Pussycat Vengeance









Friday 20th September

9.30 pm - Conde Nast publishers, corner of Lexington and E47th, New York


Juliette Huntingdown was working late at the offices – she had a review article on the Stella McCartney show at London Fashion Week to complete, and it was proving difficult to come up with the correct words to establish her admiration for the show.


“A truly stunning use of colors, and the influence of...”  She stopped typing and looked at her screen, wondering what it was that was nagging at the back of her mind.  Something – something just did not feel right, but she had no idea what it was.


“I just hope Carina is having more fun than I am,” she mumbled to herself as she stood up and looked out of the window across the bustling streets.  Carina...  Her daughter troubled her almost as much as she admired and loved her, and sometimes it was almost impossible to separate the two...


She’d spoken to her before she left with a few other girls in a car to the Tuxedo club – she looked stunning in her black sequined top, tight satin pants and wedges.  Sometimes she wondered if Carina would follow in her footsteps…


“Miss Huntingdown?”


“Go away,” she said quietly without turning her head, “I’m thinking.”




She turned to see Anna Mitchell standing there, her face pale as the NYPD uniformed officer stood behind her.


“Juliette, you need to go with the officer to Mount Sinai.  There...  There’s been an incident at the Tuxedo nightclub.”


“What sort of incident?”


“I’ll explain on the way, Miss Huntingdown – but you have to come with me now.”


Juliette grabbed her coat and followed the officer out, as a tear ran down Anna’s cheek.



10.15 pm – Mount Sinai ER, Madison Avenue and 101st Street


“Where’s my daughter?”


The nurse at the reception desk looked up and said “Name?”


“Juliette Huntingdown.”


She looked up again, and said “Come with me.”  She led Juliette past the waiting patients, through the double doors and to a closed off room. 


“Wait here,” she said as she opened the door, and a young doctor came out.


“Miss Huntingdown?”


“Yes, I am – where’s Carina?”


Through the double doors, she heard someone say “Call the OR, we’re on our way up!”   They suddenly swung out, and Juliette watched, her face whitening as Carina was rushed past, blood stained pads pressed to her chest and shoulder.


“There was a shooting at the party she was at,” the doctor said, “We need to get her to theatre now.  Nurse, take Miss Huntingdown to the OR waiting area.”


“Is there anyone I can call,” the nurse said quietly as she took Juliette by the arm.


“It’s all right, let me…”


“Please – not here.  Let me take you to the waiting area…”




10.45 pm, The de Ros mansion, West Central Park


 “Well,” Abigail said as she stretched her long, thin frame out and put her book down, “I think I’ll go to bed.  What about you, mother?”


Diana looked up from the table, where she was looking over some letters.  “I will be up later – I have…”


The ring of the telephone made both women look up, as Diana stood and walked over.


“de Ros, how can I…”


“Juliette, slow down.  What’s happened?”


Abigail looked up as her mother gripped the edge of the table the phone sat on, and then said “Don’t move – I’ll be right over.”


“What’s happened?” Abby asked urgently as her mother replaced the phone.


“There’s been a…well, I don’t know exactly what, but Carina has been shot.”


“WHAAT!!”  Abigail shot up and went for the door.  “I’m coming with you,” she yelled as Diana called 5th Avenue.




11.30, OR Waiting Area, Mount Sinai




Diana and Abigail ran into the waiting room as Juliette stood up, Diana embracing her as Abby asked “Where is she?”


“She’s in surgery,” Juliette said quietly, her face a blank, calm visage, “She was shot in the shoulder and chest, and she’s lost a lot of blood.”


“Shot?  By who?  What happened?”


“All the police have told me was there was an armed robbery at the party, and four girls were shot – two dead, Juliette and another critically injured.”


Abby put her hand to her mouth and sat down.  “Who...  Who the hell would rob a sweet sixteen party?  God, I wish she had persuaded them to invite me now...”


“No – if they had, you might have been hurt or killed – and I would never...”


Abby nodded, and then said “Who else?”


“I’m sorry?”


“Who else was shot?”


Juliette looked at the thin girl, and said “Do you know Bobbi Morse?”


“Yeah – she’s in…  Oh goddess, is she…”


“No – she was wounded, and is in another OR.  The police are trying to find her parents.  The two who died – one was a waitress, and the other a cousin of Andrea van Ollen.”


“Oh my fuckin’ goddess not Jamie Kirkham?”


“Yes I think that was the name…you know her?”


“She’s in my fuckin’ AP math class…” Abigail went the palest of whites.


“Language darling,” Diana gently reprimanded her daughter.


As the door to the waiting area opened, a couple came in, one wearing an open necked shirt and suit, the woman a blue dress that had blood stains.


“Kurt, Eva,” Juliette said as she held the woman’s hands, “I am so sorry to hear what happened.  How is Andrea...just so sorry about Jamie…How are her parents?”


“In shock,” the man said, “your daughter?”


“Still in the operating room.  Just please…please pass my condolences to your sister and her husband Eva.”


“Thank you,” Eva said, “We feel helpless…stranded…but we wanted to see how Carina and Bobbi were?”


“I’ve not seen Bobbi’s parents yet – I’ll let you know when I hear anything.”


“Thank you, just know our prayers are with Carina and you all” They smiled the weak smile of people not sure what was the right thing to say, before they turned and left.


“What’s going on?”


The door to the waiting room opened as Sandy ran in.  “Diana called me after you called her,” she blurted out as an explanation. “How is she?”


“I don’t know yet – she...”


“Miss Huntingdown?”


Juliette turned and looked at the young doctor standing there.


“We’ve managed to control the bleeding and stabilize your daughter, but she’s still in a critical condition.  We’re moving her to ICU now – if you come with me, I’ll take you to her.”


“They are as much her family as me,” Juliette said, “they come too.”  The doctor nodded and said “This way…”







The room was silent, save for the soft beeping of the heart monitor, and the gentle hiss of the oxygen machine.  Carina lay still, a white gown covering her body as various wires and tubes led to the machines.


“She’s a fighter,” Diana said as she stood by Juliette, Sandy and Abigail.  “You know that she is, Juliette.”  The four of them were standing outside, watching as the ICU staff tended to her.


“I know,” Juliette said softly, “She always has been.  The demon that is part of her never lets her give up, never lets her give in – and she needs that now if she is going to pull through.”


A nurse came out, and said “You may go in now Miss Huntingdown, but only two at a time.”


The nurses helped Juliette and Diana into surgical coveralls and masks.


“We’ll go and get some coffee, then call Heather,” Sandy said as she led Abby away.  The two older women led the two older women in and left them by Carina’s bedside, Juliette gently placing her hand on her daughter’s.


“Juli – I know you never speak of him, but don’t you think we need to...  Juliette?”


Diana was shocked to see a sight she had never experienced before – Juliette was shaking, as she started to buckle at her knees and sob.


“Sit down,” Diana said as she caught her friend, and helped her to sit in a chair, pulling one over and putting her arms around her.  “Come on – what’s wrong?”


“I...I…Oh my Goddess, Diana. Oh my…” the words stood still in the air.  “Only once…just fucking once…only have I ever felt this helpless, so unable to control things. Just once before…Just that one fucking time. “ Juliette let out a heart rending yell of anguish.  “I should have said no to the party, just said no…I should have been there for her...”


The tears were coming now in great floods as Juliette held Diana, her head resting on the French noblewoman’s shoulder as she shook in a mixture of rage and fear.  “Come,” Diana said in an almost tender tone, “I tell you she is a fighter, she will pull through.”


“I know, I know,” Juliette eventually said as she looked at Diana, her eyes red, before she exploded with “Oh my Goddess, Diana, I swore I'd never feel this helpless again…NEVER!" Juliette clung to her best friend. "Why Diana…WHY?"

"We don't know darling - it will come out with time." 

"I'm useless…USELESS!" Juliette hit her own head violently and fell to further sobbing.

"Darling…" Diana was genuinely afraid her friend was going to do something stupid.

"Never again…never again…never…" Juliette chanted hypnotically.

"What never?"

All those years of control… all those years…" Juliette looked wild eyed.  Suddenly her knees buckled and she slipped to the floor. 

“You don’t have to say anything, Mon Cherie, after all I am a mother as well.” Diana helped her friend to her feet.


“No – no, I need to say this.  The last time I felt this helpless was the night Carina was conceived.”  She looked hard at Diana and said “I cannot call her father, can’t call him…” she paused ”I can’t call him because I don’t know who her father is.  He was just some bastard behind a ski mask.”

"I don't understand Cherie."

Suddenly Juliette broke out in what sounded practically a howl of tears. "I was RAPED Diana…Some fucking bastard tied me up and used me as his fuck tool. That fucking bastard RAPED me”…sob…”Don't you fucking get it?" she sobbed some more. "Some sonofabitch used and abused me...HE FUCKING RAPED ME!" she screamed


“Mon dieu,” Diana said, before she held Juliette again.


“I was on a shoot in Los Angeles,” Juliette sobbed, “we had finished for the day, and I had gone back to the hotel for a swim, and then a rest before dinner.  I changed, and went to the pool, then put a towel robe over my costume before I returned to my room.  When I opened the door – there he was.”


“What did he look like?” Diana said as she stroked Juliette’s hair from her face.


“I don’t know – he had a balaclava over his head, so I only ever saw his eyes and lips.  He...  He had a gun, and he ordered me to strip, then lie face down on the bed.”


Diane listened as Juliette swallowed, then said “He taped my wrists together behind my back, as well as my ankles and legs.  He then made me sit on the edge of the bed, took out a hunting knife and held it to my throat, as he made me kiss his cock, and then suck him off.  It tasted of salt and sweat, and hurt as he pushed his groin right into my mouth.  By the end of the night, though, I was wishing that was all he had done.”


“Juliette, you don’t have to…”


“I do – I never have really.  When he had made me swallow his cum, he made me call down and say I was staying in my room, and then he cut my wrists free – only to tie them to the bed with two nylon stockings.  He then stuffed the bikini into my mouth, taped them over, and started to grope my chest and nipples.  I could not stop him, as he started to squeeze my nipples, then bite them.


“As if that was bad enough, he then took a pair of clamps and fastened them on, before he taped over that, and then started to trace round with the end of the blade.  I still have the scars.


“But he then ran the blade down my stomach, leaving a thin red line, before he cut my legs free, and taped them in a frog tie.  I can still feel, at night, the blade as he ran the flat between my legs, and then licked it clean, before he rolled me over and fucked me in the ass, the knife to my throat the whole time.”


“Mon dieu,” Diana said as she held Juliette.  “To treat you in such a way…”


“When he was done, he used his finger on me, for what seemed like hours, and then – well, let’s just say he was rough, and forced himself into me so hard I almost bled.  Inside and…”


She started crying again, Diana holding her and saying nothing as the tears continued to flow from her.  Juliette was physically shaking as Sandy quietly opened the door.  Diana shooed her away and mouthed “Leave us” as the door was just as silently shut.


“When he had finished,” she eventually said, “he blindfolded me, and left a vibe and a butt plug in place under a crotch rope.


“It was the next morning before they found me – and that was the end of my modeling career, or at least that phase.  Hotel security found me when I failed to come down for breakfast.  I was taken to hospital, examined, questioned, but they never found him.   Turns out I was one of a few attacked that way – all still unsolved.”


“The bastard,” Diana said quietly, “If I could find him...”


“One good thing did come of it,” Juliette said as she looked at Carina.  “I swore I would not let him win, so I carried the child, and I have raised her as best I can.  One day, I may tell her the truth – but then I fear the beast will be unleashed permanently.”


“Then best she does not know,” Diana said as she looked at her friend.   “You don’t suppose…”


“Suppose what?”


“The beast that is in her – could it have come from him, be a genetic thing?”


“I wonder that at times, and honestly – I don’t know.  Maybe I never want to.”  Juliette smiled at Diana, and then said “I must look a mess.”


“You look a frightened and stricken mother,” Diana said as they stood up.  “Do not worry – your secret is safe with me.  Come – make yourself presentable.  We can do no more here, and I am sure the police wish to talk to you.”





Saturday 21st September

8 am, The Richmond Mansion, Upper 5th Avenue.



“How is she?”


“Stable, but critical,” Sandy said as they came back into the mansion, hugging her children as she did so.


“Is Carina sick,” George asked as Sandy hugged him, and he looked at Juliette, “Heather and Joanne are very worried about her.”


“We’re going to draw a get well soon card for her, “Sandy said as she stood in her pink pajamas, “Will you give it to her?”


“I’ll make sure it is left where she can see it,” Juliette said as Joanne ushered the two younger children back off to bed for a couple of hours.  “We need to talk – Now,” Heather said as she ushered the others into the front room.


“We’ve been watching the news reports,” she said as Abigail closed the door.  “It seems six armed women stormed the nightclub and robbed all the guests, before they shot four as examples and a warning.”


“A woman?”  Juliette looked at Heather, before saying “A woman did this?”


“It gets worse – she identified herself as Miss Panther, and the others as the Pussycat Gang.”


Abby turned slowly as she heard this, Diana noticing a fire in her eyes.  “Repeat that, please, Heather.”


“The news is reporting that the Pussycat Gang shot Carina Huntingdown, daughter of former supermodel Juliette Huntingdown and three others, as yet unidentified.”


“The Pussycat Gang…What the fuck do they mean, the Pussycat…” Juliette shook her head.


“You know Jamie Kirkham don’t you Jo?” Abby interrupted rudely as Jo re-entered the room. .


“Yeah I know Jamie…Oh my fuckin’ hell, was it her wounded?”


“No they killed her. Poor little Jamie, who was gonna be a doctor, and who never hurt a creature in her life,” Abby paused remembering the dead girl. “You know she was the one girl in school who never teased me, she was always so nice to everyone.”


“Was the other dead girl an Angel?”


No.” Abby shook her head. “The other one was some poor waitress…I think I overheard a cop saying she shouldn’t have even been there, she was doing a shift because someone called in sick”


“Fuck!” Joanne let out the word at the top of her voice.


“Poor Bobbi Morse is the other girl in the ICU with Carina…her parents hugged me like I could give them answers…” Abby left words unsaid.


“Bobbi…” Joanne stood there crying in slow tearful bursts, as she and Abby hugged.


Juliette was staring at the others, and they wondered what was going on behind her eyes.  Diana watched Abigail as she walked to the window, and then kicked out violently at a leather recliner.


“I want the bastards who did this.  I want to see them in front of me, kneeling as I put a gun to their head and slowly pull the trigger.”


“Right now,” Juliette said, “I need some sleep.  May I…?”


“Come with me,” Sandy said as she took Juliette’s arm, “I’ll take you upstairs.”


As they went out, Heather said to Abby “You and Joanne, find out as much as you can at school on Monday.  Ask anyone and everyone…Understood?”



Sunday 23rd September

7 pm, Mount Sinai ICU


“Miss Huntingdown?”


Juliette turned to see a man standing in the room with her and Carina, wearing the same style of gown and cap as she was.


“Miss Huntingdown, I know this is a difficult time, but I wonder if I may have a word?”


“Can it wait,” Juliette said as she turned and looked at her daughter.


“I’m afraid not, it will only take a moment.”


Looking through the glass window, Juliette saw a blonde haired woman, wearing a dark jacket and blouse, looking in.


“I’ll call if anything changes, Miss Huntingdown,” the nurse said as Juliette stood up, and walked out with the man.


“I know you want to go back in,” the man said as he took the gown off, “so I will be brief.  I’m Agent Ball, and this is my colleague Agent Carter.  We’ve been assigned to the Pussycat Gang case load.”


“I see,” Juliette said as she looked at both of them.  “So what can you tell me of the party?”


“Not much more than the local police have told you – but I wanted to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to track down and arrest them, and ensure they face the fullest penalty for their crimes.”


Juliette nodded, before saying “If you want to talk to Carina, you may have a while to…”


The alarm bell made Juliette turn sharply, as two doctors and more nurses ran into Carina’s room.  She gripped the rim of the window as they worked on her, then rushed her back out of the room, one of the doctors shouting “Prep the OR – NOW!!!!”


“What happened,” she said as she grabbed a nurse.


“She’s bleeding internally – we need to go in and stop it,” she said before she ran off, the three adults watching helplessly.







2 am

Mount Sinai ICU

“Come on Cari,” Abby muttered under her breath as she looked out fo the window, her head leaning on the glass, “Fight this.”


Sandy and Diana were sitting with Juliette, while Joanne came over and stood with her friend.  “Hey,” she said as she put her arm around her shoulder, “she’ll be all right.”


“I hope she is, or I may kill someone tomorrow,” Abby replied with the fire in her eyes again.  She turned as the doors opened, and they saw Carina being wheeled back in.


“We stopped the bleeding,” the doctor said as he looked at Juliette, “Now it’s up to her.”


“Thank the goddess,” Sandy whispered as Juliette took Cari’s hand, walking in with her.



Tuesday, 24th September

8 pm, The Huntingdown Apartment, Morningside Avenue



Abby and Joanne had spent the last couple of days at school, both recesses, and lunch-breaks, trying to talk to as many girls as possible that had been at the Sweet 16 at Tuxedo. 


Like field agents for the FBI they tried jotting down every conversation as near verbatim as they could. Page after page, most of it the same, most of it sounding like something out of a TV show, but they hoped, they prayed, that when they and the gang sat down to analyze it, then that just maybe with their experience gained on the other side of the law from the FBI, that they might just get some workable clues they could pursue themselves.


To the Pussycats it was soon obvious that the killers were near amateurs. They’d broken nearly every rule in the armed robbery handbook. But despite that clues were proving annoyingly elusive.


Now they were at Juliette’s apartment with Diana, watching as she flipped from notebook to notebook.  “She says the same thing she murmured to herself,” she flipped to another page, “So does she.”


“What have you spotted darling?” Diana asked, a tired note to her voice. “I just have word blindness staring at these pages.”


“Four girls report they were told to stand on line rather than in line.” Juliette sounded pleased.


“And what does that mean?” Diana asked trying to sound more alert then she was.


“Means they were local, New Yorkers, lower class New Yorkers.”


Diana looked vacant.


“Don’t you see only certain kinds of New Yorkers say  ‘on line’ when we say ‘in line’.”


“Oh?” Diana still didn’t get it. Juliette sighed as she said “we are looking for bitches from the lowest stratum. In fact… Oh.”  It was suddenly like that computer they called Julianne slipped in to action. “These fragments…the odd words, I can tell you where we need look. These bitches are, or were, originally from an Italian American neighborhood…Probably somewhere near Hells Kitchen.”


“You can tell all that from these scribbled remarks Cheri?” asked Diana. “Are you sure you aren’t clutching at straws?”


“No I’ve spent a lifetime working with girls from all over this damn city…I know the voices of New York. These whores were from the West Side. I’ll stake my reputation as the human computer on it.”


“How can you possibly be sure…”


“I may not be Professor Henry Higgins able to place anyone within a few streets by their accents…. but I damn well know New York voices.”


For a few moments everyone considered the implications.


“Well Italian probably means mob.” Diana dropped a bomb that Juliette hadn’t considered.


“Fuck yes!” Juliette groaned. “Here we are probably the most famous criminals in the United States, but really none of us knows anything about the underworld…the REAL underworld…”


“However we do know someone who…”


“Tommy the Fish.” Juliette interrupted her triumphantly.


“Who are you ringing?” Diana asked as Juliette grabbed for her cell.


“I need to place an urgent personal ad in the Times for tomorrow.  Tell Sandy and Heather we need them here at ten tomorrow – we have a meeting to attend.”


“Why not us,” Abigail and Joanne said.


“SCHOOL!” the mothers replied in unison.


Wednesday 25th September,

Noon, an abandoned warehouse off Middle Road, Long Island




“Hello?  Anyone here?”


Tommy the Fish looked nervously from side to side along the barn, wondering why he had been summoned.  Normally, the coded personal had details of what was being ordered, and delivery.  But this had been different – this was a summons.


“Good afternoon, Tommy.”


He whirled round as he saw Miss Panther standing there, and she was not alone – three more of the hell demons were with her.  All were dressed in black – black fitted jackets, knee length skirts, stockings and killer heels.  They also wore black silk scarves, but unusually for them they all wore them the same way – as cravats, the nylon stockings tucked under them as they pressed their black hair down.


“Errr – good afternoon, ladies,” Tommy said as he looked at them, two of them carrying sawn-off shotguns, the other a large club.  “Have I upset you in some way?”


“No, I do not believe you have Tommy,” Miss Panther purred, “but someone else has.  You heard, of course, of the incident at Tuxedo five days ago?”


“Yeah, yeah I heard – nasty business.  Word on the street is you did it.”


“Do you believe we did it, Tommy?”  The tone was polite, but he could sense the menace behind it, as one of the women pumped the gun, and the one with the club looked straight at him.


“Honestly?  No – I don’t think you did.  It’s not your style, even if they were the daughters of the rich and famous.”  She saw a faint smile on the face of Miss Panther as he said this.


“And you would be correct,” Miss Panther said as she walked forward, “but we are very, very upset that someone would try to copy us in this way.  Very upset indeed.”


“Yeah – I can see that,” Tommy said as he watched them walk forward.  On anyone else, he would have whistled at the way she moved, but these dames....


“How did you know it wasn’t really us Tommy” Miss Panther asked seriously


“Not your fuckin’ style…if you’ll pardon my French lady…You broads…sorry I mean ladies, you are big time…your jobs the takes always in the millions.”


“True.” Miss Panther nodded her head.


“These broads they hit a party for teenagers. No ones gonna get rich robbing kids like them, even with all the money their parents have. Best you’ll pick up off them is a decent diamond earring purloined from their mothers for the night. Or a pearl necklace that was a present from their Daddies. Most of them was wearing junk I bet. Thrift store stuff…even rich kids overload on that crap.”


“That’s all very true Tommy.” Miss Panther said with a smile, “but I take the misuse of our brand name very seriously though.  These women either end up in the hands of the authorities…or in ours…I’d rather it was in ours.”


The Fish was struck with an icy cold chill at those words. God he wouldn’t want to be those chicks if these bitches caught them,.


“So you are going to ask around for us Tommy, and found out who did this.  I and my friends – all my friends – will be back here in forty eight hours, and we expect answers.”


“And if I can’t get them?”


“You’ll get them,” Miss Panther said as she stared at Tommy, “or my friends and I will take turns to demonstrate there are far worse uses we can put a pair of nutcrackers to.  Do we have an understanding?”


Tommy winced, as he said “Yeah – yeah I got it.  I’ll ask around – how do I contact you if I find anything?”


Miss Panther tossed him a pager.  “Press that – we’ll call your mobile.”


“You don’t have my number.”


Miss Panther smiled, and Tommy mumbled “Stupid question.”


“Oh and if you need backup just ask. Some of my ladies are taking this very, very personally. If you need help we can supply the troops.”


“So keep in touch Tommy – we’ll be waiting.”  She turned and walked off, the other three following, as Tommy wiped his brow.


“Jesus H Christ,” he finally said to himself, “What’s got them rattled?”  He watched them fade into the shadow, and then got out as fast as he could.




4 pm, Mount Sinai ICU





The blonde haired girl turned to see Abigail and Joanne standing there, in their uniforms, Abby holding a bunch of flowers.


“How are you?” Joanne said as she stepped forward.


“Sore, but awake, I only got shot once, in the shoulder” Bobbi said as she looked through the glass.  “Cari?”


“Fighting,” Abby said.


 “She never flinched you know, when she stepped in front of her.” Bobbi just blurted the words out.




“Cari she just stepped in front of the masked woman – almost dared her to shoot.”…Bobbi shook her head…”It was like she dared her…” Bobbi’s voice trailed off weakly.


The two friends looked at each other, before Joanne said “Let me walk you back to the room, Bobbi, and you can tell me about it.”




9 pm,

The Calabria Club, West 62nd street



Tommy the Fish sat nursing a short beer in a booth at the back of the club. Something wasn’t right and he couldn’t put his finger on it. These Pussycat broads were taking all this way too personal. What did it matter to them that some other pyscho bitches did a copycat. Wasn’t as though these bitches were nuns, they’d done plenty worse themselves.


“Nudder beer Fish?” Annie the barmaid called out. “You been nursin’ that one for an hour…we could go broke with more customers like you.”


The Fish grunted a response then fell back into his thoughts. What had got these women’s panties in such a knot? Why was it so desperate that they got hold of these broads?


Tommy drank the beer he’d been nursing in one long swig. “Nudder one.” He signaled Annie with his fingers.


No something wasn’t right…something didn’t add up. 


His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, and a tall blonde coming in, sitting at the bar as her coat parted to reveal a pair of legs that gladdened Tommy’s heart.


“Night off Roxy?”


“Nah – late show.  I was on a date with Cissy – look what she gave me?”


She took a set of pearls out and placed them on the bar, Tommy coming over to look.


“You can’t shoot these Tommy?”


“I know – they look real?”


“I think they are, Cissy said they were anyway – said she got them on a job last Saturday.”


“Where is she anyway?”


“She called on me – said to call her cell if…  Oh crap I’m late,” Roxy said as she drained her glass, and ran off, stuffing the pearls into her pocket.


“Classy dame – want that beer, Tommy?”


“Nah,” Tommy said as he headed for the door, “Got a deal to sort out.”  As he stepped out into the night, he took out the pager, and pressed the button on the top.


“Five… Four… Three… Two… One.”  He took out his cell phone as it started vibrating and said “Yeah?”


“You called me, Tommy.”  The voice was unmistakable.


“Yeah – may have a lead on somefing.  A dame I know was given a very expensive looking set of pearls – her girlfriend got them on a job.  What do you want me to do?”


There was silence for a moment, before Miss Panther said “Where does this girl work?”


“She’s an entertainer – place called Gentlemen’s Relish, corner of W48th and 10th.  Not the sort of place you would normally be seen in.”


“I see – I wish to talk to this lady.  Can you be waiting outside tomorrow at 8?”


“I guess so – there’s a parking lot on the opposite corner.”


“Good, be there at 8.  I’m sending a couple of my ladies to join you.”



Tommy nodded as the call was cut off.  He just hoped Roxy would forgive him.


If she survived.



10pm, the Richmond mansion.



“He’s got a lead.”


“So what do we do now,” Heather said as Joanne and Abigail worked on their assignments.  Juliette looked at them, then at Diana.


“You’re not going to suggest…”


Juliette nodded, then said “Girls – come straight home tomorrow.  Tommy needs help – and you are it.”



Thursday 26th September

8.00 pm, corner of W48th and 10th, Hell’s Kitchen, NY.


Tommy looked across the road at the flashing neon light.  “I really hope they know what they are getting into,” he said as he checked his watch, and got out of his battered van.


“You sent for the marines Tommy?”


Tommy turned to see the source of the question. The girl had the tiniest two piece white knit outfit on he’d even seen. The skirt covered really nothing; the top exposed her ample tits. She walked sexily on the highest, slimmest, white stiletto heels he’d ever seen. Her long brown hair hand down to her ass. An ass that she wiggled provocatively with every step.


She was wearing plenty of makeup, her full lips shining a deep dark red, and very large, very dark, glasses covered her eyes. Her hands were encased in short leather gloves and a white leather purse swung from her shoulders.


Her partner was tall; model tall was how Tommy thought of it. She wore a full figure hugging black dress that came to above her knee… Her black purse swung as she too walked with a provocative swing to her hips, her feet enclosed in black patent leather pumps with 4-inch stilettos.


Like her partner she was fully, maybe overly, made up. She also wore large sunglasses and her face was framed by brown hair falling gently to her shoulders. The tall one ran a gloved hand over her bosom. It was then Tommy noticed the pins. The tall one had a brooch on shaped like a Tigress, the shorter one like a Bobcat.


“Oh fuck!” it came out of Tommy’s mouth involuntarily. He’d been drooling over these cuties and never realized who they were.


“Ladies…” Tommy left the word hanging in the air.


“You called for troops Tommy,” the tall one spoke in a husky breath, “well we are here…what can we do?”


“Ummm ahh,” for maybe the first time in his life Tommy the Fish was lost for words.


“Miss Tigress?” he looked at the taller girl. “Miss Bobcat?” he stared long and hard at the shorter one.


“Yes.” They answered simultaneously.


For a moment there the word hung in the air, and it struck Tommy that he might just be the first person outside the gang to knowingly see a Pussycat face without a stocking covering it, and not being in imminent danger of death.


“I may have a lead on one of those certain parties your interested in.”




“I can take you to see somebody maybe knows her…Djya want that?”


“Very much.” The shorter woman replied with more than a hint of steel in her voice.


“If we are going out though I feel naked Tommy,” the taller one spoke and he could have sworn he heard the shorter one giggle. “You got something clean we can stick in our purses…for personal protection?”


“In the back of the van.”


Tommy watched as the two ladies, he wanted to call them dames, chicks, or broads, but somehow lady seemed the only right word, slowly sashayed their way over and opened the rear door of the vehicle.


The shorter one lifted the oilcloth that was covering three or four pieces.


“I take it you have the ammo for this?” the taller one asked as she balanced a .44 in her gloved hand trying it for weight and feel.


“Yeah, under the cloths in that old bag of rags.”




The shorter one picked up a snub nosed .38. “Got the ammo for this Tommy?”


“Same place.”


Suddenly it hit Tommy like a revelation what it was about these two had been agitatin’  the back of his mind. These women weren’t much more than kids. He’d be pretty prepared to bet they were only teenagers.


He’d only dealt with older women in the gang. “Underneath it I guess I never visualized that some of them might be just kids.” Tommy thought to himself, and just  for a moment felt himself feeling protective, and paternal, to the two young women.


“Penny for them Tommy?” the tall one asked quietly as she expertly loaded the .44.


“Nuddin Miss, Nuddin…” Tommy shook himself internally as her remembered that each of them was a stone cold killer who’d killed without mercy God knows how many times.


“You ready Tommy?” the shorter one asked as they each put their gun in their purses and slung them over their shoulders.


“Yeah cummin’” he murmured as the two young ladies in the ultra tight skirts and their hooker shoes started wiggling their way towards the door.


The inside of the bar stank of stale smoke, and other stale odors, as Tommy held the door open for the two women.  The men in the bar turned and stared at the, some whistling as they walked in.


 "Hey - eyes off ya mooks," Tommy said as he looked at the men in the bar, "these are my nieces!"


"Oh yeah, Fish," one of the larger men set, "and who's their mother, the whore of 42nd street?"


Joanne hid a smile, but Abby looked over and said "Momma taught me how to treat men like you - knee them first and ask questions later!"


“Oh I like this one,” the man called back.  “Got time for a little chat, girls?”


“Yeah,” Miss Tigress said as she walked over, “I got time for you, big boy.”  She sat down on his lap and draped her arm over her shoulder.


“Do you like what you see,” she purred as he put his hand on her lap.


“’Course I do doll – what about it?”


“Then wait until you grow up,” she said as she smacked him, then stood up to the sound of laughter from the others.  “Uncle Tommy, you said you’d introduce me to her.”


"Yeah, they're your relatives all right Tommy," the man said as they walked to the rear of the bar.


"Hey Jenny," Tommy said to the barmaid, "is Roxy on tonight?"


"Just coming on," the blonde said as the music started, and a blonde walked onto the stage, wearing a leopard skin bikini and thigh high black leather boots.  As she started to dance, Tommy said "She's the one you need to talk to - if you want to find this Cissy broad, she'll know where she is.  Just do me a favor, eh?"


"What would that be, Tommy?"


"When you talk to her, keep it nice and quiet, all right?  I like to come here, and I would like to still like to come here when you’ve finished your business?"


"Just make the introductions, Tommy," Miss Tigress said as she ran her gloved hand through her brown wig, "and then keep out of our way..."


“All right then,” he said as he looked both ways, “Through here.”  They slipped past the curtains as the customers started to whoop and holler.



The so-called dressing room was a mess of costumes, street clothes, and a long bench in front of a lighted mirror strewn with makeup of all kinds.


The music Roxy was dancing too was piped to a lone speaker.


“Give us a moment Tommy we need to change.” Miss Bobcat shushed Tommy out through the door. “come in when we call.”


For what seemed an eternity the Fish stood outside whistling lowly to himself.


“Okay you can come in Honey.” He heard a voice within.


The Fish opened the door and was confronted by a sight didn’t surprise him. The girl’s long hair was gone, and what had replaced them were the familiar stocking masks over the short black hair. Each had knotted a scarf round her neck.


“Ready to introduce us Tommy?” Miss Tigress asked as she sat relaxed in a chair by the makeup table nursing the .44.


Miss Bobcat slipped behind him and stood next to the door. The .38 raised


“Remember Tommy we wanna keep this calm and friendly.”



He nodded as he stepped out.


“Hey Tommy,” Roxy said as he came out, “I hear ya looking for me?”


“Yeah,” he said with a little smile, “my nieces are in town,  and they wanted to talk to a dancer, see what the life was like.  Do you mind?”


“Didn’t you tell them to run?”


“Trust me,” Tommy said as he opened the door, “They don’t run.”  He showed the dancer in, looking both ways before following her.


“Roxy these two ladies wanna word with ya?” The Fish made the introduction as Miss Bobcat slammed the door behind the stripper.


“Tommy, what the hell?”


“Hello, dahlin,” Miss Bobcat said, “my friend and I wanted to have a friendly chat with you.”



“That’s right,” Miss Tigress said as she pointed her gun at Roxy, “so keep nice and quiet, and we won’t hurt you.”


“Who the hell do you think you are – the Pussycat bitches?”


“Actually,” Tommy said nervously, “They are – so mind your manners, Roxy.”


“Tommy speaks the truth, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as she walked over, stroking Roxy’s hair before she grabbed it and pulled it hard.  “Now, why don’t you show us that lovely present your girlfriend gave you?”


“AAAAAAAaa all right, all right – they’re in my coat pocket,” Roxy said as she pointed to the back of the door.  Miss Tigress stood up and walked over, reaching in the pocket and extracting the pearls in her gloved hand. 


"Oh my goddess,” Miss Tigress said under her breath as she  fingered the pearls.

"Can I see?" Miss Bobcat looked at the clasp then blanched under her stocking mask.

"Partner?" Miss Tigress asked.

Miss Bobcat whispered silently in the younger girls ear. "Oh my fucking Goddess, These are Carina's…that’s the clasp she had to have fixed. I'm right aren't I?"

Miss Tigress barely nodded, then pulled the strippers head back sharply.


“My friends are most anxious to find out where your girlfriend got these – in fact, they would like to invite her to tea.  Where is she, Roxy?”


“Go to hell.”


“And I thought we were there already,” Miss Tigress said with a light laugh, before she slapped Roxy across the cheek.  “Last chance to answer in friendly way, bitch – where is she?”


“I told ya, go to hell.”


“Good idea,” Miss Bobcat said as she took out a cell phone and made a call.  “Yeah – we need a pickup.  Back door, five minutes.”  Ending the call, she picked up a stained scarf and pulled back on Roxy’s hair, stuffing her mouth as she opened it to scream, before Miss Tigress used a roll of duct tape to cover her mouth and eyes.


“Keep a lookout, Tommy, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked at him, “and thank you, we’ll be in touch.”


“What do I tell them outside?”


“I’m sure you’ll think of something suitable,” Miss Tigress said as they took Roxy and frog marched her to the back door.  Tommy caught a glimpse of a black jeep and a face wearing dark glasses as they bundled Roxy in the back, and then drove off.


“Hey,” Jenny said as Tommy came out, “Where did your girls go?”


“Oh Roxy and them hit it off – she’s taken them for a meal, and says sorry.”


“Typical – I’ll need to do the next show,” Jenny said.  “Bo – cover for me.”



10.30 pm

The Farm



“Hello Roxy.”


As the tape was ripped off her eyes, taking half her eyebrows with it, Roxy blinked and looked round.  She was standing in a room, with a light casting the only light over her, The room was bare – in fact, it looked like a barn.


She tried to move her arms and legs, but they were strapped to the heavy wooden chair she was sat in.  As her eyes focused, she saw the two bitches who had held her at gun point – and one other woman.


“I am Miss Panther – perhaps you have heard of me,” she said as she stepped forward, her tight black skirt moving with her, the fitted jacket, the black scarf with the diamond brooch…


“Hsshtttt,” she mumbled into her gag, “sesswhthfudn.”


“These pearls,” Miss Panther quaked inwardly as she held up her daughter’s jewelry. “They were stolen at the Tuxedo nightclub last Friday, by a group of ladies claiming to be us.  You, of course, know nothing of this, do you?”


“Gtsstfdddudntcrrmmm,” Roxy mumbled as she looked at her.  The black stocking obscured her face, pushing the short black hair over her head.


“Let me explain something to you, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as she stepped forward, smiling as she adjusted her gloves, “your girlfriend, charming woman that she may be, has given you something that did not belong to her.  She took it at a party, and claimed to be one of us.  Now, we do not take kindly to being misrepresented in such a way – but to make it worse, they made such a terrible mess of things.”


She stroked her gloved hand down Roxy’s cheek, and then said “So you have one chance, one last opening to answer me nicely, sugah – where is she?”


If she could have, Roxy would have spat in Miss Bobcat’s face, but the motion of her head was obvious.  “Oh dear, and I was so hoping we could have a polite conversation,” Miss Bobcat said as she picked up a scalpel, and sliced through the shoulder straps and centre of her bra, pulling the material away.


“I guess I will just have to do this the old fashioned way,” she purred as she started to grope Roxy’s bare chest, her fingers sinking into her flesh as she looked on.  She could feel her nipples hardening despite herself, as Miss Bobcat smiled into her face.


“If you look down, Dahlin,” she said as she started pinch the dancer’s nipples, “you will see a ring between your legs.  Nice, isn’t it?”


Roxy glanced down, and then screamed in pain into her gag as Miss Bobcat fastened the metal clamps to her nipples.  “Wththfffkrudnggg,” she screamed out as she felt her chest been pulled down, and saw the masked woman attaching the clamps to the ring with a short chain that pulled them out.


“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Miss Bobcat asked as she held Roxy’s head up.  “Tell me where your girlfriend is, and the pain can all go away.”


“Btttullklhr,” Roxy panted as she looked up.


“You leave that decision to me,” Miss Panther said, “Where is she?”


Roxy shook her head – despite the pain, she would not betray Cissy.  She loved her too much to see her die.


“Oh dear,” Miss Bobcat said as Miss Tigress watched, “I see I shall have to persuade you further.  Miss Tigress, hand me the lighter, will you?”



“Here,” Miss Tigress said as she tossed the cigarette lighter over, smiling as Miss Bobcat lit the flame, and then held it over the chain.


“When you want to talk,” she said with a smile as Roxy felt the heat burning on her nipples, “Just say so, I’m listening…”


Roxy tried to squirm in her seat, but the binding was too tight, as her nipples got warmer and warmer, the heat and the pain increasing.  Almost too much to bear…


“Well, dahlin?”


The other two watched as Roxy threw her head back and screamed “LLLRRTTTT!!! LTTTLU!!!”


“Better,” Miss Bobcat said as she put the flame out, and used a pair of oven gloves to remove the clamps.  Yanking the tape away from her mouth, she spat the scarf out and said “If I tell you, will I live?”


“If you don’t,” Miss Tigress said as she produced the ,44, “you will most certainly die.”


“I have a number for Cissy – I can call her, tell her where I am.”


“Tell Miss Tigress the number,” Miss Panther said as the woman brought a cell phone forward, “tell her you have been approached by the police, and to meet you tomorrow morning, 7 am, at the East River ferry.”


“And after that?”


“Then you will see her again – eventually.”


Roxy nodded as she gave a number to Miss Tigress, and then spoke to someone.  “All right,” she panted as the call ended, “Now what?”


“You sleep, shithead,” Miss Bobcat said as she brought the billy club down on Roxy’s head, knocking her unconscious.  “Keep her here until the morning,” Juliette said as she looked at the pearls in her gloved hand.”


“And then?”


“And then, we have a little chat, and we let them enjoy some time together.  Good work girls – we’ll take it from here.”


“I enjoyed that – can we do it again?”


“I think you may have to,” Juliette said as the girls walked off.  “but leave the events of tomorrow morning to us.  You need to be elsewhere.”


“Oh yeah,” Abby said as she looked at Joanne, while Juliette made a call.


“Tommy?  I have decided to be lenient to Roxy – meet me tomorrow, 6.45, at the East River Ferry terminal…”





Friday 27th September

7 am, East River Ferry Terminal, Manhattan.



Cissy Corana was not in a good mood, as she looked up and down the approach road to the terminal.  It was cold, and her thick biker jacket was zipped up against the cold, her biker boots barely keeping her feet warm.


Her black hair was cut short, and she was smoking heavily.




She turned suddenly as she saw Roxy standing there, a fur coat over her body as her boots appeared under it.  She was pale, and there were bruises on her eyes.


“Roxy?  Shit lover, what happened,” she said as she stepped forward and looked at her.


“I’m sorry, Cissy, I’m so sorry.”


“Sorry for what?”  Cissy looked at Roxy, then shuddered as the taser wires embedded themselves in her back, sending enough electricity through her to knock her out.  Two pairs of gloved hands caught her as she fell, and pulled her into the van, the doors closing as it drove off.


“Ys did the right thing, Roxy,” Tommy said as he stepped forward, and took Roxy’s arm.


“So why do I feel so dirty?”


“It will pass,” he said as he guided her to her van.  “Right now, I take you home, you pack your bags, and I get you on the next train south.  Trust me, Roxy  - you have had a real lucky break?”


“And Cissy?”


“Find someone who will treat you better, kid,” Tommy said as he sat her down, “and forget Cissy.  It’s better that way.”






10.45 am

St Joseph’s Church, East 87th Street, New York


The girls of St Angela’s stood as the priest came to the front of the white chapel, and they heard the doors opening.  All were wearing their school uniforms, to honor their friend, but a black armband was on the left sleeve of each girl, and the majority, including Abigail and Joanne, wore a black scarf over their hair.


In silence, they watched as the parents of Jamie Kirkham came in, her younger brother and sister walking slowly, followed by Andrea van Ollen, her head bowed as she and her parents walked down the aisle.


The coffin followed, draped in white and carried by six pallbearers, before it was laid at the altar, a large portrait of Jamie by the side.  It showed her smiling in her uniform, her light brown hair cut so neatly.


Abigail held Joanne’s hand as the priest said “Welcome, family, friends, as we say goodbye and pay tribute to a brave young woman.”




10.45 am

Mount Sinai ICU


“Miss Huntingdown?”


Juliette turned and looked at Bobbi Morse as she stood in the doorway.  Carina was still unconscious, the ventilator breathing for her as the drip allowed the medicine in.


“Hello Bobbi, you can come in,” she said as she stood up, “How are you?”


“Getting better – its Jamie’s funeral today, right?”


Juliette nodded as she pulled up a chair, and Bobbi sat down, pulling her dressing gown around herself.


“Do you mind if I sit with you,” she said quietly, “and remember her?”


“Of course you can,” Juliette said quietly as she held Bobbi’s hand.



10.45 am

The farm




Cissy Corona looked around the barn she was sat in, screaming through the thick scarf that was tied between her lips.  Her body was held with yard after yard of rope to the heavy chair, allowing her no movement at all, while she had been stripped down to her bra and panties.


She heard a door open behind her, but it was impossible to move her head – all she could hear was the click of heels on the concrete floor, and the squeak of a trolley.


From the corner of her eye, she saw a woman in a tight black skirt and jacket wheel a trolley into view, and then she followed her round with her eyes.  There were two of them, dressed identically, with black scarves tucked into their jackets, and a nylon stocking pulled over their heads.


Both also wore brooches in the shape of a cat – one a cheetah, the other a leopard.


“hfk,” Cissy whispered as one of them spoke.


“Hello, Cissy,” she said as the other one poured a cup of hot tea.  “My name is Miss Cheetah, and my friend is Miss Leopard.  Perhaps you have heard of us?”


Cissy’s eyes widened as Miss Leopard brought over the cup, the steam rising from it.  “We wanted to have a little chat with you,” she said as she held the cup, “about last Friday night, at the club in Tuxedo.”




“Oops, butter fingers,” Miss Leopard said as she spilled the scalding liquid down Cissy’s breasts.   She felt the boiling liquid pour into her bra, as Miss Cheetah said “We are not very happy with you, not very happy at all – and we want to know who else took part in that surprise.  You, you little cunt, are going to tell us.”


She gripped Cissy’s breasts, pinching hard on her nipples as Cissy screamed out.  “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” she said as Miss Cheetah then took a pair f scissors and cut her bra away.


“You do not wish to talk?  Good.”  She pulled the cloth off the trolley, revealing the car battery, and the clamps…





11.15 am

St Joseph’s Church


“Jamie – Jamie was a true light in the world.  She was decent, she was kind, and in many ways she was like a sister to me.  I still remember how excited she was to move to New York, and start at St Angela’s with me.”


Andrea looked at the congregation, as some of the girls wiped away a tear.


“She had such promise, had so much love in her heart – and now she has been taken far too young from us.  I have lost a cousin, and a friend.  We have lost a valued schoolmate.  The world…”


Joanne gripped Abigail’s hand as Andrea sobbed.


“The world had lost a little light.  Goodbye, Jamie – I hope and pray we meet again someday.”


As Andrea walked to the waiting arms of her mother, a dark haired girl came and stood at the front, by the photograph.


“Father…Mister and Missus Kirkham…Principal Tennant asked me to speak today on behalf of the student body at St Angela’s.” Judy McNally said as she looked over the congregation. “We girls though think that maybe there’s someone else who might say what we, The Angels, are making of the killing of one of our own and the wounding of two others.”


A group of senior girls looked at Judy and nodded.


“There’s a girl in the sophomore class called Abigail de Ros.” Judy paused. “The girls round school, well they call her The Stick, because…well she’s sort of tall…and she’s awful thin.” Judy stifled a tear. “From the first day back after this tragedy, well she doesn’t think anyone noticed, but Abby and her friend Jo Smith dedicated themselves to seeing all the girls who’d been at Tuxedo. They talked to them, they comforted them, they cried with them. Together they were a two-girl grief-counseling unit.


“Abigail, please, come up here.” Judy paused while several Angels pushed the reluctant Abigail to the front of the church. “What Abby here did round school was remarkable.”


“Abigail has tried hardest of anyone to help everybody, when she as much as anyone has a right to feel saddened and rudderless.” Judy paused again,  “What you all might not know is that after school Abby has been spending most of her time at Mt Sinai where one of our own is still in a critical condition. Cari Huntingdown remains unconscious and on life support, Abby spends all of her spare time at the hospital with Carina…and her poor mom…”


Several girls started to cry.


“Abigail,” Judy choked back a sob, “is Cari Huntingdown’s best friend… Principal, Father, Mister and Missus Kirkham, we’d like Abby to speak on behalf of we Angels.”


Judy started crying loudly as some of the senior girls led Abby to the microphone.


“Ummm…I’m not good at saying things.” Abigail paused to stifle a sob. “Mister and Missus Kirkham.” Again Abby paused looking slightly lost. “Jamie was the nicest girl I ever met. We only shared one class…but…” again Abby paused, “well I’m kind of a freak, but she always treated me really well.”


There was a nod of heads from the girls.


“St Angela’s girls, well we look after our own. We may fight and feud a bit…” Abby sobbed audibly.  “But when the chips are down we are all Angels.”


“We are here burying poor Jamie, and praying for the health of Bobbi, and the safe recovery of Carina…” suddenly Abby stopped, the tears running down her cheeks. “Mister and Missus Kirkham all of us Angels are so sorry, I think we’d all willingly swap places with Jamie if we could…” Abby cried…”she really was an angel. The BEST Angel.”


Suddenly Abby’s tears started to stream as Mister Kirkham and Principal Tennant both tried to comfort her.



11.15 am

Mount Sinai


“It’s funny,” Bobbi said as she looked at Carina, “When those women came in, firing their guns into the air, it was Carina who kept a lot of us calm, talking to us, telling us not to be afraid.  I guess that’s why they picked her out – because she wasn’t afraid of them.


Even when the four of us were lined up, she was talking to us, telling us to be calm and be brave.  Especially Debby Cohen.”


“Debby Cohen?  She was the waitress?”


Bobbi nodded.  “Funny thing – I told the police this, but I’m sure she recognized the woman who shot her.  I could swear her lips formed the word ‘no’ before the trigger was pulled.”


“Was she the first to be shot?”


“Bobbi nodded and said “then poor little Jamie started crying and pleading, so they killed her next.  That’s when Carina stood in front of the murderer, and said ‘can you kill someone who looks you in the eye?’”


Juliette nodded – Bobbi had told her more than she knew



The Farm


Miss Cheetah held Cissy firmly by the shoulders as Miss Leopard taped the bare contacts of the wires to the inside of her legs and her feet with electrical tape.


“Now then,” Miss Cheetah cooed, the feel of her leather gloves as cold as the tone of her voice, “will you tell us the names of the other five stupid little bitches that dared to impersonate us?  We know you were one of them – who were the rest, and whose idea was it?”




“No – but enjoy your trip,” Miss Leopard said as she completed the circuit, the pain of the current shooting through her making Cissy arch her back.  She could feel her bladder emptying as the current ended.


“Who else was involved?”


The current shot through her again, as she felt her bowels open.  As it ended, she said “Plslsltmtlk.”


“Well,” Miss Cheetah said as she pulled the scarf out, “Names.”


“Please – no more…”


“Then start talking, bitch,” Miss Leopard said as she went to the battery, but before she could complete the circuit Cissy screamed “Debbie – Debbie Hurt.”


“Who is she?”


“She’s a waitress at the club – our inside woman.  She told us about the party, and we thought there would be huge takings.”


“Let me guess – she called in sick on the day?”  Cissy nodded as she smelt the urine on the floor, before Miss Cheetah cooed “Continue – who were the other four?”




11.45 am

St Joseph’s Church



“Safe from thee turning,
Grief’s tones will knell;
Hard, hard the learning,
God doeth well!
Till, be it soon or late,
Up, at the pearly gate,
We meet, oh watch and wait,
Loved one, farewell!”


The congregation sat, Abigail crying as the priest said “Let us pray.


“Lord of hosts, in your infinite wisdom you have gathered your child Jamie into the loving bosom of your heavenly home.  Grant us the peace of the safe and certain knowledge that she is at peace with you and the Blessed Virgin Mary.”



Mount Sinai ICU




“What is it Bobbi?”


“I don’t know, Miss Huntingdown, but I could have sworn I saw Carina’s eyelids move.”


The Farm


“Please, please, no more, I’ve given you the names of the other three women I knew.”


Miss Cheetah smiled as she lifted Cissy’s head up.  “And we are grateful – but who was the mastermind.   Which stupid bitch thought it would be a good idea to imitate us?”


Cissy was afraid of what might happen next, but something was holding her back – as another electric current ran through her.



St Joseph’s


“We also remember and commit to your loving and gracious care, O Lord, your servant Debby Cohen.  Grant your merciful peace to her family and may they know you are there with them.”


Mount Sinai


Juliette stared at Carina, and then said “I don’t know Bobbi, but…”


She then felt the tiniest of pressure on her hand from her daughter, and she whispered “Carina?”


The Farm


“NOOOOOOO all right all right – it was Sofia, Sofia Bartello.”


“Very good, Cissy,” Miss Cheetah said, “very good indeed, Cissy.”


“But you’ll never get to her – her father is Gio Bartello, and works for the Maroni family.”


Miss Cheetah and Miss Leopard looked at each other.  “Now, where may we find them?”



St Joseph’s


“And may you bring your healing touch to those sisters who wait on you, Carina and Bobbi.  May their families be joyful at their return, even as they mourn the passing of others.


“Let us join together in the prayer Our Blessed Father taught us to say.


“Our Father, Who Art in Heaven…”



Mount Sinai


“Carina?  Carina can you hear me?”


As Juliette held her daughter’s hand, she saw her eyelids flicker, and then slowly open.


“whthppnd?”  Carina tried to speak as her mother wiped her cheek.


“You came back to me, Carina,” Juliette said as she gripped her daughter’s hand, “That’s what happened.  Bobbi, please fetch the doctor.”



The Farm



“Please, I… I’ve told you all I know…”


“I believe you Cissy,” Miss Cheetah said as she looked at Cissy, “I believe you.  Time for you to sleep.”


The shot made Cissy’s eyes open wide, before her head slumped forward, a thin red trail coming down from behind her ear.


“Well now,” Sandy said as she removed her gloves and mask, “I think we have some web searching to do.”


Diana nodded as her phone pinged.  She looked at the screen on the trolley, and then said “Thank the Goddess – Carina is awake.”



St Joseph’s


As the girls filed out, Joanne took her phone out and looked at the message.


“Oh thank you,” she whispered as she looked at Abby. “Carina’s come round.  She’s still very weak, but she is talking.”


Abby breathed a huge sigh of relief as Joanne received a second message.


“Your mother – she’s coming to pick us up now.  She’s cleared with the school to let us out for the afternoon.”




“We have names.”



2.30 pm

The Farm


“I should have been there, staring in her face as you shot her.”


“Well, she said she and this Debbie character were not responsible for shooting the girls – and the statements of your friends do say two continued robbing while the shots were fired.  I was prepared to believe her, based on what she said.”


Abby nodded as she looked at her mother, the five of them sat round the dining table. 


“So we have this waitress, Debbie Hurt – the one who told them the layout of the club and about the party.  She’s meant to be a sweet, innocent little lady – so you and Heather get her, Sandy.”


“It will be a pleasure,” Sandy said as the door opened and Juliette came in, the group standing up and hugging her as she came in.


“She’s resting – although she said something about not wanting to sleep for a week,” Juliette finally said as she came down, “so what did she tell us?”


“Plenty – she was recruited when this Debbie told the gang leader about the party, mainly for her menacing manner.”


“And now?”


“She has paid.”


Juliette nodded and said “Good – now, what else do we have.”


“The others – you were right, they’re from Hell’s Kitchen and Little Italy.  We’ve cross checked the names.  Diana?”


Diana looked at the pad and said “first up, Barbara Fazio.  Early twenties, tall, blonde hair, works in a…”  Diana looked at Abby and Joanne.


“Come on Diana – spill it.”


“She is an employee of the Pain and Pleasure Emporium, on the lower west side.”


“What on earth is that?”


“A specialist whore house,” Heather said, laughing at the expression on the girls faces.


“Next up we have Anna Montefico and Julia Fiore.  They’re…”


“Oh come on Mom…”


Diana blushed and said “they’re two prostitutes – we have their general area of operations.  And then there is the brains behind the operation.”


“They seem disconnected – how would one woman know about them?”


“She knew Debbie Hurt at school, and the others because when you work their way up, they work for her father.  Her name is Sofia Bartello – and she is a queen bitch by all the accounts in the gossip columns.”


“So we have names,” Joanne said, “When do we move?”


“Well, you two are going to meet Tommy the Fish with Diana tonight – we need you to get Barbara Fazio and bring her here for a little chat.  Sandy and Heather will go later tonight to pick up Debbie.”


“and the others?”


“First things first, girls – right now, Carina wishes to see both of you, so go with Diana, and change at our place.  And girls?”


They turned as they stood up and looked at Juliette.


“Watch your step.”






8 pm

The Pain and Pleasure Emporium, W 23rd Street


“It looks like a normal store,” Miss Tigress breathed as she looked out from Tommy’s car.


“Well, looks can be deceptive Lady,” Tommy said as he looked over.  This was definitely out of his comfort zone, but Miss Panther had been most insistent in the way she had instructed him.


“Cissy – do I want to know what happened to her?”


“No,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked over, “so what do we do?”


“You get out of the car, you come with me, and you follow my lead,” Tommy said quietly, and then he looked at them.  “Look, ladies, I’m sorry if I speak out of turn, but well…”


“Come on, Tommy, don’t be shy,” Miss Tigress cooed, “what are you trying to say?”


“look, ye’r going to see fings in here that may surprise you – lord knows, I’m going to – so if you have questions, ask, all right?”


“Sounds exciting,” Miss Bobcat said, “Let’s go.”


“I need say somethin’ that’s been on my brain a while.” He paused. “You too aren’t very old are you?”


“Is our age important Tommy?” Miss Bobcat asked interestedly.


“Well yeah it is…”


Suddenly a cabby honked his horn at the girls.


“See it’s things like dat…” You two underneath that makeup are a pair of young ladies…real young ladies…. Hell I bet your both still virgins…. Am I right?”


“And if we say we’re not?” Abby asked.


“Oh God you ARE both still good girls.” Tommy the Fish shook his head.


“Tommy…” Miss Bobcat spoke slowly and carefully. “WE are Pussycats…Remember?”


“Yeah but you can still be good girls despite all of it.” The Fish shook his head. These Pussycats still didn’t add up.




Tommy got out of the car and opened the back doors, suppressing a shudder as Miss Tigress stepped out first.   She was wearing a black leather bustier that had leather straps over her shoulders, and a pair of skin tight black PVC trousers.  Her lower legs were encased in a pair of lace up black leather boots, and her long black hair fell over her shoulders.


As Miss Bobcat got out, he had to stop himself from whistling.  She wore a very low cut white vest, secured at the front with a laced bodice, and the shortest white hot pants – shorter even than those Tommy remembered from his youth.  A pair of thigh high white leather boots and a shock of curly blonde hair completed her outfit, while both had matching shoulder bags, already containing their “safety nets” from the previous night.


They wore makeup as well – carefully applied this time, the black eyeshadow around Miss Tigress’ eyes making them look as if she wore a domino mask, while Miss Bobcat had rouged lips and an almost white face.


“Well, here we go,” Tommy said as he offered his arm to both of them, and they walked across the street, Tommy opening the door and allowing them to go in first.


“Good evening,” the young girl at the counter said as they came in, “Can I help you?”


“She can’t be that much older than me,” Miss Tigress thought to herself as Tommy cleared his throat.  “Err – yeah toots.  I’m Thomas Kirk – I called to arrange a tour and a private room for me and my ladies?”


The girl looked down at the desk, popping some bubble gum as she said “Oh yeah – here you are Mister Kirk.  I am required to ask if these ladies are of age.”


“Do they look as if they are your age,” Tommy said, making the girl laugh as she said “No – if you will wait a moment?”


She picked up a phone and said “Babs, your special is here.”  Putting down the phone, she opened a drawer and took out two ornate masks.


“Policy,” she said as she threw them at Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat.  “No female who is not an employee goes beyond these doors without a face mask on.”


The two women looked at Tommy, who allowed himself a little smile as he said “Rules are rules, ladies – put them on and I’ll fasten them.”


“How delightful,” Miss Tigress breathed as she slipped on the mask, which resembled a lace effect of a veil in the way the material curved round her eyes and face.  Miss Bobcat had a white one, that almost blended into her skin as she put it on.


Tommy smiled and looked at both of them as he shook his head.  “I did warn you,” he said as the inner door opened, and he turned to see a tall, thin blonde haired woman walk out, dressed to his surprise in a dark blue tailored jacket and knee length skirt, a diamond brooch on her lapel.


“Mister Kirk?  I am Barbara, your host for this evening,” she said as she shook Tommy the Fish’s hand, and then looked at Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat.  “I see you brought your own assistants – why don’t you come through and see what we have to offer?”


“Shall we, ladies,” Tommy said as he offered his arms again, and they followed Barbara through the doors.  The corridor beyond was clean, as they heard some very strange noises coming from behind doors.


“Here we cater for the most discerning of tastes in a safe and secure environment,” Barbara said as she stopped at one door.  “For example, in this room we indulge a number of fantasies.”  She opened it and allowed Tommy and the Pussycats to look in.


A red haired woman was lying on the bed, dressed in a white blouse that was a couple of sizes too small as the buttons barely held it closed, and a short pleated skirt.  She was stretched out over a desk, her wrists tied to the legs on one side, her ankles to the other, while a man in a business suit was spanking her.


He turned and looked at them, Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat just stopping themselves from laughing as they recognized their American History teacher. 


“We shall leave him to the discipline of his secretary,” Barbara said as she closed the door, “now, what exactly did you have in mind for this evening?”


“We require a room with privacy, and enough room for all of us,” Tommy said as he smiled at the girls, “as well as sufficient equipment to keep my ladies – secured.”


“Well, may I recommend the dungeon,” Barbara said as she led them to a heavy wooden door, “I think you will find it – educational.”


Opening the door, she showed them in, and the eyes of Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat widened as they saw the metal racks, the wooden cross, the chains, the cupboards with ropes and balls that had strings attached to them.


“I think this will have all you need,” Barbara said as she looked at Tommy the Fish, “Now, I have a small matter of business to attend to, and then I shall return – I understand you wish these fine ladies to join you in restraint.”


“Yeah,” Tommy said quietly, “I get off on been tied with fine ladies like these, don’t I?”


Miss Bobcat nodded as Barbara smiled.  “Very well then, I shall return shortly,” she said as she left them, closing the door behind them.”


“I never knew,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked in the cupboards, “that people actually got enjoyment from this.”


“Takes all sorts, Lady,” Tommy said as he looked round.  “Now, the plan is that you’re gonna have to tie me to that cross, and keep me quiet, then overpower that lady and make a call.  Just do me one favor, eh?”


“What would that be, Tommy,” Miss Tigress said as she took his shirt and jacket off.


“Don’t enjoy it too much – Miss Panther says she wants me to help youse tomorrow as well.”  Walking over to a wooden cross in the shape of an X, he said “all right – let’s get this over with before I back out.”


“as you wish, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said, as she took Tommy’s left wrist and fastened the leather cuff around it, holding it to the top spar of the cross with a metal chain.  Walking round, she fastened his other wrist, before saying “People really get a thrill out of this?”


“Whatever turns them on, Lady,” Tommy said as Miss Bobcat looked at Miss Tigress, a nod briefly exchanged between them.  As she knelt down and secured Tommy’s feet, Miss Tigress selected a roll of white tape and tore a strip off.


“Try not to moan too much, Tommy,” she whispered before she tore a wide strip off and smoothed it over his mouth, before she gave him a little kiss, lips to tape.


"Oh my Goddess," Miss Tigress whispered as she scanned the entertainments on offer in the dungeon. "Here," she whispered trying to attract the attention of her partner who seemed very intrigued with the site of a female naked ass being beaten by a petite blonde with a riding crop.

"Jo" Abby hissed in her friend’s ear. "Can you imagine bringing Cari here she'd never want to leave?"

"News flash." Jo whispered back in Miss Tigresses ear, "I might never want to leave myself."  She walked over to the woman, and said “Sorry dahlin – we need exclusive use.  I hate to interrupt, but…”


“No problem,” the blonde said as she untied the leather leash from the stocks, and led the naked woman out of the room.


“Enjoy the show,” Miss Tigress whispered as she put her hand to his crotch and squeezed, Tommy moaning as the door opened.


“Ah, I see Mister Kirk is ready,” Barbara said as she came in.


“He is,” Miss Tigress said as she walked over and closed the door, “but he made a request of you.  He asked if we could play with you first before you secure us.”


“Well, the customer is always right,” Barbara said with a smile as she looked at the two masked ladies, “so what is your pleasure?”


“Why don’t you let us bind you,” Miss Bobcat said as she selected some rope and walked behind Barbara, pulling her arms behind her back as she started to tie her wrists  together.


“Ooooo,” Barbara said with a smile, “You’ve done this before.  Do you practice Shibari?”


“No, I prefer modern dance,” Miss Tigress said as she selected more rope, Tommy groaning at her innocence.  Barbara raised an eyebrow, as she allowed Miss Tigress to bind her arms tightly to her sides.


“I see you are not that experienced in our ways,” she said as she felt the ropes tighten, “and yet you know how to use ropes.  Do you practice at home?”


“You have no idea, honey,” Miss Bobcat said as she stood in front of Barbara.  “I like your outfit – where did you get it?”


“Oh this – I got it last week, and decided it would work for discerning clients such as Mister Kirk there.  Are you enjoying yourself?”


“Hysss,” Tommy whimpered as she watched Miss Bobcat open Barbara’s jacket and expose her breasts.


“It makes you look like one of those criminals – the Pussycat Gang.  All it needs is the scarf and the stocking.”


“Oh I don’t know,” Barbara said as she watched Miss Tigress select a pair of leg cuffs, and fasten them around her ankles, “they are meant to be very classy.”


“Yeah – that’s what that other lady said to our friends, wasn’t it?”


“Why I do believe it was,” Miss Tigress said as she looked in a drawer, and took out a long dildo shaped object.  “Perhaps you know her – Barbara, right?”


“I know many women,” Barbara said, her eyes closed as she twisted her body round, “and I would love you to shove that into me.”


“Sorry, Sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked at Barbara, “Would that be between your fat ass cheeks or up your tight little cunt?”


“What the hell…”


“Do you know, dahlin, we forgot to introduce ourselves,” Miss Bobcat said as Miss Tigress walked behind Barbara, “My name is Miss Bobcat, and my friend behind you is Miss Tigress.  Perhaps you’ve heard of us?”


Barbara stared at the small woman, dressed in white with the mask on, before she whispered “Oh she…”


“they all say that,” Miss Tigress said as she stuffed the scarf and stocking into Barbara’s mouth, and then pulled a red hood over her head, tightening it around her neck and pulling the material against their captive’s lips.  “Now, you murdering little pissant excuse for a slag, walk or I kill you, right here, right now.”


Miss Bobcat took out her cellphone and said “Miss Leopard?  One to collect.”  She then blew a kiss at Tommy, saying “We’ll be back in a little while for you, sugah – try not to go anywhere.”


“Vreffneee,” Tommy said as the two ladies escorted their captive out, leaving him unable to do more than call mutely out…


“Oh you have got to be kidding me,” Miss Leopard said under her breath when she saw the two masked women walking the captive out, and pushing her into the trunk of the car, closing the lid on her.


“Just tell me you’re going to go and get Tommy before he drops you off, and they will be gone,” she said as she looked at the other two.  They nodded before she said “Good – you’ll get picked up at the rendezvous at eleven.”  She started the engine and drove off, as they went back into the building.


As she walked in, some guy with a collar round his neck, carrying his own leash approached Miss Tigress.

"Will you take me home please Mistress?" he whimpered. "I'm just a poor lost puppy looking for a home."

Abby in surprise reacted as best she knew, she hit the pervert. He fell to the ground like he'd gone ten rounds with a boxing champ.

For some reason Abby put her stiletto heeled boot on his chest as she checked the pervert was okay…she wished she hadn't. The cries of joy emitting from the man were embarrassing.

"She wants me" he screamed.

"I'm her little puppy dog."

"Oh my Goddess your just a sick little puppy…end of story." Abby blurted out.

"Dahlin, If you aren't interested take your heel off him.”

"Why" she hissed back at her friend.

"Just look at his cock you stupid biche"

"OMG." Abby reeled at the sight of the man’s huge engorged penis. "I didn't do that did I?" She looked down at his huge dong very puzzled.

Her friend started laughing.

"How the hell did that happen? Did I do that?" Abby asked in bewilderment. "How?"

Jo laughed as she put her head close to her friends, "If I've got to explain Dahlin…. maybe you are too young to be in a place like this."




9 pm

The Tuxedo Club


Miss Cheetah and Miss Puma sat in the dark windowed car, watching the staff entrance as waiters and waitresses came and went.


“that’s her,” Miss Puma said as a dark haired waitress came out, a white apron over her knee length dark skirt, and lit up a cigarette.  Miss Cheetah looked at the picture that they had downloaded from the local licencing authority, and nodded as they stepped out of the car.


The waitress looked up and saw two women walking towards her, dressed identically in jackets and skirts, with silk scarves that reflected the outside light in their dark folds.  They seemed to be wearing some sort of pin each that glistened in the bright light, and for some fashion reason they both wore dark glasses.


“Forgive me,” Miss Puma said as they approached, their heels clicking on the flagstones, “but would you be Debbie Hurt?”


“What of it,” Debbie said as she looked at them, “what are you – feds or reporters?”


“Neither, my dear,” Miss Cheetah said as she took hold of Debbie’s arm, and stuck the barrel of a Magnum in her side, “We’re two of the ladies you and the rest of you cocksuckers thought it would be a brilliant idea to impersonate last Friday.”


Debbie looked at the two women, before she felt a warm trickle on her leg.


“We want a word with you, assfucker,” Miss Puma said, “but trust me, we would love it if you were to try and run or resist.  IT means we can kill you all the more quickly.”


“Llllloooookkkk,” Debbie stammered, “it wasn’t my idea to kill those kids, if this is what this is about.  That was that psycho Sofia’s idea.”


“Tell it to Miss Panther,” Miss Cheetah said as she and Miss Puma frog marched Debbie to their car, “she is most anxious to speak to you after she failed to have a word with Cissy.”


“Cissy?  What happened to the little dyke?”


“She had a major shock,” Miss Puma said as she popped the trunk.  “Now, get in, shut up and please – enjoy the ride.”


Debbie whimpered as she got in, the trunk closing as the two women walked to the front seats.


“That was easy,” Miss Puma said as Miss Cheetah drove off.


“Yeah – wish they were all like that...”




11 pm

Corner of W 23rd and 9th


“Where on earth is she,” Abigail said as she and Joanne stood by the store, her heel up against the wall as she looked up and down the street.


“Don’t worry, your mom probably just got stuck in traffic,” Jo said as she walked over to the edge of the sidewalk and looked up and down, then walked back, her bum wriggling in her hot pants.  “Tommy’s keeping an eye out for us over there, anyway.”


A black limo drew up, and as the girls watched the window was wound down, and a balding man looked out.


“Hey ladies – bit late for you to be out at night, isn’t it?”


“What’s it to you, sweet cheeks,” Abby said as she walked over, her hips swinging till she stood by the car, “Think you have what it takes for us?”

Abby found herself leaning over to look in the guy’s car window in the classic hooker pose.

“Well, you never know until you try,” the man said as he mopped his brow.

“Sweetie you couldn’t afford me anyway.” Abby stood up and walked away a couple of steps.

From his parked car opposite, Tommy looked up and blanched.  “Oh shit,” he said as he looked in his glove compartment for something, and then got out of the car, walking slowly over.

“Two hundred dollars and I get to fuck you for an hour.” The john asked hopefully.

Abby pulled up and looked back over her shoulders. “Two C notes for just an hour?”

“I don’t know, partner,” Jo said as she smiled at the man, “I don’t think he’s man enough anyway. Even when he’s offering that much” She flashed her chest at him, and laughed inside when she saw how excited he was.


“Oh I can take both of you,” he said with a smile, “get in and...”


“Sorry, bub,” Tommy the Fish said as he walked over and flashed a badge at the driver, “Move before I book ya.”


As the car drove off, Abby said “We were just having some fun.”


“Lady, round these parts that kind of fun leads to big trouble – and Miss Panther would not only kill me, she’d let me watch if anyfing happened to yous.”


“And you told me you were both virgins…she trusted you to my care…you are going back to her undamaged.”


“Yes Daddy,” they both sung out and giggled.


A second black car drew up, and the window came down, Miss Panther looking at Tommy the Fish.  “Sorry I am late,” she purred as she looked at him through her stocking mask, “A problem in midtown.  Seems a local dominatrix was kidnapped.  You would not know anything about that, would you Tommy?”


“Not a fing, lady, not a fing,” Tommy replied as the other two got in the back.  “Will yous be requiring me tomorrow?”


“Yes, and then I think we will be done,” Miss Panther said, “I am grateful for all you have done so far, Tommy.  I will not forget.  I will let you know where and when.”


As she drove off, Tommy shook his head.  “Still have no freaking idea what’s going on – probably just as well,” he said as he walked back to his own car.



Saturday 28th September

1 am, the Farm

The trunk of the car was popped, and Debbie was forcibly lifted out by the two women, both now wearing stocking masks over their heads, pushing their black hair down.

“We got Debbie, Miss Panther,” they said as the frightened girl looked at the tall, thin woman in black, “She claims she did not shoot anyone.”


“Is that right,” Miss Panther cooed as she lifted Debbie’s chin up.  “What would your colleague Debby have to say about that?”


“Please,” the young girl pleaded, “I just wanted to get some extra money, nobody was supposed to die...”


“And yet they did – two, and two more could have.  And it was so messy, so unnecessary.  But you know what really hurts?”


“No...” the girl wept.


“You used our name – and that has caused us some trouble.  So, forgive me if I don’t waste any time on you, you miserable little slut.”


Debbie didn’t have time to react before the bullet went between her eyes, and she dropped to the floor.


“Now,” Miss Panther said, “shall we see how the girls are treating our other guest?”


The three women walked to a second barn, where Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat were with the bound and gagged Barbara.  They had secured her to a bed, her arms and legs spread wide, and Miss Tigress was slowly unbuttoning Barbara’s jacket, opening it up as Miss Bobcat stood to the side.


“Good morning Barbara,” Miss Panther said as the captive looked at her.  Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat had changed into their suits, scarves and stocking masks before they had released her, as Miss Bobcat ran her gloved hand down Barbara’s chest.


“Hssshht – urmsspnfr,” Barbara said as she looked up.


“Yes, yes I am,” Miss Panther said as she stroked the gagged woman’s cheek.  “And you know why you are here, don’t you?”


The smile on Miss Panther’s face broadened as Barbara started to struggle.  “Oh spare me the theatrics, you stupid fucking bitch,” she said as she slapped her on the cheek, “we know you and your friends dared to impersonate us.  Well, payback’s a bitch, and we’re just the bitches to do it.  Miss Bobcat?”


“With pleasure,” Miss Bobcat said as Barbara heard a swish.  “I brought this back from your place of employment with me, sugah,” she said as she held the leather crop in front of the captive, “Imagine what I am going to do with you unable to move like that, hmm?”


“Nnn, nuwldntntntNNNNN” Barbara closed her eyes and screamed as Miss Bobcat brought the riding crop down on her chest.  “We will talk later, dahlin,” she said with a smile before Miss Tigress pressed the tape over her eyes, and they left her alone.”


“Well, three down, three to go,” Juliette said as they returned to the farmhouse.  “You girls go to bed – have a lie-in tomorrow morning, as you will not be needed until the afternoon.”


“Thanks,” Abby said as she stretched and yawned, “but when can we see Cari again?”


“Tomorrow night – you had better leave collecting conniving whore bitch number one to us. Don’t worry – your chance is coming.”



10 am


“Are you sure this is the only way we’re going to get this Sofia?  I’m not very happy with the idea of going into a Mob house in this way.”


“We don’t have any choice,” Juliette said as she pored over the building plans, “the girls need to be seen tonight with Cari – and they have a lot of homework to catch up on anyway.  Besides, after today I think they could do with some down time.”


“Yeah – I have the feeling they want to vent a few things,” Diana said as she looked at the other three, “and I need to drive them there before you set off, so our guest has a guard.  So it has to be you three, and we need to distract her father.  Heather, think you can handle him?”


“Big, Italian, male – piece of cake, especially with the outfit you loaned me.”  She looked up as the girls came into the room, stretching and yawning.


“Hey,” Abby said as she hugged her mother, “When do we head off?”


“One hour, and for God’s sake be careful.  I don’t know how you managed to get that riding crop out, but...”


“But?”  Joanne looked at Sandy as she bit into a crumpet.


“But it does the job – where is Tommy the Fish picking you up?”


“Where he dropped us off yesterday – and thanks for the outfits, Juliette.  They’re...”


“Only for today – then back to your usual garb,” Juliette said with a smile.  “We’re doing this for the four girls, all right?”


“OH yes,” Abby said as she sipped some orange juice, “we get it...”





1 pm

The Lion’s Pride, Rector Street

Tommy pulled up outside the bar and looked back.  “Well, ladies, my contacts tell me that if you wanna find those two broads, they come here on a Saturday afternoon.  Let me go in first and make sure that the coast’s clear.”


“Why, Tommy,” Miss Tigress said as she adjusted her lipstick, “don’t you trust us?”


“You I trust – the mooks in this place I don’t,” Tommy said as he got out and walked across the road.  “Okaay,” he said as he came back, “youse need to stand over there and try not to upset the other girls – I put the word out you were researching a bit part for one of the cop shows, but if someone tries to hire ya – please, signal me.”


“I like the idea of being talked to in that way,” Miss Bobcat said as she adjusted her brown hair.


“And I like the idea of waking up in the morning,” Tommy said with a sigh.  “Look, no matter how old or young youse ladies are, tread carefully – please?”


“We always do,” Miss Tigress said as she got out of the car.  Tommy looked at her as she stood there, in a red corset dress that barely covered her chest, never mind the micro skirt that only just covered he bottom.  Her sheer stockings were held up by a black garter belt, and she was wearing a pair of four inch high heeled red pumps.


“Like she needs the extra height,” Tommy thought to himself as Miss Bobcat stood next to her.  Her leather micro skirt was, if anything, even shorter than Miss Tigress’, but she wore a pair of stiletto heeled black over the knee boots over her stocking clad feet.  A white strapless bra and fake fur cropped jacket completed her outfit.


As always, they were made up to the nines, and their dark glasses hid their eyes as they adjusted their handbags, the guns safely nestled inside along other things they needed.


“Right – be careful,” he said as he drove across the street and into the parking lot, stopping where he could watch them and the bar entrance.


“Hey baby,” a tall man said as he walked past, “Looking good.”


“Thanks, honey,” Miss Tigress said as she thrust her hips out at him, making him smile as he blew them a kiss and walked off.


“What do you think Judy McNally would say if she saw us now,” Miss Tigress whispered to her partner, stopping as she saw Miss Bobcat light up.


“I didn’t know you smoked?”


“I don’t much anymore, but it used to be one of Megan’s vices, and well I kind of think it fits the character.”


“Oh my Goddess Heather would have a fit…you know how anti-smoking she is. Do you smoke often, well since you became Jo?”


“Very occasionally – and this is one of the very rare occasions,” Miss Bobcat said with a smile, “and as for McNally, she’d run a mile to avoid even coming near someone who looked like us.”


Two suited men walked past, ogling both of them as the two women stood there.


“Hey – put that tongue away boy, before it hits the pavement,” Miss Bobcat called out, laughing as the two men walked quickly away.


In the car, Tommy shook his head.   “They may be kids, they may be psycho killers,” he mumbled to himself, “but they got class, I’ll give them that.”


His attention was taken by a tall, thin red head that walked down the street, wearing a black leather dress with a short jacket, stockings and black heels.


Miss Bobcat saw her as well, nudging Miss Tigress as the new arrival walked into the bar.


“Miss Montefico, I presume,” Miss Tigress mumbled under her breath.  She nodded across the street to Tommy, who got out of the car as the two of them started to walk across the street.


“Hey sweet things, where do you think you are going?”


The two women were stopped by a pair of men who stood in their way, their arms folded.  They wore denim jackets and jeans, while one of them had a black bandana tied over his head.


“Well,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked to the door, “my friend and I were going to get a drink.  Want to join us, big boys?”


“We hoped you would say that,” the other man said as he opened the door, the two women walking in between them.  “Fuck,” Tommy said as he walked more quickly, “I don’t think they know who these guys are.”



The bar was heavy with the stale air of cigars – obviously the news of the smoking ban had not reached this place – as Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat walked over to the bar with the two men, Tommy standing by the door.  He watched Anna Montefico for a moment, then went to the bar and ordered a beer as he tried to listen to the conversation.


“Hey Dud – four Buds over here?”


“So, big man,” Miss Tigress said as she put her hand on his shoulder, “What can I do for you?”


“Oh give time and I can think of plenty you can do, sweet cheeks,” he said, grinning as he put his hand on the inside of her thigh.  “You and your friend looking for a good time?”


“Depends,” Miss Bobcat said as she stroked her hand along the thigh of the second man, “on what your definition of a good time is?”


“Whatever good money can buy,” the first man said as he grabbed Miss Tigress on her bottom and squeezed.  She managed to keep smiling, as she said “Well, big boy, what do you have?”


“Why don’t we step into our office and I’ll show you,” the man said, taking Miss Tigress by the arm.  Miss Bobcat shot a warning glance over to Tommy, who was about to stand up when a female voice said “Hold it boys – you don’t wanna do that.”


“Why not Montefico,” the first man said as he looked at her, “What’s it got to do with you?”


“I’m not worried about me,” the red head said as she looked at them, “I’m worried about what the bossman will say when he finds out you’re sampling the merchandise without telling him first.”


“You wouldn’t tell him.”


“No – I’d tell Sofia.  Fancy having your scrotum in a vice for half an hour?”


The two men looked at her, before draining their glasses and leaving the bar, Tommy breathing a sigh of relief as they did so.


“What the hell is Bartello doing sending a couple of wet behind the ears recruits down here anyway,” Anna Montefico said as she sat down.  “I’m Anna – who are you?”


“I’m Steph,” Miss Bobcat said, “and she’s CJ.  Why did you step in there?”


“Because I know those two – they’ll fuck you then rob you.  Geeze, you guys must be green if you haven’t heard of them.  Drink?”


“Yeah, go on,” Miss Bobcat said as three more beers came out.


“When did you girls start?”


“A coupla weeks back – Sofia gave us a patch, but she told us to come down here today.”


“Oh, so you’ve met Queen Bitch – do yourselfs a favour, and stay on her good side,” Anna said with a smile.  They took a swig from their bottles, before Anna said “Hey – youse gals hungry?”


“Why,” Miss Tigress said, flicking the finger at a couple of customers who wolf whistled as they walked past. 


“Come on,” Anna said as she drained her drink, “I’ll pick up some pastrami and olive bread, and youse can share lunch with me and my girl Julia.  If you wants to, that is?”


“Hey – never refuse a free meal is my motto,” Miss Bobcat said as the three of them left, Tommy draining his glass before he followed the three of them out, determined not to ogle their behinds as they walked a short way down the street, stopped at a deli, and then went into a run down apartment block.


“Here we are,” Anna said as she opened the door, and let them in, “Sit yerselfs down.”


Miss Bobcat and Miss Tigress looked at the room, and pushed some cushions aside as they sat on an old battered settee.  As they did so, a second woman with short blonde hair came in, wearing a red vest top and a pair of dirty checked shorts.


“This is my girl Jules,” Anna called through from the kitchen.  “Jules, this is Steph and CJ – Queen Bitch sent them down and the ran into the Bower Boys.”


“Rough start,” the blonde said as she sat down, watching Miss Tigress as she stood up and checked her makeup in the mirror.


“Second floor, window on right,” Tommy said to himself as she saw the light reflected, and then pressed the pager.  A few moments later he felt his cell phone ring.


“Hello Tommy, how are you?”


“Scared shitless – but I got an address for you.”  He gave the address, and listened as Miss Panther said “Thank you Tommy – leave now, with our grateful thanks.”


“Hey, thank me by only asking me fir guns in the future, lady,” he said, hearing her chuckle before Miss Panther said “You’re a good man, Tommy the Fish.  Be seeing you – oh, and Tommy?”




“Destroy the pager – I’ll know if you haven’t.”


The call ended as Tommy dropped the device to the ground, and ground it with her heel.  “I need to change my number,” he said as he walked off, “before she calls me to wake me up with a .44...”





“Thanks,” Miss Tigress said as she accepted the cup of coffee.


“It’s Folgers’s, but it’s not that bad,” Jules said as she heard a siren go past.  She and Anna looked to the window, then turned round and drank from their mugs.


“So,” Anna said as she put the mug down, “how did Sofia get her claws into you?”


Miss Bobcat and Miss Tigress looked at each other, then said “We met her through a mutual friend – Cissy.”


“I don’t know this Cissy,” Jules said as she took another sip from her coffee, “where does she come from?”


“Funny – she said she knew you,” Miss Tigress said as she put her cup down, and looked in her purse, “right before we killed her.”


“Before you...”  Jules and Anna started to stand up before Miss Bobcat said “No – sit down and drink your coffee.”


They looked at the guns the two women were holding to them, and slowly sat back down again.  “You’re no hustlers,” Anna said as she started to feel a bit faint, “who the hell are you?”


“You should be flattered,” Miss Tigress said as Jules started to blink, “you said you were us up at the party last week – the one you shot those girls at.”


“OH ffffffffff” Anna said as her head rolled to one side, Jules falling asleep against her side.  Miss Bobcat stood up and opened the apartment door, allowing Miss Leopard to join them.


“Good work,” she said as she threw Anna over her shoulder, “Let’s go.”





The Farm


“Wwwhhwhpppnd,” Anna Montefico said as she slowly opened her eyes, and realised she was bound naked to a bed, her arms and legs spread out wide.




She looked to one side, her eyes widening as she saw Barbara Fazio staring at her, her bare chest lined with red marks.  A large strip of silver tape covered her mouth, and from the tugging on her own skin she realised she too had a tape gag holding some cloth in her mouth.




She turned to see Julia Fiore staring back at her, as three sets of footsteps reverberated across the floor.


“Good afternoon, ladies – I’m glad to see you’re awake,” Miss Panther said as she stood between Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat, now dressed in their formal black outfits with their brooches gleaming on the lapels of their jackets.  “Allow me to make the introductions – on my left is Miss Tigress, and on my right Miss Bobcat.  I am given to understand you believe you know them very well.”


“Hfffkhffkkkhfkkkk” Julia said as she tried to twist free.


“Indeed – I was not impressed to hear the events of a week past Friday blamed on my fellow ladies and I, so we have invited you here for a little chat about self-discipline.” Miss Panther continued, as Miss Bobcat brought the leather riding crop down on her gloved hand.


“Frffksskktsntrflt,” Anna moaned.


“Not your fault you shot four young girls, and killed two of them?”


“Udttlttm,” Barbara said as she raised her head, only to scream into her gag as Miss Bobcat brought the crop down on her chest.


“Not the point, my dear,” Miss Tigress said as she walked over and traced round Anna’s chest, “The point is, you did not show us respect, and you dishonoured us.  So we need to teach you – a lesson.”


“Whtsrtflssssnnnnnnnnnn” Julia said, only to find out as Miss Bobcat brought the crop down sharply on her crotch.


“The sort you don’t forget,” she purred as she stroked her clit with her leather gloved hand, “and the one that tales some time...”


“I will leave you in their capable hands,” Miss Panther purred through her stocking mask, “but we will talk again – you can count on it.”


She walked away, listening to the screams and smiling as Miss Bobcat employed the crop, and Miss Tigress a leather belt...


6.30 pm

Mount Sinai

“Hey,” Carina said quietly as Abigail and Joanne came in.  Abby was wearing a pair of blue track pants and polo shirt, her thin frame tense as she walked in, while Joanne had on a pair of denim dungarees over a jumper, tears visible behind her glasses.


“Do not,” Abby said as she took Carina’s hand “ever do anything like that to us, again – I really thought you were not going to pull through.”


“You don’t get rid of me that easily,” Carina whispered and then she groaned.  “IT still hurts?”


“Morphine helps,” Carina said as she pressed a button, and then relaxed.


“Wow – how many visitors have you had today,” Abby said as she looked at the cards and flowers.


“Only two,” Carina whispered, “Judy McNally brought a whole bunch of cards, and Bobbi dropped by earlier before she went home.”  She looked at Abby and said “Judy told me what happened at the funeral – you did good, Stick.”


“Yeah – I’m not getting called that as much now,” Abby said with a smile.  “Your job now is to recover – we need Carina Huntingdown back in action.”


Carina nodded and closed her eyes, as the two friends sat with her.


8 pm

The Richmond Mansion

“She looks really lovely – I hope I look like her when I grow up.”


“You always say that you hope you look like Mom when you grow up.”


“Yeah,” young Sandy said as she looked through the rails on the landing, George beside her, “but she still looks pretty as well – just not as pretty as Mum!”


Heather was standing in the hallway, adjusting the long black opera gloves as she looked at herself in the mirror.  Her body was virtually encased in a red sheath dress that hugged every curve of her body, as she finished applying her make up in the hall mirror.  The dress had slits each side up to her waist, and they could see the top of the thigh high black leather boots she was wearing.


“And just what do you two think you are doing?”


“Sorry, grandmamma,” they said in chorus as Vanessa Richmond watched them go back to their bedrooms.  Shaking her head, she walked down the staircase.


“Thanks for babysitting, Mrs Richmond,” Heather said as she picked up her purse, “It’s not often I get to a swanky do like this.”


“It’s my pleasure – I like spending time with my grandchildren,” Vanessa said with a smile.  “When can we expect you home?”


“I will be late, so I will see you in the morning,” Heather said as she threw a red shrug over her shoulders.  “Good luck with them.”


“I do not need luck,” Vanessa said as she watched Heather walk out on her red three inch heels, “I am a Richmond woman.”


As Heather got into the car, Sandy handed her a pair of dark glasses and a long black wig.  “You can get ready on the way,” she said as she adjusted her scarf, “and prepare yourself.”




8.30 pm

The Bartello mansion, Washington Heights

The two men looked at the black Daimler as it drew up to the gate, one watching as the other tapped on the window.  As it came down, he looked at the black haired woman sitting behind the wheel, dressed in a black jacket and skirt with a black scarf tied round her neck.


“Madame Heath to see Mister Bartello – she is expected.”


The man looked in the back to see the black haired woman staring back at him, a dark suited woman next to her.  “Yeah, he’s waiting for you,” the man said as he waved, and the door opened, “you and her secretary can wait in the kitchen.”


“Most kind,” the chauffer said as she drove through the gates, the metal shutting behind them.


At the main entrance, she got out and opened the car door, allowing Madame Heath and her secretary to step out.  Waiting at the open door was a well built man, wearing a well made Italian suit, shirt and tie, while by his side was a young woman in her early twenties, wearing a long sleeved white blouse and a pair of black leather trousers.


“Madame Heath, a pleasure,” the man said as he stepped forward, his hands extended in greeting.  “I am Gio Bartello – my daughter, Sofia.”


“The pleasure is mine, Mister Bartello,” Madame Heath said as she took the hands, her diamond bracelets glittering in the light from the lit braziers.  “You honour me by allowing em to come and present my request.”


“Indeed – Sofia, my dear, show Madame Heath’s associates where they may get something to eat and drink,” he said as he took the gloved arm of the dark haired woman.


“This way,” Sofia said as she indicated the two women should follow her.  As they walked into the house, she said “I am impressed – does Madame Heath always insist on such impeccable standards of dress?”


“She insists we dress according to her standing and status,” the chauffer said as Sofia showed them to a small room, where a maid was waiting next to a table.  “Please, make yourself at home – I will come when your mistress has completed her business.”


“Most kind,” the chauffer said again as the secretary placed her large clutch bag on a table, and then walked over to talk to the maid.  Sofia smiled and closed the door, then scowled as she picked up a cell phone.


“Where the hell are you, Anna,” she said as she dialled the number again.




“So, Madame,” Gio said as he handed Madame Heath a goblet for brandy, “Tell me, how can a humble businessman such as I be of service to you?”


“Oh I think you sell yourself short,” Madame Heath said as she swirled the glass round and sipped her brandy, “I am told that of you wish to operate in this part of the city, it is wise to touch base with you first and seek your blessing.”


“Well, you honour me again with your consideration,” Gio said as she sat down.  “Tell me, my dear Madame, what sort of business are you considering opening?”


“I run a number of high class escort agencies,” Madame Heath said as she set her glass down, “and I am keen to open a branch here in Manhattan.  My research indicates such a service would not interfere with your current service providers, but I wanted to ensure I would not stamp on anybody’s toes, as it were.”


“Oh,” Gio said as he raised an eyebrow,” and would that be something you do a lot of?”


Madame Heath smiled and stood up, walking over as Gio looked at her body.  “Tell me,” she said as she stood in front of him, “is there a Mrs Bartello?”


“Not any more, God bless her soul,” he said as he took out a hankie and wiped his brow, “she died when Sofia was a babe in arms.”


“I see,” Madame Heath said as she leaned over him, giving him full view of her bosom, “so you have been alone all that time?”


“Oh I don’t know – work keeps me busy, and Sofia provides companionship...”


“But you still need the touch of a woman, don’t you?”


Gio nodded as Madame Heath took the tie out and pulled him forward.  “That is the service my ladies offer – and one I can give you a special discount on, if you so desire.”


“I may just do that,” Gio said as he looked into her eyes...




“Sorry, my dear,” Miss Puma said as she pulled the rope tight, leaving the maid hogtied and hidden behind the couch, “keep your head down and don’t move, and you will live through this.”


She stood up and pulled the stocking over her head as Miss Panther handed her the silenced pistol, checking the ammunition in her own.  The stockings pulled their dark hair down over their heads, as Miss Puma looked out into the corridor.


“Move out,” Miss Panther said as the two masked women walked out, Miss Puma shooting the butler between the eyes as he walked out into the hallway, only a small “phut” breaking the silence.  She signalled to the door her had stepped through and went that way, as Miss Panther climbed up the stairs.


In the kitchen, Miss Puma smiled as he looked at the chef and another man.  “All right, cocksuckers,” she said as she pointed the pistol at them, “On your knees, hands behind your head, and close your eyes.  I’ll make it as painless as possible.”


“Who the hell are you?”


“The Don is unhappy with your boss,” she said as she walked behind the men, “and he does not like being unhappy.  Good night.”  Two shots were fired, before she turned off the range with her gloved hands.





“Wow – you are one sexy momma,” Gio said as Madame Heath stroked her hand down his chest.


“Will you so something for me, Mr Bartello,” she purred as she stood up.


“And if I do?”


“Then I will give you a big surprise.  Kneel down and close your eyes – it’s a very special treat.”


Gio knelt, closed his eyes and listened as he heard clothing moving...




Sofia heard the soft thud outside her door, and wondered what was going on.


“Hey, what’s going...” she said as she opened the door, only to be forced back in, her arms raised as a dark haired woman wearing a stocking mask walked in, pointing a silenced pistol at her face.


“Hello Sofia,” she said in a cultured, cool, and yet chilling voice, “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”


“Who the hell do you think you are?”


“My name is Miss Panther.”


Sofia’s face visibly blanched, as she looked at the woman’s nylon covered face, and her gun.


“Put a coat on,” Miss Panther said as she smiled, “we’re going for a drive...”




“All right, Gio – you can open your eyes now.”


Gio Bartello opened his eyes and looked up, his eyes widening as he saw the black stocking over her head, the red scarf tied around her neck and hanging down her back.


“What the hell...”


He looked to the door to see the two women who had come in with Madame Heath, also wearing stockings over their heads, and between them was his daughter, a cloth stuffed into her mouth and tape over her eyes and lips.


“Get her out of here,” the woman he knew as Madame Heath said as Miss Panther and Miss Puma dragged Sofia away.  “I am sorry, Mister Bartello,” Madame Heath said as she put her heel on his chest, “But I prefer females.  No offence, but you are not my type.”


“Pity – so what are you?”


“Don Maroni sent me - Nothing personal,” she said as she produced a silenced pistol from her bag, and shot Gio between the eyes, before walking out.


As Madame Heath reached the hallway, she heard a noise in the room opposite.  She stepped in for a moment, a soft pop being heard before she joined the others in the car.


As the limousine approached the gates, the man stopped it and said “Good night?”


“Yes, thank you,” the chauffeur said as she shot him, and then the other guard, “Very useful.”


10.30 pm

The Farm



Sofia twisted her head round as she felt herself being secured to some sort of bed, and then two sets of hands ripping her blouse open, and pulling her trousers down before her legs were secured.  As the blindfold was ripped off, she saw the woman who had kidnapped her standing there, alongside two others – one tall, and very well built, the other smaller, but all wearing black, all wearing scarves and stocking masks, and all with a pin or brooch in the shape of a cat.


“Hello again, Sofia,” Miss Panther said, “Allow me to introduce you to two of the pussycats – Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat.”




“They’ve already spoken to three of your friends, while our chats with Cissy and young Debbie proved most interesting.  They told us you were the ringleader, the mastermind of the raid at the Tuxedo club where you used our name.”


Sofia moved her eyes between the two women, as they stood either side of her.


“Now just relax, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as she stroked up between Sofia’s legs with the riding crop, “this will not hurt a bit...”


“But this will,” Miss Tigress said as she pinched Sofia’s nipples with a pair of ice tongs, making  her scream into the night as they got to work...


“I’ll leave you to their tender care,” Miss Panther said as she walked away, “We’ll talk again in the morning...”  She smiled as she heard the screams of the young woman.


“So, will they get it out of their system?”


Juliette looked at Heather as she removed her mask and sat down.


“Most of it, yes, but I think we need to end it tomorrow – it’s important we are back home for Monday.  I have some meetings with financial advisers.”


“Oh, what for?”


“You’ll see,” Juliette said with a smile, “now, pour me some of that wine.”




Sunday 29th September

9.30 am, The Farm.


“Up,” Miss Panther said as the four captives were rudely awakened.  They lay still as their hands and feet were released, and then allowed to sit up, as they were given drinks and pastries by the masked women.


All six of them were there, watching through their stocking masks as they looked at each other and ate quietly.


“So what happens now – and what did you do with Cissy and that stupid little cunt Debbie?”


“Punished them,” Miss Panther said coolly.  “The Pussycat Gang does not like their name being stolen by such – fucking amateurs as you lot.”


“My father will have your asses for what she did to me,” Sofia said angrily as she looked at Miss Bobcat.  The smile she got in response was even scarier than her remembrance of the previous evening.


“We are going to deliberate what to do with you,” Miss Panther said as one by one they had their wrists pulled behind their backs and secured with ropes, and then their arms to their sides.  “In the meantime, you can contemplate what you have done.”


“What the fuck did we do?”


Miss Tigress glared at her, as Miss Leopard put her hand on her shoulder.  “We know, and you know we do,” was all she said as the six of them left the barn.


“Shit, Sofia, it’s really them,” Barbara said as she tried to free her wrists.


“Yeah, I know – I think they iced Pops,” Sofia said with a smile.  “I might thank them for that.”


“You’re a cold bitch, Sofia,” Anna said as she squirmed round.  “What do you think they did to the other two?”


Before she could answer, Miss Cheetah and Miss Puma came back in, and pulled black hoods over the heads of all four women.  They felt themselves been pulled up and forced to walk, then kneel on a cold stone floor, as their ankles were secured with what felt like more rope, and then their wrist were pulled back.  The sound of clicking heels left them wondering what was next.


The four women knelt, hogtied behind their backs. Suddenly their hoods were removed and as they blinked in the unaccustomed light, they were confronted with a sight that each of them was sure she hadn’t expected. Instead of the Pussycat bitches in their hot, sexy outfits, and their faces covered by stocking masks, there stood just three women. One was a tall mature woman in a simple, elegant black pantsuit. Her face seemed familiar to Sofia but she couldn’t quite place it. On either side stood two young women in St Angela’s Academy school uniforms, one tall thin and geeky looking, the other, blonde, cute, wearing large black framed glasses.


“And who the fuck do you think you are?” Sofia asked, the routine appearance of the women provoking a sudden burst of bravery.


“Well my name is Juliette Huntingdown,” the tall elegant woman remarked casually.


“You’re that old time supermodel.” Sofia remembered the face from. “You’re the mother of…” suddenly she remembered where else she knew the name. She gulped in shock.


“We’ve met before ladies, but you might remember you were calling me Miss Panther then.”


“Oh my God,” the words came involuntarily out of Barbara Fazio’s mouth.


“This young lady on my right is Abigail de Ros. You’ve met her before as well…She’s also sometimes known as Miss Tigress.” She gestured towards the tall geeky girl who bore no obvious resemblance to the masked woman they’d encountered before. “The other young lady is Joanne Smith, also known as Miss Bobcat.”


The four women all sweated remembering their previous encounters with Miss Bobcat.


“And you are telling us this why?” Sofia asked with an air of bravado.


“Well I’ll get round to that in a moment,” Juliette smiled.  “But just consider for a moment ladies - you actually have seen the faces and know the real names of three members of the Pussycat gang…the REAL Pussycat gang. Just think what that information might be worth to the authorities if you somehow escaped?”


“And what is the possibility of that?” Sofia asked with no great hope.


“Oh none at all.” Juliette chuckled lightly. “But I’m not going to kill you.”


“You’re not?” Anna Montefico blurted out the question.


“No I’m not.” Juliette moved back slightly. “They are…”


On cue both Abby and Jo pulled out silenced guns from inside their uniform jackets.


“You see it was their friends that you killed and hurt…they both swore you’d pay the price, and now you will.”


Joanne stepped forward and pressed the point of her gun to the temple of Anna Montefico.


“No,” the woman screamed.


“This is for Carina Huntingdown.” She said quietly, then pulling the trigger.


Abby stepped forward and put her gun to the head of Julia Fiore, who sobbed and implored her to let her live. “This is for Bobbi Morse.”Abby squeezed the trigger and the woman fell dead to the ground.


Joanne moved to stand in front of the shaking Barbara Fazio.  “This is for Debby Cohen who shouldn’t have even been there.” Jo intoned in a steady monotone before she pulled the trigger.


“Go ahead bitch…Fuckin’ kill me too,” Sofia screamed as she struggled against her bonds.


“This is for Jamie Kirkham…the nicest girl in school.” Abby sobbed for a brief second then closed her eyes and pulled the trigger.


Suddenly the barn was deathly quiet.


“How does it feel now?” Juliette said as she took the guns in her gloved hands.


“Oddly peaceful – so what happens now?”


“Now, Diana clears up here while we head back into the city,” Juliette said as she walked away from the four corpses, “As I said I have some plans to finalise – and you have schoolwork to finish.”


“I was wondering,” Joanne, said, “Can we send Tommy the Fish a thank you present?”


“I was thinking the same thing,” Abigail said with a smile.  “And I am starving – can we eat out today?”


Tuesday 1st October

9.15 am, St Angela’s Academy

The school stood to attention as Principal Tennant came into the room, and then cheered as Bobbi Morse walked in, slowly, accompanied by Abby and Joanne.  She managed to smile and wave as she was walked to the front, and the Principal took to the stage.


“Ladies, please be seated,” she said, watching as the Angels sat down. 

“Welcome back, Bobbi, if only for the morning, and I am pleased to report that Carina has made excellent progress, and should be able to come home in the next few days.”


Abby smiled at the cheers as Juliette looked on from the side of the room.


“This has been a week of tragedy, and of hope fulfilled,” Principal Tennant said, “and in that spirit, Carina’s mother, Juliette Huntingdown, would like to make an announcement.  Miss Huntingdown?”


The girls looked on as Juliette walked to the stage, wearing a grey Versace suit with a white blouse.  She looked over the room, then said “Before I make my announcement, on a personal level, I wanted to say thank you for the support and love you have shown Carina.  She grows stronger every day, and is eager to return.

“Sadly, of course, one of you cannot return, and it is in her name that I am here today.  An anonymous benefactor has made a sizable donation to St Angela’s to provide a scholarship and financing for any girl who wishes to pursue a career in Medicine.  The fund will cover fees to attend St Angela’s, as well as university fees and living expenses, and the award will be made to the student judged to be the most deserving in the New York area.


“The initial endowment, I am pleased to say, is to the tune of two million dollars.”


There was an audible gasp around the room, before Juliette said, “So I ask you to join with me, and applaud the start of the Jamie Kirkham Memorial Scholarships.”



She looked at Andrea and Bobbi, seeing the tears in their eyes as everyone in the room stood and started to applaud her announcement.







3 pm

The Calabria Club


Tommy the Fish came in and sat at the bar.  “Gimme a cold one, Annie,” he said as the barmaid drew a pitcher.


“Ain’t seen ya around for a few days, Tommy – business?”


“That’s one way of looking at it,” Tommy said with a smile.  “Hey – didya hear about the Bartello place?”


“Yeah – a real old fashioned mob hit I heard.  Wonder how he managed to piss off old man Maroni?”


“Hey – I’m looking for a guy called Tommy Fish?”


Tommy looked to the door, and had to stop himself laughing at the young lad standing there, dressed like a page boy.  “The church is down the street, kid,” he said with a laugh, “Who wants to know?”


“I got a package for you – got told to deliver it here,” the man said as he walked forward, “Sign here.”


Tommy scribbled his signature, and took the small box as the lad literally ran out.  The Tiffany’s brand on the outside made him stare for a moment.  “Take it outside, Tommy,” Annie said, “I don’t need any explosions here?”


“I don’t think it will,” Tommy said as he opened it, Annie gasping as she saw the contents.  He drew out a tie pin, made of solid 21 carat gold, with a diamond top in the shape of a lion’s head.


“Who did ya pay off to get that,” Annie said as he held it up.  Tommy looked in the box, and picked out a little card.


"From two ‘Good’ girls to their Uncle Tommy…Thank you for looking out for us.”


“Family gift?”


“Yeah – yeah you might say that,” Tommy said as he put the pin away, and brushed away a little damp spot in the corner of his eye.  “Drinks on the house, Annie – I feel like celebrating.”



7 pm

Mount Sinai



“And who, pray tell, was this anonymous benefactor?”


Abigail and Joanne grinned as they sat either side of Carina on the bed.


“We hope you don’t mind, but we raided our ‘trust funds’ – and our mothers chipped in,” Abigail said as she pinched a grape from the bowl.


“And the bitches who said they were us?”


“History,” Joanne said, watching as Carina nodded.  “But I got one question – why the fuck did you stand up to them?  You of all people?”


“Because they pissed me off – and then they tried to bump me off.  Big fucking mistake.”  Carina looked at them, before saying “Mom told me you worked with Tommy the Fish – what’s he really like?”


“A real pussycat,” Abby said with a smile, “He took us to some really interesting places.”


From outside the room, a nurse walking past heard Carina shout “He took you WHERE?”  and then laughter.  She shook her head as she saw the three girls in animated discussion, and walked away, thankful for her recovery.







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