Costume Crime









No - no, it was not how I expected to spend the night of October 31st, thank you very much.  If anything, it was the last thing I expected to be doing - but still, you have to admit, there was an unmistakeable sense of style about her...


The Laytonville Ladies Circle have held their Halloween Party for more years than I can remember - my mother used to tell me stories of some of the ones she had attended, and Grandmamma told of the times after the war, so when I received an invitation I felt on top of the world, almost as if I was finally been noticed in this backwoods town.


The grand dame of the Circle was Wilhelmina Cordier, known to her close friends as Willy, and to just about everyone else in town as the bitch from the house on the hill.  Her temper and rudeness were almost as legendary as her fortune, but most people tolerated her on account of the fact she was the patron of every publicly good cause in the town.  As the lady in charge, she always insisted that the party was held at her mansion, which was fine by the rest of us.  It proved the only time of the year we got to see how the richest woman in town lived.


It was also always a fancy dress party, so when I received the invitation I had to think of what exactly I was going to wear.  Now, I’m not what you would call tall - I’m only five foot four, after all, but what I lack in height I like to think I make up for in charm, wit and the 38DD breasts that nature has blessed me with.  I’m also a Southern girl, and I love me both types of music - Country and Western, so in the end it was an easy choice for me to make.


The afternoon of the 31st saw me in town, having my nails done in preparation for the party.  I’d already purchased my outfit from a second hand store in town, and in the bag next to me was the last part - a special purchase from the local costume shop. 


I passed a pleasant enough hour with Julia, who told me she was going as Elvira that night, and then headed home to get myself ready.  After something to eat and a shower, I started by pulling on over my unmentionables a pair of tight, very short Daisy Dukes - the cut off denim shorts I remember my mother talking about wearing when she was my age.  I then pulled over my top half a very tight scoop neck white crop top, and over that I put on the old cheesecloth blouse I had bought - it had a red checker pattern, and as I tied the front panels together on my midriff it really suited me. 


Next were the long false eyelashes which I glued to my eyelids, and then the crowning glory - a blonde wig, done so that it looked like her premed hair.  I fitted it over my own dark hair, tucking in a few loose strands, before saying to myself as I looked in the mirror “You look absolutely stunning tonight, Dolly.”  Some red lipstick, a pair of rather gaudy earrings, and all that was left to do was to find something to put on my feet.


That was when I realised what I had forgotten - cowboy boots.  Looking thorough the cupboard, I found a pair of mid-length red leather boots, so I put those on instead, and looked at myself in the full length mirror.


“Not too shabby, sugah,” I said to myself, before I heard the cab outside.  Grabbing my invitation and purse, I ran out - and headed for the biggest trouble I have ever found myself in.






Well, you had to admit Willy knew how to throw a party.  The driveway up to the house was lined with burning braziers, and the front lawn was decorated with an array of pumpkin lanterns and dummies dressed in costumes like vampires or ghouls.  The patio was a mess of cobwebs, with little plastic spiders embedded in it - at least, I hoped they were plastic.  In the light from the lanterns, if you glanced out of your eye you could have sworn some of them moved.


I paid the cab driver and walked in, joining the throng of costumed men and women who were making their way inside.  I was glad to see I was not the only one had decided to wear something skimpy - the number of Goth ladies in their very low cut dresses was far more than I expected, and then there were the household staff.


They were dressed in frilly French Maid outfits, complete with black seamed stockings and white aprons, as well as little caps on their heads.  Willy had obviously brought in some temporary staff as well, as I did not recognise some of them.


As for Willy herself, I saw her talking to a group of her “close friends” at the far end of the reception room.  She was dressed as Wonder Woman, and I had to say for a woman in her late forties she still carried it off very well - obviously Tennis lessons really do keep someone trim.  She had on a red bodice with the golden eagle on the front, a pair of very tight blue shorts with white stars, and a wide gold belt with a golden lasso on her side.  The tight red boots she was wearing had four inch stiletto heels, with a gold stripe up the front, and she had a golden tiara fixed on her long black hair.


I made my way round the room, stopping and talking with people as the maids walked round, carrying drinks and canapés on silver trays as they mingled.  Despite my feelings about Willy, I had to admit it was a very good party indeed - she had even got a band to come and play spooky cover versions of songs like Thriller and the Monster Mash.  Believe me; you have not lived until you have seen a room full of the great and good dancing along to the words “They did the Monster Mash...”


At any rate, as you can imagine eventually I felt the need to excuse myself, so I left the main room in search of the rest room.  In total contrast to the heaving party room, the hallway was quiet, and I decided to take a walk round to get some air, as well as walk off the very nice champagne I had been drinking.  I looked back in the room, not wishing to upset the one woman in town who could cause real trouble for me, but there was no sign of Willy. 


Well, I decided to just find the rest room, and made my way down a corridor to see if I could locate it.  After what seemed like a mile of walking I eventually found it and walked in, seeking a chance to do what I had to do.


It was as I came back out that I saw her.  She was dressed like Catwoman in the more recent comics - a black leather cat suit, with the zip pulled down just a little at the collar, a wide black leather belt, mid-calf length heeled leather boots, and a hood over her head with a pair of faux ears on it, and tinted goggles that covered her eyes.  She really looked the part as she came towards me, her hips swaying as she smiled at me, a holdall swinging in her hand.


Now, when I first saw her she was just coming out of a door, so I stopped by it for a moment, wondering what was on the other side.  As I put my head to the door, I heard what sounded like muffled calls, so I put my hand on the door to open it.


“Happy Halloween,” I heard a female voice behind me say as I felt a tight grip on my arm.  “Trick or treat?”


Turning my head to the side, I saw Catwoman smiling at me, but even through the tinted goggles I could see a steely glint in her eye.  I could also see the small, but perfectly real pistol that she had in her gloved hand.


“Open the door,” she almost purred into my ear, “and come inside.  You can join the fun in there.”  Trembling, I turned the door knob and watched as the door swung inwards, her gentle but firm push sending me inside as I stumbled.


“HLPSSSSS” was the plaintive cry I heard as she closed the door behind us.  Looking up, I saw Willy sitting in an old oak armchair, while on the floor at her feet was sitting one of her maids.


Willy was staring at me, desperately trying to free her arm from the sheath of grey tape that was wrapped from her wrist to her elbow.  This was true for both arms, as well as the grey band that I could see around her waist and shoulders, holding her firmly against the set back.


Her legs had also been taped to the front legs of the chair, bands encircling her ankles and upper calves as she desperately tried to free them.  Finally, her mouth was covered in duct tape, and from the way her cheeks were bulging I guessed something else was stuffed inside.


As for the poor maid, as I said she was sitting on the floor, her arms pinned behind her back and bands of grey contrasting with her black dress around her midriff and shoulders.  Her legs were out to her side, but I could see the bands around her ankles, calves and thighs, as well as the wide band covering her mouth.  The tear stains that ran down her cheeks were clear to see as well, her mascara running down her pale skin.


“Such a pity you had to be curious,” Catwoman purred as her hands touched my shoulders, “I guess Dolly is going to have to join these two in a little tableau.”  As I looked round the room, I finally noticed the portrait that had been left on the floor, and the safe door hanging open where it should have been.


“Look, I don’t want any trouble,” I said after gulping, “Just do what you’re going to do and leave us alone.”


“OF course, I will dear,” she said as I felt her gloved hands pulling my hands behind my back, and I heard a sound like cloth ripping behind me.  I gulped and swallowed as I felt my hands been held together, and then something sticking against my skin as my palms were pressed together.


“Msreedrln,” Willy mumbled as I felt my wrists and hands been held more and more tightly by what I presumed was the tape that had been used to bind them.  As Catwoman tore the tape free from whatever it was on, I felt my fingers been pressed against each other, as if they were been forced into a glove.


I was surprised then to see the arms coming round me, and I saw the tape torn loose from a cardboard inner tube as I felt my wrists been forced against my back, and my breath taken away as the tape was forced against my tummy.  It stuck to my bare midriff as it went round, pulling at it, and I felt myself thanking God I had that wax last week. 


As she tore the tap loose, I tried to move my arms, but the tape was acting as if it was a tight rubber band, keeping my wrists firmly in place.  It was no surprise, given what I could see of the other two, when she tore the tape loose again and I felt it sticking to my arm, as it was wound round my shoulders and chest.


“It was very nice of Ms Cordier here to invite me,” Catwoman said as I felt the tape holding my arms in place, “but I do not think she expected the real Catwoman to make an appearance.”  Now, I knew this was a fictional character - at least, I thought it was, but I’d seen that new Dark Knight movie, and although she was dressed like the one in the comic books she seemed so real, so skilled.


I felt a gentle pressure on my shoulders on both sides, so I knelt down, knowing what was coming next.  “Open your mouth,” she whispered into my eat, and as I looked in front of me I saw a wad of cotton rag in her gloved hand.


“Please,” I actually whimpered, “Don’t gag me.  I promise I won’t cry out.”


“That’s what Fifi over there said,” Catwoman cooed into my ear, “and the moment Ms Cordier there walked in she started to scream her head off.  I corrected that mistake - and I will not make it again.  Now, open up like a good girl, or else,” she finished as her gloved hand caressed my cheek, “I will be forced to force you.”


I just nodded and opened my mouth, trying not to choke as she pushed the cloth in behind my teeth.  As I closed my lips over it, she tore off a long strip of tape and stuck in over my mouth, the adhesive pulling at my skin as she laid more layers in top.  I looked at Willy and the maid, who had their heads hanging down, and I knew we were all in very real trouble.


Catwoman then laid me on my side, and rolled me over, before she started to tape my ankles together.  The boots were reasonable tight, but her grip was tighter, as the tope pulled the soft leather around my legs and held them firmly together.  Once she had finished taping them, she wound the tape around my calves, taking it over the boot tops and sealing them against my legs as well as to each other.


“Such lovely legs you have,” she purred as she taped my thighs together, “I wish I could have more time to play with you.”  My eyes must have shot open as she said this, but I definitely mumbled “Plsssdnnttt” as her gloved hands stroked my bare skin.


“It’s all right,” she said as she patted my head, “I’ve already spent far too long here.  I’m going to leave you ladies now - but don’t worry, you won’t be alone for too long...”


She blew a kiss at all of us as she left the room, closing the door behind her.  That was the cue for Willy to start to struggle again, desperately trying to free her arms and legs and failing, while the maid started to sob quietly again.


And me?  I was trying to control my breathing.  This wasn’t the first time I had been tied up by a robber, but it was the first time I’d been bound with tape, and I was trying not to panic, using every defence and control mechanism I could to calm myself down


I actually thought it would be easier to get out of than rope, but the tightness of the bands, and the way she had taped my fingers so that they were useless, were far more effective than anything I had experienced before.  Even then, however, I thought I could try and get myself to my feet, and hop to the door - try to raise the alarm that way.






Which was, of course, when you walked in.  She’d left a message with another maid to say Willy had left a very special portmanteau in her lounge, and everyone should come and see it at ten.  You were the first through the door - very handy, given you’re the sheriff.


At least one good thing came out of it - well two, actually.  The first was we met each other, and now here we are, one year on and not preparing to go to her party, but instead spending the night together.  I’m dressed up though, for the kids when they came round earlier, in my new Catwoman outfit.


And you?  You’re dressed as Batman, and you just captured me.  Now, why don’t you tie that knot a little tighter, and then you can gag me before we start, hmm?







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