Colours of my Life...








 I can't seem to get my sleep now any old night,
Mr Sandman passes by my door;
Life has changed since you've been there to say it's alright,
You taught me to understand what I thought couldn't be,
Don't mind missing sleep if I can see:


The first time it was after midnight – well, it wasn’t the first time I’d broken into a house, but it was the first time this has happened.  I was searching through the bedroom when the light went on, and I saw her standing there. 


She was in her late twenties, dark skinned, and a large woman in a pleasant way.  Under her black leather jacket she was wearing a white v-necked top and a long black skirt with white polka dots, and black high tops.  A tooth shaped pendant hung down from her neck, as she looked at me, and then started to scream.


Well, I had no choice – I ran over and grabbed her from behind, slapping my hand over her mouth as my arm went round her chest, and telling her to be quiet.  She struggled under my grip, but to my surprise she also started to do something other than screaming.  I had no idea what was really happening, but her protests slowly started to turn into moans.


Looking down, I realised I had my arm wrapped round her chest, and as she was rubbing on me, something must have been triggered inside her.  So I said to her that if she kept screaming, I would take my arm away – and I watched as she tilted her head back to look at me, and shook her head.


Well, I had to admit, this was new, so I said she had to do whatever I told her to do.  She nodded, so I let her go and told her to strip.  She simply said something like “yes, Sir,” and removed her jacket, letting it drop to the floor before she pulled her skirt down, and then removed her top, revealing her white bra and panties.


She then looked at me, and said “You need to stop me raising the alarm.”


Well, D’uh!  But to my amazement, she dropped to her knees, and said I had to make her do whatever I demanded.  Well, the customer is always right, they say, so I took a roll of duct tape I had in my pocket, and knelt behind her, crossing and taping her wrists together behind her back and then securing her arms to her body with one band around her stomach, and then another around her upper arms and shoulders.


It was while I was doing this last band, and my hands brushed over her chest, that I heard her moan again, so when I had torn the tape free and smoothed it off, I gently stroked over her breasts.  I wasn’t imagining it – she did moan at that touch, so I began to gently massage them in my hands, and she whispered “yes” as she seemed to visibly relax.


She also started to rub against me, which – well, you can imagine, so I gripped her tighter, she rubbed against me more...  It was obvious after a while this was really turning her on, and I had to admit I was feeling very good as well.


My hands then slipped down between her legs, and she gasped softly as I slipped my fingers in and stroked her there.  She moaned even more, and then looked back at me, as her head rubbed on my crotch.


To my surprise, she then shuffled round, and started to kiss my crotch instead.  Looking up at me, her eyes were pleading, so I said if I did, I would be forced to return the favour.  She nodded, said she understood – and then started to pull down my zip with her teeth.


By now, I was losing it a little myself – had I stumbled over some sort of bondage freak?  Having said that...  I pulled my trousers and boxers down, and felt her lips as she started to kiss my cock, feeling it start to throb even more as she started to take it into her mouth and I put my hands on her dark brown hair.


If she was a bondage freak, then by god she was skilled as well - the way she worked me with her tongue and mouth soon brought me to the edge, and then tipped me over as she greedily swallowed all I could give.  When she finally let me go, I made her stand up and pulled her panties down, noticing how wet they were.


She noticed a few minutes later as well, as I pushed them into her mouth, and smoothed several strips of the duct tape over her face to keep them in.  Making her lie on the bed, I then bent her legs and taped her ankles to her thighs, before I returned the favour to her, using my tongue and lips to drive her into an orgasm that left her slumped on the bed, exhausted.


For several nights after that, I thought about what had happened before I went to sleep, and it excited me more every time.  I even paid a few more home visits, and yes I had to secure some women, but somehow I didn’t get the same response, the same level of satisfaction.


And then one afternoon...


Colours of my life,
You've got love to fill my heart;
I don't need a rainbow
With colours of my life,

Colours of my life.


I hadn’t planned to do any sort of home visit or robbery that particular day, if truth be told – but as I was walking down this street, and saw the front door was open and no obvious sign of anyone been around, then the temptation just overtook me, and I slipped into the hallway, quietly closing the door behind myself.


Looking in the front room, I could tell at a glance it was a student house – what else would explain the pile of open textbooks on both the Bauhaus movement and Keynesian economics?  So I started to search through the bedrooms.  It was the second one I went into where I found the large Perspex box under the bed, and opened it to find a collection of various lengths of rope, and other items.


It was while I was staring at that that I heard the noise behind me, and turned to see a young dark skinned girl behind me, wearing a white cable knit jumper with a purple and brown long silk scarf around her neck.  Her grey jeans were tucked into a pair of knee length brown leather boots, her hair falling down and over her shoulders.


Well, I had no choice at that point – I jumped up and grabbed her, bringing her into the room and making her lie face down on the bed while I grabbed some rope from the box and used it to tie her wrists together.  I then used a second length on her ankles, crossing her legs before I tied them tightly together.  Like her wrists, I passed the rope between her legs before tying it off, and then said something about how she needed to be quiet, and I wouldn’t hurt her.


I had expected her to try and scream and raise the alarm as I was doing this, but either she was too scared to do so – or something else was going on.  It was her response that made me realise it was the latter rather than the former, as she turned her head and dared me to with her eyes.


So I did – I took the scarf from her neck, and pulled it between her lips as I wrapped it twice around, filling her mouth before I secured the ends together at the base of her neck, and then grabbed several more lengths of rope from the box.  It was as I tied her arms to her side, forcing her chest out as the ropes sat above and below, that I actually heard her purr into the gag, and she leaned her head back, nuzzling my neck as I made a rope bra to keep the binding taut.


And there I was – getting aroused again, as I slowly realised why it was happening now, and not the other times.  I placed my hands on her chest and started to massage her breasts, as I kissed her neck and shoulders, the purring increasing in volume as I pressed my hand sin, and then I pulled her jumper up under the bands f rope, finding her pleasure – and mine – increasing with each pass.


Taking another length of rope, I tied it around her waist, and then pulled it between her legs, tying it around her wrists and then to her chest ropes as she wriggled round, her boots rubbing against each other as she made the rope rub on her crotch while I eased her bra up, and then lay her down.


Binding her legs below her knees, I started to kiss her chest as she wriggled and moaned – and I could see the dampness there as she did so.  So I pressed down on there with my hand and rubbed it as I sucked on her nipples – and that made her moan and move even more, until she suddenly arched her back and screamed something unintelligible.


As she fell back onto the bed, I rolled her onto her side and hogtied her, tying hr ankles to the crotch rope, and finished my search of the house, leaving as soon as I could – once I had relieved myself in the bathroom and cleaned up afterwards.


But it was what I had discovered that made me think.  Was it only dark skinned women that aroused me enough to make me do this?  I mean, it’s not unheard of,  but to that extent?


As it was, it was indeed the case for me – binding and gagging beautiful women of dark skin was a turn on.  Well, binding and gagging beautiful women was as well, but somehow when they looked like that...




Colours blend with love to show I'm happy with you,
I can never be the same again;
Now my eyes are looking past the life that I knew,
I'll be shedding black and grey to take on red and blue,
Colours I can feel by touching you:


So this particular visit I had planned for a little while, and I came prepared this time, with ropes and other items in a bag I was carrying.  The two sisters who lived in this apartment ran a clothing store downtown, and a busy one at that, so I had figured there must be something of worth that I could help myself to.


It was later in the evening when I made my entrance through the kitchen, and found the house in darkness.  So I went into the main room, and put my bag down, before I closed the curtains over the windows and started to look for valuables.  I knew I had a little while to wait, so I decided to use the time fruitfully.


What little time I had left, because I heard the apartment door open and close, and then stood behind the door as they came in.  The older sister was wearing a white vest top with a long, thin grey scarf with silver threads tied round her neck, a denim mini skirt with a pistol graffiti pattern on it, and black suede ankle boots.



As for the other sister, she was wearing a grey vest top with a similar denim mini skirt, and knee length loose suede boots with a three inch heel.  Both were well built, both were blessed with long dark hair, and both were taken by surprise when I closed the door and pointed my .44 at them.


As they raised their hands, I said all the right thing, but I was also getting hard thinking of what I wanted to do, so I got right to business.  To start with, I made them stand back to back, and put their arms around each other, both of them watching as I drew two lengths of cord from the bag, and then tied their wrists together in front of each other’s stomach.


They were both pleading with me, telling me just to take what I wanted and leave them alone, but I had something else in mind – and besides, I’d already found what I wanted from them.  A long length of rope, a frightened look, and I had their upper bodies secured together below and above their chests, tightened with two short lengths between their bodies, so that the bands compressed and forced out their chests.  I then made them sit down – once I had given them a little something extra.


The older girl watched as I tied one end of a length of rope between her wrists, and then let it drop to the floor before I walked around them, and then picked the rope up between their legs.  The squawks and squeals as I pulled the rope tight up, lifting their already short skirts as I made sure it pressed on their panties before I tied the other end around the wrists of her sister – I knew this would help them to a greater place of ecstasy...


Then I made them sit down and watch as I crossed and bound their ankles in front of them, and then their legs below their knees, before telling them not to move.  So naturally, I knelt next to them and started to massage their chests, which made them move, as I told them not to move and kept going...


And then I had my idea.  Standing in front of the girl with the white vest, I leaned over and started to massage her sister’s chest, making her moan as the rope rubbed on both of them.  As they both made those noises, I got more and more aroused, so I told her to undo my zip – which meant her raising her hands, and rubbing the rope against her sister’s crotch, the groans exciting me as my cock emerged.


She looked at me, as I pointed the gun, and told her to stroke it – which just sent her sister even wilder, when combined with my gentle caress of her chest.  And then I felt the throbbing in her hands, as I told her exactly what she had to do.


Her sister asked her what was going on, as my hands came over her shoulders and still groped her chest, and she gasped, trying to move her hands up - which only made her sister groan softly, her voice muffled by the thing that was now been pleasured in her mouth.  And I was very happy as well, I can tell you, as she soon had me moaning too, and then I exploded in her mouth, making sure she swallowed everything down.


I did feel, however, she should have a turn at other things as well, as when I withdrew I took a sponge from my bag and pushed it into her mouth, before covering it with micropore tape, stretched nice and tight and smoothed firmly into place, before I walked round and stood in front of her sister, reaching round and starting all other again.


When she had drank her fill as well, I pushed a sponge into her mouth and sealed it in place, before I showed them two little toys I had found, slipping them under the crotch ropes and keeping them amused as I made my get away.



I know this makes me sound awful, but I cannot describe fully the way this made me feel – and I knew I wanted to do more, take it further.   And all the time that song would come into my head...



Colours of my life,
Bloom like flowers in my heart;
I don't need a rainbow
With colours of my life,
Colours of my life.

She came in when I was searching through her jewellery boxes, and looked at me, slowly raising her hands as I told her to, and used the gun to emphasise that.  She head frizzed black hair tied with two bows, and wore glasses over her eyes.  Her red leather jacket covered a white dress, with a blue denim blouse tied round her waist, and a pair of over the knee black leather boots.


It was a late summer’s evening, and it was quiet on the street outside, as I told her to put her handbag down, and then take her jacket and the blouse off.  As she did this, I opened my bag, and smiled as I looked at her standing there.


The soft rope went quickly around her wrists behind her back, wrapped around and between them before I tied it off, and then I started to bind her arms to her side.  I hear her pleas, her voice imploring me to stop, that she will do whatever I ask – but that is what she is doing.  I have asked her to stand there, and she has, as I pass the rope round one last time, and pull the bands together behind her back, before taking the rope over one shoulder, between her breasts and under the lower band, and back up.


Her dress is now stretched so tightly over her breasts, the mere touch of my fingers sends her into a shiver, so as I start to gently knead her chest, and kiss her neck, she tries to struggle.  It soon turns into sweet moans in my ears, however, as I press her against my body, and she feels with her hands what is waiting.


As we move together, her gasps continue to soften into moans, before I lift her dress up, and slowly, slowly pull her panties down, my fingers stroking the inside of her legs over her flesh and the leather boots as I do so.  She knows what is coming, her pleas now mixed with real emotion, real feeling, before I ball them up and push them into her mouth.


My hand is pressed over her mouth as I whisper into her ear to close her lips, and then press the end of the roll of tape to her cheek, the sound so soft as I wind the tape gently and tightly round her head, making her please now a soft whimper before I lay her on the bed, and bend her left leg, her eyes clear and bright as she watches me tie her ankle to her thigh, and then do the same on the other leg.  Spreading them apart, I look at her as I massage her chest again, her eyes fixed on me, as I move down, kissing her between her legs before I remove my own pants.


And as I do what comes naturally, the song comes into my head once again...


Colours of my life,
Bloom like flowers in my heart;
I don't need a rainbow
With colours of my life,
Colours of my life.







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