The Wildcats Ride!









3rd May 1890
Riverbend, New Mexico
The Lucky Strike Saloon, 1.30 pm


Kathy Smith looked up from the bar as the saloon doors swung in and about, smiling at the grizzled man who walked in, removing his hat and running his gloved hand through his salt and pepper hair.


“Afternoon Tommy,” she said in her southern tones, “Usual?”


“Yeah, Kathy,” he said as he walked up to the bar, and put his hat on the wooden counter.  “I got time before the train comes in from Denver.”


He took a few minutes to look at Kathy, her long blonde hair formed into ringlets as the fell down her soft face.  She wore a white top, with the puffed sleeves pulled down over her shoulders, a black corset that forced her chest up and out, and a grey skirt that flowed out and just covered the tops of her laced boots.  A black choker with a jade brooch was around her neck.


“There you go,” she said as she put a whisky in front of him, “it must be dusty out there – not a drop of rain for a week.”


“Yeah,” he said as he picked up the glass, “Cheers.”  Throwing it down his throat, he gasped and wiped his chin, saying “another, Kath.”


Looking round the bar, he said “Quiet today – what’s going on?”


“I think most of them are in hiding,” Kath said as she wiped the shot glasses, “Miss Richmond was on the crusade this morning.”


“You know she means well,” Tommy said as he watched Kath pour another shot.  Miss Alexandra Richmond was the widow of the town preacher, and was a moral crusader of the first order – always standing at the front of the town hall and preaching against the evil of drink and fornication – which made her a known enemy of Kath.


“Well she can mean well elsewhere,” Kath said as she glanced to the staircase.  Coming down was a sixteen year old girl, dressed in a long sleeved white dress, the waist gathered, and a pair of black laced boots.


“And where are you going, Josie,” she said as she watched her sister putting on a wide hat.


“I’m stepping over to the hotel to see Abby,” Josie said with a wide smile, “We promised our schoolmarm we would prepare a surprise for the young ones next week.”


“All right – but I need you back here to help behind the bar later.”


“Yes, Mother,” she said in a mocking tone before she walked out of the saloon.


“I’d better get going too,” Tommy said as he drained the glass, “Miss July will have my hide if I’m late with the surrey.”


“See you Tommy,” Kathy said as the old prospector headed out onto the street.  Smiling, he unhitched the horses, got onto the front of the little carriage and snapped the reins.


“Gee on,” he said as he moved off, and rode down the high street.  As he did, he saw Miss Richmond walk out of the church, her high collared brown blouse fastened at the neck with a black brooch, and her long brown skirt flowing as she walked down the street, her head held high as she looked out through her small glasses.


“Afternoon, Miss Richmond,” Tommy said as he touched his hat, but all he got in reply was an icy stare as she walked on.  “Fair enough,” he said as he rode towards the railway stop at the end of the street.


Riverbend was a small, if growing town, named so because it grew out of the wide bend in the river at that spot.  That had made it useful for traders coming to and from the Nevada gold mines and Texas, but with the arrival of the railroad it had grown more prosperous – so prosperous it had a hotel as well as a saloon.


The Lucky Strike Saloon was the main watering hole for the ranch hands and travellers, and Kathy Smith had run it for five years now – with a good humour, the occasional dancing girl, and a fist of pure iron when needed.  The hands knew she could shoot as well as most of them – better in fact, and knew better than to cross her.  Josie had come out a year ago, from Richmond, and had settled well.


Going past the general store, and the sheriff’s office, Tommy waved to those he knew.  He had come to the Double C Ranch twenty years ago, and was now the chief ranch hand, through hard work and good cattle sense.  He knew the town, and the town knew him.


When he had come, the ranch had been owned by Colonel Jedediah Huntingdown, but he had died ten years ago, and the ranch was inherited by his daughter, July.  She had taken to it like a duck to water, which wasn’t easy giving she was bringing up a kid on her own as well, but Cary was a beauty – seventeen now, and a little firecracker, as some of the boys in town would say.


She was meeting them from a trip to New York, where July had contacts with a view to Cary getting a further education in the city.  Tommy wasn’t sure if he approved of it, but the word of Miss July was law to her staff.


He stopped the carriage and hitched it to the post, patting the neck of the two horses as he heard a whistle in the distance.  “That will be them,” he said as he walked onto the long wooden platform, and saw the steam rising in the distance as the sound of iron wheels started to come along the two metal rails.


 As the great machine came slowly to a halt, billows of steam rising from the huge funnel, Tommy looked down the line of doors that opened in the carriages, spotting the one he wanted as a woman in her forties stepped out, wearing a long grey dress with a black velvet collar and hem, and decoration on the front.  The sleeves were gathered below her elbows and black velvet to her wrist, and she wore a black hat with a rose on it.


After her stepped out a seventeen year old girl, with short blonde hair under a grey hat.  She wore a dress with a royal blue top and a grey skirt, and a matching jacket that came down over her hips.  The dress had a brown fur trim and collar, as did the jacket, and Tommy could see the short black boots and tights under the hem.


“Afternoon Miss July, Miss Cary,” he said as he came up to collect their bags, “Good trip.”


“Very good, thank you Tommy,” July Huntingdown said with a smile.  “Any problems while we were away?”


“No Ma’am,” Tommy said as they walked to the carriage.  “Marnie has prepared a meal for you, and the supplies you asked for are in.”




“And you Miss Cary – how was the big city?”


“Exciting,” Cary said with a smile, “but I missed the town.”


“and we missed you – Miss Abby was asking after you the other day.”


“Well,” July said as she got in, “we’re looking forward to seeing her as well.  Take us home, Tommy.”


The ranch hand clipped the reins again as they made their way back through the town, passing the saloon and then approaching The Rose Palace.  As they did, Cary said “Stop a minute Tommy.”


“Whoa, whoa,” he said as the carriage stopped, and Cary waved to Josie and another girl.  She was taller than both of them, and as thin as a rake, but wore a long sleeved black blouse, buttoned up the front, and a black skirt.


“Cary!”  The two girls came down the steps and came over, smiling as they saw their friend.


“Abby, Josie,” she said as she held their hands, “I have so much to tell both of you.”


“July – welcome home.”


“Thank you Diana,” July said to the woman who came down the stairs.  She had short blonde hair, hidden under a peaked cap, and wore a grey jacket and skirt with a white collar and cuffs, and a wide leather belt around her waist.  “I wanted to ask if you and Abby would come out for lunch tomorrow after the service – we have much to share.”


“It will be my pleasure,” Diana said as she put her hands on the shoulders of her fifteen year old daughter.  “Will you join us at the church?”


 “Of course – we can ride out after,” July said with a smile.  “Tommy, move on.”




4th May 1885
The Double C Ranch


Abby and Cary were talking excitedly as the carriage came to a stop outside the large ranch house, July handing the reins to one of the ranch hands before she stepped onto the porch.


“We’re back, Marnie,” July said as they walked in, removing their gloves and hats.  A grey haired, friendly faced woman came in and said “Welcome home – dinner will be some time, but I’ll bring some refreshments to the room.”


“Thank you Marnie,” July said as the four women sat down on the chairs, Marnie bringing in a tray with a coffee pot, cups and cordials for the girls.  “We’ll call if we need anything – we’re expecting a few more,” she said, Marnie nodding as she left.  She knew that meant not to disturb the mistress until she had to.


“So how was New York,” Diana said as she accepted a cup.


“Most illuminating,” July said as the sound of two horses approaching came through the window.  Abby and Cary walked to the porch to see Kathy and Josie riding up, dressed in white blouses, waistcoats and trousers.


“Hey there,” Josie said as she jumped down and gave the horses to the ranch hand, “Everyone here yet?”


“Not quite,” Cary said as they came in, and put their gloves and hats to the wall.  As they went in, Cary turned to see a small carriage arriving as well.


“Glad you could make it,” July said as she hugged Kathy and Josie.


“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Kathy said as she looked at Diana.  “I need to warn you – Pete Pearson intends to try and steal your cook from you.”


“He can try,” Diana said with a smile, “and he will fail.”  The five of them turned as Cary came in, accompanied by a tall, thin woman in a high collared blouse, long skirt and glasses.


Kathy walked over to stand in front of her, saying “Miss Richmond – do you have anything to say to me?”


Alexandra Richmond looked round the room, before she grabbed Kathy around her head and kissed her passionately, Kathy doing likewise.


“Playtime later,” Josie said as she looked at her sister, “I want to hear what happened in New York.”


“Oh, schools, boring stuff,” Cary said, “and we found out a shipment of gold coins is coming through the territory sometime in the next two weeks.”


“So the Wildcats ride?”


“The Wildcats ride,” July said, “but first we talk, we plan – and we eat...”


“So where is your information from,” Diana said as the four women sat down, the teenagers excusing themselves as they left the house.  “Cary will tell them,” July said with a smile as she looked at them, “but the source is excellent…”


Sometime later, Cary, Abby, and Josie, were sitting in the hayloft discussing what has come naturally to teenage girls since the beginning of time…teenage boys.

“So what are the boys like in New York City?” Josie asked eagerly, envious of her friend’s travels, and new sophistication.



“Well the ones I met they dress a whole lot better then the boys round here, but not sure one of ‘em would be worth an ounce of good trying to hold off rustlers or injuns.”


“Yeah but I bet they know how to treat a gal right.” Abby mused. “Not like the boys roun’ here, one dance and they think they own you.”


“Face it ladies there aint one boy roun’ here it’s worth any of us wasting the time and effort to look nice on.” Josie smiled slyly, “now one of the New York fellas if he took me for dinner to one of them real fancy restaurants, then took me home in his carriage…well…”


“You’d give him a kiss on the cheek and run for the hills Josie Smith same as any of us would.” Amy interjected.


“Yeah but it’s still nice to dream….” Josie stretched out and lay back.


“Oh for a boy can talk and dress like a real New York City dude, but can outshoot and outride us.” Cary lay back.


“Well that rules out any boy roun’ here.” Abby layback, “not a one of ‘em can outride or outshoot even you Josie…” Abby giggled as her friend through some straw at her.


“Way things are goin’ we’re all goin’ die old maids.” Cary sighed.


“Yeah but thanks to the Wildcats…rich old maids…”


“Josie…QUIET!” Cary interrupted.


Abby quickly jumped up and looked round. “All clear…Josie Smith one day that big mouth of yours will get us all hung.”


“Sorry,” Cary said as Abby took her hand away, “But nobody heard us.”


“Not true, young lady,” Tommy said as he called up from the floor, “but you’re right Miss Abby – best to be quiet about these things.  Now, your mother is looking for you – the meal’s ready, and then she needs to talk to y’all.”


“All right Tommy,” Cary called down as the three girls climbed down and walked back into the ranch house.  “They’re good girls, really,” Tommy said to himself with a chuckle, “but they sure have a lot to learn…”


“There you are,” Lucy said as they came in, and sat at the table, Marnie placing the dishes in front of them.  Kathy and Alexandra were sitting next to each other, talking and whispering, as Lucy and Diana sat down.


“This looks wonderful, Marnie,” Lucy said as she started to carve the beef, “We may have eaten in fancy restaurants for a month, but nothing beats a side of beef raised on the Double C.”


“Amen to that,” Lucy said as she heaped mashed potatoes and collard greens onto her plate.  “So, did Mama tell you what she heard?”


“She sure did,” Kathy said before kissing Alexandra.  “The Denver Mint is shipping the payroll for the railroad down to Santra Fe next Saturday, time unknown.”


“The word is there will be close to fifty thousand dollars on the train, with only two guards – apparently they think the softly softly approach will not attract the attention of masked raiders.  IT’s even going to be part of a train – we just don’t know which one.”


“Yet,” Diana said with a smile, “but we’ll find out in time.”


“There’s only one fly in the ointment,” Alexandra said in a soft voice, “Marton.”


“Let me figure out what to do about Marton,” July said.  “Cary, you can head into town tomorrow, nose around, see what you can hear.  You two are helping at the school tomorrow, right?”


Abby and Josie nodded as Kathy said “I’ll keep my eye on the bar tomorrow – maybe the boys will wander in and get blind drunk.”


“Sounds good – Diana, are you still good to take Josie on Tuesday?”


“Hm-hm,” Diana said as she chewed on the beef.  “Her skills are improving, but she still needs to get that eye on her.”


“Persevere,” July said as she cut into her beef.


5th May
6 am
The Richmond House


Ultimately Alexandra Richmond dreamed of the day when she like all the other Wildcats could be truly free, when the love that dare not say its name that she shared with Kathy Smith might not be frowned upon or dangerous.


Kathy lay naked in her arms, sleeping soundly after their passionate lovemaking had ended. They had explored each other’s bodies in the way only other women could, touching, caressing, kissing, each others pleasure places. They had shared the delights of the dual headed device that Alexandra had brought home from a recent trip to New Orleans, filling each other with its hard thick length of rubber, and riding each other till their pussy’s rubbed up against one another.


Alexandra hated to disturb her sleeping lover but dawn would break shortly and it was time she returned to her own bed in the saloon. It would never do for them even to acknowledge a friendship let alone some early riser seeing Kathy slip out of the Widow Richmond’s house.


She lightly shook the younger woman.


“Kathy my true love, it’s that time.”


Half asleep Kathy roused herself and gave her lover a long, deep, passionate kiss.


“Good morning dearest.” Alexandra gave her lover a last lingering caress of her breasts as their tongues fought that age-old battle for supremacy between lovers.


“Okay,” Kathy blinked and stretched then slipped out of bed to dress.


“Hurry my love,” Alexandra glanced at her watch, “It’s late.”


Kathy almost seemed like she was sleep walking as she put her skirt and blouse back on.


“I love you dearest.” She whispered as she slipped out the door silently.


8.30 am
The Double C Ranch


“BREAKFAST CARY!” July Huntingdown called upstairs to her daughter.


A couple of minutes later Cary appeared in the doorway, looking as fresh as a spring morning, but drawing disgusted looks from her mother at her attire of an old plaid shirt, men’s pants and boots.


“What?” Cary caught her mother’s expression.


July shook her head. “Whatever happened to my beautiful daughter who made such a hit with her style in New York?”


“She’s being practical…and besides I REFUSE to wear a riding habit and ride sidesaddle out here.” Cary grabbed a cup of coffee from her mother’s hands.


“Hey that was mine…”


“Yes but I’m in a hurry…” Cary poked her tongue out at her mother. “Mom ah know you have ambitions…ah knows you want me to be a proper lady.”


“Stop that Cary. You only do it to annoy…use good English please.” July scowled at her offspring. “Stop talking like trash.”


Cary sat down sulkily as her mother poured herself another cup.


“I just don’t see the worth of making the effort to be a proper lady Mom, out here the best husband I’m ever going to catch will want a wife can do chores, can cook, can help him build and defend a spread. I aint never going to need things like how to get out of a carriage properly.”


July sighed. It was true out here on the edge of the wilderness, she’d never find the sort of man she wanted for Cary, someone totally different to her father…”that no good bastard…’ she thought to herself.


“Anyways I better cut along if I’m going to meet the girls.” Cary pulled a Stetson hat over her gorgeous blonde hair. “Bye mom.” She called backwards over her shoulder.


“No, No, NO!” July told herself, her Cary would not be forced to live the life she had had to.  And yet…


“Sorry Miss July – I’ll come back later if you’re busy…”


“No, come in Tommy,” July said as she sat at the table.  “There’s coffee in the pot.”


“Thank you kindly, M’am,” Tommy said as he put the Stetson in his hands down on the table, and poured a cup.  “I don’t mean to speak out of line, Miss July, but Miss Josie was mighty loud yesterday in the haybarn”


“So Cary told me – she still has a lot to learn since she joined us, but she will come round,” July said with a smile.  They had met Josie over a year ago, when the Wildcats had raided the home of a wealthy rancher in New Mexico.  The rancher, his wife and the housekeeper had not survived, but their fourteen year old daughter Maybelle had disappeared, presumed taken by the Wildcats and killed later.


Only half of that was true – Maybelle had taken great delight in cutting her mother’s throat while dressed as one of them, and a few weeks later had arrived in town as Josie Smith.


“Tommy,” July said, “we have need of supplies.”


“And what exactly will you need, Miss July?”


“Winchesters, Colts, bullets – and some gelignite with caps.  Any problem?”


“None at all, Miss July – that’s why you pay me,” Tommy said with a smile.  “When by?”


“Friday, Tommy – and we’ll need a cart as well.”


“Consider it done, Miss July,” he said as he drained his cup and stood up, leaving Miss July to her plans.


The Wildcats had been on the loose for over two years, their raids always deadly, always profitable had occurred as far east as Waco, Texas, as far west as Arizona, and north up into Colorado.


Their specialty was taking banks at what seemingly was always the opportune moment when they were loaded with cash. Women Bandits were rare, but a gang as deadly and efficient as these gals were was almost unheard of. Local law, Texas Rangers, US marshals, all were on the lookout for them and each member of the gang had a $3,000 reward, dead or alive, on their heads.


Always masked, always dressed in identical outfits they acted with deadly violence. As the fliers said their main crimes were Armed Robbery and Murder, what was too delicate to mention was the horrific tortures they had been known inflict on their victims.


Much was spoken of in hushed whispers, but the tales of branding, cutting, and the way they bound their victims were known to be true by the authorities.  Whoever they were, however, they were both respected and feared – which was exactly what July had planned when they started to ride, all those months ago.



1 pm
The Rose Palace


Diana looked up as the hotel doors opened, and a tall man walked in, wearing an ill fitting suit with a thong tied round his collar in a bow.  He was followed by two rough looking men, their collarless shirts open at the neck, leering at Diana and Abby.  The men all had metal stars on their chests, and looked as if they owned the place.

"Morning, Mrs Rose," the first man said, "Mighty fine day out there."

"I'm sure it is, Sheriff," Diana said coldly, “but I am rather busy, so what do you want?"

Sheriff Marton thought he ruled the town - and most of the townsfolks liked to let him believe that.  He had some sort of foreign family connections - Italy, Diana had heard - and had a very simple rule in dealing with people.  If they don't do what he says, squash them.

"I heard you hadn't paid your local taxes, Mrs Rose, so I thought I would come and collect them myself."

"Oh," Diana said quietly as she walked behind the reception desk, "Well, I guess that's fair.  I have them right here."

Sheriff Marton smiled as he waited for Diana to pay - only to step back as she pulled out a rifle and pointed it at him.

"You may scare everyone else, Marton," Diana said as she kept the rifle levelled at the men, "but not me.  Now get out before I open the next election."

"Now, now, Miss Rose m'am, no need to be so upset about it."


Diana pulled the hammer back before saying "Get off my property Marton, and I'll pay my taxes to the right people."


"As you wish," the man said with an evil smile, before he turned and left, the two goons following him.


"We need to do something about him, Mama," Abby said as she watched her mother lower the rifle.


"Yeah," Diana said quietly, "Yeah, we do."


“Was that the sheriff,” Cary asked as she came through from the kitchen.


“It surely was, Cary,” Diana said as she watched the door open, and the young clerk from the telegraph office run in.


“Hey Tommy,” Cary said as she looked at the young man.


“Oh – hello Miss Cary,” the dark haired lad said as he handed the telegram to Diana.  She opened it, took one look and raised an eyebrow, before saying “thank you Tommy – reply to say the booking is accepted, and they will be met at the station at six on Wednesday.”


“Yes, Ma’am,” Tommy said, winking at Cary as he ran out.


“You still seeing him behind the blacksmiths on a nighttimes,” Abby said as she nudged Cary.


“Whenever I get the chance, sure I do,” Cary said as Diana went to the reception desk, and made a note.


“Cary, would you ask your mother to drop by tomorrow when she is in town,” she said as she looked up, “I think I know how we can find out when things are happening this weekend.”




6th May
The Double C Ranch, 10 am


Cary flexed her arm then snapped her wrist; the bullwhip extended out and made a loud cracking noise.


Her mother looked out from the kitchen door at the sound as it cut the still air of the day. July Huntingdown shook her head, a storm was coming, and she didn’t mean just a break in the weather.


For a second time Cary flicked out the whip. ‘Crackkkkkk’ it went.


July knew her daughters ‘moods’, Cary had been the ‘model’ young lady all the way to New York and back, but that restless, dangerous spirit that lurked inside her could only behave itself so long.


‘Craccckkkkkk!’ the noise even louder than before.


Yes a storm was coming and Cary would need to take out this inner rage on somebody. Inwardly July said a prayer for the poor unfortunate soul who crossed up her daughter while she was in this mood.




The time with the whip would ease the need for violence for a few days, but July knew it would need a more deadly action to ensure she got her ‘real’ daughter back for a period.




July looked at the black clouds away on the horizon over the mountains. Yeah a storm was definitely coming.


“Cary,” she called out, “I need to take the buggy in town to see Diana.  Will you be wanting a lift?”


“No thanks, Ma,” Cary called back over her shoulder, “I’m just gonna practice out here.  Might take my rifle up to the point and do some shooting.”


“Fair enough – just stay out of trouble,” July said as she went into the house and fetched her hat.


“Will you be having any lunch,” Marnie said as she came in.


“Not today Marnie,” July said with a smile, “but I will be back for supper.  Keep an eye on Cary, will you?”


“You’re not expecting me to get her to help me cook are you?  The last time she broke two of my best pots.”


“No,” July said with a smile, “but just watch her, all right?”


Putting on her short gloves, she left the house, wrapping her cape around herself before taking the reins, and heading down the dirt track into town.



The Rose Palace, high noon.


“How intriguing,” July said as she put the china cup down onto the plate, “and you say there were seven of them booked in?”


Diana nodded as she sat, her hands primly placed on the lap of her high collared black dress.  “Indeed,” she said quietly, “seven of them, their accommodation paid for by Marton.  I believe he has hired them to – entertain guests at a party tomorrow night.”


“How intriguing – any idea who is coming?”


“No – but he does have ties with the railroad company.”  Diana raised an eyebrow as she sipped her tea, the door opening as Kathy came in, fastening her jacket over her white blouse.


“Oh – apologies July, I did not know you were here.  I wanted to thank Diana for allowing the use of one of her rooms.”


“Not a problem – but you may want to get Alexandra to stop here before she sneaks off.”  July could see through the door, as Alexandra came in, blushing slightly as she fastened her shawl around her shoulders and closed the door.


“Marton is hosting a party tomorrow night,” July said as they sat down, “and has hired seven ladies to go and – play with them.”


“How disgusting,” Alexandra said, and then she grinned before saying “so I presume we’re going to replace them?”


“Precisely – can you two and Josie arrange to be here for six?  Diana and Abby will be joining us upstairs as soon as they can.  When will the coach arrive for them?”


“Seven fifteen,” Diana said.


“Then we will be ready for them.  It should prove to be a most interesting evening.”



7th May
5.50 pm


“Ladies – welcome to The Rose Palace.”


Diana looked at the seven women in front of her, dressed in a style that demonstrated they were exactly who you would think they were.  Ordinarily, she would send them to the saloon, but for tonight they would stay here.


“Your rooms are ready for you,” she said as she handed them the keys, “but before you go to prepare for tonight, Mister Marton has arranged some champagne for you.  Abby, bring the ladies into the parlour, will you?”


“Of course, Mama,” Abby said as she opened the double doors, smiling at the women in their raised skirts and low cut tops as they went in.  Marnie was inside, smiling as she handed each of them a glass of champagne.


“We wish you a very pleasant evening, ladies,” Diana said as she and Abby took a glass and raised it, “Your very good health.”


The girls giggled as they drained their glasses, and then sat down.  They looked round for a moment as Abby took the glasses and placed them on the tray, then watched as they slipped into unconsciousness.


“They’ll sleep until morning,” Marnie said as Tommy came in.  “We’ll put them to bed – I hope I did not use too much Laudanum?”


“I’m sure you were as careful with that as you were with your cooking, Marnie,” Diana said as she kissed the small woman on the head.  “Come Abby – the others will be waiting for us.”


They walked up the stairs and into their private quarters, where Josie and Cary pulled Abby to one side, and Diana started to disrobe, the other three preparing themselves.


6.45 pm


Abby blushed as Kathy administered the powders and pints that were going to help turn the gangly 15 year old into a facsimile of ‘a lady of the night’. Cary and Josie giggled at Abby’s distaste as her sister applied the red color to her lips.


Abby sighed a huge sigh, it had been bad enough when they had added padding underneath the long tight glittery gown to conceal her all but total lack of womanly curves, she was sorta used to that since she disguised herself like that when the Wildcats rode. But this was going above and beyond. The gown was tight and it pinched, the heeled shoes hurt her feet, and she really wasn’t properly used to walking in them yet, but worst was this powder and paint, Abby stuck her tongue out at her own reflection, dear Goddess she already looked like a whore, and there was still a damned wig and cheap, gaudy, jewelry to come.


Diana stood tall, a gloriously beautiful redhead with her hair curled and teased, full makeup on her face, and dressed in a black gown with diamond trimmings, she looked like the world’s most expensive, yet exciting courtesan.  Cary was wearing a strapless red dress that showed off her bosom to the fullest extent, and long red gloves.  A peacock tail of bright feathers were sewn into the back of the dress, while her hair was covered by a long, curled black wig.


“Honestly, Mama,” Abby said as she turned to look at Diana, her face made up as Kathy applied the final touches to her own warpaint, “I don’t see why I have to look this way.”


“IT’s simple, Abby,” Diana said as she took her daughters hands, “we need to act the part to find out what Marton and his cronies may know – just follow the examples of Josie and Cary, and they’ll make sure you don’t get into any real trouble, right girls?”


“Right, Diana,” Josie said as she looked at the grin on Cary’s face, adjusting her own blonde wig that covered her natural brown hair.  Her gown had some sleeves, but still showed off her youthful body to the fullest advantage.


“Enough jabbing,” July said as she adjusted the straps on her gown, the skirt of which was raised high enough to show her black laced boots, “we need to move.  Remember, eyes and ears peeled all of you.”


“But of course, Darling,” Alexandra drawled as she stood by the door, her black corset pulled tight as she looked out from under her black wig.  She picked up the riding crop and slapped it down on her gloved hand, then on Kathy’s bottom, making the other woman squeal as she turned to face her friend.


“Save it for them,” July said, “let’s go.”  The seven of them fixed their veils over their faces, and walked down the stairs.


The man in the ill fitting suit gasped as he saw the seven veiled women walk down, their dresses revealing a little too much than the town busybodies may have liked, but he knew Marton would be mighty happy.


“Did Sheriff Marton send you,” the first woman said, dressed in a very low cut black dress with white petticoats.


“He surely did, m’am,” the man said as he removed his hat.  “If y’all will follow me, I have a pair of carriages waiting outside for you.”   He opened the door as they walked pat him, four in the first carriage and three in the second, and closed the door behind him.


“Let’s go,” he said to the drive r ash climbed up and laid the rifle across his lap, the two covered carriages moving off.  As they headed out of town, July looked out of the door, and thought about local politics…


In a territory where political corruption was a way of life, and every two-bit lawman expected a payoff for looking the other way, Hondo County was supposedly a beacon of clean government.


What was hidden out of public sight, though, was that as long as he got his cut of the take Sheriff Marton would turn a blind eye to almost any illicit activity that residents of the county might want to engage in.


July had realized from the start that if the sheriff received a rake-off from the Wildcat’s activities he could be safely expected to look the other way and not exactly get nosey as to whom the women bandits might be. A meeting in an old barn outside town between Mama Wildcat and the sheriff had seen a deal struck that for 25% of all and any Wildcats’ loot, they’d not be unduly disturbed while they were in Hondo County.


With both parties having a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, things stayed sorta quiet in Riverbend.  It was certainly the case that the Wildcats had taken the local bank, but Marton had been tipped-off, and funnily he and his deputies were out of town when the masked women held up the bank, killing Preacher Richmond, and Cornwall the bank manager.


There was true a public outcry led by the Widow Richmond and her coterie of old biddies, but the Sheriff other than sending a posse out with orders to his deputies NOT to find anything, or anybody, very little was done. Within a few days the hue and cry died down, the funerals were held, and within a couple of weeks life had returned to its normal, quiet state. Very few noticed that the new man who took over control of the bank was an old associate of the sheriff, and he certainly was far from displeased at the death of banker Cornwall.


Marton also cultivated those who were in positions of power within the town, hosting parties for them and in some cases knowing those dirty little secrets that could lead to a first class lynching, never mind public disgrace.  This was one of those nights – and July hoped that the others, Abby in particular, would cope with what was likely to happen.


The red sun was setting over the horizon as the two carriages pulled up in front of a large house, and the escort got off, walking to the door and knocking on it.  As the door opened, July saw Marton standing in the doorway, looking to the carriages


“Good evening ladies,” he said as the doors were opened and they were helped to step down, “I trust you had a pleasant journey to Riverbend.”


“Quite pleasant, thank you,” July said in a New York accent, “So our role tonight?”


“Entertain my guests, meet their needs, and you will receive a handsome payment.  Whatever they ask for, they get – will that be a problem?”


“Not at all, sir – we know what is required.  Ladies?”


The seven of them made their way into the house, Marton admiring their bottoms from behind as they walked in, and then followed them.  “See to the horses,” he said to the escort before closing the door firmly shut.


Two things hit Abby as she walked in – the thick haze of smoke that hung in the air, and the laughter and raucous calls from behind some closed doors.


“Will you be keeping your veils on,” Marton said as he looked at them.


“Yes we will – unless we have need to remove them, and then our eyes will remain covered,” July said.


Marton nodded in response.  “As you wish – my friends like an air of mystery,” he said as he grabbed the door handles and threw them open.  “Gentlemen,” he called out as the seven walked behind him, “I have some special entertainment for you.  Treat them well – they charge a lot.”


“Have fun,” Diana whispered to Abby as one of the men came forward, and offered his arm.  “Why thank you kindly, sir,” she said as she accepted the offer, “Why don’t you tell me all about yourself…”


“Well hello boys,” Josie said as she walked forward, swinging her hips as she did so, “What does a girl have to do to be shown a good time here?”


Abby hide to hide her shock at the way her friend was speaking and talking, never mind how Josie sat with two older men and smiled at both of them.


“Hey,” a man she recognised as the owner of the mill said as he grabbed her arm, “Come over here and sit with me.”


“As you wish, sir,” she said as she fluttered her eyelashes and sat on his lap, “so what do you do for a living?”


“Oh I make flour – and fleece the townsfolks,” he said with a laugh, the others joining in.


The room was all men, and they were all dressed smartly for the time.  Many of them were, to put it bluntly, fat, their waistcoats bulging with the results of their lifestyle.  Most were also wearing a small pin on their jackets – a pin that July recognised as a Masonic one.  She had no truck with such secret societies, but had no reason to criticise them either.


There were card tables set up, and a bar in the corner of the room, but the attention of all the men were on one or more of the ladies as they sat, laughed, joked, teased.  Abby slowly felt a little more comfortable in the role, allowing the men to grope and slap her bottom, but gently swatting their hands away if they reached for her chest.  She smiled through the veil, and sweetly said “I’m sorry, but that is not the best place for you, sir,” feeling the heat between her legs with each grope on her butt.


It was not as strong as when she killed someone, but she knew the form, and it worried her she felt this way.  But she was a Wildcat, she had a job to do, and as Marton said “Come with me,” and took her arm, she allowed him to take her to a large man, his head balding and the mutton chop whiskers long.


“Here you go, Carter,” he said with a smile, “this one should suit your needs.  Do as he tells you girl – and don’t worry, you won’t be harmed.”


Josie and Cary looked at each other as Abby was led out of the room, then at Diana.  The older woman nodded as she stroked down the cheek of Bell, the man who ran the general store, and then placed her gloved hand between her legs, the smile growing larger on his face as he did so.


As July was talking with two other men, she overheard Marton say “so it’s Sunday morning, Jed?”


The large man next to him, wearing a gold waistcoat nodded and said “Yeah – first train down, passes here just before seven.  Discrete – don’t want anyone to know about it.”


“Surely not,” Marton said as he took a long draw on his cheroot.  “You never know who may have their eye on it.”


“You mean like those hellcats?”


Marton picked up a bottle of whisky and refilled the glass of the other man.  “I wouldn’t know anything about that, Jed – none of us know where they come from or who they are.  We just have to pick up the pieces afterwards.”


July hid her smile as Marton said “So who knows?”


“Greyscale, the line manager in town – he gets told on Saturday.”


Marton nodded as July felt the kiss of the man she was sitting with on her neck, and turned her attention back to her.



“What is you want me to do, Sir,” Abby said as she watched the older man close the door behind them.


“Don’t worry your sweet fanny, darling,” he said as he sat on the bed, “I just want you to dance for me, and show me your body.  Move as if you were being made love to, and I will watch.”


Abby nodded as she remembered the way she had seen some of the dancing girls in Kathy’s Saloon move, watching from the balcony with Josie and Cary.  As she did so, the man said “Oh yeah,” and slowly started to unbutton his trousers, moving his hand between his legs as they fell to the floor…





“So you’re the mayor of this fine town,” Alexandra said as she and Kathy sat with Mayor Harding, a small and stout man with snow white hair that looked at their chests with a lecherous gleam in his eye.


“Well, that’s right, ladies,” he said as he looked from side to side.


“Such an important position,” Kathy said as she knelt on the floor, her hand on his lap as she looked up at him through the scarlet mask that covered his eyes.  “It must cause you a great deal of stress…”


“Well, yes, yes it is – very important great deal of responsibility,” he mumbled as Diana caressed his head from behind.


“Perhaps we can find a way to relieve that stress for you,” Kathy purred as her hand stroked down the inside of his thigh, Mayor Harding’s own eyes widening as he looked at her, her chest barely held in place.


“Would you like to touch them,” Diana whispered into his ear, nodding to Kathy as she straightened up, Mayor Harding moving forward and groping her chest as Alexandra watched from the other side of the room.


“You two,” Marton said to Josie and Cary as they accepted a drink from one of the men, “meet me outside in five minutes.  I have a special job I want you two to perform.”


“Of course sir,” Cary said with a small curtsey and smile as Marton walked away.  She glanced over at July, who nodded her approval as she talked again to the milliner.




Abby could not believe her eyes as the man kept rubbing the large organ he had revealed between his legs, his moans increasing as she kept dancing.  Was she really making him do this?  Was the way she moved, the way she danced, really making him this way?”


She closed her eyes and kept dancing, turning and finding every way possible not to watch as his groans got louder and louder, until he finally screamed out and then sighed.


“Thank you,” he said as Abby stopped, and he stood up, pulling up his pants and fastening them before he pressed a silver coin into her gloved hand.  He walked out, leaving Abby dumbfounded as she stared at the coin, before following him.


As she did so, she saw Josie and Cary walking up the stairs, lifting their skirts as they followed Marston.  She shook her head, as she heard her mother say “Did he…”


“No – no he didn’t,” she said as she looked at Diana, “he gave me this for dancing while he – pleasured himself.”


Diana looked at the coin, and said “well done – at least I don’t have to kill the marshal now.”


“He’s the marshal?”


Diana nodded and said “Stick close to me from now on,” as they walked back in.




“Mighty big bedroom, Mister Marton.”


“Please, call me Lou,” Marton said as he closed the door.  “Don’t worry, ladies – I want you to do something to me, rather than me doing something to you.”


“and what would that be, Lou,” Josie said with a smile as he walked over to the bed.


“How familiar are you two ladies with idea of securing with ropes?”


“We have some experience,” Cary said as she watched Marton remove his waistcoat, “why?”


“Good – I want you to tie me to the bed, and then make me hard and strong so that I cannot stop myself,” he said as he put the waistcoat on the chair, and started to remove the studs from his shirt.


“We can do that,” Josie said with a smile, “but the question is, in what way?”


“No mouth, no tongues – just use your hands and your touch,” Marton said as he sat on the bed and removed his boots.


“I did not think a big, strong, powerful man like you would want to cede control to two little slips of girls like us,” Cary said as she walked round the room.


“It is precisely because I am so powerful I want you to do it,” Marton said as he removed his trousers and under garments “it reminds me of where I came from, and where I could go if I do not keep control.”


“Fair enough,” Josie said as Marton sat naked on the bed.  “Touch only, no mouths, no tongues.  Where is the rope?”


“Look in the bureau over there,” Marton said as he nodded to the corner, nodding as Cary pulled out some lengths of rough rope.


“All right then,” Josie said as she took a length, “lie down, big boy, and let us get to work.”


“As you command,” Marton said as he allowed the two girls to bind the rope round his wrists, and then pull them above his head, fastening them to the top posts of the large four poster bed.  They then tied his ankles in the same way, before Josie started to massage his feet, while Cary pressed her long gloved hands down on his chest and softly caressed it.


“Oh my,” she said as she traced her finger down the scars, “how many times have you been shot?”


“Too many times,” he said as Cary nodded to Josie, and they both removed their veils, leaving their eyes covered as they kissed his chest and toes.   Marton wriggled round on the bed, closing his eyes and saying “Oh yes,” as he started to respond to the gentle kissing and massage of his legs, feet and chest.






July smiled as she watched Kathy and Alexandra showing the mayor a real good time, and then nodded to Diana as she slipped out of the room.  She made her way to the small toilet, and looked at herself in the mirror, before walking quietly out and making her way up the staircase.



“Oh yeah that is so good,” Marton said as Josie stroked her gloved hands down the inside of his legs, Cary slowly rubbing over his stomach as she did so.  She glanced down at the growing organ between his legs, and stroked her own gloved hand down it.


“Ahhhhh,” Marton called out as she felt the throbbing.  “Don’t worry, big boy, we’ll be gentle,” she said as she cupped his ball sac in her hand, and gently squeezed, Josie’s eyes popping as she watched it become even more erect.


“You need to be quiet, big boy,” Josie whispered, “or we may have to stop you talking for a while.”  Marton was biting his bottom lip, before he said “Yes Mistress – keep me quiet.”


Josie grinned as she bent down and picked up a pair of his socks, Cary gently holding and stroking his cock as she pushed the socks into his mouth.  He did not offer  a word of complaint at that, instead closing his lips over them as he said “fnkumstrsss.”


“Hush, my slave,” Cary purred as she continued to play with his manhood, while Josie walked up to him, “or do I have to stop you from looking as well?”


“Ysmstrsss,” Marton said, as Josie took a pillowcase and pulled it over his head, the helpless man actually giggling as she did so.  He then moaned out louder as Josie stroked her hand up and down, and then placed her hand on his sac again.


“NNstnsttppp,” Marton moaned, but then his moan turned to a grunt of pain as he felt the hand suddenly tighten.


“Hello Marton?”




“That’s right Marton – Louisiana and Coyote are covering your two young friends, while we have a little chat.  I presume you don’t mind?”


“Nnmmmm,” Marton said as the grip tightened a little more, and then relaxed.


“Good – we know about the train on Sunday, Marton, and the Wildcats will be stopping it a little way out of town.  I know it can be a pain, but we need you to look the other way – in return for the usual inducements.”




“Hurts, doesn’t it – but imagine me with a branding iron there for a moment, if you don’t cooperate.”


Marton nodded under the hood as he felt the grip tighten still further.


“I also know who to visit the night before, so do me a small favour, and make sure nobody goes near the Greyscale house on Saturday night, when we make a social call.  After all, the reward will be worth it, right?”


Marton groaned and nodded – the tight grip on his sac was making him even harder, and he was almost tempted to beg for the release.


“Good – I am so glad we have an understanding.  Now enjoy the rest of your party – I’ll be in touch.”


The pressure on his sac increased, and then just as suddenly was released as he heard the girls say “Are you all right, Mister Marton?”  The sudden release, however, led to his release as well from the pressure, so he moaned for a few minutes before saying “Whrhrrth?”


“I’m sorry, sir,” Josie said as she pulled her hood off and removed the socks, “they were dressed in black, and held guns in our mouths.  If we had spoken…”


“It…  It’s all right Ladies – I understand,” Marton said as he looked at his arms and legs.  “Untie me, and say nothing of this to anyone – not even your fellow ladies.  Understand?”


“Yes, sir,” they said as they quickly untied him, and he stood up.  “Go downstairs,” he said quietly, “the party will end when I come down, and the wagon will take you back to the Rose Palace – with extra payment.”




“Thank you again for coming so far,” Marton said as he stood at the door, shifting on his feet a little.


“I trust all was to your satisfaction,” July said through her veil as she was handed a large purse.


“More than satisfactory, ladies – you did well tonight.  Now get out, and be on that train by ten tomorrow.”


“We understand, sir – and thank you,” July replied as they climbed into the carriages.


“You all right boss,” one of the men said as Marton closed the door.


“Yeah – we just had an unexpected visitor,” Marton said as he rubbed his crotch.  “I want the men to meet me at the office tomorrow – we have a job to do Saturday.”



8th May
Main Street, Riverbend
9 am


Kathy and Josie had discussed it at breakfast, after their experience at the party the previous night, it seemed a fun thing to do, but as they swung their hips, the small bustles of their dresses swaying in time, Kathy thought that maybe this wasn’t such a good time for she and Josie to be out on the streets dressed to the nines in low cut day dresses, with their faces fully made up, and their hair curled and up, the whole thing being topped off with small hats.


If the town thought she and Josie were a danger to the morals of the community they might as well look the part. Inside Kathy was quaking, but on the outside both she and Josie looked a picture of cool calmness.


Josie was in fact having fun batting her eyelashes at every man. She was enjoying the attention. Recent events had made Josie all too aware of her own sexual side. She liked men looking at her and admiring, even if they thought she was a floozy.


“Oh my Goddess if Alexandra sees us out and about looking like this do you think she will get the joke?” Kathy whispered in her sister’s ear, as they stood window-shopping outside the millinery store.


“That’s a pretty hat.” Josie said in a normal voice, and then whispered, “You know very well she’d be out here walking with us if she thought she could get away with it.”


“Mmmmm it’s lovely,” Kathy switched to a whisper, “but we’re playing into all the gossips stereotypes of us.”


“I might buy it.” Josie then hissed, “well it’s too late to back out now sister dear.”


Each girl turned as they saw Mayor Harding reflected in the glass window.


“Good morning mister mayor.” Kathy didn’t know what possessed her to lean forward on her parasol and give the Mayor a better view then he’d had even the night before of her breasts.


“Well…humph…ummmm…Miss Smith, Miss Smith,” he lifted his hat and doffed it before making a hasty exit.


“Oh you are evil.” Josie laughed as they continued their slow perambulation down the sidewalk.


In the distance Kathy suddenly spotted the black clad figure of Alexandra Richmond. It was just as she had feared. She started to tremor a little. “Oh goddess will she ever forgive me?” she asked herself. But as Josie had pointed out it was too late to back out now.


“Be brave sister.” Josie whispered.


“Yes…be brave…” Kathy tried to summon up her courage.


They both took deep breaths as Alexandra approached.


Suddenly Alexandra saw them and realized who the two flashily dressed women were. A scowl crossed her face.


“Good Morning Miss Richmond isn’t it a LOVELY day.” Josie sung out the words.


Kathy could have killed her as Alexandra’s scowl turned into a glare.


“Humphhh” Alexandra grunted a reply, not sure whether to get angry or throw herself into her beautiful lovers arms.


Suddenly Elvira Harding, and Agatha Bell, the wife of the owner of the general store appeared as from nowhere and rudely barged the Smith sisters as they held Alexandra’s arms and pulled her after them.


“Really the nerve of those Smith creatures.” Agatha’s voice was clearly meant to be heard by Kathy and Josie.


“I always knew they were JUST that type,” Elvira said sniffilly.


“So revealing.” They heard Alexandra’s voice as she hurried away.


“Don’t you just want to stick the business end of a Winchester ’76 into her mouth and pull the trigger,” Josie said as they continued their walk.


“Yeah – but not into her mouth,” Kathy replied as they stopped and watched the women leaving the Rose Palace, looking slightly groggy.


“where did Marnie learn that trick with laudanum anyway,” Josie said as the carriage set off for the train, Diana watching them leave.


“Oh she has a lot of tricks up those sleeves of hers,” Kathy whispered as they turned and walked back to the saloon.  “But right now, I need to get out of these things – and you and Abby need to get out to the ranch for your lessons.”


Alexandra Richmond’s House
11 am


Alexandra Richmond cast her eyes round the ladies sitting clucking like hens in her parlor, drinking their tea from her fine china that was one of the few reminders of her past life before she had married her late husband.


These so-called ‘good’ ladies of Riverbend had been the backbone of her late husband’s flock.  Alexandra when she closed her eyes could hear them bleating, just like a flock of sheep.


Dressed in their best shop bought finery they were sitting in her house complaining and attacking their favorite target, the Smith sisters and their saloon, and the worst thing was that to maintain her front of buttoned up respectability she was having to nod her assent to everything they said.


“And to see that Josie Smith being allowed to associate with nice respectable girls like Cary and Abby” Elvira Harding shook her head. “Girls like that shouldn’t even be allowed to walk our streets, let alone to go to our school and be seen with good children.”


“To see her and that harlot sister of hers walking down Main Street, just like real people.” Agatha Bell said as she reached for her fifth sandwich. “I’ll be so glad when we can pass a law in this town closing that saloon down.”


The four other women all shook their heads in agreement.


Alexandra felt like a hypocrite - actually, she knew she was a hypocrite. Sitting here condemning Kathy in public, slandering the name of the woman who at night shared her bed, the woman whose touch and feel thrilled her, the woman whose kisses she lived for, the…


“Alexandra dear?” Elvira interrupted her thoughts. “Did you invite July to our little gathering today?”


“Oh sorry I was miles away Elvira,” Alexandra shook her head, “I’m afraid she had urgent things to attend to out on her ranch.


“Well maybe next time,” Elvira sounded disappointed, “I think we were all hoping to hear about New York and the latest fashions.”


Inwardly Alexandra wished she too could have pleaded other matters to avoid a gathering like this, but she knew that as a clergyman’s widow it was not only expected of her, but demanded that she be an inner part of the towns group of so-called real ladies.


While the hens turned to talking about their feathers, talking admiringly on the stylish dresses and hats July and Cary had worn as they arrived home, Alexandra felt able for at least a few seconds to let her brain run wild and free, even if her body was stuck in this room.


She daydreamed of riding naked into a red New Mexico sunset, of laying on a blanket by the river and making love to Kathy, of being able to cast off her widows weeds and respectability, of…


“You know these sandwiches are really to die for.” Agatha interrupted her soaring dreams and dragged her back to reality. “You know Alexandra dear you really spoil us,”


“Can I tempt you with another then?” Alexandra resumed her role.


“Well I shouldn’t but…well…yes.” Agatha greedily accepted the offered treat.


Inwardly Alexandra sighed, she wasn’t sure how much longer she could maintain this front of respectability and hypocrisy. She longed and yearned for freedom and prayed to her Goddess, not her husband’s condemning God for the day she could be free to do as she pleased.


But then, as she looked down the group, she realised she was not the only hypocrite in the room.  After all, if Agatha could have seen her husband and the rest of the lodge, cavorting with July and Diana last night.


And as for Elvira, she knew exactly what his honour the Mayor had done last night, when he had been alone with her and Heather.  Perhaps she should tell her exactly how he responded to their caress…


But no – she had to keep the pretence, while secretly wondering what would happen if the Wildcats called on them…


12 pm
The Double C Ranch


“Do you ever wonder what it is exactly your sister and Alexandra do when they make love?” Abby asked Josie as they and Cary lie idling away an hour in the hay lofts.


“They seem to kiss a lot.” Cary commented.


“And have you seen how?” Abby pretended to retch. “I am NEVER EVER letting a boy put his tongue in my mouth…YUCK!”


“They lay naked and touch each other a lot.” Cary said quietly.


“And how do you know that Josie Smith?” Abby asked inquisitively.


“I looked through a crack in the door once. They were both stark naked on the bed I swear, and they were whimpering as they touched each other between the legs.”


Abby sat up and contemplated this news. “I’ve seen horses do it, I’ve seen bull do it to a cow do it, but I ain't never seen a female animal do it with no other female animal.”


“I think it might be nice.” Cary spoke like she was thinking aloud “Men are so rough…”


“And how would you know how men are Cary?” Abby asked bluntly as she lay back down.


Cary just smiled that annoyingly enigmatic smile that so intrigued her friends - who were to tell the truth a little uncertain if Cary was still a virgin like themselves.


Josie looked at Cary hard, “Have you ever really kissed a boy like Alexandra kisses Kathy?”


“Not a boy…A Man!” Cary replied with that same smile.


“You are a big liar Cary Huntingdown.” Abby leaned up. “You ain't no more kissed a boy or a man then I have…”


“Oh now then how do I know how to do this?” Cary planted a long lingering kiss on her best friend’s mouth.


“You’ve just been watching my sister Cary, Abby’s right your nuthin’ but a God Damned liar…”


Josie’s words halted as Cary planted a similarly long, passionate kiss on her.


“Ummmm.” Josie was for a moment in shock, both from the pleasure she had gained from the kiss, and her awareness of the dampness that had appeared in her under garments..


“Now you kiss Abby like that.” Cary said gently as she slipped backwards so her friends could roll over and touch.


Hesitantly Josie moved next to Abby and looking in her eyes for Abby to stop her gave her the tiniest peck on the lips.


“No a real kiss like I showed you.” Cary looked onwards-urging daring from her friends.


Slowly once more Josie leaned forward, Abby didn’t mind it seemed, and kissed that lanky fifteen year old with a long hard kiss.


“Now open your mouths a bit.” Cary whispered.


Very slowly Abby’s lips parted and Josie eased her tongue into her friends mouth.


“Nice and slowly,” Cary virtually murmured, as Abby visibly relaxed and accepted her friends kiss.


“Miss Cary, Miss Josie, Miss Abby – y’all are wanted in the main house,” Tommy shouted, “I know you girls are in here…Are you in that loft again…If I have to come get yall there’ll be trouble.”


“We’re coming Tommy.” Abby broke the kiss and the moment hurriedly moving from under Josie.


“Yeah we’re cummin’.” Cary shouted as she and her more than slightly shocked friends realized what had just happened.


“On the way Tommy.” Josie jumped to her feet in a state of embarrassment, “on our way.”



“What have you girls been up to,” July said as the three of them came in, Diana watching and noting the slightly guilty look on their faces.


“Nothing,” Cary said, “just sitting and talking…”


“Right,” July said as she looked at them.  “I need you three, after lunch, to go in the wagon with Diana to the base, and deposit some things there.  Do you think you can do that without needing to hide too much?”


“Yes, we can,” the three of them said nodding.


“I’ll make it worth your while,” Diana said with a smile, “get in some sharp shooting practice while we’re up there, all right?”


The girls brightened up considerably at that, as Marnie put a pot of thick soup on the table.


“Come on you lot,” she said with a smile, “eat up – you need your strength.”


3 pm
The Base


They called it the base, but what it was was a hidden valley in the hills, right on the outskirts of July’s land.  Nobody came to that part, apart from the occasional critter, and it was far enough off the beaten track to mean privacy.


Diana pulled the wagon up outside, Tommy beside her as she called behind her “Right girls – unload what Tommy tells you and put it in the cabin, then strap your gunbelts on.”


“All right, you three,” Tommy said as he climbed into the back, “take these long boxes in and lay them gently on the floor.  I’ll take care of the smaller crates.”


“Why can’t we carry them in, Tommy?”


“Because, Miss Cary, if that dynamite goes off and is not stored properly it will kill you – and then your mother will kill me.  SO leave that to me and take the rest in.”


Tommy watched as they carried the crates in.  “I still remember her in petticoats and pigtails,” he said to Diana as they stood by the wagon.


“Did you know him – her father?”


“Only by reputation,” Tommy said as he spat into the ground.  “He made Billy the Kid look like one of them Mennonites up in the north east, so I hear. It’s hard to imagine nowadays I know but Miss July back then was a real hellion, she could ride like the wind and shoot the spot out of an ace of spades from forty yards.  That was before HE got at her, I swear as she recovered she swore to bury the old her, and well you know at least in public she has, but that fire inside her never went out completely.”



“How did it happen?”

It was one night, and I had to carry the poor girl back into the house after I found her the next day.  He’d left her undressed and bloody…guess the bastard thought she was dead. Her father, Lord rest his soul, was all for getting up a lynching party and hanging the bastard from the nearest tree.”


“Why didn’t he?”


“I got there first,” Tommy said in a murmur as the girls came out.  All of them were wearing men’s pants, and had their gunbelts low on their hips, the holster tied to their legs with string.


“Right then,” Tommy said as he stepped forward, “rapid draw and shot practice – I only want to see one hole in that there cactus from each of you, but I want to pick out more than one bullet.  Once I’m satisfied, Miss Diana will do the rifle range.  Line up.”


Diana smiled as they all drew their guns and fired at the plants – they were good.  Very good in fact.


Tommy looked on with quiet satisfaction. He’d taught each girl how to shoot a six-gun fast and accurately; he knew he’d done a good job. Each was a professional gun hand that could have hired herself out to anyone wanted to pay to get their killing done for them.


“Who’s faster Cary or July?” Diana whispered the question most members of the gang had at some time or another speculated upon.


“I don’t know Miss Diana, but I’d hate to try and make a living off the difference.”



9th May
The Double C Ranch


Each of the girls kept her wildcat outfits well hidden. July kept hers and Cary’s in a false bottomed chest in her bedroom. There had been a time when she had let Cary wear a gun belt and carry a gun, but the chances of people putting two and two together meant that neither she nor her daughter was ever seen in public armed. A few old-timers in Riverbend might remember a time several years earlier when July Huntingdown wore men’s pants, and rode alongside her father to carve out their spread, but at best it was a faint distant memory and July preferred it that way. Nowadays she made a point of only ever being seen driving her buggy and dressed in as close to the eastern fashions as she could humanly get.


No, to most people the idea that July Huntingdown might be Mama Wildcat would at best seemed highly doubtful, and at worst downright lunacy. Most people remembered last Fourth of July, when July had been invited to shoot in a ladies contest, and had failed not only to hit the target, but also even with one shot put it into the second story wall of the hotel.


July’s frustration at having to put up an act like that had been sated when she returned home and promptly put 6 bullets into virtually one hole on a target, drawing and shooting the gun in one truly fast motion.


She thought back to when this had all started – Marton, the bastard, had somehow got ahold of the deeds to the Double C after her father’s death, and was – well, making certain propositions.  She had told Diana, who out of the blue had said “Well, why don’t we rob a bank?”


Diana had skills with a gun as well, and as they both talked they realised they could do it – if they planned and hid their true selves.  Kathy and Alexandra were using the Rose Palace for their rendezvous, and had shown interest as well.


One thing July knew – they would have act and be more ruthless than even the Dalton gang.  So after the first raid, when they emptied the vault of the Broken Knee bank, and killed the two clerks in the process, the papers had dubbed them “The Female Wildcats.”  The name had stuck, as the gang had expanded – first with Cary, then Abby, and of course Josie.


Only two other people knew – Tommy and Marnie.  Tommy had become a surrogate dad to July, and she trusted him with her life.  And Marnie – Marnie had brought her up when her mama died, and then Cary when she arrived.  She could not imagine life without them.


A deed born of desperation had become something more – a release, a way of keeping trash like Marton off her doorstep – and also a joy, a pleasure she could not find anywhere else.


“Maybe I have some of the beast in me as well,” July whispered as she closed the chest, ready for tomorrow.



The Lucky Strike Saloon

Kathy kept hers and Josie’s in a hidden closet in her room above the saloon. Since Josie had moved in with her as her sister, Kathy had made special efforts to ensure Josie’s well-being, and security. There were those in town who looked down on the Smith sisters because Kathy ran a saloon. That she was the graduate of a fancy ladies college back east would have amazed them. Kathy had grown up with a father who’d done disgusting things to her, early on she’d learned that brains and a willingness to do what you needed to do was the only way to find any peace, let alone happiness in life.


Yes she ran a saloon and she was proud of it, she was independent, owed no man anything, and indeed neither wanted or needed a man in her life.  Alexandra was more than glad to help them both satisfy their bodily needs, and the Wildcats provided all the excitement she needed.


And Josie?  Josie was her family now, and she would do anything to protect her and Alexandra.




The Rose Palace


For Diana and Abby, a false panel in Diana’s bedroom concealed their outfits.  After all, a woman’s boudoir was her sanctum, and Diana had held to that dictum ever since she had discovered her late, decidedly unlamented husband in her room in their townhouse, with her best friend beside him.  Abby had been a young girl, and was at school that day – so she was not present to see Diana demonstrate the skills she had learned from her father, drawing the rifle and shooting them both in the head.  One bullet each – and even that she felt was twice what they deserved.


They had left for the West that night, Abby sleeping in her mother’s lap on the train as it trundled over the lines.  She had emptied their account, and on arriving at Riverbend had bought the hotel cash, moving in that day.  Since then she had worked hard to make a success of it – and no upstart Spick was going to stop her.  Her hatred of Marton not-withstanding, however, she had the investments from the Wildcat raids well hidden.




Diana looked at the door to the room, and saw Abby standing there.  “Whatever is the matter, child,” she said as she closed the door, and sat on the bed.


“Mama, do men find me attractive?”


Diana patted the bed at her side, and Abby came to sit down.  “I’m sure they do, Abby,” she said as she stroked her daughter’s hair, “but what’s brought this on?”


“Well, when we were at the party, this man wanted me to dance, and as I did he started playing with himself.  Was it me who made him do that?”


“Oh Abby,” Diana said, “there are all sorts of men in the world, and you met one of the worst ones that night.  He just wanted to do that for himself, and you – well, you were an excuse.  He probably wasn’t even thinking of who you were.


“Now, some day you will meet a man you feel very differently about, and when that day comes you will know.”


“Was it like that with you and Papa?”


“Not really, no – he loved you, but before he died he and I knew we were in a loveless marriage.  I would never want that for you, Abby.  Just be patient – the right person for you is out there somewhere.”




“Yes, dear?”


Abby shook her head and said “Nothing – thanks, mama.”  She reached over and embraced her mother.


The Richmond House


And then there was Alexandra Richmond, the town moralist and truthsayer.  If only the good folks of the town knew of what was hanging behind the panel in her wardrobe, or of her true desires, they may have taken a very different view of the preacher’s wife – especially if they had known she was the one who killed him on that raid.


He had discovered her little secret in tastes, and had told her to repent or he would reveal all to the congregation that Sunday.  Well, that was more than she could take, so she arranged for him to withdraw some cash from the bank when they were calling as the Wildcats.  The look on his face as she shot him in the groin would remain with her as a driver forever…


As she sat in her parlour, reading the novel July had brought back from New York for her, her thoughts were of her and Kathy, together, free at last…


10th May
2 pm
The Base


“Whoa, whoa.”


Diana brought the horses to a stop outside the cabin, and stepped down, dressed in her brown dress with a sun bonnet on her head.  Abby stepped down with her, fetching the carpet bag and walking to the cabin with her.


“There you are,” July said as they walked in, “Coffee is in the pot.”


“Thanks,” Diana said as she watched July poring over a map.  “where’s Cary?”


“Out back,” July said as Abby walked through.  Cary was flicking the bullwhip, the leather cracking as she scattered the lizards off some rocks.




“Hey,” Cary said as she looked at Abby, then cracked the whip again.  “Ready?”


“Oh yeah,” Abby said as she sat on a seat, the sound of horses coming from the front of the cabin, before Josie rode round and jumped off, her boots raising the dust off the ground.


“Kathy’s gone inside, and we saw Alexandra on the way – I’m ready to kick some ass.”


“OH you are so fucking right with that,” Cary said as she cracked the whip again.  Josie and Cary looked at each other – they knew who was speaking now.


“Girls – get in here.”


The three of them entered as Alexandra came in, discarding her bonnet and travelling cloak.


“Right,” July said, “We get to the Greyscale place for eight tonight, and find out what time the train is coming.  From the party, we know it is early, but we need to know when.  Once we have that, we split.  Alexandra?”


“Kathy and I head for the points, and give the signal when the train approaches.  If it slows, we switch.”




“Josie and Abby are with me – we have the wagon ready, with the blasting sticks, at the end of the spur line.  We secure the engineer and driver, then we get to work.”


July nodded.  “You, Kathy and Alexandra take the passenger cars – the girls work with me.  Do what you have to do, and do it right first time.”


“And the family?”


July looked up and said “We’re the Wildcats – what do you think?”


The six women nodded as July took out a pocket watch and looked at it.


“All right – we eat, and then we dress for business.”


6 pm


“Give me a hand, will you Cary?”


“Sure,” Cary said as she walked over and picked up the stuffing, pushing it into Anny’s blouse to fill her figure out.  She was naturally thin and had a small chest, but with the padding in the right place she had as full a figure as any of the others.


As Cary helped, Abby felt her hands on her, and fought down the feelings as she sat down, fastening the blouse fully and then pulling the riding boots on under her pants.  She looked at Cary and Josie as they finished dressing as well, Josie adjusting the black wig and the bandana around her neck, Cary pulling the cord of her Stetson tight under her chin.




The three girls looked at each other as they pulled on the black riding gloves, and fastened their gun belts round their waists.  Walking into the other room, the saw the other four waiting, all identically dressed.


“All right then,” July said quietly, “Frenchie and Kid?”


“Ready, Mama,” Diana and Abby replied.


“Blondie and Louisiana?”


Kathy and Josie nodded in mute reply.




“Ready,” Alexandra said as she drew and re-holstered her pistol with lightning speed.




Cary merely nodded as she cracked her fingers.


“All right then,” Mama Wildcat said quietly, “Let’s ride.”

8 pm
The home of Homer Grayscale


“It’s a beautiful sunset, Homer.”


“Sure is, Missy,” Homer said as he put his arm round the shoulders of his wife.  They were sitting on a swing seat on the front porch of their house, Homer in an open shirt, trousers and shoes, Missy wearing a shawl over her striped blouse with a grey skirt and boots.  “But see those clouds?  I think the weather’s going to break tonight.”


Their seventeen year old daughter Jane was in the house, clearing away the remnants of the evening meal, before going into the front room and stoking the coals in the fire, intending to get the warming pans ready for their beds.  She didn’t hear the door to the rear of the house open and close, or the heels of the boots walking on the wooden floor.


The first she knew of what was going to happen that night was when she heard the cock of the pistol by her head, and then the taste of dirty cotton in her mouth as she opened it to call, the rolled up cloth muffling her cries as her arms were grabbed.


“Not a word, you little sow,” she heard a female voice saying as her wrists were lashed tightly together with leather thongs, and she was pushed into a chair.  She then got her first look at the three women – all dressed in black, with scarves tied over their lower faces, and hats pulled firmly down over their black hair.




“Well, I guess we need to turn in,” Homer said as she stood up and stretched his arms skywards, “busy day ahead.”


Taking Missy by the arm, he opened the door to his house and walked in – only to be stopped by the pistol clapped to his head and a female voice saying “Not a word, sir – your daughter and wife will pay otherwise.”


He could see Jane sat in a wooden chair, her body lashed to it with yards of brown rope, and her legs tied to the front legs.  The thick cloth in her mouth made her silent, as did the two rifles pointed at her by the two masked men.




He turned his head to see two more women standing with Missy, one with her rifle pointing at her head as the other tied her wrist behind her back.


“Who…  Who are you,” he whispered as he looked at the other two women who walked in from the kitchen.


“We’re the Wildcats Homer – have you heard of us?”


Homer paled visibly as he said “I’ve heard of you – please…”


“OH he is mannered,” the women holding the rifle to his head said, “we should return the favour.”


He looked at the women, who looked and dressed the same – black blouses, tight trousers, riding boots, and black scarves covering their noses and mouths.  Wide black hats covered their heads, with dark hair peeking out.  The clasps on their hats were identical as well – all silver, in the form of a leaping wildcat.


“What are you going to do to us,” he said as he watched the two women tie Missy to a second chair, gagging her with the rolled up rag.


“We want to have a little chat and your help tomorrow,” the woman said.  “I am Mama Wildcat – and the two with your daughter are Coyote and Kid.  Frenchie and Goldie are with your charming wife, Louisiana behind me and Lulu is holding a very useful Winchester to your head.  So,” she said as she stepped forward, “shut the hell up and do as you’re told.”




“Just don’t hurt us please,” Homer whispered as he was forced to his knees, and he felt the leather thongs around his wrists.


“Hurt you,” Coyote said as she put her hands on Jane’s chest and squeezed, making her cry out, “we’re going to do what we have to do until you tell us what we need to know, all right?”


“But what…    nggg….  What do you want to know?”


“First things first,” Mama Wildcat said as she stroked Homer’s chin with her leather gloved hand, “We wildcats like to play games first – do you like to play games?”


“whtsrtfgms,” Missy said as she looked at the seven women.


“Fun games,” Louisiana said, “you’ll like them.”  As she said this, Coyote started to slowly unbutton Jane’s blouse, opening it up to reveal her corset underneath as she tried, without success, to wriggle in the chair.


“Hmmm – so young and fresh,” she said with a smile as her gloved hands caressed her chest.




“Manners,” Goldie said as she pulled back on Missy’s hair, while Lulu pushed the barrel of her Winchester between her legs.


“NO!”  Mama Wildcat turned to Homer, and said “Did I say you could speak?”


“No – but…”


The club hit him square on the back of the head, as Homer crumpled to the ground.  “get the girl upstairs,” Mama Wildcat said as Coyote and Louisiana untied Jane from the chair and frog marched her to the bedroom.  “Frenchie and Goldie, prepare his wife.  Kid and Lulu – get this little tub of lard secured to a chair.  I want to talk to him when he comes round…”




When Homer opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was that Missy had been stripped, only her bloomers left on as her arms were tied above her head to one of the roof beams with thick rope.  There was also rope around her ankles and knees, while Lulu and Goldie were caressing her chest with their gloved hands.


He also noticed that Missy had her eyes closed over the thick white cloth between her lips, and she was moaning slightly.  He tried to go to her aid, only to find he was now tightly lashed to the chair, ropes holding every part of him to it.


“ah good, you’re awake,” Mama Wildcat said as one of the others stoked the fire with a poker.  “Now, we want the schedule for the Denver Mint train heading to Fort Worth in the next 24 hours – and you have a choice.  You can talk now, or you can talk later.”


“Wha…. What are you going to do with that,” Homer said as he watched the masked woman take the hot poker from the fire, looking at it as it glowed in the dim light from the oil lamps.


“Hmmm –yes, what are you going to do with that, my dear,” Mama said as she looked at Frenchie.   Goldie smiled as she took her hand away from Missy’s chest, as did Lulu – Missy then screaming in agony as the poker was pressed down onto her nipples.


“NOOOO” Homer called out as he watched his wife being branded, “I’ll tell you, just don’t do that to her.”


“Oh, I know you will tell me,” Mama Wildcat said as she pulled his shirt open, and he felt the hot poker searing his chest as well,” but we like to have our fun…”


“NNNNNNNNNN” Missy called out as the poker was pressed to her stomach next, while from upstairs Homer heard his daughter’s pleas for help.




“What’s the matter, bitch – too rough for you?”


Jane looked to her side as she lay on her back, her dress pulled off and her arms and legs tied to the four corners of the bed, stretched out in an X.  The cloth in her mouth was soaking, and her jaw ached, but that was not the cause of her pain.


That was the knotted rope which was being struck again and again onto her body by the two masked women, her chest covered in bruises and red blood streaks.  What was worse, one of the women had tied a rough rope around her waist and between her legs, so that as she twisted in agony at each blow the rope rubbed between her legs – and that was causing her distress as well.


“Whtrrusnggg,” she said as Louisiana laid the rope down, and stroked Jane with her gloved hand.


“Well, you seem all hot and bothered,” she said in a soft Southern accent, “Maybe we should cool down.”


“Hwwww,” Jane said, before she shrieked as the other Wildcat poured a bucket of cold water over Jane, making her body shake and the rope rub even more between her legs.


“There – that’s cooler,” Coyote said as she took a pair of wooden pegs and attached them to Jane’s erect nipples, before she pushed the rope into her pussy.  Jane could hear her parents’ screams, and wondered why nobody came to their aid.


9.30 pm
The Double C Ranch


“Hey Marnie – any coffee left in that pot?”


“Sure – but you won’t be able to sleep if you drink that,” Marnie said as she looked at Tommy.


“Like I’m going to sleep tonight anyway – I never do when the girls go out,” he said as he lifted the pot with a cloth and poured himself a cup.


“Me neither,” Marnie said as Tommy pulled a chair up and sat down.  “I always wonder if this is the time when…”


“Yeah – no need to say it,” Tommy said, “I think the same thing.  They’re like my kids, for goodness sake, and I worry about them.  You?”


“She’s like my daughter – of course I worry.”  Marnie put her hand on Tommy’s and said “Look at us, like an old married couple.”


“Yeah, well,” Marnie said with a smile.  She then said “Do you ever regret not having kids?”


“Nah – I have a family here,” Tommy said as he looked at her, “and I guess that’s enough for me.”




“Yeah,” Tommy said as he hugged Marnie, and then gave her a kiss, “and you’re part of that family as well.”


Marnie blushed and then hugged Tommy back.  “Thanks, you old idiot,” she said as they sat back down, holding each other’s hand as they talked.


10 pm
Outside the Grayscale house


“Evening Sheriff,” the two deputies said as Sheriff Marton walked up to them, whistling quietly to himself.  The sky was clear, but the dark clouds were rolling in from the hills.


“Evening boys,” he said quietly, “All quiet?”


The two of them grinned at the sounds coming from the house a short distance away.  “Nothing to report, Sheriff – but how come we don’t nab them?  There’s a big reward for their heads.”


“And if we did, they would bring me down as well – so we have a mutual hands off treaty,” Marton said as he listened, lighting a cheroot as he did so.  “Gotta admire them, however – I’d hate to be in there right now.”


“Any idea what they’re after?”


“So long as they pay me, I don’t care,” Marton said as he walked off.  “See you in the morning, boys…”


“He feeling all right,” one man said to the other, “he seems to be walking a little funny.”


“I heard he had a rough time at his party,” the reply came, before the two men started laughing…



“Oh yeah,” the two Wildcats said as they took turns pushing their fingers into Jane’s body, making her writhe and squirm as she came again and again at their prompting.  She wanted it to end – but when one of them stuck the barrel of the rifle into her passage, she felt her body tearing, and passed out from the pain.


“No staying power,” one of the Wildcats said to the other.  “Shall we see what Mama is up to?”


They walked down the stairs, looking at their leader as she talked to Homer.  Missy was still hanging from the ceiling, her eyes closed as she moaned quietly.


“Very good Homer – very clear,” Mama Wildcat said as she looked at the sweating man.  “So the train is due to pass town at midnight?  Clever – good misinformation, but thank you for sharing.”


“Yes, yes,” Homer said, “now please, stop…”


“Well, I think we are done here,” Mama Wildcat said as she drew the pistol from her holster, “Thank you very much Homer.”


Homer didn’t even feel the bullet passing through his brain, but Missy heard the shot and looked at one of the other six women, as she cocked the rifle and levelled it at her.


“Fnku,” she mumbled before the shot went through her neck, killing her instantly.


“What about the daughter?”


“She’s unconscious,” Coyote said as she cocked her rifle, “leave her to me”


She walked back up the stairs, and the other six listened as the rifle fired once.  She walked back down, panting as she smiled and said “that feels much better.”


“Right,” Mama Wildcat said, “we ride – I need the five of you to be at the rendezvous by midnight at the latest.  Coyote – with me.”


11.45 pm
Outside the railway stop in Riverbend.




“Patience,” July said as she looked through her spyglass at the horizon, “Wasn’t the beast satisfied enough earlier?”


“It was good Mom,” her daughter replied, “but I still hunger for blood.  I need the peace it brings.”


July nodded as she saw the plume of smoke coming from the north.  “There it is,” she said with a smile, “Ready to feed that beast?”


“Oh yes,” Cary said with a grin, “I surely am.”


“Mask up sweetie.” July pulled the black bandanna round her throat up till it covered all her face other than her eyes.


Cary nodded, breathing harder now, she used both her hands to adjust and set her bandanna to mask her features.


The two women pulled on the reins as their horses rode over the lines and down on the opposite side of town, keeping low until they had cleared the town and waited for the train to approach.  The vibrations from the rails were the first things they heard, before the train appeared, a black shadow spewing smoke as it thundered into view




Mama Wildcat and Coyote whipped their horses into a gallop as they rode alongside the train, gaining on it as it thundered along the tracks.  Slowly, painfully so, they caught up and rode beside the train, Mama Wildcat watching as Coyote stood in her saddle and jumped to the left, barely catching the ladder at the back of the carriage and starting to climb up onto the roof.


Mama Wildcat followed her, her horse was blowing hard as she made a desperate chase to catch the train. Inching nearer she calculated her jump, it would have to be soon her mare was about to give up, at the only possible second she threw herself from horseback grabbing for something to get hold of. Thankfully she had hold of the train; painfully she pulled herself up and started climbing onto the roof of the car.


On top of the train the two women crouched as they carefully made their way along the roof, jumping between the cars until the reached the coal truck and then the engine.  Two men were there, dressed in dirty overalls, one shovelling coal while the other held the throttle open.


Looking at each other, they dropped down onto the plate, the two women drawing pistols and holding them to the heads of the driver and engineer.


“Stay quiet, no noise, no panic,” Miss Wildcat called out over the roar of the fire, “There’s a set of points coming up about two miles down the line.  You’re going to be diverted on to the spur, and then I want you to stop the engine.  You understand?”


The two men looked at each other, and nodded to show they understood.


“Good – nice and gently then.  When you see the swinging lantern, start slowing down.  Until then, just keep going like normal.”


The driver gulped as he leaned out and looked down the line, a light swinging in the distance.


Goldie was watching as the train approached, and signalled her companion, who threw the lever, the metal rails grinding as they moved to the side.  As it drew closer, the train slowed down, and then turned slightly, the iron wheels clanking as it passed over the points, the train slowing to a stop a mile further on.


The driver and engineer slowly got down from the engine, two more women dressed in black holding rifles towards them as they stood down.


“On your knees, hands behind your head, and don’t move a cotton picking inch,” one of the wildcats said as Mama and Coyote got down.


“Frenchie, Lulu and Blondie, take care of the passengers – wake them up gently,” Mama said as three of the masked women walked to the carriage at the end of the train and got on.  Signalling to the other three, she walked to the carriage in the middle and fired at the padlock holding the door closed.


Frenchie climbed one side of the carriage, Lulu and Goldie up the other, and then they kicked the door in from both sides.


“Okay ladies and gentlemen. THIS IS A HOLDUP!”  Frenchie announced the robbery then fired a warning shot into the ceiling of the carriage. “Put your hands up in the air where we can see them, and just remember we are the Wildcats and whatever you’ve heard about us is certainly true.”


Quickly the passenger’s hands rose above their shoulders. The Wildcats name was enough to discourage even the bravest from going for a gun.


“Just stay quiet folks and you’ll live through this.” Lulu yelled out from the other end of the car. “Do just as we order and nobody gets hurt.”


“Okay ladies and gents, my young friend here,” she gestured with her gun towards Blondie. “She’ll be circulating and takin’ up a collection…PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY!”


“Okay we want your money and your jewelry.” Blondie started her long walk through the carriage, her gun in one hand, and an open bag in the other.


“Just hand it all over folks.” Lulu added from her end of the carriage.


“Your pocketbook Mister.” Blondie aimed her gun at the first passenger, and smiled behind her mask when he gingerly pulled it out from inside his coat and dropped it in her bag.


“Okay now lady we’ll have that bracelet, and your earrings please,” she aimed her gun directly into the woman’s face to encourage her. “The ring too.” She shook her weapon in the woman’s face. “Hand it over now.”


One by one Blondie worked her way down the carriage robbing each passenger.


Suddenly she came to a rather tough, bitter looking man.


“Okay Mister…Hand it over.”


“Hell no bitch…”


His words were cut short as Blondie put her pistol in the man’s open mouth.


“Still feel like arguing mister?” she coaxed.


“Fuc…” the man’s word was never completed as Blondie pulled her trigger. The bullet exploded out of the back of his head into the carriage wall, as Blondie nonchalantly pulled the man’s bulging wallet from his pocket.


“Anyone else feel like getting brave?” Frenchie yelled out as she gestured threateningly with her gun.


Now Blondie could move faster, the traumatized passengers giving up their cash and valuables quickly in the hopes that the deadly gunwoman would move on and leave them alone.


“No one move,” Mama called out as she jumped into the other car, the other three following.  There were two men inside – one in his late fifties, with a bald head and nose glasses, the other a young man mountain, six foot six tall and broad shouldered.


“Louisiana, secure the old man, Kid the young one.  Coyote, fetch the dynamite,” Mama said as she looked at the iron safe.  The two men were forced to their knees, the young man looking at the Wildcat as she pulled his hands behind her back and tied them tightly together with rope.


“I never thought a woman would be a train robber,” he said as he looked at her scarf covered face, wincing as the ropes bit into his wrists.  He was wearing a white shirt under a black waistcoat, two bands around his arms holding his cuffs back.  His trousers were black with a thin grey pinstripe, and he had a peaked cap on his head with “Denver Mint” embossed on the peak.


“What’s your name, boy,” Kid said as she wrapped the rope around his arms and chest, forcing them into place as he tried to wriggle round.


“Martin – Martin House.”


“Well, Martin,” she said as she stroked down his chest with her gloved hands, making him gasp, “this will go much quicker if you tell us the combination to the safe.”


“We… We don’t know,” he said as he saw his older co-worker having his legs tied, and a scarf pulled into his mouth, “only the manager at the other end knows.”


“I thought as much,” Mama Wildcat said, “so we blow it.”


“Why don’t I distract you a while,” Kid said as she put her hand between his legs, and squeezed gently.


“What… What are you doing,” he said quietly, not trying to react to her touch.


“You’ve never been with a woman, have you boy,” she said as she continued to squeeze his crotch with her hand, making Martin moan as the old man was dragged out, and Coyote brought in several sticks of dynamite.


“No,” Martin said as he gasped, “no I haven’t.  I’ve never known a woman.”


“Pity,” she said as she unbuttoned his pants, and slipped her hand inside.  He felt her stroking along his privates, and groaned as he found himself unable to stop the sensations he was starting to feel.


“Yeah, that feels good, doesn’t it,” she said as she felt the throbbing through her leather glove, and the warmth spreading in her loins as she helped him to throb more, moan more, groan more until he let out a gasp as she made him cum.


“There now, Martin,” she said with a sigh herself, “One day you might know a woman properly – or maybe not.”


“wh…. What do you mean,” Martin said, before the rifle cocked, and the bullet passed through his head, Kid falling to her knees and groaning as she killed him.


“Fire in the hole,” Mama Wildcat said as she and the other masked woman dragged her out of the car, and then the explosives below the door off the safe.


“Get the wagon,” Mama called out, and as Lulu brought the wagon to the door four of the others started to load the bags of money and coins on board.  As they did so, Frenchie got out of the carriage, and joined Louisiana by the engineer and driver.


“How many?”


“Enough, I made them comfortable,” Frenchie said with a smile.  “what about these two?”


“Not sure yet – Mama needs to decide,” was the reply as Mama and Coyote got onto the front of the carriage.


“Clean up here,” she said as she rode past, “we’ll meet up later.”


“Sounds good to me,” Louisiana said as she armed the Winchester, and stuck the end of the barrel into the mouth of the engineer.  “Bye bye…”


Two shots rang out, as Kid climbed up behind Blondie, and Coyote jumped up behind Frenchie.


“YEEEHAAAAAA!” they called out as they fired their pistols into the air, and rode into the distance, the scene of carnage behind them…


11th May
2 am
The Double C Ranch




Josie jumped off the horse and fired her pistol in the air as July came out.


“Inside, ladies,” she said as the five of them walked in, removing their hats and wigs and letting their hair fall out over their shoulders.  Alexandra put her arms round Kathy and swung her in the air, before kissing her wildly and saying “Do me a favor lover?”


“What’s that,” Kathy said as she finally got her feet back on the ground.


“Piss off those stuck up little hussies a bit more often please – you have no idea how much self control I had to use the other day when I saw you and Josie like that.”


“You’re just saying that to turn me on,” Kathy said as she gently stroked Alexandra’s head – and it’s working.”


“Thank the lord you all came back safe,” Marnie said as she and Tommy appeared.  Any further talk was broken by the clash of thunder and the bright light in the sky.


“Looks like the weather’s breaking,” Tommy said as they ehard the heavy raindrops on the windows.  “I’ll get the wagon under cover.”


“You,” Alexandra said as she grabbed Kathy’s hand, “with me.”  The other five watched as she dragged Kathy up the stairs, July shouting “Secodn door on the left” after them.


“No way I can sleep now,” Cary said as she threw herself down.


“Fine – but change.  I can store our clothes until later.”


8 am


Abby, Cary and Josie were laying out in the hayloft watching the thunder and lightning. The heavens had opened as they arrived back from the robbery and the ladies had all been obliged to spend the night under July’s roof.


A lull in the storm round dawn had allowed Diana and Kathy to slip back into town, they both had businesses to run. Alexandra, tired but joyous after both the holdup and the wild love making she and Kathy had enjoyed opted to stay, at least out there on the ranch she could live the fantasy of being free from her real life for a few hours.


The girls, alternatively frightened by the thunder and dazzled by the sight of the amazing lightning, had decided to slip out into the barn and up to the loft. The events of the past few days had left so much to talk about, but there was still a lot of unfinished things left to just maybe whisper to each other and to try and assess.


United by being younger than their wildcat companions each girl knew that for all they’d seen and done there were still a whole lot of life’s mysteries they still needed to learn.


“Cary be honest…are you still a virgin?” Abby asked in a hushed tone.


“Yes fess up Cary…. are you?” Josie added her backing to the question.


“Well….” Cary rolled on her back and looked up at the ceiling, “do you think you can handle the answer.”


“And what exactly does that mean Cary Huntingdown?” Abby huffed.


“Well if I say I am you maybe aren’t going to believe me, and if I say I’m not then you’ll want to know all the details and you probably won’t believe me anyway.”


“Which means what?” Josie rolled on her back too.


“That I really don’t want to spoil this day I guess.” Cary replied wistfully, her inner beast satisfied, the young lady was re-emerging.


Abby rolled over and stared at the ceiling.


“You know that man at the party?” Abby started to speak.


“Which one?” Josie replied, “There were a lot of men there.”


“You know the one I danced for.”


“The grotesque one?” Cary enquired.


“Yeah…him…His damn cock got enormous.”


“They can do that.” Josie acknowledged.


“Do we excite them so they get like that?”


“Well you were the one wiggling her ass,” Cary laughed. “What do you think?”


“I don’t understand it…” Abby sat upright. “Something like that I think is yucky and revolting…but I can happily torture and kill someone when I’m Kid.”


“And your point is?” Josie enquired.


“Well when I was kissing you…” Abby blushed. “It felt good, it felt nice…but when I think of those men it revolts me.”


“Perhaps you are like Kathy and Alexandra?” Cary pointed out, “Perhaps you prefer to love other women?”


“But that’s not natural…It’s not right…it’s?”


“It’s what Abby?” Cary asked gently


“Well it just seems somehow wrong.”


“Is it wrong what my sister and Alexandra do?” Josie was a little hostile sounding.


“Well no…oh I just don’t know?”


“Would it be bad if I kissed you?” Cary sat up so she was next to her best friend.


“Well no, but…” Abby never finished her reply as Cary planted her lips on her mouth.


“See it’s nice.” Cary whispered the words as she pulled back slightly.


“That looked beautiful in fact.” Josie sat up smiling.


“I still don’t know. This can’t be natural.” Cary pulling her close and kissing her long and deeply shut up Abby.


“You two are spoilsports.” Josie pretended to pout as Abby for the first time took the initiative and leaned forward to kiss Cary.


“Oh my Goddess I’m going to hell.” Abby moaned as her tongue entwined around Cary’s.


Cary started to unbutton Abby’s shirt as they kissed, putting her hand in to stroke…








Abigail de Ros awoke with a start from her dreams. “Oh Goddess it was just a dream,” she mouthed as she felt the wetness in her pyjamas. “Oh my fucking Goddess…WHAT?”


“Abby?  Get up – you’re going to be late for school.”


“Er – yeah Mom,” Abigail called back as she pulled back the covers, and saw the dampness on the sheets, as well as her t-shirt.  “Oh my…” 




“Sorry Mom – just need to wash…”







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