Songs in the key of MMMphh – the Billy Joel edition






Song 1


Well someone’s robbing us in Allentown
And they’ve stopped us all And we watch the men searching from raising the alarm
And we sit here watching them search
Emptying drawers
Taking our gold
They’ve tied us to the chairs with thick ropes
So we can hardly move a muscle at all
Stuffed a cloth into our mouths
Silk on our tongues
Tape on our chins
And they’re robbing us in Allentown

I don’t want them to do any more
And the only thing we can do is pray

Well we're waiting here in Allentown
For them to finish looking round
As I try to find a way to get free
Hear the chair creak
My muffled groan
So our valuables are in their bag
And I wish that I could shout and call
And the fear in me is all too real
Call for some help
Call for release
But we’re bound and gagged in Allentown

But my husband and I are her to stay
As we watch the men smile and walk away

I guess they knew we were an easy shot
Cased our home and planned the whole lot
And a gun will beat a scream every time
So that’s why we just have to try not to whine

Well they’ve left us here in Allentown
Both tied to chairs while the lights go down
But I won't be getting up today

Please let some help come our way
Because we’ve been robbed in Allentown



Song 2


The ropes are white, the scarf is red
Perhaps you’d like a ball gag instead
Let me make you safe and secure
In our own favourite place
You and I-face to face

The ropes are red, the scarf is white
What we do depends on what you like
I'll meet you any time you want
In our private little haunt

We’ve got a pretty good life these days
The job pays well, we know what to say
I still like to play, have me some fun
And I remember those times
It seems we did not know
Just how much I needed to go
And make you so bound and gagged
All the time

Do you remember those very first days
At the village scene?
Knee length boots, leather jackets
And tight blue jeans
Use the nylon to bind you tight
to the folding chair each night
Tight gags, soft moans
Exploring what we would like

Brenda and Eddie were the popular kids
And the king and the queen of the prom
But we both knew what they would do when the lights went down
Nobody looked any finer, Brenda in hot pants and Eddie a live wire
We never knew we could want more than what they had in life
Surely Brenda and Eddie would always find a way to survive

Brenda and Eddy were doing it heavy in the summer of '75
When they decided the binds should be marriage at the end of July
Everyone said they were crazy – you told Brenda it was the wrong move
And Eddie would never live the suburbia life.
But there we were wavin' Brenda and Eddie goodbye…

They got an apartment off the Village
And fitted it out the way they liked.
A four poster bed that they bought so their games
Could be so much more exciting for years
Brenda loved the nights when the ropes were tied tight
But neither of them thought their times would ever end

They loved to play games, and thought they were safe
But then the children came along
And so they had to hide, their feelings inside
Until their girls were all right
Then they taught them their games and they joined the scene
But it never was quite the same

I saw Brenda and Eddie only last Thursday
When I went to buy some supplies
They told me their story, and of their love’s glory
And that’s when I thought of you
And when you called, I wanted to talk
And see how you felt too
So here we are, and now I have to ask
Are you ready to recharge your life?


You’ve asked for ropes red, and asked for scarf white
And now I’ve bound you and gagged you right
We can do whatever we want
In our private little haunt


Song 3


It's after ten on a Saturday
And I open the door to look in
There’s a young lady lying on the couch
Looking up over the taped grin

She came home too early from her date
And found me searching her clothes
So I taped her up tight
Shiny silver in the light
And she struggles as I shake my head

It’s too late, dear, I’m a robber man
And you just have to lie tight
For we’re all in the mood for some fun and games
But you may be there for the night

Now she’s wearing a nice white summer dress
and a pair of black long felt boots
And she tried to cry help, and raise a pure hell
But my hand soon stopped her pleas

I told her to lie on the big long couch
And that she had to remain calm
As I took the tape roll, and the end free I tore
Before I taped her wrists tight

She said that I was hurting her
But I told her it could be worse
I could force her to strip, but I only needed
To stop her moving for a while

So she lay there as I taped her ankles
and then her legs, in places three
Before I covered her red ruby lips
And made sure she could not call

It’s too late, dear, I’m a robber man
And you just have to lie tight
For we’re all in the mood for some fun and games
But you may be there for the night

It's a pretty good haul for a Saturday
As I kneel down and stroke her taped face
And as she looks at me, she starts to see
That I had been as nice as could be

Her lisp try to move, her eyes shine
And I say someone will call in a while
So I leave her alone, without her phone
and as I leave, I hear her sigh

It’s too late, dear, I’m a robber man
And you just have to lie tight
For we’re all in the mood for some fun and games
But you may be there for the night


Song 4


Ropes round my wrists
and my arms like a bear hug
Ankles tied tight
Rope round and between

And so I twist
The leather boots squeaking
As I realise you have done
Just what I said

Open my mouth
Feel the soft silk on my tongue
It tastes of shampoo
But at least it is clean

The soft tearing sound
and the pull on my face
Suddenly I know I am not in control


I’m gagged and tied
It’s only you and I
Is a long time away
This night can last forever

I see your hands
As you unfasten my blouse
I feel your touch
On my bare naked breasts

I never knew
It could feel so amazing
I close my eyes and feel your caress on my skin

You gentle touch
As you move your hands round
My gentle moans
As my body responds


I open my eyes,
and I look up at you
Slowly I nod
As you walk in front of me
I feel your kiss, and I feel the Fire
Tell me you will do to me what I need


This night, sublime
It’s only you and I
Your soft kiss, and your hands embrace
This night I am all yours


I’m gagged and tied
It’s only you and I
Is a long time away
This night can last forever


I want to feel your embrace,
This night can last forever…








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