A Word of Warning





That really was, if you will believe it, the uppermost thing in my mind as I heard the front door open and close, and the light Irish accent call out to ask if I was home.  To say one word, to let her know what was going to happen, despite all the distractions I was feeling and experiencing, one word that would allow her to choose either to stay or to go.


That was just impossible however – even if that word was going to be an indecipherable sound, one of the two men just looked at me and shook his head.  I could not even move – well, actually, that was not quite true.  I can move, but the way it makes me feel…


Maybe I should go back an hour or so, as I hear her go up the staircase, use the short time I have to gather my thoughts, decide what I can and cannot do.  Aileen had left earlier that morning for a meeting, but she was going to come home at lunchtime so that we could head into the city that afternoon.  I was still in my dressing gown when she left, and eventually showered, and changed into the outfit for the day. 


And for that day, I had chosen to wear a short sleeved grey top, with a scoop neck, and tight blue jeans.  A gold necklace, with a heart shaped locket – a gift from Aileen – was round my neck as I sat down and pulled on my burgundy red over the knee leather boots, a pair of long white socks over the bottom of my jeans as I pulled the boots up, and then turned the cuffs down so that it looked as if I was wearing pirate boots.


My next move would have been to put on my matching jacket – but that was when the doorbell rang, and the morning took the turn it had done.  I wasn’t expecting a delivery, but hey – it might have been for her, so I walked to the front door and opened it.


Two men, both dressed as delivery men – brown short sleeved shirts, matching pants, baseball caps, and the delivery van outside.  So far so good – but one of them was pointing a lethal looking gun at me as they came in, the second placing the cardboard box he was holding on the floor as he closed the door.  He looked at me, and told me to remain calm, to do what he said – and what he told me to do was to put my hands on my head, and open my mouth.


I was going to say something, but the one with the gun shook his head, and put his finger to his lips, while his ‘friend’ opened the box and took out a clear bag.  As he opened it, I watched as he took out a half sponge and compressed it in his hand, and then looked at me.  It was fairly clear what he was wanting to do – and I did not want him to do it, so I closed my mouth and shook my head from side to side.


For some reason, this only made him smile – and then he pinched my nose closed with his gloved hand.  I stared at him – but eventually I had to open my mouth to take in some air, and as I did so he started to push the compressed sponge into my mouth.


It was a very strange feeling – The sponge expanding in my mouth, pressing my tongue down and filling the space.  He kept pushing it in until the whole sponge was behind my teeth, and I closed my lips over it, trying to speak.


What I was trying to say is “who are you?  What do you want?”  Instead, what I heard was “hrrruwhtduwnt?”  The man just smiled, and then took a wide roll of white tape from the box, tearing the end loose from the roll and then wrapping it tightly round my head, covering my mouth and pressing my long blonde hair to the back of my neck.  The tape stuck like a second skin, and as I tried to move my lips I found it next to impossible to do so.


He tore the tape free and patted it down to the back of my head, before he went back to the box, his ‘friend’ smiling as he walked over and turned me so that I was facing the wall.  Turning my head slightly, I shivered as I saw him take out of the box a length of white rope, and then walked behind me.  I felt him putting my hands together behind my back, pam to palm, and steeled myself to feel the rope around my wrists.  In my mind, I knew they were here to rob us, and they were going to make sure I stayed out of the way.


Well, I felt the rope around my arms – but not my wrists.  Instead, I grunted as my arms were drawn together at my elbows, my shoulders pulled back and my chest forced out, as he wound the rope tightly around and between my limbs.  It was a very strange feeling, as I felt him tie the rope off, and then turned to watch as he took a second length of rope from the box.


This one I did feel around my wrists as he secured them together, again pulling it tight and then taking it between my limbs.  It was a very strange feeling – unable to do more than grunt as the rope went round and round, and I felt more and more helpless.


And yes, more and more scared, wondering just what it was they were going to do.  Again I turned my head slowly as he walked off to the box, and took out another, longer length of rope.


A much longer length of rope, which he doubled over as he walked behind me.  I admit, I was curious then as to what he was going to do – and then I saw him pass it round my body, and pull it tight below my chest so that my arms were forced against my back.  That made me feel very – strange, as he passed it round my body above and below my chest.


I can’t really put into words, even now as I look at the door to the room, how it made me feel while he was doing this.  The bands did two things – it almost welded my arms to my back, but also it pressed up and down on my chest, it rubbed on my breasts… 


It should not have made me feel the way it did, it should not have felt so – good?  But that was not the only thing he did.  I felt him pull the bands together behind my back, and then he fed the rope under my left arm, pulling it up my shoulder and then round the back of my neck before he fed it under my arm on the other side.  This made the ropes on my chest even tighter, and as they forced my chest even more out I could not help but notice the way they looked.


The way they felt…


And then he made me walk into the front room, after his ‘friend’ had gone in and drawn the blinds over the bay windows.  That made the ropes rub even more on me, making me feel strange in my fear, giddy and excited despite myself…


He made me sit on the floor, and I watched as he took more rope, crossed my ankles and bound them together, presumably in the same way as he tied my wrists.  He wrapped the rope round my boots, fed the ends through the centre and then pulled back, which forced my ankles together.  As I watched, he wound the rope round a few times, keeping the bands eat and stacked, before he fed the ends through the top loop, separated them, and then wrapping them between my legs.


That had the effect of making the binding much, much tighter, as I tried to move my ankles, the leather squeaking as I failed miserable, while he tied the ends off and then tucked them into the loops.  Another length of rope, and he pulled my legs together below my knees, my boots squeaking even more as my legs rubbed together.


So – I had my arms secured together and pinned to my back, my legs secured together.  I tried to move but all I did was make the ropes on my chest rub even more – and that made me feel decidedly faint.


And strange.


And excited – yeah, excited, but I had no idea of what he was going to do next, as he looked at me, and then wrapped the end of another doubled over length of rope round the two bands of rope below my chest.  I wondered why he was doing that – and then he pulled down, forcing the bands to come together as the ropes essentially circled my breasts, my top stretched almost to breaking point as he knotted the rope, and then made me lie on my back as he fed the rope between…


I suddenly realised what he was going to do, but with his ‘friend’ watching and the gun in his hand, I had no way of resisting as he rolled me onto my stomach, pulled the rope up between my thighs as it pressed on my crotch, and then pulled my ankles back before he tied the loose end of the rope between them.


So there I was – lying on my stomach, trussed, and if I tried to move my legs the rope rubbed on my crotch, making me feel even more strange than I already did.  The really strange thing, however, was that they STILL had not given any indication why they were there, or what they wanted.


And I also have to confess, I was beginning despite everything to – enjoy my position?  Don’t get me wrong, I was scared out of my gourd, but the ropes pressing and rubbing on me, and the fact I couldn’t say a thing, the sponge soaking up all the saliva in my mouth and the tape sealing it closed…  It was almost liberating, and the way that rope was teasing me…


But now, I was trying to keep still, wishing I could warn Aileen as I heard the footsteps down the stairs, one of the men behind the door, the other standing over me…


“Shelagh, are you – oh my God!”


Aileen was standing in the doorway, staring at the man and at me as I looked up.  She was wearing a white blouse with a gold necklace, the word “love” hanging over the top of her black shrug-like cardigan.  It had long sleeves, the cuffs of her blouse turned up over the ends at her wrists, and was secured with two lengths that were wrapped round her midriff, tied over her blouse at her belly.  She was also wearing a short black skirt, dark hose, and her favourite blue-grey suede over the knee boots with the square block heel, so unlike the stiletto heels of my own boots.


She hadn’t even seen the second man – but she knew he was there as he walked behind her, and clamped his gloved hand over her mouth.  I watched as he whispered into her ear, telling her to stay calm and not to shout or scream, and Aileen kept her eyes on me as she slowly nodded.


He then guided her hands behind her back, and I knew what he was going to do as she grunted slightly.  Strangely, he did not seem to pull her elbows together, contending himself by the looks of things by merely (merely!) securing her wrists together.  As I watched, however, I saw him pass a longer length of rope round her waist, and pull it tight before he knotted the rope under her belly, and let the long lengths drop to the floor.


I knew what was coming next, struggling as he reached through her legs and lulled the rope through, lifting her skirt up as the rope was pulled tight against her crotch and I heard her moan.  My struggles made the rope on me rub as well, however, and I moaned in a slightly more muffled manner as he secured the rope behind her back.


Aileen looked at me, and asked if I was all right.  Well, asked was possibly a bit of an exaggeration – she gasped it out and all I could do was weakly nod in response.  Even that nodding, the way I was tied, made that rope rub on me again and I could feel myself start to shiver…


Aileen asked who they were, and what they were doing, and at least she got an answer to that question – they were robbers, and were going to rob us – once we were unable to stop them.  As he said this, he took another long length of rope, and started to wrap it around Aileen’s chest as he had done to me – two bands, above and below her chest, forcing it up and out as the top buttons on her blouse opened up.


And I looked at her chest, and felt my love for her reach out, even as she was secured, and he tightened the ropes even more as he had done to me, going under the arms and around the back of her neck.


He tied the ropes off, and then took Aileen by the arm as he said she was going to show him where all the valuables were.  I saw her nod as she walked off, moaning with each step as the rope rubbed on her, and I was left on the floor while the ‘friend’ started to search the room.


All the time this had been going on, I had been trying not to move, but at the same time that rope had been rubbing on me, on my chest and between my legs, and it was undeniable that the sensations running through me were making me feel…  Well, very aroused.  So as he went round the room, I started to move my ankles up and down, making the rope rub on me as I felt the dampness underneath spread – and that just seemed to make me feel even more aroused, as I struggled to keep quiet.


Failed as well – but he didn’t look round as I moved my ankles more and more, wriggling round as the leather squeaked, and my muffled groans seemed to get louder and louder inside my head…


Only it wasn’t just inside my head, as I realised he was watching me, his hand on his own crotch as I felt myself start to shake and I closed my eyes, the orgasm washing over me as I screamed out.  I was dimly aware of his own groans, and as I opened my eyes I saw him playing with his own cock.  For a moment, I was afraid of what I might do, what he might do – but as he relieved himself, I relaxed a little, the warmth making me feel so good…


I could see him adjusting his accoutrements, as they used to say in those old cartoons, as Aileen was walked back in – and I could see the white band round her head, pressing her black hair back and holding what I figured was another sponge in her mouth.  She groaned with each step as she was walked over to the couch, and made to lie face down, as the man grabbed more ropes and crossed her ankles before they were secured together.


Unlike my boots, which squeaked each time I moved, the rope seemed to sink into her suede ones, but he secured her ankles and then her legs just as tightly as he had mine.  He then pulled her ankles back, and used a short length of rope to secure them to the rope round her waist – which meant they were secured to the rope on her crotch as well.


She groaned out loud as he pulled on the rope, and then laughed as he said he had everything, and they should go.  I watched as they left the room, and then heard the front door open and close, while I looked at Aileen.


She stared back at me with her clear blue eyes, and started to struggle – but as she did so, I could see the rope moving between her legs, and I tried to warn her, call out to her about what she was doing, and what was going to happen.


Of course, that meant I struggled, and the rope rubbed on me as well, making me start to shake too as I felt another orgasm building inside me…


Somehow, we both reached a climax at the same time, both of us screaming silently as we shook, and then relaxed as Aileen lay on her side, and looked at me.  Her eyes were pleading, as I started to wriggle myself across the floor, inching closer and closer, and hoping I would not make myself cum again before I reached her as she shuffled to the side of the couch.


Somehow, not only did I get there, but I even managed (not without a lot of moaning) to get on my knees as I looked at Aileen, the sweat making her hair stick to the sides of her face as she looked at me.  I looked at her, and then I leaned over, the rope rubbing even more as I pressed my taped lips to hers.  She responded to the kiss as she started to wriggle round, and I heard her moan as well as I broke off and we looked at each other.


Aileen nodded as she looked up, and we kissed again, moving the ropes between our legs as we sought release once more, while waiting for someone to come to our aid…







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