The squeak of her leather boots as she rubbed her legs together was exquisite, as was the creak of her mattress as she tried to twist herself round.  Truly, it had been a pleasure, if an unfortunate surprise for her, to make the raven haired beauty as comfortable as possible while I finished looking around her room, but as I smoothed the strip of medical tape over her mouth I got the distinct feeling she did not feel the same way.


A pity for her, that - but I needed to make my departure, so I kissed her on her forehead and went out of the room, closing the door behind me and thinking that I would be able to leave fairly easily.


“And who do you think you are?”


I turned round to see this woman in her early forties standing there, her head cocked to one side as she leaned with her hand against the wall.  She had long light brown hair that flowed in soft curls down her head and shoulders, and was wearing a cream coloured wool jersey dress, which came to just above her knees.  Around her waist was a long brown scarf, tied as a sash, and a pair of brown suede boots covered her legs like a second skin up to her knees.


“I said,” she repeated in a voice deep, mellow and rich, “Who do you think you are, and why are you coming out of my daughter’s bedroom?”


I took a moment to drink in this woman who was questioning me.  She stood about five foot eight, with a very slim build and a large chest that the wool seemed to stretch over and cling to.  After this, there seemed very little point in lying.


“I’m you burglar for tonight,” I said with a smile, “and I just finished tying up and gagging your daughter.  Now I’m wondering if I need to do the same to you.”


She heard this in a calm, controlled manner, then closed her eyes, threw her head back and laughed - a rich, honest laugh that showed no fear.  “Well then,” she said as she walked up to me, her hips moving as if it was a snake crossing the desert, “I guess you’ll just have to make sure I don’t raise the alarm, won’t you?”  She came up to me, ran a long finger under my chin, and said “What’s your name?”


“What’s yours?”


“I’m Krissy,” she said as she placed her hand on my cheek, and smoothly stroked it down my face, neck and body, “and you’re a very, very naughty boy to tie my daughter up.”  We could both hear the muffled calls, but she seemed to be paying no attention to them.  Taking me by the hand, she walked me into the front room of the apartment, past the piles of papers I had already strewn on the floor, and stood in front of me.


“It’s a pity you had to force me to strip and leave my dress here,” she said as she raised her arms, put her hands behind her head and wriggled her body at me, “because my body gets so cold at night in this room.  Who knows what it may do?”


Now, by this time I wasn’t sure if she was a raving nymphomaniac or just very drunk.  I watched, transfixed as she slowly untied the sash from around her waist, and took it in her hand, passing it round my head and rubbing the smooth silk over my neck and shoulders.  She left it draped there while she took off her dress, slowly lifting it up and over her head to reveal a white strapless bra and a pair of - a pair of crotchless pantyhose?


“So,” Krissy said as she came back towards me, taking the scarf and moving it over my neck as she breathed on me, “What are you going to do, mister robber?”  She breathed on me, and there was no scent of alcohol, so that theory went out of the window.  Her chest was heaving as she fluttered her eyes at me, and I could see the red gloss that covered her lisp shining in the soft light.


I took hold of her arms and lifted them over my head, the long sash still in her hands, and ran them down her smooth, alabaster coloured skin, before taking the scarf out of her hands.  As I did so, I noticed the deep red nail polish on her fingers - and she saw that I had noticed too.


“The colour of sin,” she whispered as she kissed my neck, “What are you going to do about it?”  Well, I had no real choice in the matter, did I?  “I want you to kneel down, Krissy,” I said quietly, “And put your hands together as if you are praying.”


“Yes, sir,” she whispered as she did just that, looking up at me with her hands in prayer as if she was a child at her first Confessional.  Taking the sash, I wound it around her wrists, forcing them tightly together as I passed the silk around and between them, then tying it off and leaving the end trailing on the ground.   She looked up at me, her bright blue eyes shining, and said “What are you going to do to me now?”


I walked round and knelt behind her, my hands stroking her body as she closed her eyes and moaned, especially when started to kiss the back of her neck and stroke over her breasts.  I was amazed at how firm they felt already, her nipples rising out of the pink mounds, and the way she moved when I gently squeezed them was both inviting and intoxicating.


My lips continued to touch her skin gently, caressing her neck and shoulders as I reached round and gently eased her bra down, exposing her large breasts to the cool night air.  Almost immediately her nipples popped out as she moaned at my touch on them, and whispered “Please, let me turn round.”


I let go and stood up as she turned on her knees, the suede of her boots rubbing on the floor, and looked up at me.  She stroked me between her legs with her bound hands, and then cupped my sac in them as she began to gently massage them as well.


I swear, this had never happened to me before, but she wasn’t trying to hurt me - I could tell that.  She was trying to turn me on, and my God it was working.  I could feel myself getting harder down the front of my trousers, and it was obvious she could see it too - because she started to stroke me there and kiss the front of my pants.


Now, there had been times I had given some of the women I had bound and gagged in my career some “relief” if you will, but this was the first time it had been done to me by one of them.  I was helpless as she slowly pulled down my pants and boxer shorts, and placed her lips on my cock, kissing it gently as she stroked it in the palms of her hands.


Well, come on - what do you think happened?  I swear, if you were there, you would have stood there as well, feeling the throbbing begin and wondering how far this woman called Krissy was prepared to go.  I found out soon enough, as she raised my fast hardening member up and touched the tip of it with her lips, before slowly beginning to take it into her mouth, her tongue stroking the base as I stood there.


She sucked it in slowly, pushing her arms between my legs and stroking my butt cheeks as she started to move it in and out, and my body responded.  I put my hands on her head and started to move in time with my motion, moving my cock in and out, letting her caress it with her tongue as she sucked and pushed, sucked and pushed, and I felt myself growing larger, the throbbing getting stronger, and the pressure starting to build inside me...


As the tip of my cock touched the back of her throat, I closed my eyes and let out a long, deep, and very loud groan as I felt myself starting to cum within her. She looked up at me and I swear her eyes sparkled as she felt my cum hit the back of her throat and flow down, her sucking continuing as she tried to swallow every single last drop that I deposited in her. 


Finally she let go, her lips making a popping sound as she allowed me to move out, and looked up at me.  “I’ve been a very naughty girl,” she said quietly, “and I need to be punished.  Will you do that for me?”


One good deed deserves another, so I took her by the arms and helped her to stand up, noticing as I did the way the light glistened on her freshly shaved crotch.  Smiling, I put my arms around her and stroked her back and shoulders, while my lisp touched the side and front of her neck.


“Oh, that’s good,” she moaned, and I was seriously wondering what her daughter had had to put up with.  I mean, I could see where she got her dress sense from - I had bound her in a sleeveless white mini dress, with a wide black leather belt and knee length boots - but she had never done this to me.


“Come with me,” she said, and she walked to her bedroom, leading me as she did so.  I had been there already of course, but she took no notice of the clothes and other items scattered on the floor, instead leading me to the bed and sitting me down.


“Lay your head on the pillow and rest,” she said quietly as she pushed me over, straddling me as she looked down into my eyes.  Her breasts were hanging in front of me, her nipples still hard, so I raised my head slightly and kissed them, noticing the way she shivered as if an electric shock had passed through her at the touch of my lips.


“Mmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as I placed my lisp over them and sucked them gently, feeling them harden even more as she moved from side to side, encouraging me to treat her in this way.  She even lowered them slightly as she put her bound hands on the headboard, before she moved her body up, and I realised I was looking at her crotch, the gap in her pantyhose showing her lips.


“Do it,” she moaned, so again I raised my head slightly and kissed her crotch, the moan and shiver even stronger when I did so.  I could tell she was damp already, as a result of the other activities, so I started to lick her with my tongue.


“Ooooooooooo,” she called out, “Keep doing that, keep doing it,” so I started to move my tongue gently into her passage, licking the sides as I did so.  This seemed to make her moan even more, especially when I found one particular spot, that made her arch her back and press her crotch into my face as she let out a long, sensuous groan.


What the hell was I supposed to do?  I kept probing with my tongue, finding spot after spot that made her buck and press against me, which forced my tongue even further in  and made her buck even more...  I have, I freely admit, made love to many women I have visited, but I had never experienced anything quite like this, and the way my body was reacting was beginning to scare me as well.


Nothing, however, nothing could have prepared me for what happened when my tongue licked against one particular part if her passage, so far in my face was right against her crotch.  Without warning, without any warning at all, she started to cum, and in the most passionate, almost violent way I have ever managed to make a woman release herself.  She literally ground herself into my face as her juices flowed quickly, taking me completely by surprise as it flowed over my face.  She was shaking violently, screaming as she let go, and it was all I could do to roll her other and hold her body, stroking her and whispering into her ear as she slowly, slowly started to calm down.


Laying her head on the pillows, which were now stained slightly, I took her bound wrists and moved them above her head, securing the loose ends of the sash to the headboard, then moved down her body, delicately kissing her breasts, her belly, her crotch, her legs and watching her squirm as I did so, then pulled her left leg to the side.  There were two long scarves lying on the floor, and taking one of them I tied one end to her booted ankle, and the other to the foot of the bed, using the second scarf on the other side.  As I tied it off, Krissy raised her head and looked at me, panting slowly as she mouthed “Thank you.”


“No, thank you,” I said as I picked up a small scarf and folded it into a pad, then kissed her lips before watching as she eagerly opened her mouth.  I pushed the cloth in and watched as she closed her lips, then left the room for a moment, returning with the white tape.  Tearing a long strip off, I smoothed it over her lips, kissed her forehead and left the room.  I had to find my clothes, get dressed and get out of there.


Enjoyable, unbelievable as the experience was, I still had a job to do, and bills to pay, but I tell you this - if it happens ever again, I will go with it in a nanosecond...







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