Xandra and I share a flat in the Knightsbridge area – we’ve been together for three years now, and I firmly believe we are life partners.  After the events of the other night, that is even more true…


Xandra is two years older than me, and a couple of inches taller – which, given I am five foot ten, is nice.  She had short red-brown hair as opposed to my long blonde locks, and works as a production assistant at a television company, while I earn an honest crust as a sales rep – in Harrods.  It means we both have to dress in a certain way – so when we relax together, or go to a club, we like to dress in a way we want to.


The other night, that meant we were dressed identically – tight white dresses with a single strap over our left shoulders, and tight knee length black leather boots with his heels.  The skirt of our dresses barely covered our bottoms, never mind anything else – but when that bottom is as cute and firm as Xandra’s is, I am not complaining.


Anyway – we went to a club, had a good time, and came home – and that was when the evening took a very different turn.  We came into the flat, Xandra smiling as I closed and locked the door before turning round – and I saw him behind her.


He was taller than Xandra, and his head had something dark pulled down over it that obscured and blurred his features.  In the dark, I was not sure what it was – but then he turned the light on, and I saw it was a dark stocking, pulled down and tucked under the collar of his dark jumper.


“What the…” 


“Not a word, either of you,” he said quietly as Xandra’s eyes opened wide, “I have a knife against her back, and you don’t want to spoil this dress, do you?”


“No – please, don’t hurt her…”


“Then keep that pretty mouth of yours closed, and do exactly what I say,” he said as he looked at me.  “Get those soft hands in the air, and walk into the bedroom – you can walk after her.”  Xandra and I looked at each other, before we slowly raised our hands and I walked first into the bedroom, Candra following with him.  When we went in, I saw that there was rope on the bed – a lot of rope, in varying lengths, as well as some things I did not recognise.


“What do you want of us,” Xandra said as I turned to look at them.


“Right now,” he said as I looked at him, “to shut the fuck up and not say another word.”  I could see him clearly now – tall, dark clothing, and not messing about.  He looked at me, and said “pick up that shorter length of rope there, and come behind your bitch.”


“She’s not a bitch,” I said angrily.


“I don’t care if you think she’s a cow,” he almost shouted, “pick up the rope, and get over here – NOW!”  I didn’t want to make him any angrier, so I picked up the rope and slowly walked round.  I could now see the knife - a big hunting one – as he looked at me and said “Do as I say, or you both get hurt, got it?”  As I nodded, he put the knife down and then pulled Xandra’s hands behind her back, crossing her wrists as he looked at me.


“Double the rope over, then wrap it round her wrists – feed the ends through the middle, and pull back.”


“It’s all right, do as he says,” Xandra said quietly as I complied, seeing the white rope on her soft pale skin as I pulled it tightly round them.  I could see the way it sat as I was forced to wind it tightly round both wrists, then tuck the rope under the top band.


“Good – separate the ends, and pull then tightly between her arms, then tie the ends off with a triple knot where she cannot reach it.”


“I’m sorry,” I said as I did what he said, seeing how tight it was making the ropes, before I tiend the end off and straightened up, putting my arms round Xandra and hugging her as I kissed her neck and shoulders.


“It’s going to be all right,” she whispered as she rubbed her head against mine.


“Only if you do as I say,” the man said quietly, “pick up one of the longer lengths of rope, and stand behind her again.”  I walked round and picked the rope up, and walked back as he watched.


“Double it over again, and then pass it round her from behind – pull it tight under her chest.”


“Why are you…”  I saw the look in his eyes, and then nodded as I obeyed, watching the way her arms were forced against her sides as I tightened the rope. 


“Good – now above her chest.”


“IT’s… IT’s all right lover,” Xandra said quietly, “we will be together through this.”  I nodded as I wrapped the rope round her body again and again, up and down, and then secured the ends behind her back in a way that brought the bands together.  I heard Xandra’s soft sigh as I did this, before the man said “good – get two shorter lengths, and feed them between her arms and body, around the bands of rope.  IT makes it even tighter.”  I could almost hear his enjoyment, but I walked round and then turned round, stopping as I looked at Xandra.


The white material was stretched so tightly over her chest with the twin bands of rope, and her chest itself seemed to be much more prominent.  She blushed as she saw me looking at her, and wriggled round as she said “this is different.”


“Aren’t you scared?”


“Terrified – but he is in charge,” Xandra said as I came over and fed the rope under her left armpit, then pulled it tight around both bands and then tied the ropes off.  Going over to the other side, I tightened the bands again and then stood in front of her.  She looked at me as I put my arms round her neck, and then we shared a long, passionate kiss.


“I could eat you right now,” Xandra said as she looked at me.


“So could I – but…”


“Don’t worry,” the man said quietly as he put his gloved hand on Xandra’s shoulder, “you may yet.  You – I want you to kneel down, reach under your bitch’s skirt, and remove her panties.”


“I told you, she’s not a bitch.”


“And I told you not to argue,” he said in a quiet, even, dangerous tone.  I nodded as I knelt down and put my hands under Xandra’s skirt, slowly pulling down her panties as she stepped out of them.  I held them in my hand, unsure of what he was going to do next…


“Put them in her mouth.”




We both looked at him as he smiled under the stocking, and said “put them in her mouth before I do it myself – do you want that?”


Xandra looked at me, and then nodded as she opened her mouth.  I was starting to cry as I gently pushed them in, seeing the material disappear behind her teeth as she closed her eyes and smiled.


“Pick up the roll of white tape tear, the end loose, and stick it to her cheek.”


“Gohhhhn,” she said as I slowly complied, the wide roll of tape making a peeling sound as I tore the end free, and then stuck it on her cheek – before at his instruction I wound it tightly round her head, trapping her hair against the back of her neck as it went round and round and round.  Eventually, he made me tear the end free and press it down, as he said “Well done, bitch.”


“Dhtnltthhmghtthuih,” Xandra mumbled as I nodded and brushed a stray hair away from her face.  The tape was pressing her cheeks in, as he said “on the bed is a small white device.  Pick it up, and bring it over here.”


I nodded as I slowly walked over, wiping the tears away as I picked up the device.  It was small – fitting on the palm of my hand – and I did wonder what it was.


For about a minute, as he took it from me and pressed on the ends, and I heard the buzzing sound.  Xandra did as well, as her eyes opened wide and she shook her head.


“Pick up the long rope,” the man said quietly, “double it, and pass it under the bands between her breasts – then pull the ends through the middle and down.”  I had to comply as the ropes tightened round the base of her breasts, the shape and form of her nipples now clearly visible under the tightly stretched white fabric.  I heard Xandra moan as I let the rope drop to the floor, before the intruder handed me the device back.  I felt it on my palm, as he said “you know where to put that.”


“Please – haven’t you…”  the question went unfinished as I saw his look, and then knelt down, whispering “I’m sorry” as I raised her skirt and then slipped the device into her passage - Xandra groaning the second I did so, before his gloved hand came between her legs, and he pulled the rope through and up.


“Don’t move,” he said as he looked at me and pulled the rope more, hiking her skirt up and then securing it to the ropes at her back.  I could see where the ropes were sinking between the lips of her sex, rubbing on her, the dampness already visible, and I so wanted to kiss her there.


“Tie her ankles together.”


The rope fell next to me, so I picked it up, just wanting this to be over – but I had to admit, looking at her body as she wriggled and moaned, something was happening to me as well…


I did what I had done to her wrists, the rope making the leather of her boots squeak as I did so – and then he got me to do one more thing, by tying rope around her legs so they were held together below her knees.  After I had done that, I slowly stood up and looked at her, her eyes wide as she started to shake, and I held her, gently kissing her neck and shoulders as the device worked on her.


“We’ll get through this,” I whispered as I looked into her eyes – and then I felt the man pulling my own arms behind my back, felt the rope around my own wrists, felt the tightness of it as it was pulled around and between my limbs…


“Ehllbhhlrht,” Xandra mumbled as she put her head on my shoulder, rubbing gently as I felt the ropes rub on the bare flesh, almost locked together as he secured the ends.  She then raised her head, her taped lips on my cheek and on my eyes as the rope went round my arms and chest.


It was the strangest feeling – the bands were so tight not only did they stretch my dress, but they forced my breasts up and out, so that I felt so different.  Xandra looked at me as well, before she leaned slightly down and nuzzled me there.  It felt so good…


I returned the favour as he tightened the bands at my side, the taste of her neck on my lips as she groaned and nodded.  I then felt his hands under my skirt, and I knew what was coming.  I waited as Xandra said “Thlklhthhtrr” and then opened my mouth to receive my panties.


I was surprised at the taste and the dampness – well, not so much the dampness, but the sweetness.  It distracted me so much that I barely noticed the pressure eon my cheek, or the soft peeling sound, until I realised the lower half of my face was covered in tape.


My mind was already becoming delirious as he tied the rope between my breasts, and then I heard Xandra say “lhhkhtmh.”  As I did so, she pressed her taped lips on mine, and I closed my eyes, ignoring the fact something was slipped into me and was starting to drive me nuts, never mind the rope between my legs that was holding it in there…


My ankles were held together, my legs below my knees, but we kept kissing – even when our bodies were suddenly forced together by the man, using some of the rope that was left to bind us both together so that all we could do was kiss, and move, and stimulate each other.


Not that much was needed, with everything else that was happening - but I was wanting Xandra, and it was clear she wanted me.  There was nothing we could do about it, as he pushed us both over onto the bed, both of us giving out muffled grunts as our breasts rubbed together.


Muffled grunts which grew louder from Xandra as he stood behind her, pulled her ankles back and secured them somewhere behind her.  I wondered what he had done as her body started to shake again, and then he walked behind me, I felt him bending my legs so far back my boot heels sat on my bottom – and then he tied a rope from my ankles to the rope between my legs…


There is no way to describe the feelings that started to run through me then, as Xandra looked at me.  We were both trussed like chickens, gagged so we could only hear the moans from each other, feel the touch of each other, smell the sweat, and…


Oh sweet Jesus…



When my body finally started shaking, I looked at Xandra, saw the sweat on her face, and kissed her taped lips.  I was aware the man was stealing all we had, but if I was grateful for anything, it was that he seemed to have no intentions towards us.


Well, and that Xandra was here with me.


Oh – and despite everything, with her, I felt amazing, stimulated, and…


Well, you can guess…








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