Angela’s Secret









This story takes place in the time Charlie Says... and Through Fresh Eyes...

I smiled as Mister Bridges opened the door and said “Edward Holmes, Miss Angela.”


“Thank you, Mister Bridges,” I said as I stood up, smiling as Eddie came over.  He was wearing a dark suit and open necked shirt, as he kissed me and said “you look fantastic.”


“Why thank you,” I said as I smiled in reply.  I was wearing a black top with short capped sleeves, designer jeans and ankle boots.  “Thanks for agreeing to come to dinner tonight.”


“You know I always come when you call,” Eddie said as he brushed my hair away.  “Where are your grandparents?”


“Covent Garden – Grandfather felt up to attending at least the first half of the Barber of Seville, so we have the place to ourselves.”


“Really?  So what are we having for dinner,” Eddie said with a smile.


We’d been engaged for a few months now, and – well, we were very much in love with each other.  And we had done all the things a couple in love would do, including sleeping in the same bed from time to time.


We’d also got to know each other more – intimately, shall we say?  Sometimes, when we were alone, Eddie would tease me mercilessly with my hands and legs tied, and I had teased and kissed him as well.  We both enjoyed it, we both enjoyed the way it made us feel – but there was a line we never crossed.


You see, I’m no prude, but there are certain things I do believe - and one of them is we should not have sex outside of marriage.  IT didn’t mean we couldn’t do other things – but I wanted to save that for our wedding night, and Eddie had readily agreed.


Believe me, however, having made the promise to each other it had been very difficult to keep at times.  Eddie is a true gentleman, and had sworn to always honour that pledge, doing nothing to break it, or persuade me to do it, even if I looked as if I wanted it more than anything.


And there had been one or two times when we had got to a point where I had begged him to – but he had stuck to his word.  I loved him for it, but at times I wanted to hit him so badly…


“Dinner is served, Miss Angela,” Mr Bridges said, and we walked hand in hand to the dining room.  There was a candle on the table, and we ate by the light of it, talking and laughing about what had happened.


When the meal was over, we made our way back to the library, Mister Bridges bringing some coffee in before he left us alone.   We sat down, and looked at each other, before Eddie took my head in his hands and started to kiss me.


I closed my eyes as I felt his lips brush against mine, and then returned the kiss, my arms wrapping round his waist as we held each other and kissed for what seemed like forever, our tongues wrapping round each other as I felt his chest against mine, our embrace tightening as we moved our heads and bodies together.  It felt as if we were the only two people in the world in that room, at that time, and I wanted it no other way.


As I moved my hands down, I could tell he was getting excited – and I knew I was as well, as we stood up, continuing to kiss as we held each other.  I could feel his body against mine, and it took every ounce of self control to stop me pulling his jacket off.


I still slipped it off him, however, as he leaned over and kissed my neck, little gasps escaping from my lips as he did so.  Then he stopped, and looked at me, as he said “Angela, do you trust me?”


“Of course I do,” I said as I looked at him, “why?”


“I want to give you a surprise, but I want you to trust me completely and totally, all right?”


Biting my lower lip, I nodded as he continued “I’m going to play a tie-up game with you.  Hold your hands out for me.”


I did as he asked, while he took one of our boxes from behind a seat and took out two sponges.  Handing them to me, I made two fists, watching as he covered them in silver tape, and then pulled a pair of white socks over them as well, taping them to my bare arms with white tape.


“So I can’t stop you with my hands?”


“That’s the idea,” he said as he walked behind me, his lips touching my neck again as he pulled my hands behind my back and then tied them tightly together with rope.  I closed my eyes and sighed again as he kissed me, and then passed a long length of rope around my body, pulling my arms to my side as I felt it below my chest, and then above it as he passed it round.


There is a reason Mum – all the mums laid down the law on doing this with Alicia and the other girls, especially Alicia and Jenny, but alone here with Eddie I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt the soft ropes press down on and force out my chest, the pressure increasing as Eddie wound it several times around my arms and body.  As I looked down, I saw the top stretching over my breasts, and smiled as I leaned back and kissed him on his lips.


He then took some rope under my arm, and pulled It up, tightening the bands even more as he took it around the back of my neck, under my other arm and pulled again, before it was tied off behind my back.  I moved from side to side as he reached round and put his arms around my waist, saying “All right so far” into my ear.


“Hmmm yes,” I whispered back as I put my head on his chest, “you have me right where you want me, don’t you?”


“I have the feeling you want to be here as well,” he said as he gently caressed my chest.  I love it when he does that, it sends a shiver right through me and I gasped softly as well.


As he walked in front of me, I could see quite clearly how excited he was, never mind the slight tremble in his voice as he looked at me.  I felt a warmth inside that I had only just begun to experience – one that I felt in my eyes as I looked at him and said “now what?”


“trust me,” he said as he slowly knelt down, and to my surprise he unfastened and pulled my jeans down, before he slowly pulled my panties down as well.  I looked at him as he stood up, and noticed just how much the bulge in his pants had grown with those two simple actions.


“Eddie,” I breathed, “How do I look?”


“Angie, if you only knew how much…”


“I think I can tell,” I said quietly.  “You know I could not stop you even if I wanted to…”


And holy crap, did I want it at that moment?  You bet I did, but as Eddie kissed me again he then said “I need to do this.”  Walking behind me, he tied a folded black scarf over my eyes, and then kissed my neck, before I heard him walk back round and kneel in front of me.


“What are you doing,” I said as he kissed my belly button.


“Wait and see,” he whispered as he raised my top a little, and then I felt a rope tied around my waist, the fibres rubbing against the inside of my leg as it hung down on front of me.  “Eddie,” I whispered, “what are you…”


And then I felt it – he put something between my legs, slipping it into a place nothing had gone before.  “What s that,” I whispered, half in fear and half in excitement, as I felt him pull the rope between my legs, and some sort of knot press on the alien object inside me as the rope went up and was tied off at my back.


“Eddie,” I said as I wriggled round, and felt the knot pressing on a very special place, “what are you doing?” 


“Trust me Angela,” he said quietly, as I felt him pull my panties back up, and then my jeans.  I felt a huge frustration then – I could see he wanted to make love to me, but somehow he had managed to control it.


“I’m going to take you for a walk,” Eddie said as he took my arm, and he walked me round the room, and then up the staircase.  With every step I took, that knot rubbed against me, and – how can I express what it felt like?  This had never been done to me before!


It felt as if a shock started to run through me as it pressed against me, and I could do nothing to stop it.  “Eddie, what did you do,” I said again, but he said nothing as he walked me up and down the corridor, and then down the stairs again – an even sweeter agony than walking up.


“Ahhh,” I gasped as we reached the bottom of the stairs.  “Eddie, for god’s sake, have you any idea what…”


“Shhh,” he said as he walked me some more, and then stopped.  What was making it worse still was the way the ropes were rubbing against me chest as well.  That in itself was not new, and I could cope with that normally, but this – this n combination with whatever was pressing between my legs was exquisite torture.


“We’re in the ball room,” Eddie said, “why don’t you have a jump round?  Nobody else is here.”


“well,” I gasped, “all right.”  I started to jump about, as the ropes pressed even more firmly on my chest.  I could feel it bouncing with me, but even sweeter, even stronger, was the way the rope between my legs was rubbing on me.


I gasped a few times, and even moaned in excitement.  “Eddie,” I said quietly as I stopped, “whatever you have done, it is making me feel so fuAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”


I screamed out as whatever it was inside me suddenly buzzed, and I stopped suddenly, almost falling down at the intensity of the feeling.


“OH EDDDIEIIEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I called out, as I felt a large cloth being pushed into my mouth, and then another band between my teeth with a knot pressing on the first cloth.


“MMMMWHTSHPNNGGGTMMMMM” I screamed out as I heard the sound of tape coming off a roll, and then the tape wrapped around my head, covering the double gag and muffling my increasingly loud screams of pleasure.


“I….   I hope you like it,” I heard him say, and then he took my arm and started to walk me again.  The buzz I heard was very low, the feeling inside me very low, but the response – oh Christ I wanted to do something to him right there and then, but he was in charge…


Very slowly, he walked me back up the stairs.  It was hard enough before to do this, with the rope tied there – at least I presumed it was rope, because it felt like it.  But now with this buzzing inside me, each step was sweet sweet agony, and it was all I could do to keep myself from crying out again, in case Mister and Mrs Bridges came to see what was the matter.


As we reached the top of the stairs, I was congratulating myself on managing to do it – when that vibration suddenly increased in intensity.


“Hswtwwjjssssss” I moaned as I dropped to my knees, looking at Eddie with eyes wide, pleading to him as I felt such ecstasy inside me as I had ever felt before.  For a moment, a few moments, I saw the same feeling in his eyes, before he picked me off the floor in his arms and carried me to my bedroom, my body writhing in his arms as he held me.


Backing into my room, he laid me out on the bed, and then took some more rope from his pocket.  I could see from his trousers he was as excited as I was, as he tied my ankles together, and then my legs below my knees.


And then the vibrations increased still more, as I screamed into the gag and moved around.  I felt so damp between my legs, and I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter – so naturally, this was the moment Eddie picked to move my top up, and caress my chest, his hands pressing into and massaging my chest as I twisted round.


I looked into his eyes, and I have to confess there was only one thought in my mind – finish this.  Take me, make love to me, and forget the promises we made to each other.  I could tell he was thinking the same thing, as he kissed my gagged lips, and then my neck and chest, my nipples firming, mu body pushing itself into his hands as I looked at him.


He was sweating as he kissed me, and I could tell now just how aroused he was.  All I was thinking of was how wonderful it would be to have that inside me instead of this wonderful distracting arousing fascinating ohsweetjesusonhighwhatwashappeningtome…..


I closed my eyes as I felt him tie my legs to the bed, and then opened them to see him look at me, and whisper “Excuse me” as he walked out of the room.  I closed my eyes again and let out the most wonderful moan, as I felt the vibrations soften, and lay panting on the bed.


A few minutes later, Eddie came back in, helping me to sit up as he removed my gag.  I looked at him, and said “Whh….  Why did you leave the room?”


“I made a promise to you, that we would not have sex until we were married,” he said with a blush, “and I want to keep that promise.  Tonight, I wanted to prove that to you, by trying a way to give you total pleasure without taking that last step.”


“Oh…  Oh god… Do you know what I feel like now?”


“I do – because I feel the same way,” he said as he slowly untied my legs and body.  “I’m going to blindfold you for a few minutes – I don’t want you to see yet what I did.  All right?”


I nodded as he tied the black scarf over my eyes, and I felt him pulling my jeans and panties down, before the pressure between my legs eased and whatever was inside me was taken out.  As he pulled my panties and jeans back up, I could feel how wet they were, as he removed the scarf and said “Better now?”


I then took him by surprise as I hugged him, covering his neck and lips with kisses as I showed him exactly how much I had enjoyed it.  I was ready to devour him there and then.


He kissed me gently on my neck and lips, and then pushed me back onto the bed.  “I won’t be able to keep my promise if we keep going, the way I’m feeling,” he said quietly as he looked at me and stroked my hair.


“What the hell did you to me – it was fantastic,” I said with a smile.


“I want you to go to the bathroom and get ready for bed – put on clean underwear as well,” he said with a smile.  “I have one more surprise for you tonight.”


Well, I selected a pair of silk pyjamas from my drawers, as well as fresh panties, and went into the bathroom.  As I stripped off, I looked at my soaking wet panties, and smiled as I stepped into the shower to clean myself off.


A few minutes later, I walked back in to see Eddie waiting for me, smiling as he came over and kissed me.


“I’m going to tie and gag you again,” he said, “and then I’ll come back in the morning to free you.  I know you’ve done this before, but don’t worry – the surprise I have means you won’t be bored.”


“All right – I trust you,” I said with a smile as he once again turned my hands into silver fists, and then covered them with a fresh pair of socks, taping them to the sleeves of my top before her secure my wrists together behind me.


As the ropes went once more around my chest, I sighed and smiled.  They had felt comforting and good before, but when whatever he did to me had me writhing round, they had felt even better.  Now I was sighing as they held my arms tightly to my side, and Eddie helped me to sit on the bed.  I watched as he crossed and tied my ankles together, as well as my legs below my knees, and then he gave me another kiss.


“Time for me to blindfold you before I gag you,” he said quietly.  “Close your eyes.”


I nodded as I closed my eyes, and felt the gentle pressure of his lips on my eyelids, and then the scarf going over them.  I heard him leave the room for a minute, as I moved around and felt my chest as the rope rubbed on it, before he said “open wide now.”


I felt the cloth he put into my mouth, and realised it was already damp.  It had a strange taste to it, not unpleasant, but different, as it pressed down on my tongue and he tied a knotted cloth into my mouth.  I then heard the squelch and the pressure as wrapped the tape around my head, lifting my hair out of the way.


“Lie down,” he said quietly before he kissed my gagged lips.  Once I was lying on my side, I felt him pulling my pyjama bottoms and panties down again, as I felt him gently putting whatever it was in place again.


Then there was the rope around my waist, and between my legs, the lump pressing on the thing and my crotch as he gently pulled the rope up between my legs.  This time, however, I felt him tie the rope to the band around my wrists.


I wondered why he had done that, but as I moved my arms I quickly discovered why, as the lump or knot or whatever it was rubbed more against me, and I stifled a moan.  I felt him tie another rope around my wrists, and then around my chest ropes, before he tied it off somewhere.


When he removed my blindfold, I looked over my shoulder and saw he had tied it to the headboard – and every time I tried to move, that damned sweet wonderful knot moved and made me feel even more aroused…


I wondered if anything else was going to happen, but at that exact moment there was a knock on the door as Mister Bridges said “With regret, Master Edward, it is time for you to leave.”


“I have to go – but I will be back in the morning to free you,” he said as he reached down and kissed my forehead, “have fun.”


I nodded as he turned off the light and left me there, listening to him as he went down stairs and then heard the car drive off.  With my head on the pillow, I tried to get comfortable, but every move I made just made the rope and lump between my legs move as well, and I moaned even more.


Somehow, I managed to drop off to sleep, keeping as still as I could…





I opened my eyes wide as I felt the buzzing between my legs, looking round to see if Eddie was back.  There was no sign of him, and the clock by the side of my bed said it was five in the morning, but whatever it was in there had somehow been set off.


I then heard my iPhone start to ring, but as I looked for it, the vibrations increased!  I screamed into the gag as I started to arch my bag and wriggle round, which just made that damned crotch rope rub more against me, which made me scream even more when my phone stopped ringing, but the vibrations continued.


And increased once more when my phone rang!  I gave another muffled scream as my mind flashed back to that weekend we had spent together, the weekend after the home invasion and we all first met Sarah.  Our mums, aunts and grandmothers had all started…


Suddenly, I knew what was inside me, as a text message came through – and the flaming rate increased even more!  I was writhing around on the bed now, unable to control myself as the combination of the device, the knotted rope, and the way I was tied threatened to push me over the edge again and again.


So naturally, another text message came through, and I was past caring as I felt my body explode in pleasure and joy…


I barely heard my phone ringing a few minutes later, but I did feel the throbbing stop as I looked down at the damp patch on my pyjamas.  I panted through the gag, unsure of what was happening as I heard the text message, and the rate subsided a little more.


Over the next five minutes, there was another text and another missed call, so that the vibrations were at their lowest level – but they kept going, making me twist and moan just as much.

I looked at my clock – five thirty.  How long was this exquisite torture going to go on for – and what the hell did Eddie do to cause it?  As I lay there, I was confused, exhausted, ecstatic, and slightly angry all at the same time.


Eventually, as the clock turned to six, I heard the front door open, and faintly heard through the mist in my mind Mister Bridges say “Good morning, Master Edward.”


“Hello Mister Bridges,” Eddie said quietly, “are Lord and Lady Holderness up yet?”


“No – they did not return until after you left last night, and His Lordship was very tired, so they are still asleep.”


“Good – I won’t disturb them,” I heard him say, and then the door opened as he walked in.  He was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, as he sat on the bed and looked at me.


“Fun night,” he said as he stroked my hair away from my sweat covered forehead.


“Dddyhlmssmgngnttlluuuu” I said as I wriggled round, and then moaned again.


“Oh yeah – hang on a minute,” Eddie said as he took his phone out, and dialled someone.  A moment later, my phone rang, and with that the vibrations stopped.


I panted in relief as he untied me from the bed, and then sat me up, the knot pressing even more as he ungagged me.


“How…  How the hell did you do that,” I gasped.  “It was bad enough with the rope, but whatever you put under that rope – dear god how did you make it go off?”


“First things first – did you enjoy it?”


“Did I…”  I looked at Eddie, and then said “Come here,” leaning forward as we kissed.


“Now, to answer your question,” he said, “the device I gave you last night has a remote.”


“I guessed that, given what happened when you brought me up here,” I said with a frown, and then a smile.  “But an hour ago?”


“Oh that – I downloaded a very special app onto your iPhone while you were in the bathroom last night.  Would you like me to demonstrate how it works, or do you want me to remove it first?”


By this point the only thing I wanted was to go to the toilet and get this thing off me, and then Eddie and I could discuss it properly.  Every part of my body was aching in a nice way, but I thought I had had enough for now.


So I was the more surprised of the two when I heard myself say “Yes – demonstrate it now.”


As soon as I said it, I realised I had done something stupid as Eddie said, “Well, all right,” and sent a text to me.  The moment he did so, the buzzing started again, and I fell back onto the bed moaning.


“You see,” Eddie said as I clamped my mouth shut, “the app works like this.  Every time your phone rings, or a text comes to you, it sends a signal to that device.  If it is off, it switches it on to a low level, and – but you got that part didn’t you?”


“OH I got it all right,” I said as I looked at him, and moaned again.


“Then the next time someone calls or texts you, it raises the setting on the device to the second level.”  I watched him start to dial, and I mouthed the words “oh fu…”  The call went unanswered as I groaned at the increased sensation, and started to cry out.


“Shhh,” Eddie said as he picked up whatever had been in my mouth all night and pushed it back in, before he pressed a long strip of the micropore tape over my mouth, and sent another text.


“The device has five levels,” he said, “and each call or text raises it to the maximum.”


He didn’t need to tell me that, as I writhed round and groaned even more with each text he sent, until I lost myself again in the pleasure this was bringing me.  Eddie was also watching me, as he said “excuse me a moment,” and left me to scream mutely as I arched my back.


When he came back in, he said “After it reaches maximum, each call or text reduces the intensity until it switches off again.”  He sent a series of text messages to me as I relaxed, until I was panting again and looking up at him with wide eyes.


“You can turn the app off at any time,” he said, “but if you don’t, then the cycle repeats with every new call to your phone.  It’s my very special gift to you Angie – do you like it?”


I nodded slowly as he started to untie my arms and uncover my hands.  “I’ll go downstairs and wait for you to get cleaned up and changed,” he said as he kissed my gagged mouth, and then left the room.  I lay still for a few moments, and then slowly sat up, peeling the tape away from my mouth and then taking the incredibly damp cloth from my mouth and looking at it for the first time.


It took me a few minutes to realise what he had used – my panties from the previous day, when he had done this to me for the first time.  I knew now why they were so damp, and then I realised what the strange taste must have been.  I put my hand between my legs and felt how damp I was, before putting my fingers to my nose, and then my lips.


“Oh my,” I said quietly as I sat there.  I had tasted myself, what it was like when I was made to – actually, I had no idea how to describe it, except as totally submitting to my body.  Eddie had taken me to the edge before as we had kissed and played, but what he had done to me had pushed me totally over the edge – several times in the last day and night.


Is this what it would be like when we finally did it?  I slowly untied my legs, stood up and walked to the bathroom, the rope rubbing against me with every step, and I locked the door behind me before I took off my pyjamas.  Looking at the bottoms, I could see how damp they were – but it was nothing to the feel and look of my panties as I removed them.


They were literally dripping as I felt them in the palm of my hand, and put them to my nose.  They smelt so sweet, and I realised what was soaked into them, as I put them with my pyjamas into the dirty linen basket.  Sighing, I reached behind me and untied the rope, feeling the pressure lessen as I brought the rope between my legs and then looked it.


It was wet as well, and I played with the knot in my fingers, looking at it and wondering how something so small could have caused so much…


Untying the knot, I put the rope down and then removed the device, looking at it for the first time.  It looked like a small applicator, and I wiped it down with a damp cloth as I looked it over from all angles.  That something so small could have so powerful an effect on me, bringing me to my knees in so wonderful a way.


My mind went back to the weekend where Mum, Aunt Susan, and all the other women seemed to be giggling and collapsing all the time, and I realised just what had been done to them by the men in their life – the woman in the case of Cassie Craig.  I remembered we were all so confused about what was happening to them, with the exception of Miranda Craig – she must have known as well, but she didn’t tell me, Alicia, Bobby, Colin or Jenny.  Later on, Mum had told me about the rope between the legs, and about the reason they had done it was to remove the fear of what the masked maniacs had done to each of us, but she hadn’t mentioned the other half of the equation.


Well, I knew what had happened now, as I put the device on the sink, and then went under the shower.  I had experienced something totally new – intensively, several times – but I was glad just to be myself again, as I washed myself clean of the sweat and residue of the night.


Once I had finished, I put on a bathrobe and left the bathroom, taking the rope and device with me to avoid awkward questions.   I put them on the bed as I went to the drawer and pulled out clean underwear, removing my robe to put them on.  I then took a clean pair of jeans from my wardrobe and put them on, sitting on the bed to put on some socks and trainers.


As I did so, I kept looking at the device and the rope, as if they were calling out to me.  Shaking my head eventually, I stood up and went to the wardrobe again, taking out a black tunic top and pulling it on over my head, before I shut the wardrobe and headed to the bedroom door.


I wanted to go and have breakfast – so why was I standing with my hand on the door knob, unable to open it?  It almost felt as if I had forgotten something, but what?


My head slowly turned as I looked at the bed.  No – surely that wasn’t what…


I suddenly turned round, unfastening my jeans and pulling them down as well as my panties, while I picked up the small white device and looked at it.  I then put my hand between my legs and slipped it in where it had been before – and suddenly, I realised what it was I thought had been missing.  I felt so right for it to be there, as I look at  the rope, and passed it round my waist, tying it just below my belly button and then making a knot in the cord where I thought it had been before.


Holding it in one hand, I squatted slightly and reached between my legs from behind, taking the rope and slowly pulling it back as I stood up.  I felt the knot between my legs, pressing on me, but it didn’t feel as if it was quite in the right place, and I reached between my legs to try and get it right.  As I tried, however, I felt the rope rubbing me at the sweetest of spots, and as I pulled I up behind me it just rubbed more and more…


I closed my eyes and gasped, wondering what was happening – and then my phone started ringing, and I shouted out as I dropped the rope, and it fell out onto the bed.  I looked at it as it shook slightly, and I felt the dampness between my legs, knowing what I had to do.


“Eddie,” I called out, “I need your help.”


I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs, and then the door opened as he said “Is it safe?”


“Eddie, please?”


He came in and closed the door, looking at me as I stared at the vibrator – vibrating on my bed.  He coughed slightly as I stood there with my jeans and panties down, the rope hanging down with the knot, and I turned to look at him.


“Could you…”


“Yes – yes,” he said as he shook and walked forward, taking the rope off from my waist and undoing the knot, then re-tying it a little further down after he tied it snugly round my waist. 


From his pocket he took out something like a key fob and pressed it, the device stopping at the same time, and then he picked it up.


“Are you sure?”


I nodded and then let out a little gasp as I felt him put it in place, and then pull the rope up between my legs, the knot now perfectly placed as it pressed against me and the device while he secured the rope against my back.


“Thank you,” I whispered as I bent over, the rope pressing on me and making me moan quietly as I wiped my legs, and then pulled up my panties and my jeans.  As I pulled my top down, the only sign I was doing anything was a little bulge, and the fact every time I walked I had to stop myself calling out.


“Listen,” I said with a smile as I looked at Eddie, “after breakfast, why don’t we go for a walk in the grounds?”


“I’d like that very much," he said before he kissed me, and then he escorted me down to breakfast.  The rope seemed to rub even more as I walked by him, and I really did have to bite down on my lip to stop myself from calling out every time.  Little shocks were running through me, but I wanted this, so I kept going as we went in.


Grandmother and Grandfather were already at the table, she in her usual twin set and knee length skirt, grandfather in an open necked shirt and trousers.


“Good morning Angela,” grandmother said as I slowly sat down, Eddie waiting behind me before he took his seat.  She looked at me, and said “Did you sleep well?”


“I got woken up early, but apart from that, I did thank you,” I said as I poured some cereal into the bowl.  “How was the opera last night?”


“Excellent,” Grandfather said, “but it was tiring, hence this rather relaxed meal.”


“I must say you are looking a lot better, sir,” Eddie said as he poured Grandfather some coffee and handed it to him.


“Edward, you are flattering me, but thank you,” Grandfather said as he accepted the cup.  “I guess having to slow down and take things somewhat easier has at least had that beneficial effect on me.”


Grandfather had – well, to put it bluntly, he had a heart attack a few weeks ago, and was slowly recovering.   He had been forced to go into semi-retirement, and hand over the running of his company to my Uncle Alexander, but he was right.  The rest was doing him the world of good, and he had started talking about the history he wanted Connie Craig to write of the hall and the family.


“So what plans do you have for this morning, Angela,” Grandmother said as she looked at me.


“Well, Eddie and I thought we’d go for a walk this morning – down to the lake, and th...”


I was interrupted by my phone going off, and the sudden sensations between my legs as a result.  Taking it out of my pocket, I stared at it for a moment, before I said “Would you excuse me for a moment” and running out of the room.


Once I was in the library, I let out a long moan before answering the call.  It was Carol, one of my classmates, reminding me we were going to meet up after school tomorrow to decide where we were going to go for the first day of the holidays.


I agreed with her suggestions, and then ended the call, standing with my back to the wall and moaning quietly as I tried to get used to the low intensity of the device.  Eventually, I managed to get enough self control to walk back in, slightly stiffly, and then sit down at the table – even if a little gasp escaped me as the knot pressed against the device.


“Are you all right, Angela,” Grandmother said as I gasped.  “I hope the call was not bad news?”


“No – no I’m fine,” I said as I picked up my knife and fork, and started into the scrambled egg on toast, “It was just Carol asking about next weeeek.”


Grandmother raised an eyebrow and looked at me and Eddie, before she said “Well, so long as it isn’t something unpleasant.”


“No – not that,” I said quietly, finishing breakfast before Eddie and I went back upstairs.


“Quick,” I said, “before someone else calls, start tying me up.”


“How much?”


“Completely – on top at least.”  I watched as he found the sponges and tape, and then covered my hands, taping the socks to my top, before he got to work on securing my wrists and arms.  He also tied the rope above and below my chest – and it felt so good to have the rope rubbing there as well as that low buzz between my legs.


“What are you doing,” I said as I felt him unfasten my jeans.


“Just making it like last night,” he said as I felt him fiddle with the rope at my waist, and then the buzz increase slightly, the knotted rope pressing more firmly as he tied the crotch rope to my wrists, and then re-fastened my jeans.


“Ahhhh oh yes,” I sighed at that point – which, of course, was when my phone went off and the device went to the second setting, making me gasp out even more.


“Whhh who is it,” I said as Eddie answered my phone for me.


“It’s Lesley,” he said with a smile as he put the phone to the side of my head.


“Heeeeey Lesley,” I said as I stifled a moan, “what can I do for you?”


“You all right Angie?”


“Yeah – just Eddie getting frisky,” I said as I looked at him.  We talked on the phone for a few minutes, and then Eddie switched the phone off as I let a long “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”


“So, that walk?”


I nodded and then said “two…  Two things.  First, I want you to leave your phone and the remote here, in my room.”


“Are you sure, Angie?  If I don’t bring them, I can’t turn it off – and if anyone calls...”


“Then weeee’ll see what happens,” I gasped.  “Second – gag me now, before I can’t stop myself.”


“All right,” Eddie said, “I need to go to the bathroom first.”


“Be… Be quick,” I said as I wriggled round, the knot forcing the vibrator into me even more.  When he came back, he had something in his hands.


“I want to so what I did last night – is that all right?”


I nodded, and then tasted the dampness of my panties in my mouth, still incredibly wet from last night.  Somehow, knowing what had caused them to be so damp made me even more aroused, as he tied a knotted blue scarf between my lips, and then wrapped the white tape around my head.


“HMMGDDTHSBTRRR” I moaned out as I looked at Eddie, and he kissed me on the tape, before helping me to stand up and walk down the stairs.  Each step felt like agonising bliss, as the rope and device worked on me, but Eddie held me with his arm around my waist as we walked slowly down the lawn to the path in the trees.  He stopped to pick up a bag from the kitchen, and held that over his other shoulder.


It was a wonderful early summer day – the sun shingling through the green leaves on the trees, and the birds singing. But al I could hear was the buzz inside of me, and there were a few times when I felt as if I would drop to the ground.


Eddie was there for me, though – holding me, talking to me, helping me to walk step after step.  I really really wanted him to do more than that, but he was keeping his word, as we walked into the glade by the lake.


Which was the moment I heard a text come on my phone, and the device went to level 3.  I dropped to my knees as I screamed into my panties and gag, Eddie kneeling beside me and holding me until I could get used to the increased stimulation.


After a few minutes, I turned my head and looked at him, panting as I slowly got to my feet.  I was not sure how much longer I would be able to cope with this, as I slowly go to my feet and leaned my head against his chest.


“Can you walk down to the side of the lake,” he said quietly, and I nodded, taking very small steps – because with every step, that wonderfully nasty knot of rope rubbed against the damp opening to my passage, and it forced the device in more, making me shake more.  It was divine, truly – I had never felt so alive and so scared…


“Can you stand for a moment,” Eddie said, and I nodded, praying no more calls would come as he took a picnic blanket from the bag and laid it out, and then helped me to sit down.  I watched him as he tied my ankles tightly together with some more rope from the bag, and then secured my legs below my knees.


“Pllssdeeeetkmmnwww,” I pleaded as I looked at him, but he leaned over and kissed my taped mouth.


“I made a promise,” he said, at which point my phone went off again, and I screamed “HHHMMSMWTTTJSSSSLRDDDDDDDDDDDD” as the vibrator stepped up a notch.  I squirmed round on the sheet and shouted out, but as I moved my wrists moved, as my wrist moved the knotted rope sank even more into my clit, rubbing it, teasing it and forcing that device to work inside me even more.


I barely even noticed as Eddie rolled me onto my side, pulled my ankles back and tied them to my chest rope, so intense was my passion getting.  I could feel how warm I was, how hot I was, and I could feel something happening inside me as I looked up at my boyfriend.  I could see how aroused he was as well, as he looked at me and smiled…


And my phone rang, pushing the device to the highest setting.  That was it, as I totally gave into what was happening to me, and I screamed as loud as I ever had while my whole body shook and convulsed, the knotted rope, the buzzing, the vibrations.


I screamed again and again and again as I felt the waves of orgasm after orgasm coursing over and through me, sending me over the edge again and again and again as I screamed and arched my back, unable to stop it, not wanting it to stop, and wondering how much more of this I could take…


I wanted Eddie more than anything now, but as I looked round with lust filled eyes I could not see him – the feeling, the intensity, the sheer physical pleasure was far too strong…


Eventually, I dimly heard the sound for a text message, and the torment eased slightly.  As I lay on my side moaning and panting, I felt his hand on my cheek, as he said “How do you feel?”


“Sshshtdndhrnnyshll,” I mumbled as I looked at him.  “Hwlng…”


“Thirty minutes – and believe me, I almost gave in a few times myself watching you.  But I keep my promises, and I want this to be special for you.”


Oh it was special all right – I had never felt like that before, and I had loved every exhausting minute of it.  Eddie sat down and gently stroked me, untying my legs from my chest and laying my head on his lap as I kept moaning and shaking in response to the continued stimulus.  I could damn well feel how aroused he was as well, but I was totally at his mercy, and there was not a damn thing I could do about it.


Another thirty minutes passed before a new text came through, and I sighed as the buzzing settled a little more.  Looking up at him, I smiled under the tape.


“Do you think you can stand up now?”


I nodded as he helped me to get onto my feet, and held me with his arms round my waist as he kissed my neck and shoulders.  I was covered in sweat – and between my legs I was absolutely soaking wet – and the way the rope had rubbed against my chest had left my breasts swollen, my nipples feeling like little rocks.  So when he put his hands there and gently toyed with them, I started moaning all over again, moving my wrists and – well, I’m sure you get the picture.


“Why don’t you try hopping?”


I nodded and took a little bunny hop – which made my wrist rise, the rope dig in again, and the increased sensation almost made me fall over.  Eddie caught me, however, and held me again as my phone started ringing, and the vibrations eased off even more.


“Ths…   thsbttrrrr,” I said as I leaned against Eddie’s chest, and he kissed my forehead.


“Think you can jump about a bit more now,” he whispered, and I nodded, taking a few jumps around the glade as he folded and put the blanket bank into the bag.  Each jump made the knot push into me even more, but I was at least able to cope – even more so when a text came and the device went to the lowest setting.


Eddie came over and untied my ankles and knees then, before he said “Would you like me to turn your phone off?  I mean, you had a pretty intense time there.”


There was still the low buzzing, and I could see the damp patch in my jeans, but I didn’t want it to end just yet, so I slowly shook my head from side to side, leaning into him as he put his arm round me, and we walked slowly back up to the manor house.  I could see he had been surprised by my decision, but he accepted it.


There were no more calls on the way back, so I simply hummed to myself as we cleared the trees, and walked back up to the manor house.  The one thing I was dreading was someone – especially Grandmother or Mrs Bridges – asking what had happened, but fortunately we didn’t meet either of them as we went in and Eddie helped me to my room.


“Well,” he said as he started to untie me,” that was a fairly interesting morning.”


“NSHHSSHEEEERLK,” I screamed out in laughter, and then started to unwrap the tape and remove the gag.  As I took my panties out, and looked at them, I said “come here a minute, Edward Holmes.”


As Eddie sat next to me, I wrapped my arms round him as we kissed for a few minutes, neither of us wanting to let go of each other.  Eventually, however, Eddie moved back and said “Something tells me you may want to clean up before lunch?”


“Yeah – yeah I had better do that,” I said with a smile, “so scoot – I’ll see you in a few minutes.”  He smiled as he stood up and left the room, and I untied my legs, putting the rope to one side as I walked slowly to the bathroom.


Stripping off, I looked at the now soaking wet panties, smelling them and remembering each sweet moment as I untied the rope and removed the device, the deepest of sighs escaping my lips as I did so.


I looked at the white tube, as it stopped working – thank you Eddie – and then wiped it down, putting my clothes in the laundry before I stepped under the shower.


“Did something happen at the lake, Angela,” Grandmother said when I came down for lunch, wearing a short sleeved blouse and a long light blue denim skirt.


“The grass was damper than I thought it was going to be,” I said with a smile, “so I changed.  I’ll apologise to Mrs Bridges for the extra laundry later.”


“Not a problem, dear – and you seem a lot less distracted compared to this morning.  In fact, you look positively – glowing.”


“Thank you for saying so,” I said with a smile as I sat next to Eddie, and started to eat lunch.





“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Eddie said as we stood in the hallway after lunch.


“Oh yes – and thank you,” I said as I stroked his cheek, “that has to be the best present anyone has ever given me.”


“So far,” Eddie said with a smile.  “Soon, I hope to give you an even better one.”


“On our wedding night, remember?”


“I know,” he said as he cocked his head to one side, “but until then, you have the option to know what it could be like.”


I nodded and then kissed him before I waved him off to his car and down the driveway.  As I walked back in, I saw Grandmother looking at me in a funny way.


“Is there something you wish to tell me, Angela?”


“No, Grandmother,” I said with a smile, “not yet anyway.”


“All right then,” she said as she looked at me again, “Will you come with me please?  There are some things I want to discuss with you about the summer.”




When Dad picked me up later that afternoon, he asked how the night had been.  I just smiled and said it had been very special, as I held my bag with the very special presents inside.  I made a vow to myself as we headed onto the main road – to work out how to fit the rope and toy myself, and then wear it as often as I could get away with it.


Over the next couple of days, I spent a lot of time in my room, and eventually mastered the art of tying the rope myself so that the knot was in the right place, and held the device in snugly.  I even got Eddie to tie me up and gag me fully after a date two days later, and then torment me with the phone.


A couple of days ago, Grandmother called and asked if I would stay over the weekend – Suzie was having a sleepover, and she wanted me to keep an eye on the youngsters coming.  She also warned me the Friday was going to be a “poodle skirt” day as she called it, so before Dad took me round early on the Friday I put on a charcoal grey blouse over a dusky pink top, and tied the front of the blouse under my belly.  I then put on a long pink skirt with a black and pink poodle on it – but before I put that or my panties on, I slipped the device in and tied the crotch rope in place, the knot sitting squarely over the device.


Tying my hair back with a pink scarf, I put on the white bobby socks and white shoes, and then walked out to the car with my phone in my bag.  I wanted to see if I could cope in front of a bunch of curious kids…







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