Elegance in Ropes and Silk










She was sitting on a park bench, not paying much attention to the world, occasionally looking around as if somebody was going to come and sit with her.  Dark haired, that hair swept back from her face, her makeup was subtle, the single pearl earrings the only sign of her obvious wealth and breeding.


Obvious to me at any rate.  I looked at her clothes – a Dior silk jacket and skirt, cream with the hint of a black camisole under the jacket, and a pair of long black leather boots – thigh high at a guess, given the way they disappeared under the hem of the skirt.  They had four inch stiletto heels, and the entire look made her that kind of aloof beauty you tended only to see in good Art Nouveau films of the 1960’s.


For me, however, I had a different view of the woman, so when she finally stood up and walked along the path, I followed at a discrete distance, taking in the beauty of the trees and the statues.  Eventually, she made her way into a townhouse, the door closing behind her, and I allowed her a few moments before I walked up to the front door and knocked on it.


The door itself was opened by a dark haired maid, wearing a short sleeved dress of dark blue cotton and a white apron, as well as black shoes.  I introduced myself, stated my reason for calling, and she was good enough to allow me to come in.  As she closed the door, I requested a few moments to discuss another pressing matter with her, and she was gracious enough to allow me to talk with her in the kitchen.




I tapped lightly on the door of the morning room, which had been indicated to me by the maid, and admitted myself to the presence of the lady of the house.  She was sat on an Ottoman couch, her legs to the side, her ankles perfectly placed together, and a silver Coffee set was on the low table in front of her, steam rising from the china cup next to it.


Naturally, she asked who I was, and inquired as to the purpose of my visit.  Equally naturally, as I introduced myself and showed her the same thing that I had shown her maid, she understood the position, and slowly raised her hands in the air as I pointed the handgun in her direction.


Walking to the table, I removed the wire that was plugged into the telephone socket on the wall, and placed my leather case flat, opening the locks and the top as I looked at her.  She asked me what my intentions were, and so I was direct and honest with her.


That was when she smiled, and admitted it was a situation where she had to accede to my requests.  I nodded and acknowledged the truth of that situation, and then removed the first of the lengths of soft silk rope that I intended to put to effective use.


Walking behind her, I gently guided her arms behind her back and crossed her wrists, before using the doubled over rope to secure them together, the rope winding neatly around and then between her arms before I secured the ends together out of reach of her long, elegantly manicured nails.


She tried to move her arms, and I was pleased to see she smiled as she complimented me on my skill.  I in turn thanked her for the compliment, before I went back to the desk, selected another length of rope, and knelt in front of her, requesting that she cross her ankles.


She watched with a mild, yet apparently detached interest as I wound the rope around her ankles, the gentle squeak as it rubbed on the leather almost making her smile as I continued the process.  Once I had finished, she again tried to move her ankles, and said how it felt comfortable, and tight at the same time.


Returning to the desk, I selected a second length of rope, and knelt again, securing her legs together below her knees and taking the rope between her legs as well, so that they were firmly locked together. 


One more trip to the desk, and I returned with the longest length of rope, doubling it over before I asked her to forgive me, and wrapped it round her body below her chest, pulling gently as her arms were forced into her sides and I wound the rope back, taking it above her chest this time.  I repeated the process several times, so that her arms were held firmly against her body.  I did notice the way her jacket opened slightly, revealing more of her camisole top, but decorum forbade me from drawing attention to it, and she said nothing.


She did gasp, however, as I took the rope under one arm, gently pulled it up and took it around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.  I imagine it was the tightening of the bands on her chest that elicited that response, but again said nothing as I tied the ropes off behind her back.


She enquired at this point if that would be all, and I said it would be for now.  She also asked about her maid, so that seemed the opportune moment to inform her that she was in the kitchen, secured to a chair, and silenced.


She mumbled something about ensuring a bonus for Miranda, as I enquired as to the location of the safe in the house.  She looked at me, obviously considering her options, and then indicated a portrait of her and a man on the wall.  It turned out to be the husband of the woman, and as I moved it on a silent hinge I smiled at the sight of an old fashioned safe behind.


A polite enquiry of the lady elicited the combination, and as I opened the safe we entered into a very informed discourse on the nature of religious movements in the modern political world.  Well, it was a Sunday, and it seemed an appropriate subject to pass the time with while I emptied the safe.


She really had a fine collection of jewellery, and her husband a fine collection of old coins, all of which I placed into my case before closing the safe and returning the portrait to the correct position.


Having done so, I thanked her for her cooperation, and informed her that it would be necessary to ensure her silence for a while.  To her great credit, she accepted that, and watched as I took a brand new Hermes scarf from my case, and folded it into a small pad.


It was also to her great credit that she opened her mouth without further prompting from me, allowing me to ensure the pad sat in her mouth in a way that ensured her silence, and at the same time did not cause her any discomfort. 


She closed her thin lips over it, and watched again as I retrieved a wide roll of white medical tape from the case.  Tearing a long strip loose, I smoothed it gently over her mouth and chin, ensuring it moulded to the shape of her mouth, before I assisted her in lying on her side, making sure her modesty was preserved as she made herself comfortable.


Closing the case and picking it up, I gave a formal bow, the lady acknowledging with a nod of her head before I left the room, and then the house.  As I made my way along, I smiled at my work that day – and a whole week in this beautiful city and area lay ahead...




I had spent the day in meetings with various clients and accountants, and it would be fair to say I had no particular plans for the evening, save a drink and a meal somewhere before I retired for the evening.  There was a quiet little bar near my hotel, and I was sitting at the bar, enjoying a whisky, when she sat on the stool next to me.  Black leather seemed to be her thing – a leather jacket and skirt, the charcoal grey jumper visible underneath, and over the knee black patent leather boots with a nice heel.


We started to talk to each other – she was a magazine writer, and a fairly successful one given the expensive jewellery she was wearing.  The diamond choker around her neck on its own was worth several thousand.


At any rate, we got on reasonably well, and it ended with me asking if I wanted to come back to her apartment for coffee.  Well, how could I refuse such a tempting offer?  I stood up and followed her out of the bar, walking the short distance to her apartment building.


It was tastefully furnished, with a line in black that showed her liking for that colour extended beyond her clothing.  She took off her coat, placing it and her handbag either side of her on a corner seat, and then sat back, her arms along the back, her long black hair framing her face, and asked me what I would like.


Looking at her, with her legs crossed and her bare thighs visible, certain things came to my mind, but I composed myself, and gave her a totally honest answer.


The look on her face was one of surprise, which was understandable.  After all, I had just told her I wanted her to show me where she kept the rest of her jewellery.  Once I showed her my little friend, however, she understood the situation, raising her hands as she asked me what I was going to do.


I reassured her that her safety was guaranteed, so long as she did as I asked, and she accepted that as I asked her to stand, place her hands on her head, and accompany me to the bedroom.  I did not have my bag with me – I actually was not expecting to pay a visit to anyone on this particular night, unlike other days – but that did not mean I could not improvise.


On entering her bedroom, I was pleased to see hanging on a holder behind the door an arrangement of fine silk scarves of various sizes and shades, which made things somewhat easier for me, if not for the lady of the house.


Who at this moment was looking at me, her hands on her head, enquiring of my intentions.  I nodded, and asked her to be so good as to remove the jewellery she was wearing, and place it on the dressing table.  I watched as she removed her necklace, watch, rings and earrings, before I requested that she make herself comfortable on the bed, with her hands placed on her head.


I selected to start with a gold and green rectangle, which I shook out and then used to secure her wrists together, making sure they were held tightly together before I raised them above her head and tied it to the headboard.


She flexed her long fingers, twisting round as I then selected a second scarf, this one a gold and white square, which I folded into a band and used to secure her ankles together.   A third scarf, this one a royal blue square, was used to cinch that binding, making it tight as the silk squeaked while rubbing on the boot.


She complimented me on the fact it was comfortable, watching as I took a large black head square and folded it into a band, and tied a knot in the middle of it.  Asking me what that was for, she suddenly realised the stupidity of the question, and on my request opened her mouth, allowing me to push the knot behind her teeth and then tie the band tightly round her head.


Ensuring she had a pillow under her head, I used more scarves, this time a red and a green one, to secure her legs together below her knees, and then two more to secure her thighs together.  She was therefore able to watch as I searched the room, and helped myself to the remainder of her jewels and valuables.


Before I left however, I gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead, and assured her she had been a magnificent host.  With that, I took my departure, and made my way back to my hotel.  I had an early fight to catch in the morning, and an afternoon appointment I was eager to attend.




I arrived at my next destination refreshed and ready to attend the gem fair – an annual stop on my business calendar, and an opportunity to ensure I know what is happening in this rarefied world. 


I had an additional reason for attending the fair this year as well – and as I entered the coffee shop in the convention centre, I saw her sitting there, the very picture of elegance.  Her long blonde hair fell over the shoulders of her long gold brocade jacket, buttoned in front of her in a way that allowed her chest to be just glimpsed.  Her legs were encased in a pair of tight leather trousers, the ends of which were tucked loosely into a pair of leather ankle boots, silver buckles on the outside of the ankle and with four inch heels.


As I approached, she smiled and offered me a cup of coffee, which I gratefully accepted.  After all, I was thirsty, and it would have been uncouth to refuse.  We talked for a little while, as we usually do when we met, and asked about our respective families.


After we had exchanged the usual pleasantries, however, it was time to get down to business, so we replaced our coffee tables on the ornate table, and both stood, me lifting my bag as I followed her to the lifts, taking one to her suite.


This particular lady has a specialised role in this meeting – she is a courier for the transport and delivery of gems which, shall we say, may raise alarms if they are shipped in the normal manner.  Our meeting today was to allow me to take delivery of a collection of diamonds, and to provide payment to her for her services – or at least, that was what she believed.


I, however, had other instructions, so after she had opened the velvet sack and I had verified the contents were genuine, I opened my own bag and produced a pistol.  Pointing it at her, I offered my most profuse apologies, but it had been determined that she had been defrauding her employers.  As a result, I was to conduct this meeting as if it was a robbery, for which I also offered my most sincere apologies.


I have to say, she took the situation with remarkable calm, especially as I selected a length of rope from my case and walked behind her, guiding her arms behind her back and then securing them together by wrapping the rope around her arms, below her elbows, and making them touch as I secured the binding.  I then secure her wrists, making sure her jacket remained closed despite the additional strain placed on the fastening.


I then invited her to sit on the bed, taking the long length of rope from my bag as she did so.  I proceeded to cross her ankles for her and bind them, seeing her mildly detached interest as I took the cords around and between her legs, and then secured the ends together.  A further band held her legs together below her knees, as she asked what had brought about this change of plan.


I was honest and straightforward – our past dealings had earned my respect, and therefore I felt she should be accorded the same respect on this, the last occasion of our meeting.  Having heard my missive, she shrugged her shoulders in acknowledgement of the truth of the situation, while I retrieved more rope for the purpose of securing her arms against her back.


She sighed as she felt the bands above and below her chest, wriggling round a little as I brought the bands together behind her back, and then secured them further with the rope under her arms and around the back of her head.  Once that was tied off, I looked at her and said I now needed to ensure her silence.


From my bag, I produced a gold and grey Hermes scarf, and rolled it into a tight band.  She looked at it, and said that would be a nice gag, but I had to disappoint her as I used it as a blindfold, covering her eyes and blocking out as much sight as possible.


I did, however, use a second matching scarf folded into a pad, pushing I gently into her mouth as her tongue was forced down to the floor of her orifice and all but the most beautiful mumbles were rendered quiet.


The gold tape formed to the contours of her lips and jaw as I smoothed it into place, ensuring the stuffing stayed in situ as I lay her on her stomach, pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes.  Once she was immobilised, I had one further duty to perform, and not one I was particularly looking forward to.


Placing the diamonds in my case along with the rest of my equipment, I closed and locked it before I picked the case up and walked to the door.  Two men, dressed in black, were waiting outside with a laundry basket, so I allowed them egress into the room, watching as they lifted the young lady into the basket and wheeled her out again.


I truly hope, wherever she is, she has found some sort of contentment in her new role.  As for me, I had a delivery to make, and then a short drive to a nearby stud farm where I had been invited to dinner and an overnight stay...





There is something about the atmosphere at a stable that really allows you to feel you are one of the landed gentry.  The dinner the previous night had been exemplary, the company jovial, and the wife of my host had been a most considerate and exemplary lady of the manor.  Fair of hair, tall, slim, she had worn a dark green velvet evening gown with a plunging neckline, she had been genial and engaged us all in conversation.


Breakfast the next morning was somewhat later than usual for me, and as I sat with a couple of the other guests I saw our hostess walk out towards the stables.  She was dressed appropriately – a Harris check tweed jacket with brown suede elbow patches over a white jumper, tight blue jeans and burgundy red over the knee boots with a four inch heel.  She was not dressed for true riding, but it fitted the ambiance of the setting.


I was due to leave in the early afternoon, but I had a small thing to take care of before I left – which involved visiting the bedroom of my hosts, and extracting the emerald necklace she had worn to dinner the previous night.  My host had gone to town on business for the day, and we had the freedom to roam the home, so nobody noticed as I went back to my room to pack, and then slip out to the master bedroom.  I had a small valise with me to take the items I was interested in, as well as some other items – just in case.


Finding the safe in their bedroom was simplicity itself, as was opening it – for a wealthy couple, their views on security were so lax – but as luck would have it, I was about to put the necklace into my valise when the door opened, and our hostess came in.


We looked at each other, and then she slowly raised her hands and said she’d do what I said, so long as I didn’t hurt her.  Well, her compliance was refreshing, but as I had not done anything to compel it I asked why she was doing this.


She told me an all too familiar story – stuck in the country, with few friends, and her husband away often on business, so she had a taste for excitement and a certain wish to teach him a lesson.  I asked what exactly she meant, but had to refuse her first request.  I did agree, however, that as a burglar I would ensure she was left unable to raise the alarm, and somewhat distracted.


With that in mind, I laid the necklace in my case, and drew out several lengths of soft rope.  I invited her to start by sitting on the bed, and then crossed her ankles, watching her as I pulled the first length of rope around them and secured them to each other.


The sound of the rope on the leather, as well as her boots rubbing against each other, made her giggle as I tied the ends together, and then used a second length below her knees, making sure I passed the rope between her legs as well as she tried to twist them free.


I then asked if she wished to remove her jacket, smiling as she nodded, took it off and then threw it on the floor as if she had been forced to leave it there.  I then knelt on the bed, guiding her hands behind her back and crossing her wrists before I secured them tightly together with another length of rope.


She sighed slightly as the rope went over the cuffs of her cashmere sleeves, and then as I began to secure her arms with bands above and below her chest she giggled, the ropes forcing her breasts out as I kept the rope taut with each pass, and then tightened them still further as I took the rope under her arms and around the back of her neck.


She complimented me on my care and attention to detail, and then asked how I would keep her distracted.  I asked her to bear with me for a moment, as I tied some rope around the bands behind her back, and then let it lie along her back as I helped her to lie down.


She wriggled a little, saying it felt strange, but then as I eased the rope up between her upper legs she realised what I was going to do, and closed her eyes, sighing as I pulled the rope up and firmly against her crotch before I secured it between her breasts.


Nodding as she tried to move, she then opened her mouth as I pushed a pair of silk panties, clean ones from a drawer, into her mouth and then covered her lips with a wide strip of medical tape.  Rolling her over, I pulled her ankles back and secured them to the rope running from her chest ropes, hearing her soft moans as she tried moving her legs and the effect that was having on her.


Rolling over, she nodded and mumbled something when I asked her assurance she would not tell the police who I was, then sighed as she closed her eyes.  I took the opportunity then to leave with my case, and retrieved my bags, before her chauffer ran me to the airport as previously arranged.


I had to fly to London – there was a business meeting I had to take at a legal office there...




The meeting was coming to an end as I shook the hand of the barrister, and then went into the outer office.  There, I could see his secretary, sitting at her desk as she worked on her keyboard.  The woman was in her early fifties, and wore a grey blouse and skirt, dark tights and long black patent leather boots.  A small, rather plump woman, she nonetheless had an air of class and style about her, her clothing and leg attire obviously expensive.


I had some spare time that particular evening, so I waited in a car outside until she came out, and made her way to a local bus stop.  I followed the bus, as we went a short distance and then she alighted in Knightsbridge, again me following before she went up a set of steps and into a door.


I saw a set of lights going on at the second floor, and smiled as I got out of the car, put sufficient coinage into the meter, and retrieved my leather bag from the back seat.  As I entered the house, I held the door open for the young lady who was leaving, and then walked quickly upstairs, stopping merely to put the balaclava over my head before I rang the doorbell.


As she opened the door, the only change to her costume was the white, black and grey scarf she now had wrapped loosely round her neck – well, that, and the shocked expression as I walked in, closing the door behind myself as I put a finger to my lips, and requested she make no noise, or any sudden moves.


I was counting on my appearance having the required effect, and that seemed to be the case, as she nodded slowly and asked what I was going to do.  Well, I invited her to show me her front room – and as we went in, I could see it was indeed tastefully and expensively furnished.


I then said I was here to find her valuables, and relieve her of them, and assured her of her complete safety if she cooperated.  I could see she was scared, so I asked her to sit down, and take several deep breaths, while I opened my valise and removed a length of silk rope.


Guiding her arms behind her back, I folded them so that her forearms were parallel to each other, and then used the rope to secure them together, starting by binding her left wrist to her right elbow, and then winding the rope in a double spiral round her arms before securing her right wrist to her left elbow.


As she tried to move, I took the scarf from her neck and folded it, before requesting that she open her mouth.  She was reluctant at first, but as I caressed her head she nodded and allowed me to place it behind her teeth, ensuring her lips were closed over it before I covered them with the white tape, the shape appearing as I made sure it was smoothed firmly into place.


From there, she watched as I searched the room, finding her safe and soon opening it as I emptied the contents into my bag.  Closing that, I then picked up my bag and took her by the hand, as I walked her into her bedroom.


Entering, I asked her to show me where her jewellery was, which she did with a combination of head movements and nods.  To show my appreciation, I helped her to sit on the bed, and allowed her to watch as I secured her ankles together, the squeak of the rope on the leather and her boots rubbing bringing back memories of the last few days.


I also secured her legs below her knees, the rope sitting on the leather again as I took it around and between her limbs, before she lay down and I pulled her ankles back, tying them to her forearms and allowing her to watch as I carefully removed the jewels from their resting places.


I then made sure she was comfortable, with a pillow under her head, and kissed her on her forehead, her blonde-grey hair brushed out of the way before I took my leave.


From her flat, I drove to the City airport, and caught my flight to Basel – one more stop, and then home...





I walked out of the offices of my contact, having safely deposited the necklace and the jewels from the last two days, and looked round.  My work was completed, and my plane to start my journey home was not for another five hours – so the question became how to pass the time.


Basel is a beautiful place, but not one I wished to spend much time in – and with the cheque in my briefcase, I felt depositing it would be a good idea, so I went into a branch of my bank and paid it into my account.


That was where I saw her – she was in her late forties, short red hair, and wearing an animal print jacket over a cream coloured dress, dark tights and over the knee black leather boots.


She was talking to one of the managers, before he handed her an envelope which she put into her handbag.  As she walked out, I followed her, my suitcase in my hand as we went past the convention centre, and she let herself into a terraced house off the main road.


Well, as I said, I had time to kill, and I had a long flight ahead of me – I wished to make sure I had something to amuse myself before then,  So I slipped a pair of gloves out of my pockets, slipped them on, and then went to knock on the front door.


She opened it; her jacket removed to reveal her dress had shoulder caps, and asked me what I wanted.  Well, I was honest and direct, making her step back in with the pistol I had taken from my inside pocket pointing at her, and closed the door behind me as I asked if anyone else was at home.


She shook her head, as I smiled and told her to walk into the front room, and close the shutters over the windows.  Following her in, I put my case down and opened it as she slowly walked to the windows and closed the shutters over them.


I indicated the recliner and told her to sit down, at the same time taking from the case a length of white rope.  She said the most obvious thing – was I robbing her?  I assured her I was, and indicated again she was to sit down.


Looking at me, she nodded as she took her place, and then I sat behind her, crossing her wrists behind her back before I doubled the rope over, and began to secure them together.  I noticed her dress was made of peach angora, and she gasped softly as the rope was pulled tightly around and between her limbs.


Looking over her shoulder, she asked what I wanted.  I said I would explain in a moment, but before we could discuss that matter I had to make sure she was properly secured – as I took a second length of rope, and bound her arms together just above her elbows, making sure she wasn’t too uncomfortable.


She asked if I had finished – and then she saw the long length of rope as I doubled it over, and swallowed as I started to pull her arms against her body, taking the rope above and below her chest, stretching her dress over her breasts as I made sure her arms were truly immobilised, and finishing by taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under her other arm,


Tying the ropes off, I smiled and stood in front of her, asking her where her purse was.  She nodded at the floor, watching as I fetched and opened it, and started by taking out her phone, removing the battery and tossing it to one side.  I then removed the battery from her tablet, before finding the envelope she had been given at the bank and opening it.


Smiling at the money inside, I placed the envelope in my case, and then removed her rings, earrings and bangles, placing them in the case as well.


Removing two more lengths of rope, I then knelt in front of the redhead and crossed her ankles, smiling as she watched me pass the first length around her ankles and pull them firmly together.  I passed the rope around several times, and then between her legs, before securing the ends together behind her ankles.


The second length was used to secure her legs together below her knees, again taking the cord around and between her limbs, so that they were firmly secured together.  Standing up, I told her to lie down and make herself comfortable, while I went back to my case to collect a couple of items I needed to show her.


When I came back, she was wriggling on her side, the leather of her boots squeaking as they rubbed against each other and the leather upholstery of her furniture.  On asking her to open her mouth, she looked at me, and the gun, and nodded as she did so, allowing me to push the folded cloth into her mouth and wait for her to close her lips over it.


The tape squelched as I peeled it away from the roll, tore it free, and then smoothed it firmly down over her mouth, the shape of her lips so clear as I made sure it held firmly to her skin.  I then went to the other rooms, helping myself to her jewellery and then returning.


She had got off the seat, and was trying to push herself across the floor to her own telephone when she saw me and groaned.  I shook my head, and pulled the wire from the wall, before I picked her up and lay her face down on the recliner, taking another length of rope from my case and pulling her ankles back to secure them to her chest ropes.


She rolled onto her side and looked at me as I closed the case, smiled and took my leave.  From there, I collected my case from my hotel, and made it to the airport just in time to make it to my flight to London.  My home in Philadelphia was calling – and another appointment I had to keep...



I woke up and went to the window of my apartment, looking out over the city before I went to the kitchen and put the coffee machine on.  I had slept well, and as I prepared a toasted muffin I  looked forward to heading down to the Reading Terminal Market to pick up some supplies.


Once I had replenished a few things, and placed them in my kitchen, I took myself out for a walk, and found myself down by the river.  As I looked out, I saw this beautiful woman sitting on a bench.  She was wearing a grey jacket, the cuffs turned up and showing the white lining, a black and white sailor jumper, dark trousers and over the knee half-and-half boots.  A black scarf with a red floral print was loosely wrapped round her neck, while her dark hair was swept back.


I looked at her for a few minutes, and then followed her at a distance, as she headed into an apartment block.  I managed to follow her in, and then up to the third floor, watching from the staircase as she opened a door and went in.


It only took me a few minutes to open the lock, and slip in, my gloves over my hands as I walked down the hall, and saw her standing by the long couch in her front room.  Her surprise as I placed my gloved hand over her mouth and pulled her against me.


She mumbled something, but as I informed her of the weapon in my pocket, and the intention, she relaxed and nodded, offering no resistance as I used the scarf round her neck as a cleave gag, pulling it between her red lips and filling her mouth.


I then walked her into her bedroom, and allowed her to sit down and remove her jacket, before she sat with her hands on her head as I looked round.  You can therefore imagine my surprise when I found a storage box on the floor of her walk-in wardrobe, and opened it to find several neatly coiled lengths of rope.


She sighed in resignation as she saw me bring some out, and knelt behind her, moving her arms behind her back and crossing her wrists before I used one of the lengths of rope to secure them together.  Once they were secured, I then used a longer length to bind her arms tightly to her sides, the top stretching over her chest as the bands sat above and below her chest.


I then further secured them by taking the rope under one arm, round the back of her neck and under the other arm, and then added a rope bra by taking another length down and between her breasts, pulling the lower band up between her breasts.


As she wriggled round, I knelt in front of her and crossed her ankles, the rope squeaking on the leather as I secured them together, and then bound her legs below her knees.  She sighed again as I tied the rope off between her legs, and then watched as I tied a length of rope between her breasts, and made her lie on her side, feeding the rope between her legs and pulling it up before I secured it to her wrists.


Finally, I pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes, smiling as I stroked her bottom and made her watch as I emptied her jewellery boxes into a pillow case.


I was aware of her struggles behind me, and also of the fact her complaints had changed in tone and content – turning round, I saw she had eyes closed as the rope moved in a steady rhythm, rubbing her between her legs as I left her, closing the door behind her.


Smiling, I put the pillow case down and went to look out of the window, hearing her moans and noises getting louder and louder until there was a muffled scream.  Heading to the kitchen, I started the coffee machine before I walked back in, eased the scarf from her mouth, and gently kissed her lips.


She smiled at me, and asked if my trip was successful.  I was happy to agree, and also thanked her for letting me sleep in that morning.


That is why I love my wife – she understands me, and accepts me, in return for my loving care of her...







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