A Wet Saturday







What I did this weekend,

By Lara


It was very wet this week, but I had a very strange day with mummy and my little sister Katy.  It was exciting, and strange, and all sorts of other things.


It was after lunch when it happened – I had on blue jeans that came to my knees and a cap sleeved turrquoise top, and Katy was wearing a blue dress with a beach print – we were both barefoot, while Mummy had on similar jeans to me and a white top.  Katy and I went up to our room to read for a while, while Mummy cleared the plates away.


I heard the ring on the doorbell, and heard Mummy talking to someone, but didn’t think much of it as Katy and I read the books.  It was a little while later when Mummy called up the stairs and asked us to come down – and we started the strange day.


Katy said she was coming, but I kept reading for a little while as she went downstairs, and I heard her saying something to Mummy.  She then called up and told me I had to come down and see something, so I walked downstairs – and got a big surprise.


The curtains had been drawn over the windows, and Mummy was lying on her side on the floor.  Her arms were bent behidn her back, and as she looekd at me I came over and saw her wrists were tied together with white string, which had then been used to tie her ankles together as well.


She told me we were all going to be playing a big game that day, with the help of the man I saw sitting on the seat.  He had fair hair, was wearing a denim jacket and jeans, and smiled as he said hello.  Katy then called over – and I saw where she was.


She was lying on her back on the floor, and her wrists were tied together in front of her with a blue belt from her dressing gown which Mummy had washed the day.  The black belt from Mummy’s gown was tied round her arms and body, and a blue woolen scarf round her ankles.


Mummy said the man had taken us hostage, and he was going to make sure I could not move for a while, so when he told me to lie face down in the floor I did so.  He then took my hands behind my back, and I felt him tie them together with some sort of plastic.  He then bent my legs and used it tie my ankles together – when I looked over my shoudler, I saw it was a length of purple nylon rope.


So I was like Mummy, and she seemed to be happy and smiling as she twisted round, so I did the same while the man left the room for a little while.  We twisted round from side to side, laughing and giggling as Katy managed to wriggle herself over to us.  I guess if I wanted, I could have untied her and then Mummy, but in the darker light from the sun shining through the curtains it was actually a fun thing to be doing.


Mummy said we were going to be like this for a little while, and then we would get changed and she would order pizza and things for our tea – which made both me and Katy very happy, given it was raining outside.  Katy cheered as she wriggled round more, before the man came back in and put the television on, helping Katy to sit up and watch.  The rope was rubbing on my wrists and ankles, but I lay down and watched as well, while Mummy watched us.


It was probably about five when he used a pair of scissors to cut Mummy free, and then me, before he untied Katy and we all stood up.  He said he was going to take all three of us upstairs and let us change into something else, and then we could order the pizza – and Mummy told us we would all go to each of our rooms while we did so.


So Katy was first – we both went into our room, and she took off her dress, before she put on a red sundress with white hearts.  I changed into a white vest top and denim shorts with turn-ups, and then we went into Mummy’s room, the man standign with his hands on our shoulders.


He had a strong grip, Mummy nodding as she put on a clean blue and white striped t-shirt, black leggings and black ankle socks. 


We went downstairs and watched as Mummy phoned the Pizza place, then sat between us on the big couch as we watched some more television, the man watching with us.  He didn’t say much, but Mummy kept looking at him, as if she was curious about what he had planned next.



When the doorbell rang, the man came and stood behidn us while Mummy went and paid the delivery man, coming in and putting the pizza and snack boxes on the low table before we all sat down and ate.  As we did so, the man said after we had finished, he was going to make sure we could not move again for a while, but we could pick what he used to hold our arms and legs together.


Mummy said we would all play together – but that her friend was going to make sure that not only could we not move, it would be difficult for us to talk.  But she also said we could watch a film together like that, and we could try and sing along before we saw what happened.  I looked at Katy, and we both nodded at that before we went back to eating our food.


I was excited – I mean, it felt funny when my wrists and ankles were tied together, but it was not too bad, and Mummy enjoyed it as well.  So we talked to each other and ate the food, before we each went in turn to the toilet.


When I came back, the man had Katy standing in front of him, and I sat with Mummy on the smaller couch.  On the big couch were some of the belts from our dressing gowns, some lengths of different coloured ropes, and a roll of silver tape.  He asked Katy what she wanted, and she put her finger to her mouth before she pointed to the belts.


The man smiled and told her to turn round, before he took her wrists behind her back, and tied them together with the blue belt from her own dressing gown – but this time, he took the belt between her arms as well before he tied it off.  She giggled as he took a white belt, and tied it round her arms behind her back, holding them together as well.


He helped her to sit on the floor, in front of the couch, and waited as she sat crosslegged before he took a striped cloth belt, and tied her ankles tightly together as she watched.  He asked if she was all right, and she nodded as he looked at me.


I didn’t particularly want to feel tape on me, so I said I would take the ropes.  Standing in front of him, I saw him pick up a piece of white cord and piece of blue one.  He took my hands behind my back, and wraped the white cord round them to hold them together before tying the ends off.  He then tied the blue cord between my arms, whuch made it feel tighter and snugger, before he told me to sit down next to Katy.


He then knelt, and took another length of white cord, which he used to tie my ankles together in front of me, the ends tied at the front.  The black cord was next, and he wrapped that round my legs above my ankles, crossing it over and making sure they were secured together as well.


I had my legs bent, my feet flat on the floor, so the last cord he took was a yellow one, which he tied round my legs above my knees.


While I talked to Katy, I heard a ripping sound, and we both watched as he used the silver tape to make sure Mummy could not bring her hands round from behind her.  She then sat on the floor between us, and we watched as he taped her ankles together, as well as her legs above and below her knees.


Then he said the funniest thing – we needed to be quiet, so he tore a long strip of the silver tape off and pressed it over Mummy’s mouth.  We giggled as she tried to talk, and then he asked Katy if she wanted that as well.


I was surprised when she shook her head, and he picked up a light brown flannel, holding it once he had rollled it up, and told Katy to open her mouth.  When she did so, he put the flannel IN HER MOUTH!!!  She looked at me as it stuck out, and tried to speak, then giggled as she realised she could not talk either.


I didn’t want the silver tape either, but somehow he had some green tape as well, so he covered my mouth in that.  It felt funny, and it pulled at my skin, but I could only mumble along as we started to watch the Disney film, and tried to sing along with it.  I was afraid Katy would be upset, but she seemed to be enjoying it as well – and we both laughed when Mummy fell to her side and lay on the floor, looking at us.


As for the man – he checked us from time to time, but left us alone really, as we watched the film, my eyes getting heavier and heavier…




“Hey sleepy head…”


When I opened my eyes, I saw Mummy looking at me, smiling as she stroked my hair.  I was in my bed, and it was dark outside, but she was already dressed in a red t-shirt with writing on the front, jeans and black socks.


I looked over to see Katy wasn’t in her bed – but I was still in my vest and shorts – and I was still tied up.  “It’s all right,” Mummy said as she untied me, “we’re all getting up early today, and Katy’s downstairs having some breakfast.  Why don’t you wash and change, and come and have something to eat yourself?”


“Is the man still here,” I asked as I stretched and got up.


“For a little while longer – her has one more gane to play with us, and then we can have some fun on our own.”


I went to the bathroom, and had a wash, before putting on a white vest top and some white shorts, and walked down to the main room. 


“Hey – look at me,” Katy said as she waved from her rocking chair.  She was now wearing her pink Dora the Explorer pyjama top and shorts, but I could see she was tied to the chair with some of Mummy’s purple washing line around her waist, and her ankles and legs were tied together as well.  She had her bowl on her lap, as the man looked over from the dining table and said “good morning – come and have some breakfast.”


I sat down with Mummy – and then he took some white tape with smiley faces on it, and used it to tape my ankles and legs together like he had Mummy’s earlier.  I was then free to eat my breakfast with Mummy, while he went and took Katy’s bowl, giving her a glass of milk to drink while he took the bowl to the kitchen.


When he came back, Katy had finished, so he took the glass and then told her to put her hands together in front of her, as if she was praying.  She looked at Mummy, who said it was all right, and we both watched as he used some of the purple rope to tie her wrists together, making sure they were very well tied indeed!


He then used the rope again to tie it round her arms and the chair back, as Mummy said we would be quiet when we had finished our breakfast as well.


“Does that mean we are going to have our mouths covered again,” I said – and then that question was answered as he tore a strip of the silver tape off, and covered Katy’s mouth with it!  It covered her chin as she looked at us, and nodded while I finished my breakfast.


He asked if I was ready, and I nodded as he put my hands together in front of me, and used the funny tape to secure my wrists together – and then he took it up and other my hands, making them into a ball before he wrapped it up my arms and held them together.


I lifted my hands and looked at them as he wrapped the tape round my waist and the chair back, and then taped my legs to the chair legs as well.  Finally, he wrapped the tape round my head, lifting my hair out of the way, so that I was kept quiet as well.


He lifted us, in our chairs, to sit in front of the couch, and then Mummy came in with him, sitting down and watching as he taped her wrisst toe ach other in front of her body, and then down to the tops of her legs as he wound the tape round them as well.  As she sat back, he taped her ankles together, and then pressed some strips of the tape over her mouth so that she could only mumble as well.


It had stopped raining, but the man kissed us all on the head before he said he would be waiting outside, and left the room, having turned the television on so that we could watch the cartoons.  We couldn’t move or talk very easily, so we just had to sit and watch – but none of us heard him leave the house.


The first thing we heard was the door beign opened, and Daddy rushign in – he had been working at the store yesterday, and I thought he had just left early.  But he ran over to Mummy and kissed her before he removed the tape – and then the police came in after that!


We were cut free, and Mummy and Daddy gave us both big hugs, before a doctor came and looekd at us, and then the policemen.  Katy and I told him about the games, and both Mummy and Daddy said we were very brave…










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