A Gentle Breeze









The evening had been delightful, and Andrew most attentive.  The only reason he had not stayed any longer tonight was because he had an early flight in the morning, and I understood that.  So I kissed him and waved him off, and then closed the door, sighing as I walked up to my bedroom.


Entering, I slowly stripped off, and then put on a nightdress, made from a see through black material with a rose coloured floral pattern on it.  It was held on by thin spaghetti straps over my shoulders, and came to just above my ankles.  I also slipped on a dressing gown, matching the nightdress in terms of the short sleeves but with the main body a rose silk.  Looking at myself in the full length mirror, I smiled at the way my lack panties preserved my modesty, and walked back down the stairs.


I was too happy to go to bed just yet, so I walked into the kitchen, my feet on the cool floor tiles, and took a bottle of chardonnay from the fridge, opening it and pouring a large glass before I went into my front room.  Sitting down, I put my feet up and smiled before I sipped from my glass.  The room was lit by a single standard lamp, a soft focus bulb throwing a bright circle up to the ceiling, as a gentle breeze blew through the room.


It took me a few minutes to realise the breeze was not coming from the door behind me, but from the windows.  Looking over, I saw the curtains gently flow in and out, and wondered if I had left the top window open before I left that night.  So I put my glass down, walked over and moved to the curtain to one side.


He was in shadows at first, but I could see him there, dressed in dark clothing and looking at me.  I went to scream – but a black leather gloved hand went over my mouth as he turned me round and held me with his free arm round my waist.


“Hush,” I heard him whisper into my ear, “stop struggling – all you will end up doing is hurting yourself, and you don’t want to do that, do you?”


Well I was struggling all right, trying to break his grip on me and kicking back with my feet, but that just seemed to amuse him, as she laughed and said “if you don’t stop struggling, I’ll cover your nose and your mouth and wait for you to pass out. Is that what you really want?”


Well, the thought of him doing that hit me like a wet flannel, so I stopped struggling, panting as the scent of the leather filled my nostrils.


“That’s better,” he whispered, “now, I want you to listen very carefully.  You’re going to do what I tell you, without question, without argument, do you understand?”


“Like hell I am,” I thought at first as I started to struggle again, but then he did cover my nose and mouth, and I nodded, stopping and waiting.


“That’s right,” he whispered quietly as I felt his hand move, “now, very slowly, put your hands behind your back.”


I did as he asked, before he said “remain quiet” and took his hand away.  I could feel him putting my wrists together, and then felt a thin plastic strip as it was sued to secure them, the rasping sound as he pulled it the only wound apart from my breathing.


“Now then,” he whispered, “where do you keep your valuables?”


Well, that told me he was a thief, and hopefully nothing more, so I said “if I tell you, will you leave me alone?”


“If you don’t tell me,” he replied in a calm, assured, and slightly scary way, “I can assure you I will not leave you alone.  Where are your valuables?”


That was enough, as I said “my bedroom – I’ll show you, just please, don’t hurt me.”


We walked to my bedroom, and I watched as he made me sit on the bed, taking in as much as I could about him.  He was tall, and strong, as he opened the drawers and removed my jewellery boxes, emptying the contents into a black velvet bag.  As he did this, I felt the thin plastic strip round my wrists, but couldn’t find any way to get it loose.




“I’m sorry?”


“Where is your safe?”


“In...  In my wardrobe, left hand side.”


He opened the door and looked in, then said “combination.”


As I gave him it, he made me repeat it forward and backwards, before he opened it.  I was expecting him to empty it as well – but instead, he looked at me, and then walked over to the bed.  I turned my head to watch him as he walked behind me, and then gasped as he pulled my robe down my arms, the cool air making the skin on my forearms break out in goosebumps.


“Don’t be afraid,” he said quietly, “I need to make sure you are secured, silenced, unable to do anything while I empty the safe.”


As he moved my gown down, I felt his gloved hands on my naked uncovered arms, and I shivered.  “Don’t be afraid,” he said as he put a bag on the bed, and I saw him draw out a length of red rope, “I will be gentle.”


He was the one telling me not to be afraid?  Still, I tried to remain brave as he wrapped the rope around my arms, and pulled my elbows together.  This pulled my shoulders back, and the effect was obvious to me as I looked down...


The band was tight round them, but not uncomfortable, even when I felt him take the rope between my arms.  I tried to control my breathing, as he cut away the plastic strip, and removed my robe – before he took another length of red rope, and tied my wrists tightly together.


After he had tied the ends off – out of reach of my fingers – I thought he was going to come round, tie my ankles, and then empty the safe.  So when I felt the soft leather on his hands stroke down my arms, I wondered what it was he was going to do next.  The thing I was not expecting was the touch of his lips as he moved my hair away from my neck.


“What...  What are you doing?”


“I told you to be quiet,” he whispered as he stroked his hand over my mouth – the implication clear, so I closed my mouth, trying not to worry as his lips travelled over my neck and shoulders – and then he put his arms round my body, and he stroked his hands over my chest.


Remember, the only thing covering them was thin cloth, so of course I was going to react.  I remember shivering again – and then he kissed me again, this time more strongly, the pressure on my neck strangely soft as I let out a little moan.


That seemed to encourage him more, as I felt him stroke his fingers over my nipples, realising with a shock how firm they had become just over the last few minutes.  It sent another shiver down my spine, which stopped as he removed his hands.


I then saw the doubled over band of red rope as he put it around my body, pulling my arms against me as it sat below my chest, and then he took it around my body above my chest.


As he repeated that more times, I felt the pressure increase on my surprisingly sensitive breasts, forcing them out even more as the bands were tightened each time.  I had no idea how, or why, but something as happening.


The ropes were tightened one more time, and then he put his arms on my chest again, making me gasp out as he started not only to stroke over my now very prominent chest, but also to gently squeeze them, his fingers playing with me as I bit my lip, taking every way I could think of not to tell him what he was doing to me...


“I can tell, you know,” he whispered in my ear, “despite what you may try and hide, your body betrays you.”


“What do you...  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”  My gasp came as he gently pinched my nipples – and then I heard whatever he had used to cut the strip from my wrists snip twice more.


Twice more.  Snip.  Snip.  Two tiny little sounds, but with so much implication – especially as he pulled my gown down, the cool air hitting my very firm, very prominent and very, very sensitive nipples as I moaned. 


“I told you, I could tell,” he said as he took more rope under my arms, tightening the bands around my breasts still further, and then he gently kneaded my chest, my nightgown sitting around my waist on the bed, as his fingers made me feel very strange, very – aware of everything.


That was only heightened as he pulled me back, looking down at me, smiling before he walked round and pushed my legs apart, after he pulled my nightdress away.  I tried to wriggle out of the way, but there was no way of stopping him, as his lips enveloped my left nipple, and I felt him start to suck there, his tongue stroking over my nipple as he drew it out...


It’s not like this is the first time anyone had done this to me, but somehow, the current situation – it felt more intense, and more difficult to ignore.


If indeed I wanted to ignore it.  Ever since he had started to kiss me, something had started to gnaw away at the back of my mind, like that feeling that there is something in your shoe, and you can’t find whatever it is.  Well, this had nagged away at my mind while he had bound me tighter, stripped me, aroused me, made me...




He looked up at me, and then continued to kiss and suck on my nipples, while he reached down and pulled my panties away, ripping them as they came away in his hand.  As he did so, his finger stroked down me, and I realised tow things.


First, I was damp there.


Second, I was sensitive – very, very sensitive, as I closed my eyes and gave out an involuntary moan.


“You need to be quiet,” he whispered as he stroked up my damp clit with his gloved finger, and I noticed the way he sniffed my panties – before he folded them up and looked at me.


“No... Please...”


“Hush,” he said quietly as he pinched my nipple – and as I opened my mouth, he pushed my panties into my mouth, taking me by surprise as I tasted myself on the silk.


I watched as he closed my mouth with his finger, and then tore the backing paper away from a strip of white tape, smoothing it down over my lips and chin so that I found it next to impossible to do anything with them.


Which was just as well, because he then used his hand to massage my crotch, his fingers dancing over it in the same way as he had my nipples.  So there I was, bound, gagged – so I gave in, closing my eyes and moaning as he worked me like a master plays a Stradivarius.


And I started to sound like one – the high pitched tuneful sounds as he moved my legs apart ad bent them, tying my ankles to my thighs before he placed his head between my knees, and...


I’ll e honest with you – the fire that flared up inside me almost consumed me just at that time, but he kept going, using his lips and tongue as my juices started flowing, and I pushed my hips up, my primal brain taking over even as my rational brain screamed NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


But it was no use, as I closed my eyes, feeling the heat build and build even as I heard the sound of a zip being pulled down, and then...


And then...





I felt the breeze again as he got off the bed, and pulled his pants up, before he rolled me over and pulled my ankles back, running some rope between them to pull them together and then securing them to my elbow rope.  I watched through misty eyes as he emptied my safe, and then left me there, the cool air blowing over my sweat drenched body as I wondered how long I was going to be there.


How I was going to explain this to my friends, my family – to Andrew...







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