, meet Fergus MacLean, an old friend of me and Pippa."

"It's a pleasure," he said as he kissed her hand, causing Sands to giggle.  “And these young ladies?”


“This is Katy, Shawnee and Laura,” Sands said as they walked over in their dresses, giggling as Fergus kissed their hands as well.


“Fergus lived in Africa,” Pippa said as the girls took him by the hand.


“Oh tell me all about Africa,” Shawnee said as Bev joined Caroline.


“What is my ‘cousin’ up to now,” she said as she sipped her drink.


“That is a very good question,” Caroline said with a smile as Sands waved to Vicky and Alison Clarke to join them…




"Well darlings this is a little group that hasn't been together in many a fine year," Mandy said as she smiled at her friends.

"Agreed," Paula Lardarn smiled.  “But it was a real pleasure to fly over with all of you yesterday.”

"How is your jetlag darling?"

"Terrible...”  Looking round, Paula said “but it’s still nice to be here with old friends."

"Well as the one who has been hiding in Cornwall for so many years, I guess I'm the one to blame." Olivia Treharron smoothed a wrinkle out in her gloves as she looked through her designer glasses.

"Nonsense," Queen Therese laughed.  “We all have just been very busy, that’s all…  Oh my lord, Francesca?  Is that really Francesca di Cambrello I see before me?”


"Terri, you didn't say you were going to be here?" Francesca said with a smile as she kissed the Queen on both cheeks.

"Nor did you darling...but more importantly what is this I hear of you and your daughter being reunited? And..." the Queens voice lowered to a whisper, "that they let you out of that dark nasty business?"

"Both things are true darling...” Francesca turned and beckoned her daughter over, smiling as she said “and this is my Carlotta...Charlotte as she prefers."

"Your Majesty," Charlotte bobbed down.

"Does she?"

"She does Terri."

"Well then call me Terri please," the Queen kissed the younger woman, "and I know about your Mother's other career since she once did a superb job of protecting me from the threats of some Communist thugs."

"Ah...I did wonder." Charlotte smiled. "So Terri, I saw your daughter with a lot of other your husband here?"

"Yes - he got subverted by Guy du Grechy and is talking horses."


“Happens a lot at these meetings…”




“Fi!  I’m so glad you could make it over,” Abby said as she hugged the young English model.


“Well, Mummy was coming over, and I have already completed my exams,” Fiona said, “so I decided to join her for the trip.  It’s good to see so many others here – did I see Trina earlier?”


“You did – but she’s disappeared somewhere…”



“Hey Chat,” Blair said as she walked over.


“Well, if it isn’t my prodigal sister,” Chet said as he stood with Anna, “what can I do for you?”


"Where is Sarah?" asked Blair.

"She's over there somewhere sister dear...Why?"

"A female confidence crisis....and Sarah having been there and done it, might be the one to convince someone that she is in fact a stunner."

"Well I can just about see her over there." Chet pointed.

"Thanks Bro," Blair said as she walked to where Sarah was talking to some of the other girls.  “Sarah, I need you to come with me for a minute…”






“Where did Eve go,” Aileen Gaunt said as she came over to join Ama and Jo.


“I’m not sure,” Jo said as she looked round, “I know she was talking to Poppy a few minutes ago, and…”


“I see her,” Ama said as she glanced in the other direction, “I think she has joined the crowd around Mister MacLean.”


“What crowd,” Aileen said – and then she saw Eve alongside Poppy, Erica and Jess, standing around Fergus as he talked to the growing group of young girls.  “Oh my goodness – he has them spellbound!”


“Who has who spellbound,” John said – and then he looked and smiled.  “I remember him from the von Furstenheim wedding – he lives in Africa doesn’t he?”




“I wonder,” Marianne said as she stood with a glass in her hand, “do you think Fergus ever in his life thought he would have a career as a teacher?”


“I’m not sure,” John said as he smiled, “but he always has been a good raconteur.  Of course, his audience today is somewhat younger than the club, but still…”


“”Well, I see Uncle Fergus has not lost his touch,” Charlotte said as she joined them.  “He’s got them in the palm of his hand, hasn’t he?”


“True,” Marianne said, “but does he realise just how much they are looking at him…”




"Should we be worried about Fergus's attentions?" Adam asked Grace. "Not one member of that harem round him is more than 14 you know?"

"I think it's more a case of worrying FOR Fergus Adam," Grace smiled.

"Yeah Katy, Sands, Shawnee, Laura, etc...all with a serious case of 'crush'." Jan laughed.

"Agreed, his good manners in talking with Sands have led to him 'acquiring' their whole group..."

"Plus MY daughter and all HER friends." Pippa looked over. "As you said Jan the girls are perfectly safe...but is he?"

"That I cannot speculate on." Jan laughed again.


"Fergus always did have more charm then he knew what to do with," Marianne giggled lightly as she watched him. "Now he's overused it."

"Do you see them fluttering their eyelashes at him?" John laughed.

"I did...  Poor Fergus, we really ought to go rescue him."

"You mean from all that young talent?" Bev asked, "I bet 'e's really 'avin' the time of 'is life."

"I'd take that bet," a Midwestern accented voice said behind her,

"You would?" Bev turned..."'ey Miss Stratton...I mean Pru, you didn't say you was coming?"

"We made a last minute decision," Pru smiled as John kissed her. "Darling can I present Bev Martello, and John and Marianne Vosloo, I met them in Monte Carlo."

"Pleasure to meet you," Jerry Levin said as he extended a hand.  “So you’re the young talent Pru met at Monte Carlo.  She was very impressed with you – and she says you are going to do a tournament over the summer.”


“I am – but I may be taking a trip for a while.”


“Oh,” Pru said, “where to?”


“’Ong Kong…”





“So – what do we think?”


Sarah walked slowly round, before she said “I know exactly how you’re feeling Sally.  Trust me – you’re probably having kittens looking at yourself now, but you do look fantastic.”


“But you look fantastic in that dress – and it goes without saying Mary and Trina look great.  It’s just I’ve never felt I could carry this off…”


“Well, I’m not the Wizard,” Janine said, “but I think they’ve done a fantastic job as well.”


“What we need,” Mary said quietly, “is an unbiased opinion.  Come on – let’s see what the only person who really matters says.”


“Agreed,” Trina said as she and Mary took the young girl by the arms, Sarah opening the door as they stepped out.


“Hey Pops – have you seen Mary or Sally anywhere?”


Dave Clarke looked at his son, before he said “sorry – I know the boys went off with George Richmond, but…”


“Hey David.”


David turned round and stared at the young woman standing in front of him.  Her brown hair had been cut and styled, and she was wearing a light chiffon dress with capped sleeves, blue with a red floral print on it.  The skirt was pleated and came to just above her knees, while the soft leather three inch heels added extra height.  Her makeup highlighted her cheekbones, the subtle blue eye shadow highlighting her clear eyes.




“See,” Sally said, “I told you this was a…” She was silenced as David took her head in his hands, and then gently pressed his lips against her ruby red ones.


“Well,” she gasped when he stopped, “that was nice.”


“Yeah it was – may I take you for a walk?”


“Of course you can,” Sally said as David took her arm and they walked away, he hand on the wide blue hat she was wearing. 


“Well, Mary, that was worth seeing,” Dave said with a smile. 


“Yeah Pops,” Mary said, “she needed that boost of confidence, and look what happened.  Actually, I’m amazed the girls haven’t…”  She then looked over as she heard Alison say “Oh wow Uncle Fergus – you have led such an interesting life…”


“Uncle Fergus?”


Dave looked over to where some of the others were watching, and talking amongst themselves, before he said “might be best if I…”


“Hello Dave.”


“Missy,” he said as he turned and saw the agent behind him, “how do you do that?”


“That’s what we’d all love to know,” Trina whispered to Mary, making her giggle as she watched them talk.




“I need to take a small break, ladies,” Fergus said as he stood up, “and make some arrangements for the race.   Maybe we can get to talk later…”


As he stood up, the girls all started talking to each other as he walked to where Marianne, John, Grace and Pippa were standing.


“Well now,” Marianne said with a smile, “how does it feel to be the centre of attention, Fergus darling?”


“Why didn’t someone warn me,” Fergus said as he drained a glass of champagne in one gulp.


"Oh Uncle Fergus you are just SO CLEVER!" Grace laughed as she spoke in a young girl’s voice.

"And you can lay off as well Grace." Fergus rolled his eyes.

"It's Karma...reward for you juggling so many girls when you were the right age."

"It's a pain where I sit..."

"Fergus I've waited years to see the Goddess get you for playing round on Grace..."

"SHUT UP Philippa..."

"I do believe he's lost his sense of humour." Pippa giggled.


“A few drinks and I’ll show you a sense of humour,” Fergus said as he grabbed another glass.  “Talk horses to me  - quickly…”



"I expect to see a run to the trailer," Mary Thomas laughed, "so many girls are going to provoke competition, look for boosts to makeup, more adult..."

"And sexier..." Denice smiled.

"Clothes," Merlin continued, "and even higher heels."

"Shouldn't we do something?" Heather asked, "I'm afraid Sands is smitten..."

"Why ruin a perfectly good spectacle?" Mary asked. "Everyone is aware of what is happening, Fergus is a gentleman, and besides everyone is enjoying his discomfort."

"My only worry is that one of those girls will embarrass herself by going too far." Denice nodded, "And I'm praying it won’t be my daughter."



"Shirley what do you know about the Legend of the Manchurian Gold?" Juliette asked as they stood to one side.

"Do you mean the reality, or all the books?"


"Well I know I loved that movie Hammer made in the late sixties with Christopher Lee for once not playing the Oriental baddy." Shirley sipped her drink, "I just love those old films."


“That is fun – but the reality?”


“A large amount of gold destined to fight the Japanese invaders went missing in London in about 1933.  Rumour was the courier was stopped after he was arrested for the theft of jewels from the Ritz.  As he was the only one who knew where the gold was, and he died in prison, it remained lost.”


“Well,” Juliette said quietly, “suppose I told you that I may be on the trail of the location.”


Shirley looked at Juliette, before she said “it was rumoured to be nearly twenty millions pounds sterling then.  The reason it’s a legend is because it is lost, and if it was found…”




“Let’s talk more next week…”




“So where are they all off to in a hurry,” Doc said as she watched Sands leading the younger girls out of the tent.


“By the looks of things,” Nikki said as she watched, “the changing cabins outside.”


“And what has brought this on,” Pepsi said as Katy walked past.


“They want to impress – see you girls later,” she said as she ran after them.


“Someone?  Who?”


“Fergus McLean,” Becca said as she looked at the older group.


"Just be glad they all seem to be fixated on Fergus." Susan laughed, "Means that unlike in previous estrogen crises I don't have to keep an eye on my Clint."

"Were we ever that bad?" Pepsi shook her head.

"I know...Kids today?" Becca shook hers.

"Oh like it was so very long ago that you were all prowling nymphets." Susan laughed again. "Do any of you realise how close I came to scratching your eyes out when you all made eyes at my husband?"


“When was that?”


“October two years ago – the party Shirley hosted where you met Ama, and by all accounts…”


“Oh yeah,” Doc said with a smile.


“And then the Halloween party at Jan’s apartment – I heard you had to be stopped from approaching Curt that night as well.”


“Yeah, that is true,”


“Still,” Pepsi said, “just how bad could it…”  She then looked at Katy as she came back in, wearing a sun yellow mini dress and matching four inch heels, fully made up.


“Okay,” Doc said, “you’d expect that from Katy, but…  Oh Goddess.”


“Jo,” Curt said as he tapped her shoulder, “I think you need to turn round and look.”


“Look at…”  Jo turned round and stared, her mouth open until Curt gently closed it.




Sandy looked at Heather who was staring at the entrance to the tented area, and then followed her line of sight.


"Oh dear Goddess is that my daughter?" Sandy gasped.

"If it is then she isn't the Sands I helped dress this morning," Heather shook her head, as the still only 12 year old posed for the press.

“What does she have on?"

"You mean nearly on?" Heather looked amazed as she smiled.

"Okay - A black and white mini dress, long black gloves, her hair up under a fascinator.  She must have got it all from the cabins."

"Not to mention five inch stilettos lover."

"And that makeup?"

"Why didn't Mary or someone else stop her?"

"I don't know," Sandy took a look at the makeup. "that's far too much eyeliner, and with those false eyelashes and all that mascara it looks like fur round her eyes....but it makes her eyes stand out like sapphires...That blue and grey eyeshadow of course helps, she learned that trick from Holly...Then those blushed cheekbones, that deep red lipstick...."

"She looks FAR too mature," Heather finished..."What possessed her?"

"Competitive instinct," Sandy nodded to the various girls tottering through the marquee.  Shawnee and Laura followed her in, Shawnee wearing a tight pink mini dress held up by thin spaghetti straps, over the elbow taupe gloves and four inch stilettos, while Laura had on a short sleeved black dress with a rolled neck, short black gloves and black stilettos.  Both girls had their hair brushed back, and were wearing little pillbox hats as they posed with Sands.





“Merlin?  Do you have a moment?”


“Of course I do, Ju,” Mary Thomas said, “what can I do for you?”


“Have you got anything to do with this,” Juliette said as she looked at Paula, who in turn was looking at Aileen.  She was wearing a cream dress with a silver lace overlay, cream gloves and hat, and silver heels.


“Err…  Actually, no,” Mary said, “this must have happened outside.”




“I can see,” Mary said to Pippa as Poppy and Erica tottered in on five inch stilettos, Poppy in a white off the shoulder dress with black gloves and hat, Erica in a brown strapless dress and gloves with black heels.


“Mair, beth yn enw'r holl sy'n cael ei sanctaidd wedi iddynt ei wneud i fy merch?”


“Dwi ddim yn siŵr Denice - ond mae'n rhaid i chi gyfaddef, hyd yn oed gyda gormod yn gwneud i fyny, mae hi'n gwneud iddo weithio.”


“Ond mae hi'n dal i fod yn bedair ar ddeg mlwydd oed!”


“Yr wyf yn gwybod - ond gadewch iddi fyw y freuddwyd heddiw. Rydym ni i gyd yn gwylio allan am iddi.”


“You any idea what she just said?”


“I think it was let her live this one – but the looks they are all getting…”




“It was Sentua that was the real centre of your family's power," Terri said as she chatted to Charlotte. "Being Marchese di Sentova, it may not be the title your ancestors favoured, that was the one that meant independence, not just being subject to another ruler."


"Sorry in English it's Sentua, in Italian its Sentova...the same city both ways.”

Shaking her head, Charlotte said "just how many titles will I one day inherit?"

"Oh about a dozen," Francesca smiled as she appeared with champagne, "being Marchesa di Combrello is the important one."

"I was telling Carlotta about Sentua."

"Ah," Francesca smiled, "telling her about the family history in Sentua might need several days at the races...not just one."


“Have you seen the younger generation,” Terri said as she looked over.


“Someone should warn Uncle Fergus,” Charlotte said with a grin.


“Someone should warn all the ofers,” Bev said, “’ave you seen them?”


“Oh they’ll be all right, ‘cousin’ Bev,” Katy said, “we’re all keeping an eye on them.”


“You’re not the only ones,” Katy said as she looked at her sister…


"So what is Sentua like Terri?"

"One of the most beautiful small cities on earth Charlotte," the Queen replied. "It still has its mediaeval walls, and that location right at the head of the Lago delle Tre Valli is amazing."

"In English we call it Lake Trevali Charlotte, and I will agree with Her Majesty it is a beautiful place...I've holidayed there a couple of times." Shirley smiled.

"I suppose I ought to get some time off and do a quick tour of the parts of Italy I relate to?"

"Maybe Piet should consider Sentua for your honeymoon?" Terri pondered. "A suite at the Imperial would be cheap for you..."

"Oh why?" Charlotte interrupted.

"Because Carlotta my love, you own it," her Mother spoke softly from over her shoulder.




"You dare even look John Fitzstuart and you can have your ring back right now." Pepsi said as she stood with her hands on her hips.

"Look,” Jack replied with his hands open and palm up, “all I was saying was..."

"It's coming off..." Pepsi reached for the chain round her neck.

"Jack old chap, I'd accept that with your new status as an engaged man, even looking is going to get you in trouble."  Jack felt a hand on his shoulder and nodded.

"Quite right Will," Pepsi smiled at her father-in-law to be.

"I know Dad...but?"

"But nothing son,” Will said, “now you and Nicola are an official couple, you don't even get to glance at another girl."

"Because just remember Darling, we can always cut you down to size," Mandy smiled.

"OY!" Jack looked skywards.

"And it’s not as though I'm exactly ancient myself." Pepsi looked down at herself, "this old body is still good for a few more turns."


“All right, all right – but what is Angel going to do?”


“She’s got to come back from the paddock first…”




“So, here we are again,” Marnie said as she stood with Angel.


“Indeed – watching one of the finest parades known to mankind, all of them classically beautiful.”


“Look at them – strong, fit, ready to face anything.”


“And the jockeys are quite cute as well.”


“Now how did I know you would say that,” Grant Broadhurst said as he stood beside them.  “Come on you two – others are asking for your professional advice.”



"I'm not sure I can allow this Poppit," Dave Clark said as he saw Suzie, Vicky and Alison walking round.  Suzie was wearing a pink strapless dress, Vicky a black dress with diamonds cut from the waist band, and Alison a white dress with a low cut front.  All of them were also wearing short gloves and heels in the same colour, with lace fascinators on their restyled hair.

"Dad you do anything and they'll never forgive you," Mary looked at her sisters trying their best to strut on the extreme heels and look both older...and sexier.


"No buts Dad,” David said as he watched with his arm round Sally, “they are only really trying their wings and competing with the other younger girls."


"Dad remember what I had to put up with?" Mary looked across the room, "even if we'd have been able to afford the sort of clothes the other girls wore, even if I'd ever been invited to a party, even if I had friends to compete with, just remember I was the 'stringbean' - the girl who was either invisible, or if people noticed me the girl to be made huge jokes of."

"I know Poppit...”  Dave shook his head and said “but parading themselves like that..."

"They look like any other pair of girls of a similar age here. Just look Pop, film stars kids, rich socialite’s kids, the girls look any different?"


"Yes, they are wearing far too short dresses, far too high heels, and easily far too much makeup. Yes, they look like posh wet dreams..." Mary interrupted, "but Pop you know that's not the real them...  This is just a special event that they get to play dress up at...  As I said I wish I'd ever have had the chance...  But tomorrow we fly home, and just like Cinderella they revert to being themselves. Only change will be they have a great memory from today to smile about."

"But what if some guy?"

"Don't worry Dad, far too many people watching out for them for that to happen...including Caroline's professional security people."


“I guess so,” Dave said, “but I still think they’re too young for this…”




“There you are Uncle Fergus.”


As he turned round, Fergus suddenly coughed as he say Sands, Laura and Shawnee standing there, smiling as they looked at him.


“Girls,” Fergus eventually said, “That is definitely a new look…”


“Do you like it,” Shawnee said as she thrust her hips to one side, “we all thought we needed a change of style.”


“Well, you certainly look more grown up…”


“Good,” Laura said as she and Sands took him by the arms, “why don’t you tell us more about Africa, Uncle Fergus – you’re so inspiring…”


John and Marianne had to stop themselves from laughing out loud as they tried to walk sexily, trying to move their hips as they escorted Fergus over to the other side of the room.


“We should step in you know,” Marianne whispered.


“Eventually,” John said, “eventually…”



“Now girls,” Fergus said as he sat down, “I’m sure your mums and dads are looking for you…”


“Oh they can cope without us for a while,” Poppy said as she and Erica sat either side of him, putting their gloved hands on his knees, “I understand you know something about horses.”


“So perhaps, Uncle Fergus,” Erica purred as she looked at him, fluttering her false eyelashes, “you can give us some advice?”






“Simon – enjoying yourself so far?”


“I guess so – but have you seen Erica anywhere?”


“Oh yes – she’s over there with my sister and some of the other girls.”


As Simon looked over, he whispered “Erica?  What the heck…”


“Looks like the next generation are getting their practice in,” Pussy said as she and Freida joined them, with Pauline in a stroller.  “How cute.”




“Relax Simon,” George said, “if going out with Katy has taught me anything, it’s to take times like this in my stride…”





"So how are things up in our boxes in the Grandstand George?" Caroline whispered as she came up behind her number two.

"People are gradually making their way up...and I backed the winner of the first race, so I'm already a grand to the good."

"Not a bad start...  So what was it?  A tip from Angel and Marnie?"

"No in this case learning from listening to Grant,” George said with a smile.  “I noticed something in the pedigree that suggested the winner might have real speed, but that they'd been running at the wrong distance...Grant once told me to look out for that..."

"And you made a thousand...not bad George...and more to come later we hope."


“Well, not on betting on our horse – but if we are successful, the fees will help…”




“Hello Dave, it’s nice to see you here.”


Dave Clarke smiled as he said “Maddie – I should have known you and Emma would be here.  Enjoying the party?”


“So far,” Maddie said as she sipped her drink.  "So have you been here before Dave?"

"Actually I have Maddie, would you believe on my honeymoon?"


"Yeah, Mary and I borrowed a van from some friends and took two weeks looking at America after our wedding...cumming to the Kentucky Derby was one of the things we did...”  Dave looked out onto the course as he said “we camped out, and were out there," he pointed towards the infield. "I backed the Derby winner and that night we drank our first champagne and had steaks at a decent place nearby." Dave laughed at a memory, "using a calendar my wife always reckoned that was the precise night that Mary was conceived."


“So in a very real sense, she is coming home?”


“She is…”





"How is little one?"

Carina smiled as she sat next to Klaus.  "Well… she wants us to buy her a racehorse Pops."

"Yeah I made the mistake of putting her in her stroller and taking her down to the paddock to watch the horses get saddled." Annie sat down.

"Oh dear, my Granddaughter has expensive tastes," Klaus laughed.

"When is it too soon to teach her to ride?"

"Well your sister was this age when she learned," Klaus paused, "we just need to find her the right animal to learn on...I shall probably do it this summer."

"Do what?" Juliette enquired.

"Teach Judith to ride."

"Well just remind her that no I can't throw Jude out so she can have their room as a stable." Cari looked heavenwards.

"Not that old line?" Ingrid arrived with Adam Cabot carrying a tray of glasses and a large bottle of champagne. "Tell her it doesn't work...I tried it, and nor does just taking the pony to bed with you..."


“Grappy, can I have a Pony?  Please?”


“I tell you what, little one,” Klaus said, “when you come to Germany, we will spend the day at the stables.  All right?”


“Fankew,” Judith said with a broad smile...





“Look at them,” Francesca said as she stood with Marianne, while Beverly and Charlotte went to talk to Caroline, “I do feel a little sorry for Uncle Fergus though.”


“Oh he’ll cope – eventually,” Marianne said with a smile.


“Perhaps – but look at them.  When the likes of Abigail and Jeannie are taken aback, it is different.”


"What is that British expression?" Marianne asked Francesca..."Posh Totty."

"If it means what i think it does...then yes I get your point Marianne." Francesca shook her head, "you know at age twelve to thirteen I had no idea what sex even was."

"And I can bear witness to that," Natalya jumped in, "my final year at school she accidentally caught me and my then boyfriend...well doing the deed shall we say...and she was so innocent that I had to take pity and tell her about one else had bothered up till that point."

"I can't imagine Francesca not ever knowing how to manipulate men with her sex appeal," Marianne shook her head. "I was a married woman but she taught me plenty."

"And yet I still remained a la la la lah." Francesca hummed.

"It wasn't because men weren't interested." Marianne looked at her friend.

"Neither in Europe, nor in Africa." Natalya added.

"Well as you both know I spent half a lifetime proving I was neither innocent, nor anything other than very easy..."

"That's water under the bridge..." Marianne looked uncomfortable.

"Still, and it shames me, I can look round this huge tent, and I can see at least 4 men who at one time or another have had me."

"Oh my God!"

"Marianne darling your jaw just dropped."




“No comment,” Francesca said as she looked at Guy and Valeria, “excuse me a moment.  I must pay my respects to an old friend.”


As she walked over, Guy smiled and said “Francesca my dear – you know Valeria of course?”


“Of course – a pleasure to see you again Countess.”


“And you Marchesa – but can we please be more informal.”


“Of course Valeria,” Francesca said with a smile, “I have had enough of hiding behind a mask for a lifetime.”


“I know how you feel,” Valeria said, “will you join us in June for Abigail’s party?”


“I would be honoured – has Carlotta already be invited?”


“She means Charlotte,” Guy said with a smile.


“She will always be Carlotta to me, Guy.”


“She is coming – so we will be delighted to see you there as well…”






“Hey Katy,” Orion O’Ryan said as she sashayed into the room, wearing a tight fitting blue sun dress with spaghetti straps on the shoulders, blue suede heels and short gloves, a large black hat on her head.  “Have we missed much?”


“Just my friends discovering themselves – let me introduce you to Fergus.  Uncle Fergus, my Irish friend Orion O’Ryan.”


“A real pleasure,” Orion said in her soft Irish accent as she held her hand out for Fergus to kiss.


“Peace,” Katherine whispered to Brenda O’Dowd as she stood to the side, “they’re not going to get into any trouble…”


“All right girls – private meeting,” Sands said as the posse made their way to the ladies room, Fergus breathing a sigh of relief as John and Marianne finally took pity on him, and went up to the box…




“Make some room please,” Poppy said as the group of girls stood in front of the mirrors, opening her handbag and taking out the lipstick she had picked earlier.


"Why are real men so much more attractive than mere boys?" Shawnee said as she added some more lipstick. "They are just so immature."

"I know," Erica sighed, "Simon is just being SO JUVENILE about me dressing like this."

"What is it I once heard the twins say...If you have it...then flaunt it?" Poppy smiled.

"If I had Mick Harran like Nell, then I'd certainly flaunt myself," Vicky looked in her handbag mirror, "anytime he wants me he can have me..."

"Oh come on Vick," Capricorn looked at the San Francisco girl, "we are just playing games here right?"

"You might be darling," Aileen Gaunt said as she pulled her gloves back on, "but a couple of glasses of champagne, and I might just be one 'good girl' who goes bad."


“Now I never thought I would hear you say that Aileen,” Katy said as she came in, “girls, meet Orion.  Orion, this is Sands, Erica, Shawnee, Poppy and Aileen.”


“You’re Irish, aren’t you,” Orion said as she looked at Aileen.


“Damn – knew I should not have worn the shamrock green,” Aileen giggled, “Aileen Gaunt.”


“Orion O’Ryan – so what are you hunting in a pack for?”


“Men – real men,” Aileen giggled again.  “Want to join us?”


“With me aunt here?  No chance, but I’ll stick around with you if that’s all right.”


“Hello Katy.”


“Mrs O’Dowd,” Katy said as Brenda stood with Katherine.  “I’m so glad you could make it over.”


“I see some of your friends have been dressing for the occasion as well,” Brenda said as she looked round, “it’s so nice when they want to copy their mothers.”


“I don’t think that’s why most of them are doing it Aunt,” Orion said quietly.


“Oh of course it is – they’re all nice girls I’m sure…”





“Well hello girls,” Rick said as he saw the Clarke sisters walking past, “Following in Mary’s footsteps?”


“Finding our own,” Susan said as Capricorn joined them.  “Hey Dad,” she said “what do you think of my new look.”


“You’re still a bit young to be like your mother,” Rick said with a smile, “but by all means, keep trying.”  As he walked off, Capricorn and Alison looked at each other.


“If Sally can look that good, then so can I…”





“You’re not worried about the way Poppy’s looking,” Grace said as she sat with her old friend.


“Nah – she’s sensible.  Besides, I think she would run a mile if someone older tried to pick her up.”


“I’m not so sure Pip – she looks a lot older and a lot more determined.”


“Oh she’ll be fine…”


Poppy silently seethed as she heard her mother say that, and then grabbed Erica.


“Has Simon said anything to you Bones?”


“Nope – not a thing,” Erica whispered back, “he just keeps looking at me as if I stepped on something…”


“Mom thinks we haven’t got the guts to get a real man to kiss us.”


“Really?  I don’t know if it’s the outfit or the champagne talking, but…”




“So glad the year is nearly over,” Clint said as he stood with Tony and Mick Hannan.


“Yeah – I head back for a couple of weeks before Abby’s eighteenth,” Tony said as he looked over, “have you seen the pre-teens?”


“Some of them are thirteen,” Curt said as he joined them.


“Perhaps – but they look like jailbait at the moment.”


“Oh go easy on them,” Clint said, “besides, they don’t have eyes for me this time.  It looks like Fergus MacLean is getting the attention.”


“He wouldn’t snatch from the cradle, would he?”


“No,” Curt said, unaware of Sands behind him.


“Right Bestie,” she said as she grabbed Katy, “get the girls together.  We need a war council…”


“What do we need to talk about?”


“Truth and dare…”




“So why have you dragged us in here,” Suzie Clarke said as Katy closed and locked the door to the small room behind the hospitality boxes.


"Alright – truth time girls.  Who is, and who isn't a virgin?" Liz asked the assembled youngsters.

"Well in our group, me, you, Katy, and I guess now Laura are the latter," Shawnee smiled.


“Don’t remind me,” Laura said as she hugged herself.

"Okay Sandy, and Cassie stand over that side,” Katy said as the two young girls tottered over.

"I am a virgin," Capricorn put her hand up.

"Me too," Aileen said as she walked to that side of the room.

"Alright Poppy? Erica?"

"I'm with you," Poppy laughed, "Erica is with them...and no one dare tell that I'm not a virgin...or else."

"What about you girls?" Liz asked the Clarke sisters.

"Three little virgins from school are we." Suzie sang.


“Over there then,” Katy said.  “Jess?”


“I am with them,” Jess Murchado said as Orion went to join them as well.


“So that’s…  Five of us and nine of you.  We need to redress the balance.”


“What are you talking about Poppy?”


"I'm suggesting that we make a pact to severely reduce the number of virgins in this group," Poppy smiled, "what is the point of looking this good..."

"And being Sinners?" Katy added.

"If we don't least occasionally." Shawnee finished.

"The New York Sluts are getting old..." laughed Aileen.

"Jeannie's gang are mostly steadily seeing guys." Erica added.

"And in the case of my sister already engaged.”



“Your sister?”


“Yeah – for those who do not know, yes Pepsi is my half-sister, and yes she is engaged to Jack Fitzstuart – and yes, it means the baton is passed on to us.”

"Katy is right, it's our duty to take up the baton of young sexiness, and sinning." Sands laughed.

"Oh my God did I actually just hear Alexandra Richmond say that?" Liz laughed joyfully.

"You did.  It’s time I started to be who I am."

"So,” Liz said “by the time we hit our hotel rooms tonight..."

"At the latest by the time we fly out tomorrow Shawnee," Poppy added, "as many of you as have the guts to do it vow to lose your cherry?"

"Alison really is too young." Suzie spoke.

"I am not Susan Clarke!"


“Yes you are – bad enough if Vicky and I do this, but Pops and Mary would kill you.”


“Okay,” Poppy said, “for Capricorn and Alison, we say you try and get a boy to kiss you and get past first base.  Agreed?”


Alison and Capricorn looked at each other, and nodded.  “Agreed!”




George shook his head, and made his way into the tent, looking round until he saw Caroline talking to Sharon.  Going over, he whispered quietly "Caroline we may have trouble..."


"Well, I was listening at a locked door..."

"Like any good security man George..."

"When I heard the kids forming themselves into a formal group within the Sinners."

"That could be worse."

"And...this is the good part...the virgins in the group vowing to lose it..."

"Lose what...OH SHIT!" it hit Caroline.

"We are going to need eyes everywhere boss."

"I am going to need tell parents..."

"Well hopefully we can handle it, and send them home tomorrow unsullied."

"You have more faith then I do George."  Caroline looked round and said "I'll start assembling some watch dogs."

"Okay I just watch?"

"For now George...for now.  Sharon, your sister?”


“With Dad and Andy.  She’s not got involved.”


“Good – you find Sandy or Heather.  I need to find Paula Gaunt…”






"This group needs a name, because I get the feeling we are going to become a permanent coterie."  Katy smiled as she looked round.

"Well New York Sluts is taken," Poppy laughed.

"And besides we are Californian..."

"And I'm Irish..."

“Me too…”



"Alright so no New York reference," Shawnee laughed, "but we do need a good group name."

"And we vow to keep our secrets from outsiders...but big time share among ourselves...  Who is doing what, where, and with whom?"

"Agreed Capricorn," Liz nodded. "Before we leave this room, everybody links up online...EVERYONE."

"I'm still worried about my little sister..."

"No more then I'm worried about my big sister and Kit finding out Suzie." Aileen nodded.

"I got it...we are the HOTS!" Katy shouted with inspiration.

"Hots?" asked Laura.

"Highly-oversexed-total-sinners." Katy laughed..."HOTS!"

"Oh I like that," Poppy purred, "I can fancy sinning right now..."

"You would," Erica laughed.

"Okay give each other your phone links girls." Liz called out, "then we start on the champagne..."

"And to live down to our name." Sands laughed. "By the way I think I'm bi, does getting another girl mean I lose it?”


The room suddenly turned and looked at Sands, as Katy said “you think you are?  Anyone in this room…”


“No,” Sands said as she blushed, “but as much as I liked Karl, when we went to that nightclub in Munich…”


“Okay bestie – we talk about this later,” Katy said, “All numbers exchanged?  Right – to the drinks!”




“Hey,” Capricorn said as she came into the rest room, “are you all right?”


“Yes…  No…  Can you keep a secret?”


“Of course I can Allison.”


"Caps I'm sick and tired of being 'baby sister'." Allison spoke quietly as they fixed their faces. "I'm just tired of being the last one..."



"Meaning that yes compared to the others we are probably indecently young, but I've caught how men are looking at us...kissing be damned...we both know we want to be fucked."

"ALLISON!" Capricorn shook her head..."Such language?"

"Well it's the language of sin, if our sisters can be bad girls...then so can we."

Capricorn nodded as she said "But how do we..."

"Oh I've been watching,” Allison said, “you have what we have in the way of looks, and look the way we do, then guys start acting all stupid."

"They do?"

"Oh yeah..." Allison smiled, "just play along and we will pick those guys up," she pointed at two boys aged about 16 as they came out of the room.  "What was it Miss Thomas said back in the trailer...that these bras can make mountains out of mole hills?" Allison giggled as she looked at her and Capricorn's chests. "They certainly do give us a maturer figure."

"Well we might look mature...but I have no clue how to attract a boy."

"You've seen your Moms movie 'Awakenings' haven't you?"
"Yeah, but…  Oh you can't be serious?" Capricorn giggled.

"Well you think of the number of hunks she got into bed...we act like she did...and who knows?"


“But that was acting…”


“So let’s act,” Allison said as the girls walked over to the two older boys.  “Hey,” she said in as deep a voice as she could manage, “buy a girl a drink?”



“They are WHAT!”


“Keep your voice down, Paula,” Caroline said as she talked to the Duchess of Lardarn, “we need to find a way to stop them, and shouting will not do it.”


“Maybe not – but I saved them from Kardecki for her to do this…”


“What’s going on,” Eve said as she and Kat walked over.


“Your sister may be about to make a VERY big mistake,” Paula said.  “I need to…”


“No – we need to,” Eve said.  “Kit, with me.”






As she turned round, she saw both her mother and Heather looking at her, their arms folded as Heather said “where did the six of you go off to?”


“We wanted to talk about how we felt, and what we wanted to do about it.  Is that a problem, Mom, Heather?”


“Well, no – but…”


“Good – I’ll see you later,” she said as she walked off.


“Okay – has she just turned into a teenager,” Sandy said as she looked at her daughter tottering off.




“Does the Marchesa know about your own activities Aunt?” Carina whispered as they sat in the executive box.


“If she does, or even if she has suspicions,” Natalya said, “she has never told me.”


“Does no one get the coincidence of you flying in from Geneva last weekend, and the discovery of that body by the lakeshore?”


“Why should they?” Natalya laughed, “bodies have been turning up in Lake Geneva for decades…”


“Yes ever since you started school in Lausanne Aunt,” Carina smiled wickedly.


“Changing the subject dear niece…have you noticed any signs in Judith?”


“Do you mean is she strangling cats, or torturing dogs?”




“Well the answer is no to that…but using her privileged status to twist Pops round her little finger?”


“No that doesn’t count,” Natalya laughed.


“So what is so funny?” Francesca sat down with them.


“We were talking about my daughters ability to get just what she wants from her grandfather.”


“Don’t all little girls know intrinsically how to do that?” Francesca smiled, “I know I had my grandfather just where I wanted him when I was aged about three.”


“Not one of my talents,” Natalya nodded.


“No Natty,” Francesca laughed, “you’ve never played games, ever since I’ve known you, you have always gone straight for anything you want.”


“This is true.”


“Well Marianne,” Francesca said as her friend sat with them, “how are you doing?”


“I’m basically the cost of a new dress at AMCO up Francesca…and yourself?”


“Down…I let sentiment rule my brain in the last race and backed that colt who is still out there running, simply because Papa bred his Great Grand-Dam.”


“God save us from fast women and slow racehorses…wasn’t what that what James used to say?”


“It was Marianne,” Francesca laughed at the memory, “usually right before he would back an absolute donkey.”


“Well at least you never had to worry about him chasing other women.”


“That is true.”


“Did you miss him Francesca?”


“Constantly…like I used to tell you in Pretoria he was my one true love.”


“And between us we ruined it…stopped you having further children…”


“Not that I’m sure I could Marianne…”


“Why?” her friend interrupted.


“Because I’ve never had a period since I gave birth to Carlotta.”


“Not one?” Marianne looked shocked.


“A few bloody discharges, but no not a proper period…my psychiatrist thinks it is down to the trauma and shock, that the brain won’t let the body behave naturally…  Anyway at my age now, what does it matter?” the Marchesa shrugged her shoulders.


“Oh dear God Francesca…What does it matter?  I would have loved to have children – still would…  Maybe that’s another reason I’m doing this for her, to help raise others…”


“Where did Fergus go,” John said as he came back with drinks.


“The little boys room I think…”





“Well, hello Uncle Fergus.”


“Oh – hello Sands,” the older man said as she stood, blocking his way, “what can I do for you?”


"I have a present for you Uncle Fergus."

"Oh and what might that be?"

"These," Sands pressed something into his hand.

"And what might these be...?" Fergus foolishly did not look.

"My panties..."

"Oh my God!" Fergus whispered in shock.

"I took them off for you can either come put them back on, or come and explore what was under them..."

"Sandy....where did you learn...?"

"Oh you'd be surprised what i know Uncle Fergus,' she batted her long eyelashes at him. "So which option is it to be?"




“Holly do you think Sands still looks to you as a role model?" Heather asked urgently.

"After Munich...then the answer is I'm not sure...Why?"

"Because she is over there seriously propositioning Fergus MacLean..."

"Oh CRAP!"

"Exactly, and her mother and I have both tried talking to her."

"You want me to try...and maybe divert her."

"Heather i'm not a Lesbian."

"No but I think she still thinks she's in love with you, at least you'd divert her attention if you tried...PLEASE?"

"Okay Heather, but you will owe me...BIG TIME."

"One years tutoring for your computing class?"

"We might just have a deal." Holly smiled.



“Well Veronica,” Eleanor said as she met her friend at the bookmakers, “are you enjoying your day out in high society?”


“I am Eleanor…I might be enjoying it more if I could pick a winner…or…” her voice dropped to a whisper, “I wasn’t seeing half of the key figures in organized crime across this country just walking round.”


“They are off duty…you are off duty…just enjoy yourself.”


“I know I should,” Veronica said, “but the professional in me is just so curious…”


“That they might be up to no good?”


“Well yes.”


“Tommy Falcone is doing no good…but that’s not the same thing is it?”


“No…and how do you know that?”


“I stood behind him at the betting window…that photo finish just cost him 20 grand.”


“The interest rate on loans in South Jersey just went up a percentage point to cover his losses,” Veronica laughed. “Nice to hear when a loan-shark loses.”


“Hey Gran…Hey Aunt Veronica,” Katy smiled as she wiggled across the executive box, “did either of you see George?”


“No – why?”


“Something I need to…  Oh boy, I’ll see you later,” Katy suddenly said as she saw Erica standing in front of George and Simon Lodge, her hands on her hips.


"Well will you now admit that we are more real women then boys like you can handle?" Erica glared at Simon as Katy came closer.

"Hey just because you look like a slut..."

"Oh Simon you should not have said that," George looked heavenward.

"You think I look like a slut Little Boy?" Erica was starting to get more then angry.

"Well...?" Simon stuttered as he realized the mistake he had made..."Ummh"

"If you think I look like a slut,” the dark skinned girl said quietly, “why do you go out with me Simon Lodge?"

"Erica...I think..."

"Stay out of this George." Katy warned him as she came alongside.

"Well you are intelligent, you make great conversation, you..."

"Oh Dear Goddess," Katy whispered in George's ear.

"But I'm not beautiful or sexy Simon...  Unlike say Suzie Clarke?  And yes I did see you checking her out."

"Well Susan is..."

"She's going to blow." George whispered to himself.

"SHE IS WHAT?" Erica shouted.


“She is not you – but it’s you I’m in love with!”


“It is?”




“Then prove it!”


Simon looked at George and Katy, before taking Erica by the hand and walking her away.


“What is going on,” George said as he looked at Katy.


“We’ll find out later – come on, let’s go and watch the race…”





“Hello Charlotte,” Nessa said as the young woman walked over, “I hear soft drinks are in order.”


“One of us, one of us.”


“I am going to hate this, aren’t I?”


“Nonsense.  So I heard something VERY surprising on the Wall Street grapevine Charlotte?” Gus van Roon smiled as she sat with him.


“And I heard the same rumours,” Nessa poured a Sprite for the mother-to-be.


“You heard what?”


“The secrets of your parentage, and that small fortune you will one day inherit.” Paulie laughed as she said “they were trying to be subtle…”


“And failing totally,” Charlotte looked amused, “yes it’s true, and much to my surprise, that I’m the eventual heiress of what only a van Roon, or a Richmond in this room might describe as a ‘small’ fortune.”


“I heard you are going to see Winston’s grandfather.” Gus sipped his champagne, “he’s a sound man…I’ve known him all my life.”


“Everyone seems to recommend him highly.”


“You can do a lot worse.” Nessa nodded.


Taking a drink, Charlotte said “How did you all cope…?”


“Cope with what?” Nessa asked.


“Knowing one day that you’d inherit wealth beyond most people’s dreams?”


“Well I wasn’t supposed to…but my brother renounced most of his share.” Nessa took a sip.


“And in my case…I just always knew…it will sound terrible, but I don’t think I really gave it a second thought.” Gus took another sip.


“So I have to accept it?”


“Always the best way…”



“All right young lady – with me.”


“Who…  Hey what are you…”


"Aileen what the hell are you up to?" Eve asked as she and Kit pushed the younger girl into the ladies room.

“What do you mean?”


“Mum has heard a nasty rumour you’re going all out to do something tonight you might regret.”


"I’m not looking to do anything that either of you doesn't do,” Aileen said as she looked at the two older girls warily.

"Little sister darling,” Eve said quietly, “I'm still a virgin remember."

"And I was until recently...and you know very well your brother will be my one and only..." Kit looked hostile as they stood either side of her.

"Well I want to find out what all the fuss is about...and why everyone thinks it’s verboten to someone like me."

"For starters Aileen, you are a 'good' girl..." her sister looked at her hard.

"Secondly it's against the law...You are what our American friends call jailbait."  Kit tried to sound convincing.

"And thirdly...  And you know this is the most important thing of all...  It would freak Mummy and Daddy out to know that you aren't a virgin."

"Honestly all that fuss over a little flap of skin over the entrance to our vaginas." Shawnee shook her head as she emerged from one of the stalls.

"Well it is kind of important?" asked Kit.

"Says who?" Shawnee smiled as she started to retouch her makeup, "I don't have a hymen any more, and I get along fine without it."


“How old are you,” Eve said quietly.


"I'm thirteen, and I enjoy having sex," Shawnee moistened her lips, "why should I apologize for that?"

"Because it’s against the law?" Kit glared at her.

"Why?”  Shawnee turned and looked at them, her Indian heritage starting to show. “Do guys take advantage of me...?  The answer is no, if anything I take advantage of them.  Am I going to get pregnant...?  No I'm safely on birth control.  Do I think I'm doing wrong...?  The orgasms I have...?  Not in a million years," Shawnee smiled as she shook her head.


"You are doing wrong though Shawnee," Eve said as she shook her head, "yes you can control a sex life...but men...and I mean perverted men look at someone like you and think all young girls are fair game.  I mean, look at what happened to Katy."


“Katy was unlucky, and she is a model,” Shawnee said quietly.  “I'm not condoning Rapists and Paedophiles Lady Eve..."

"But yes you are Shawnee, you and Katy might be the exceptions to the rule, but most girls of your age are not mature enough..."

"In body or mind," Kit shook her head.

"To have an active sex life."


“But how do you know unless you try,” Aileen shouted out.


"Calm yourself, Aileen.  Can I ask a question?”


“Go on,” Eve said as she and Kit looked at the teenager.


“Do you mastubate Eve?" Shawnee asked.

"She does, I've caught her a couple of times," Aileen giggled. "Such language from the lips of a duke’s daughter."

"Well I rarely have to resort to doing that because I get men to satisfy me."

"I'm doing it too often," Aileen nodded, "It's one of the reasons why..."

"Why what?" her sister asked.


“Why I want to know how it really feels – it’s driving me crazy.  And…”




“And when I do it,” Aileen said quietly, “I’m thinking of Caitlin Dearden.”


“Caitlin…  Ah.


“AH!”  Eve hugged her sister as she said “no wonder you’ve been getting so confused.  Look, want to go somewhere and talk?”




Fergus was now feeling very nervous as Sandy dragged him behind the curtain.


“Sandy, seriously, this is getting too…  What are you doing!”


"What do I feel like?" Sands whispered as she guided his hand under her ultra-tight, and short, dress.

"Sands...Sandy...Alexandra..." Fergus looked round in panic as he realised that he was stroking the nymphet's fresh, virginal, pussy, and how damp it was, how soft…

"Oh that feels...SO GOOD!" Sands threw her head back.

"Sands this is SO WRONG."

"Not the way I'm feeling it isn't," Sands smiled like a true seductress. "Use your fingers to explore me please."

"NO!”  Fergus was trying not to do anything, but his fingers betrayed him as he felt her pussy petals unfold, "I refuse to go to prison..."

"You won’t if I don't tell." Sandy panted in response to his touches.  “and I wonder how you are responding to me…”  She put her own hand on his crotch, Fergus sweating as she storked what he now realised was his engorged cock.




"Mmmm… that's not bad," Sandy licked her lips as she pressed on it, "it feels a lot bigger than my brothers."

"You've seen your brother’s…"

"Yep, I've even watched from the balcony as he and Katy have had sex in the front room."

"Sandy,” Fergus gasped, “you are a bad girl..."

"I know...aren't I just?" Sandy smiled as she lowered the zip, and touched his cock, "is it supposed to be leaking like this?" she said as she pumped him with her hand.


“Oh god…”


"How does what is coming out taste," the child slut said as she got to her knees and began to lick..."Ooooh salty," she smiled as she looked upwards.


“Lord, please, help me…”


"What do I taste like lover?" Sandy stood up and pushed Fergus to his knees, so his face was confronted by her aroused little pussy.


"You might say that, but you know you can't resist me," she said just before she moaned in pleasure..."Eat me out...or I'll tell everyone you molested poor little twelve-year old me."

"That's a threat Alexandra."

" eat me out or else," she pressed his head to her crotch.


"You know I really do need get myself a whole new 'bad girl' wardrobe you know?" Sandy ground herself in his face. "You get to pay for that darling...I get to take you and your credit card to buy me a whole lot of clothes you won’t be able to resist me in."


She closed her eyes, totally unaware of Holly coming in and saying “oh my god” to herself.  Without thinking, she walked over and pulled Sands’ head gently back, kissing her as she moved her hand across her chest.  Sands opened her eyes in shock, and then responded to the kiss, as Fergus looked up.


“Oh my goddess,” Sands said as Holly let her go, “why haven’t you…”


“I think you need to go now,” Holly said as she looked at Fergus.


“And don’t forget Uncle Fergus, we are going shopping next week.”




“My reward for being so nice to him,” Sandy said, “you can buy Holly some things as well, or she will talk.”


Holly looked at both of them, as Fergus nodded and gathered himself before he walked off.


“Sands,” Holly hissed, “what the hell was that?”


“Me discovering myself – and don’t deny you enjoyed kissing me Holly.”


“I…  I can’t.  Look, get yourself together, and come with me – and not a word to your mother or Heather about this.  We’ll talk later.”





“There you are,” Denice said as Erica came into the box, “where did you go to?”


“Something Simon and I needed to straighten out,” Erica said with a smile as Poppy looked at her.  She simply smiled as Simon came in and went to join his parents.  Katy noticed as well, as Sands came in with Holly.


“Did you manage to find her,” Heather whispered as the older girl came over.


“Yeah – we’ll talk later,” Holly whispered as Sands looked at Fergus and smiled.





“Grant, we have done all that can be done,” Toddy said as the four owners stood in the parade ring, “it’s time to let her do her work.”


“Yeah, I know,” Grant said as he patted the neck of SaintsAndSinnerz, “let’s head up and join everyone in the boxes.”



"So what is the game Sands?" Holly asked as they stood in the restroom, with her hands on her hips.

"Oh it’s very simple…  We are going to blackmail Fergus MacLean into making us his kept girlfriends..."

"Kept?" Holly asked quizzically.

"Yep an apartment we can use, terrific clothes, jewelry, spending cash...he's going to spring for it all...and in return we are both very nice to him."

"Sands,” Holly said quietly, “that's criminal."

"Isn't it just," Sandy said as she started to fix her hair and makeup..."and don't say the idea doesn't thrill you Holly...I can see it in your eyes."

"But we are both well known, if we go out with him..."

"Ever heard of brunette wigs and contact lenses? And I'm sure you can figure out sexy makeups to disguise ourselves."


"I think from now on you'll call me Alexandra Holly, and before we do anything come over here and finish off what you started with that kiss...LOVER!"

Holly responded as Alexandra pulled her in for a long kiss.

"Now undress me Holly... I want you to make me cum."


“Not now,” Holly hissed, “the race is about to start – I’ll come to your room later…”


“Good – make sure you do.  But you’re right – time to be with the others.”  She smiled as she kissed Holly again, and then both women walked out.


“THERE you are,” Heather said as they walked in, “I was about to send Katy and George looking for you.”


“We’re here now,” Sands said as she smiled, and then looked through her glasses.  As she did, she saw a tall, thin man with white hair, and smiled.



“Okay,” Ally said as she looked round, “is it just me, or have we somehow turned into the responsible adults around here?”


“I know what you mean,” Nell said, “when did the kids suddenly grow up?”


“I don’t know,” Jo said, “but there is something in the air.  Doc, Katy – a word.”


“What’s up boss,” Doc said as she and Katy came over.


“Katy, want to explain what the heck has happened to your friends?”


“We’re just cutting loose, Jo, having some fun – and possibly learning a few things.”


“And Sands?”


“Yeah – that is not something I expected.  I’ll have a word with her as soon as poss – she may have to reign it in before Heather gets tough with her.”


“Would you,” Jo said, “I do not particularly want to spend the summer break having to keep an eye on her.”


“On it,” Katy said as she went off. 


“It’s not just Sands,” Doc said, “or Katy’s gang.  I saw Eve talking to Aileen – and have you seen Mary’s sisters?”


“Vicky and Susan were talking to some of the other boys – but…  Is that Alison and Capricorn talking to the boys over there?”


“Oh lord it is,” Doc said, “I need to get someone to talk to them…”







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