Denise and I





Denise and I had shared a flat since our final year at college – and over that time we’ve come to be really good friends, sharing a lot of the same interests and frankly none of the same boyfriends.


Actually, truth to tell, we never really had boyfriends – we had friends who were boys, but nothing like a real boyfriend.  I guess I didn’t feel I was missing much – and then one night, everything changed.


Denise stand about three inches taller than me, but we both have long blonde hair.  We had been out for a birthday meal with some friends, and for some reason we had dressed in the same way – an open necked blouse, leggings and brown boots.    I had on a blue blouse and burgundy red knee length boots, while Denise had on a pink blouse and dark brown boots.


Anyway, as I said, we’d been out for a meal, and got back to our flat at about nine.  I unlocked the door, let myself in – and was pulled in by a young man who was waiting inside.  He out his hand over my mouth, and I could see the gun he was holding as he told Denise to come in, and close the door, as if everything was all right.


She nodded and did just that, raising her hands and saying we weren’t going to do anything to stop him.  She then said I would do as he said as well, if he would let me go.  I was never so glad when he let go of me, and I stood beside her, putting my hands in the air as well. 


He could not have been much older than us, but he was unshaven, and he was wearing what was clearly a prison outfit – joggers, t-shirt, trainers, with HMP stamped on them.  Looking at us, he said he didn’t want to hurt us, but he needed a place to stay the night.


He then ordered us to go into the front room, and as we went in we could see he had already had a good search round.  He also had a carrier bag on the floor, and we could see rope sticking out of the top of it.  Looking at each other, we could see we both feared what was coming.


Looking at us, he told us both to face each other, and then he handed each of us a length of rope.  I asked what this was for, but all he said was he wanted to make sure we could not move or raise the alarm, and told us to toe the rope round our waists.  Denise nodded and we did as he asked – but I was surprised to find half the rope was left.


The man told us to let that fall to the floor, and then to put our arms round each other’s waist.  I honestly had no idea what was going to happen, as he walked behind Denise and I felt him pulling my arms tighter round her. 


I looked up at her, and saw her smile as she said this was a little – uncomfortable.  I could also feel some rope rubbing on my skin as he bound my wrists tightly together – and because I was smaller, I could not look to see what was…


Denise suddenly gasped, and I had no idea why – all I knew was the man was tying the rope round my wrists.  She lowered her head and looked at me, with the strangest glint in her eye, as he walked behind me, and I felt her arms being pulled tighter round my waist.


Looking up at her, I could feel her hug – I had to call it that, as a way of controlling my fear – and then I felt the man reach between my legs.  Suddenly, I realised what he was doing, but before I could say anything IO felt the rope pressing between my legs, as he pulled that long length between my legs and back up, and then tied them to…


Oh no – as I slowly pulled my wrists up, Denise sighed and looked at me again, and then I felt the rope rubbing on me as she moved her wrists as well.  I moved them back down and whispered “sorry” as I looked at her – but she just smiled, and said nothing.


No really – she said nothing, because he had walked behind her, and pulled one of my red bandanas, which he had rolled up into a band, and pulled it between her lips, so that she was smiling over that as he tied it round her head.  He then did the same to me, with a black rolled up cotton headscarf, before he made us both kneel.


You would think kneeling was easy enough, even when some bloke has tied you to your flatmate – but as we moved, our wrists moved, and as our wrists moved the rope rubbed, and as it rubbed it felt as if something was making an electric current run through me – not to hurt me, but just to make me feel strange and tingly…


I could feel him using more of the rope to tie my ankles together, the leather of my boots squeaking as my legs moved, and then I watched him walk round both of us, presumably to secure Denise’s ankles as well.  He then stood up, and smiled as he said something about going to lie down for a little while, and don’t go anywhere?


Seriously?  As we turned our heads and watched him walk out of the room, I grunted and struggled a little – and then realised what I was doing as Denise let out a long, low moan.  I looked up at her, and said “msreee.”


“Dntbbb – dttgn.”


I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, then slowly moved my wrists up and down, Denise closing her eyes and nodding as she wriggled round.  My head was just above her chest at this point as her breasts rubbed on my chin.  I moved my head to get that out of the way – but that meant my cheek was rubbing on her chest as well.


I wasn’t sure why, but it felt good to me, and I pressed my cheek onto her.  She grunted as I looked up, and nodded as she started to move her wrists as well.  That made the rope rub on my leggings – well, between my legs under my leggings, but the rhythmic way she was moving was making me feel faint as well – and encouraging me to do the same to her.


It was more than that, however – as she kept moving the rope, I could feel a dampness and a warmth there.  A warmth that seemed to get stronger for the monger she did it, as I heard her groan again.


Only…  No, that wasn’t her groaning, I realised.  It was me.  It was me groaning, as she joined in and we both started to wriggle round as well.  That made several things happen at once.


First, the ropes rubbed more, which made the dampness increase, the electricity flow get stronger, and the warmth inside me grow brighter and stronger.


Secondly, my head rubbed against Denise’s chest, and I felt as if she was enjoying it, as she pressed against me.


And thirdly, I felt her lips touch my head as she leaned over me, and then seemed to go limp as she groaned again.  She started to move her wrists faster, move them up higher, and I responded in kind, loving the way it was making me feel as the fire grew stronger and stronger.  A fire that was making me shiver, a fire that was making me sweat, get damper, as the ropes rubbed more and more…


I suddenly started to shake violently, and closed my eyes as I threw my head back, wondering why I suddenly felt so good, why I was enjoying being held captive in this way – and then I felt Denise’s lips on mine, and I opened my eyes to see her close hers, and shake violently, her chest rubbing on me.


When she opened them again, she looked at me, and I looked into her deep blue eyes as she smiled over the rolled up scarf.  I saw the damp stain that was growing between her lips, and motioned for her to move her head to the side, as I tried to use my lips and teeth to pull the scarf out.


It seemed to take an age, but eventually I managed to ease the scarf out, the damp cloth falling on her chest as she worked her mouth.  Looking at me, she said to move my head to the side, and she used her own teeth to slowly ease the scarf out from my own mouth.


I asked her if she was all right, and she nodded – and then asked if she had enjoyed what we had done as much as she had.  I nodded, but said nothing, as she looked into my own eyes, and then kissed me on my lips.


I…  I responded, kissing her back as we kept our lips together for a few minutes, enjoying this sensation of expressing how we felt to each other.  When we moved our heads back, we looked at each other, and then I rested my head on her chest, wondering what was going on, wondering if this was right, wondering…


We both looked over to the door as our ‘host’ came in, looking at us and the wet scarves as they rested round our necks, and then said he was glad he came in before we had called for help.  He also said he needed to make sure we really could not raise the alarm while he got as far away as possible.


We looked at each other, wondering what he meant as he untied us – including the ropes between our legs.  As we slowly stood up, I saw the large damp patch between her legs, and felt with my hand the patch on my own.


“Take each other’s blouse off.”


We looked at him as he picked up the gun, and I slowly unbuttoned Denise’s blouse, revealing her white bra as I did so – and I could not help noticing her nipples were fairly prominent under the cuff.  Slipping it down her arms, I then stood as she slowly unbuttoned my blouse, her smile calming me as I felt it slip down my arms, and heard it drop to the floor.


“Now the boots and the leggings.”


Denise nodded as I knelt down, slowly pulling down the zips on her boots and helping her to step out of them, revealing the cutest pink ankle socks.  I then reached up and slowly pulled her leggings down, revealing a pair of white panties with a dark damp patch at her crotch, and then eased them off her feet, feeling her legs with my fingers as I did so.


“Her turn.”


Denise nodded as I stood up, and I felt her hands as she unzipped and removed my boots, and then her fingers as she slowly pulled my leggings down.  I was now standing in a pink bra and undies – very damp panties – as well as pink ankle socks, but it was the feel of her firm hands, her long slender fingers as she stripped me of my clothing…


Standing up, Denise smiled as he ordered me to take off the rest of her clothes.  I nodded as I reached round and removed her bra, seeing her firm breasts, her prominent nipples, her pale skin…


“Keep going.”


I had lost myself for a moment, so I knelt down again and slipped her socks off, before I pulled down her panties, standing as I held them in my hand, fascinated by how they looked, how they smelt, how they…


“Put them in your mouth.”


I looked at him, and then at Denise, before I folded her panties, opened my mouth, and put them in.  I could taste her now, taste her juices, the juices I had helped her to produce, the juices I had taken great pleasure in helping her to produce…


“Whtnnwnww,” I said, but he just nodded to Denise, who reached round and unhooked my own bra, her fingers making me quiver slightly as she touched me there.  She looked at me and smiled again, saying it would be all right as she knelt down and removed my socks, and then my panties.  Standing up, she looked at me, folding my panties and then smelling them before she put them into her own mouth, closing her lips as she said “utsstns.”


I felt myself blush as the man took a length of rope, and pulled my wrists behind my back, binding them tightly together as he passed it around and between my limbs.  He then took a roll of duct tape, tore a strip off and stuck it firmly over my mouth, reinforcing it with two more strips.  He then bound Denise’s wrists, and pressed tape over her mouth, before he picked up a much longer length.  I watched as he wound it round her body, bands above and below her chest, forcing her breasts up and out.  He did something behind her back, and then passed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.  As she wriggled round, her breasts looked so inviting…


I was so transfixed, so unsure of what was going on, that I barely noticed as my own arms were pulled into my sides, and framing my own chest, forcing it out as Denise watched.  I then felt them tighten, and looked down before he ordered us to walk into the bedroom.


We went into my room, as he forced us to lie face down on my double bed.  Denise and I could only look at each other as he crossed and tied our bare ankles, secured our legs below our knees, and then pulled our ankles back, securing them to our chest ropes. 


As we heard him walk away, and the front door opening and closing, we rolled onto our sides and looked at each other.  Denise seemed to be staring into my soul, before she shuffled over, and once again gently pressed her lips against mine, tape to tape.


It felt so good, as I returned the kiss, and we rubbed our mouths against each other, our chests rubbing together, the ropes almost seeming to caress them as we did so. I felt that warmth between my legs again, as I moved my head down and rubbed my taped over lips on her firm, warm chest, looking up at her as she nodded.


I wanted nothing more than to show her how I felt, so I shuffled back for a moment, and started to rub the side of my cheek on my duvet.  As I did so, Denice, rolled onto her other side and looked over her shoulder, shuffling down as I kept rubbing my cheek, and then I felt her fingers stroking gently over my sex.


I groaned at the softness of her touch, at the delicacy, at the way it felt as I moved round, and as the edge of the tape began to catch on the duvet cover.  I stopped for a moment as I felt her move her hands there, and let out a muffled sigh, and then she let her fingers slip past my pliant petals, entering my passage as I slowly felt the duct tape come away from my face.


It was bloody difficult though, as she was sending me oh so quickly back to the edge of reason with the way she was playing with me.  I was sweating, twisting round as she worked on me, and the tape came ever so slowly away…


And then she touched a G-spot, and I screamed out, making her giggle as she touched me there again.  And again.  And again…  It was all I could do to keep calm as I managed to pull the tape away, but before I could do anything else, my whole body shook, and I let out a loud noise as I came all over her hand.


Eventually, she stopped and rolled over as I looked at her, and slowly pushed her panties out of my mouth.  “Thank you,” I said quietly, and then I moved over, and kissed her gagged lips again, before moving down and kissing her chest, my lips enclosing her nipples on each side in turn, my tongue dancing over their firmness as I gently sucked, and heard her groans of appreciation.


I looked up at her and kept going, before I shuffled still further down.  I wanted to show her how much I appreciated what she had done, and given my current position, there as only one way I could.  As I looked at her, she too had started to rub the side of her cheek on the duvet – but I was not going to use my fingers to distract her.


I had a much better idea, as my lips touched her Mound of Venus, and she started to shake, her juices staring to flow as I used my lips and tongue on her…




Denise looked at me as the edge of my own panties slipped from her lips, and said “so – how about that then?”


“Do you want to kiss me again,” I said, and she nodded as we locked lips, wriggling in the ropes as our bodies rubbed against each other.  It felt right, I felt complete – and I wanted to enjoy every second of our situation.


The man turned out to be an escaped prisoner – her was captured three days later, but by then Denise and I had made certain arrangements for each other.  Arrangements for fun and getting to know each other much, much better.  Tonight, it’s my turn – I have a black cat suit and velvet gloves ready, as well as ropes and scarves to make sure she enjoys every second…







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