A Fun Night







It was meant to have been a quiet night in for the three of us – me, my daughter Ophelia and my mother – a movie, some takeaway food, some wine, just a nice night.  We placed the order, I opened the wine and poured some into three glasses, and we talked.


I’m in my early fifties now, but I wanted to dress up a little, so I had put on a short black dress, with a grey wrap type print on the front, and a wide black leather belt around my waist.  I had patterned dark tights on my legs, as well as my favourite knee length black leather boots.  I’d also been to the hairdresser, and she had dyed the tops of my blonde hair auburn.


My mum had been the first to arrive – now seventy, she was wearing a green shawl with a floral pattern over a grey and black striped top, pants and short boots.  Finally, Ophelia had come in – she also had her favourite black boots on, in her case with the legs of her black pants tucked into them, and also wearing a fawn cap sleeved tunic with a low cut front.


So like I said, wine, film, and waiting for food – and when the doorbell rang, Ophelia went to answer it – and that was the start…


We had paid already for the food, so I just opened the door, and said “hey – have you…”


“Not a word, little missy.”  It wasn’t the guy with the take away – three men walked in, all of them wearing balaclavas so that I could only see their eyes and mouths, dark jackets, jumper, jeans, shoes and gloves – and one of them was pointing a gun at me as he said “anyone else in?”


I nodded as Gran called out “is that the food?”


“No it’s not,” one of the men said as he walked into the room, and I heard both Mum and Gran scream.  “So shut the fuck up and sit where you are, hands where we can see them.”


“Go in there,” the armed man said to me, and sit down.”  I nodded as I walked in, Mum looking at me as I sat next to her and the men stood watching us.


“Not a word – no calls, no attempts to raise the alarm, or you are all dead, got it?”


We all nodded – and then the doorbell rang again.  One of the men put his gloved hand over Gran’s mouth, and the armed man stood with the gun pressed to my head, as he said to Mum “whoever it is, get rid of them – fast!”


I nodded as I slowly stood up, Ophelia looking at me as I said “all right – just don’t hurt them,” and walked slowly to the door.  This time, it was the food – and I wish now I had had the courage to slip him a note explaining out situation.  But I was too scared for my mother and my daughter, so I thanked him for the food, closed the door, and walked slowly back in.


“Better,” the man next to Ophelia said, “sit back down, hands on your lap.”  He then looked over at my mother, and said “tie the old bitch up.”


“I beg your pardon,” she said – and then I shouted out as he slapped her with the back of his hand.  “I said not to say anything, didn’t I?  Now keep the fuck shut up,” he growled as the third man opened a large bag, took out a length of rope and pulled her hands behind her back, the tears starting to come from her as he tied her wrists tightly together.


I said “please, she’s an old woman” – and then regretted it as he said “do you want a slap as well?”




He gripped Ophelia’s mouth with his gloved hand, and then said “do you want me to make sure you never talk again?  No?  Then SHUT THE FUCK UP!”


While he did this, the man had started to wrap a long length of rope round Mother’s arms and body, forcing them into her sides as she tried to stay calm.  I looked at her and just nodded, watching as her shawl was pulled to her sides at the same time as the ropes made sure it stayed on her – and then as he took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, I knew she would not be able to get free.


This could not be happening to us – but it was as I watched the masked man start to tie my gran’s ankles together – and then I heard the man next to me say “hands behind your back, girlie.”  I had no choice – I did as he had ordered me to do, and tried not to show any fear as I felt the rope around my wrists, forcing them together as my hands were palm to palm.


When the man had tied Gran’s ankles together, he then started to tie her legs together below her knees – and I let out a gasp as I felt more rope around my arms, and my elbows were brought together, almost touching as he took the cords around and between my arms to lock them together there.  Mum looked at me, and whispered “we going to have to be brave” as I nodded.


I then watched as the armed man stood in front of all three of us, while Mum’s wrists were taken behind her back, and tied together – the man crossed them this time, as she asked the other man what they wanted with us.


He looked at us, smiled and said “you’ll see – make sure her arms are tied as well.”


I looked at mother, who was sitting in the chair, looking at her legs and trying to find some way to get free – but the ropes looked so tight, and I felt more and more helpless as rope was passed around my own arms, and puled tight under my chest, then over the top, under, over the top…


It was the strangest of feelings, the band getting tighter with each pass, as my chest was forced up and out, and then my dress stretching over my breasts.  I could almost see my nipples underneath, and wondered why they were suddenly so visible…


I then yelped as I realised he had put the rope over one shoulder, and down between my breasts, before going back up – and knew they were immobilised now as he went behind me and tied it off again.  I turned and watched as Ophelia had her arms secured to her body in the same way as my mother – and then heard her clearly say “NO!”


I looked over to see what the problem was – and saw the man standing in front of her with a folded scarf, and telling her to open her mouth.  She refused to do so, clamping her mouth shut – and then he pinched her nose closed, watching as she started to struggle, to turn blue – and then opened her mouth to take a big breath.  I suspect she meant to close it again before he did anything – but he was quicker, as I watched him push the full scarf into her mouth, and warn her no tot spit it out as he took from the bag a wide roll of blue tape.  Tearing a long strip off, he smoothed it down over her mouth, and then turned round.


“Keep an eye on her while you look round down here,” he said as I saw the third man finish binding Ophelia’s arms to her side, and we were both made to stand.  “We’ll be with them.”


NHdhnntlfthmmhhrrr,” I heard mother call out, but she could do nothing as we marched up the staircase, and then into my bedroom, before we were both forced to sit on the bed.


I looked at Mum, and she looked at me, and we both had the same thought – what was going to happen now?  Well, immediately the man with the gun just said “if you want your daughter to fucking well live, bitch, tell us where your valuables are.”


Mum looked at me, and then told her which drawers to look into, as well as the combination to the safe, while I kept struggling.  Because they had forced my arms together behind my back, my chest was really forced out – and even though I had the thick top on, I could feel the ropes rubbing on me, and wondered why it didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would…


“Want me to tie their legs?”


“Aye – might as well make sure the bitches stay where we want them,” the other man said as his partner knelt in front of me, and put my ankles together before he doubled over a length of rope and started to secure them side by side.  As the rope was pulled tight, I heard a soft squeak, and for a moment I wondered if I had sat on a soft toy or something.


Then I realised – it was my boots rubbing together, as he wound the rope round and then between my legs.  As he did this, his gloved fingers went over my boots as well – but it was as if I could feel them anyway, as I felt a shiver running down me.


He then tied Mum’s ankles, the white band getting tighter and wider on her legs, and her boots squeaked as well as she tried to move them.  He then took a second band of rope around her legs below her knees - and did the same to me as well.


So there we were, as we heard Gran moaning downstairs, and wondered what was happening to her – a question we were about to have answered anyway…


“Are you all right Ophelia,” I whispered as my daughter nodded – and then we saw the two men looking at us.


“Want to toss a coin?”


The other man nodded as he tossed a coin in the air, slapped it on the back of his hand and said “call.”




“Bad luck,” he said as she pocketed the coin, “its tails, so I get to go first.”


“What are you doing,” I said as he picked Ophelia up in his arms, and carried her off.  “Bring her back…”


“I said to be quiet, didn’t I,” the man left with me said, and I stopped, slowly nodding as he said “I see you’re gonna have to be helped.”  I had left a pair of tights on the floor when I had changed earlier, and I watched as he picked them up, smelling them before he folded the gusset, and looked at me.


“Oh no – oh god no, you wouldn’t dotthhyssshhwhld.” 


I had to stop myself gagging as he pushed the gusset into my mouth, forcing my cheeks out before he tied the legs round my head, the thin nylon band pressing into my cheeks as I tried not to be sick.  He then picked up the roll of white tape, before he stuck the end to my cheek and wound it tightly round my head, covering both my lips and the nylon band so that I was very effectively kept quiet.


The second man came in and took the roll, as his partner looked at me struggling on the bed, and then walked behind me.  I was afraid now of what he might do, as I felt rather than saw him kneel on the bed, and his hands started to massage my chest, his fingers sinking into my breasts as they started to firm up….



He dropped me on my bed, and then watched as I sat up, saying “please, I’ll do anything, just don’t hurt me…”


“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said quietly as he picked something up from the floor – and I saw a pair of my dirty ankle socks.  I had been for a run the last time I was here, and Mum obviously had no found them for the washing.


But why would he…  Suddenly, I realised what he might be about to do, and shook my head – but then he squeezed my chest hard, and I opened my mouth to scream – and the taste of sweaty cotton was my reward as he pushed my balled up socks into my mouth, and told me not to spit them out as he left the room for a moment.


I was too surprised, too shocked to do anything about it as he returned with a roll of white tape, and started to wrap it tightly round my head, covering my lips and keeping me even more quiet as I wriggled round.  I was beginning to feel hot, light headed as I struggled in the ropes – but there was something else, something I didn’t quite understand.


He looked at me, a grin on his face as I heard Mum’s moans and Gran’s – and then he pushed me onto my back, straddling me as he started to knead my breasts with his gloved hands.


I tried to stop him, pushing back and trying to hit him with my hands – but the ropes held them too tightly to my body, and as I pushed back I suddenly realised something else – something that frightened me even more as he continued to massage my chest, and then reached down, unfastened my belt and took it off me.


I shook my head, not wanting this to happen as the zip on the back of my dress was pulled own – followed by my dress as he pulled it down my arms, off my chest, and it hung round my waist as he continued to grope me.  I tried to remain still, tried not to respond, but something inside me seemed to have been ignited, and I was surprised to hear myself moaning – especially when he pulled my bra down, and started to gently pinch and tease my nipples.


I was dimly aware of him laying me on my back, and then leaning over me as his lips enclosed my left nipple, his tongue slipped over it and he started to both kiss and suck gently, making me squeal as I wriggled round, the ropes now rubbing on my bare breasts as I felt the fire start to burn more brightly, and I felt myself slipping into something else…


I closed my eyes, praying the others would forgive me as he continued to kiss my chest, his hand slipping under my dress and easing my hose down as I lifted my bottom up – and then my panties – and then I felt him stroking me between my legs, the final blow to my self-control as I moaned loudly…


I could hear Mum, but I was losing myself as well – the man had pulled my top up, exposing my bare breasts to the cool air and to his hands, as they systematically, rhythmically, massaged and groped me and I was pushing myself back up…


Honestly, do you know what the uppermost thought in my mind was at that time?  It was this – I hope if he is going to do this, he uses a condom.  It was as if I had somehow already accepted the fact he was going to have sex with me, and I was rationalising it away in order to deal with what was happening.


But I could not fool myself – my animal urges were taking over, my rational brain was shutting down, and as he pulled my leggings and panties down, I felt him move down, and looked as he started to kiss me between my legs.  I closed my eyes and moaned as I pushed my pussy into his face, and felt hi slips, his tongue…


Sweet Jesus – his tongue as it slipped past my petals and entered me…


It was all I could do not to spread my legs – except of course, I could not, as he looked up at me…


He was fingering me with his gloved fingers, and I wanted more – much more.  I was groaning loudly now, feeling that passion which was long forgotten growing in me – and as I looked at his crotch, I could see he was getting just as aroused as I was.


He turned his head and looked at me, and I nodded, too aroused to bother with the way my brain was screaming at me.  It had been five years, and I had not realised it, but my body was craving it, calling out for it.


It was as if the fact I could not stop him and turned, in my mind, at that moment, into I did not want to stop him – and as he pulled his pants down, I could see just how large and gifted he was.


And just how much I wanted him in there…


So when he straddled me, I closed my eyes and felt his lips on my breasts, on my neck, and then felt him slip in…


He slipped into me, and I was so glad he had put a condom on, as I gripped him with my muscles, and we started to move together, my hips matching his as he moved in and out, bringing me even closer to the edge of pleasure in my fear as I closed my eyes and groaned even more.  This should not have been happening, this man was a home invader – a ME invader – but right them, right there, I wanted him to fuck me more than anything, and I could not understand why that was the case!


I could feel him throbbing in me as I moved faster, felt my own passion rising, and wondered if we would both be able to manage to keep going until that magic moment…


O sweet mother of god, this was amazing!  I had forgotten how good it felt to be loved in this way, even if this was against my will.  But was it really?  I knew my rational self was subdued in the passion and the arousal, and all I wanted was to feel that throbbing increase, feel him get harder inside of me, and then for him to give…


For him to give…




I screamed into my gag as he shot off into me, feeling him at the same time as I seemed to explode inside, and I felt my own fluids starting to flow as well against him.  Yes, I knew what he was doing - but it felt so amazing, so fantastic…


I hoped and prayed Mum and Gran would understand as I shook, the event so overwhelming – and then I collapsed onto the bed as he slipped out of me, nodding as he pulled my panties and leggings back up over me, and sorted himself out.


I was aware now of Mum’s soft groans, and wondered if she was all right as the second man came in.  “We got all the bitches have – let’s go,” he said as they both left, and I lay there, collecting my thoughts as the doors opened and closed, and there was silence.


After a while, I managed to sit myself up, the top still over my chest as I stood up.  It took an effort, and short hops, but slowly, slowly, I made my way to Mum’s room…


I was left on my side, satisfied and terrified at the same time as he left the room, and then passed with the other man.  I didn’t want to move at all, I didn’t think I could move at all, but then I heard hopping sounds – and Ophelia appeared in the doorway, looking at me as she said “Hmmghddmhmhmmmuhhsswhl?”


I nodded slowly as I stood up – he had pulled my panties and hose back up, but my dress was still hanging round my waist, the bands of rope rubbing on my chest, as I said “hffuhshnngrhnn?”


Ophelia shook her head as I slowly jumped over to her, the ropes moving one with each jump, and we slowly went down the corridor, sitting on the stairs and slowly bumping down them as we looked to the open door of the front room.


Once we had managed to stand up, we jumped into the front room and saw my mother, lying on the floor as she looked up at us – and we knew.


We all knew…







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