Birthday Girl

Oh, my head……


I’m just going to lie here a while before I open my eyes.  It’s so nice and warm at the moment, and so quiet that I think the rest would be the right thing for me just now.  I didn’t honestly think I had that much to drink, but the throbbing tells me that I must have.  I just hope the girls managed to get me back home in one piece.


It was Jenny’s 21st, you see, and the four of us had arranged to go out on the town for the night.  Becky had found this great firm on the internet, which guaranteed us for one night the use of one of those lovely stretch limos and a driver, as well as access to the best clubs in town, all for about fifty quid each.  How could we not take advantage of it?


So when Friday night came around, Becky arranged for Jenny to come round to her place so that we could surprise her.  The three of us – me, Kylie and Serena – had to get there half an hour early so that we could all be together.  I left home sat six, after putting on my clubbing outfit.  A black microskirt, a blue silk sleeveless top with a cowl like front that plunged down and showed my assets off to their best advantage, and black strappy sandals with three inch heels.  It was a lovely night last night, so I quickly walked round the corner to Becky’s place.


What is the funny sound?  Like rustling or something….


Anyway – Becky opened the door and whistled when she saw me.  She had something to whistle about as well – her gold lame boob tube showed the new nipple ring off, with her matching shorts and ankle boots as well.  Hustling me inside, we just had time to open a bottle of Smirnoff Ice each before the bell went again.


This time it was Kylie – she had put on a black see-through sleeveless blouse and tight jeans, with her lacy bra clearly showing through her top, and a pair of black heels.  Just behind her came Serena, in a white jacket that was cropped at the waist, a short white pleated skirt and kitten heels.  The two girls came in, they opened a bottle of Ice each, and we plotted the night ahead.


Bang on seven, the doorbell rings and the three of us hide while Becky lets the birthday girl in.  Well, Jenny was so surprised when we jumped out and shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”


You know, just lying here I feel as if there’s something I’m missing.  Maybe I should… nah, the head is still splitting.  Let that subside first – and by then maybe that rustling will have stopped.  Must be papers blown by the wind outside.


So, Jenny’s standing there with a shocked face as we set off a barrage of party poppers over her.  She took off her jacket to reveal a black jersey dress laced with silver thread, white legging and black mid-length boots, and screamed at all four of us.  Becky cracks open another round of Ice, and we sit and tell her all about what is going to happen to her that night.


Eight o’clock came round, and this huge white stretch limo pulls up outside Becky’s house.  The five of us rush out to be greeted by this real hunk of a guy.  Six foot plus, built like a brick wall with a smile that melted our hearts.  He was dressed…. What was he dressed in?  Some sort of dark suit with a cap, anyway.  He told us his name was Geoffrey, and he would be our chauffer for the night.  The window at the front comes down, and another guy in a suit introduces himself as James - our “escort” for the evening.  I tell you, this firm had thought of everything.


So we all climb in the back, and Geoffrey opens this bottle of champagne for us.  We were all laughing and knocking the bubbly back as we set off for the centre of town….


Funny – I could have sworn I heard Jenny just then, but it’s probably just my imagination.  That rustling is carrying on though – it’s beginning to irritate me a bit…..



Anyway, the next three or four hours we visit all the hot spots – Madisons, The Grove, The Hacienda, all of them.  Each place James came in and watched from a distance, to make sure we didn’t get into any trouble, but we didn’t care –we were having far too much fun!!


It must have been about one when we left the last club – I remember vaguely hearing the clock in the town centre striking the hour – and we climbed into the back of the limo.  James came in the back with us that time, and took another bottle of bubbly out of the fridge.  “A little nightcap,” he said as he poured a glass for each of us, and we laughed as we started to sip it down.


You know, that’s when things really began to get very hazy.  I know we drank a lot, but for some reason that last drink seemed to…..


Hang on – I’m sure that was Becky I just heard.  Did we crash out at her place? Nah – must have been my imagination.  Two more minutes and then I’ll open my eyes and get up.


If only I could remember getting home – I remember seeing the others falling asleep, and the car stopping, but after that…..



That rustling’s getting louder and louder, and there seems to be some sort of whispering going on as well.  If those others have left me in some way, I’m going to….


Hang on a mo – why can’t I bring my hand up to my forehead?  In fact, why can’t I sit up or move at all?  Something’s not right here at all, so I decide to open my eyes….



I look up and see a clean white ceiling and wall in front of me.  Raising my head, I look over and I can see both Becky and Jenny looking at me, but their eyes aren’t exactly happy.  In fact, they look terrified – and there seems to be something over their mouths.  If I could just focus….




Oh shit.  Both of them are lying on some sort of raised bench, and there’s duct tape over their mouths!  Not only that, but they seem to be wrapped from neck to foot in…. well, in cling film!  I can just make out the gold of Becky’s outfit, and the tips of Jenny’s boots.  What the hell is going on here – oh Christ.  I just looked down and there’s film all over my body as well!


My arms are pinned to my side, and it’s so thick I can hardly move.  The other two are shaking their heads at me, and trying to tell me something, but I can’t….


OH my god – this is getting worse.  Someone has just slapped tape over my mouth as well!  I look to the side and I see Geoffrey smiling at me.  Looking to the other side, I can see Kylie and Serena lying there.  That rustling sound must have been the others - or me – trying to move.  What the fuck is going on?


Geoffrey leans over and whispers in my ear “Welcome to your new home from home,” before he walks over and stands behind Kylie.  She’s starting to moan and move her head as well.  How the….


The champagne – they drugged the bloody champagne!  That’s what happened – but what do they want with the five of us?  We’re not rich, and if they wanted our money or handbags why did they take us as well…..


We all lie there for another hour or so, as both Kylie and Serena come to and their mouths quickly taped over.  We keep squirming around and trying to shout until this door opens, and a very large black man in an expensive suit walks in.


“Nice work, Geoffrey.”  That’s what he says as he walks around each of us and looks us over.   “Very nice work indeed.  Be sure to thank the guys at eSlave for us, will you?”


“Yes, George,” the bastard says as he walks out and four masked men dressed in blue overalls walk in.


“Take these young ladies to preparation – I want them in the auction tonight,” he says, and I suddenly realise what’s happened.  I thought this sort of thing only happened in cheap trash magazines or tacky novels, but fucking hell – we’ve been kidnapped by slavers!  Sally’s crying as they carry her out, but we’re helpless – there’s not a fucking damn thing we can do about this!!


Becky’s screaming, and then it’s my turn……