I had been casing her home for some time, finding out what I could about her, learning all there was to learn about Diana Morecambe.  She was a woman in her late fifties, a businesswoman and a successful one, who lived alone in a very nice house in the suburbs.  And on this particular summer’s afternoon, she had been invited to attend a garden party at a local manor house – giving me the perfect opportunity to make sure I was ready for when she returned.


I saw her from the upstairs window as she stepped out of her car – her grey hair was cut short, and she was wearing a large white hat over it.  Her dress had short sleeves., and was a wrap design, pink silk with a subtle floral pattern on it and white details.  The dress was obviously on over a white slip – the top was visible as she turned and I could see the double string of pearls on it at her front, and the lace hem was just peeking out from the hem of the dress.  Dark hose, white gloves, and white shoes completed her outfit.


Her blue eyes shone behind her glasses as she locked the Car, and walked towards the house, while I made my way to greet her.  From the top of the stairs, I watched as she came in and removed her hat, looking at herself as she patted her hair with her gloved hand, and then made her way into the front room.  It allowed me to move quietly down the stairs, and then to come up behind her as she poured herself a drink, and took a sip.


The muffled sound of her surprise as I placed my gloved hand over her mouth and whispered “gotcha” into her ear was most gratifying – as was her struggle as she rubbed up against me.


“Remain quiet, and calm down,” I whispered into her ear as she tried to call for help, to break free.  “If you struggle, you will only hurt yourself, and that would be a great shame for both of us.”


That made her stop for a moment, as she mumbled “hhhruhhh?”


“A man who appreciates maturity and the skills that age bring,” I said quietly, “so will you stop struggling?”  As she nodded, I said “good – I am going to let you go, and I want you to go and make sure the drapes cover the window.  Will you do that for me?”


I waited for a moment – this was the crucial moment, the time when the rest of the evening would be dictated.  To my immense pleasure, she nodded, and I whispered “good” as I removed my hand and let her go.  She stood still for a moment, and then walked to the window, looking out and then drawing the heavy curtains across the windows.


She then turned and looked at me, her head to one side as she said “so, you certainly came dressed for the visit.”  I always do – a black roll neck sweater, pants, shoes, leather gloves – and, of course, the balaclava mask that only allowed her to see my lips and eyes.


“One should always dress for those they visit, Diana,” I said quietly as I smiled at her, noting her surprise as she said “you know my name?”


“Of course I do, it would be impolite to call you anything else.  Please, sit down, let me explain what is going to happen.”  I watched as she walked to an old wooden chair and sat down on the ochre upholstered cushion, her ankles together and to the side as she looked at me.


“I need you to do exactly what I tell you to do, Diana,” I said as I stood in front of her, “I will brook no argument or discussion.  You understand?”


“You’re the one with the gun,” Diana replied as she looked at me.


“That’s right, I am in charge.  If the telephone rings, you will not answer it – the answering machine will take any messages.  If there is someone at the door, you will not answer it.  We are not to be disturbed – do you understand?”


“I understand,” Diana said as she looked at me, and I swear there was a look of excitement on her.  “So what do you want me to do?”


“Please me,” I replied with a smile as I watched her play with the hem of her dress, raising it with her gloved hands.


“Please you?  How?”


“I will show you,” I said as I put my gloved hand on her cheek, “you can start by standing slowly up.”  I watched as she slowly stood up, twisting from side to side as I said “good – remove your dress.”


“Remove my dress?”


“That is what I want you to do, Diana,” I replied, watching as she slowly stood up, and then untied the fastening at the side, unwrapping her dress and letting it slip down her arms as it fell to the floor.


“Kick it over there.”


I watched as she kicked the material to the other side of the room, and then looked back up at me, her white slip now visible.


“Much better – slowly, walk to the back of that couch, pick up the bag you will find there, and place it on the couch.”  I watched Diana as she complied, placing the large canvas bag on the couch before I said “open it, and take out what you will find at the top of the contents.”


I smiled as Diana looked inside, and removed a set of cuffs, linked by a golden chain.  “What…  What do you expect me to do with this,” she said as she looked at me.


“I want you to fasten the cuffs around your ankles, Diana – and then take the second item out.”  Diana stared at me for a moment, and then sat herself down as she fastened the cuffs around her stocking covered ankles.  She then stood and looked in the bag again, removing a second pair of handcuffs.


“Let me guess – hands behind my back?”


“No – cuff your hands together in front of yourself,” I said quietly, watching as she did so.  Diana then looked at me, as I said “kneel down,” then watched as she slowly complied.  I walked behind her, and removed her pearls as well as the earrings she was wearing, placing them in the side pocket of the bag.


I then knelt behind her, smiling as I reached round and started to caress, to massage her breasts with my gloved hands.  “Wh… What are you doing,” she whispered as my fingers gently kneaded her flesh under the white silk.  She was not the largest of women, but she was well endowed, and as I massaged her chest I could sense the change in her as I heard her soft, quiet sigh.


“I told you I wanted you to pleas me,” I whispered into her ear as I felt her breasts firming up, “but that does not mean you cannot experience pleasure as well.  Do you feel pleasure?”


“Is feeling fear feeling….  Feeling pleasure?”


“It can be,” I whispered in reply as I squeezed more firmly, hearing her gasp as I saw the ridge of where her nipples were starting to stretch the material of her bra and slip.  I pinched them slightly, hearing her squeal and smiling as I stood up and walked in front of her.


“Is that all you plan to do,” Diana said as she looked at me.


“No – merely a taste of what is to come later.  I want you to open the front of my trousers.”


She nodded as she reached up with her gloved hands, opening the zip at the front of my trousers and then looking up at me.


“Open them.”


She slowly opened the front of my boxer shorts and saw my cock as it emerged, slightly engorged.  “She then looked back at me, as I said “I want you to stroke and kiss it, nice and slowly – do a good job, and I will show you such pleasure…”


“But…”  She looked at me for a moment as I engaged her with a stern look, and then knew she had no choice as she started to stroke it with her gloved hands, gently kissing the tip as I felt it start to throb and swell.


“What is it exactly you want me to do,” Diana whispered as her gloved hands stroked up and down my shaft, her eyes fixed on how much it was enlarging.


“Keep doing that and kissing it, until I tell you,” I whispered, enjoying the feelings that were starting to grow inside me as she gently worked on mew, her lips kissing the tip as some pre-cum appeared.


“Lick it.”


She did that, and then without my bidding she put her lips over the top and sucked gently, pulling back as her rouged lips made a popping sound.


“That’s right,” I said as I looked at her, “keep going.”  Watching, I smiled as she started to take me in her mouth, bobbing her head slowly to and fro as she gradually drew me in, and I felt her tongue on my cock.  She looked at me – and I’m not sure if it was fear or pleasure now – as her tongue moved over my shaft, and I felt the pulsing growing stronger as it grew larger.


She bobbed her head to and fro, as I watched her eyes close, and heard her moans at the reaction I was having, what it did to her.  It was a joy as I felt the throbbing intensify in response to her, her lips forming a seal as I grew larger in there and she kept going…


The moment of release was sudden, and Diana’s eyes shot open, but she kept sucking, kept playing with me as I felt my seed flowing into her mouth, imagined the taste on the back of her throat as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.  It seemed to last an eternity, but eventually she opened her mouth as I stepped back, looking at me as she coughed, and a thin white line dribbled slowly down her chin from the corner of her mouth.


“Now…  Now what?”


I smiled as I adjusted my pants, and then helped her to stand, before I said “look up.”  When I arrived, ‘I had fixed a hook to the ceiling above where we were standing, and fed a long rope down through it – a rope I now used to secure Diana’s cuffed wrists above her head, and then I kissed her on the lips, before saying “I want you to be quieter – open your mouth.”


Diana looked at me, ten up at her wrists as they were secured above her head – then back at me before she slowly opened her mouth, allowing me to push the compressed pink sponge ball in.  It went behind her teeth, expanding to fill the void as she closed her lips over it, then watched as I peeled the backing paper off the long, wide strip of white medical tape.  The tape I then smoothed down over her lips, covering her mouth and her jaw as it formed to the contours of her lower face.  Her eyes, though – her eyes spoke volumes…


She watched as I removed from the bag a sharp knife, and then cut through the straps of her slip, letting it fall to the floor and revealing her white bra, as well as the panties under the dark hose.  She glanced down, the redding of her cheeks visible at the top of the tape over her mouth, as I smiled and grabbed her breasts, this time kneading more firmly as she grunted, and then closed her eyes as her body twisted round.


I could feel just how firm they were becoming under my attentions, before I used the knife again and cut away her bra, her breasts now exposed to the cool air as she felt my lips over her nipples – and then groaned as I kissed, I sucked, my tongue ran over her nipples. Moving from side to side, I but my hand son her bottom and started to squeeze that as well as I made them more prominent, firm, ready.


“Hmmshsghdddd,” I heard her mumble as I retrieved something from the bag, her eyes closed so she had no idea what I was about to do as I sucked harder on her breasts, and she put her head back – then raised her with a muffled scream escaping from her as I fastened the small metal clips onto her nipples, a chain linking them as she looked at me.


“Endure, the feeling will pass,” I whispered as I knelt down, and kissed her belly as my hands continued to massage her bottom.  The muffled nasal pants soon subsided as she twisted round, and then as I lowered her hose down, seeing the damp patch on her panties.  These soon were lowered as I saw the dampness on her clit – and then kissed it, using my lips and tongue to taste of her.


She groaned more loudly at that, instinctively pushing her crotch against my face as I gently squeezed, and I used my tongue to bring her even more pleasure, tasting of er, licking and feeling the flow between her legs increase.  I then eased the tip of my tongue into her, and she groaned as she twisted up against me.


The art of bringing a woman on with the use of my lips and tongue is something I particularly enjoy doing, and I was using those skills now on Diana, patient, waiting…


When she came, I pulled my head away, watching the flow down the inside of her leg as her whole body shook.  She grunted, panting through her nose as I went back to the bag, and removed several lengths of white rope, selecting one and using it to secure her legs together around her thighs and making sure the binding was cinched by taking it between her legs.  I then pulled her hose and panties down to the chain at her ankles, and secured her legs below her knees as Diana looked down at me.




I looked up at her as I pulled the rope between her legs and tied it off, before I removed her white shoes and the ankle chains.  Her hose and panties came off, before I used more rope to secure her ankles as well.


Standing up, I stroked her cheek with my gloved hand, and then untied her ankles – although as she looked up and watched me, wondering what I was going to do as I removed the cuffs.


I saw no reason to delay answering her silent question, as I moved her hands behind her back, and used another length of rope to secure her arms together at her elbows – cinching the binding there as well, and then the one I used to secure her wrists together.  Only then did I pull the rope down from the hook – and used it to bind her arms to her back, framing her chest as the bands above and below pressed down and up. 


Diana looked down as I stood behind her, and dropped my own pants, before I reached round and massaged her chest again, pulling on the chain as she groaned, feeling her rub against me and knowing she could feel what her motion was doing to me.


I know I certainly could, as I pressed against her, moved against her, felt myself getting more and more excited – and then I heard her scream as I took her from behind…




Once I had finished, I walked in front of her, the redness in her eyes as I smiled, and then tied the last rope round the chain between her nipples.  I then let it drop to the floor, and walked behind her, reaching between her and pulling the rope back so that it sank into the damp lips of her clit, and then passing it round her elbows.  Finally, I made her lie face down, pulled her ankles back, and secured that rope to her ankle binding as she rolled over and looked at me.


“Now,” I said with a smile, “what else can we do…”







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