Blinded to the Truth






I can still remember the first time I stumbled upon the modus operandi that works for me.  I had graduated some months before, and had some modest success in a number of burglaries, so I felt confident as I forced the kitchen window and climbed through into the empty house.  I’m a classicist in that sense – the black jumper and pants, and I came prepared in case I did come across anyone at home.


A fact I was grateful for, because when I went into the hallway, I saw a shadow at the glass front door, and quickly walked into the front room as I heard the lock open, and someone coming in.  I stood there, controlling my breathing, as the door opened, the light on, and a middle aged woman with short blonde hair came in.  she was wearing a cap sleeved black dress, and knee length black leather boots, with a long scarf loosely wrapped round her neck.  The scarf was gold and brown on one side, and had a tiger print on the other – but that wasn’t really that important, as I walked up behind her and pressed my toy pistol against her back.


Yes, I know – bit I didn’t like using a gun, not a real one anyway.  And besides – she didn’t know that, as I told her to let her black purse drop to the floor, and to put her hands behind her back.


She did so – nice and slowly – and asked who I was as she did so.  I was honest – I told her I was robbing her, and I needed to make sure she did not raise the alarm – as I took a length of white rope from my pocket, crossed her wrists behind her back, and secured them tightly together – six passes round, separate the ends, three time in-between her arms, and tie the ends off out of reach of her fingers.


I asked her if she was alone – and that got a laugh and a snort, as she said who would want to be with her on this day.  I had forgotten it was the fourteenth of February, but I had a job to do – so I took her scarf, tied a knot in the middle where the two colour schemes met, and pulled that between her teeth, tying the scarf round her neck and then telling her to sit down in front of her black leather couch.


She did this, watching as I took some more rope from the bag I had, and tied her ankles tightly together.  The ends of the scarf were over her right shoulder, as I did my trick at that time – using more rope to tie her feet together, using the heels of her boots as an anchor.


When I stood up, I watched her as she wriggled round, wondering if I should secure her further, before deciding against it as I opened her handbag and removed her purse, then her money and cards from said purse, ignoring her muffled grunts of complaint.  But then I looked at her – and I swear to god, I had no idea where this came from – before I went into the hallway and returned with a black wool scarf.


One I then, to her surprise, tied round her head as a blindfold, and the most amazing change came over her.  She stopped struggling, and moved her head around, asking (I presume) where I had gone to.  She looked even more helpless than usual, as I watched her – and was aware of just how much more satisfying the sight was to me as well.


I also remembered what day it was, as I whispered into her ear she was a strong and beautiful woman, before kissing her neck.  The reaction to that surprised me as well – she seemed to melt before my eyes, relaxing as she said “thssshnssshhhthghn.”


So I kissed her there again, and then on her throat, as she started moaning.  It was as if someone was appreciating her for the first time, as I kept kissing her, and then started to gently play with her breasts – and she groaned as she pushed herself into me.


So there I was – a robber, who had bound, gagged and blindfolded a middle aged woman on St Valentine’s Day, and suddenly I was making her night for her?  I played with her a while longer, but nothing serious, but I eventually said I had to finish robbing her, and I wasn’t that sort of robber really.


She nodded and said “dhnkuhhnnwh,” the knot getting very dark in her mouth as I took what I could – but as I left that house, I knew I had found the way to work that really clicked for me.


And what was more, I made a vow on that night, if I was free, I would select a very special person I had seen to visit in this way…




The first time I went that way was the following year – there was a neighbour of my mother’s, a lovely woman who had been very kind to me and my family when I was growing up, but I knew she was lonely, and I also knew she had some very nice rings and other jewellery.


That night, I watched her as she walked into her house – she was wearing a long dark coat, but I could see the red jumper and yellow and black tartan skirt underneath it, the dark hose on her legs, and the over the knees camel coloured leather boots.


I waited a while as the light went on in her house, before I walked across the road and up to the front door.  Slowly opening it, I could hear her talking to someone in the kitchen – but I also could see the empty handset holder, so I knew she was on the telephone to someone, so I slipped into her front room, and waited for my opportunity.


An opportunity which came as she walked in, not seeing me behind the door as she put a tray down on the low table.  On the tray was her supper – a lasagne and a glass of wine – so I hoped she would forgive me as I put the end of the toy pistol against her back, and told her not to panic, not to scream – if she did as I said, no harm would come to her.


I was relieved when she nodded slowly, and I told her to put her hands behind her back.  As she did so, I crossed her wrists and tied them tightly together with white cord, saying as I did so all I wanted were her valuables, and she would not come to any harm.  Tying the last knot off, I said she should slowly turn round, and I picked up my bag as I stayed behind her.


Asking where her jewellery was, and smiling as she said in her bedroom, I said she should walk there in front of me, and not turn round.  I tried to contain my joy as she walked forward, me following as we went up the staircase, and into her room.


I told her to stop by the bed, and close her eyes.  As she did so, I took a black sleep mask from my bag, and slipped it over her eyes, smiling as she asked why I was blindfolding her.  I said so that she could not see me, and then I told her to turn round and sit on the bed.


She did that, as I put my bag down and took some more rope out, and then knelt down as I started to bind her ankles tightly together, in the same way as her wrists been though her feet were side by side.  I still liked to tie their feet as well, so I did that, the rope sitting at the place the heels of her boots met the soles, and pulled between her feet as well.  The mouse as she tried to move her feet was – enticing, and only added to as I tied her legs together below her knees, taking the rope between her legs there as well.


She wriggled round – and then stopped as she felt my lips on her neck.  “Hey,”£ she said as she looked round, “what do you think you are doing?”


“Kissing you – is that a problem?”


“Did I say you could?”


“No – but you didn’t say I could not,” I said with a smile, and then I kissed her lips – to her astonished surprise, as she sat still for a few minutes, and then said “well…  That was nice…  But you have me tied up and blindfolded.  What’s next – keep me quiet.”


“Yes,” I said quietly as I pushed a folded cloth into her mouth, and then covered it with strips of white tape.  She grunted and twisted round – and then when she felt my lips on her neck again, she stopped complaining and, just like the previous year with the other woman, she seemed to relax and enjoy it.


I then gently kissed her throat, hearing her sigh before I started to use my hands to massage her chest, and she let her head fall back and moaned.  I continued to tease her in this way, before I walked round and removed her rings from her fingers, her earrings, her necklace – kissing her as each item was taken off, and she rubbed her head against me.


It felt so amazing for me as well – I have to admit, I was getting aroused too, but at that time I didn’t want to take advantage of the situation too much.  Instead, I put my arms round her and massaged her chest from behind as she wriggled round and rubbed her legs together, feeling her breasts firm up, her nipples harden – but not removing any of her clothing.  Instead, after a while, I made her lie on her side and left her on the red duvet, her head on the pillows as she squirmed round, and I helped myself to the rest of her jewellery…







A couple of years after that, I had moved to a different city, but it was that day again, and I was following home a middle aged woman – thin, with short dark hair, wearing a long brown leather coat and long brown boots.  She was just a random choice – but it was the night I most loved to be practising my craft…


She eventually entered the front door of a block of flats, and I watched a light go on on the second floor flat.  Smiling to myself, I walked up to the front door and used a false card to get in – easy if you know how – and then made my way up to the front door of the flat.  It was easy to open it, and as I slipped inside I saw the coat hanging up, the long boots on the floor – and heard some noise in the bedroom.


I walked slowly over and peeked in, to see her putting some clothes away in a wardrobe.  She was wearing a lime green top with elbow length sleeves and a deep neckline, a short black skirt, and dark hose – and when I put something against her back, and told her to be quiet and not make any noise, I swear she started to shake as she asked who I was.


“Just your common robber,” I whispered into her ear, and then I told her to lie face down on the bed.  It had a tasteful duvet cover with squares of various shades of orange. And as she lay down she asked what I was going to do to her.


Well, I asked her what she wanted me to do with her, and she said nothing, while I took her hands behind her back.  Rather than crossing her wrists, I just tied them together with her palms side by side with each other – but I did take the rope around and between her arms so they were tightly secured.


I then removed from my bag a dark grey sleep mask, and slipped that over her eyes, saying that she would not be harmed if she did not resist me.  She nodded as I took some more rope, and tied her ankles together, the dark hose lightening under the right bands as the rope went round and between her legs.


No, I did not tie her feet together this time – I had moved on from that, but I did roll her over and help her to sit up, before tying her legs together above her knees as she sat on the bed.  My gloved fingers stroked her legs as the rope went around and between, and as she gasped I asked her how it felt to her.


“Different,” she said quietly, but as I pulled the rope tighter she shook again, and I asked her if it felt good.  I could see the indecision as she sat there, and then slowly nodded as she said it did feel good.


Well, I said I was going to make her feel really special, but before she could ask how I pushed a pair of her panties into her mouth, and then used a knotted strip of purple silk as a cleave gag, the knot sitting between her lips as I tied the band round her head.  She mumbled “whhhdhudhthsss,” and then gasped as I gently massaged her shoulders.


I had more rope with me as well – and as I tied it round her arms and chest, pulling tight under her breasts, I could see her top stretching over her.  she was not what you could charitably call well endowed, but I took the rope around above and below, the bands pressing on and forcing her breasts out as she started panting.


I tied the ropes off, and then gently ran my finger over her nipples – that made her gasp and then nod as I gently rubbed my hands over them, and then started to massage her chest as she wriggled against me.  I knew what it was doing to me – and she knew as well, as her fingers stroked over my bulge and she asked if I was enjoying it.


Well, what she said “Hrhhhhsnshhnnht,” and I kissed her neck in reply, before I slipped my hands under her top, and started to gently squeeze her chest as well.  She groaned at that, and pressed against me as I kissed her neck and shoulders.  She was squirming round, and I could tell she was also getting excited from the way she was twisting round.


She shuddered after a while and rested her head on my chest, before I laid her down on the bed, pulling her ankles back and tying them to her chest ropes before kissing her as I removed her jewellery, then raided her boxes.  Before I left, however, I kissed her gagged lips as she said “Fhnkuhhhh…”





Now, in more recent years I have to admit I may have got more adventurous in how I have played with the women I have visited – usually at their encouragement, it has to be said, but I have never actually had full intercourse with them.  They, on the other hand, nay have shown their appreciation to me…


Five years ago, I was in a very posh area of town having spent the day at… Well, that’s another story for another time.  Let’s just say I was making my way home when I saw this Bentley pull up at a house, and a very tall, very well built blonde haired woman got out, wearing a black dress and high heels.


Now, the thing was, I had no rope yet, but the opportunity was too good, as I watched her walk into the house – and I made my way up the side, finding the side door and slipping in.  Careless of someone to leave that unlocked…


The woman was in her front room, and to be honest, there was no other way of doing this except to grab a large knife from the kitchen, and walk in to confront her.  she looked at me, and at the knife in my hand, before she said “are you going to rape me?”


I looked at her, and said “no – why, is that a fantasy of yours?”  I was surprised as she nodded, so I said “no, I don’t do that – but I may force you to do something to me, if you catch my drift.  First, however, I have to tie you up – do you have any rope or tape?”


“No – but there are scarves in my room,” she said as she stood up, and put her hands in the air before she walked in front of me, me following wondering what I had walked into, as we went up to her very nice bedroom.


“Look in the drawer over there,” she said as she sat down, and crossed her wrists behind her back.  I looked in and took out two scarves, on black with a gold pattern, the other white.  Folding the white scarf into a band, I tied her wrists together, and then secured her ankles with the second scarf.


As she wriggled round, I picked up a red sleep mask that was on the bedside table, and put it over her head as she giggled.  “I always do this for those I visit,” I said quietly before I knelt behind her on the bed, and started to massage her chest to her own pleasure.


“Oh yes,” she groaned, “I understand why you do not wish to rape me, but that is so good as well…”


“I live to give pleasure to those I visit – especially on this night…”


“Ah,” she gasped as I squeezed her nipples, “the night for lovers.  So what are you going to make me do?”


“I will not rape you, but you will please me, if you so desire…”


She nodded as she shuffled into my hands, and then managed to kneel on the floor with my help.  I walked in front of her, having first collected some other things, and saw her smile as I slowly unzipped my pants.


“go on – I want to do it,” she whispered as I held my cock in front of her lips, and she gently kissed it, and then put them over it, pulling back with a soft pop before she put her lips over it again, and slowly drew me in…


Hey – I think you can imagine the rest.  Anyway, I left her on her side, after pushing a pair of her panties into her mouth, and  one of her thick black scarves as a cleave gag.




So how shall I be spending this most wonderful night this evening?  Well, right now, I am in an exclusive apartment in Mayfair, looking at the famed jewellery designer.  I surprised her when she came in, and right now I am tying one of her white scarves over her head as a blindfold.  Truth to tell, I forgot to bring the sleep mask this time…


I already have her wrists secured together behind her back, and her ankles crossed and secured with soft white rope.   And yes, I tied the rope round her shoes as well  Some habits really do die hard.  Smiling, I take some more rope and tie her legs together above her knees, making sure I cinch the band as well.


As I do this, she feels my fingers on her legs, and asks what I am doing.  Well, I show her as she is put into a kneeling position, and I start to massage her chest.  The designer houndstooth jacket moves under my gloved hands as she starts gasping.


But then, her whole outfit oozes class – the short black skirt, natural hose and white heels.  But at this moment in time, she is losing herself in my attentions – especially when I open her jacket up, right after I stuff some cloth into her mouth and wrap the white tape around her head.


Tonight, I will leave her feeling fantastic…







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