Come to an exclusive Chocolate and Champagne party

8 o’clock, Thursday, my house

Come Dressed to Impress.



That was what the invitation that I had seen on the mantelpiece had said, as I stood there waiting for her first guest to arrive.  My friend was already in position, primped and ready to play her part in the evening’s festivities, and I was certainly looking forward to it.  We had arrived an hour or so earlier, and had a most entertaining chat with Holly and her daughter Harriet.  Now, as the front door bell rang, I took what I needed out of the pocket of my jacket and waited.


“This way please,” I heard my friend say, and as the door opened in walked this beautiful creature, with short blonde hair and a happy look to her face.  It was almost a shame that the look had to go as she saw me standing there, the pistol in my hand pointing straight at her.


“This is Catherine,” my friend said before closing the door on us.  Catherine was slim, with a nice chest, and had chosen to wear for the evening a short pink dress with a lace skirt, dark stockings and black leather shoes with four inch heels.  A winning combination in my book at any time.


“What’s going on,” she said nervously as she looked at me, “and where’s Holly?”


“Holly is upstairs,” I said with a smile, “but we need to talk about you Catherine.  Please, place your handbag on the table, then turn round and stand with your back to me.  I want to make sure you cannot surprise the other guests who are due to arrive.”


She could see the length of brown hemp rope that I had in my hand. As she quietly said “Oh God - please, you don’t have to do this.”


“Not only do I have to do this, Catherine,” I said as I felt her arms in my gloved hands, “I like to do it.  Now stand still.”  I smiled to myself as I passed the first length of rope around her arms, just above her elbows, and pulled her arms together so that they touched.  She gave a little squeal as I did this, which I found most gratifying.


“Oh god, oh god,” she whispered as I pulled her arms even more tightly together, then passed the rope between them to tighten it just that tad more.  Smiling, I ran my hands up and down her arms before repeating the process on her wrists, making sure they were held tightly together.


When we had arrived earlier, Holly’s maid had answered the door, but she soon realised that co-operation with us was the ideal thing to do.  IT was fortunate she was a similar size to my friend as well - that way she was able to take her clothes, and her place, without too much difficulty.  OH sure, Holly and her daughter had complained, but they also soon saw the error of trying that - as did Catherine when she tried to scream for help.  My gloved hand over her mouth and the pressure of my gun against her temple soon persuaded her to stay silent until I could silence her.


“What are you going to do with me,” she whimpered as I put my arms round her waist and hugged her. 


“Oh, we’re going to rob you,” I said with a smile as I looked over to an old settee that had a patterned cover on it, “and make you happy.  Now, walk over there, very slowly, and lie face down on the cushions.


“Please, just don’t hurt me,” Catherine said as I pushed her in the direction.  She was so sweet, so innocent, and so trusting - I love the way she slowly lay herself down and looked over her shoulder at me, as I picked up another length of rope and used it to pull her ankles tightly together, the brown showing up so wonderfully against her hose.


Her dark, sheer hose, which felt so good under my hands as I wound the rope around and between her shapely legs.  I could feel her trying to squirm out of the way as I was doing this, but I was not about to deny myself this wonderful opportunity.  I also loved the way her skirt was riding up, the pretty lace hem showing just a flash of the top of her hose as she tried to wriggle round.


I had to stop myself for just a moment, and return to eh job at hand.  Having secured her ankles together, I then moved up to her legs below her knees, watching the way her hose compressed underneath as the brown rope went around and between  them to hold them firmly together, the coils tightening as I made sure the ropes held firm.  Another length around her thighs, and the effect was complete.


“Please stop doing this to me,” she said as she looked up at me, the light blue eye shadow no her eyelids highlighting the deep blue of her irises.  “I need you to be quiet now,” I said as I took a handkerchief from my bag and folded it into a neat, small pad, holding it in front of her rouged lips as I smiled down on her.


She understood what was needed, as she opened wide and allowed me to push the cloth in, and then closed her lips over her pearly white teeth.  Smiling, I reached in and drew out a roll of silver tape, which I tore several strips off and gently pushed onto her face, one by one, until she was very nicely silenced.


MMGmmmmm,” she called out as I pulled her legs back, and then she mewled - she actually mewled as I pulled her ankles back and tied the end of a length of rope around them, then passed it through her wrist and elbow bindings, leaving her in a nice, compact, tight hogtie.  As I felt her legs again, I had to fight to resist the temptation to feel under her skirt.


When we had forced the maid to strip, and sat her in the chair in her bra and panties, my friend had been sore tempted to do the same sort of thing to her.  We had to work fast, however, before Holly discovered what was going on, so we used yard after yard of rope to lash her to the chair, her legs against the front legs and her arms behind her back, before we packed and taped her mouth over as well.  It was just as we were finishing when Holly walked in and - the doorbell just rang again.


“This way please,” I heard my friend say, and this time it was the classic MILF who walked in.  She was in her late forties, and was wearing the tightest leopard skin top I had seen in a long, long time.  It barely covered her chest, even with a thin dark muslin layer underneath, and as for the black satin skirt she was wearing - sheer, sheer heaven.


Add the dark hose, strappy sandals and the long chestnut brown hair, and she was a real sinner.  She also could see Christine, and just went “Ah” as I pointed the gun at her.


“And who might you be?”


“I’m Lynda,” she said in a deep voice, “and you must be robbing Holly.  I trust she is safe.”


“She and her daughter,” I said with a smile.  “I trust you are not going to give us any problems?”


“Only if you don’t do your job properly,” she said as she placed her bag on the coffee table.  “So, I presume you would like me to put my hands behind my back?”


“Why,” I said as I looked at her standing there, “do I get the feeling you are going to enjoy this?”


“Perceptive,” Lynda said as she crossed her wrists behind her back, letting out a deep sigh as I pulled her wrists together with white rope.  It is so rarely in my line of work that you meet someone who is not only willing to let you bind them, but seems to really enjoy it, but that was  what Lynda was doing as she bit her bottom lip in response to me pulling her arms tightly together.


“Oh that does feel good,” she said as she looked over her shoulder, while I passed some rope around her upper arms and pulled them even more tightly together, then passed it under her arm, round her neck and back down the other side.


“I’m glad you like it,” I said as I helped her to sit down, and put my hands around her.  “You don’t mind if I hug you, do you?”


“I want you to do more than that,” she purred as I stroked her chest, my hands gently pressing into her chest.  Mmmmmm don’t stop doing that,”   So I didn’t hearing her gasps as I massaged her chest.


“Forgive me,” I eventually had to admit, “but we are expecting other guests.”  Taking more rope, I quickly bound her ankles together, side by side, and then her legs above her knees after I had laid her down on her side.


“You know I’m going to scream,” she whispered as she looked up at me.  not with this in your mouth,” I said as I held up a large red ball gag, with straps that went around her head and under her chin.  She looked at me and whispered “thank you” as I pushed the ball in and buckled it tightly into place.  I looked at her, her eyes closed as she gently moaned.


Holly had not hinted that her guests were going to be like this when she first met us, and raised her hands in response to the sight of my gun.  She looked stunning in her tight black dress, that fitted her like a glove from her chest down to her knees, and the high heels she was wearing made her look taller than the five foot six we knew her to be.

She was most, most co-operative, and allowed us to bind her wrists tightly together in front of her with black rope to match her outfit.  IT was just as we were cinching that when...


The door to the room was opening again, and the next guest had arrived.  She was an oriental woman, small with long black hair and wearing a knee length white dress with a floral pattern printed onto it.  Sheer white hose covered her legs, and her feet were nestled in a pair of open toed sandals.


“You must be Soo,” I said, to which she merely nodded a reply.  “Please, come with me,” I said as I walked her out of the room, passing my friend as she stood there waiting, and into a guest bedroom next door.


“Kneel down,” I said, and as she did so I knelt behind her and pulled her shoes off, gently massaging her feet for a few minutes.  I had been told about her - Holly’s personal secretary, who liked to have her legs and feet massaged at regular intervals.  Well, how could I refuse such a genuine honest request?


I decided for her that I would be true to her traditions, so I arranged her arms behind her back so that her forearms were parallel, and used a doubled over length of rope to bind them tightly together fist, and then wrapped a long length of rope around her arms and chest, pulling them tightly into her side above and below her breasts,  I could see the way the material was stretching over them, and I could not resist feeling them under the material, before I pulled her arms up and made sure they were held firmly in place by the chest rope as well.


She said nothing while I was doing this, which I found just as fascinating as Lynda, but for different reasons.  Whereas I figured Lynda could have fought me off, but did not want to, Soo did not want to fight me off and was just quietly going with whatever was happening.  So as I bound her ankles and legs together, I decided I was going to give her a very, very special treat for been so cooperative.


Before I did that, however, I picked up a black sleep mask and made sure it was firmly strapped over her eyes, and then pulled a tick white scarf between her lips making her moan as I tied the ends together over her long black hair.  Picking her up, I laid her down on her bed and tucked her legs up so that they were resting against her stomach, before I got to work.


Tying the end of a long, doubled over length of rope around her ankles, I pulled it up her bottom and her back, hearing her moan as I looped it round her chest ropes and then separated the ends.  Taking one over each shoulder, I brought them down the front of Soo and then tied them around her legs again, pulling so that her knees were held firmly in place, and then took them back over her shoulders, down her back and tied the ends off.


I could hear Soo moan as she tried to move round p- very similar to the way Harriet, Holly’s daughter had sounded when she walked in on us tying her mother up.  She looked very much like her, except for the fact her dress was much more a younger person’s design.  IT was strapless, with a full bodice and a lace skirt that split at the front, allowing her to show her legs as she walked.


“Who are you,” she had said, “and what are you doing to my mother?”  We said nothing, but instead I motioned with my finger as my friend tied her wrists together in front of her, this time with white rope/


We had then taken them both upstairs, and made them very comfortable and happy before Catherine had arrived.  For the here and now, however, I took a vibrator out of my bag and switched it on, before slipping it under Soo’s panties.  She squealed and then tried to wriggle round, as I walked into the hallway to find the last guest had arrived.


My friend was standing there, holding the older blonde haired woman’s arm as she smiled at me.  “This,” she said in her light airy tone, “is Kerry.  Why don’t you make her as comfortable as the others, and I’ll go and finish searching upstairs.”


“I thought this was a chocolate party, the mousey blonde said as I dragged her into the front room.  “Oh, it was meant to be,” I said quietly as her mouth opened at the sight of Catherine and Lynda struggling, “but I think we have made it a much more interesting, exotic and sensual affair, don’t you?”


Kerry was wearing a yellow long sleeved dress, with white trim and a white leather belt around her waist, which had a crocheted pattern on the front panels at her shoulders.  As I walked round her and pulled her arms behind her back, I could practically smell the fear on her as she gasped “oh god, please, don’t do that to me.”


“For you, Kerry,” I said as I brushed her hair back from her neck and gently kissed her, “I will keep it nice and simple.  Just put your hands behind your back and say nothing.”  As she did so, I used parachute cord to hold her wrists firmly together, before guiding her to another couch and making her sit down on it.


Kneeling in front of her, I simply tied her ankles together as I looked up at her.  “Don’t be afraid, Kerry,” I whispered as I pulled the rope around her legs, “just sit still and I promise you you will come to no harm.”


I did not want to hurt her - I could see she was terrified, and that in itself may be enough to keep her where she was for once.  I took a black and white scarf, rolled it into a thin band and pulled it between her lips, forcing her tongue down tot eh roof of her mouth As I pulled the thin band around her cheeks and knotted the two ends together at the base of her neck.


“Now don’t go anywhere,” I said as I kissed her forehead, her eyes following me as I walked out of the room and into the kitchen.  The maid was still there, ceasing her struggling as I poured myself a glass of the champagne and took a sip.


“It seems such a shame to let this go to waste,” I said as I put my arm round her neck and gave her breasts a squeeze, making her yelp into the gag, “so I think we’ll take this lovely bubbly and chocolate with us.  Now, I’m going to check on your tow little mistresses - have fun.”


Walking up the stairs I saw that my friend had indeed made sure that Holly and Harriet were very, very comfortable.  They were lying on their sides, facing each other on the bed in the master bedroom, both of them turning and looking up at me as I come in.  Holly has her hands tied tightly to the headboard, and her ankles to the foot board, her mouth covered with black tape to complete the matching ensemble.


Harriet has her skirt pulled back to reveal her legs, but she too had her wrists tied to the headboard and her feet to the footboard.  Her mouth was covered with white tape, as she mewled at the touch of my fingers on her bare feet.


“Well, your guests are all nice and secure downstairs,” I said as I put my arm round my friend’s shoulder and kissed her neck, “and we have all that we need from your house.  The only remaining question in my mind is, how we shall leave you two.  What do you think?”


My friend smiled as she walked behind Holly and slowly, slowly pulled down the zip at the back of her dress, before pulling the shoulder straps gently down and wriggling her tight dress off her body to reveal her black corset and pants.  “What a good idea,” I said as I walked behind Harriet and unlaced the straps that were holding her dress up, pulling it down her body to reveal her strapless black lace bra and knickers.


Both women screamed as we started to put our arms round them, and I whispered “Champagne and chocolate always go down much better after fun, I find...”






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