Brief Encounter







I was in need of a sanctuary for a couple of hours – the reasons why I was in need aren’t really that important, let’s just say I needed a place to hide until it had got dark.  Given I was in the suburbs of a major city, and I was dressed casually, walking the streets for a short while was not a problem – but I was more nervous the longer I was out.


I was looking in a shop window when this young woman walked past – a vision to someone, but to me a possible way to lay low.  She had long flowing blonde hair, which fell over the capped shoulders of her cream silk dress.  It was designed like a tunic – the wrap effect at the front, with a matching belt round her waist, the skirt short but not indecently so.  She had a gold watch on one wrist, and little gold earrings, while her legs were in sheer hose, her feet in a pair of taupe coloured heels.


She seemed as if she did not have a care in the world – so I followed from a safe distance, making sure she did not see me, as she headed off the main street, and towards a crescent of houses.


As she walked up to the red front door of one of the houses, I watched as she unlocked and opened the door, and then walked in.  Looking from left to right, I walked quickly up the driveway, and tried the handle, smiling as I was able to let myself in…



It was a nice house, neat and tidy, and I took a moment to see if I could hear where she had gone.  Hearing nothing for the moment, I walked towards the rear of the house, finding myself in a very nice kitchen.  With a very nice knife rack, from which I selected a suitable choice, and then went back along the corridor.  Glancing in the front room, I saw the young lady in question, sitting in an armchair, her legs crossed as the skirt of her dress slipped down, idly reading a magazine.


Well, there did not seem to be a better time to announce my presence, given I had to make sure she was kept somewhere out of the way for a while, so I slipped into the room, and walked quietly behind her, before I put my hand over her mouth and pulled her head back, showing her the knife in my other hand as I told her to be quiet, and she would not be hurt.


It was no small pleasure to see those clear blue eyes looking up at me in fear, as she struggled under my grip, but she soon saw the best thing to do was co-operate, as I told her to keep quiet when I took my hand away.  When I did so, she asked in that quiet, small fear filled voice what I was going to do, so I told her – I just needed to lie low for a while, and if she did as I said everything would be fine.


I then told her to stand up, and take me to her bedroom.  She shook her head at that, so I told her all I was going to do was make sure she stayed there for a while, and could to raise the alarm.  That seemed to mollify her a little, as she slowly stood and walked in front of me, the knife providing additional encouragement.


Her room was typical – light pastel colours, and a large bed.  I did notice in passing other bedrooms, which did raise the question of whether anyone else would be coming home, but I didn’t want to think about that for the moment.  Instead, I told her to lie face down on the bed, hands on her head, as I opened some of the drawers in a bureau – and found what I was looking for.


In this case, what I was looking for were tights, and she had some pairs neatly folded in one drawer.  Taking one pair out, I walked over and took her arms behind her back, using the tights to secure her wrists together by pulling then gusset over them, then tying the legs around and between her arms.


She gasped as I did this, and then gasped again as I tied a second pair around her arms at her elbows, holding them together in the same way.  I had other plans to make her more secure, but for the moment, this would do.


I took two more pairs out of the drawer, and used one to secure her ankles together – then bent her legs back as I used the second pair to tie her wrists to her ankles.  She grunted and said that hurt – but I rolled her onto her side, and stuffed the gusset of a final pair of tights into her mouth, before tying the legs tightly round her head.


She looked at me, trying to move as I told her to stay there.  I then left her in the room and walked back down the stairs – the first thing I needed to do was see if there was anything I could use to make her more secure.


In a utility room, I found some coiled washing lines, which I could make use of, and I also found a first aid kit with rolls of sticking plaster inside.  This would be of use, so I took them with me, and walked back up the stairs – but when I got to the top, I heard the front door open and close, and watched as an older woman walked in.


She was wearing a blue jacket and skirt, and as she took it off I saw the blue silk blouse underneath.  She was also wearing black shoes, and had short darker hair.  Probably Mummy, but I needed to keep them both out of the way now, so I cut two lengths of rope from one of the washing lines, and walked slowly down the stairs.


She had gone into the kitchen, and I could see she was wondering why a knife was missing, so I walked behind her, put the point of the knife against her back, and told her to be very quiet – I already had her daughter upstairs, and now I needed to make sure she stayed out of the way while I did what I needed to do.


Well, that seemed to do the trick, as she asked who I was, and what was I going to do.  I just told her to slowly put her hands behind her back, and as she did so I crossed her wrists, and used the shorter of the two lengths of rope I had brought down to secure her wrists together, taking the rope around and between them.  I then took the longer length of rope and tied her arms to her sides, above and below her chest, before I told her to turn round and walk up to her bedroom, keeping the point of the knife against her back as she did so.


As we went back up the stairs, I picked up the rest of one of the washing lines and the roll of sticking plaster, and walked her into her own bedroom.  She glanced I at the other girl as we walked past, her eyes wide as she said “mhmhhmmm?”


Once inside, I told her to sit on the side of the bed, and cut two more lengths of rope off, one if which I used to bind her ankles together, and the other her legs below her knees, while also asking her to tell me where her valuables were.  I hadn’t intended to rob the house, but I had to earn something else from the trip.  She kept looking at me, but she did what I asked, watching as I put what I could find into a pillow case, and then I made her lie on her side, walking round to pull her ankles back and tie them to her chest ropes with the rest of the first coil of rope.


I then looked in one of her drawers, and took out a pair of her dark panties, folding them and waving the knife in front of her as I told her to open her mouth.  It was – most persuasive, as I pushed the panties in and then stuck a strip of the sticking plaster over her mouth.


It was starting to get dark outside by this point, so I left her for a short while to struggle, and headed to the bathroom.  I was in need of a shower…



She looked at me, struggling in the nylons as I walked in with a towel wrapped round me, and mumbled something as I sat on the bed with her and stroked her cheek.  I told her if she promised not to scream, I’d take the gag out of her mouth, and when she nodded I used the knife to cut through the band and ease it from her mouth.


She gasped for a minute, and then looked at me, asking what I was doing.  SO I told her – I had showered, and I was going to take a change of clothes.  After all, we were about the same size…


Her eyes widened at this, as she said something about what else was I going to do.  Truth to tell, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do either, as we both heard her mother mewling in the other bedroom, but I leaned over and kissed her cheek while I ran my hand up and down her leg.  She squirmed and said a few choice things – not very nice things, as I told her to lie face down. 


I’d already cut the other washing line into lengths, so I cut her wrists free, and then tied them together again with one of the lengths of rope, making sure it went around and between her arms.   Once I had that tied off, I started to run my hands up and down her legs again, making her squirm round – especially when I put my hands up her skirt, and pulled her hose and panties down to her bound knees.


She asked what the hell I was doing, so I showed her – I cut her panties away, and stuffed them into her mouth, before I tore a strip of the sticking plaster from the roll and pressed it over her mouth.  She grunted and tried to call for help, but I just took the rope, cut the tights away from her knees, and tied her legs together there after I had taken her hose down more.


I did the same to her ankles – cutting the hose binding away, slipping her hose off, and then binding her ankles.  I then made her kneel and used the remaining rope to bind her arms to her sides, then her ankles to those ropes – as she lay on her side, looking at me as I gently played with her.


Oh nothing heavy, I stroked her cheek, and then kissed her on the forehead before I opened her wardrobe.  So many nice things – but then I heard her moan, and turned to look at her as she struggled.  Putting my head on one side, I walked back over, and gently ran my finger over her nipple, not too surprised to see her close her eyes and moan in response.


It was an amazing, sensual sound, and as I pressed gently on her chest she mewled once again – so I reached round and pulled the zip of her dress down, and then lowered the top half, revealing her white bra and her firm breasts – which became even firmer as I started to massage them, then moved the bra off her breasts and started to kiss and suck on them, making her groan even more as she wriggled round.



I was still intending to have the shower, but having started, I did not want to stop or deny her the pleasure, as I slipped my hand under her skirt and stroked over her damp slit, then eased a finger in, seeing her eyes open Wide as she bucked, and then shook in response to my teasing. 


She looked at me and shook her head, but it was too late, as I played her, kissing her chest as she slowly groaned, tried to move out of the way, but to no avail – and then she suddenly shook as I felt the dampness flow over my hand, and she screamed out, before falling limp on the bed.


I withdrew my hand, smelt my finger, and smiled as I went to the bathroom.





It had got dark outside as I put on the brown leather jacket, and looked at myself in the mirror.  A fawn t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and a pair of black flats – just what I needed to blend in, as she looked at me, tears on her cheeks.


I looked over and patted her face, thanking her for a wonderful time, and telling her I had a little present for her.  She looked at me, then heard the buzzing and saw what I had in my hand, shaking her head – but I just smiled, and eased the toothbrush into her, leaving her as I went next door.


Well, it wasn’t fair to leave mummy out, was it?  So I slipped a second one into her panties as she started to shake, and then I went back downstairs with the things I had collected.  It had been a pleasant and brief encounter, and as I stepped out onto the street, mingling with the people walking back, I hoped they would remember it as such as well.












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