Veronika’s Birthday








Looking out of the window, Veronika smiled as the scenery zoomed by.  She had been sent the tickets to spend the weekend in Berlin, the letter from her sister hoping she would make it, and as she had packed the previous night she had looked forward to the trip.


To her, it was the perfect way to spend her weekend.  Especially as it was her birthday on the Saturday.  She looked out of the window again, her brown hat covering her hair, the dark fur coat keeping her warm as it sat over her roll neck sweater and pants, both chocolate brown.  Her patent ankle boots shone in the sunlight as the fields continued to whizz by.


She was sitting in a carriage, with a door leading out to the corridor, but the train wasn’t too busy and she had the small compartment to herself.  As she looked out of the window, however, she heard the compartment door open and close.  Turning to see who had joined her, her eyes widened as she looked at the man who had come in, wearing a brown trench coat, and pointing a gun at her.  The most striking thing, however, was the fox full head mask he was wearing – it caught her attention so much she didn’t hear the phut, but she felt the tranquiliser dart, as her head fell slowly to one side...




Veronika slowly opened her eyes, blinking as she tried to make sense of what had happened.  She felt colder, and as she looked down her eyes slowly began to focus, noticing the bands of white rope around her ankles and below her knees.  Feeling with her fingers, she could tell her wrists were secured behind her back in the same way, and from the pressure on her upper arms she figured they were secured to her body as well.


She was lying on her side on a velvet lined banque, and as she slowly sat herself up she looked round what looked like a very opulent hotel room.  She was not the only person in the room either.  Lying on a large four poster bed was a blonde haired woman, wearing a taupe coloured jersey dress, which came halfway down her thighs, patterned stockings and three inch stiletto heeled shoes.


She was tied spread-eagled, and as Veronika slowly go to the feet and jumped over she raised her head, groaning as she said “is that you Veronika?”


“Anjelika?  Don’t tell me he kidnapped you as well?”


“He...  Oh, the man in the fox mask?  I am afraid so – he came into the drawing room of my home, pointed a gun at me and made me hold a chloroform soaked cloth to my mouth and nose.  I woke up a few minutes ago and saw you there, but I did not realise it was you until...”


Both women looked as the door opened and the fox headed man walked in.


“Ah – I see you are both awake,” he said as he placed two clothes bags on the banque Veronika had been lying on, then walked over and checked their ropes.  “I need to go and take care of the next invitation, but I hope you will make yourselves comfortable.”


“Invitation?  To what?”


“I think you know, Miss Mueller,” he said as he left, locking the door behind himself.




“Anjelika, I have no idea what he is talking about...”



Greta Huffman was walking around the back yard of her townhouse, breathing the early autumn air and smiling as she did so.  A black net shawl was wrapped around her arms and chest, covering her bare arms and contrasting with the pink top she was wearing.  A loose belt of brown metal discs was around her waist, sitting on top of a cream skirt, a small slit with a black border at the front.  Her outfit was completed by a pair of silver slippers.


“Today is a good day,” she said to herself as she walked round, wrapping the shawl around herself as she hummed to a tune that was running in her head.  As she heard the male voice humming along, she started to copy his tune, taking a few moments to realise that she wasn’t alone in her yard anymore.


Turning round, she looked at the man standing there, the fox mask covering his head as he pointed a gun towards her in his brown leather gloved hand.


“Hello Greta,” he said with an English accent, “I am here with an invitation, and I do not think it is one you will wish to refuse.  I am sure you will agree.”


Wrapping the shawl around herself, Greta nodded slowly as he produced a roll of white tape from his pocket.  “Good – please, turn round and place your hands behind your back, while I prepare you for the journey.  I can guarantee it will be an enriching experience.”


“Where are we going,” Greta said as she felt him taping her wrists together behind her back, and then turned her round.


“It’s a surprise,” he said as she felt him smooth the tape over her mouth.  “Now – close your eyes.”





Annabeth was relaxing in her front room, her legs raised over the end of the Ottoman, her eyes closed as she rested her head on a pillow.  She had endured the meeting of the board of directors for her charity, and the rest was most welcome.


Her long grey cardigan was open, showing her black silk jumper and designer pants, her dark hose visible on her feet between the hem of her trouser legs and her black heels.


She was dreaming, imagining herself on a recliner on a beach as a tall, handsome, well muscled man massaged her bare feet.  She felt him holding her ankles together, but said nothing, as she felt his fingers massaging the soles and then moving up her legs.


For some reason, he held them together just below her knees for a few seconds, and she asked what he was doing.  There was no reply, and she wriggled her legs around, wondering what was going on.


It was when she felt him press on her lips that she opened her eyes, and saw the man standing there, the fox mask close to her face as his gloved hands pressed the tape down over her mouth.  She tried to hit him, but he dodged the blows, holding her wrists together as she watched him wind the white tape round them, holding them firmly together.


“Now then,” he said as he lifted Annabeth in his arms, and carried her to the rear of her house, “we have a journey ahead of us.”


She was too scared to move as he placed her in the rear of a black van, and she recognised the older, plumper woman in the back.






Annabeth was unable to reply as her eyes were taped over, and she felt the van move off...



“There,” Veronika said as she untied Anjelika from the bed.  The younger woman had managed, eventually, to release Veronika’s wrists with her teeth, and waited as she released herself before untying her own bonds.


“Who is this man,” Anjelika said as she sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her wrists.


“I have heard of him,” her friend said as she tried to open the door, “he calls himself the Faversham Fox – some of my English acquaintances have been visited by him.”


“The Faversham Fox?  I presume that is the reason for the full mask?”


Veronika nodded as she looked at the clothes bag that was laid out.  “What the...” she said as she opened the bag, and took out a black silk dress.  “How did he get this...  He’d been in my house.”


“Mine as well,” Anjelika said as she opened the second bag, and removed a red strapless dress.  “Why has he brought these here?”


“For you to wear.”


Both women turned suddenly to see him standing there, a trolley in front of him with two domed dishes, a bottle of Rioja and two glasses.  Reaching under, he produced two pairs of high heels and left them to the side.


“I thought you would appreciate some lunch – there are still some preparations to make, and a little while before the celebration can begin.  I assure you both the food and drink are safe to consume.”


“Why have you brought us here,” Anjelika said as he uncovered two dishes, a beef casserole with rice on both.


“All will be revealed in due course – please, eat, drink.  I need to make a few more arrangements before you dress for the celebration.”


He left the room, again locking the door behind himself as Veronika walked over.  Picking up a fork, she tried a forkful of food, raising an eyebrow before she opened the bottle and poured the wine into the glasses.


“We may as well enjoy the meal – it tastes delicious,2 she said as she handed Anjelika a glass.  “As far as kidnappings go, this is by far the most civilised.”


“How many times have you been kidnapped?”


Thinking for a moment, Veronika said “At least six times.  Let me tell you about the Panther...”





“Thank you everyone, that will be all,” Anna said as her staff left the room.  She looked round, checking the table settings and the cutlery, smiling as she saw the crystal glasses placed in the perfect position.


It had been a little unusual, this commission – prepare the setting for and cater for a dinner party for seven, with no word on who the guests were or who was hosting, but the mysterious client had selected the menu, and now everything was ready to serve.


Only one other person, apart from her staff, had been in attendance – a middle aged woman, who had introduced herself as the housekeeper, and who had asked various questions about the final serving and preparation of the meal.  She had left Anna alone, saying that she would fetch the client in order to provide the final payment.


She walked over to the window and looked out over the immaculate lawn, thinking over how she would spend her evening.  Anna’s black dress hugged her body, the white collar and sleeves contrasting with the black fabric flower on her right breast.  Her feet were placed in a pair of soft suede heels, as she rushed her hand through her short brown hair.


“The gardens were apparently designed by Capability Brown – the current owner had done a magnificent job of maintaining them.”


“You certainly have,” Anna said as she turned round, staring at the man in front of her, his head covered by a mask in the form of a fox’s head.


“I find the design particularly soothing,” the Fox said as he turned and looked at her.  “Oh, my apologies – I am known as the Faversham Fox, and I am the host for this dinner party.”


“The...  I have heard of you,” Anna said quietly, “you are wanted across Europe.”


“Indeed,” he said as he nodded his head, and then said “I would like you to stay for dinner.”


“I...  I must with regret decline, I...”


“Will inform your other appointments you cannot make it,” he said as he put his hand on her shoulder, looking into her eyes.  “Maureen?”


“Sir,” the housekeeper said as she came in.


“Please, make Anna comfortable while I go and collect our final guest.”


Anna continued to stare at him as she felt Maureen guide her hands behind her back, and the rope as it rubbed on her skin, while the masked man turned and walked out of the door.




“Where in the name of creation did the men get to,” Marta said as she stood on the doorstep of the government building, “they were meant to have started to clear those leaves away by now.”


The local burgermeister tapped her foot impatiently, before she went to a closet, removed a long handled brush and walked back out, the heels of her chocolate brown leather boots clicking on the stone steps.  Marta was wearing a light brown tweed jacket over a brown top, the shade matching her boots and the leather skirt which came to just above her knees.  The hose was a matching shade as well, the wind blowing her light short cut blonde hair round as she started to sweep the leaves away.


“I bet Angela Merkel never has to do this at the Reichstag,” she muttered to herself as she swept the leaves to one side.


“I would agree – she usually manages to get the staff to do their work.”


Marta turned suddenly at the sound of the voice, to see the man standing there, in a  brown suit, white shirt and dark tie, the face of a fox staring back at her.


“Who are you?”


“Your chauffer to an important birthday dinner,” the Faversham Fox said as he pointed a pistol at her, and took her by the arm, “if you will follow me?”


When the workmen appeared ten minutes later, they found the brush lying on the floor, with no sign of the local leader...





“Madame Burgermeister,” Anna said as Marta was walked into the large dining room, the Fox guiding her to a chair and then lashing her body to the chair back with ropes around her waist and chest.  Marta groaned into the tape covering her mouth as the ropes forced her back, and then blinked as both the gag and the tape blindfold were removed.


She blinked as she looked round, and then whispered “Anna?  Why are you here?”


“I was booked to cater a party here,” Anna said as the Fox knelt beside Marta, and secured her ankles to the legs of the chair with rope, “and it appears, I am a guest as well.  You?”


“He,” she said as she looked to the side, “brought me here – but why?”


“If you ladies will excuse me for a moment,” The Fox said, “I will fetch the other guests, and the evening’s entertainment can begin.”


As he closed the door, Anna said “What is going on here?”


“I have no idea, perhaps...”


The door opened again as Maureen led in Greta, now wearing a blue leather pinafore dress over a black jumper, and black leather boots.  She was also gagged and blindfolded with tape, as the housekeeper led her to a chair and secured her in the same way as the other two.


“Is that...” Marta said as Greta was led to another chair, and sat down, her head moving as she was secured to the chair with ropes as well, and then the tape removed.  She blinked several times, and worked her jaw before she looked at the other women, and said “oh my God – what is this, a class reunion?”


“We have no idea – where were you taken from?”


“Home,” Greta said as she looked down at the bands of rope holding her to the chair, “you two?”


“I was here – catering this,” Anna said.  Marta looked round and said “at the office.  Who else has this man in the fox mask...”


“He called himself the Faversham Fox.”


“HIM?  I have heard the Inspectors talk of him, but why has he kidnapped...”


The doors opened again as Maureen brought another woman in, this one wearing a red leather bustier dress and matching over the knee boots, before she was tied to the chair.  When the tape was removed from her mouth and eyes, Greta said “Annabeth?  You as well?”


“Well, this is a surprise – in more ways than one,” Annabeth said as she felt the rope binding her ankles to the chair legs.  “If all four of us are here, then...”


“Ladies – I am so glad you were able to attend this evening.”


They turned their heads to see the Fox, dressed in a dinner jacket, standing to one side as Veronika and Anjelika walked in.  Both were wearing their dresses, but their wrists were taped together in front of them, and tape covered their mouths.


Veronika was wearing her black silk dress, the split from floor to hip allowing her to walk, while Anjelika’s dress hugged her body to just above her knees.  Both were wearing dark hose and heels, as the Fox pulled their chairs back, waiting for them both to be seated before he bound their bodies and legs to the chair.  He then untapped their wrists and mouths, neither saying anything until all six had been pushed into the table, and he took his seat at the head.


“Well now,” he said, “thank you all for coming today to help celebrate Veronika’s birthday.  I understand you are all old school friends, so it seems fitting you join her on this auspicious day.”




“This was not my choice,” Veronika said as she looked round, “and I am truly sorry you have been brought here in this way.  But, we are here, and apart from the ropes, and the tape, he has not hurt us.  Has he hurt any of you?”


The other four women looked at each other as shook their heads, as Maureen brought in the first course.


“Excellent – then let us eat, and you may talk of times gone by, get reacquainted with each other.  Once dinner is over, I thought you may enjoy some party games.”


“Party – games?”


“For now,” The Fox said as he sat down, “enjoy the meal...”







The evening, despite the unusual situation of the guests, actually passed pleasantly, as they talked of the old days, and what they had been doing for the last few years.  As the dessert plates were cleared away, however, the Fox stood up, and said “and so, to the games, but we must make some preparations first.  Maureen will come round and release you one by one from the chair backs, but do not move – instead, lean forward.  We will start with you, Madame Burgermeister.”


“What are you going to do,” Marta said as she felt the ropes holding her to the chair back loosen.


“You will see, please, remove your jacket and hand it to Maureen.”


Nodding, Marta took off her jacket and handed it over, before the Fox guided her wrists behind her back, and bound her wrists tightly together with red silk rope.  He then passed some rope around her upper body, the red showing upon the top as it was stretched over her chest, and sat above and below her breasts.


“Oh god,” Anjelika said, “how did you know...”


“It is amazing what you can discover with a little judicious research,” the Fox replied as he tied the ropes off, and then looked at the women as his gloved hands rested on Marta’s chest.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as he gently massaged her chest, and then said “we will continue later – for now, open your mouth.”


Marta nodded as she opened her mouth, allowing him to push a sponge ball into her mouth, and then tape her lips over, the white tape forming to the contours of her mouth and chin as he pressed it into place.


“Now then,” he said as Maureen started to release Anna’s chest from her chest, “I hope you will all be as cooperative...”




“Fnkkuuu,” Veronika said as the tape was smoothed over her mouth, and the six women were allowed to stand up, Maureen opening the door as they were escorted in single file out of the room.  The Fox led them to another room, this one with a large mat on the centre of the floor, as each of them was helped to sit down, before their ankles and legs were secured in the same way as their wrists.


As this happened, Veronika was stifling the moans that the ropes rubbing on her were generating, but as the Fox knelt behind her, and started to massage her chest, she wasn’t able to contain herself as she felt her breasts firming, and placed her heed against his chest.


She watched as Greta and Annabeth shuffled to each other, their gagged lips touching as she remembered their time at finishing school, and the feelings her two friends had shared for each other.  It was obvious those feelings were still there, as she moaned even more loudly at the sensations running through her.


Maureen was kneeling behind Marta, the Burgermeister groaning as well as the housekeeper’s hands massaged her chest, while Anjelika looked at Anna.  The two women nodded to each other as they watched, Veronika feeling the warmth and the joy inside her as the memories of her schooldays came flooding back.


Eventually, she stiffened for a moment, and then relaxed as the Fox said “there – now, you ladies will be spending the night.  We have gowns available for all of you – and then you will be secured for the evening.  The gags remain – you will be taken one at a time...”









Veronika moaned as her ankles were pulled back, and secured to the ropes holding her arms tightly to her upper body as she looked round.  All six of them had been brought to a bedroom, and allowed to change into nightclothes.  The garments, however, were short nightdresses of the style common in the seventies, with thin spaghetti straps holding them over their chests.  The fronts were stretched tight by the bands of rope above, below, beside and between their breasts, while their wrists were bound to their elbows behind their backs in a box tie.


All six also had ropes holding their ankles together and their legs below their knees, and one other rope – this one pulled tight between their legs, ribbing on their bare bodies as they wriggled, thanks to the way it was secured to the hogtie rope as well.


All six were feeling the pleasure now, as the Fox and Maureen looked at them – and then the bussing and sensations as the vibrators attached to the ropes were all switched on at once.


As she twisted round, and looked at the others, Veronika could see the smiles under the stretched tape covering their mouths – and she could feel her own as well.  It had been a good birthday – if not the one she thought she was going to have...






“The look on the home owner’s face when he came into the bedroom and saw all six of us – it was priceless!”


Anjelika laughed along with Greta as the six women sat in a local bar the next afternoon.  They had been discovered and released that morning, but of the Fox and Maureen there had been no sign.


“You know, we should get together again,” Marta said, “I know it was scary, but I had never felt so relaxed in twenty years.”


“Yeah – let’s do that,” Anna said as Veronika nodded.  She knew it would be fun – and next time, no guns.







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