And Then He Kissed Me...






As I raise my head up and feel the warm water flowing down my face and head, I wonder how long it will take to wash away the feelings from earlier tonight.  On the one hand, I want to forget much of what has happened, but on the other, I cannot deny how I felt, how I responded, and how new and overwhelming the experience was.


Turning off the water, I reach out of the shower cubicle and grab my blue cotton dressing gown, wrapping it round myself and tying the belt before drying my hair with a towel.  As I do so, I look at myself in the mirror, my greying hair tousled as the towel rubs it, and I catch myself smiling.  I also see the marks on my wrists, fading rapidly but still visible.  Once again I feel the dilemma – it should not have happened to me, and yet it did – and as the song the younger girls in the common room seem to play all the time, I liked it.


Sitting myself down on the bed, I look over at my alarm clock, the time showing as 10:30 in big green letters on the display.  Four hours – that’s how long it has been since I got home, and everything started...



For a moment, I need to remind myself of who I am – Mandy Duguid, Spinster of the parish, aged 47 and a teacher at a local secondary school.   I’ve lived in this area since graduating, and keep myself reasonably trim with exercise classes.  I’m not a beauty by any stretch of the imagination, but I am slim and I like to dress well.  Today, for example, I wore a light grey blouse with a dark blue jacket and skirt, with knee length black leather boots.  Not too big a heel – they are murder on my feet – just an inch or two.  Even in those, I only stand five feet ten tall, so I’m not the tallest of women – though not the shortest either.


There I go – diverting me from reliving what has happened.  I had intended to get home for five o’clock tonight, to give me time to get some marking done before I settled down for the evening.  As I turned out, however, the headmaster called the senior staff, including myself, in for a meeting, so I did not even leave the school until five thirty.  By the time I got the bus, travelled the couple of miles from school to stop, and walked through the now darkened alleyway to my house, it was nearly six thirty.


Nearly six thirty....




I open my eyes in shock – I must have been lost in thought for a moment there.  I had no idea of what was coming when I put the key into the lock and turned it, opening the front door and letting myself in.  I turned the hall light on, closed the door behind me and put my bag on the floor, before walking into the front room of my house.


That was when it started, when I felt the arm grabbing me across my chest and tasted the leather of the glove that was clamped over my mouth.  I tried calling out, in surprise more than anything, but the hand was so firmly covering me that I barely heard a whimper.


Whoever it was, he was strong, and I could feel my head been pulled back against his chest.  In fact, I could feel his heartbeat as he held me close to him, preventing me from making any noise or getting loose.


“Listen,” I heard him say in a Geordie accent, “I don’t want to hurt you; I just want to take your stuff.  If you stop struggling, and do what I say, then you won’t be hurt.  Just grunt once yes if you understand.”


My eyes were wide at this point, looking at the darkened room, but I realised I was not going to get out of this on my own, so I said “Mmmggg” in response.  “Thank you,” the man behind me said, “I’m going to take my hand away now.  Just stand perfectly still, and don’t look round, all right?”


I grunted again, and breathed a sigh of relief as he let go of me and my mouth.  At that point, I was too frightened to do anything except stand there, saying “Please, don’t hurt me; I’ll do whatever you ask.”


“Then be quiet,” I heard him say as he pulled my hands behind my back.  I felt something soft been passed around my wrists, and then realised what was happening as they were drawn together, the pressure around them increasing over a short space of time.  “Oh god,” I whispered to myself as I felt them been tied together, wondering what was going to happen next.


Whoever my attacker was then did something surprising.  He reached round and unfastened the top two buttons of my jacket, before pulling it down over my shoulders and around my upper arms.  I soon realised why he had done this, as I tried moving my arms and found they were almost welded into my side.  The roof light went on, making me blink as I was quickly turned round.


This was my first good look at me attacker, and I gasped when I saw how young he was.  He could not have been more than twenty, with short red hair under a grey stocking that covered his entire head.  He was tall, however, and I could see the muscles on his arms under his t-shirt.


“Now,” he said as he took me by the arm, “I want you to be quiet for me.  I promise you won’t be hurt, but if you make any loud noises or try to call for help I will have to stop you making any noise.  Do you understand?”


“Yes,” I whispered in a very small voice as he reached up and brushed my hair out of my eyes with his gloved hand.  “Are you scared?” he asked, and he actually smiled as I nodded.  “Have you ever been robbed before?”


“No – so why are you robbing me now?”  He smiled again, and just said “It’s your turn tonight – nothing more, nothing less.  Where’s your handbag?”


“I... I left it in the hall.”  As I said this, he took me by the arm and guided me back out into the hallway, h6olding me as he leaned down and picked up my handbag before taking me back into the front room.  I have a knocked through downstairs, so he took me straight to my dining table and made me sit down in a chair as he opened my bag and tipped the contents out.


“One day, I will understand why women need to carry so much stuff around in their bags,” he said with a smile as he looked at me and sorted through my lipstick, make up, diary....  As he found my purse, he opened it and took the notes out, as well as my cards, and placed them in his own pocket.  He also took my mobile phone and removed the battery, leaving it next to the now useless device on the table.


“I don’t want you raising the alarm for a while,” he said as he held up my chin and looked at me.  I saw a glint in his eye, that made me shrink back a little bit, but he just kept smiling as he let go and looked round the room.


“You have a very nice house,” he said as he sat next to me.  That took me by surprise – I had been looking over my shoulder to see how my wrists were tied, but my jacket was covering them from my view.  “I beg your pardon,” I said as I turned back to look at him.


“I said you have a very nice house,” he said as he looked at me, “and you are a very pretty woman.  I’m sorry that I have to restrain you like this.”


“You don’t have to,” I said to him as I looked at him, “you can just cut me loose and I’ll give you time to get away.”


“I imagine you would like that,” he said as he smiled again – and I had to admit I did like the way his eyes lit up when he smiled.  “However, I cannot allow that – tell me, do you have any other valuables in here?”


“No,” I answered honestly, “all my jewellery is upstairs – apart from what I’m wearing now.”  I had on a pair of gold earrings and a gold locket around my neck.  It didn’t surprise me that he reached over and removed the earrings, before standing up and walking behind me.  I felt him unfastening the clasp of my locket, and remove the gold chain, but he did something else that surprised me.


As he removed the locket, he bent over and kissed me lightly on the back of the neck.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, had ever kissed me there before, and it took me completely by surprise.  “What did you do that for,” I said as he walked back in front of me, putting the locket into his pocket as he did so.


“To say thank you,” he replied quietly.  “Why – did I shock you?”


“No – no, it’d just....”




“It’s just that I’ve never been kissed like that before.  In fact, I’ve never...”


He sat down and looked at me, putting his finger to my lips.  “Hush for now – I want you to come with me while I look in your bedroom.  You live alone here, don’t you?”




“All right – come with me,” he said as he took me by the arm and helped me to stand up.  As he did so, I was feeling around my wrists with my fingers, trying to work out what it was he had secured my wrists together with.  I kept doing this as he walked me up my staircase and into my front room, sitting me on the bed as he looked at me.


“I think I need to make you a little more secure now,” he said as he looked at me.  “I need to have a look around your room, and I have to make sure you do not get in the way.”  He knelt down in front of me, and took hold of my left leg as he reached up and slowly pulled down the zip on my boot.


I was wearing a particular pair that day – sheer patent black leather with a zip detail on both sides, and straps around the side that looked as if they were tightening them.  Of course, that was not the case really, but as I felt the leather part from my leg I was forced to watch as he slowly pulled the boot away and placed it to the side.  I had a pair of nylon ankle socks on underneath, but as h held my leg to slowly pull the sock off I felt a shock of delight as his fingers played with the back of my thigh.


Even more surprising to me was when he placed the sock to one side and started to massage my feet, his fingers kneading on the sole in a way that made me close my eyes and gasp.  “That feels good, doesn’t it” he said to me as he continued probing, the knots in the sole of my foot been released as if he was an expert.  “Oh yessssss” I heard myself saying before I opened my eyes and looked at him again.


He slowly removed my other boot and sock, before massaging the foot again, making me close my eyes and gasp in delight again.  “Tell me where you keep your jewellery,” he said as he kept massaging, so I told him to look in the top drawer of the dresser.  “Thank you” was his response as he put my foot back onto the floor and placed my legs side by side.


As I opened my eyes again, I saw him take a length of thin white cord out of his back pocket.  It looked like the sort of cord I use to pull my curtains open and closed, but as he stroked it against my leg it felt soft, nice – not at all what I expected, especially when he wrapped it around my legs and pulled them tightly together.  I watched, fascinated at his speed as he passed it round several more times, before looping it between my legs and pulling tightly again.  As he did so, I felt the soft bands against the skin of my legs, but I wasn’t scared.  If anything, I felt excited, wondering what he was going to do as he lifted my legs up and moved them so that I was sitting on the bed.


And then he kissed me.  He kissed me in a way I’d never been kissed before, his lips touching lightly on my big toe before he placed it in his mouth and sucked on it, then the next toe, then the next, moving down and kissing each of my toes in turn.


How can I describe what that made me feel like?  It was like little electric shocks running up and down me as he sucked, a feeling that made me shiver as he just quietly moved back along my feet.  He had them firmly in my grasp, so that I had no way of moving them out of the way, but he could hear me going “Ahmmmmmm” as he did so.


“Did you enjoy that,” he said as he finally stood up, and watched my nodding, my eyes closed as I relived the experience.  “Can I trust you to stay quiet for a minute,” he said again, and I just nodded as he opened the drawer I had indicated and took out my jewellery box.


When I eventually opened my eyes again, I saw him taking my rings and necklaces, my brooches and bracelets, and putting them into one of my pillow cases.  “What are you going to do now,” I asked as I looked at him closing the drawer, turning to me as he did so.


“Sadly,” he said as his eyes twinkled again, “I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm for a little while.  You look a little uncomfortable like that, however – I’m going to untie your wrists and take your jacket off.”  As he sat behind me on the bed, he whispered “Don’t move,” as he pulled my jacket back up and removed whatever it was that was holding my wrists together.


As he gently pulled my jacket down and laid it on the floor, I brought my arms round the front and rubbed my wrists.  I felt his hands on my shoulders, massaging them again as I felt the tension flow from my upper body.


“I get the feeling no man has ever done this for you,” he said as he heard me sigh, “Is that right?”


“Yes,” I whispered as I leaned forward, his fingers finding the knots in my trapezoid muscle as he kept probing.  “A pity,” he said quietly, “ a woman as beautiful as you should have a man in her life – one to treat you as you should be treated.”  He kissed me again on my neck, as he moved round and took hold of my wrists in front of me.


I watched, fascinated as he tied them together in front of me, the white cord encircling and encasing my wrists as they were held firmly together.  IT was tight, but not uncomfortable, as he left two lengths of about two feet in length dangling in front.


“Please, lie down,” he said, and he watched as I wriggled over and lay in the centre of my bed, my head resting on a pair of pillows.  Taking my hands, he pulled my wrists up and over my head, using the lengths of rope to secure them to the meat headboard.  As he did this, I noticed that my blouse was coming loose from my skirt, the hem hanging over the top.


He noticed this as well, because he looked at me and said “You look a little flushed – would you like your blouse opened?”


“I cannot stop you,” I said as I looked at him, “but I don’t want you to...  That is...”


He smiled as he said “relax – I’m not going to do that.”  He reached up and slowly unbuttoned my blouse, opening the front so that it laid either side of my body, my white bra exposed to the cool air.


“That will be more comfortable,” he said as he looked at me.  “It seems a pity you have no partner – he would love to see you like this.”


“Tied up and unable to move?”


“Kept still while he did this,” he said as he kissed me on the breast, just above the bra cup.  That feeling like lightning shot through me again as I felt myself pushing up, as he repeated the process on the other side.


He moved up my chest, kissing me lightly on the skin as he did so, and then on my neck again as I closed my eyes and heard myself saying “Thank you.”  I didn’t mean to, but the way his lips touched mien made me feel special, wanted – a feeling I had never really felt before.


“I never asked,” he eventually said as he looked at me lying there, “What’s your name?”


“Mandy,” I heard myself saying, “What’s yours?”


“Not fair, Mandy, but thank you for been such a beautiful person to rob.  I need to ask one last favour of you.”




“Close your eyes and purse your lips.”


I did just that, and felt his lips connect with mine.  We kissed each other as if we were lovers, our lips interlocking, before I Felt him let go and something been pressed over my mouth.  IT pulled at my skin, and as I opened my eyes I realised he had stuck a length of plaster over them.


“I will inform the police of your situation when I have had a chance to get away,” he said as he turned off the bedroom light.  “Goodbye, Mandy.”






And that was how he left me there, bound hand and foot and gagged as I struggled on the bed.  He was as good as his word, however – an hour later, a policeman came in and released me, taking my statement and offering to take me to hospital.  I refused, and he left me thirty minutes ago.  That was when I hit the shower.


So here I am, sitting here, thinking over what happened and wondering why I enjoyed it so much.  It was different, unique, and as I sat there I idly realised I was playing with the belt from my dressing gown.


Standing up, I slipped the gown off and took a pair of cream silk pyjamas from the drawer, pulling them on as I thought.   Walking to the wardrobe, I hung up my cotton gown and brushed against the silk gown I also have.  As I look at it, I smile before pulling the sash that goes around the waist free.  I also take from a hanger a grey silk scarf, and close the door before I go to sit on my bed.


I hesitate for a moment – do I really want to do this?  Finally, I lean forward and bring my feet towards myself, using the sash to tie them together.  I then roll the grey silk square into a band and pull it between my teeth, biting down as I secure the ends at the base of my neck.


Lying down again, I close my eyes and imagine his touch on me, using my hands as I let my imagination run away......




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