Wrong Turn








The music was driving, the dance floor was heaving, and as Becca made her way back to her two friends with the drinks she was having one of the best nights of her life.  It was her birthday, and she had come to the school prom with Ginny and Sophie with the sole intention of partying.


Of course, the fact she had already been voted Prom Queen had just added to the excitement, her blue sash with “Prom Queen 2010” over her right shoulder and covering her mini dress.  The dress was sleeveless, her dark brown hair covering the shoulder straps, and as cream on top with a black lower half that also went over her chest.  The black stilettos she was wearing were starting to make her feet ache, but she was too happy and drunk to really notice.


As she came back, she looked at Ginny and Sophie.  She had long reddish brown hair, and was wearing a beige short dress with a floral print on it, nude hose and beige heels.  Sophie was wearing a gold strapless mini dress and matching heels, a silver necklace round her neck and sitting on top of her chest.


“You look amazing,” she said as she put the drinks down.


“And yet you’re the prom queen,” Sophie said as she raised her glass.  “When’s the car coming?”


“In about an hour,” Ginny said, “so we can party until then.  Come on – boys are waiting!”




The smartly dressed man smiled as he saw the three girls walking unsteadily out of the hotel lobby, two of them with their arms round the girl with the sash.


“Is this our car,” Becca said as she looked up.


“Are you our driver,” Ginny said as she stared at him.


“I am – make yourselves comfortable in the back,” he said as he held the door open, watching as they half tripped into the rear seats, Sophie sitting first, then Becca and finally Ginny .


Closing the door, he got in behind the wheel of the car and set off.


“I am smashed,” Becca said as she rubbed her head, “I am going to have such a headache when I wake up in the morning.”


“Tell me about it,” Sophie said as they drove down the road, “but it’s been an amazing night.”


Ginny  nodded as she took her shoes off, holding them in her left hand as she brushed her hair back.  “Can you drop me off first,” she called over to the driver.


“Don’t worry, I’ll have you all at your destination soon,” he said as he concentrated on the road.


A short while later, the girls felt the car stop, and tried to look out of the smoked windows.


“Are we at your place, Sophie,” Becca said as she tried to look out.


“Nah – too dark.  Might be your place Ginny .”


“I don’t think so – we haven’t driven for...  Oh god.”


All three looked over as the car door opened, and their driver looked in, pointing a small hand gun at the three of them.  “Right,” he said quietly, “all three of you, get out, hands in the air, and keep quiet.”


“What’s happening,” Sophie said as she looked sleepily round, and then woke up suddenly, raising her hands as she stepped out of the car.  They were in some sort of yard, buildings in dark shadows surrounding them.


“This way,” he said as he moved his gun, the three girls walking in front of him with their hands raised as they entered a large barn.  There were three beds set up at one side, which he forced them to walk towards.


“Right, stand still,” he said as he looked at the three of them, and then at Ginny .  “You – drop those shoes, and take your hose off.”


“But I...”


He pointed the gun in her direction, his implication clear as Ginny slowly reached under her skirt, and pulled her tights down, holding them in her hands as she looked at him.


Looking at them, he then said “Push them into her mouth,” pointing at Sophie.


“OH god – please, why are you...”


Shhh,” the man said as he put a finger to his lips, and motioned to Ginny .  The young girl shook as she said “I’m sorry,” and pushed the body of her tights into Sophie’s mouth, her cheeks swelling as she pushed them in and followed with the legs.


“Now,” he said as he looked at Sophie, “take your panties off.”


Sophie stared at the gun, and then slipped her panties off, looking at the other girls and dreading what she may be asked to do next.


“In her mouth,” she said as she looked at Becca , the prom queen shivering as she slowly opened her mouth, and tasted Sophie’s sweat on her tongue.


“Can you guess what I’m going to say to you,” he then said as he looked at Becca .




He simply nodded as Becca removed her own silk panties, and then pushed them into Ginny’s mouth.


There was a bag on a small table, which he opened and took out from a roll of duct tape.  Handing it to Sophie, he looked at Ginny and said “Cover her mouth, and then bind her wrists behind her back.”


Mssree,” Sophie said as she tore several lengths of tape off, and smoothed them over her friend’s lips, before crossing her wrists behind her back and taping them together.


“Now,” he said as he picked up a white object, “put them on her.”




“Yes it is – fix it on her.”


Sophie started to sob as she took the adult diaper, and fixed it onto Ginny , before looking at the man.


“Give her the tape,” he said as he pointed to Becca .  Becca nodded as she removed her sash, letting it drop to the floor, and then taped over Sophie’s mouth before taping her wrists.


She was then forced to put a diaper on Sophie, before she was made to put one on herself, and then tape over her own mouth.


“Take a bed, each of you,” he said as he made them walk over and lie face down, the girls feeling the tape as their ankles and legs were forced together, unsure of what was going on or why it was going on.


Once they were secured, the man took several photographs of them, before he left them alone, all three girls trying to free themselves before exhaustion took over...




“”Jjnnn?  JNNNN!”


The young girl slowly opened her eyes to see Sophie sitting on the side of her bed, twisting round to try and remove the tape from her body.  She had a heavy feeling at her crotch, and as she slowly came to she remembered what had happened, realising her diaper was damp.


Whrrsshhh,” she said as she slowly sat up, and then realised Ginny wasn’t there.


“Ah good – you’re both awake.”


They both turned to see their captor with Ginny, their friend shivering as she stood in her bra and a fresh diaper.  He had now used lengths of rope to bind her arms behind her back, and bands above and below her chest to keep them firmly against her sides.


“As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’ve kidnapped all three of you,” he said as he sat Becca down, and removed the tape from her mouth, doing the same for the other two and pulling the stuffing out, then helping them to have a drink.  “We’re in the middle of nowhere here, so remain calm, and accept what I tell you to do.”


“Why are we wearing diapers,” Ginny said as she looked at him.


“No toilet,” he replied as he then fed them all some fruit.  “Now, you need to change yours – if I remove the tape, you may do it yourself one at a time before I rebind you.”


Sophie and Becca looked at each other, before Sophie said “what about our dresses?”


“You will remove them as well.”


“But I don’t...”


“Tough,” he said as he cut the tape round Sophie’s wrists, “take it off and remove the diaper.”


The other girls watched as Sophie removed her dress and stood with her arms covering her bare chest, then removed the diaper and put on the clean one she was offered before her wrists and arms were tightly bound with rope.  Ginny then received the same treatment, before the tape on their legs was cut away, and replaced on all three girls with bands of rope.


They were then tape gagged, the tape wrapped round their heads as their hair was lifted out of the way, before they were laid on their beds and hogtied.  They watched as the man left, Sophie moaning as the rope rubbed on her bare flesh, and then the others joining in as the ropes rubbed on their breasts.


It was a new feeling for Becca – she had allowed her boyfriend to play with her there, but the way the ropes compressed and forced her chest out, and the way the bands were rubbing on her, made her feel hot, confused, different...


Looking over, she could see the other two were feeling the same way, as Sophie opened her eyes and tensed....








It had turned dark as all three looked over, their bodies glistening with sweat as the door opened, the light flooding in as the two police officers came in, releasing them, as they all looked at each other, unsure of what to say...







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