What Katy Did Next – Part 3








Thursday 7th April

3.30 pm

FBI Field Office


Ida Morgenstern looked round the room, wondering what the hell was going on.  The woman and man had brought her here, sat her in the room and asked who she was and where she lived, then told her to wait there.  It was a simple room – a table, two chairs, and a large mirror that she looked at, walking up to it and checking her reflection.


“She doesn’t look like a Kidnapper,” Tom said as he looked through the one way mirror.


“I don’t think she is,” Caroline said as she looked in, “but I think her son may be.”


“Daniel Luke Morgenstern – born 1994, lived his whole life in New York,” Moletti said as he looked at the passport photo Majewski was projecting on the screen.  “And he’s been travelling a lot recently.”


“Let me guess,” Caroline said, “Florida, then Ireland, then Germany?”


“Oh yes,” Majewski said, “jewish son, father passed away, and by the looks of things, the Jewish mother from hell – no offence Captain Ball.”


“None taken,” Eleanor said, “so what are we going to do?”


“Something a little unconventional,” Tom said, “and then I think we watch a little mom to mom chat.”


“Bending the rules, Callaghan?”


“We passed that line last night Moletti, the moment Jan called in the Hand – so let’s run with this approach.”




Ida looked to the door as two people came in – one a man in his mid forties, wearing a dark suit, white shirt and blue tie.  With him was a young girl, wearing a school uniform, who put a mug of coffee down on the desk.


“Congressman Morse,” Ida said quietly, “what are you doing here?”


“Mrs Morgenstern,” Tom said as he sat at the table, “Lieutenant Moletti asked me to come in and explain what’s going on.  This is my younger daughter, Rebecca – please, have a seat.”


“Well,” Ida said, “why ask you?”


“Because the situation you have found yourself in, Mrs Morgenstern, is a bit more complex than you may think,” Tom said quietly.  “Last night, a friend of my family went missing, and it pains me to say this, but right now your son is a suspect in that disappearance.”


“My son?  What did that nogoodnik...


“Mrs Morgenstern,” Becky said, “someone took my friend last night, and right now all I see is the worry on her friends’ faces, and all I know is her family is worried sick about her.  They want her to come home, safe and sound, and to be with them.”


“How do you know my son is involved?”


“Someone is going to come to talk to you about that,” Tom said, “as a lawyer, I advise you to cooperate.  As a father, and as a fellow Jew, I plead with you – help them to get our friend back safe.”




Ida looked at both of them, before the door opened and they walked out.  The woman who came in had greying brown hair, and was smartly dressed.  The man she had seen in the cafe.


Hela,” the woman said as she sat down, “my name is Eleanor Ball, Mrs Morgenstern, and you have already met Lieutenant Moletti.”


“Are you another cop as well,” Ida said as she looked down.


“Not as such – I was asked to help with this investigation, Mrs Morgenstern.  Please, sit down.”


“So are you going to tell me what is going on,” Ida said as she took a seat, Moletti watching as Eleanor put a manila file on the desk, and then sat down, looking at the older woman.


“Ida – may I call you Ida – my formal name is Captain Eleanor Ball, USNR.  I understand your late husband was in the Navy?”


“Yeah – Pete was a Chief Petty Officer.”


“I know – I was looking at his file,” Eleanor said as she looked at her notebook.  “Twenty years service, distinction, commendations – and then the cancer came?”


Ida nodded.  “Those damn cigarettes – he never would listen to me.”


“Yeah – I know a few widows who feel that way.”


“You married?”


“Widowed – but it was his heart.  We buried him with honour.”  Eleanor sat back and said “he was given an honourable discharge – and you remained in the Bronx afterwards?”


“We’d bought our house – and I come from the Battery.  Why would I go anywhere else?”


“Well, I can understand that as well – and of course, you had your son...”


“Waste of space he turned out to be – doesn’t want to do anything...”


“Do you honestly feel that way about him?  My own boy, I can’t say I’m happy with some of the decisions he has made in his life, but they were his to make.”


“At least he did something with his life,” Ida said, “my boy just seems to be interested in one thing.”


“Oh?  And what is that?”


“This model he seems to carry a torch for?”


“That would be Katy Carter, right?”


“Yeah – he seems to have nothing else on his mind.”


“Well, Ida,” Eleanor said, “let me ask you a question.  Suppose your boy had a partner...”


“Chance would be a fine thing...”


“Bear with me,” Eleanor said with a smile.  “If he had a partner, and that partner had a young teenage daughter, what would you do?”


“If he did?  I’d give thanks to the heavens above for a miracle!”


“Despite your feelings about what he had done?”


Ida looked at Eleanor and nodded slowly.


“I want to show you something, Ida,” Eleanor said as she put a studio photo of Katy in front of her.


“That’s the model he can’t stop going on about – Katy Carter.”


“Yes it is,” Eleanor said, “and this is a photo of her with her family.”


She put a print of the photo Jack had taken at the wedding in front of her.


“She looks like a princess,” Ida said, “who are the others?”


“The women are her mother and grandmother, Janice and Katherine.  As for the man – he’s Adam, Janice’s partner – and my son.”


Ida looked at Eleanor, before she said “but with a name like Carter...”


“Oh, she’s not of our faith,” Eleanor said, “but I don’t want you to focus on that now.  Let me show you a photo of her at Munich Cathedral, where she was a bridesmaid at a wedding.”


As Eleanor put the photo down, Ida looked at it, and the crowd at the side.


“I wonder if you recognise anyone there,” Eleanor said quietly.  Ida looked at the photo closely, and said “No – should I?”


“Well, this is a blown up scene of part of the crowd,” Eleanor said as she put another photo above the first one, Ida seeing the face staring back at her.


“Now, the week before, Katy was at a shoot in Ireland with her grandmother – here they are, and here’s an enlarged one of the onlooking crowd.”


Ida stared at them, as Eleanor said “then before that, she was at Sebring – here she is at the unveiling of the RMC Racing team, which she helps with as her mother is a driver.  And some of the crowd.”


She put the two photos down, as Ida stared at them, and whispered “No...”


“That is your son, Daniel, isn’t it Ida?”


“He is a fan – he just wanted to see...”


“Lieutenant Moletti, would you play the excerpt from Tom Julian please?”


As they listened to the recording, Eleanor watched Ida closely, her body language as she recognised Sir Daniel, and a tear formed in her eye.


“Ida,” Eleanor said quietly, “Katy Carter was kidnapped from outside her school yesterday, and has been missing ever since.  No ransom demand has been made, but our team has been examining letters sent to the NorStar agency, and listening to excerpts such as these.  That is Danny talking right?”


As Ida nodded, Moletti put a copy of a letter in front of her.  “Is dat his handwriting?”  She slowly nodded as Eleanor leaned forward, taking her hands.


“Ida, the handbag you had today was Katy Carter’s – please, tell us where you found it?”


“It...  It was in his room...  He’d tried to hide it... I thought it was a gift...”


“It’s all right,” Eleanor said quietly, “nobody is blaming you for this, but we do need to talk to Danny, because right now, he is the prime suspect in the kidnapping.  He fits the profile, he had been following Katy around, and you heard him on the radio show.


“Ida, where is he?”


“I don’t know,” Ida said as she started to cry, “I swear I don’t know.”


“Do you have his cell phone number?”


Ida nodded as Eleanor smiled.  “Give us the number Ida, and then we’ll find somewhere more comfortable for you to wait until we find him.”


As she read the number, Phil Majewski typed it into the computer.


“It’s live,” he said, “and stationary.”


Tom nodded as Eleanor left the room, and came back in.  “That was amazing,” he said quietly.


“One mother talking to another.  The word?”


“We know where he is.  I’ll take over from Moletti in a minute – Caroline, you and Eleanor need to go to be with Jan, and await our call.”


“Good luck,” Caroline said as they collected their coats and left.  As they passed the rest room, Eleanor said “will you?”


“Go on,” Caroline said, waiting as she closed the door before she made a call.


“Heather – take this number down, trace it, and then call Tommy.  We think we know where she is.  Ball and I are heading back to Jan’s place.”



5 pm

West Central Park


As Adam opened his eyes, he shook his head.  The dream had been so vivid – both Jan and Katy making love to him.  As he got up, he wondered where that had come from – and then he heard the voices in the front room.


As he walked through, he saw Caroline and Eleanor sitting in one seat, Pepsi sitting with Jan and holding her hands as Katherine looked over.


“Do you feel better for the sleep, son,” Eleanor said as she looked at him.


“Yeah – what’s going on?”


“They may have a lead,” Jeanne said from where she and Erin were sitting at the table.  “The Hand and Tom both called, and said we should stay by the phone.”


“That’s fantastic news,” Adam said, “we need to...”


“No – Tom’s orders, and MacKay’s orders,” Jan said, “we stay until they call us.”


“Should have known – any coffee going?”


6 pm

The Bronx


As Katy looked up, Danny came into the room, wearing a smart suit, shirt and tie, and highly polished shoes.


“I thought we would dress for dinner,” he said with a smile, “will twenty minutes be enough for you?”


“Of course,” Katy said with a smile, “is there any particular dress you would like me to wear?”


“You may decide – I will go and fetch the food,” Danny said as he left and locked the door behind himself.  Katy walked over to the wardrobe, and selected a pale blue shift dress with a black belt.


“I’ve got an idea,” she thought to herself, “and with luck, he won’t notice until it is too late...”



When Danny came back in, Katy was standing by the bed, the dress falling to just below her knees, while her feet sat in a pair of three inch heel shoes.


“I hope you like this,” she said quietly as she stood with her hands in front of her.


“I do – it suits you,” he said with a smile as he carried in a folding table.  He was careful to keep himself between the table and the door, but Katy was able to see the corridor outside, and what looked like the bottom of a flight of stairs.


Danny then walked out backwards, returning with two chairs, and then leaving once more before he returned with a trolley, on which Katy could see some plates and two plastic bottles of drink.


“I’m sorry it’s not anything fancy,” he said as he closed the door, “but it will be out first real meal together.”


“That’s all right,” Katy said with a smile, “it makes it all the more special.  So did you prepare this yourself, or did someone help you?”


“Oh I did this myself,” Danny said, “I would not let her...  That is, I want to do everything for you, and so I do not need any help.”


“Well, I am glad – you are, after all, my shining knight,” Katy said as she moved to the table, waiting for Danny as he pulled the chair out and sat down.  “So, what are we having?”


“This for starters,” he said as he placed a plate of chopped vegetables and some humus in front of her, and then sat opposite with his own plate.




6.30 pm

Outside the Morgenstern Home


“All right,” Moletti said as he sat in the car with Morgan, “check in all units.”


“Unit 1 – we got the end of the block covered.”


“Unit 2 – other end closed off as well.”


“Unit 3 – no sign of anyone in the house.”




From the FBI field office, Tom Callaghan looked over at Phil Majewski, who turned and shook his head.  “He’s still there Moletti – which suggests one of two things.”


“Attic or cellar?”


“Exactly.  We could bring the thermal imaging equipment in, but...”


“Nah - that may tip him off.  All units – Morgan and I will go in first, stand by.”


“Copy that,” he heard the teams say, and then nodded to Morgan before they both stepped out.




Youse sure he’s in dere,” Carlos said from behind the wheel of his cab.


Dats what my friend tells me,” Tommy said quietly, “so drive round fer a while.  See those two getting out of the car?”




Moletti and my nephew.  If dey’re going in, fings are about to get interesting...”



6.45 pm


“That was delicious,” Katy said as she wiped her lips with the paper napkin, “you are a very good cook Danny.”


“I try my best,” he said with a smile as he stood up and collected the plates, and then went back to the trolley.  “I hope you don’t mind a salad,” he said as he placed the plate in front of Katy, and then gave her a plastic knife and fork.


“Of course not – after all, you want only the best for me, don’t you,” Katy said with a smile as she looked across the table.


“That’s right,” Danny said, blushing with pride as they both began to eat.


“So how long will I have to stay here,” Katy said as she swallowed the food.


“Hopefully, not long – I have to finish some arrangements,” Danny said before he took a drink of water.  “But I promise you, it will be worth the effort and the inconvenience.”


“Oh I know it will,” Katy said with a smile, “it will be our own little paradise...”



7 pm




“I’ve been round the back alley,” Morgan said as he rejoined Moletti, “no sign of anything there.”


His partner looked at the front of the house and nodded.  “Yeah – no sign of a cellar either, and too high up to see if the attic is big enough.  I guess we gotta go in.”  The two men walked back to the car, and pulled two flak jackets out, putting them on before Moletti took a set of keys in his hand.


“Nice of Mrs Morgenstern to let us borrow hers,” he said quietly as they walked to the door, Morgan drawing his weapon as Moletti quietly unlocked the front door, and opened it slowly inwards.


“Clear,” Morgan said as he went in, his gun raised as Moletti followed him and closed the door.  They looked along the hallway, and then Morgan moved forward, covering Moletti as he moved into the front room and looked round.


“Clear,” he whispered back as Morgan made his way to the rear of the house, while Moletti followed.




“I was wondering,” Katy said as she put her knife and fork down, “if you would stay and watch a film with me when we have finished – you can choose the film if you want.”


“Oh I would like that,” Danny said with a smile, “I am so glad you’ve accepted your new life, Katy.  It will be a wonderful one.”


“Oh I know it will be,” Katy said with a smile.  “So, would you like me to help you clean up?”


“Oh no – allow me,” Danny said as he cleared the plates away, and then served two slices of cheesecake.



“Clear,” Morgan said as he checked the last bedroom on the first floor, and holstered his gun.  “Looks like the place is empty.”




“Phone trace says he’s still there – must be attic or basement.”


“Copy that – all units, any sign of anyone?”


“Negative,” the report came back from the three units outside.


“Right – down or up?”


Moletti looked along the corridor and said “call – heads or tails.”




“That was wonderful,” Katy said as she wiped her mouth, and stood up.  “Now, why don’t you tell me what film you would like to watch?”


“In a moment,” Danny said as he stood up, “if you will excuse me?”


“Of course,” Katy said as she watched him stand and walk to the bathroom, taking his cell phone out of his pocket as he did so.  As the door closed, she smiled and thought “so that’s what that so-called hidden camera is linked to.  I’m glad I didn’t disable it now – it might have made things more difficult.”


Instead, she walked to the set of DVDs, and turned on the player before she heard the toilet flush, and Danny come back in.


“So,” she said with a smile, “which film do you want?”


“How about this one,” Danny said as he picked one out.


“Nobody leaves Baby in the corner, eh?  Very well then,” Katy said as she put the disc in, and started the player.  “I love the music this film starts with – will you dance with me, Danny?”


“Well, I don’t know...”


“Oh don’t worry – I just want to dance, is that all right?”


Danny nodded as Katy put his arm round her waist, hers round his, and then held his right hand in her left one.


“Are you nervous?”


“Well – I’ve never really danced with a girl before...”


“Oh it’s easy,” Katy said with a smile, as she moved from side to side, Danny following her lead as they made their way slowly round the room.


“You’re right, it is easy,” Danny said as he looked into Katy’s eyes, losing himself in the situation.  She had accepted him, she was his, and they would stay together forever and ever...




“Yes my love.”


“I want to say something to you.”


“And that is?”


Danny looked at her – and then gasped, his lips forming the letter O as Katy drove her knee into his crotch.  As he bent over, she let go of him and punched him, the blow on the chin sending him flying onto his back.


“I’m too much of a woman for you,” Katy snarled as she drove her heel into his crotch, Danny screaming with pain before she grabbed the keys from his pocket and kicked her shoes off, running to the door and finding the one that unlocked it.


“Katy...  No...”


She turned and waved at him, before opening the door and running up the staircase.  There was a locked door at the top as well, but she found the key, threw the door open and ran out – straight into a man who said “Oomph” as she connected with him.


“Oh shit,” she said as she felt a pair of arms grab him, and then she looked up.


“Uncle Al?”


“Katy – are you all right?”


“Apart from being shit scared – have you been looking for me?”


“A lot of us have been looking for you – who took you?”


“He’s in the cellar – I kicked him in the balls, grabbed his key and ran out...”


Kneeling down, Moletti said “Morgan – get down there!”


As a second man ran down, he held Katy’s head in his hands and looked at her.  Yer mom is out of her mind wif worry – but I fink she’s gonna be very happy very soon.  You sure he didn’t hurt you?”


“Apart from knocking me out – but I think he had a camera set up where he had hidden me.”


Moletti looked up as Morgan came up.  “He’s gone – there’s a second exit down there, looks like he made his way out the back.”


“Get an APB out for him, I want that psycho caught,” Moletti said.  “Callaghan?”


“We heard,” Tom said into his earpiece.  “We’re getting Majewski and a forensics crew done there as fast as we can.  Get Katy to Temple Hill – I’ll get the word to Jan and meet you there.”


“Understood – get the ambulance in people, and keep yer eyes peeled for Morgenstern!”


As he said this, Katy suddenly fell against him, the fears finally coming out in great rivers of tears...






Danny Morgenstern limped down the road, confused about what had happened.  She had rejected him?  She didn’t love him?  He needed to find a place to sit, and think things over – the police would be after him now.


Looking up, he saw a Yellow cab and hailed it, waiting as it pulled up alongside before he opened the door and collapsed into it.


Sheesh,” the cabbie said as he looked in the mirror, “someone do you over?”


“Just drive – away from here,” Danny said, the cabbie nodding as he said “okay, okay.”  As they set off, Danny looked at the ID of the driver – Carlos something...



8 pm

West Central Park


Jan looked up as Jeanne’s cell phone went off, and she looked at the caller ID.


“Tom,” she said as she went into the corridor, “what news do you have for me?”


Adam stood with his hands on Jan’s shoulders as the assembled group tried to hear what was happening.  Eventually, Jeanne came back in, putting her cell phone away as she did so.


“Well,” Adam said quietly.


“Please,” Jan said as she put her hands together in prayer under her chin.


“They found her – she’s safe and looks unharmed, but they’re taking her to Temple Hill to make sure.”


“Oh thank god,” Pepsi said as she collapsed into Jack’s arms, while Katherine hugged Eleanor.


“We need to get you down there Jan – who else is coming?”


“Adam, Mom?”


“We’ll wait here,” Caroline said, “do I have your permission to spread the good news?”


“Yes,” Jan whispered, “thank everyone for me.  Let’s go.”


“Here, dear,” Katherine said as she held Jan’s coat for her, before the four of them left the apartment.


“Thank you,” Eleanor said as she looked skywards, while Caroline took her phone out.


8.10 pm

The Richmond Mansion


Sandy looked over as Heather answered the phone, listening before she punched the air and whispered “Yes...”




“I’ll call you later – and thanks Caroline,” Heather said as she put the handset down.




She looked at Sandy, who was sitting between Sands and George, and said quietly.  “She’s safe.  The police have found her, and they’ve taken her to hospital to be checked over.”


George leaned forward and put his head in his hands, while Sands hugged her mother.


“Jan, Adam and Katherine are on their way to the hospital now – I’m sure she’ll call as soon as she is able to.  Caroline will call the others.”


“Oh thank the Goddess,” Sands said as she started crying, Sandy and Heather looking at each other.


8.15 pm

The Village


“I understand Mom – I will tell the others.  Will you go there before you come home?


“Of course – I will see you later.”


“Was that Caroline,” Annie said as Ama replaced the telephone.  Doc, Erica, Poppy, Jeannie and Nikki were sitting round the room, the empty pizza boxes scattered around.


“Katy is safe,” Ama said with a smile, “they have taken her to be checked, but she is apparently unharmed.  Pepsi is still at the apartment with Jack, waiting to see her.”


“YES!”  Jeannie punched the air as the girls hugged each other.


“Mom is going to make a few more phone calls...”


8.30 pm

Hobart-William Smith


“Oh thank the Goddess,” Jo said as she sat with Curt.  “Thanks for letting me know sis – I’ll talk to you later.”


“They found Katy?”


“They found Katy – Curt, can we go down this weekend?  I know exactly what she might be going through...”


“Of course – I’ll drive down with you,” Curt said as he held her.



8.45 pm

Temple Hill Hospital


“Where is she!


Moletti looked over as Jan pushed through the doors, Adam and Katherine following as Jeanne came up the rear.


“She’s in there,” he said as he indicated over his shoulder with his finger, Jan opening the door to see a nurse taking Katy’s blood pressure.  She smiled as she said “hey Mom – sorry I didn’t get home yesterday.”


“You are so grounded, young lady,” Jan said, and then she ran forward, hugging and kissing her daughter as the others watched.  “Is she all right?”


“She’s fine – we’re just waiting for some test results, and the doctor will want to see her, but she should be able to go home tonight – the lieutenant permitting.”


“Ah fink ah knows where to find her,” Moletti said with a grin.  “Wait until the doc gives the all clear, then you can go.”


Adam watched as Katherine came forward and hugged both of them, and then indicated to Moletti to follow him out.  “Thanks,” he said as he held his hand out, Moletti nodding as they shook.  “Any word on who did this?”


Perp’s name is Daniel Morgenstern – according to Katy, she kicked him where it hurts, grabbed his keys and ran out.  Well, ran into me if truth be told.”


“Where was she?”


“Basement of his house – Callaghan has a team going over it, but apparently he had built a little love nest down there.  When my partner went down, he saw a door opened out onto the alley – but we’ll get him.”


“I don’t understand – how did you get onto him so fast?”


“Teamwork, Popeye, teamwork.  Anyways – get back to yer lady.  They need you now – I’ll come and talk to Katy tomorrow.”


Adam nodded as he went back in, Moletti smiling as Morgan came over.  “Come on kid,” he said, “I’ll buy youse a drink.”


As he walked in, Katy was saying “so I just had to play along, and then take the chance when it came.  Who is he anyway?”


“Someone we will get,” Jan said as she held Katy’s hand, and then looked at the ring.


“Oh yeah – you’d better take and bag that,” Katy said as she looked at it.  “When I woke up this morning, it was on my hand.”


She slipped it off and put it in the plastic bag Adam took from his pocket, as the doctor came in.


“Okay, Miss Carter – your family?”


“Yeah – all of them,” Katy said with a smile.


“Well, everything looks good – but I want to refer you to a psychologist.  Standard practice in these cases.”


“Do whatever you have to Doctor,” Jan said quietly, “so long as I can take my baby home.”


“Well then – I suggest you go with your family, young lady.”


“Thanks Doc,” Katy said as she stood up, “come on Mom, let’s...”




“Jeanne,” Jan said, “what is it?”


“I think,” Jeanne said as she looked down, “that I need to go to a different department.”


Katherine looked at the small pool of water at Jeanne’s feet, and walked to the door.


“Doctor – we have a woman whose waters have broken here.  She’s not due for a few more weeks.”


“I see,” he said as he came back in, “your gynaecologist?”


“Helen Reichmann,” Jeanne said as she held her stomach. “What’s happened?”


“I’ll call Natasha, get her to come down and join you,” Adam said as Jeanne was sat in a wheelchair, and taken from the room.


“One hell of a day eh?”


“Yeah,” Katherine said to her granddaughter.  “Come on – let’s go home.”



9.15 am

New York Times


“So that’s what you’ve been up to all day – advising her mother on what to do, and helping the investigation, Jane.”


“Yeah – and I need to write up what happened.  The psycho who snatched Katy Carter is still at large, and the police want us to inform the public.”


“Well, it’s part of our duty – so what’s the but Jane,” he said as Jane sat back.


"Look Boss, I had to do a deal with Tom Julian on who gets to tell the story," Jane talked to the City Editor. "He gets to do a special edition of his show at midnight, and we get to release it in our Electronic edition at the same time."


"Who him? or me?"

"Him...but just run it past me once again why you had to do this Jane?" the Editor-in-Chief asked.

"Because his help was crucial in finding the kidnapper so quickly...I think we sort of owe him this one."

"Never thought I'd hear you say we owed him anything Jane," the night editor laughed. "But yeah in this case..."

"Well as long as he keeps his word....I'll okay the deal."

"Thanks Boss," Jane smiled, “now lead me to a computer so I can write this out before I collapse from tiredness."

"Coffee for Miss Molloy," the Night Editor yelled as he smiled, "And keep it coming."


9.30 pm

The New Calabria


Tommy looked up as Carlos came in.  “Hey,” he said, “where did ya dump him?”


“Downtown – an all night clinic.  I’ve got the Weasel to keep an eye on him, let me know where he goes from there.  We’ve also got someone on her place – just in case.”


“Good – good.  Let him think he has time to think, to consider his next move.  And all da time, we’ll know.”


“What do you want to do with him anyway?”


“Haven’t decided yet,” Tommy said with a smile.


9.45 pm

West Central Park


Caroline watched as George opened the door, smiling as Katy walked in with Jan.


“Welcome back,” she said quietly, “you’ve had us all worried for a while.”


“Yeah – sorry about tha...”


“Come here,” Pepsi said as she ran out and embraced her sister, Erin and Eleanor watching from the doorway.


“Nice to see you too,” Katy said with a smile, “have you been here all day?”


“She was here all last night and all night today,” Caroline said, “and she’s been a huge help to all of us.”


“That she has,” Jack said as he came out and hugged her.


“Jack?  What are you doing here?  And Captain Ball?”


“You’d be surprised who has been here to help,” Eleanor said, “but right now, I think what you need is some quiet time, and a hot bath.”


“Bath – yeah, that’s a good idea,” Katy said as she rubbed her arm.


“Come on – I’ll run it for you,” Katherine said as she guided her granddaughter to the bathroom, Adam putting his arm round Jan as she started shivering.


“Come in,” Eleanor said, “you need a drink.  I think we all do.”


“Yeah – Eleanor, I can’t thank you enough for what you did...”


“I wanted to, Jan – despite the impression I tend to give, I do have a heart, and I knew you would need all the support you could get.”


“I know,” Jan said as they embraced, Adam joining Jack and Erin Corben.


“Tom called – they’re analysing what they found where Katy was held, but Morgenstern is still at large.  He ditched his cell phone, but every cop and agent in the city is looking for him.”


“Good – I want to see his face,” Adam said quietly as his mother handed him a glass.


“Where’s Jeanne?”


“Well,” Jan said as she sat down, “probably talking to Helen Reichmann.  Her waters broke...”


“Oh lord,” Erin said quietly, “I come and all this happens.”


“Welcome to our world,” Adam said quietly.


“So how did you find him,” Adam asked.


“Old fashioned detective work and luck – but we can talk about that tomorrow.  Tonight, we just give thanks she’s safe back.”


“And then we find the bastard who did this,” Adam said quietly.


“Adam,” Eleanor said quietly, “she’s back.  Let’s just celebrate that tonight – and then tomorrow, we deal with the outstanding matters.”


“Yeah – yeah,” Adam said as they all raised their glasses in a silent toast.


"Well if I'm being honest on this, I'm rather pleased that a theory I floated before I left the navy worked," Eleanor sipped her cognac.

"And what was that Mother?"

"That despite what a lot of people think inter-agency cooperation - if it's done at the right level - can, and does, work."

"Explanations please Eleanor, my brain is too tired to put that together." Caroline smiled.

"Well look at what we did today.”  Eleanor put her glass down and looked round the room.  “FBI, NYPD, Naval Intelligence, Private Security, even unorthodox sources and the media working in harmony to rescue someone. It was a model that all our superiors might do well to copy."

Adam nodded as he said "For once, I agree Mother."

"You maybe need write a briefing paper on it and circulate it Eleanor," Caroline mused. "I'd certainly endorse it as a model case."

"You know I probably should do that," Eleanor said quietly.




“Hey – can I come in?”


“Yeah,” Katy said as Pepsi slipped in, closing the door behind her.  She looked at the younger girl, sitting on her bed with a dressing gown on over her nightdress, and went to sit next to her.


“Did the bath help?”


“In the sense of washing the feeling I’ve had physically away for the last day and a half?  Yeah,” Katy said as she looked at her left hand.  “Otherwise...”


“Look – you know you can talk to me, right?”


“Yeah – yeah I do,” Katy said as she smiled.  “You’re my big sister after all.”


“So how did you feel?”


Katy looked over at Pepsi, thinking before she said “One moment, I’m outside the school waiting for Sands to come back out.  Someone grabs my arm – and the next thing I know, I wake up in this room, with no windows and a locked door.  Only – it was a nice room, if you can believe that.  He’d get my toiletries, my style of clothes, entertainment – it was clean, it was...”


As Pepsi watched, Katy started to cry as she said “it was hell dressed up as heaven, Pepsi – and when he talked to me, told me he was going to do everything for me, I felt as if I was a china doll, not a real...  Not a real...”


“Come here,” Pepsi said as she put her arms round Katy, letting her cry as she held her.  “You’re back home now, and even though they still have to catch this guy, none of us – NONE OF US – are going to let him hurt you again.”


“You can’t promise that, Nikki...”


“Well, we can our damned best,” Pepsi said as Katy continued to cry, “our damned best...”


Eventually, Katy stopped and took a handkerchief from Pepsi, using it to dry her eyes.


“I get the feeling you’re going to cry again over the next few days,” her sister said quietly, “and if you need to, do it.  Nobody is going to think the worst of you for it.”


Katy nodded as she said “thanks – how long is Jack here for?”


“He’ll go back Sunday night – and seriously, if you want to talk, find me, all right?”


“Thanks, sis,” Katy said with a smile, as there was a knock on the door.  “Would you like to come and have some cocoa,” Eleanor said as she looked in.


“Yeah – thanks,” Katy said as she held Pepsi’s hand, and they came back into the front room, Katy going to sit with her mother while Pepsi sat next to Jack.


“Jane Molloy just called,” Adam said, “she wants to talk to you tomorrow Katy, after Moletti has spoken to you.  The story of what happened is going to appear in the paper, so you need to be ready for some of your friends asking questions.”


“Do they know,” Katy asked as she took a mug from Eleanor.


“No – I know you and Sands had a girls night planned for Saturday at her place,” Jan said, “and I think it’s important you still do that.  Those who did know said nothing.”


Katy nodded as Eleanor sat down.  “So who were looking for me?”


“Your mom and Adam were praying for your safe return,” Erin said, “so everyone else we know helped out.  We’ll tell you everything in the morning, once you’ve had a little sleep.”


“Sorry – you are...”


“Erin is a fellow FBI agent,” Jan said, “whose first case here was yours.  I met her in Buffalo a couple of months back.”


Katy nodded as she whispered “thanks” and took a sip of the cocoa.


“Katy,” Caroline said, “One of us – me, George or Sharon – will be staying with you and your family until this is all resolved.  George will be back in a little while to do the night shift.”


“Caroline, are you sure?”


“I’m insisting – I already told Tom, and he cleared it,” Caroline said as there was a knock on the door, leaving and returning with George.  “And on that note, it’s time we left you alone.  Jack, I’ll give you and Pepsi a lift back.”


“See you tomorrow night, Katy,” Pepsi said as the three of them went out.


“Perhaps I should go as well,” Eleanor said as she stood up.


“No – please, stay,” Jan said quietly.  “You’re part of the family as well, after all.”


“I need to go as well,” Erin said, “Tom wants you to stay here tomorrow, but he’ll call round to see you.”


“Thanks,” Jan said as she stood up and hugged Erin, before escorting her out.


11.30 pm

FBI Field Office


“Yeah,” Tom said as he looked up from his desk, and saw Phil standing there.


“Shouldn’t you be at home boss,” he said as he came in.


“I’m just heading off – updates?”


“We found his cell phone – he ditched it in an alleyway, but the APB is out with his description.  Meanwhile, that room he set up – he had a live camera feed to his laptop and his phone.  We’re examining his laptop now.”


“His mother?”


“We’ve put her up in a hotel under an assumed name – she can’t go back home yet, so an officer is getting some things for her.  Tom – go home, before Gale sends a search party out.”


“Yeah,” Tom said as he stretched and yawned, then put on his jacket.  “See you tomorrow.”


“So when does the story go public?”


Looking at his watch, Tom said “midnight.”


11.55 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“We celebrate the fact she is safe,” Diana said as she sat with Sandy and Heather, “but I want the young man responsible to know the mistake he has made.”


“We all do,” Heather said, “which is why the message I had from Tommy was interesting.”


“Oh,” Diana said, “and he said?”


“We have eyes on Morgenstern, if you are interested.  I replied to say we were, and to keep us informed.”


“They do?  Why?”


“The code,” Diana said quietly, “never war on the innocents.”


“Katy?  Innocent?”


“Remember, he does not know,” Sandy said, “but he does know Jan and Adam.”  Looking at her watch, she said “on which note, I have been told there is a broadcast we may wish to listen to by Jane Molloy.”


Turning on the radio, the three listened as a voice said “It’s midnight – and now on W-XJQ, Tom Julian with a special phone-in.”


“Good evening, New York – this is Tom Julian, taking up a little of your time to tell you of something that happened over the last day or two.  As you all know, I speak my mind, I tell it as I see it, without fear and without favour.  Yes, from time to time it can get me into trouble, but that’s in the job description – if you are going to cause controversy, you take the rough with the smooth.


“That’s why I can speak my mind on subjects I feel need to be aired – and over the last few weeks on my regular show, one of those things has been the way fashion models have been getting younger and younger, and how close we are to the line of providing the perverts and sickos who live in this city free jollies.  I’m not saying everyone is like that – I am saying some are, and that the way some of these models, the youngest of whom are only thirteen, can be objectified.  And of them, I have had a few words to say about Katy Carter, NY born, and who exploded on the scene modelling the outfit from the Kubrick classic Lolita.


“Now, let me be clear on one thing – I think it is wrong for a girl that age to do this, and I think it is wrong for her family to allow her to do it.  But this is a country where we have the right to choose, and the right to criticise that choice. 


“Let me be clear on another thing – we do not have the right to take the law into our own hands.  We do not have the right to force someone to do something they do not want to do, no matter the reason we may feel we have.  Earlier today, I was asked to help in a situation where someone tried to force a second person to do something they do not want to do – and that person was Katy Carter.


“Yesterday afternoon, when she was waiting outside her school, Katy Carter was kidnapped by a fan who, according to my sources, was obsessed with her and felt she was been influenced and forced to do something she did not want to do.  He held her as if she was his own possession, kept from her family, unable to tell her mother and her grandmother, her friends and family, she had been taken.  Her family were worried for her, and scared for her - and who can blame them?


“So when I was approached by two members of the team helping our fine boys in the NYPD to find her and find who did this, I and W-XJQ were glad to help, to provide information on some of the people who called to talk about Katy so that they could use that information.  I make no apology for that, because no matter what I may think of Katy and what she does, kidnapping is WRONG – and there is no other way of saying it.


“Tonight, thanks to the efforts of the officers of the NYPD, I can tell you that Katy was found, that she is safe back in the bosom of her family, and that the police and other law enforcement agencies are investigating where she was held.  They are also looking for a man in relation to the kidnapping – they will make a statement in due course, I am sure.


“Let me say two things before I open the lines.  To Katy and her family, I can only imagine the pain and the fear you have felt.  May you quickly recover, and no matter what I and others may say, hold fast to your own courage and dreams.


“And to the man – if he can be called that – who committed this crime.  The police may not name you, but I know who you are, and I say to you, you are a coward, you will be caught, and you will face the full penalty of the law.  We are going to open the lines, and if you wish to call and justify your actions, feel free.  Because I will feel free to tell you exactly how I feel about you.


“So, the lines are open, let’s talk New York...”


Friday 8th April

12.30 am

The Village


“There you are,” Annie said as Caroline walked up the stairs, and put her car keys in the bowl, “did you get Pepsi and Jack back safely?”


“I did,” Caroline said as she stretched, and removed her wig. 


“What would you like Mom,” Ama called from the kitchen.


"Cocoa PLEASE!" Caroline sighed as she slumped onto the sofa, "I've been running on fumes and coffee."

"I guessed you might have been Mom." Ama smiled as she bought in mugs.

"We were reading Jane's piece online. Was that really how it went down?" Annie asked.

"Pretty much, Jane tells her stories very straight.  We narrowed it down to one person, and when Moletti and his partner searched the house, Katy managed to subdue her captor, ran up the stairs – and straight into Moletti."

"And what has been on the radio?" Ama asked.

"Probably a bit embellished,” Caroline said as she took a sip, “but yes for once Tom Julian did play a positive role."

"Were there people outside Katy's apartment when you left?"

"Yeah, the press and media was beginning to gather, Moletti had NYPD keeping them at bay."

"Good,” Ama said, “but what about school in the morning?"

"Good point Ama, I better phone Wilhelmina I suppose..."

"Don't bother,” Annie said, “Grace has briefed her already."

"Okay, well I wasn't looking forward to explaining why she was ignored and kept out of the loop."

"Sandy has phoned the head at Katy's school and briefed her."

"Will the NYPD have men outside the schools Mom?"

"Yes, I think Moletti said they would." Caroline yawned.  “But right now, we all need some sleep.  The best thing we can do for Katy is get back to normal as quickly as possible.”


“Jo rang Heather – she and Curt are coming down tomorrow night, so that she can visit Katy.”


“Well, if any of us know what she’s going through, it’s Jo,” Caroline said as she stood up.  “Oh – and Jeanne has gone into labour.”


“She’s WHAT!”


“Yeah – apparently when they went to get Katy, her waters broke...”


2 am

Delivery Suite, Temple Hill Hospital


Henri was pacing up and down the floor of the waiting room, casting occasional glances at the door as nurses and doctors walked quickly past.  As he walked, he was offering silent prayers, his lips moving as he did so.


“Henri, you will worry yourself to death,” Natasha said as she came in with two cups of what passed for coffee.


“I know – but she is my only child,” Henri said as he took the cup, sipped it and then grimaced.  “This is meant to be coffee?”


“It is American – but i have to agree,” she said as she put her cup to one side and sat down.  “Henri, Helen is a wonderful doctor – she will be taking the best care of her.”


“I know, but still...”


"Am I in time?" Janine said as she raced into the waiting room, the door closing behind her.

"Yes, she's still a little way away yet," Natasha stood up.

"Thank you for coming my love." Henri smiled as she embraced the Californian.
"You think I was going to miss this?" Janine smiled. "Did you phone Celeste and tell her yet?"

Henri looked at his watch and nodded.  "She should be at Orly waiting for a plane right now."

"Good she will need her Mom." Janine paused, "now can anyone spread some light on this Katy Carter thing?"

"What Katy Carter thing?"

"Haven't you heard? They rescued her from a kidnapper earlier tonight...Didn't Jeanne?"

"I think she had other things on her mind." Natasha looked up as a door opened.


“Henri,” Helen Reichmann said as she came in, “Jeanne has asked if you will come in now.  It is nearly time.”



10 am CET



“I’m sorry, but I am afraid that the press are not being allowed into the shoot today, and Miss Auerbach is not going to comment on the situation in New York.”


“I am sure a statement will be issued in good time,” the older of the two gentlemen said, “but in the meantime, please refer all questions to the authorities in New York.”


As the press turned away, the two men looked at each other, and then shook their heads.


“I thought this was a holiday for us Pops.”


“Well, it became a working holiday,” the older man said as Missy walked across the courtyard.


"Dave, David,” she said as she approached them, “thank you so much for doing that."

"Not a problem Missy," Dave smiled, "I got the distinct feeling the Maestro was just about to blow up."

"How did they link you to Katy, and then to here in Prague so quickly?" David asked.

"With the media...who knows David," Missy smiled at the two men, "but to repeat what I said Thank You boys for making sure that at least here in the castle we are free to work and finish this shoot."

"If Antonio can decide on what dresses he wants us to wear." Mary shouted as the models passed by running towards the wardrobe racks.

"He is being IMPOSSIBLE! Just because he got jostled...and IGNORED by the TV crews," Mia Carragini shouted over her shoulder.

"That's Antonio." Missy laughed as her phone went off again. "Yes?" she answered in a suddenly testy voice. "Oh..."

"Good job son," Dave patted David on the back, "maybe we ought to hire out as bodyguards?"

"Nope, I think I'm going to want a quieter life teaching English Lit some day." David grinned.



4 am

Temple Hill Hospital


“What’s going on,” Janine said as she looked out of the door of the waiting room.


“Trust me, Janine,” Natasha said with a smile, “you really do not want to know.”


“Just how bad can it be in a delivery suite?”


“I would not know,” Natasha said, “given where Alain decided he wanted to arrive.”


As the door opened, both women turned to see Helen Reichmann standing there, smiling with her surgical mask down in front of her.


“Can you both come with me a minute,” she said, Natasha and Janine following them to a room where Henri was standing next to a bed, and Jeanne was holding a baby wrapped in a blue blanket.


“And,” Natasha whispered quietly.


“Come,” Jeanne said, “and meet my son.  Adam Henri Marais.”



9 am BST

The Savoy, London


“Well now,” Marianne Vosloo said as she wiped her chin, “what are you doing in London Liz?”


“Visiting Charlotte – when she said she was coming to see John, I’m afraid I invited myself along,” Liz said as both women hugged and kissed Marianne.  Charlotte was wearing a short sleeved grey blouse and pants, while Liz had on a blue sundress.


“Well, you are looking good,” John said as he came back, and kissed both of them.  “I’m afraid we’ve already eaten, but if you want something...”


“Thanks, but no,” Charlotte said, “although if you are having some coffee...”


“That’s my cue,” Marianne said as she stood up.  “Don’t be too long John – we have tickets for the London Eye this morning.”


“I promise you, I will be up as soon as possible,” John said as Marianne made her way out, and the other two sat down.  “Coffee for three please,” John said as the waiter cleared the plates, and slipped away.


“So, John,” Liz said, “Charlotte has brought me up to speed on the problems.  I think we have a way to address both problems, but we may need some help.”


“Anything I can do, I will do,” John said, the trio falling silent as the coffee was served.


“Right,” Liz said, “let’s compartmentalize.  Your vermin problem – do you have some suspects in mind?”


“A couple,” John said quietly.


“Well, we need to plant several false trails, and see which one makes their way back to those ears.  We can tell you which one our contacts will monitor – you get to make up the rest.”


“And when you tell us that they made contact, I can move in – nice.”  John nodded as he said “so, we can set that up – but Fergus.”


“Well, that’s where we need to get a bit more personal,” Charlotte said.  “We already have a Sister at his ranch, and a small team is coming down.  We’ll get some in as servants as well.”


“But we need a base of operations,” Jo said, “one of the off the book safe houses.”


“There’s one in the nearby town I can let you have,” John said, “what else?”


“Charlotte and I need to slip in – unobserved.  Diplomatic pouch?”


“I’ll get Hennie to sort it out – that way, nothing comes through my office.  How soon can you move out?”


“We can be in Jo’burg on the same plane as you – in disguise,” Liz said.  “I get the feeling time is of the essence.”


“Good – and thanks again,” John said.  “So Liz – what have you been up to?”



6 am

West Central Park


Katy suddenly sat up and looked round, breathing fast and heavy before she realised she was in her room, in her own bed, safe again.  She sat for a moment, feeling the cold sweat on her body, before she slipped out of her bed and put on her slippers.


Walking to the kitchen, she opened the icebox and poured herself a glass of milk, and walked into the front room – only to stop when she saw George Saunders sitting there.


“Oh – sorry,” he said as he looked up, putting his coffee mug down, “I was just having a coffee break.  How are you kid?”


“Awake,” Katy said as she sat down.  “But at least I got a few hours sleep.  Could have done without the dreams, however.”


“Bad ones?  Not too surprising,” he said as he sat forward.  “You’ve been through one hell of an experience kid.”


“Yeah – I suppose I have,” Katy said as she tried to smile.  “You?”


“No comment – there’s a reason I’m Caroline’s number two,” George said as he looked up, and saw Jan come in.


“I thought I heard voices – couldn’t sleep?”


“No,” Katy said quietly as George stood up.  “I’ll be outside if you need me,” he said as he left the room, closing the door behind himself.  “So,” Katy said as she looked at her mother, “Adam?”


“Still asleep – he’s been almost as worried as your gran and me,” Jan said as she rubbed her hair.  “How are you feeling?”


“Glad to be home, and away from that jerk,” Katy said, before she whispered “and wishing I’d driven my heel into his skull, never mind his balls.”


“Don’t let that out – unless it’s to one of us,” Jan said.  “By the way, Jo is coming down with Curt for the weekend.  If any of us know what you’ve been through, it’s her, so talk to her later.”


Katy nodded, and then said “did someone say last night Jeanne had gone into labour?”


“Yeah they did,” Jan said, “George?”


“You called?”


“Any word on Jeanne?”


“Apart from the safe arrival of Adam Henri in the early hours of the morning?  Nope.”


Both Katy and Jan looked at George as he smiled.  “I’ll let you tell him when he wakes up – Sharon just called, she’s on her way over to relieve me at eight.”


“Thanks,” Jan said as Eleanor walked in, stretching.


“Sorry – lifetime of working in the forces, means I get up early.  Do you want some coffee Jan?”


“Yeah – thanks,” Jan said as she looked up.


“What about you Katy?”


“No thanks Gran – I got some milk,” Katy said as she held her glass, and then looked up as she realised what she had said.  “Sorry – I didn’t...”


“It’s all right,” Eleanor said as she stood up, walking to the kitchen as she started to smile.




“It’s all right,” Jan said quietly, “I think I may have changed my opinion of her...”





He looked up at the apartment, still wincing.  The doctor had given him some cream, but it was the hurt and pain he felt inside that was overwhelming.  She had rejected him – and he needed to tell her how that made him feel.  But there would be time for that later.


From a distance, the Weasel watched, and then made a call...






8.30 am

St Angela’s


“Annie – have you got a moment,” Grace said as she saw the young Math teacher walk past.


“Of course,” Annie said as she came in, “What’s the problem?”


“Nothing serious,” Grace said, “but Wilhelmina would like you and me to join her for lunch, to discuss the events of yesterday and what we may need to change about security here.  I think she’s concerned that with Jeannie, Abby, Anna and some of the others here, and Kylie starting next semester, we may need to consider additional security measures.”


“Well, will Kate be there?”


“She will – so can you make it?”


“Of course – for a moment there I thought you were going to ask if I knew what the girls have planned for this year.


“And no – before you say it, I don’t.”


8.30 am

Bishop Walden School


“Oh no,” Sands said as Heather pulled up outside the school, “why are all the cameras here?”


“Don’t worry,” Heather said as she got out, “just get your bag and come with me.”


She jumped out of the car and held the door open, taking Sands hand as they walked quickly past the camera and into the entrance hall.


“Miss Smith,” the principal said, “Miss Richmond spoke to me last night and explained what had happened.  Alexandra, please make your way directly to your home room.”


“Yes Miss,” Sands said as she walked to the room, entering to the sound of “there you are!”


“Hey guys,” she said as she joined Liz and Shawnee, “sorry I wasn’t here yesterday, but...”


“Have you spoken to her?”


“No – but she’s coming tomorrow night, so we can have a night together.  But if she doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t ask – all right?”


The other two nodded as Laura and Cassie came in.


“Mom told me about Katy – is she all right,” Cassie said as she sat down.


“I think so – but you can ask her tomorrow.  She’s staying off again today...”




9 am

West Central Park


“Lieutenant Moletti, Agent Corben,” Sharon said as she opened the door, “come in.  The family are in the front room.”


“Anyone else here at the moment,” Moletti asked.


“No – Agent Ball and his mother went to get some supplies.  If you go on in, I’ll get some coffee.”


“Thank you,” Erin said as they and two uniformed officers went in.  Jan and Katy were sitting on the couch, both wearing sweatshirts and pants, while Katherine was on the phone.


“I have to go – I’ll call you later,” she said as she put the handset down.


“Hey,” Erin said, “I hope you all managed to get some sleep tonight.”


“Some,” Katherine said as she sat next to Jan.  “Any sign yet?”


“Not yet - Katy, I need to ask you a couple of questions,” Moletti said.  “What do you remember of when you were waiting outside the school?”


“Well – Sands had gone into collect her binder, and I was waiting when I saw a car pull up, and a man get out.  I honestly didn’t pay much attention to him – then someone grabbed my arm, and I felt a pinprick.  After that, the next thing I remember is waking up in the room.”


Nodding, Moletti said “that ties in with the evidence we found.  Morgenstern taped everything in that room from the time he brought you in.  We reckon he came into the room four times after that.”


“Four?  I only remember three.”


“The fourth as when he changed you,” Erin said, and then she saw the look on Jan’s face.  “No – no he didn’t, but he went through some sort of made up ceremony.”


“The ring,” Katy said quietly, “he said I was his wife, and he would look after me.”


“Exactly – the film shows you looking round the room very carefully.”


“Looking for a way out,” Katy said with a little smile.


"Katy at any time did he threaten you with a weapon?" Moletti asked.

"Did he ever imply he had a gun?" Erin asked as well.

"I never saw one,” Katy said, “but he had clearly planned this well, so my guess he does either have one, or he knows where to get one."

"Canvas all gun sellers you can get hold of asap." Moletti spoke to a cop in uniform, "find out if he has bought a weapon."

"Legally and illegally." Erin added.

"Will he be coming after me again?" Katy asked with some trepidation, "I think I hurt him more than just physically...I think he hates me by now."


“We’ve got the building under police guard – as well as the Jameson presence,” Moletti said, “and if you do go anywhere, someone will drive you.  Katy, I promise you, we will find him, and in the meantime we will do anything to stop him hurting you.”


“Thanks,” Katy said quietly.


“Jan,” Sharon said as she looked in, “Caroline just called – she’s going to the hospital later, and will take you as well.”


Jan nodded as Moletti stood up.  “Today, rest, and talk if you need to.  Jan, I’ll see you later.”


“I’ll show you out,” Sharon said as she opened the door, showing Moletti and Corbin out.  As she opened the apartment door, Adam and Eleanor were standing outside.


“Any luck,” Adam said as he looked at Moletti.


“Not yet – we keep looking,” Moletti said quietly as they headed for the elevators.


9.30 am

Xavier International


“Hey,” Susan said as she saw Caroline come in, “you look tired still.”


“Well, I got some sleep, but I could do with more,” Dom said as the screen lit up, and they saw Shirley in the Aldwych office.


“Good afternoon Madame,” Susan said, “are Penny and Charlotte with you?”


“I’m here,” Penny said as she sat down, “but Charlotte will be out of the office for the next few days.”


“Anything we need to worry about?”


“Not at this stage, Dominique – but my compliments to you and the crew you put together in finding Katy so quickly.”


“I only assisted,” Dominique said, “but it certainly was a team that worked.  The input of Eleanor Ball in particular was most helpful, but this really was a team effort.”


“Still, she is home safely – and what of the men that took her?”


“Daniel Morgenstern – I can confirm he was Katy’s stalker.  He had been writing to her at NorStar and defending her on radio shock jock shows.”


“Mister Julian – I heard the show this morning, and I have read Jane Molloy’s report as well.  The question now is, where is the man of interest?”


“We have all our operatives on alert,” Susan said, “and in talking to Sandy today, she confirmed that Tommy and his contacts are also looking.”


Gotta love that old school criminal code,” Dom said with a smile, “never war on children.”


“Well, with the combined forces of our contacts, the police and FBI, and Tommy’s contacts, I do not think he will remain at large for long,” Shirley said.  “You will continue to support Jan and her family, Dominique?”


“Naturally – Sharon Kennedy is there now, and I’m going to pick up Jan to go and see Jeanne after this meeting.”


“Oh – is she unwell?”


“Anything but,” Susan said, “she gave birth this morning to a baby boy.  She’s named him Adam Henri.”


“Ah – be sure to send our own congratulations please Susan.  So, any other business we need to discuss now?”



9.45 am

West Central Park


“There – I certainly feel better for that,” Katy said as she pushed her plate away.  “Thanks Gran.”


“I think we all needed a good breakfast,” Katherine said as she collected the plates.  “I’ll bring the coffee through in a minute.”


“Do you want a hand,” Eleanor asked.


“No – you go through as well,” Katherine said as she went to the kitchen.


“Come on – I know when Mom is dropping a strong hint,” Jan said as the four of them walked through.  Sitting down, Eleanor looked over as Jan sat with her hands together.


“Listen – Eleanor, I wanted to say something...”


“So do I – if you don’t mind?”


As Jan nodded, Adam looked on nervously as his mother sat forward as well.  “Jan, Adam – I need to apologise to both of you.”


“I’m sorry,” Adam said quietly, “did you just say...”


“That I need to apologise – and yes, Adam, I have done so once or twice in my life.  The last time I was here, I was rather rude and abrupt with both of you – but when I arrived the other night, and saw you both so worried and distraught, I realised not only how much you both cared for Katy, but how much you both cared for each other.”


“Mom, what are you trying to say?”


“That I’m sorry I misjudged you, and sorry I tried to interfere in your life Adam.  Can you both forgive me?”


Jan looked at Adam, and then stood up as Eleanor did so as well.  “You played a big part in bringing Katy back,” she said quietly, “and I and Adam will always be grateful to you for that.   But more than that, you were there for us as a family – so yes, I forgive you, and I want you to be part of this family as well.


“If that is what you want.”


Eleanor just nodded before the two women embraced, crying on each other’s shoulder.



Noon Local Time

Necker Island


“Juliette, tell me you were not about to check your e-mails for business.”


“All right – I was not checking my e-mails for business,” Juliette said, “I was checking the NY Times on-line, to see what has...”




“Klaus, you need to read this as well,” Juliette said as Klaus sat next to her.


“The poor girl,” Klaus said as he read Jane’s copy, “we must give thanks they managed to find her so quickly.”


“Yeah – why didn’t Missy call?”


“Possibly,” Klaus said, “because she trusted those who were looking for her, and they did not wish to spoil our time together.  Come – the water is blue and waiting...”



11 am

West Central Park


The press gathered outside the apartment building watched as Caroline Jameson came out with Lieutenant Moletti, and stood at the main entrance.


“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,” Caroline said, “I have been asked to make a short statement on behalf of the family, and then Lieutenant Moletti wishes to make a statement as well.”


Looking at the sheet of paper, Caroline said "The Carter family wants to extend its thanks to those who have expressed their best wishes to Katy on her safe return, and to the Law Enforcement people who found her and mounted such an efficient rescue. They also wish to thank members of the media for their cooperation in this matter, but ask if they could now be given some privacy so as to allow Katy and her relatives time to fully recover.  Lieutenant?"


Moletti stepped forward, cleared his throat and said “we wish to talk to one Daniel Morgenstern, twenty-two years old, from the Bronx.  A picture and description will be circulated to you at the end of this statement.  We would appeal to Mister Morgenstern to come forward to any precinct house and hand himself in.  Should any member of the public see Mister Morgenstern, they should not approach him, but inform an officer or call the NYPD Hotline number.  Do not approach him on your own.”


“Thank you very much everyone.”


"Is that all Caroline...no interviews?" a journalist yelled.

"Not for now."

"Can we at least get some photos?"

"No, and can I again ask you to respect the Carter family's wish for some privacy."

"Hey Caroline, youse know better..."

Caroline smiled as the media laughed.

"Hey I know you all have jobs to do, but remember please Katy is only 13, so just for once can you chill it guys.  Right now, they need the peace."


As they walked back into the building, and into the lift, Caroline said “and how are you feeling this morning Jane?”


“Better for the shower and a few hours sleep,” Jane Molloy said, “how are they?”


“Come and see for yourself,” Caroline said as they went into the apartment, Sharon closing the door behind themselves.


"Thanks for coming in the back way Jane," Jan kissed the journalist, "I don't think the pack out front would have been happy you alone gaining access."

"I know, and for them can I make a suggestion?"

"Please. Go ahead."

"Get Jack in here asap to take some pictures that can be released to the media this afternoon...they won't like it, but they'll take it as better than nothing."

"Good idea...Caroline?"

"I'm on it Jan," the tall blonde said as she pulled her phone from her bag.

"The second thing I'd say is get out of town for the weekend."

"But where?"

"How about my place in Annapolis Jan,” Eleanor said, “it's beautiful, it's private, and I can arrange for some discreet guarding by the navy."

"You know that does sound perfect...but would it be too much trouble?"

"Not at all," Eleanor put her arms round Jan.

"Well before you go, remember you also said you'd do an interview with Tom Julian on the radio."

"I know," Jan looked skyward, "I'm not looking forward to it, but yes I'll honor the commitment.  First however, I want to go and see Jeanne."


“Jack can be round at about one,” Caroline said.  “So grab your coat Jan – Temple Hill first, then the studio.”


“I can start packing a bag for both of you,” Katherine said, “but I’m going to stay here, give the illusion we are all here.”


“Are you sure Mom,” Jan said.


“I am sure – give you a chance to get to know each other better.”



12.30 pm

Temple Hill Hospital


“Knock Knock.”


“Caroline,” Jeanne said as she looked up, “come in, come in.”


“I brought a visitor,” Caroline said as she came in, followed by Jan as she looked round.


“Jan – come here,” Jeanne said as the two women hugged each other.  “How is Katy?”


“Recovering – how are you?”


“Elated – My mother has just gone with Papa to buy some things, and this is Adam.”


Jan looked into the crib next to Jeanne’s bed, and smiled as she looked at the sleeping baby.  “Everything all right?  You were early after all.”


“He is fine – a small miracle,” Jeanne said with a smile.  “I heard the Tom Julian show last night – he was almost taunting that boy to call.”


“That’s the idea,” Caroline said.  “He’s going to interview Jan in a little while, and if he calls in, we have the police monitoring the line, and hopefully we will trace him.  Not just the police either.”


“The Hidden Hand?”


Caroline nodded.  “We will track him down.”


“And then I want words with him,” Jan said.


“No – your job this weekend is to look after Katy,” Caroline said, “leave this to the rest of us.  Anyway – I see flowers have been coming in.”


“Jeanne – will you introduce me?”


Caroline turned to see Henri and a woman she did not recognise in the door.


“Of course – Caroline, Jan, this is my mother.  Mama, this is Caroline Jameson, and Janice Carter.”


“Are you all fine,” Henri said as he put his hands on Jan’s shoulders.


“We will be, once he is caught.  Forgive us, Henri, but we need to go.  We just came to deliver some cards from Shirley and others, and to see young Adam.”


“Of course – go, you are needed elsewhere,” Henri said as he kissed them both, and they headed off.


1 pm

West Central Park


“Where is she?”


"Hey Uncle Jack..." Katy couldn't finish before he threw his arms round her to hug her.

"Katy,” he finally said, “we were so concerned."

"I know," she smiled as he let her go.

"I just want to look and know you are really safe."

"Uncle Jack you can be such a drama..."

"Queen," he finished the sentence, "well I am and I'm proud of it."

"Do you want to put some makeup on Katy?" her Gran asked.

"No leave her just as she is," Jack grabbed his camera, "she's never looked so beautiful."

"But my hair...no makeup...these old clothes?"

"You look amazing Katy my love." Jack started taking pictures.  “This is what you need to show – who you truly are.  Trust your Uncle Jack on this.”


1.30 pm

W-XJQ Studios, Hudson Yards


“Tom Julian,” Caroline said as they came into the studio, “Janice Carter.”


“We meet at last,” Tom said as he stood and held his hand out.   “I have to say, you’re different from what I expected.”


“Which goes to prove the old adage, never judge a book by the cover,” Jan said.  “I always pictured you as an angry young man.”


“Well, not that young,” Tom said, “have a seat, and put on the headphones.  We go on after the news.  Be aware we have a thirty second delay, in case we have to bleep anything out.”


Caroline looked in the control booth, where Phil Majewsky was sitting with the producer and engineer.  He looked in, smiled and gave Jan a thumbs up, then listened in as the producer counted them in.


“It’s just after 1.30, and you’re listening to Tom Julian on W-XJQ.  As you will know from listening in last night – and you know you did – and reading the paper this morning, police yesterday rescued the teen model Katy Carter from a kidnapper – an event we were glad to help out with.  I have with me now Katy’s mother, Janice Carter.  Janice, thank you for agreeing to come in today.”


“It’s my pleasure Tom,” Jan said into the microphone.


“Now, I know you cannot comment on anything the fine boys in blue may be doing at this moment in time, so let me ask the obvious question.  How is Katy today?”


“She is recovering – but as Caroline Jameson said in the statement earlier today, it is important that she be allowed to do so, and for that reason she isn’t going to be doing any interviews at this time.”


“I understand – so can you perhaps tell us how you are feeling, and how you felt while she was missing?”


“Well, without going into the full details, I only had one thought – was my baby safe, and when would I see her again.  I’m glad both questions were answered so quickly.”


Smiling, Tom said “now, you must be aware of my views on Katy being a model at so young an age, and how that might give the wrong impression.  The question I have to ask is, why let her do it?”


“Because – and this is probably going to infuriate you and your listeners,” Jan said with a smile, “she enjoys it Tom.  I assure you, I had many of the same doubts and concerns you raise in your show at first.  In fact, if you asked Katy’s agent Missy Auerbach, and her mentors like Mary Thomas of Complete Style, they would tell you just how forcibly I voiced those views.”


“But you still let her model?”


“Because I was assured by them, and by friends, they would look after her and make sure she was not exploited in any way.  And I can assure you, she has not been exploited by anyone in the industry.”


Tom nodded as he said “and yet, a fan kidnaps her.”


“True – but as an FBI agent, I can assure you such – people exist in all levels of society.  If it had not been Katy, it could have been another young model – but we must give thanks for the fact she was returned unharmed, and seek to find this young man so we can help him.”


“You don’t want to hurt him?”


“What I want to do is irrelevant,” Jan said.  “As an officer of the law, I am sworn to uphold that law.”


“Well, we’re going to open up the lines, if you are willing to answer some questions?”


“So long as it doesn’t involve details of the case,” Jan said with a smile.


“Okay, we have our first caller. You’re through to Tom Julian, who do we have?”


“This is Glenda Tom.”


“Good afternoon Glenda – what do you want to say to me and Janice?”


“I wanted to say how brave you have been Janice – and I hope they find the bastard who tried to take your daughter from you.”


“Well thank you Glenda,” Janice said, “but forgive me if I don’t use the same phrase you did.  From what I have been told, he may be a very disturbed young man, but the important thing is we find him and help him.”


“Still, you and your family will be in my prayers.”


“Thank you Glenda,” Jan said as Tom looked to the producer.


“Okay, thank you Glenda,” Tom said, “who do we have next?”


“Hello Tom.”


Jan looked at Tom as they both heard the Bronx accent, Tom glancing at the booth as Phil Majewski started to type.


“Well, is that the dulcet tones of Sir Daniel I hear?  Well met, sirrah – what do you want to say today?  I imagine you must be glad that Katy was returned safe.”


“Oh how I feel about her safe return is immaterial,” the young man said, “because I have had my eyes opened now, and I finally see the truth.  So I have a message for you, Miss Carter.”


“And that message is,” Jan said quietly.


“That you keep Katy safe – because if I find her, I assure you, she will not have to worry about anyone hurting her or about being in danger as a model ever again.”


“And why is that, sirrah?” Tom asked.  


“Because I will leave her so that nobody will ever love her again.”


“Daniel,” Jan said as he looked at Phil, “I think you need to come and talk to us.  We only want to help you.”


“Yeah, right, I know what you want to do to me.  Watch your back, and watch hers as well!”


As the line went dead, Tom said “we’re going to take a break there,” before he motioned for the microphone to be cut.


“Any joy Phil?”


“Sorry Jan – we narrowed it to the Battery?”


Caroline took her own phone out, and left the studio.




1.50 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


“I got it down to a set of blocks near Battery Park,” Heather said, “Tommy?”


“We has eyes on him still, Miss Cheetah,” Tommy typed, “but we needs more eyes down here – and we needs a decision.”


“Hold the line Tommy – I will be back on line shortly,” Heather typed as she switched to the video screens.  “Caroline, I had Shirley and Diana on the screen with Doc and Annie from St Angelas.”


“Tommy is right, we need eyes down there,” Shirley said.  “Anna, will you be available?”


"I'd love to help out Madame," Doc looked at the screen, "unfortunately we are shooting some of the mascara pictures tonight, and I sorta can't wriggle out of that."

"I understand Anna," Shirley nodded.

"I still think it's a good idea though to send some of our people out looking," Diana spoke softly.

"Well who do we have that he might not recognize as being acquainted with Katy?"


“Well, Madame, may I suggest some of those who were on the course with Katy?”


“Good idea – I’ll get Susan to brief them,” Shirley said.  “We can also get some of the other girls to help out.”


“Okay – now to switch voices.”  Going back to the chat window, she typed “apologies for the delay.  Additional troops will be on the streets and on the lookout, Tommy.  They will feed through me, and me to you.”


Fanks ladies – and if we get him?”


“Share your views on his behaviour – and then contact us.  Is honour satisfied that way?”


“It is, ladies, it is.  Mister Lion out.”


“And when they have had their say,” Diana said quietly.


“We’ll decide then – depending on what’s left...


2.30 pm

St Angela’s


“Hmmm...  Hmmm.”


“Penny for them?”


"It's such a problem..." Grace bit the end of her pen as she sat in the staff lounge marking papers.

"What is?" Harriet looked over her shoulder.

"Latin-American Spanish getting mixed in with the Spanish Spanish that I'm trying to teach."

"Ah, that old question."

"So many girls have been to places like Mexico or Puerto Rico and they've learned some of the local dialects and idiom, it's hard marking what they say as wrong."

"Well as we said at the start of the year Grace," Kate Hardisty said as she grabbed a coffee, "we really want them to know the differences in the language."

"I know, it's why I'm pointing out where they have deviated from true Spanish, but I'm not really letting it effect their grades."

"Sounds fair to me." Harriet gave Grace a cup of coffee.

"So have the press disappeared from outside?"

"They have Grace, I think they were here merely in hope of getting quotes from any girl who knows Katy."

"It sounds like it Harriet."


“Good – we can get back to normal then...”



3 pm

West Central Park


“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Caroline said, “the Carter family are issuing these pictures of Katy Carter, taken earlier by Jack Linklater, to use in your reports.”


As Sharon helped distribute the prints, there was a muttered conversation amongt the group.


"So how comes Jack Linklater gets to take these pictures?" one of the photographers grumbled.

"Because he belongs to the magic circle," a TV newswoman replied.

"Yeah you aint one of 'their' cozy little group, you don't get the privileges." a male reporter grumbled.

"It aint fair," the photographer squinted up at the building.

"No it aint, but do you wanna be the one to take them on?" a woman photographer asked.

"What I want to know is how did he get in and out without us seeing?" the newswoman pursed her lips.

"Probably a secret entrance," her cameraman spoke up.

"Or she's not in there at all, we are having smoke blown in our eyes."

"Could be Sheila," the cameraman smiled, "we never said these folks were dumb."


“Of course we didn’t,” Caroline whispered to Sharon as they went inside.  “Now, you know what to do?”


“Drive Janice Carter’s car round the block with the windows up for a few minutes, and then come back.”




3.30 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“Hey there – where is everyone?”


Heather looked out of the drawing room and smiled as she saw Jo and Curt standing there.  “You made it – good, put your bags down and come in here.”


“Oh, and what is so important that we have to come in.”


“Because the mums and kids will start arriving soon,” Heather said, “and I want you to have a few minutes with them first.”


As Jo came in, she saw Katy, Jan and Adam sitting on the couch.  “Hey,” Katy said, “how are you Jo?”


“Never mind how I am, how are you kiddo,” Jo said as she squatted in front of her.


“I’ve been better – we’re going to go away for a couple of days, but we wanted to meet up with the others before we head off, just to let them see I am really here.”


“Caroline, Mom and others are running interference at the apartment,” Jan said, “while Adam’s mother sorts out some transport to her place in Annapolis.  We’ll be back Sunday night, but we really do need some time out.”


“It’s a great idea,” Jo said, “but do you want to talk before or when you get back?”


“Can we hold off until Sunday night,” Katy asked, Jo nodding as she stroked her head.


“Sure – the best thing you can do now is be with your family, and rest.  Why isn’t Katherine going?”


“She volunteered to stay, keep the media off our backs,” Adam said.  


“Right – adults into the kitchen,” Heather said as she stood up, “the kids will be back any minute, and we should leave the room to them.”


“I’ll wait until the others come – keep Katy company,” Jo said as Adam and Jan followed Curt and Heather into the kitchen.


“So we get to gatecrash the infamous Coffee Clutch,” Adam said quietly.


“For one week only – Abby is picking up George and Sands to bring them both back at the same time,” Heather said as she started the coffee pot.


“Everyone asks how the mother is on these occasions,” Curt said as he sat down, “but how have you coped Adam?”


“Barely,” Adam said as he turned his back to Jan for a moment.  “I want to rip this guy’s head off, and some of the dreams I’ve been having...”


“Maybe you need to talk to someone as well as Katy and Jan?”


“Yeah – I think Tom is having our psych expert talk to us when we get back,” Adam said.  “One good thing has come out of this – my mother has mellowed a bit and Jan invited her to be part of the family group.”


“Is that why you’re heading to her place?”


That, and it is remote, and guarded by some of her old Navy friends.  If Morgenstern shows up there, he may not survive the experience.”


“Well, the best thing you can do is be together this weekend,” Curt said as they heard the back door open.


“Jan,” April said as she came in, “how are you?”


“Better now Katy is back with us,” Jan said as April sat down, and Heather passed them both a mug of coffee.


“Where is she?”




“Answer your question,” Heather said with a smile.




“Oh I am so glad to see you,” George said as he walked to where Katy had stood up, and hugged her while kissing her forehead.  “You really had me worried there.”


“Both of us,” Sands said as she hugged her best friend.  “We’re just so glad you are safe.”


“Makes three of us,” Katy said with a smile.  “Sands, you’ll need to give my apologies to the girls, but we need to get away for a few days, out of the media limelight.  I’ll talk to them all next week, I promise.”


“I think they’ll understand – where are you heading?”


“I can’t tell you, but we will be back Sunday night.  Right now, I want to see you guys.”


“What do you think,” Abby said as she stood with Jo.


“I think she’ll be all right – once they catch him.”


“Hey Stick, Jo – who are...  Katy!  Come here girl!”


“Good to see you too Doc, Jeannie,” Katy said as she came over and hugged them.




“I heard the program at lunchtime,” Emma Carlton said as she sipped her coffee, “and Jane’s right.  You need to get away from here, somewhere they can’t bother you.”


“Well, Mom’s place certainly fits the bill,” Adam said.


“Is it the Ball ancestral home?”


“No – she bought it when she...  Well, when she officially retired,” Adam said.  “I’ve been a couple of times, and she’s right when she says it is secluded.  I think Katy will enjoy it as well.”


“And we both need the peace for a little while,” Jan said as she looked at Adam.


“And trust me, you will have it,” Eleanor said as she came in the back door.  “I just spoke to the people down there – your rooms will be ready, and we can leave when you’re ready.”


“Folks, meet Eleanor Ball, my mother.”


“Eleanor,” Jan said, “you know April, but this is Emma Carlton, and the two ladies coming in are Barbara Brewster and Denice Burton.”


“You must be Jeannie Brewster’s mother,” Eleanor said.


“That’s right – I popped in to see Jeanne today folks.  Mother and Baby doing fine.”


“Sorry,” Emma said, “did I miss something?”


“Jeanne had her baby this morning,” Heather said, “we can discuss a present for them in a few minutes.”


“Mom – I’d like you to met Jo’s boyfriend, Curt Richardson.”


“Richardson – Doctor Curtis Richardson?  I’ve read your thesis, and the recent paper you wrote on the Curragh Park find was a masterpiece of forensic profiling.”


“Well, I’m glad you think so,” Curt said with a smile.  “So you know something of profiling?”


“I do,” Eleanor said, “but I can’t say why.”


“Actually, you may be in a position to help me – Juliette Huntingdown asked if I could find out something of the activities an ancestor of hers performed during the war – Jane Huntingdown.”


“I have heard the name,” Eleanor said, “I don’t know how much help I can be – but if you answer a question for me, I will see what I can do.”


“And the question is?”


“Your professional opinion on the events, and the state of mind of Mister Morgenstern.”


Curt looked over at Jan, and said “what can you tell me?”


For a few minutes, Eleanor and Adam brought Curt up to speed.  Eventually, Adam sat back and said "Well Curt - an opinion?"

"From what you are telling me,” Curt said, “he seems an extraordinarily dangerous young man."

"And your reasoning?"

"The sheer degree of preparation,” Curt said as he counted off on his fingers, “the cameras, the hatred for her family, and now he will be turning that hatred on the woman he thinks has scorned him."


"Until he is caught Katy is in extreme danger."


“I concur,” Eleanor said, “hence my suggestion we go to my place.  On which note, we need to make a move.  I’ll go and get Katy.”




“Are you all right,” Ama said as she hugged Katy.


“Yeah – I can’t thank Caroline and the others enough for what they did,” Katy said, “or you girls for praying for me and them.”


“I give thanks you have been delivered home safely, and I hope you get the rest you need over the next few days.”


“So do I,” Katy said as she looked to the door.


“It’s time,” Eleanor said, “can you say goodbye to everyone for now?”


“I’ll talk to you guys on Sunday or Monday,” Katy said as she hugged the girls, and then made her way into the kitchen.


“Hey,” she said to the mothers there, “hi – and bye.”


“The road’s quiet outside,” Eleanor said, “and Caroline is running a diversion.  We should have a smooth road south.”


“I’ll call you later,” Jan said as she and Adam followed Eleanor and Katy out.


“Do you think they will be all right,” Denice said.


“If they catch him, then yes,” Curt said.  “Right – any more coffee Heather?”




5 pm

West Central Park


“We’re back,” Sharon said as she and Katherine came back in, “did they get away safely?”


“I just heard from Adam,” Caroline said as she stood up, “they’re safely on the road, and they’re not been followed.”


“How do you know,” Katherine said.


“Because George is following them,” Caroline said with a smile, “along with Lieutenant Morgan, and the Hidden Hand is tracking them as well.”


“Right – let me get you something to eat and drink Sharon,” Katherine said as she went to the kitchen.


"Sharon can you spend the weekend with Katherine please?" Caroline asked.

"Yes I guess I can...” Sharon said, “but why?"

"Our man knows the address, I'd not put it past him trying to break in, I want a bodyguard there."

"Me a bodyguard?"

"I know you are pretty confident with a gun, I've arranged a concealed carry permit for you, I want you in there."

"Okay I'll phone Dad, but what should I tell him?"


“Tell him you got asked to help Jan Carter out, and to talk to me if there is a problem.  Also, tell him Vanessa Richmond has offered to have Dawn and Andrew spend time with Sands and George Richmond this weekend, and Dawn can stay with Sands and her friends while George’s father takes George and Andrew out to a film.”


“Sounds fair – I’ll call him and let him know,” Sharon said as she slipped into a room.  Caroline smiled as she dialled a number.




“We have eyes inside and outside,” Susan said in reply, “and on the streets.  With luck, we’ll get him tonight.”



8 pm

I97, near Glen Burnie


"Have you ever been to Annapolis Katy?" Eleanor said, looking in her mirror as she prepared to exit the interstate.

"No,” Katy said as she looked at the darkening sky, “but Mom has been."

Eleanor raised an eyebrow as she said "You have Janice?"

"Yeah,” Jan said with a rueful smile, “when I was training at Quantico we came to run the assault course here."

"Rotten thing," Eleanor looked skyward, "when I was a midshipman that thing was my achilles heel."

"Yeah - It's a pretty stiff test.  Ever do it yourself Adam?"

“As an FBI agent in training?  I got lucky,” Adam said, “but Mom had me run it a few times anyway.”


“I could always arrange it this weekend Adam – get some of that aggression out of you.”


“Thanks, but no thanks,” Adam said quietly.


"Do you know Nikki wants to come here?" Katy asked.

"Your sister?"

"No Gran," Katy grinned, "the other one."

"Oh, the one who is an actress?"

"Yeah,” Katy said, “but she wants to fly Naval fighter planes."

"Admirable," Eleanor smiled, "she and I need to have a talk at some point.   Anyway, welcome to Annapolis.  I live on the other side of the town, so a ways yet..."


“What’s it like coming home,” Jan whispered to Adam.


“A very strange feeling, especially given why we are here,” Adam said as they passed through the streets, and then turned to drive up a hill, on the top of which stood a large single-storey house.


“Well, here we are,” Eleanor said as she pulled up under the covered entrance, Jan and Adam watching as the front door opened. 


“Hey,” Veronica Joyce said as she stood there, “welcome back.”


“Thanks, Veronica.  You know Adam and Jan, but this is Jan’s daughter Katy.”


“Welcome,” Veronica said as she hugged them all, “come on in.  We got the rooms ready, and there’s some supper cooking.”


“I asked Veronica to round up some people and set things up,” Eleanor said as they walked in, “and we’ll get the bags later.”


Katy looked round the large hallway, before Eleanor took them into the large main room.  A fire was burning in the fireplace, as she said “have a seat and unwind.  You’re here to relax, and have some down time.  I’ll get some drinks sorted.”


As she walked to the kitchen, Veronica followed her.


“I’ve got a boat in the bay, and guards discretely placed around.  Nobody is going to disturb you for the next few days.”


“Excellent - I can’t thank you enough for setting this up at short notice V.”


“Hey – I read the report.  Poor kid,” Veronica said as she looked at Katy.


“Stay for dinner?”


“I’d be honoured to – so long as we play a game afterwards.”





9 pm

The Bronx


“There ya go,” the pawnbroker said as he held the box over the counter, “a Saturday Night Special.  What do you want it for anyway?”


“Protection,” Danny said as he held it in his hand.  “Ammunition?”


“Twelve rounds in the box.  You want more, you come back.”


Nodding, Danny handed over the notes and put the box in the rucksack he was carrying.


“Hey – you all right?  You looks like you got kneed.”


“Yeah – the one I need protecting from,” Danny said as he turned and left the shop.  The owner looked at the door, then the notice under the counter before he took the phone out.


“Hey Marco – hold off on that call will ya?”


“Weasel – that’s the kid the cops want for kidnapping that kid, right?”


“Right – and we’s got our own plans for him.  We’re not saying don’t call – just hold off for an hour.”


“The Court?”


“The Court,” Weasel said as he walked out.


9.30 pm

Annapolis – Eleanor Ball’s House


“Thanks,” Jan said as she took the glass from Eleanor, Adam sitting next to her.   “You really do have a nice place here.”


“Well, I like it,” Eleanor said with a smile as Katy looked at a picture on the wall. 


“Wow – who’s that shaking your hand Gran?”


Veronica looked at Eleanor, raising an eyebrow as Eleanor said “That, young Katy, is President Clinton.  I met him once when he paid an official visit to the base I was working on.”


“Wow – have you met any other presidents?”


“One or two,” Eleanor said with a smile.  She watched as Katy sat down near the fire, before she said “I have no plans at all for this weekend, so sleep as long as you want, and we’ll decide what we do as we go along.”


“Sorry, Mom,” Adam said, “but did you just say you were willing to go with the flow?”


“Do you know, I think I just did,” Eleanor said with a smile.


“Veronica, can you just check the Four Horsemen haven’t appeared,” Jan said with a laugh.


“Now that’s good,” Adam said, “I haven’t heard you laugh since this whole mess began.”


"I think I'll take a nice walk along the seashore in the morning," Katy looked out the very large windows, "it should just be so peaceful and quiet."

"Well I can't blame you for trying it Katy, tell the truth I do it a lot myself." Eleanor smiled as she sat back.

"However did you find such a perfect location Eleanor?" Jan asked.

"Well,” Eleanor said, “since you asked so nicely...  I used to see this piece of land from out there when I was training on small boats, I always wondered why no one had built upon it...and to cut a long story short, when the land became available I bought it, and then the house sort of grew as I kept giving ideas to the builders."

"Well you created a piece of heaven."

"I will take that as a compliment Jan."

"So anyone for those games?" Veronica said as she came in from the kitchen.

"I'll let you guys play," Katy smiled, "I'm going to go make myself a nice bedtime treat, a big glass of milk, and damn being a model, I'm having a plate of cookies as well."

"Good for you Katy." Adam laughed.


"Before those cookies though, do you want to ring your other Gran, and Pepsi and tell them you are okay?" Jan asked another important question.

"I guess I better Mom," Katy reached for her mobile.

"Well if Katy isn't playing, I don't suppose you play bridge Jan?" Veronica spoke.

"Not against you and Eleanor as a pair I don't," Jan laughed, and it felt good to laugh, "Adam has told me ALL about you two playing cards."

"Well how about if I partner you, and Veronica Adam?" Eleanor asked.

"That sounds fair."  The three of them stood up and joined Veronica at the table, as they heard Katy say “I’m fine Sis – we made it in one piece...”


“Care to cut and deal,” Eleanor said as she passed the deck to Adam, watching as he shuffled the cards.


“What was that...  Oh no, she hasn’t has she?”


Jan smiled as she heard Katy laugh, while Adam dealt the cards out, Jan picking hers up and looking at her hand.


“Adam, would you care to open the bidding?”


Nodding, Adam said “No bid.”


Jan looked at her hand, and said “One Club.”


“Okay then – I’ll pass on your good wishes Gran, and say hi to Sharon for us.”


"Three no Trumps," Jan bid.




"A very fair contract I think," Eleanor remarked as she laid out her cards.

"Everyone is okay Mom," Katy said as she ended her call, and put away her phone, "Gran is teaching Sharon the complexities of camogie..."

"Not in the apartment I hope?"

"Oh yeah," Katy giggled, "you'd better reconcile yourself to a couple of broken ornaments."

"Camogie?" asked Eleanor.

"The girls’ version of hurling," Adam smiled, "and if Katherine is showing Sharon how you hit the ball..."

"I get the picture," Eleanor laughed.

"And Peps said I have to phone Orion tomorrow...she's been worried."

"Yes you should," Jan looked up after leading with the queen of hearts.


“Okay then – I hear milk and cookies calling,” Katy said as she made her way to the kitchen, while the card game progressed...



10 pm

West Central Park


“Are you sure you’ll be all right on your own,” Sharon said as Pepsi put her coat on, “there’s still a lot of press out there.”


“I’m fine – Pamela is going to walk me to the back door, and Dad’s waiting down there.  Are you two going to be all right?”


“We’ll be fine – you get home and get some sleep,” Katherine said as she kissed Pepsi, and showed her to the front door.  Sharon looked round the room, holding the stick in her hand, and looking at the remains of the vase that were scattered on the floor.


“Right – peace at last,” Katherine said as she bent down and picked up Sharon’s purse.   Looking inside, she saw the gun and then looked at the young girl.


"Did Caroline request you carry that Sharon?"


"Yes,” Sharon said, “and I'm still not sure I should have it."

"Well,” Katherine said as she put the bag down, “I know Caroline well enough that I know she has confidence in you."

"I know, it's probably more then I have in myself."

"Well what with the press, the police, Caroline's outside eyes, then you...I think that I'm well protected here."

"Yes...”  Sharon smiled before saying “and I'm sorry about the vase."

"Oh don't worry, and don't worry about having that gun, but I think you can now see why I prefer my camogie stick as protection?"

"I do indeed," Sharon laughed.


“Good – some cocoa?”


10.15 pm

Susan and Clint’s Apartment


“Doc?  What can I do for you?”


“I thought I'd check in before bed. How are things going?" Doc asked on the secure service.

"Not too bad at all," Susan replied, "How did the mascara shoot go?"

"Very well I'm told, but the false lashes seemed to weigh a ton on my eyelids."

"Well in all mascara ads they always have that little disclaimer about the model wearing lash inserts."

"Yes, but there are lashes, then there are what I had on," Doc giggled. "I have to admit though my eyes did look pretty terrific in the shots I saw."

"Well as long as the company is happy, you did your job...You know I've heard so many people in modeling say that." Susan mused.

"Well it's true i suppose, so how about Katy?"

"Safe and secure at Eleanor's place."


“Good – and if anything happens tonight?”


“Everything has been prepared...”


11 pm



Eleanor smiled as she saw Katy lying on the bed, the half eaten plate of cookies and the half empty glass of milk to the side.  Walking quietly in, she pulled the covers over the sleeping girl, and took the dirty dishes to the kitchen.


“You two look exhausted,” she said as she saw Adam and Jan putting the mugs in the dish washer, “go to bed, I’ll finish off here.”


“Come on,” Adam said as he took Jan’s hand, ”that was an order.”


She watched as they walked off, shaking her head before she closed the door and turned the machine on.  Looking round, she turned the lights off, and went to her own bed...




11.45 pm

West Central Park


The apartment was in darkness, nobody moving, the only sounds coming from out in the street.  The lights in the hallway outside the apartment were also dimmed, as the door leading to the emergency stairs opened and a man came out.  He was wearing jeans and a hooded top, the hood pulled up to cover his head, his hands gloved, and he carried a small rucksack on his back.


From his pocket, he drew out a set of keys and walked along the corridor, looking from side to side before he stopped outside the Carter apartment.  He was mumbling to himself, as he slipped the key into the lock, turned it and let himself in.  Closing the door behind himself, he stopped, listening to see if anyone was disturbed, and then made his way slowly along the corridor.  He knew which room he wanted, he knew what he had to do – his mind was clear, his purpose set.


He walked to one of the bedroom doors, and opened it, looking at the posters on the wall before he closed the door, and looked at the covers over whoever was sleeping there.  He smiled – an evil, twisted smile as he took off his rucksack, and removed the small gun.  He held it in his hand, and checked the six rounds which were in the chamber, before he walked forward and picked up a cushion from the chair by the desk.


“If I cannot have you, then nobody can,” he said as he put the cushion over the covered head, then fired the six shots into the cushion, grinning as he did so.  When he had finished, he inhaled the smell of cordite, and then removed the cushion, and the covers – staring at the pillows that lay in a row on the bed.


“That particular model has only six rounds in the chamber,” he heard a female voice say behind him, “and I can shoot you before you even have a chance to reload.  So do yourself a favour, you stupid little fuck – drop to your knees and put your hands behind your head.”


He span round as the lights went on, to see Sharon Kennedy standing there, a gun pointing at him as she smiled.  “Hello Danny Morgenstern,” she said quietly, “I told you to do something – your move.”




Danny’s face was twisted with rage as he threw his rucksack at Sharon, the young girl ducking out of the way as he ran past her and into the corridor – there to fall down as Katherine brought her camogie stick down on his stomach.


“So this is the boy who snatched my granddaughter,” she said as she raised the stick, “let me deal with him...”


Danny scooted back as she brought the stick down between his legs, before he got up and ran out of the apartment, not looking back as he entered the staircase.


“Pamela,” Sharon said into her phone, “the idiot actually came here.  What do we do?”


“Are either of you hurt,” Pamela said as she saw Danny ran out of the rear entrance.


“No – orders?”


“Wait a moment...”


Pamela watched as a cab was hailed by Danny, who jumped in as he sped off.


“Have we lost him?”


“Oh no,” Pamela said with a grin, “he’s exactly where we want him.  Can you two tidy up in there?”


“What about the cops?”


“Call them,” Pamela said, “tell them what happened.  I need to make a call.”


As the call ended, Pamela dialled another number.


M’am?  Time to start tracking him.”


“We’ve got him,” Heather said into the mouthpiece, the technology disguising her voice as she followed the blip on her screen. 




“Hey – didn’t I pick you up the ofer day?”


Danny looked at the driver and said “no idea – just drive.”


“Anywhere in particular?”


“Anywhere but here!”


“As you wish,” Carlos said as he pressed a button under the dashboard, Danny looking round as the doors locked.


“Hey – what’s going on?”


“I’m jus doin what you say,” Carlos said with a smile, “taking you away from here...”






“Mister Lion,” Heather typed into the keyboard, “do you have news for us?”


“We’re inviting a young gentlemen to have a little chat.  Do you ladies wish to visit?”


“Most kind, Mister Lion – just tell us where and when.  Miss Leopard and Miss Tigress will attend on our behalf.”






Saturday 9th April

1 am

The Fulton Fish Market


As Carlos pulled up, Danny was banging on the back windows and the doors of the cab, demanding in no uncertain terms that he be let out.  Carlos merely glanced to the side, as two men came out, one of them a man mountain, the other holding a hockey stick in his hands.


Dis de guy,” the taller of the two said as Carlos unlocked the doors.


“Yeah, dis is him – Weasel will confirm,” Carlos said as he got out, Danny cowering in the back as the man mountain opened the door.


“Out kiddo,” he said, “or Jack there will get creative with the stick.”


“Where...  Where am I,” Danny screamed as Big John pulled him out by the ankles, and then made him stand up.


“Stop snivelling, little man, and walk,” Jack the Scar said as the three of them escorted him into the warehouse...



1 am

West Central Park


“We got a report,” Moletti said as he examined the gun, “of someone matching his description buying a gun downtown.  We’ll check if it is the same one, but your description matches.”


“He...  He was going to kill Katy?”


“He didn’t,” Moletti said, “and dat’s de main fing.  Youse two should not have tackled him.”


“He was shooting where my granddaughter slept,” Katherine said.


“And I had my instructions,” Sharon replied.  “Any idea where he went?”


“He was seen getting into a cab – we’re tracking de driver down,” he said as he stood up.  “We’ll let Forensics do der job, then...”


“I’ll talk to Caroline in the morning, get everything replaced,” Sharon said.  “We don’t want her coming back to a room like this.”


“Good idea – we’ll talk tomorrow.  Now, get some sleep.”


“Unlikely – but thanks for coming out Al,” Katherine said.


“Did dey get there safely?”  As Katherine nodded, he smiled and said “good – dey need the break.”



1.15 pm

The Fulton Fish Market


“What the fuck are you doing to me,” Danny said as he was forced to sit in an old wooden chair, Jack the Scar holding him by his shoulders as Big John used the heavy leather straps to hold his arms to the rests, and his ankles to the front legs of the chair.


“If I was you,” Jack leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’d shut up.”


“Court is now in session!”


“Court?  What fucking court,” Danny said, but then he saw the three men walk in, and sit at the table opposite him.


Youse Danny Morgenstern?”


“Who wants to know?”


“We do,” the man in the middle of the group said.  Youse Danny Morgenstern, mother Ida, resident in de Bronx?”


“Who wants to know?”


“Answer the question,” Jack said as he banged the side of the chair with his hockey stick, making Danny jump.


“Yeah, I’m Danny Morgenstern – what of it?”


“The boys in blue wanna talk to you Danny,” the man said, “but foist, we want a little chat wif you.  You’ve been a busy boy, Danny, a very busy boy – but what you did tonight means ye crossed a line.”


“What do you mean, what I did tonight?”


“Well, dat’s what we’re here to hear.  Call the first witness.”


“Step forward Weasel.”


Danny watched as a man with slicked back hair stepped forward, and told of what he had heard about the kidnapping of Katy, of the police activities in finding him, and how it had been narrowed down to one man.


“And is dis man here?”


“He is,” the Weasel said as he looked at Danny, “he’s sitting right here.”


Fanks,” the man said as Weasel walked off.  “Next witness.”


“Hey – what gives you the authority to SHEEEETTTTTTTTTTTT


“You will respect the authority,” Jack said as he lifted his hockey stick, having brought it down on Danny’s legs. 


“Next witness!”


“Come forward, Carlos.”


Danny watched as his cab driver came in.


“Carlos, you were in the vicinity of the Morgenstern house when someone ran out. Correct?”


“Run is a relative term,” Carlos said, “more like hobbled out holding his crotch.”


“Where did you take him?”


“An emergency centre.”


“When you heard about the kidnapping the next day, what did you do?”


“I drove round, keeping my eyes open – and then earlier tonight I saw him run out of an apartment block at West Central Park.”


“Are you familiar with the block in question?”


“Oh yeah – the Carter family live there.”


“Thank you Carlos,” the man said as he walked off.


“Is this some sort of Kangaroo court,” Danny sneered, only to fall silent as Jack patted his stick in his hand again.


“Call the next witness!”


“Marco – step forward.”




Danny stared as the shopkeeper from earlier that night came forward.


“Marco, have you seen this man before?”


“I have,” Marco said, “he came into my store earlier tonight and bought a Saturday Night Special with extra rounds.”


“You sold him the weapon?”


“I did – as you gentlemen know, I sometimes do not ask questions.  More to the point, I recognised him and did not want to tip him off that I did.”


“Did you contact the police?”


“I did – they have the surveillance recording of him buying it.”


“And did you inform them as soon as he left.”


“No – I waited a while.”


“Thank you Marco,” the man said as the pawnbroker looked at Danny, and then walked off.


“All circumstantial – did I have the gun on me when you dragged me here?”


“No – no you didn’t,” the man said, “but dere’s a reason for that.  Log up da computer please.”


Danny looked at a television screen as one of the men at the side of the room came forward, and started up a computer.  For a moment, the screen was normal, but then it switched to a blank screen.


“We recognise and welcome here de Hidden Hand,” the man said, Danny’s eyes opening as a message appeared on the screen.




“We is – wat da you haf to show us tonight?”




Danny watched as, on the screen, he saw the footage from his basement cell, and him carrying in Katy, laying her on the bed before he started to strip her, and dress her in white.  There were some mumblings round the room, as the film fast forwarded, and they saw the ceremony.


“So I took her into safety – how did she repay me,” Danny shouted as they watched him and Katy talking, and then her escape.




The room looked at Danny, before the man said “And what else do ya haf to show us?”




This time, they watched as a night vision lens showed Danny entering Katy’s bedroom, and emptying six rounds into the bed, before Sharon surprised him.  He watched himself throw the rucksack at Sharon, and then run out.


Fank you,” the man said.  “One last question – who was the woman in Katy’s bedroom?”




“Again, our fanks,” the man said as the screen went blank.  Danny felt the eyes of the room on him as the man continued “Gentlemen, youse haf seen the evidence and heard the testimonies.  Your verdict?”




“So what are you gonna do about it,” Danny screamed as the men filed out, “you can’t hurt me any more than she did.”


“Oh we can,” the man said as he stood up, the other two at the table leaving first.  “You sees, Carter and Ball are close personal friends, and I don’t like it when friends get hurt.  I also don’t like it when the code is contravened – don’t make war on children and innocents.”


“She’s no fucking innocent,” Danny said quietly.


“Neither am I,” the man said as he produced a silenced pistol, and fired a shot into each of Danny’s kneecaps, Jack the Scar and Big John nodding.


“FUCK!”  Danny said as he grimaced.


“But de fing is, I’m not da one who is gonna really punish you.  When dey’re finished, you’ll be taken to da cops.  Have a nice life in prison.”


“Hey – hey I need a doctor,” Danny called out as he left, and then he heard the two sets of footsteps, clicking on the stone floor as they approached him from behind.


“So you are the one who threatened and tried to kill Katy Carter?”


He looked at the two women – tall, dressed in dark jackets and trousers, four inch heels, and black scarves round their necks.  They also had black stockings pulled down over their heads, pressing their short black hair down, and black leather gloves on their hands.


“Good evening Mister Morgenstern,” one of the women said, “I am Miss Leopard, and this is Miss Tigress.”


“And we have been asked to come tonight,” the other woman said as she slipped a pair of knuckledusters onto her hands, “to execute the punishment for what you have done.”


“Normally, the men would do this,” Miss Panther said as she too put on a set of metal rings, “but we contacted them, and told them we wished to share our – displeasure at your actions towards an innocent.”


“And they proved surprisingly open to the idea,” Miss Tigress said.  “So tell me, Mister Morgenstern – how good is your dental plan?”


“Please, I need a doctor.”


“Yes – yes you will,” Miss Panther purred, before they laid into him with their fists, the sound of bones breaking mingling with his cries.  As his eyes swelled, he saw the grins under the stocking masks, and then the red haze...




“Is honour satisfied,” Miss Leopard said as Miss Tigress landed one last blow in his stomach, then held his head up, his eyes puffed and swollen, his mouth a bloody mess.


“I fink so – I apologise for de fact he must live, but it is necessary.”


“Of course,” Miss Tigress said, “he must pay for his crimes.  What will you do?”


“Special delivery...”


“Why don’t we kill him here and now?”


“Because,” Tommy the Fish said with a smile, “he’s gonna be done for crimes against children.  There’s a special place for dese guys in de system – he won’t be hurting anyone again.”




4 am

20th Precinct


“Hey Moletti!”


“Yeah, whadda you want,” Moletti said as he looked up.


“There’s a crate for you at de front desk – marked personal delivery.”


Moletti looked over at Morgan, before the two of them went down to where the desk sergeant was looking at a large wooden crate.


Whadafug – who delivered dis?”


“No idea – it was just wheeled in and left with instructions to tell you it was for you.”


“Anyone got a crowbar?”


One of the officers went to the storeroom and brought a crowbar out, Moletti using it to prise open the top of the crate and then look in.


“Jesus H Christ...”


“Help...  Help me...”


Morgan looked in to see Danny Morgenstern sitting on crushed ice, the blood stains dried on his kneecaps, his face a bloody mess.


“What the hell happened to him?”


“Justice,” Moletti said, “someone call a paramedic down here – and tell them there’s no rush...”







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